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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rooting tape
Seed panel
Header with drivable crop conveying elements
Positioning system
Hydroponic method and system
Hybrid tomato `E2134649`
Quiet vacuum system for grooming pets
Multifunctional fish and lobster harvesting systems
Molded or extruded cork composite and method of manufacturing compressed cork pet products and pet toys made from the same
Cationic latex as a carrier for bioactive ingredients and methods for making and using the same
Stabilized composition for treating psoriasis
Multilayered sugar free mannitol confectionery and methods of making same
Frozen dessert compositions and methods of preparation thereof
Apparel liner
Homerun ball catching cap systems
System for calculating forefoot wedge angle to correct pronation/supination
Breakaway zipper with notched box and elongated pin
Carrier and packing case using the same
Collar strap attachment mechanism
Brush apparatus for interproximal cleaning
Pedal-ring tightening structure
Configurable seating device and method of use thereof
Mouth-holdable bottle holder
Shelf and merchandise display system having stowable lane dividers
Pan-type apparatus to fry or boil food products
Deep fryer apparatus
Wipes dispenser
Disposable anti viral tissue dispenser and disposal structure
Collapsible toilet
Method for operating a cleaning appliance and cleaning appliance for implementing the method
Method and aparatus for artificial insemination
Minimally invasive surgical tower access devices and related methods
Bone anchoring device and bone stabilization device including the same
RF renal denervation catheter with multiple independent electrodes
Guide-compatible large-electrode catheter for renal nerve ablation with reduced arterial injury
Electromagnetic radiation delivery apparatus
Capsule for storage, mixing and dispensing materials
Frameless radiosurgery treatment system and method
Imaging sensor and method for biometric mapping of facial skin
Diagnostic classifications of pulse signal waveform data
Physiologic signal processing to determine a cardiac condition
Method and apparatus for measuring biopotential and mapping ephaptic coupling employing a catheter with MOSFET sensor array
Compositions and methods for measurement of oxygen saturation in blood filled structures
Stent apparatus with integrated imaging element for in situ detection of buildup of material in a vascular system
Radiographic apparatus
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
Ultrasonic diagnostic device, and region-to-be-detected image display method and measurement method using same
System and method for positioning teeth
Boxer shorts formed by a method which does not require removal of material from the manufacturing web
Disposable absorbent product with bonded lateral regions and related methods
Absorbent article and sanitary napkin with heightened middle units
Disposable absorbent articles with zones comprising elastomeric components
Non-toxic cross-linker for hyaluronic acid
Medical devices having inorganic barrier coatings
Methods of reducing symptoms in subjects using single dosage forms with tapering release rates
Implantable valve assembly for male contraception
Fluid infusion methods for ocular disorder treatment
Jack stand for a wheelchair
Pharmaceutical combinations for treatment of specific cancers
Pharmaceutical compositions
Single dose oral formulations and methods for treatment of cats with ectoparasiticidal spinosad
All natural body powder that balances your PH and eliminates, bacteria, fungus, microbes and any body odor, including odor passed onto articles of clothing or shoes
Methods of using krill oil to treat risk factors for cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory disorders
Product for losing weight
Plant extracts from Acronychia species and their use
Bacterial ribonucleic acid cell wall compositions and methods of making and using them
Vaccine composition for use against influenza
Pharmaceutical composition
Lipopeptides for delivery of nucleic acids
Device and method for reducing calorie intake
Implantable or insertable medical devices
Fastener for a negative pressure therapy device
Portable pump for intravenous fluids
Endotracheal tube with dedicated evacuation port
Bidirectional vascular introducer sheath
Tools and methods for programming an implantable valve
Translumenal peritoneal access and catheter therefor
Wireless controlled neuromodulation system
Selectively connecting the tip electrode during therapy for MRI shielding
Method and apparatus for integrating implantable medical device data
Method and system for radioisotope ion beam gamma therapy
Hair dyeing composition
Forehead support for facial mask
Sand treadmill walking device
Rehabilitation or exercising chair device
Limb and limb extremity exercise device
Social information game system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration barrier
Carbon dioxide absorbent and method of using the same
Method and device for separating acid gases from a gas mixture
Gas prepurification process
Ligand based forward osmosis
Liquid mixing apparatus
Metal-containing crystalline silicates
Method and system for stucco conditioning
Reagent container
Dropper dispenser
Methods and systems for flooring material recycling
Eddy current separation apparatus, separation module, separation method and method for adjusting an eddy current separation apparatus
Apparatus for non-contact cleaning a paint spray tip
Powder coating booth
Air filter reconditioning apparatus and method
Heat exchanger, methods therefor and a nuclear fission reactor system
Portable machining apparatus tool module
Adaptive control hybrid welding system and methods of controlling
Laser processing of display components for electronic devices
Method for producing welded tubes from steel
Apparatus and method for stripping solder metals during the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment
Tool changing mechanism for machine tool
Method and apparatus for processing sliders for disk drives, and to various processing media for the same
Insulating pipes of a facility for working by means of cryogenic fluid jets
Power screwdriver overload prevention means
Pneumatic driving machine
Screw bit holder
Construction toy
Method and apparatus for controlling a robotic device via wearable sensors
Neuromuscular model-based sensing and control paradigm for a robotic leg
Mold and method for injection-molding a part with a projecting portion
Vehicle photocatalytic air purification apparatus and method
Method to manufacture cushion composite structure and cushion composite structure manufactured by the same
Method of administration of fragrance and/or scent and patch therefor
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus having label printer and method for printing labels on optical disk
Camshaft phasor synchronization system for an engine
Modern generation sealed compact case
Packaging for hairpieces
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Perfluoroalkylated lignin as a catalyst support with varying phase behavior
Method of modulating the proliferation of medullary thyroid carcinoma cells
Copper containing ZSM-34, OFF and/or ERI zeolitic material for selective reduction of NOx
Lesquerella seed products and method and device for producing same
Bispecific intracellular delivery vehicles
Decreasing potential iatrogenic risks associated with influenza vaccines
Methods for in vivo identification of cancer initiating cells by multimodality reporter gene imaging
Conductive patterns and methods for making conductive patterns
Projected scanning laser device and method for locating small objects
In-vehicle navigation system
Imperfect combustion detecting device
Pressure and ultrasonic sensor
Concave compensated cell for the collection of radiated light
Photoacoustic sensor
Gas analyzer and gas analyzing method
Normalizing capacitive sensor array signals
Method and system for originating connectivity fault management (CFM) frames on non-CFM aware switches
Method and system for looping back traffic in QIQ ethernet rings and 1:1 protected PBT trunks
Method and switch for routing data packets in interconnection networks
Failure diagnostic apparatus, failure diagnostic system, and failure diagnostic method
System and method of clocking an IP core during a debugging operation
Fish finder
System and method for reducing the effects of ghosts from the air-water interface in marine seismic exploration
Method and device for environmental monitoring
Zoom lens
Zoom lens system and an image pickup apparatus including the same
Image forming optical system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Compact zoom lens
Mirror device drive control apparatus and projector
Light source system, optical scanner, image forming apparatus, and light-amount control method
Flip optic adaptor
Compact blind mateable optical splitter
Light guiding fluid conduit having a liquid-filled interspace between inner and outer conduits
Lens barrel
Lens drive motor mount
Protective coating for metalhydride based devices
Camera module having a low-friction movable lens
Imaging apparatus
Method for determining exposure condition and computer-readable storage media storing program for determining exposure condition
Image forming apparatus, image adjusting method
Image forming apparatus with an intermediate transfer member and a plurality of cleaning members
Transfer device and image forming apparatus including same
Belt device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including storage device storing maximum length of transferring medium
Electric charging apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and developer replenishing method
Image forming method and apparatus for effectively supplying developer
Image forming apparatus with high-voltage power supply
Image forming apparatus
Adaptive transfer performance regulation by feedback and control
Nanomaterial heating element for fusing applications
Method and apparatus for enhanced sheet stripping
Method and apparatus for predicting blade life in an image production device
Vehicle rollover prediction with occupant restraint system activation
Offline configuration using USB download in an integrated power distribution system
Suspension control apparatus
Apparatus, system and method for power management
Starting device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device for scan testing
Monitoring software thread execution
Method for analyzing defect data and inspection apparatus and review system
Method of collecting information in system network
Failure tolerant high density dial router
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
System for controlling memory accesses to memory modules having a memory hub architecture
Tape image on non-tape storage device
Method for speeding up page table address update on virtual machine
Storage system, load distribution management method, and storage medium
Device for arbitrating bus accesses and method for controlling same
Conditional purchase offer management system
Storage apparatus and storage area allocation method
Communication device
Backup data management method in which differential copy time is taken into account
Loading data to vector renamed register from across multiple cache lines
Rapid defragmentation of storage volumes
Transferable component that effectuates plug-and-play
Support for non-locking parallel reception of packets belonging to a single memory reception FIFO
Disk array subsystem and control method thereof
Image input/output system, control method of image input/output system, and program for implementing the method
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and recording medium
Distributed means of organizing an arbitrarily large number of computers
Delivering electronic content
Technique for enabling a plurality of software components to communicate in a software component matrix environment
Avoiding PPP time outs during IPCP negotiations
Method and apparatus for programming programmable controllers and providing version management from a centralized server
Systems and methods that facilitate in-order serial processing of related messages
STB messaging system
Method and device for exchanging data between mobile stations in a peer to peer network
Data transmission/reception system capable of transmitting and receiving data even from within a mobile unit that cannot maintain constant connections with a communication network
Network device and control method thereof and network system
Distributed data model
Graphical system and method for user authentication
System and method for promoting intellectual property
Method and apparatus for distributing load on application servers
Load balancing system
Method and apparatus of correlating power usage with traffic flow for a network device
Method, system and apparatus for collecting statistics of characteristic value with threshold
Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for providing data to dispersed users using cached data based on mirroring
Method and apparatus for reproducing multimedia files
Dispenser and method for dispensing individual goods, in particular packages containing a medicament
Automated management of internet and/or web site content
Method and system to selectively secure the display of advertisements on web browsers
Computer assisted data collection for surveys and the like
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and computer program product
Dispensing device
Method and system for inferring a schema from a hierarchical data structure for use in a spreadsheet
Methods and apparatus for perturbing an evolving data stream for time series compressibility and privacy
Method and system for grammar relaxation
Efficient string search
Content delivery apparatus, content delivery method, and content delivery program
Authentication architecture
Method and apparatus for improving file access performance of distributed storage system
Search engine using world map with whois database search restrictions
Context-sensitive term expansion with multiple levels of expansion
Method and apparatus for educational testing
Acquisition and particular association of data indicative of an inferred mental state of an authoring user
Automated method for re-attracting job seekers to job match site at more opportune times
Search result diversification
Searching system, searching unit, searching method, displaying method for search results, terminal unit, inputting unit, and record medium
Efficient power region checking of multi-supply voltage microprocessors
Method and system for performing improved timing window analysis
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit having function to adjust delay pass and apparatus for supporting design thereof
Oilfield management system and method
Hub posture detection method and apparatus
Optimizing consumption of resources
Chaining information card selectors
Controller having reduced control key set and method for operating same in a learning, macro, or cloning mode
Database management system and method for electronic program guide and television channel lineup organization
System and method for graphical user interface
Direct I/O device access by a virtual machine with memory managed using memory disaggregation
Method for detecting circular buffer overrun
Layout determination method, layout determination apparatus, and layout determination program
Controlling attribute expression within a virtual environment
Method and system for color highlighting of text
Adaptor, image supply device, printing system, and control method therefor
Handling access requests to a page while copying an updated page of data to storage
Method of transferring a substrate, transfer system and lithographic projection apparatus
Systems and methods for solving multiple interacting state-space search problems
System and method for efficient delivery in a multi-source, multi destination network
Apparatus and system for reorganizing a set of database partitions
Compliance monitoring
Integrated search engine devices that utilize SPM-linked bit maps to reduce handle memory duplication and methods of operating same
Rare pattern extracting device and rare pattern extracting method
Computer program product and method for sharing information between multiple computer applications using a grafted model network
Security extensions using at least a portion of layer 2 information or bits in the place of layer 2 information
Method for restricting the use of an application program, system for authenticating the user of a measuring apparatus, authentication server, client apparatus and storage medium
Method and system for linking firmware modules in a pre-memory execution environment
Authentication for resume boot path
Mechanism for irrevocable transactions
Indexed table circuit having reduced aliasing
Dependency tracking for enabling successive processor instructions to issue
System, method, and computer program product for propagating an identified data validation error to a user interface
Software testing by groups
Enable top-down service design
Use of RAS profile to integrate an application into a templatable solution
System and method for flexible visual representation of device fonts
Geocoding method using multidimensional vector spaces
Methods and systems for activity-based recommendations
Distributed hypermedia method and system for automatically invoking external application providing interaction and display of embedded objects within a hypermedia document
Managing and supporting multithreaded resources for native code in a heterogeneous managed runtime environment
Image processing method and apparatus
Data processing apparatus, print control method, computer-readable storage medium, and program stored therein
Information processing apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method for generating print data for a book with a cover sheet
System and method for analyzing impurities of an object
Tiling and merging framework for segmenting large images
Method of adjusting selected window size of image object
Appearance inspection apparatus with scanning electron microscope and image data processing method using scanning electron microscope
Face normalization for recognition and enrollment
Universal stereoscopic file format
Finger sensor including enhanced ESD protection and associated methods
Region detection
Utilizing physiological models to control functional acquisitions
Method and system for human vision model guided medical image quality assessment
Device, method, and program storage medium for color conversion, device, method, and program storage medium for color conversion coefficient generation
X-ray image diagnostic apparatus and control method, and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and method
Iris identification system and method using mobile device with stereo camera
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image processing system and method
Multi-resolution segmentation and fill
Image processing device, image processing method, and image pickup apparatus
Method for locally decoding a bitstream of wavelet coefficients
Content-adaptive filter technique
Image processing device and image processing method
Fine-grained visual document fingerprinting for accurate document comparison and retrieval
Image processing device with classification key selection unit and image processing method
Block-based iterative multi-pass data filling technique for compound document compression
Method for administering finances via an electronic network
Demographic information gathering and incentive award system and method
Tag suggestions based on item metadata
Method, program storage device, and apparatus for offering a user a plurality of scenarios under which to conduct a primary transaction
System and method for changing the view of a trading screen
Virtual credit card terminal and method of transaction
Internet billing method
System, method, and computer program product for payment authorization based on a variable payment authorization score
Computer graphics processing methods and systems for presentation of graphics objects or text in a wagering environment with suspect wager checking
System and method for presenting a competitive comparison of a recommended or custom card
Constraint satisfaction for solutions to an auction winner-determination problem
System and method for facilitating a financial transaction with a dynamically generated identifier
Pharmaceutical clearinghouse method and system
System and method for promoting intellectual property
System and method for monitoring medication prescriptions using biometric identification and verification
Method and apparatus for detecting banding using moire pattern
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Apparatus for mounting a wireless sensor on a human for diagnosing and treating cognitive disorders
Communication machine room wideband noise suppression system
Message transcription, voice query and query delivery system
Excitation vector generator, speech coder and speech decoder
System for low-latency animation of talking heads
Dynamically generating a vocal help prompt in a multimodal application
Spindle motor
Method for storing audio-centered information with a multi-level Table-of-Contents (TOC) mechanism with one Master-TOC and Sub-TOCs for various audio formats, a device for use with such mechanism and a unitary storage medium containing such mechanism
Method for writing servo patterns and disk drive including a controller for writing servo patterns according to the method
Blocking formats for a disk drive that reduce performance
Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive using it
Thin-film magnetic head with through holes reaching medium-opposed surface
Magnetoresistance effect element having resistance adjusting layer and thin-film insertion layer
Method and apparatus for forming an opening in a base-metal layer of an electrical lead suspension (ELS) to increase the impedance
Focus servo controlling method and apparatus and optical disk drive using the focus servo controlling method
Tracking control device, tracking control method, and optical disc apparatus
Optical encoder having optical encoding disc with light converging portions and light diverging portions
Semiconductor memory device
Magnetic recording device and magnetic recording apparatus
Ferroelectric memory
Multi-bit-per-cell flash memory device with non-bijective mapping
Methods and circuits for placing unused content addressable memory (CAM) cells into low current states
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
SRAM and testing method of SRAM
Performing error correction at a memory device level that is transparent to a memory channel
Methods for characterizing device variation in electronic memory circuits
Method for erasure coding data across a plurality of data stores in a network
Swelling-resistant nuclear fuel
Electromagnet for fastening cookware to a stovetop element
Method of controlling a laser beam annealing apparatus to manufacture thin film transistor substrate
Circuit board module and connection port thereof
Semiconductor circuit device and data processing system
Dynamic converter topology
Bidirectional DC/AC inverter
Method and apparatus for reducing interference of a signal over a plurality of stages
Iterative decoding between turbo and RS decoders for improving bit error rate and packet error rate
Method and device for multi phase error-correction
Semiconductor storage device, method of controlling the same, and error correction system
Parallel concatenated code with bypass
Fixed-spacing parity insertion for FEC (Forward Error Correction) codewords
Programmable antenna with programmable impedance matching and methods for use therewith
LAN by ultra-wideband system and method
Segment-wise channel equalization based data estimation
Mobility management of multiple clusters within a wireless communications network
Leakage power reduction apparatus
Method of executing scanning in broadband wireless access system
Method and system for wireless local area network (WLAN) phase shifter training
Electric field communication apparatus, electric field communication system, and method of controlling electric field communication apparatus
Pausing keep-alive messages and roaming for virtual private networks on mobile computing devices to save battery power
System and method for performing ranging in a cable modem system
Apparatuses and a method for reducing peak power in a transmitter of telecommunications systems
Optical receiver
Optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system including adaptive cross-talk cancellation
Apparatus and method for controlling the optical output power of a laser in an optical transmitter (TX)
Optical signal processing circuit
Multi-clad optical fibre amplifier with optimized pumping
Method for restraining inter-cell interference in a mobile communication system
Digital-compatible multi-state-sense input
Dynamic modification of route update protocols
Base station, receiving device, mobile terminal, and frequency sharing method
Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
Transparent handover for mobile components of an automation system
Bootstrapping devices using automatic configuration services
Explosion proof communications relay and communications system
Methods and systems for accelerating wireless communication handover
Device and method for nodal multiple access into communications channels
Baseband demodulation architecture for adaptive modulation method
Method and arrangements relating to satellite-based positioning
Transmitting sports and entertainment data to wireless hand held devices over a telecommunications network
Regenerator unit
Timestamp metering and rollover protection in a network device
WDM optical transmission system and controlling method thereof
Polarization multiplexed optical transmitting and receiving apparatus
Automatic clock synchronization and distribution circuit for counter clock flow pipelined systems
Local area network translating bi-directional packet repeater
Method and system for testing multiple data packet transceivers together during a predetermined time interval
Method and apparatus for transporting ethernet services
Symbolic representation of protocol-layer information
Method and receiver circuit for reducing RFI interference
Method for routing data packets using an IP address based on geo position
Phase modulating and combining circuit
Platform noise mitigation
Remote testing and monitoring to a cell site in a cellular communication network
Wireless communication system, wireless communication control apparatus and wireless communication control method, and computer program
Distributed exterior gateway protocol
Traffic-oblivious load balancing protocol for sensor networks
Bi-directional and reverse directional resource reservation setup protocol
Packet forwarding
Bulk data transfer
Packet relay apparatus
System, method and program for network routing
Method for establishing a VoIP communication using a peer-to-peer databank
Voice over data telecommunications network architecture
Method of and system for providing intelligent network control services in IP telephony
Configurable load impedance for power amplifier predistortion calibration
Systems and methods for enhanced channel estimation in wireless communication systems
Apparatus and method for sampling frequency offset and carrier frequency offset estimation and correction in a communication system
Method and system for quadrature local oscillator generator utilizing a DDFS for extremely high frequencies
Preamble design method
Peer-to-peer contact exchange
Streaming video data to mobile devices
Online trusted platform module
Secure distribution of data or content using keyless transformation
Providing a trusted platform module in a hypervisor environment
Computation method, computing device and computer program
Cell phone based MEMS fourier transform infrared (FTIR) gas sensors
Wireless child communication device
Network architecture for mobile communication network with billing module for shared resources
Carrying cases having sound enhancing capability, for portable communication devices
Communication device
System and method for switching between audio sources
Transmitter of wireless microphone, receiver for wireless microphone, portable information communication device, and wireless microphone communication system
Holding apparatus
System and method for providing digital network access and digital broadcast services using combined channels on a single physical medium to the customer premises
Double transformer balun for maximum power amplifier power
Wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and wireless communication apparatus
Portable electronic device and portable telephone with electroacoustic transducer mounting
Dynamic control of voice mail delivery sequence
Method, system and apparatus for providing alternative multimedia ring back tone substitute service by using intelligent network
Method and system for call center screening
Collaboratively locating disconnected clients and rogue access points in a wireless network
Emergency communication method, server, network and computer program for such communication
Voice-messaging with attachments
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Method and apparatus for selecting an operation to be performed on an image stored in a printer
Method of producing a tiled print product
Variable/personalized colorization printing using tone reproduction curves
MP4 demultiplexer and method of operating the same
Inverse tone mapping for bit-depth scalable image coding
Video image recording apparatus
Digital video recording method in an audio detection mode
Embedding and extraction of information from an embedded content using replica modulation
Recording apparatus
Recording medium and playback apparatus for selecting sub-picture data according to combination of aspect ratio of display screen and type of display mode
Audio system for portable device
Reversible speaker grill attachment
Sound signal processing apparatus and sound signal processing method
Full range planar magnetic microphone and arrays thereof
Method for converting electric signals into acoustic oscillations and an electric gas-kinetic transducer
Acoustic system for monitoring the performance of left ventricle assist devices and other mechanical devices implanted in a patient's body
Stereophonic sound reproduction system for compensating low frequency signal and method thereof
Radio base station and cell-identifier specifying method
Partial radio block detection
System and method for dynamic receive diversity allocation
System and method for pushing content to a terminal utilizing a network-initiated data service technique
Handoff methods, and devices utilizing same
VoIP service threshold determination by home wireless router
Measurement control based on RBS processing capability
Circuit device
Rotor manufacturing method
Attachment device and electronic apparatus
Air inlet diffuser
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Methods for improving sheath fluids and collection systems for sex-specific cytometer sorting of sperm
Removing or increasing permeability of embryonic capsule to prepare equine embryos for cryopreservation
Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of bovine mastitis
Ready-to-use glutaraldehyde concentrates
Pesticidal bis-oxime compounds
Anti-parasitic heterocycle compounds, agents, formulations, and methods of use thereof
Growth inhibitors against algae and moss
Substituted pyrimidine and pyridine herbicides
Method for producing anellated triazoles and new anellated triazoles and their use
Biological compositions and methods for enhancing plant growth and health and producing disease-suppressive plants
Method of treating a cancerous condition by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Plastics moldings
Use of known agonists of the central cannabinoid receptor CB1
Propionate feed supplement
GABA and L-glutamic acid analogs for antiseizure treatment
Methods of treating mental diseases, inflammation and pain
Geometrically restricted 2-indolinone derivatives as modulators of protein kinase activity
4-oxoquinolizine antimicrobial having 2-pyridone skeleton as partial structure
Compound for the treatment of atherosclerotic-thrombotic pathological conditions
Method of treating pain using nalbuphine and opioid antagonists
Prostaglandin endoperoxide H synthase biosynthesis inhibitors
B-ring estratrienes
Synergistic compositions for the selective control of tumor tissue
Therapeutic composition and methods
Method of treating atherosclerosis and complications resulting therefrom
Prevention or treatment of insomnia with a neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist
Use of ribose supplementation for increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat in humans
Use of melanin for inhibition of angiogenesis and macular degeneration
Using glutathiane to protect neurons from injury
Treating eye disorders using intestinal trefoil proteins
Nucleosides with anti-hepatitis B virus activity
Stabilized liquid polypeptide-containing pharmaceutical compositions
Methods for inducing the differentiation of monocytes into functional dendritic cells
Use of ion channel modulating agents
Pharmaceutical composition containing decursin
Method of inhibiting and immune response to a recombinant vector
Clear personal care formulations containing quaternary ammonium compounds and other nitrogen-containing compounds
Method of treating hair loss using diphenylether derivatives
Stable pharmaceutical formulation
Pharmaceutical composition for oral use
Gene delivery to periosteal cells by microneedle injection
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Sustained release ranolazine formulations
Composition and method for treating peyronie's disease and related fibrotic tissue disorders
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water-insoluble poly(oxy-1,4-butanediyl)-containing polyoxyalkylene-polysiloxane block copolymers for defoaming aqueous media
Biological filter structures
Method of manufacture for generation of high purity water vapor
Catalyst systems of the Ziegler-Natta type
Hydrogenation catalyst for aromatic hydrocarbons contained in hydrocarbon oils
Spinel monolith catalyst and preparation thereof
Single layer high performance catalyst
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Nickel catalyst
Active fluoride catalysts for fluorination reactions
Process for preparing bound zeolites
Tetraorganophosponium dicyclic tetraorganoborate catalyst
Photocatalyst-bearing material and method of producing the same
Steam reforming
Cleaning method for semiconductor manufacturing process to prevent metal corrosion
Chemical mechanical polish (CMP) planarizing method employing derivative signal end-point monitoring and control
Semiconductor device fabricating method
Fiber-reinforced material and production and use thereof
Cleaning wipe comprising a center detergent layer
UV stabilized outdoor cover with barrier properties
Roofing membranes using composite reinforcement constructions
Cleaning composition for printing presses
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks with reduced hysteresis
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass-ceramic composition for recording disk substrate
Gypsum composition with ionic styrene butadiene latex additive
Ceramic composition and ceramic capacitor
Recirculating composting system
Composting system
Hydronaphtalene compounds, prepared by a rhodium catalyzed ring opening reaction in the presence of phosphine ligand
Gamma-ketoacid dipeptides as inhibitors of caspase-3
Substituted diarylureas as stimulators for Fas-mediated apoptosis
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
N-substituted sulfonamide derivatives
Apoptosis inducer
Compounds, their preparation and use
Compounds to treat diabetes and associated conditions
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
N-substituted indoles useful in the treatment of diabetes
Compounds useful as reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases
Substituted heterocyclic derivatives
Cyanoguanidine prodrugs
Sulfonyl derivatives
Triazolo(4,5-d)pyrimidine compounds
Methods for the solid phase synthesis of 2-amino-4(H)-quinazolinone derivatives
Succinoylamino carbocycles and heterocycles as inhibitors of a-.beta. protein production
Manganese or iron complexes of nitrogen-containing macrocyclic ligands effective as catalysts for dismutating superoxide
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
Agent for measurement of singlet oxygen
Cyanoiminoquinoxaline derivatives
Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds as antiinflammatory agents
(4-oxo-2-pyrimidinyl)thioalkyl compounds useful as AICARFT inhibitors
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for effecting dopamine release
Pyrroloquinolones as antiviral agents
Sulfonamido substituted imidazopyridines
Antitumour 1,5-diazaanthraquinones
Azabicyclic 5HT1 receptor ligands
Purine derivatives
Tricyclic phthalazine derivatives as phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Heterocyclyl-substituted ring-fused pyridines and pyrimidines as corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) antagonists, useful for treating cns and stress-related disorders
Bipiperidine derivatives as modulators of CCR3 activity and as H1 antagonists
Dipeptide derivatives
Positive allosteric AMPA receptor modulators
Cyclic organoselenium compounds, their preparation and their uses
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1,6,9-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene
N-heterocyclic derivatives as NOS inhibitors
Electrochemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay
Method for incorporating nitrogen into a dielectric layer using a special precursor
Immunoeffector compounds
Vector expressing the full-length gene of RNA virus and use thereof
Vascular smooth muscle cell growth factor
Receptor specific atrial natriuretic peptides
Hybrid nucleic acid molecules and vectors including .beta.-globin regulatory elements
Carbamyloxy compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Contulakin-G, analogs thereof and uses therefor
Catalyst components for polymerization of olefins and use thereof
Highly active supported catalyst compositions
Catalyst support and catalyst for the polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Organometal catalyst compositions
Polymer composition
Process for producing cross-linked polyallylamine hydrochloride
Autodepositable prepolymer of epoxy- and OH-containing resin and hybrid isocyanate crosslinker
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions useful for preparing polymers with improved moisture resistance properties
Acid-blocked amine catalysts for the production of polyurethanes
Scorch inhibiting compositions for polyurethane foams
Process of preparing polycarbonates using microwave
Method of making an aqueous dispersion of particles comprising an epoxy material for use in coatings
Method for continuous curing of hipe into hipe foams
Stabilized zinc pyrithione for vinyl chloride polymers
Rubber composition
Polysiloxane-containing rubber composition
Cable semiconductive shield compositions
Light-emission-enhancement microbead paint compositions and their preparation
Methods and acidizing compositions for reducing metal surface corrosion and sulfide precipitation
Viscosity modifier for lubricating oil and lubricating oil composition
Combustion improving additive for small engine lubricating oils
Antimicrobial conveyor lubricant composition and method for using
Lubricant composition
Blend of imidazolinium quat and amido amine quat for use in fabric softeners with premium softening, high-viscosity at low-solids and non-yellowing properties
Detergent composition and method for removing soil
Polycarboxylates-based aqueous compositions for cleaning of screening apparatus
Liquid laundry detergent compositions having enhanced clay removal benefits
Fabric care and laundry compositions comprising low molecular weight linear or cyclic polyamines
Composition and associated method for inhibiting stain formation on a ferrous metal surface
Apparatus for the determination of microorganisms in liquid test specimens
Use of consensus sequences for targeted homologous gene isolation and recombination in gene families
Antisense inhibition of PKA regulatory subunit RII alpha expression
Targeted Oligonucleotide conjugates
Kinase wee1 fusion protein compositions, nucleotide sequences, expression systems, and methods of use
Biological toxin detection system for mailed materials
Method for forming refractory metal-silicon-nitrogen capacitors and structures formed
Method of deposition of films
Method for forming an interlayer insulating film, and semiconductor device
Method for forming platinum-rhodium stack as an oxygen barrier
Combined gate cap or digit line and spacer deposition using HDP
Method of forming thin film onto semiconductor substrate
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition (HDP-CVD) processing of gallium arsenide wafers
Methods and devices utilizing the ammonium termination of silicon dioxide films
Method for producing a thermoelectric semiconductor
Method of producing p-type nitride based III-V compound semiconductor and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
Textiles; Paper
Process for making a textile product
Water leak detection
Single channel, single dilution detection method for the identification and quantification of blood cells and platelets in a whole blood sample using an automated hematology analyzer
Continuous movement scans of test structures on semiconductor integrated circuits
Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method
Capillary electrophoretic method to detect target-binding ligands and to determine their relative affinities
High throughput HPLC method for determining Log P values
Test strip for simultaneous detection of a plurality of analytes
Complex of lipoprotein with hemoglobin or hemoglobin analog
Blood coagulation analyzer
Electrical well logging fluid and method of using same
Method and apparatus for improving resolution of objects in a semiconductor wafer
Method for forming contact by using ArF lithography
Process for removal of photoresist after post ion implantation
Microactuator, method for making the same, and magnetic head unit and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Methods of forming field emission tips using deposited particles as an etch mask
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device
Method of forming a thin-film resistor in a semiconductor wafer
Method of fabricating group-III nitride-based semiconductor device
Quantum dot of single electron memory device and method for fabricating thereof
Reduction of tungsten silicide resistivity by boron ion implantation
Method for forming insulating film and for manufacturing integrated circuit
Method for forming a notched damascene planar poly/metal gate
Method of forming dual thickness gate dielectric structures via use of silicon nitride layers
Method of manufacturing CMOS semiconductor device
Self-aligned fabricating process and structure of source line of etox flash memory
Split-gate flash memory and method of manufacturing the same
Method for gate formation with improved spacer profile control
Method for manufacturing a gate structure incorporating therein aluminum oxide as a gate dielectric
Controlled gate length and gate profile semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Method of forming a silicide interconnect over a silicon comprising substrate and method of forming a stack of refractory metal nitride over refractory metal silicide over silicon
Method to improve etching of organic-based, low dielectric constant materials
Process for forming a large area, high gate current HEMT diode
Combination of BPTEOS oxide film with CMP and RTA to achieve good data retention
Method for forming low dielectric constant layer
Method for growing a barium titanate layer
Method of making an anti-reflection structure for a conductive layer in a semiconductor device
Method of heat-treating nitride compound semiconductor layer and method of producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having increased breakdown voltage and method of fabricating same
Source side boron implanting and diffusing device architecture for deep sub 0.18 micron flash memory
Dual salicidation process
Method of forming channel in thin film transistor using non-ionic excited species
Low temperature process for a transistor with elevated source and drain
Selective T-gate process
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices that protect interconnect wirings during processing of back substrate surface
Method of fabricating multilayer flexible wiring boards
Method of forming metal bumps
Use of residual organic compounds to facilitate gate break on a carrier substrate for a semiconductor device
Method of attaching a conformal chip carrier to a flip chip
Chemical mechanical polishing of polysilicon plug using a silicon nitride stop layer
Planarization of metal container structures
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Thin film transistor array panels for a liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor formed by damascene processes between metal interconnect layers and method of forming same
Method for controlling the grain size of tungsten films
Method of forming a titanium silicide layer on a substrate
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating an integrated circuit with undercut etching
Sub-minimum wiring structure
Semiconductor device, and thin film capacitor
Integrated adjustable capacitor
Semiconductor device and process of producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of forming bipolar transistor constructions
Method concerning a junction barrier Schottky diode, such a diode and use thereof
Method of laser annealing using linear beam having quasi-trapezoidal energy profile for increased depth of focus
Method for manufacturing a metal oxide semiconductor with a sharp corner spacer
Surface treatment and protection method for cadmium zinc telluride crystals
Using fast hot-carrier aging method for measuring plasma charging damage
Method and apparatus for detecting ion implant induced defects
Method of making leadless semiconductor package
Preparation of strained Si/SiGe on insulator by hydrogen induced layer transfer technique
Method for shallow trench isolation using passivation material for trench bottom liner
Method for forming a bottom corner rounded STI
Method for forming a trench isolation structure in an integrated circuit
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having element isolation structure
Method for manufacturing tapered opening using an anisotropic etch during the formation of a semiconductor device
Method of reducing electrical shorts from the bit line to the cell plate
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having two peaks in an impurity concentration distribution
Method of forming low-resistance contact electrodes in semiconductor devices
Method of fabricating copper damascene
Low k ILD process by removable ILD
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a contact hole
Slotted trench dual inlaid structure and method of forming thereof
Method for forming dual-damascene interconnect structure
Method of forming in-situ electroplated oxide passivating film for corrosion inhibition
Method of fabricating a non-volatile memory with a spacer
Embedded recess in polymer memory package and method of making same
Bond pad structure and its method of fabricating
Asymmetric, double-sided self-aligned silicide and method of forming the same
Method, apparatus and system for building an interposer onto a semiconductor wafer using laser techniques
Method of pressure curing for reducing voids in a die attach bondline and applications thereof
Method and apparatus for marking a bare semiconductor die
Method of fabricating a protective element in an SOI substrate
Method for fabricating an organic electroluminescene device having organic field effect transistor and organic eloectroluminescence diode
Semiconductor device for use in power-switching device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrostatic discharge protection device for semiconductor integrated circuit, method for producing the same, and electrostatic discharge protection circuit using the same
Semiconductor-on-insulator resistor-capacitor circuit
Solar cell and method for fabricating the same
Textured high-temperature superconductors
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