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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Machine vision based obstacle avoidance system
Method for automatically correcting a state variable of a vehicle
Emergency stop device for a rotary platform of a milking parlour
Compounds as diacylglycerol acyltransferase inhibitors
Sanitized protective seat cover kit with disinfecting agent
Heterocyclic guanidine F.sub.1F.sub.0-atpase inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof
Heterocyclic compound and use thereof
2-(heterocyclylbenzyl)pyridazinone derivatives
Multicomponent crystals comprising imatinib mesilate and selected co-crystal formers
Thiazolopyrimidine modulators as immunosuppressive agents
Method of inhibiting binding or activity of MIF by administering a MIF antagonist
N-linked glycan compounds
Synthetic mimics of MIR-124
Flame arresting grease filter
Augmented reality system indexed in three dimensions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Airbag inflation systems and methods
High shear process for processing naphtha
Metal hydrazide materials
Copper particles, copper paste, process for producing conductive coating film, and conductive coating film
Means of transport and method for wired data transmission between two vehicles which are detachably connected to one another
Method and system for processing a headliner
Thermochromic coating and method of manufacturing thereof
Nonwoven fabric and method for manufacturing same
Method of applying adhesive coated film
Apparatus and method for removing a CMP pad from a platen
Printing process and system for ascertaining register defects
Doctor-type ink fountain having a rear wall in a printing press and printing press having a doctor-type ink fountain
Ink wiping system for an intaglio printing press
Image forming apparatus and droplet discharge detector
Printer, terminal device, and method for obtaining information
Image writing device, image forming apparatus, and image writing method
Label, adhesive label, and printed product
Decorative tile
Mixtures, compositions, and methods of applying mixtures as coatings
Gear box
Vehicle seat
Adjustable magnetic tie-down
Strap edge guard
Magnetic substance detection device
Vehicle turn signal switch device
Gasbag for a personal protection device
Gripping device
Portable carrier for holding bags or holding displays on vehicles
Bicycle rack
Wheel cleaning mat
Safety braking system for a hand-pushed rollator
Speed control apparatus and program for speed control apparatus; and automatic vehicle driving apparatus, engine dynamo control apparatus, and control programs used for respective apparatuses
Systems and methods for increasing fuel efficiency
System and method for controlling engine revolutions for hybrid construction machine
Drive system for a land craft
Configurable cart
Aerodynamic gooseneck trailer
Mobile stabilization device
Method for operating an electrical power steering mechanism
Endless track adapter
Scooter having a gearing system
Universal skip-free derailleur
Wake towers and methods of use and manufacture thereof
Multi-directional signal assembly
Production device and production method of linked packaged products
Label applicator belt system
Can with bisphenol A capture system
Toggle type fastener
Vending machine food bottle with inlet and outlet valve
Linearly extendable collection mechanism for refuse hauling vehicles
Boat transporting apparatus
Method of arranging containers, such as bottles or cans, for forming groups of containers to be packaged as a group in a container filling plant, and apparatus therefor
Device and method for composing two-dimensional products, in particular printed products
Image forming apparatus accounting for user body height
Sheet processing device, image forming system, and method of additionally folding sheet bundle
Apparatus and method for the recovery of oil absorbent booms
Image forming apparatus
Rotatable cable guide for retractable cord reel
Fire service elevator
Interlocking chain unit
Capping head for screwing on screw caps
Active fixturing for micro/mesoscale, machine tool systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Geothermal energization of a non-combustion chemical reactor and associated systems and methods
Monochlorosilane, process and apparatus for the preparation thereof
Process for producing optical fiber and processing apparatus for optical fiber work used for the same
Pressure casting slip and refractory ceramic produced therefrom for gas turbine units
Process to produce biofuels from biomass
Integrated process for the preparation of an aromatic product
Process for preparing amino acids or esters comprising a metathesis step
Method of making fatty acid N-acylalkanolamines
Process for the oxidation of cyclohexane
Pyrrole derivatives
Process for fluorinating compounds
Substituted bicyclic aromatic compounds as S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitors
Serotonin reuptake inhibitors as drugs having peripheral-system-restricted activity
4-substituted-(3-substituted-1H-pyrazole-5-amino)-pyrimidine derivatives having activity of inhibiting protein kinase and use thereof
Isoxazole treatments for diabetes
Spirocyclic derivatives as antiparasitic agents
Mixture containing a monophosphite ligand and the use thereof for catalysis of a hydroformylation reaction
Method for purifying a crude PNPNH compound
Anti-sAPP.beta. antibody
Multiligand constructs
Polymers carrying hydroxyl groups and ester groups and method for the production thereof
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Multifunctional melamine epoxy resins, methylols and amines
Fluoropolymer coatings suitable for films of photovoltaic modules
Single-component coating having alkoxysilane-terminated N-substituted urea resins
Slip prevention pad and method of manufacturing the same
Suspension of solid biomass particles in a hydrocarbon-containing liquid
Lubricating composition
Lubricating composition
Microfluidic device and method for processing of macromolecules
Apparatus for and method of preparing plant tissue for plant production
Cell therapy method for the treatment of tumors
Cell therapy method for the treatment of tumors
Alpha 1-3 N-galactosylstransferase with altered donor specificities, compositions and methods of use
Mutant CyaA polypeptides and polypeptide derivatives suitable for the delivery of immunogenic molecules into a cell
Bioreactor process for production of hydrogen from biomass
Primers for detecting plasmodium
Method for monitoring minimal residual hairy cell leukemia
Compositions and methods for the protection of nucleophilic groups
Adenoviruses and their use
Functional viral vectors for the overexpression or extinction of particular genes in plants, and applications thereof
Process for regulating joule value of offgases from plants for pig iron production or of synthesis gas
Injecting gas into a vessel
Plant and method for hot forming blanks
High-carbon iron-based amorphous alloy using molten pig iron and method of manufacturing the same
Process for forming a chromium diffusion portion and articles made therefrom
Corrosion inhibitor comprising cellulose nanocrystals and cellulose nanocrystals in combination with a corrosion inhibitor
Rinsing and drying for electrochemical processing
Defect reduction in electrodeposited copper for semiconductor applications
SiC single crystal wafer and process for production thereof
Textiles; Paper
Processes for preparing carbon fibers using sulfur trioxide in a halogenated solvent
Washing machine
Methods for enzymatic treatment of wool
Fixed Constructions
Module for making ambidromic crossover equipment (FAM)
Air conditioner drainage system
Apparatus for protecting components of an excavator
Structural assembly insulation
Roof framing structure using triangular structural framing
High impact and load bearing building panel
Insulating cover for an attic sealing member
Retractable awning
Adjustable concrete form
Collapsible stackable shipping container with reusable seals
Fencing panel
Coated article with low-E coating having barrier layer system(s) including multiple dielectric layers, and/or methods of making the same
Winder assembly
Stretchable elastomeric tubular gripping device
Well safety equipment
Orienting a subsea tubing hanger assembly
Valve system for downhole tool string
Extended reach well system
Hydraulic fracturing system and method
Hydraulic fracturing system and method
Detecting stick-slip using a gyro while drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Conveyor-type system for generating electricity from water currents
Steam turbine in a three-shelled design
Volume store
Method and device for carrying out a zero point adaptation of a lambda probe of an internal combustion engine
SCR treatment of engine exhaust gases using temperature control
Module integrating mixer and particulate separator into a common housing and an engine breathing system having the module
Drive system for a vehicle
Rocket engine with cryogenic propellants
Rocket engine with cryogenic propellants
Apparatus and method of determining a leak condition of a fuel system
Fuel storage system for a vehicle
Injection valve comprising a transmission unit
Non-rotating wind energy generator
High efficiency infinitely variable fluid power transformer
Construction assembly for spatial structure with movable screw
Thrust bearing
Bearing race with integrated spring
Securing element, a steering bearing comprising a securing element, and a steering column comprising a steering bearing and a securing element
Driving force transmission apparatus and controller for driving force transmission apparatus
Secure universal-joint
Engine augmentation of hydraulic control system
Spring element
Device for mechanical vibration decoupling
Spindle drive having anti-turn mechanism
Auto-locking torque distributing mechanism
Toothed wheel and backlash free gear train
Adjustable valve wrench
Self-closing water-saving valve assembly
Wall faucet mounting sleeve apparatus and method
Earthquake resisting apparatus
Lamp with light guide lens for lateral illumination
Switchable light-duct extraction
Hybrid backlight unit embeddable in liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
Benzocyclobutene compound, organic-inorganic composite particle, cross-linked organic-inorganic composite particle, organic-inorganic composite composition, cross-linked organic-inorganic composite composition, and optical device utilizing the same
Swirler, combustion chamber, and gas turbine with improved swirl
Combined power and heating station
Apparatus for removing water vapor from an enclosure
Active chilled beam with sterilization means
Microprocessor controlled fuel filter heater
Heater for vaporizing liquids
Systems and methods for control and calibration of a solar power tower system
Solar thermal air conditioning unit
Flexible wick as water delivery system
Combined air conditioning and water generating system
Temperature stabilization in semiconductors using the magnetocaloric effect
Air separation method and apparatus
Penetrable and resealable lyophilization device
Method for forming and using a furnace roller assembly
Projectile launcher
Firearm safety device
Apparatus and method for safe handling of striker-fired firearms
Ambidextrous charging handle for firearm
Method and apparatus for launching projectiles using a top mounted striker
Light gathering adjustable ballistic reticule
Precision guided firearm with hybrid sensor fire control
Load tracking and stabilization
Three-dimensional model generating device
Structure and method to ensure correct operation of an integrated circuit in the presence of ionizing radiation
Method and arrangement for magnetically determining a position
Building perpendicularity testing and adjustment
Acquisition of information for a construction site
Systems and methods for hybrid flow sensing
Hybrid sensor system for gas flow measurements
Method and system for an ultra low power dosimeter
Sample analysis device, testing apparatus, and sensor cartridge
Inspection apparatus and method
Dual temperature sensor for an engine
Integrated optics reflectometer
Modified apparatus and method for assessment, evaluation and grading of gemstones
X-ray talbot interferometer and X-ray imaging system including talbot interferometer
X-ray diffraction imaging system with integrated supermirror
Nano-porous membrane based sensors
Apparatus and method for measuring the stretch of a chain which circulates endlessly in the apparatus
Method and apparatus for determination of haloacetic acid ("HAA") presence in aqueous solution
Oxygen sensors and their uses
Methods and systems for identifying the quantitation cycle for a PCR amplification reaction
Method for assaying nucleic acids by fluorescence
Methods of measuring amount of cholesteryl ester in a blood sample
Analysis assisting method, analyzer, remote computer, data analyzing method, program, and reagent container
Methods and articles for identifying objects using encapsulated perfluorocarbon tracers
Vertical probe card and method for manufacturing the same
Detection device, sensor device, and electronic device
Resonant micromachined biochemical sensor
Apparatus and method for dispensing a hyperpolarized fluid
Compact inhomogeneous permanent magnetic field generator for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance system, operating method and control device to generate T.sub.2-weighted images using a pulse sequence with very short echo times
Controlling position uncertainty in a mobile device
Positioning device and storage medium
Differentiated station location
Radiation detection equipment and nuclear medicine diagnosis device
Method and device for coupling laser light derived from at least two laser sources into one optical fiber
Reticle for a telescope
Light scanner, image display device, head-mounted display, and method of manufacturing light scanner
Photonic crystal-metallic structures and applications
Compact micro-optical devices and methods using asymmetric lenses
Bidirectional wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Low shrink telecommunications cable and methods for manufacturing the same
Eyeglasses able to instantly install or remove lens
Direct type backlight module
Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display device
Patterned retarder
Pellicle for lithography, pellicle-mounted photomask, and exposure treatment method
Printing apparatus, method for controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Electrostatic-type printing apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with fixing unit adapted to fix toner including pressure-induced phase transition toner
Waste toner collecting container and process unit
Wristwatch structure, electronic crown for wristwatch, and wristwatch having display
User detecting apparatus, user detecting method and computer-readable recording medium storing a user detecting program
Damage limitation for a motor vehicle in a dangerous situation
High dilution ratio by successively preparing and diluting chemicals
Heat dissipation control system for portable electrical device and control method thereof
Distributed thermal management system for servers
Backflow and flow rate control valve
Power distribution system control and monitoring
Constant current circuit and light emitting diode driving device using the same
Portable terminal with detachable protection cover
Grid connected keyboard apparatus
Adaptor for adding a second power supply unit to a computer system
Re-driver power management
Collective operation management in a parallel computer
Reduced power state network processing
Resolving memory faults with reduced processing impact
Data processing system and method for recording and reproducing holographic optical information
Method and apparatus to trigger and trace on-chip system fabric transactions within the primary scalable fabric
After-the-fact configuration of static analysis tools able to reduce user burden
Read-write partitioning of cache memory
Storage device to backup content based on a deduplication system
Method for mandatory access control of processing in hardware cores
Storage and reproduction apparatus
Determining the logical address of a transaction abort
Obstruction-aware cache management
Cache management in managed runtime environments
Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
Data accessing method and apparatus for performing the same using a host logical unit (HLUN)
Systems, methods, and computer medium to securely transfer large volumes of data between physically isolated networks having different levels of network protection
Display apparatus, display method and program
Display apparatus with densely packed electromechanical systems display elements
Servicing a globally broadcast interrupt signal in a multi-threaded computer
Servicing a globally broadcast interrupt signal in a multi-threaded computer
Detection method and apparatus for hot-swapping of SD card
Detection method and apparatus for hot-swapping of SD card
Method, apparatus, and program for supporting creation and management of metadata for correcting problem in dynamic web application
Processing requests in a cloud computing environment
Client server system and method for executing an application utilizing distributed objects
Method and system for property-based indexing and/or querying of web services resources
Configuring a system with various system components utilizing a configuration profile
Generating data from imbalanced training data sets
System for reusing triple event data in PET and method, program product thereof
Method and system for making and playing soundtracks
Dynamic range adjusting floating point execution unit
Apparatus and method for automatically generating a deterministric target differential equation system
Browser based language recognition supporting central web search translation
Systems and methods for providing electronic document services
Managing network storage with a user-level file system
Information management method and information management apparatus
Opening a data set
Partitioning data for parallel processing
Quotation management platform
Age appropriate filtering
Insight determination and explanation in multi-dimensional data sets
Context-based navigation through a database
Self-learning semantic search engine
Method and system for report generation including extensible data
Secure document creation from potentially unsecure source templates
Method and apparatus for archiving media using a log
Leveraging enterprise content
Reducing repeater power
Implementing enhanced physical design quality using historical placement analytics
Optical model employing phase transmission values for sub-resolution assist features
Systems, methods and devices for providing RLCK parasitic extraction back-annotation in electronic design automation
Method for correcting electronic proximity effects using the deconvolution of the pattern to be exposed by means of a probabilistic method
Method and apparatus for timing closure
Automobile power supply control device
Venue based digital rights using capture device with digital watermarking capability
Dynamic negotiation and authorization system to record rights-managed content
Detection of DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
Anti-viral compiler
Confidential information identifying method, information processing apparatus, and program
Approval of content updates
Configuring a virtual world user-interface
Display system and display method
Gesture controlled user interface
Sizing a pane of a window presented on a display
User-widget-based transaction system
Tear-away topology views
Administering inter-core communication via shared memory
Optimizing storage utilization by modifying a logical volume offset
System and method for predicting backup data volumes
Electronic content management workflow
Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method
Image processing apparatus that generates remote screen display data, portable terminal apparatus that receives remote screen display data, and recording medium storing a program for generating or receiving remote screen display data
Telematic method and apparatus with integrated power source
Document management apparatus and document management method
System, method and computer program product for searching summaries of mobile apps reviews
Security co-processor boot performance
Integrated exchange of search results in an integrated software development environment
Forklift and control method of forklift
Reducing a set of instructions for execution on a processor and expanding a set of instructions on a processor
Interleaving half of packed data elements of size specified in instruction and stored in two source registers
Managing a set of software modules in a software runtime environment
Information processing apparatus and debugging method
Automated debug trace specification
Visualization of information using landmasses
Designing and cross-configuring software
Software installation and configuration
Software installation and configuration
Automatic software catalog content creation based on bio-inspired computing prediction
Compiling optimization of an application and compiler thereof
Architecting and defining extensible methods and processes to build hybrid solutions
Methods and apparatus to validate translated guest code in a dynamic binary translator
Control device, control method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for a virtual system deployment
Virtual machine allocation internal and external to physical environment
Multi-threaded queuing system for pattern matching
Data processing system and method
Method and apparatus for energy efficient distributed and elastic load balancing
Task execution and management in a clustered computing environment
Strategy based event notification chain
Multicore processor system, communication control method, and communication computer product
Method for the acoustic analysis of a body and a system for the execution of such a method
Image processing apparatus configured to perform pixel dithering based on dithering table and pass information
Time-dependent identification systems, methods, and uses thereof
Electromagnetic interference device identification system and method
Map generation apparatus, map generation method, moving method for moving body, and robot apparatus
Multi-view object detection using appearance model transfer from similar scenes
Analysis of the digital image of the surface of a tyre and processing of non-measurement points
Vehicle localization in open-pit mining using GPS and monocular camera
Detection of static object on thoroughfare crossings
Method and apparatus for processing image taken under low illumination environment
Electronic device, electronic device operating method, and computer readable recording medium recording the method
Accelerated geometric shape detection and accurate pose tracking
Method of evaluating value for referenced information and apparatus thereof
Radio frequency identification system for tracking and managing materials in a manufacturing process
Arranging a conversation among a plurality of participants
Mobile device cluster advertisement delivery
Identifying highly valued recommendations of users in a media recommendation network
Data processing system and method for providing a hyperlink to a lowest priced offering of a current item
Primers for detecting plasmodium
Point of entry deactivation
Remote camera and adapter therefor
System used with a crane for indicating and measuring the position of a container in a vehicle and/or trailer loaded with containers
Automotive communication system
Data retrieval and indexing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic editing
Fabrication of tunneling junction for nanopore DNA sequencing
Translucent conductive substrate for organic light emitting devices
Deposition of rutile films with very high dielectric constant
Silicon oxide-nitride-carbide thin-film with embedded nanocrystalline semiconductor particles
Vertical hall device comprising a slot in the hall effect region
Method for producing concave-convex substrate using sol-gel method, sol used in same, method for producing organic EL element using same, and organic EL element obtained thereby
Frequency converted laser sources and methods for operating frequency converted laser sources
Battery charging device for motor vehicle
Energy management system
Time-to-digital converter
Interfacing between a dynamic spectrum policy controller and a dynamic spectrum controller
Medical and personal data retrieval system
Slidable display portable mobile device
Spectral characteristic acquisition device, image evaluation device, and image formation apparatus
Method for monitoring a health status of a bearing with a warning device having a close range wireless interface
Theft deterrent device and method of use
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Grain sensor arrangement for an agricultural harvester
Methioninase gene therapy for tumor treatment
Perfusion and/or preservation and/or re-perfusion solution during organ transplant
Method, composition and kit to remove lice ova from the hair
Process and composition for the antiparasitic treatment of the surroundings of animals
Two-part disinfecting systems and compositions and methods related thereto
Strain of Streptomyces for controlling plant diseases
Formulated arthropod cadavers for pest suppression
Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating allergic diseases and a method for preparation thereof
Biorational repellents obtained from terpenoids for use against arthropods
Aqueous soil amendment compositions
Apparatus for supplying food dough
Device for connecting a meat portioning-filling machine to a clipping machine
Double clipping apparatus and method for forming clipped sausages
Device for forming a food mass for producing a food product and a method for such forming
High solids containing processed and shelf-stable vegetables
Composition providing a stable suspension of a particulate component
Ginseng berry topical products
Coated candy products
Coated ice confectionary products
Process for recovering feed-grade protein from animal manure
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Treating arthritis in animals with dietary supplements
Composite food product comprising potato peel product
Baking mixes which contain flour and have an enhanced shelf life and method and means for preparing same
Compositions containing creatine and creatinine
Conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Probiotic mixture intended for monogastric animals to control intestinal flora populations
Composition including sea buckthorn oil extract and antioxidant and/or a UV filter
Nutritional composition made from conventional foods for mixing onsite in a blender and treating patients with hepatic disorders
Process and apparatus for preparing pepperoni
Enhanced precooked egg product and process for formulation of precooked egg products
Double chip sauce delivery system
Process and apparatus for forming fastener elements
Drainage reservoir support assembly
Preservation mat board
System and method for warming a person to prevent or treat hypothermia
Surface treating apparatus
Surface cleaning apparatus
Cyclone dust collector and vacuum cleaner using such dust collector
Tip portion of an endoscope
Endoscopic image pickup assembly
Device for controlling an amount of light of a lighting unit for an endoscope
Device for collecting and drying a body fluid
Tissue opening locator and everter and method
Suture lock, lock applicator and method therefor
Closure device for puncture in vessel
Anastomosis device
Method and apparatus for stapling an annuloplasty band in-situ
Haemostat shods
Spinal surgery instruments and methods
System and method of use for revascularizing stenotic bypass grafts and other occluded blood vessels
Method and apparatus for demand injury in stimulating angiogenesis
Therapeutic ultrasound catheter for delivering a uniform energy dose
Cannula for receiving surgical instruments
Universal handle and method for use
Lock device for surgical instruments
Method and apparatus for anchoring laparoscopic instruments
Bone fastener
Orthopaedic rod/plate locking mechanism
Surgical cross-connecting apparatus having locking lever
Method and apparatus for performing spinal procedures
Interlocking intramedullary nail
Intramedullary nail system
Smoke evacuation apparatus
Bipolar forceps for conducting a pelviscopy
Electrode arrangement for electrothermal treatment of human or animal bodies
Method and device for the treatment of prostate tissue
Therapeutic and diagnostic agent delivery
Tonometer incorporating an electrical measurement device
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Docking station for portable medical devices
Implantable measuring device, particularly a pressure measuring device for determining the intracardial or intraluminal blood pressure
Superior-and-inferior-limb blood-pressure index measuring apparatus
Non-contact method for measuring amount of sebum or oil on substrate in real time using fluorescence dye
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Contour mapping system and method particularly useful as a spine analyzer and probe therefor
Apparatus for non-instrusively measuring health parameters of a subject and method of use thereof
Method for an objective frequency-specific determination of an audible threshold value using an amplitude modulation following response (AMFR)
Fluid collection device having tilting retractable needle
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system and method for network management
Acoustic coupling guide for an ultrasonic transducer probe
Doppler ultrasound method and apparatus for monitoring blood flow and detecting emboli
Ultrasonic cellular tissue screening tool
Fat layer thickness mapping system to guide liposuction surgery
Method and system for ultrasound imaging of a biopsy needle
Aberration correction by measurement and suppression of distortion waves
Dental instrument for root canal therapy
Cartridge and dental applicator
System and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances
Fastener for attaching to a dental fixture and related methods
Method and apparatus for applying thermoplastic border molding to denture impression trays
Medical application system for animals
Medical injection patch
Multifunctional absorbent article
Absorbent article such as a sanitary napkin, an incontinence guard, a panty-liner or the like
Three dimensional body-conforming bladder for an absorbent article
Lubricated tampon
Prefastened disposable absorbent articles having a stretch panel
Method of mounting protective layers on sanitary napkins, and sanitary napkins provided with protective layers
Securing arrangement for absorbent article
Z-fold diaper fastener
Intraluminal prostheses and balloons for the angioplasty of aneurysms
Device for therapeutical treatment of a blood vessel
Endoluminal aortic stents
Endovascular graft
Surgical implant
Expandable stent-graft covered with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene
Method and apparatus for attaching connective tissues to bone using a knotless suture anchoring device
Accommodating intraocular lens assembly
Cryopreserved homografts and other stentless bioprosthetic heart valves having natural tissue sewing rings
Cement jacket for a cemented artificial joint stem and artificial joint having the cement jacket
Femoral hip prosthesis
Shoulder endoprosthesis
Telescopic vertebral prosthesis
Synthetic soil-extract materials and medicaments for hemorrhagic fever viruses based thereon
Surgical instrument for mechanically removing bone cement
Instrument and method for implanting an interbody fusion device
Leg brace support structure
Ankle brace with cuff
Body weight supports and teaching aid
Front and back brace with contact separation cover
Thermal device with automatic nesting feature
Housing apparatus with rear activated return button for instilling a medication into an eye
Inflatable device and method for treating glaucoma
Method of ocular treatment
Programmable neck massaging device
Container cap assembly having an enclosed penetrator
Needle sheath
Baby safe feeder with integral mesh bag
Methods for identifying estrogen surface receptor agonists
Pressurized water extraction
DNA damaging agents in combination with tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Use of ginkgo biloba extracts for preparing a medicine for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Use of cocoa procyanidins combined with acelylsalicyclic acid as an anti-platelet therapy
Hepatocellular chimeraplasty
Synthetic soil-extract materials and medicaments for herpes viruses based thereon
Therapeutic compositions and methods of use thereof
Methods for monitoring and guiding therapeutic suppression of parathyroid hormone in renal patients having secondary hyperparathyroidism
Method of controlling the working time of a gypsum composition in the bone treatment
Dosage forms useful for modifying conditions and functions associated with hearing loss and/or tinnitus
Enriched platelet wound healant
Hyperthermia and immunotherapy for leukemias lymphomas, and solid tumors
Anti-apoptotic compositions comprising the R1 subunit of herpes simplex virus ribonucleotide reductase or its N-terminal portion; and uses thereof
Method of suppressing tumor cell growth by administering a decorin gene or gene product
Polyethylene glycol modified interferon therapy
Aerosol formulations of peptides and proteins
Method for treating thyroid disorders
Use of nuclease to reduce wrinkles and discolorations in humans
Enhancement of oligomeric viral immunogenicity
Immune responses against HPV antigens elicited by compositions comprising an HPV antigen and a stress protein or an expression vector capable of expression of these proteins
Saponin compositions and uses thereof
Adhesive cooling composition and process for its preparation
Formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Intravesical drug delivery system
Cyclodextrins preferentially substituted on their primary face by acid or amine functions
Vasopermeability-enhancing conjugates
Antibody methods for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Quinolone vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Contrast agents
Radiopharmaceuticals for imaging infection and inflammation and for imaging and treatment of cancer
Method for radioactive stent delivery
Tooth coating composition
Use of substituted vinyltetrahydronaphthalenes and vinyl-benzotetrahydropyrans as light protection agents
Hair treatment compositions
N-acetyl aldosamines and related N-acetyl compounds, and their topical use
Use of milk thistle extract in skin care compositions
2,6-.beta.-D-fructan hydrolase enzyme and processes for using the enzyme
Single-phase antiperspirant compositions containing solubilized antiperspirant active and silicone elastomer
Water resistant, wear resistant, and decorative cosmetic for hair
Pressed powder cosmetic composition
Foaming oil gel compositions
Cosmetic composition containing an aqueous dispersion of insoluble polymer material particles, use and method
Urethane(meth)acrylates containing siloxane groups and able to undergo free-radical polymerization
Osmotic delivery system flow modulator apparatus and method
Polymer delivery system in treatments for parasitic skin diseases
Veterinary vaccines
Aerosol compositions
Directly compressible extended-release matrix formulation for metformin hydrochloride
Synergistic filler composition
Core formulation
Controlled release pharmaceutical composition
Diltiazem controlled release formulation and method of manufacture
Microwave sterilization device
Self-adhesively treated backing material
Method of sterilizing a tattooing solution through irradiation
Apparatus and method for photocatalytic purification and disinfection of water and ultrapure water
Appliances having UV disinfection device and method
Metallic object with a thin polyphase oxide coating and process for the manufacture thereof
Method and system of preventing fouling and corrosion of biomedical devices and structures
Triggered release hydrogel drug delivery system
Vehicle cabin air filter, a vehicle including such a filter, and a method of manufacture
Fragrance emitter for use with internet
Adsorption, decomposition deodorization element
No-needle blood access device for hemodialysis
Venous filter for assisted venous return
Metered dose inhaler for salmeterol
Vessel cannula having properties varying along the axial length
Infusion catheter with non-uniform drug delivery density
Combination ureteral infusion catheter/drainage stent
Guidewire with an intermediate variable stiffness section
Flow-directed catheter
Multi-lumen catheter
Variable stiffness magnetic catheter
Guidewire replacement device
Vein stabilizer for venous needle insertion
Method and apparatus for an intravascular device showing flashback
Apparatus and method for introducing one or more branch lines into IV tubing
Sealing rubber closure for syringe/container
Dose setting limiter
Shielded assembly for blood collection in vacuum tubes
Needle protection device for use with a vial
Electromagnetic stimulation of cartilage tissue
Body processing using light
Ultrasound application device for accelerating sternum healing
Ultrasonic device for tissue ablation and sheath for use therewith
Physiologically active extract obtained from indigo plant polygonum tinctorium
Dental anti-hypersensitivity composition and method
Cosmetic compositions
Compositions and methods for controlling deposition of water-insoluble ingredients
Diisopropyl fluorophosphatase and the utilization and production thereof
Exercise device
Oral lip and chin muscle rehabilitating device
Maxillary occlusion muscles-exerciser, cheek muscles-exerciser, cheek and mouth muscles-exerciser
Exercise device
Swimmer propulsion device
Thread-wound golf ball
System for locating a golf ball
Method and apparatus for making and/or decorating bowling balls and the like
Golf club head construction
Golf club and method of manufacturing the same
Golf putter head
Golf club head having a device for resisting expansion between opposing walls during ball impact
Method of forming patterns, trademarks and balance weight in a golf club head and product using the same
Tubular body
Bowling pin arrangement control device and its connecting unit
Game controller with a monitor
Game input means to replicate how object is handled by character
Computer, method and recording medium for executing games using a pressure-sensitive controller
Multi-player game system using mobile telephone and game unit
Security system for bingo-type games
Animated toy
Toy vehicle gear shield
Talking stick horse
Tape recorder and animal shaped child's toy combination
Luminous toy
Spinner with continuous 3-fold symmetry for multiple utilitarian, educational and ornamental uses
Bubble-blowing toy
Intelligent toy
Method of molding elastic doll heads and mold therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Non-polar media for polynucleotide separations
Access valve devices, their use in separation apparatus, and corresponding methods
Gravitational separator and drainwater treatment system for use in a horizontal passageway
Blood separation chamber with constricted interior channel and recessed passage
Backwash control system for a filter unit used in a machine tool system
Method of filtering certain particles from a fluid using a depth loading filtration media
Melt blown composite HEPA filter media and vacuum bag
Two-stage water extractor
Micro-porous filter
Method of applying an end-cap to a pleated filter element
Filter bag for a pocket air filter and method for the production thereof
Pleated filter element with melt-bonded support rod and method of making same
Supersonic separator apparatus and method
Oxygen production
Process for adsorption of mercury from gaseous streams
Process and apparatus for the treatment of carbon dioxide with carbonic anhydrase
Monolithically-molded subassemblies for retrofitting existing RO systems to zero waste
Method of retrofitting an existing RO system to zero waste
Apparatus for filtering and separating particularly biologically organic fluids
Apparatus and method for cleaning membrane filtration modules
Method for making microencapsulated gyricon beads
Passivation method for metallic articles of nickel and iron-based superalloy
Method and apparatus for plasma treatment of gas
Catalyst structures
Polymer-micelle complexes and methods of use thereof
Self-regenerative process for contaminant removal from ammonia
Materials and methods for water purification
Synthesis of MCM-58
Catalyst comprising beta zeolite and promoter element for hydrocracking
Enhanced oxidation of air contaminants on an ultra-low density UV-accessible aerogel photocatalyst
Honeycomb structure
Method of manufacturing a filter
Use of ion binding ligands attached to solid supports and membranes for ion removal from a biological system
Method for producing aqueous hydroxylamine solutions which are substantially free of metal ions
Process for converting carbon monoxide and water in a reformate stream
Process for making calcium chlorides
Microfluidic devices for the controlled manipulation of small volumes
Sample collecting member and wiping inspection instrument
Apparatus and methods for correcting for variable velocity in microfluidic systems
Hand-held dispenser/aspirator
Microfabricated sleeve devices for chemical reactions
Microfluidic devices and systems for performing inefficient fast PCR
Oil pan containing a magnetic filter apparatus
Multi-stage particulate matter collector
Microalgae separator apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for electrically controlling a flow of material
Powder feed apparatus and process for the application of a thermoplastic resin onto a fastener
System for coating using a grooved backing roller and electrostatic assist
Coating apparatus with a rotatable backing rolling and method thereof
Surface modification using hydridosilanes to prepare monolayers
Method for restoring a surface on a metal substrate
Orthogonally reconfigurable integrated matrix acoustical array
Adjustable duct assembly for fume and dust removal
Method and apparatus for locating and repairing cooling orifices of airfoils
Oil absorption and reclamation methods therefrom
Biodegradation of gasoline oxygenates
Aluminium sheet with rough surface
Method for producing load-optimized steel strips
Deflection roller with mechanical stop
Structure and method for compaction of powder-like materials
Method for making a heat dissipating tube
Method for forming dresser of chemical mechanical polishing pad
Dual conical ECM grooving device
Facility for the thermal treatment of workpieces
Disk for a blisk rotary stage of a gas turbine engine
Low-residue, low-solder-ball flux
Method for manufacture of tubes of a zirconium-based alloy
Clamp for connecting/disconnecting a rotary head to/from a spindle in apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for controlling a polishing process based on scatterometry derived film thickness variation
Dry ice cleaning method and dry ice cleaning apparatus
Recovery system for blasting device
Particle blast apparatus
Sanding sponge
Grinding tool for grinding buttons of a rock drill bit, a grinding cup, a grinding spindle and method for mounting the grinding cup on a grinding spindle
Method and apparatus for measuring substrate layer thickness during chemical mechanical polishing
Polishing pad
Polishing pad with transparent window having reduced window leakage for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Semiconductor device mounting jig
Pulping system for a paper machine
Combination tool for edge-folding and cutting a panel rim
Storage-stable isocyanate binders containing latent catalysts
Glass reinforced gypsum board
Method for pressing cylindrical composite bodies
Base plate, in particular for preparation of concrete products
Slicing center
Method of prepregging with resin and novel prepregs produced by such method
Method for making a finished part comprising a zone for providing a passage
Method for casting multicolored parts for automotive interior applications
Methods for molding and grafting highly uniform polymer layers onto electronic microchips
Process for forming a membrane filtration apparatus
Multilayer injection nozzle assembly
Injection molding machine with nozzle touch mechanism
Flow deflector in an injection molding system
Method of making a support of polymeric material having a sealing ring
Method for fabricating automotive interior components
Pressure control mechanism for a molding apparatus
Apparatus and a method for the extrusion of moulding from a cross-linkable polymer material
Manufacturing process including extrusion with in-line blow molding
Multilayer preform and container with co-extruded liner
Hollow molded article manufacturing method and container
Method and apparatus for producing a precise joint between two cover materials for a trim component
Fuel cell stack with a curved flow guide section
Tubular device in a bagging machine
Method of attaching an article to the inside of a tire cavity
Method for butt welding cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PE-X pipes)
Method of bonding an ethylene.cndot..alpha.-olefin rubber composition and a fiber and a power transmission belt made using the method
Stress neutralization of an apex filler for a tire bead subassembly
Cold isopressing method
Slide guide device, knockout device, and press machine using the same
Packing material product and method and apparatus for making, monitoring and controlling the same
Sheet of embossed absorbent paper, and a method and device for producing same
Fluid impermeable foil
Decorative vitreous beads and products and methods of making same
Conductive blade
Flexible multilayer film
Composite and process for making
Moisture barrier film
Laminate film and a vapour-deposited film employing same
Complex material with improved properties, consisting of polyvinylidene fluoride and of an incompatible thermoplastic
Layered heat-shrinkable films and labels for bottles
Pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and method of use thereof
Sound absorbing-insulating structure for vehicles
Energy absorbing structural laminate
Method of producing cellulosic article having increased thickness, and product thereof
Coextruded fluoropolymer/polyamide laminate
Metal salt crosslinked adhesives
Portable water disinfection system
Use of metal compounds in imagable articles
Reversible recording medium, and reversible recording method and apparatus using the same
Reversible thermosensitive coloring composition and recording material using the composition and recording method using the recording material
Support for ink-jet recording material
Image receiving sheet and recording process
Glass panel with simulated metal strip
Decorative glittered articles and method of making same
Securing members together by spring rings
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
Sealed suspension thrust bearing
Self-dispensing fastener for photocuring adhesive
Integral-type hydraulic and mechanical transaxle apparatus for driving and steering a vehicle
Control method of inter-axle differential and inter-axle differential apparatus
Method and a system for controlling the propulsion of a motor vehicle
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive units
Drive train for a motor vehicle
Multiple ratio series electric vehicle drivetrain
Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle
Auxiliary machinery driver for car
Electrical connection box including removable cover enclosed within a casing
Method of producing a vehicle steering wheel
B-column for motor vehicle
Variable displacement pump including a control valve
Transmission system for a straddle type vehicle
Watercraft having auxiliary steering
Spring assembly for trolling motor bracket
Outboard marine drive including an engine under cover made of plastic material
Cooled oil reservoir for watercraft
Shaft seal system
Propeller assembly incorporating improved locking structure
Power assist marine steering system
Variable pitch aircraft propeller control with two-speed transmission
Method of transferring a discrete portion of a first web onto a second web
Plastic lumber pallets
Wet waste compostable bag and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Roll that can be bent for a web-like material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing hydrogen peroxide and composition therefor
Method and apparatus for producing reformed gases
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder and process for producing same
Method of forming nanograin tungsten carbide and recycling tungsten carbide
Production of soluble silicates from biogenic silica
Processes for synthesizing borohydride compounds
Method for producing .alpha.-alumina powder
Zirconium dioxide powder, method of its production and use
Gravity-flow filtration cartridge for the removal of microorganisms and/or other contaminants
Production system of electrolyzed water
Electrode for electron-emitting device
Methods and compositions using lanthanum for removing phosphate from water
Composite crucible, and preparation method and regeneration method thereof
Pigmented vitreous material
Polarizing glasses having integral non-polarizing regions
Gray scale all-glass photomasks
Optical recording film and process for production thereof
Method for producing substrates having defect free patterns thereon
Method of forming niobium doped tin oxide coatings on glass and coated glass formed thereby
Photocatalytically hydrophilifying and hydrophobifying material
Heat treatable coated articles with metal nitride layer and methods of making same
High transmittance, low emissivity coatings for substrates
Glass composition
Ultraviolet-infrared absorbent low transmittance glass
Enameled steel and process for enameling a zinc or zinc-alloy precoated steel surface
Multi-phase material and electrodes made therefrom
Method for making preforms
Ceramic slurry composition, ceramic green sheet and multilayer ceramic electronic part
Method for preparation of metallic foam products and products made
Advanced composite media
Method of supplying electric current to prestressed concrete
Corrosion-resistant member and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for thermal treatment of mealy raw materials
Reduction of energetic filler sensitivity in propellants through coating
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyrosine kinases
Process for synthesis of a porphyrin compound using a molecular sieve catalyst under microwave irradiation
Mixture of titanyltetraazaporphyrin compounds and electrophotographic photoconductor using the same
Thin-film forming chemical adsorption material, producing method thereof and applications thereof
Silica gel incorporating polyazacycloalkane structural units
DNA encoding a receptor subunit for oncostatin M
Compositions of hepatitis C virus NS3/NS4A complex and methods for crystallizing same
Polynucleotide encoding spo0J1 of Staphylococcus aureus
Targeting recombinant virus with a bispecific fusion protein ligand in coupling with an antibody to cells for gene therapy
Genes encoding resistance to DNA alkylating agents
Identification of a new ehrlichia species from a patient suffering from ehrlichiosis
Methods of detecting growth differentiation factor-14
Diagnostics for cardiovascular disorders
Polynucleotides encoding cortistatin polypeptides
Human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor compositions and methods employing same
Monocyte locomotion inhibitory factor
Human RNA binding process
DNA encoding sparc-related proteins
Human P27KIP1 gene promoter
Lectins and coding sequences
Down syndrome critical region 1-like proteins
Methods of screening for ligands of human hemetopoietin receptor HU-B1.219
Polynucleotide encoding human serpin
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
Prevention and treatment of retinal ischemia and edema
Indolicidin analogs and methods of using same
Cellulose-based fire retardant composition
Method of making carboxylated cellulose fibers and products of the method
Coating method
Electrolyte composition for electric double layer capacitor, solid polymer electrolyte composition for polarizable electrode, polarizable electrode, and electric double layer capacitor
Thermosetting resin composition, and resin-covered metal foil, prepreg and film-shaped adhesive all using the composition
In-situ bonds
Epoxy resin compositions containing phosphorus, flame retardant resin sheet using said epoxy resin containing phosphorus, resin clad metal foil, prepreg and laminated board, multi layer board
Bioerodible polyorthoesters containing amine groups
Method and composition for dispersing hydrophobic particles in aqueous suspensions
Photosensitive resin
Positive-type photosensitive polyimide precursor composition
Solvent systems for polymeric dielectric materials
Prepreg, metal-clad laminate, and printed circuit board obtained from these
Compositions for imparting a translucent optical effect to transparent thermoplastic polymers
Silicone surface treated metal oxides
Anionic-cationic polyion complexes comprising zwitterionic monomer component
Method for the preparation of a diene polymer interpenetrated with a polysiloxane
Anti-reflective coating compositions comprising polymerized aminoplasts
Heavy oil - solid composition and method for preparing the same
Method of stabilizing dye solutions and stabilized dye compositions
Method for manufacturing pigment dispersion, pigment dispersion obtained by this method, and ink jet recording ink using same
Methods for producing enhanced interference pigments
Colorants, colorant stabilizers, ink compositions, and improved methods of making the same
Ink jet printing method
Magnesium methylate coatings for electromechanical hardware
Method of electrostatically coating a substrate
Composition and method for polishing semiconductors
Method and composition for the selective removal of residual materials and barrier materials during substrate planarization
Anticorrosive agent
Adhesive-back articles
Pinch tape
Method of enhancing coating speed
Pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for wafer sticking
Textile sizing composition and textiles sized therewith
Conductive adhesive and packaging structure using the same
Handwashing technique analysis
Electroluminescent material
Nematic liquid crystal composition for active matrix application and reflective liquid crystal displays
Refrigerant mixture comprising difluromethane, pentafluroethane and 1,1,1-trifluoroethane
Azeotrope-like composition of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane and 1-chloro-1,1,3,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Ice storage element with thickened ice storage medium
Oil-based settable spotting fluid
Heavy oil upgrading process
Method of enhancing the low temperature solution properties of a gasoline friction modifier
Process for the production of low ash fuel
Use of water-soluble polymeric polycarboxylates in cleaner formulations with abrasive action
Compositions to enhance fabric freshness and appearance
Method for enhancing catalytic activity of cells
Expression cloning processes for the discovery, characterization and isolation of genes encoding polypeptides with a predetermined property
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
VE-cadherin promoter and its uses
Attenuated vaccination and gene-transfer virus, a method to make the virus and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the virus
Diagnostics and therapy based on vascular mimicry
Two sterile-20 kinase-like proteins and methods of use thereof
Synthetic .alpha.-L-iduronidase and genetic sequences encoding same
Expression element
Zace1: a human metalloenzyme
Human endothelin converting enzyme-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Enzyme and DNA sequence encoding krill-derived multifunctional protein
Modified interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme with increased stability
Human peptidyl-prolyl isomerases
Hydantoinase variants with improved properties and their use for the production of amino acids
Recombinant megalomicin biosynthetic genes and uses thereof
Methods of increasing or decreasing carotenoids and other isoprenoids using IPP isomerase
Process for preparing optically active 1-amino-4-(hydroxymethyl) cyclopent-2-ene derivatives
Synthetic enzymes for the production of coniferyl alcohol, coniferylaldehyde, ferulic acid, vanillin and vanillic acid and their use
Method of making bioluminescent assay reagent based on non-viable E. coli
Mutant of RNA polymerases with increased stability
Method for DNA- or RNA-sequencing
Identical-by-descent fragment enrichment
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 8 and methods of detection
Exploiting genomics in the search for new drugs
High efficiency methods for combined immunocytochemistry and in-situ hybridization
Method of melting fine grained direct reduced iron in an electric arc furnace
Process for the production of grain-oriented electric quality sheet with low remagnetization loss and high polarization
Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of nickel and cobalt by ammoniacal leaching
Method for crushing cell
Method for producing a contact material for contact pieces for vacuum switch devices, and a contact material and contact pieces therefor
Alloy based on titanium aluminides
Method for producing high strength aluminum alloy welded structures
Iron base high temperature alloy
Corrosion resistant cemented carbide
Cold-rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet, which are excellent in formability, panel shapeability, and dent-resistance, and method of manufacturing the same
Shape memory alloy
Bearing made of graphite-dispersed copper-based sintered alloy and motorized fuel pump using this bearing
Method for hot isostatic pressing and heat treatment of light alloy castings
Process for coating superabrasive with metal
Apparatus for automatically cleaning mask
NiFe-containing soft magnetic layer design for multilayer media
Configuration for the execution of a plasma based sputter process
Method and system for producing sputtered thin films with sub-angstrom thickness uniformity or custom thickness gradients
Sputtering apparatus using passive arc control system and method
Diamond coated cutting tools and method of manufacture
Substrate processing apparatus and method
Electroless metal-plating process
Process for the electroless deposition of metal on a substrate
Method for selective activation and metallization of materials
Method for electroless copper deposition using a hypophosphite reducing agent
Control of magnetic film grain structure by modifying Ni-P plating of the substrate
Process for fabrication of metal-carbon fiber matrix composite material
Non-chrome passivation process for zinc and zinc alloys
Thermal spray powder of dicalcium silicate and coating thereof and manufacture thereof
Process for nitriding an aluminum-containing substrate
Process for selective deposition of OSP coating on copper, excluding deposition on gold
Agent and method for machining metal and for cleaning metal or anticorrosion treatment
Method for removing an acidic deposit
Method for automatically controlling a chemical cleaning stage of a metal strip cleaning line
Fan flow sensor for hydrogen generating proton exchange member electrolysis cell
Electrochemical cell
Electrode assembly
Integrated membrane and electrode support screen and protector ring for an electrochemical cell
Methods of preparing membrane electrode assemblies
Copper foil for printed circuit boards and its surface treatment method
Process and installation for coating a surface by electrophoresis
Method of providing conductive tracks on a printed circuit and apparatus for use in carrying out the method
Electrodeposition of metals in small recesses using modulated electric fields
Method of processing wafers and other planar articles within a processing cell
Method of crystallizing amorphous silicon layer and crystallizing apparatus thereof
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for producing fibrous materials from thermoplastic materials
Pitch fiber bundle and pitch type carbon fiber bundle and method for production thereof
Process for the manufacture of polyamide yarns dyeable in melange shades
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing longitudinally aligned nonwoven fabric
Solvent purifying system
Maintaining the hydrophobicity of a polyolefin textile
Composition and method for increasing water and oil repellency of textiles and carpet
Process of making chitosan-containing acrylic fibers
Patterned surface friction materials, clutch plate members and methods of making and using same
Apparatus for forming and metering fluff pulp
Flash tank steam economy improvement
Process for peroxide bleaching wherein the concentrations of Mn and Fe are monitored and maintained
Apparatus for calendering a sheet material web carried by a fabric
Removable doctor blade holder
Process for detecting and correcting a fiber orientation cross direction profile change
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Starch compositions and methods for use in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Combined soil reinforcement and drainage grid
Glass backdust for roof covering
Garage venting device
Bottom to surface link system comprising a submarine pipe assembled to at least one float
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-cylinder rotary compressor
Intermediate-stage seal arrangement
Arrangement for sealing a steam-cooled gas turbine
Retention sleeve for a thermal medium carrying tube in a gas turbine
Method and apparatus for reducing rotor assembly circumferential rim stress
Hydraulic turbine for enhancing the level of dissolved gas in water
Gas turbine engine blade
Exhaust emission control for watercraft
One-stage transmissible turbocharger
Synchronous mesh-type automatic transmission control system
Motor pump unit
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Alignment means for the swash plate of a variable-capacity swash-plate type compressor
Electric compressor
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of compressor
Hermetically sealed compressors
Gear pump having a bearing with a temperature adjusting medium passage
Hydrostatic planetary rotation machine having an orbiting rotary valve
Pond pump with reversing means to prevent rotation in the opposite direction
Magnetic coupling pump
Venting arrangement for a surface washer pump
Fan fastener retention structure
Fan filter unit with sound-absorbing wedges
Airflow-guiding fan guard
Impeller for molten metal pump with reduced clogging
Ball bearing
Rolling bearing
Rolling bearing
Automatic transmission
Inverted coupling assembly
Oscillation damper
Rocker joint for CVT chain belt with stepped pins press fit in the center of the guide links
Driving unit that comprises a hydraulic motor and a reduction gear
Variable ratio transmission
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission for automobiles
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Multi-speed gearbox, in particular a six-speed gearbox
Differential gears
Vehicle transmission
Continuously variable transmission having a variable transmission ratio coverage
Blade-type chain tensioner
Power transmission device of engine
High performance thermoplastic hose and method for manufacturing such hose from a thermoplastic vulcanizate
Corrugated structural metal plate
Method and apparatus for backing-up oxy-fuel combustion with air-fuel combustion
Burner for high-temperature combustion
Burner assembly with swirler formed from concentric components
Kit providing means for mitigating radon from a dwelling
Darts: user applied modifiable body and mechanism/s
Absolute sensor
Temperature sensor and electronic equipment using the same
Composite-construction roll and a method for manufacturing it
Multiplexed analysis of clinical specimens apparatus and method
Method for adjusting output characteristics of a gas sensing element based on application of electric power to this sensing element
Method and apparatus for improved gas sensor
Method for defining the characteristics of metal electrodes of ceramic sensor elements
Methods of identifying therapeutic compounds in a genetically defined setting
Scintillation proximity test
Process for determining antibiotics containing a .beta.-lactam ring in a biological fluid
Analytical method using multiple virus labelling
Enzyme inhibition immunoassay
Volumetric ultrasound imaging with a thinned array
Method and system for generating ultrasound frames with decorrelated speckle patterns and generating a compound ultrasound image therefrom
Method and apparatus for using non-coherent optical bundles for image transmission
Color filter and method for producing the same
Universal modular optical fiber buildout
Liquid crystal alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Method of manufacturing phase grating image sensor
Microcapsules containing a radiation sensitive composition and their use
Method for preparing silver halide emulsion and silver halide photographic material by use of preparation
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic image forming material
Method of activating a protective layer on a photographic element employing an organic solvent in the wash solution
Granulated solid processing agent for silver halide photographic material and producing method of the same
Method of producing a photographic image
Processing photographic material
Silver halide photographic lightsensitive material
Reticle design for alternating phase shift mask
Phase shift masking for intersecting lines
Phase-shift masks and methods of fabrication
Fused silica pellicle
Hexaaryl biimidazole compounds as photoinitiators, photosensitive composition and method of manufacturing patterns using the compounds
Polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Method of controlling photoresist thickness based upon photoresist viscosity
Edge bead remover for thick film photoresists
Method for manufacturing phase shift mask
Mono-component developing device, toner for the same and image forming apparatus
Automated diagnostic system and method including multiple diagnostic modes
Integral multiplex adapter card
System and method for performing skill set assessment using a hierarchical minimum skill set definition
Cylindrical coin bank
Multi-level lottery-type gaming system with player-selected second level game
Three dimensional family tree
Orthopaedic demonstration aid
Dental model
Apparatus and method for displaying room wall and floor covering arrangements for selection by a purchaser
Interactive astronomical system and method
Method for forming and applying a roadside display system
Double plate-up process for fabrication of composite magnetoresistive shared poles
Bilayer carbon overcoating for magnetic data storage disks and magnetic head/slider constructions
Information recording medium and recording method
Optical disk medium
Method of production of multilayer optical recording medium
Apparatus for removing flammable gas
Transparent conductive film and display device
Electrical devices having polymeric members
Flyback transformer
Castellation technique for improved lift-off of photoresist in thin-film device processing and a thin-film device made thereby
Magnetic material
Carbon-bonded metal structures and methods of fabrication
Electrically conductive, freestanding microporous polymer sheet
Focusing electrode and method for field emission displays
Apparatus for fabricating a semiconductor device
Deconvolution method and apparatus for analyzing compounds
Method of surface preparation of niobium
Substrate processing apparatus
Oxidized film structure and method of making epitaxial metal oxide structure
Single crystal SiC composite material for producing a semiconductor device, and a method of producing the same
Method of forming buried wiring, and apparatus for processing substratum
Stereolithographic method for applying materials to electronic component substrates and resulting structures
Parallel-plate electrode plasma reactor having an inductive antenna and adjustable radial distribution of plasma ion density
Method of holding substrate and substrate holding system
Method of making a parallel capacitor laminate
Method of controlling the spread of an adhesive on a circuitized organic substrate
Method for preparing layered structure including oxide superconductor thin film
Resistive current-limiting device with at least one printed conductor covered by an insulating layer by using high Tc superconductive material
Organic electroluminescent device
Lithium battery incorporating protective positive temperature coefficient material
Rechargeable battery with protective circuit
Catalyst equipped vapor-communicating multi-cell valve regulated lead-acid battery
Airflow system of metal-air battery
Battery package with integral disconnect mechanism
Battery case with electrical connector for two-dimensional movement
Secondary battery
Carbonaceous negative electrode material for nonaqueous secondary battery, process for producing the same, and nonaqueous secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery, and process for producing the same
Electrochemically stabilized CaNi5 alloys and electrodes
Doped titanium oxide additives
Fuel cell system with humidity determination
Cable terminal connecting structure of battery
Electrical connector
Board connecting terminal and connector using the terminal
Electric connecting apparatus for electrically connecting two electric components
Unitary contact spring
Female crimp terminal
Connector excellent in reliability of contact
Compliant interconnect assembly
Low profile fitting detecting connector
Self-aligning, quick-release connector
Article comprising EMI shielding
Pluggable module and receptacle
Electrical connector
Telecommunications jack assembly
Audio jack connector having means for preventing abrasion of a front face thereof by a mating plug connector
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical interconnection comb
Connector adapted to handling of different kinds of signals including high-speed signals
Modular plug wire aligner
Insulation displacement connector with reversed bevel cutting edge contacts
Shield connector and manufacturing method therefor
Controlled impedance cable connector
Automobile junction box with replaceable busbar circuit blocks
Method for producing insulating tapes containing mica, and the utilization thereof
Process for producing display device
Retractable connector for use with electronic devices
Method of manufacture of printed wiring boards and flexible circuitry
Interlocking socket base for an integrated circuit package
Module support
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