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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Antimicrobial fiber and its production method, and antimicrobial fiber product comprising the antimicrobial fiber, its production method and regeneration method
Multi-component biocide composition for wood protection
Stabilization of fresh mozzarella cheese using fermented whey
Method for decaffeinating tea
Foldable tray for packaging bakery products
Flue spacer
Corner fitting
Jar dispenser
Rain gutter cleaning tongs
Medical instrument for endoscopic interventions
Endoscope with a flexible probe
Optical probe and optical tomography system
Device for installing stasis reducing means in body tissue
Micro-burst ultrasonic power delivery
Adjustable spinal system
Methods and devices for ablation
Eye portion diagnosis support apparatus, method therefor, program, and recording medium
Extraction device, analyzer, extraction method, and analysis method
Photocurable endoprosthesis methods of manufacture
Differentially expanded vascular graft
Artificial corneal implant
Interfacial refraction accommodating lens (IRAL)
Devices used to treat disc herniation and attachment mechanisms therefore
Lip closing tool
Bacterium and vaccine
Artificial antibody polypeptides
IL-15 mutants having agonists/antagonists activity
Spider esters in personal care applications
Method and device for improving the permeability of the human skin
Laminin-modified conduit for nerve regeneration and methods of manufacturing the conduit and regenerating nerves using the conduit
Intra-urethral catheters
Sports training system
Oscillating exercise device for shoulder and core strengthening
Hip flexor
Calf stretcher
Bench platform with multiple functions
Combination abdominal crunch and gravity inversion exercise machine
Golf ball
Lightweight carrier for golf clubs
Hockey stick apparatus for stick handling training and methods of stick handling training
GolfDiscney: GolfDiscney World, the Triple Star GolfDiscney World and SanXing GolfDiscney World for Triple-Star Golf, SanXing Golf of GolfRing, GolfDisc, GolfBall and Golfrisbee, RingBall Golf
Sway-capable stationary bicycle
System and method for playing a table and electronic card game
Projectile roulette arcade game
Crane game with random motion crane actuation
Orientation device and method for coordinate generation employed thereby
Amusement water rides involving games of chance
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid radioactive waste treatment system
High performance sewer system
Filter fuel assembly
Height adjustable center tube and guide for a filter cartridge assembly
Double action solar distiller
Liquid filter
Air filtering apparatus
Moisture separation heater
Dust collection unit for vacuum cleaner
Air cleaner including an improved airflow path
Method for purifying exhaust gases from a waste incineration plant
Composition and method for removal of carbonylsulfide from acid gas containing same
Hemofiltration system and method based on monitored patient parameters, supervisory control of hemofiltration, and adaptive control of pumps for hemofiltration
Microfluidic chip and method of fabricating the same
Direct mixing and injection for high throughput fluidic systems
Fluid dispenser for fluid in assay
Milling system
Apparatus for and method of comminuting agglomerates
Rotary shower head
Food product dispenser with cleansing mechanism
Dishwasher and controlling method thereof
Indexable cutting bit and cutting bit holder
Friction stir welding tool and friction stir welding method
Process of and device for machining ball hubs
Combination tool and method for metal-cutting machining of a drill-hole and its hole surface as well as cutting insert for such a combination tool
Apparatus making thermoformed component with integral coined structure
Non-slip activation members
Mold cooling by recovery of energy from spent compressed air in blow-molding process
Cover up
Method for producing a barrier container
Method for manufacturing pneumatic tire
Method of producing pneumatic tire
Synthetic leather and method for producing the same
Thermoplastic polyhydroxy polyether resin and resin composition comprising the same
Composition having improved adherence with an addition-curable material and composite article incorporating the composition
Phase change recording medium
Film lamination vehicles and methods
Fine, TiO.sub.2-based titanium oxide-coated metal particles and their production method
Reinforced fibrous insulation product and method of reinforcing same
Fluorinated nanodiamond as a precursor for solid substrate surface coating using wet chemistry
Heated folding system for a phase change ink imaging device
Drop generator
Inkjet printhead employing piezoelectric actuator and method of manufacturing the inkjet printhead
Liquid discharging head, liquid discharging device, and image forming apparatus
Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method of ink jet recording head
Ink-jet head and head unit
Dual feed liquid drop ejector
Methods and apparatus to identify pages to be discarded in a print system
Solid ink stick with interface element
Visual identification of solid ink sticks
Inkjet head driving apparatus and driving method
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Inkjet recording apparatus and method for controlling same
Printhead registration correction system and method for use with direct marking continuous web printers
Fusible porous polymer particles for inkjet receivers
Plasma surface treatment method, quartz member, plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Trailer with adjustable ground clearance
Convertible vehicle with a roof held at lateral roof linkage parts
Adjustable pump control linkage for pump driven vehicle
Braking systems
Methods of operating a series hybrid vehicle
Adjustment fitting
Tiedown provision product
Self-tensioning tie down assembly
Luminaire with a housing and an adjustable spotlight
Rotatable vehicular lamp assembly having a plate spring
Tonneau cover apparatus for an automobile
Safety arrangement
Valve assembly for gas generating system
Device for supporting telephone headpieces in automobiles
Hydraulic brake
Electric, decentralised brake system in a vehicle
Service cart
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Off road vehicle
Front fender of motorcycle and motorcycle
Stand device for motorcycle
Landing flap guide for aircraft
Modular seat system for a vehicle
Plastic container provided with at least one suction cup
Closure for high torque installation on a container
Windshield wiper packaging
Invertible front opening unified pod
Semiconductor wafer storage case and semiconductor wafer storing method
Package of goods attached with image for forming three-dimension image
Rotary feeding system
Method for grouping boxes on a conveyor line and device for carrying out said method
Bottle inverting and bottle draining station configured to drain rinsed bottles from a rinser in a container filling plant
Method and apparatus for supplying substrates to a processing tool
Collapsible grippers based media handling transport apparatus with process and cross-process direction registration
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for disk stacking and compiling media sheets
Stitcher drive
Shaft driving apparatus
System and method for forming information pertaining to a transportation device
Air conditioner compressor removal and installation apparatus
Container with an integrated spout
Fluid dispenser
Rectangular metered dispenser with feed-containing piston drive mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Autothermal reforming in a fuel processor utilizing non-pyrophoric shift catalyst
Process for producing supported ruthenium and process for producing chlorine
Method of making titanium dioxide particles
Water purification apparatus
Nonpolar liquid and solid phase change ink compositions comprising nanosized particles of benzimidazolone pigments
Emulsion composition and vehicle and ink compositions and printing process and method thereof
Solid phase change fluorescent ink and ink sets
Dichroic dye composition, and liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal element including dichroic dye
Method of refining heavy oil and refining apparatus
Process for producing diesel fuel oil from fat
Flue cleaner
Hydrophilizing agent and hydrophilized fiber treated therewith
Formation of CIGS absorber layer materials using atomic layer deposition and high throughput surface treatment
Compact pot tending module for use in plants for the production of aluminum by electrolysis
Methods of fabricating nanowires and electrodes having nanogaps
Textiles; Paper
Wholly aromatic polyamide fibers excellent in processability and adhesiveness
Paper machine comprising a translation device
Fixed Constructions
Drain panels and blocks
Variable volume drain field system
Connection element for connecting sheet piles to carrier elements as well as a combination sheet pile wall with such connection elements
Profiled connecting element and combination sheet pile wall with a profiled connecting element of this type
Mounting assembly for arrays and other surface-mounted equipment
Anti-tip interlocking linkage mechanism for vertical cabinets
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil with near-wall cooling
Molded reinforced shear web cores
Catalytic converter unit and apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming wind turbine machines
Variable displacement compressor
Muffler installation structure for compressor
Reactive fasteners
Antifriction bearing race, particularly for highly stressed antifriction bearings in aircraft power units
Rolling mill oil film bearing
Disk brake
Body-side suspension strut bearing for wheel suspensions
Transmission and vehicle having transversely mounted transmission and engine arranged in axial direction thereof
Eight speed transmission with planetary and layshaft gearing
Bearing isolator seal with floating ring
Medical valve with movable member
Lubricious or/and wettable or/and anti-thrombin elastomeric gland materials in luer activated devices
Quick connector for a heat exchanger, such as a radiator
Multi-functional traffic signal stick
Article of clothing with washable light module
Cooling system for a projector
Fluorescent volume light source having multiple fluorescent species
Air conditioning system
Air handling system with self balancing air entrance door
Optical connector
Assembly forming a pair of spectacles especially for an infant or very young child
Astigmia correcting eyeglasses
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Electromagnetic actuator
Projector with dust suction member
Shutter device
Developing method and developing unit
Timepiece for water sports items and beach accessories
Device for compensating for the mechanical play of a helicopter flight control
Intelligent track system for mounting electronic equipment
Non-contact IC tag, package for member having the non-contact IC tag, and device using the member having the non-contact IC tag
TV card with power-switching function
Securities, chip mounting product, and manufacturing method thereof
Financial transactions processing system including cash dispenser or recycler
Child testing apparatus, information system and method of use
Crosslinked self-doping type electrically conducting polymer, production process thereof, product coated with the polymer and electronic device
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric resonator
Phosphor-based LED apparatus with UV reflector
Bonding member bonding method and method for manufacturing image display apparatus
Electroluminescence device
Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery having functional center pin
Separator-electrode unit for lithium-ion batteries, method for the production and use thereof in lithium batteries
Catalyst for anode of fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell
Fuel cell and fuel cell system
Fuel cell system with differential pressure sensor
Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing method for solid electrolyte membrane
Methods of using integrated fuel processor apparatus and enclosure
Fuel cell and method for manufacturing fuel cell
Power connector
Socket connector having positioning members severing as poisoning members for electronic device
Method of forming printed circuit board having connector, and electric junction box having printed circuit board
Electrical connector with latching members
Electrical connector and electrical connector assembly having heat-radiating structure
Electrical connector having locking mechanism
Electrical connector
Receptacle cage and method for making the same
Cable connector and method of making the same
Inductive amplifier probe tip
Quick change fluorescent lamp ballast system
Coaxial cable connector having jacket gripping ferrule and associated methods
Plasma deposition apparatus and method for making polycrystalline silicon
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Guzmania plant named `copito`
Soybean cultivar M713612
Soybean cultivar M714376
Drainage hole structure in an oven of forced convection type
Method for obtaining fatty acids from biomass by combined in/situ extraction, reaction and chromatography using compressed gases
Handled, microwave popcorn service apparatus
Appliance switching mechanism and method
Induction-based heated delivery container system
Tampon assembly with detachable cleansing towelette packet
Electrical rotary drive
Performing Operations; Transporting
Alcohol conversion
Vinyl acetate catalyst comprising metallic palladium and gold prepared with potassium aurate
Chlorofluorohydrocarbon and process thereto
Method for preparing polyether polyols
Production of a gas hydrate slurry using a fluidized bed heat exchanger
Process for the production of vinyl acetate
Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
Parts-in-place safety reset circuit and method for contact start plasma-arc torch
Cutting machine for forming fracture lines allowing separation of tamper-evident rings from plastic caps
Method and apparatus for processing a planar structure
Heated tire
Discharge lamp device for vehicle
Automotive illuminating apparatus
Wire harness protector
Sealed power distribution module
Non-reversing wiper park switch for wiper drive apparatus
Electrical power assisted steering systems
Operation control apparatus for escalator
Microelectromechanical systems actuttor using a time-varying magnetic field
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for making a catalyst composition
Self-regulating heater
Method for producing aromatic compound
Perhaloethyl aromatic compounds and perhaloethenyl aromatic compounds therefrom
Aminohydroxylation of Olefins
Trifluoromethyl ketone analogs as selective cPLA2 inhibitors
Ink jet printing compositions containing ester-terminated dimer acid-based oligo (ester/amide)
Process for the production of a dihydroxybenzene and dicarbinol from diisopropylbenzene
Hydrogenation of aldehydes
Process for making 2,3-dihalopropanols
Method for producing ortho-alkylated benzoic acid derivatives
Process for preparing trimethylhydroquinone diacetate and trimethylhydroquinone
Preparation of polyoxymethylene dialkane ethers, by catalytic conversion of formaldehyde formed by dehydrogenation of methanol or dimethyl ether
.alpha.-crystal of cyclopentenone
Continuous recovery of (meth)acrylic acid
Transesterification process using yttrium and samarium compound catalystis
Process for preparation of an ester using a polyaniline salt as catalyst
Process for the esterification of unsaturated carboxylic acids with unsaturated alcohols with avoidance of blackening and precipitation
Process for preparing malonic esters
Method for the production of dibenzyl carbonates
.beta.-lactams, methods for the preparation of taxanes, and sidechain-bearing taxanes
.beta.-lactams, methods for the preparation of taxanes, and sidechain-bearing taxanes
Process for the selective N-formylation of N-hydroxylamines
Method for making an oxirane
Method for producing 1,4-butanediol
Phosphole and diphosphole ligands for catalysis
RG polynucleotides for conferring powdery mildew resistance in plants
Vitamin D receptor ablated mice
Thermal fluid blends containing 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro (1-phenylethyl)naphthalene
Process for isomerizing and dehydrogenating using a catalyst activated by sulfurization and passivation with ammonia or precursor thereof
Fruit-specific and ripening-regulation expansin gene to control fruit texture and softening
Nucleic acid encoding delta-9 desaturase
Electronic devices with a barrier film and process for making same
Fixed Constructions
Analysis of downhole OBM-contaminated formation fluid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for starting a gas turbine in an aircraft
Cooling apparatus for an electronic device integrally formed with a circuit board
Ball joint type magnetic bearing for tilting body
Moisture-resistant igniter for a gas burner
Beam splitter for automatic focusing device
Micro-electro-opto-mechanical inertial sensor
System for the stabilization of an object mounted on a moving platform
Distance measuring apparatus
Optical encoder
Deterioration sensing device for light-emitting diode
Optical spectrometer and method for combustion flame temperature determination
Species-selective pressure gauge with extended operation
Miscible liquid capacitive sensing system
Packaging and interconnection of contact structure
Semiconductor wafer test and burn-in
TDDB test pattern and method for testing TDDB of MOS capacitor dielectric
Integrated circuit with actuation circuit for actuating a driver circuit
Automotive battery charging system tester
Method for calculating gain correction factors in a digital imaging system
Electrooptical device, substrate for driving electrooptical device and methods for making the same
Pattern distortion detecting method and apparatus and recording medium for pattern distortion detection
Charged particle beam exposure method and charged particle beam exposure device
Stage apparatus and inspection apparatus having stage apparatus
Electronic cooker time switch
Configuration and method for matching output drivers of integrated circuits to specified conditions
Method and apparatus for rapid heat-up of a glass-ceramic cooktop
Energy saving water heater control
Power controlling unit and thermal processing unit
Circuits and methods for providing a current reference with a controlled temperature coefficient using a series composite resistor
Integrated circuit
Programmable logic device with unified cell structure including signal interface bumps
Programmable logic datapath that may be used in a field programmable device
Device, method and system for the visualization of stringed instrument playing
Luminescent display panel drive unit and drive method thereof
EL display device and driving method thereof
Light emitting diode device
Pixel structure of an organic light-emitting diode display device
Hand drum hoop
Neck block system for acoustic stringed instruments
Fretted/fretless stringed musical instrument
Electric instrument amplifier
Floppy disk drive control apparatus capable of ensuring seek operation using a stepping motor having a low torque
Content-addressable memory implemented using programmable logic
Low current redundancy anti-fuse method and apparatus
High-speed sense amplifier capable of cascade connection
Configuration bit read/write data shift register
Noise reduction circuit
Gate coupled voltage support for an output driver circuit
Flow-through cable
Protection of an integrated circuit with voltage variable materials
Static voltage regulator and controller
Manually operated actuating device and method
Cathode, method for manufacturing the cathode, and picture tube
Electron-emitting device
Magnetron apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Conductive path under a flat display screen sealing wall
Method and a device for reducing an electric field produced by a cathode ray tube in its surroundings
Image forming apparatus for forming image by electron irradiation
Composition for forming conductive film method for preparing the same and display device employing conductive film formed using the composition
Cathode ray tube having high and low refractive index films on the outer face of the glass panel thereof
Field-emission type cold cathode and application thereof
Ion implanter with vacuum piston counterbalance
Method and device for improving surfaces
Plasma processing apparatus having rotating magnets
Enzymatic reaction mechanisms by quenched-flow mass spectrometry
Xenon ceramic lamp with integrated compound reflectors
Lamp with self-constricting plasma light source
Microwave electrodeless discharge lamp apparatus
Power distribution printed circuit board for a semiconductor processing system
Quantum thin line producing method and semiconductor device employing the quantum thin line
Method for making polycide-to-polycide low contact resistance contacts for interconnections on integrated circuits
Chip-mounted enclosure
Electronic package utilizing protective coating
Method and structure for heatspreader attachment in high thermal performance IC packages
Technology for high performance buried contact and tungsten polycide gate integration
Low temperature coefficient resistor (TCRL)
Integrated capacitor incorporating high K dielectric
Electronic device package, and method
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing substrate of the same
Semiconductor package including heat diffusion portion
Semiconductor chip having an underplate metal layer
Strain release contact system for integrated circuits
Multilayered wiring structure and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit dielectric and method
Ferroelectric capacitor with means to prevent deterioration
Low-K sub spacer pocket formation for gate capacitance reduction
Semiconductor device having ultra-sharp P-N junction and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method therefore
Semiconductor having a heterojunction formed between a plurality of semiconductor layers
Tunneling transistor applicable to nonvolatile memory
Structure of critical dimension bar
Circuit board, manufacturing method therefor, and bump-type contact head and semiconductor component packaging module using the circuit board
Integrated circuitry
High voltage transistor with modified field implant mask
Planarized and fill biased integrated circuit chip
Method for potting a populated assembly using an anti-vibration potting compound, populated assembly and controller having a populated assembly
Electric shielding of on-board devices
Stackable flex circuit chip package and method of making same
Clip chip carrier
Method and apparatus for implementing selected functionality on an integrated circuit device
Multifunction lead frame and integrated circuit package incorporating the same
Multiple die stack apparatus employing T-shaped interposer elements
Wafer-fused semiconductor radiation detector
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method therefor
CMOS image sensor with high quantum efficiency
CCD image sensor
Organic electroluminescence element having an insulating bulkhead having an overhang portion
Semiconductor light emitting element
Power semiconductor diode
High speed composite p-channel Si/SiGe heterostructure for field effect devices
Method for manufacturing electronic devices having non-volatile memory cells and LV transistors with salicided junctions
Transistor device of MOS structure in which variation of output impedance resulting from manufacturing error is reduced
MOS-gated device having a buried gate and process for forming same
Semiconductor device having different field oxide sizes
Linear capacitor structure in a CMOS process
Monolithically integrated trench MOSFET and Schottky diode
Inducement and detection of latch-up using a laser scanning microscope
End cap and sealing method for imager
Photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric cell
Solar module array with reconfigurable tile
Thin film semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Ultraspeed low-voltage drive avalanche multiplication type semiconductor photodetector
Red-deficiency-compensating phosphor LED
Microactuator and method for fabricating the same
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device having mutually opposing thin plate portions
Organic electroluminescent device with improved hole injecting structure
Battery monitoring system with integrated battery holder
Strain relief
Support with multipart trunking cover portion for equipment to be placed along trunking
Circuit for selective power supply to electrical units
Process for supplying electrical energy to the network with an AC generator associated with a turbine
Battery charger with current regulating circuit
Manage system of rechargeable battery and a method for managing thereof
Charge reflector circuit
Charging receptacle
Multi-voltage vehicle electric system
Reluctance motors
Motor structure and their manufacturing method
Method of winding armature coil and coreless motor produced through such method
Polyphase induction electrical rotating machine
Multiple pole, shaded pole subfractional-horsepower induction motor
Dynamically balanced small electric motor
Croyogenic rotary transfer coupling for superconducting electromechanical machine
Compact dynamoelectric machine
Self-supplied DC/DC switching power supply
Method and apparatus for digital voltage regulation
Method of, and circuit for, controlling the discharge of a battery
Compounded AC driving signal for increased reliability and lifetime in touch-mode electrostatic actuators
Control system for a linear vibration motor
Control of switched reluctance machines
Electronically commutatable motor
Phase detector with high precision
Impedance emulator
Composite piezoelectric component and chip-type composite piezoelectric component
Driving device of switching element in power conversion device using current control semiconductor switching element
Zero-DC-power active termination with CMOS overshoot and undershoot clamps
MOS transistor output circuit
Look-up table using multi-level decode
Floating gate circuit for backwards driven MOS output driver
Method and apparatus for enhancing reliability of a high voltage input/output driver/receiver
Output buffer for making a high voltage (5.0 volt) compatible input/output in a low voltage (2.5 volt) semiconductor process
Low switching activity dynamic driver for high performance interconnects
Multilevel circuit implementation for a tristate bus
Method and apparatus for reducing soft errors in dynamic circuits
Method and apparatus for limited reprogrammability of fuse options using one-time programmable elements
Passive voltage limiter
Phase detector
Realizing analog-to-digital converter on a digital programmable integrated circuit
Imaging assembly with a side mounted optical detector for a scanner
Display correction waveform generator for multiple scanning
Color cathode ray tube display
Electronic plug-in unit which includes an improved heat-dissipation device
Apparatus and method for detecting vessel movement on a cooktop surface
Lighting control device
Transparent conductive laminate and electroluminescence light-emitting element using same
Circuitry for dimming a fluorescent lamp
Electronic ballast for a fluorescent lamp
Electronic ballast for high intensity discharge lamp
Radio-frequency and microwave-assisted processing of materials
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