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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rotary mower over-center self-locking wing lift
Planter box
Pet grooming tool
Unit for feeding filters to a filter tip attachment machine
Garment hanger with top sizer
Sports cap
Apparatus and method for providing open-heeled foot apparel with improved heel support
Apparatus for securing ornamentation to personal items
Quick connect coupling assembly
Combination umbrella, support and method of use
Private viewing case for I.D. cards and the like
Mascara applicator
Artificial nail removal container
Portable drink stand
Retail hanger display system
Gas fired outdoor cooking apparatus that includes pot with spigot drain
Shower support
Suction brush of vacuum cleaner for both vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning
Dirt cup with dump door in bottom wall and dump door actuator on top wall
Vacuum cleaner
Pedorthic systems
Nasal cannula for acquiring breathing information
Method and system for increasing safety in chemical application from an aircraft
Roller coaster
Performing Operations; Transporting
Auxiliary unit of paper shredder cutting tools
Disk lubricant tank insert to suppress lubricant surface waves
Expanded metal machine
Method of manufacturing molding body having grooves thereon
Systems and methods for trimming rolls of sheet material
Attaching device
Interlocking member protective blade cover
Roller stand
Quick loading cutting head for a rotary trimmer
Cutting machine for cutting fiber-cement materials and method operation and use
Apparatus for attaching substrates
Presses for matters such as the grape harvest
Clamping device for a printing plate
Desktop organizer
Measuring compass
Thermosyphon heat reduction system for a motor vehicle engine compartment
In-wheel motor with high durability
Utility vehicle drive train
Traction control system and method
Wind-powered pneumatic engine and a motor vehicle equipped with the engine
Module-locating fastener and method of mounting on a vehicle chassis
Bearing for wiper drives
Disc brake having an electrically driven adjusting device
Device for monitoring the level of a container
Tension compensating assembly for mechanical control cables
Dynamic blade distance ratio system and method
Boat cover attachment guide and boat cover
Sonobuoy loading method
Solid propellant-based space propulsion device
Machine for filling capsules with a product
Device for holding trash bags open
Package for selling a product with a gift item and for conversion into a keepsake box
Pallet assembly
Display packaging for an animated toy
Vacuum processing apparatus
Self-warming sanitary wipe apparatus
Water-resistant combination case for handheld electronic devices
Toolbox assembly
Loading and unloading apparatus
Web material dispenser
Theft deterrent system
Pop tab remover
Mixing and dispensing fluid components of a multicomponent composition
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Surface wave excitation plasma generator and surface wave excitation plasma processing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Fabric knitting method and knitted product
Automatic sewing device for hosiery knitting machines
Fixed Constructions
Floor surface cleaning and resurfacing equipment
Removable and storable wings for a snow plow blade and snow removal system used therewith
Floor strip
Floor panels with edge connectors
Window glazing assembly having a carbon fiber insert member
Adjustable support arm assembly
Air-permeable simple car cover tent
Collapsible shelter with flexible, collapsible canopy
Watersports apparatus locking device
Hinge assembly for flat display monitor
Product server with breath guard
Mobile terminal
Device for connecting the fixing region of a guide rail to the door body of a vehicle door
Downhole hammer assembly
Downhole tool actuation apparatus and method
Method to cement a perforated casing
Flow control valve for injection systems
Thermal processes for subsurface formations
Scale inhibition method
Communicating fluids with a heated-fluid generation system
System for well logging
Excavation apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Driving apparatus
Method for converting thermal energy into useful work
System and method of cooling steam turbines
Variable valve operating device
Structural component, especially a shielding component
Exhaust gas purification apparatus and exhaust gas purification method for internal combustion engine
Method for operating a particulate filter situated in the exhaust gas area of an internal combustion engine and device for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for filtration of a two-stroke engine exhaust
Ammonia storage for on-vehicle engine
System and method for improving the heat rate of a turbine
Conversion of combined cycle power plant to compressed air energy storage power plant
Injector assembly having multiple manifolds for propellant delivery
Fuel vapor processing apparatus
Fuel system for protecting a fuel filter
Single nozzle injection of gasoline and anti-knock fuel
Microfabricated fluidic circuit elements and applications
Self-contained hydraulic actuator system
Screw style hydraulic jack
Brake disc
Annular groove monotube piston with non-symmetrical band
Ball screw assembly and spacer elements therefor
Integrated automatic manual transmission lever-type shift selector
Annular seal and pump including same
Oneway valve for automatically inflatable air cushion
Collapse tolerant flexible pipe and method of manufacturing same
Sealing device
Intravenous stand
Vacuum treating device with lidded treatment container
Variable air volume ceiling diffuser
Revolutionary solar collecting system
Portable cooling device
Portable coolant system
Heat exchanger manifold sealing system
Stock interface
Mechanism for feeding ball bullets from a bin to a holder
Foam dart gun
Locking adjustment turret
Ductile medium- and high-density, non-toxic shot and other articles and method for producing the same
Air conditioner having an enhanced user perception
Wind tunnel
Strip with acoustic damping properties
Semiconductor Sensor
Capacitive physical quantity sensor
Micro-electromechanical system inertial sensor
Method and apparatus for reducing the current consumption of an electronic circuit
Actuator apparatus incorporating a controller
System and method for protecting privacy and anonymity of parties of network communications
Method, recording medium and apparatus for power saving control via detection of usage pattern based on stored history and accounting of a spin down cost
Methods and apparatus for static and dynamic power management of computer systems
Optimization of storage and power consumption with soft error predictor-corrector
Method of reducing miscorrections in a post-processor using column parity checks
Attack-resistant implementation method
Methods and structure for dynamic modifications to arbitration for a shared resource
Storage control apparatus and method thereof
Backup firmware in a distributed system
High speed memory cloner within a data processing system
Disk drive comprising an asynchronous partition located on a disk between two isochronous partitions
Fast path caching
Cache lock mechanism with speculative allocation
Messaging infrastructure for identity-centric data access
Method and system for providing network access to PPP clients
Energy-induced process migration
System and method for provisioning resources to users based on roles, organizational information, attributes and third-party information or authorizations
Method and system for determining intra-session event correlation across network address translation devices
Method and system for facilitating mediated communication
Multimedia communications system and method for providing audio on demand to subscribers
Information reading apparatus and information reading method
Method and system for increasing ease-of-use and bandwidth utilization in wireless devices
Resynchronizing globally unsynchronized multimedia streams
Web server network system and method
Routing information mapping device in a network, method thereof and storage medium
System for routing incoming message to various devices based on media capabilities and type of media session
Constraint route dissemination using distributed route exchanges
Network processor system including a central processor and at least one peripheral processor
Methods and apparatus for providing bit-reversal and multicast functions utilizing DMA controller
Conditional execution per lane
Method and system for multidimensional database management
Method and apparatus for converting programs and source code files written in a programming language to equivalent markup language files
Correction widget
Time-recursive lattice structure for IFFT in DMT application
Document management method and computer-readable storage medium storing program code for executing the same
Tilting tree spinning cones method and system for mapping XML to n-dimensional data structure using a single dimensional mapping array
Dynamic object-driven database manipulation and mapping system having a simple global interface and an optional multiple user need only caching system with disable and notify features
Method of mapping logic failures in an integrated circuit die
Method for controlling semiconductor chips and control apparatus
Method and apparatus for identifying a path between source and target states
Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking machines
Apparatus and method for controlling internal combustion engine
In-context access to relevant services from multiple applications and information systems by object schema traversal
Universal load address/value prediction using stride-based pattern history and last-value prediction in a two-level table scheme
Modular bios for detecting resources of a system and reporting information about the resources during two separate phases
Managing code when communicating using heirarchically-structured data
Extensible on-demand property system
Virtual work flow management method
Load balancing method and system based on estimated elongation rates
Method for transparent, location-independent, remote procedure calls in a heterogeneous network environment
Bar code label sticker
Data processing and communications device with interchangeable modules
Process for providing event photographs for inspection, selection and distribution via a computer network
Systems and methods for pricing and selling digital goods
Money transfer cards, systems and methods
Method of predicting a change in an economy
Apparatus and method for authenticated multi-user personal information database
Secure user certification for electronic commerce employing value metering system
Apparatus, systems and methods for accepting payment at a sales device
Systems and methods for combining subword recognition and whole word recognition of a spoken input
Method and apparatus for removing noise from feature vectors
Method of making a magnetoresistive reader structure
Method for removing a magnetic head slider
Method of making a current sensing chip resistor
Fabrication process for co-fabricating multilayer probe array and a space transformer
Method for producing parts for passive electronic components and parts produced
Method of fabricating a magnetic flux channel for a transverse wound motor
Method and apparatus for a mortgage loan management system
Distribution result verification method for information distribution system
Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
Encrypting file system and method
Single algorithm cipher suite for messaging
System and method for distributing video information over network
Method for manufacturing a pre-molding leadframe strip with compact components
Heat dissipation device with a heat pipe
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for purification of agricultural animal waste
Method for transport and/or storage of live baits, process for preparing artificial muddy sand used for transport and/or storage of live baits and container for live baits
Strain of streptomyces, and relevant uses thereof
Process of preparing purified azadirachtin in powder form from neem seeds and storage stable aqueous composition containing azadirachtin
Dietary supplement for boosting energy and increasing muscular strength
Molding thermosetting polymers onto substrates
Device for transmitting an impulse for cleaning soft contact lens
Non-surgical upper eyelid lift system
Domestic vacuum cleaner and an attachment therefor
Dust filter bag
Endoscope air sending device
Biopsy instrument driver apparatus
Brush suitable for taking a smear
Endoscopic multiple sample bioptome with enhanced biting action
Hemostatic agent delivery device having built-in pressure sensor
Surgical retractor
Laparoscopic insertion and deployment device
Methods and devices for visualizing, dissecting and harvesting vessels and the like
System for performing vascular anastomoses
Detachable aneurysm neck bridge (I)
Stretch resistant vaso-occlusive coils (II)
Occlusion device
Surgical clips and apparatus and method for clip placement
Hemostatic clips
Hollow milling tool
Multi-lock anterior cervical plating system
Shoulder prosthesis
Apparatus and method for determining the relative position of bones during surgery
Combined rotary and axial reciprocating guide wire
Surgical extractor
Treating instrument for operative endoscopy
Ultrasonic treatment apparatus
Surgical combination apparatus having first and second instruments operated from a common actuator
Insertion tool for transmyocardial implant
Verres needle with high flow adaptor
Intramedullary alignment guide tool
Cervical spine stabilization method and system
Threaded clamping plug for interconnecting two implants of a spinal osteosynthesis instrumentation or other implants
Method and apparatus for removing a rod from tissue of an organism
Cryosurgical probe with sheath
Method for the operation of a high frequency ablation apparatus and apparatus for the high frequency tissue ablation
Treating instrument for endoscope
Endoscopic electrocautery instrument
Device for converting a mechanical cutting device to an electrosurgical cutting device
Medical probe device with transparent distal extremity
Electrosurgical device for uvulopalatoplasty
Rapid pulsed Er:YAG laser
Treatment apparatus
Apparatus and method for contemporaneous treatment and fluoroscopic mapping of body tissue
Guide wire assembly
Tissue stabilization device for use during surgery having spherical curved feet
Shielded illumination device for ophthalmic surgery and the like
Intraocular pressure monitoring/measuring apparatus and method
Method, device and system for positioning a probe on a target surface in an open cavity in a test object
System and method for detecting, localizing, and characterizing occlusions, stent positioning, dissections and aneurysms in a vessel
Methods of determining the effect(s) of materials, conditions, activities and lifestyles
Fluid sampling apparatus
Acoustic sensor array for non-invasive detection of coronary artery disease
Method and kit for wound evaluation
Medical ultrasonic diagnostic imaging method and apparatus
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for region of interest determination
Doppler angle unfolding in ultrasound color flow and Doppler
Method and apparatus for ultrasound image quantification
Image based probe position and orientation detection
Tip of ultrasonic endoscope
Automated longitudinal position translator for ultrasonic imaging probes and methods of using same
System and method for providing depth perception using single dimension interpolation
Microfluidic embryo and/or oocyte handling device and method
Personal care article having zones with different resistance-to stretch
Adjustable scroll absorbent article and method
Method of producing strips of elastic film for manufacturing an absorbent product
Combination reusable undergarment and disposable absorbent article
Intraurethral bladder control device with retainer apparatus
Cardiac constraint with draw string tensioning
Assembly comprising a blood filter for temporary or definitive use and a device for implanting it, corresponding filter and method of implanting such a filter
System for removably securing a stent on a catheter assembly and method of use
Stent configurations
Modular intraluminal prosteheses construction and methods
Endoprosthesis that can be percutaneously implanted in the patient's body
Method and tooling for forming a stent
Attachment device for use in the implantation of prosthetic ligament
Collars for lens loops
Tracheostoma valve with spring-loaded piston
Tubular support body for bridging two vertebrae
Spinal cage assembly
Implantable prosthesis with metallic porous bead preforms applied during casting
Thigh prosthesis
Expandable intervertebral spacers
Modular long stem hip trial
External penile prosthesis
Closed loop temperature controlled phacoemulsification system to prevent corneal burns
Method for scanning non-overlapping patterns of laser energy with diffractive optics
Massaging garment
Massaging system
Sonic percussor device
Intrathoracic cardiac compression
Eye pillows with adjustable strap
Pre-slit injection site and tapered cannula
Pacifier with motion/sound generator
Therapeutic composition
Method of sire selection using naloxone challenge tests and kits thereof
Formulations for pulmonary delivery of dopamine agonists
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating late phase allergic reactions and inflammatory diseases
Controlled release of pharmaceutically active substances for immunotherapy
Microparticles useful as ultrasonic contrast agents
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising a 2-aminoacetamide derivative and an ion exchange resin
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, processes for their production, and pharmaceutical agents containing them
Stabilized gas emulsions containing phospholipid for ultrasound contrast enhancement
Stabilized microparticles and their use as ultrasound contrast agents
Topical compositions
Oral compositions
Triazine derivatives
Light screening compositions
Personal care composition containing a homogeneous terpolymer of an n-vinyl lactam and a polysiloxane
Use of potentilla erecta extract in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical field
Hair restorer containing vetiver grass extract
Septicemia prevention and treatment system
Sterilization container and instrument holder therefor
Apparatus for ultraviolet light treatment of fluids
Device for treating liquids with UV-radiation
Methods and apparatus for disinfecting and sterilizing water in water dispensers using ultraviolet radiation
Container monitoring system
Calcification-resistant biomaterials
Medical tube
Urological implant, in particular vascular wall support for the urinary tract
Device for percutaneous peritoneal dialysis
Guidewire extension system with tactile connection indication
Flow assisted catheter
Catheter system
Inclined plane latching device for an IV catheter
Needle point protection sheath
Balloon cones and waists thinning methodology
Perfusion catheter
Low profile neonatal hydrocephalus device and methods
Catheter with enhanced flexibility
Site-specific postoperative pain relief system, fit and method
Intravenous liquid flow regulator
Lockable safety shield assembly for a prefillable syringe
Tamper evident protector cap for pre-filled syringe barrels
System for locking a dosing button in a device for the adminstration of a product to be injected
Disposable safety syringe having a retractable needle
Safety hypodermic syringe
Apparatus for manufacturing an endocardial defibrillation lead with multi-lumen lead body and method
Electromagnetic input transducers for middle ear sensing
Pharmaceutical composition comprising an aqueous extract of a mixture of anemarrhena rhizoma and phellodedron bark for analgesic and anti-inflammation
Force script implementation over a wide area network
Upper body exercise device
Portable general purpose exercise device
Weight stack apparatus for exercise machine
Fold-up exercise treadmill and method
Swimming auxiliary device
Golf balls having inner layers formed with cationic ionomers
Golf ball and method of making same
Low spin golf ball comprising a mantle with a cellular or liquid core
Low modulus covered golf balls
Trampoline pad assembly
Golf club head
Head of golf clubs that spins more
Golf vent with ball return
Multi-media frisbee-golf
Play structure climbing wall
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stripping of contaminants from water
Portable oil degasification apparatus
Apparatus and method for supplying a process solution
Primary and secondary clarifier's effluent launder dam
Method of laser welding transmission filter housing components
Pool cleaner debris bag
Adjustable downspout screening device
Fractionator with liquid-vapor separation means
Dripless purification manifold and cartridge
Method for forming chromium anisotropic metal particles
Method for removal of leucocytes from blood
Reflow solder convection oven with a passive gas decontamination subsystem
Parallel plate apparatus for in-situ vacuum line cleaning for substrate processing equipment
Pleated filter insert and method of manufacture
Method for production of zeolite membrane
Catalyst for decomposition of nitrogen oxides and method for purifying diesel engine exhaust gas by the use of the catalyst
Electrophoretic separating and blotting apparatus
Reject water drain line installation system and apparatus for under sink reverse osmosis filter system
System for maintaining a clean skein of hollow fibers while filtering suspended solids
Management of soil conditions and electroosmotic flow in electrokinetic remediation
Corona-induced chemical scrubber for the control of NOx emissions
Multi-modal method and apparatus for treating a solution
Reactant delivery apparatuses
Fuel and process for fuel production
Electroluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Catalytic applications of mesoporous metallosilicate molecular sieves and methods for their preparation
Pressure-tight vessel for cyclic thermal handling
Hydrogenation method and reactor
Method of making dielectric catalyst structures
Modular apparatus for the demineralization of liquids
Pressurized brining system
Spouted bed apparatus for contacting objects with a fluid
Magnetic separation assembly and method
Method for making paper using microparticles
Modular condensing wet electrostatic precipitators and method
Electric dust collecting apparatus and manufacturing method of the same
Decantation centrifuge with peripheral washing nozzles
Multiple-axis centrifugation bucket for centrifugal transfer between microwell plates
Device for application of glue on objects
Apparatus for coating lenticular articles
High speed embossing and adhesive printing process and apparatus
Rigging cable cleaning device
Web cleaning method
Method for making thin, high-strength, highly formable aluminium alloy strips
Process for fabricating low volume fraction metal matrix preforms
High storage capacity alloys enabling a hydrogen-based ecosystem
Method of forming high-temperature magnetic articles and articles formed thereby
High density forming process with ferro alloy and prealloy
Activated metal and a method for producing the same
Tantalum powder, method for producing same powder and sintered anodes obtained from it
Brazing alloy
Flux solution for soldering containing borneol
Method for making depressed center abrasive wheels
Brazed diamond tools by infiltration
Substrate conveying device and substrate conveying method
Method and apparatus for extruding shaped products from recycled plastic materials
Process and apparatus for the recovery of aluminum and energy from used aluminum-plastic packages
Process for producing a golf ball
Storage tank assembly
Selective deposition modeling method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional objects and supports
Method for manufacturing a plastic board
Method for applying labels to blow-molded articles
Process for marking an article produced by extrusion-blow molding
Method of making a composite tank
Apparatus and method for fusion joining a pipe and fittings
Method for making a three-dimensional body
Method and apparatus for fabricating reflector
Ram speed control method and apparatus
Oxygen and flavor barrier laminate including amorphous nylon
Paper feeding in a folder
Method and apparatus for moistening envelope flaps
Surface for use on an implantable device
Vehicle shift quality using a supplemental torque source
Method of washing motor vehicles including two movable gantries
Method for the thermal treatment of bushings, particularly for tracked vehicles and the like
Method of making container lid with tamper evident slip band
Apparatus for folding and sealing a sheet having pressure sensitive adhesive positioned thereon
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Oxygen generating formulation with high structural integrity
Process for providing subjects with an increased oxygen supply
Ozone generator and method of producing ozone
Alkaline earth metal peroxide product
Method of recovering fumed silica from spent potliner
Method of recovering calcium from waste material or contaminated natural calcic material
Process for preparing layered rock-salt type lithium manganese oxide by mixed alkaline hydrothermal method
Sub-micron sport bottle with ceramic filtering element
Process and plant for treating an aqueous waste stream containing at least one alkali metal carboxylate
Process for making molded glass and ceramic articles
Preparation of insulant boards based on mineral and paper fiber
Method for preparation of ferrites
Process for manufacturing ceramic metal composite bodies, the ceramic metal composite bodies and their use
Method for etching
Coated granular fertilizer
Hybrid heterodimeric protein hormone
Methods for the selective separation of organic components from biological fluids
Therapeutic multispecific compounds comprised of anti-Fc.alpha. receptor antibodies
Dictyocaulus viviparus antigen for diagnosing lungworm infestation and for vaccination
Compositions comprising complement receptor type 1 molecules having carbohydrate structures that are selectin ligands
Antigen recognized by patients with antibody associated paraneoplastic sensory neuronopathy, DNA encoding same and uses thereof
Antibody fragments in therapy
Bispecific reagents for redirected targeting of human lipoproteins
Methods for using anti-.alpha.v.beta.3 integrin antibody
Oncoprotein kinase
Method of treating tumor-bearing patients with human plasma hyaluronidase
Cationic polysaccharides and reagents for their preparation
Copolymer, process for the preparation of the same, and use thereof
Cross-linked electrically conductive polymers, precursors thereof
Process for producing rubber-based composite material
Shaped, plastic articles comprising a cellulose fiber, a cellulose ester, and a non-ionic surfactant
Asphaltic compositions and uses therefor
Goniochromatic luster pigments based on multiply coated iron oxide platelets
Low structure pyrogenic hydrophilic and hydrophobic metallic oxides, production and use
Ink compositions for ink jet printing
Polish composition and method of use
Filter and method of preparing a bonded filter that includes a white-opalescent adhesive
Polishing composition
Near infrared-absorbing electrochromic compounds and devices comprising same
Desulfurization of petroleum streams containing condensed ring heterocyclic organosulfur compounds
Oil soluble coking additive, and method for making and using same
Process for producing a metallurgical raw material from oil containing heavy metals
Fuel cell for chafing dishes
Fuel additives and fuel compositions comprising said fuel additives
Alfalfa extract fuel additive for reducing pollutant emissions
High combustion efficiency fuel gas
Refrigerating oil composition containing a polyether additive
Microfiltration apparatus
Replication defective herpes simplex virus comprising heterologous inserts
Method of smelting iron ore
Method for manufacturing cold rolled shadow mask steel sheet with stacked annealing
In-situ chemical reactor for recovery of metals or purification of salts
Delta-phase grain refinement of nickel-iron-base alloy ingots
Magnesium alloys
Titanium-based carbonitride alloy with nitrided surface zone
Spring with corrosion fatigue strength
Fine grain tantalum sputtering target and fabrication process
Target and process for its production, and method for forming a film having a highly refractive index
Magnetron sputtering method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling erosion profile in hollow cathode magnetron sputter source
Use of modulated inductive power and bias power to reduce overhang and improve bottom coverage
Apparatus and method for sealing a vacuum chamber
Method for improved chamber bake-out and cool-down
Precursor solution compositions for electronic devices using CCVD
Utilization of SiH4 soak and purge in deposition processes
Substrate holding apparatus for processing semiconductors
Electroless copper plating solution and method for electroless copper plating
Composition and process for treating the surface of aluminiferous metals
Glass spraying method and apparatus
Connector for use in cathodic protection and method of use
Edge protector strips for electrolytic-cell electrodes
Use of a hard mask for formation of gate and dielectric via nanofilament field emission devices
Product conveyance mechanism for electroplating apparatus
Method and apparatus for improved copper plating uniformity on a semiconductor wafer using optimized electrical currents
Apparatus and method to enhance hole fill in sub-micron plating
Electric potential shaping apparatus for holding a semiconductor wafer during electroplating
Method of crystallizing silicon layer
Method of making SiC single crystal and apparatus for making SiC single crystal
Textiles; Paper
Water, energy, and time efficient reactive rapid dyeing system
Preparation of brightness stabilization agent for lignin containing pulp from biomass pyrolysis oils
Method of making wet pressed tissue paper with felts having selected permeabilities
Papermaking belts having a patterned framework with synclines therein
Method and a system in a paper web finishing machine of equivalent
Deflection compensation roll
Blow pipe tail threading system for paper-making machines
Method for producing surface-treated paper
Soft-single ply tissue having very low sideness
Coated sheet method
Fixed Constructions
Tile roof construction obtained using one-component with adhesive pattern
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of manufacturing diesel engine valves
Catalytic converter
Multipurpose vehicle coolant recycling device and method for recycling vehicle coolant
Self-propelled harvesting machine having a selectively engageable suction cleaning device of a filter
Toroidal drive
Collapsible driveshaft
Flexible coupling
Powertrain with a multi-speed transmission
Slip-based shift control system
Shifting mechanism
Take-up device for tensioning motion transmitting control cables
Tensioner with improved damping device
Automatic chain tensioner
Torque transfer device
Firing system for the improved performance of ethylene cracking furnaces
Particulate waste wood fuel, method for making particulate waste wood fuel, and a method for producing energy with particulate waste wood fuel
Method for direct measurement of polycarbonate compositions by fluorescence
Analytic cell
Locking sensor cartridge with integral fluid ports, electrical connections, and pump tube
Sample detection to initiate timing of an electrochemical assay
Separation of charged particles by a spatially and temporally varying electric field
Automatic analysis apparatus
Diagnostic ultrasound imaging method and system with improved frame rate
High frame rate pulse inversion harmonic ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system
Method for sensing etch of distributed bragg reflector in real time
Apparatus for manufacturing a broadband cholesteric polarizer
Method of installing an optical waveguide cable on a conductor of a high-voltage overhead line
System and method for optically aligning films and substrates used in printed circuit boards
Computerized method and system for measuring and determining neonatal severity of illness and mortality risk
Paste for through-hole filling and printed wiring board using the same
Shadow mask manufacturing method, shadow mask manufacturing apparatus, and cleaning device used in the method and apparatus
Arrangement for treatment of wafer-shaped articles, particularly silicon wafers
Immersion cooling coolant
Method of manufacturing cylindrical non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Process of forming a nickel electrode
Process for the preparation of a lithium composite metal oxide
Consolidated monitoring cable arrangement
Center gas feed apparatus for a high density plasma reactor
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew