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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Physiological event detection
Implantable electrode lead
Method and apparatus for shunting induced currents in an electrical lead
Method and apparatus for coronary sinus cannulation
Methods and apparatuses for implantable medical device telemetry power management
Cardiac pacemaker with automatic adaptation of pacing rate to cardiac output
Performing Operations; Transporting
Card cleaner roller assembly
Color printer with an optical encoding disk for economizing the length of a ribbon
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Baseball pitch speed measurement and strike zone detection devices
Overlay metrology using scatterometry profiling
Method and apparatus for measuring wall thickness of plastic container
Position-sensing device for 3-D profilometers
Scatterometry by phase sensitive reflectometer
Position measurement system
Light emitting diode (LED) array for excitation emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence spectroscopy
Raman imaging and sensing apparatus employing nanoantennas
Chamber leakage detection by measurement of reflectivity of oxidized thin film
Condom testing apparatus
Circuit and method for testing a flat panel display
Wafer probing that conditions devices for flip-chip bonding
Method and system for testing multi-chip integrated circuit modules
Part transfer apparatus, control method for part transfer apparatus, IC test method, IC handler, and IC test apparatus
Thermal control of a DUT using a thermal control substrate
Measurement and control of magnetomotive force in current transformers and other magnetic bodies
Inteferometric synthetic sonar antenna
Array antenna radio communication apparatus
System and method for detecting interference in global positioning satellite signals
Method and system for deinterleaving
Method and apparatus for NMR sensor with loop-gap resonator
System and method for evaluation of thinly laminated earth formations
Imaging lens
Photographing lens
Wide-angle zoom lens
Zoom lens
Lens system and camera
Zoom lens
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, and projector
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, and projector
Dispersion compensating fiber for moderate dispersion NZDSF and transmission system utilizing same
Optical waveguides and grating structures fabricated using polymeric dielectric compositions
Substrate index modification for increasing the sensitivity of grating-coupled waveguides
Optical switching device and optical device
Thermal actuator and an optical waveguide switch including the same
Thermal actuator with offset beam segment neutral axes and an optical waveguide switch including the same
Strain relief unit for fiber shuffling device
Lens mounting device
Electro-absorption optical modulator having multiple quantum well
Transflective liquid crystal display
Photographic prints having magnetically recordable media
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Developer container including a developer movement suppression feature
Image forming apparatus and image forming system including the same
Image forming process and image forming apparatus, electrophotographic image-receiving sheet, and electrophotographic print
Image heating apparatus having multiple rotatable members and temperature detecting element
Fuser and fixing members containing PEI-PDMS block copolymers
Transparent substrate image forming method and laminated image-recording medium
Method and apparatus for reconstructing motor current from DC bus current
Navigation method and system for autonomous machines with markers defining the working area
Soft-switching three-phase power factor correction converter
Method and apparatus to verify circuit operating conditions
Rotatable display mounting structure
Device for optimizing the circuit switching capacity of a switching center
Alternate imaging mode for multipass direct marking
Print quotas
Image processing apparatus and system and control method therefor, image data processing method, image forming apparatus and control method therefor, controller therefor, and storage medium storing the control method for processing image data having different printing attributes
Image communication apparatus, server apparatus, and capability exchanging method
Data processing device with an indexed immediate addressing mode
Method and apparatus for dynamic grammars and focused semantic parsing
Method and apparatus for edge correlation between design objects
Method and apparatus for adaptive sampling based on process covariance
Management of move requests from a factory system to an automated material handling system
Method of controlling physical distribution and a physical distribution controlling system
Image communication apparatus and its control method
Watermark resistant to rotation and resizing
Electronic watermark detection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for extending video content analysis to multiple channels
System and method for authenticating objects
Tokenless electronic transaction system
Image processing method and apparatus, recording medium and imaging apparatus
Image processing method, apparatus and program
Image processing apparatus, method and memory medium
Image type classification using edge features
Phase unwrapping method for fringe image analysis
Color image processing method and a color image processor
Automated verification and inspection device for sequentially inspecting microscopic crystals
Method, system and apparatus for block matching based on visible pixels
Scene change detection by segmentation analysis
Method for quantifying relative accuracy of database segments
Image processing apparatus and method, program and storage medium
Efficient perspective transformation of partial images in composing a single image
Device and method for decoding class-based codewords
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
Image processing method, relative density detecting method and image processing apparatus
LED bar array high addressable imaging in 2-dimensions
Image processing apparatus and its method
Composite font editing device and computer program
Layout design apparatus and method for three-dimensional graphical environments
Electronic equipment and operation control method for electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for wireless remote telemetry using ad-hoc networks
Interactive picture book with voice recording features and method of use
Information processing apparatus and information output controlling method
Motion compensated upconversion for plasma displays
Addressing of AC plasma display
Liquid crystal display device
Display driving method and display apparatus utilizing the same
System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
Type size dependent anti-aliasing in sub-pixel precision rendering systems
Portable communicator
One and three quarters inch form factor tape cartridge autoloader
Magnetic head slider and a magnetic disk device in which the slider is mounted
Multi-layer electrode device on slider for electrostatic fly height adjustment
Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
Optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for precessional switching of the magnetization of storage medium using a transverse write field
Multilayered structures comprising magnetic nano-oxide layers for current perpendicular to plane GMR heads
Disc drive having electromagnetic biased shieldless CPP reader
Method and control scheme for compensating the coarse actuators undesired transients in dual stage control systems
Head gimbal assembly with flex circuit arrangement between slider and head interconnect assembly
Load/unload-type disk drive slider having a negative pressure reduction hole
Offset setting system and method for seeking control
Optical pickup device with defocus adjuster
Reference generator for multilevel nonlinear resistivity memory storage elements
Integrated memory circuit having a redundancy circuit and a method for replacing a memory area
Device for margin testing a semiconductor memory by applying a stressing voltage simultaneously to complementary and true digit lines
Integrated circuit devices including input/output line pairs and precharge circuits and related memory devices
High speed redundant data sensing method and apparatus
Semiconductor storage device and portable electronic equipment having the same
System and method for one-time programmed memory through direct-tunneling oxide breakdown
Memory device having multiple array structure for increased bandwidth
On-die detection of the system operation frequency in a DRAM to adjust DRAM operations
Superconducting cable
Arrangement and method for installing a subsea transformer
Laminated electronic part
Capacitors including track-etched separator materials
Mounting device for laminated fuses
Compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp resistant to heat deformation
Metal vapor discharge lamp and lighting apparatus capable of stable maintenance of characteristics
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
Electronic tube with simplified collector
X-ray apparatus with field emission current stabilization and method of providing x-ray radiation therapy
Electrode for a high-pressure discharge lamp
Discharge lamp for dielectrically impeded discharges having a corrugated cover plate structure
Longitudinal cathode expansion in an ion source
Method of measuring the probability of failure caused only by defects, method of measuring defect limited yield, and system using the same
Saw device
Low acceleration sensitivity mounting structures for crystal resonators
Linear piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
Broadband and wide field of view composite transducer array
Composite piezoelectric transducer and method of fabricating the same
Switched coupler type digital phase shifter using quadrature generator
Continuously tunable waveguide attenuator
Ferroelectric devices and method relating thereto
Antenna system for radio frequency identification
Reconfigurable aperture with an optical backplane
Multi-band horn antenna using frequency selective surfaces
Optical transmission system using Raman amplification
Method and device for controlling ionization
Bearing current reduction assembly
Generator with composite rotor coil retention components
System and method to selectively prevent movements of an electric vehicle
Rotary electric machine stator
Linear motor apparatus
AC power line filter
Method and apparatus for output voltage regulation in primary controlled switched mode power supplies
Apparatus and method for resonant mounting of vibration structure
Method for defining quadrature-axis magnetizing inductance of synchronous machine
System and method for compensating for the effects of process, voltage, and temperature variations in a circuit
Circuit configuration for tolerance correction in a frequency demodulator
Linear dead-band-free digital phase detection
Method and apparatus for providing a stable power output of power amplifiers, operating under unstable supply voltage conditions
Boost bridge amplifier
Amplifier arrangement, circuit and method with improved common mode rejection ratio
Circuits and techniques for conditioning differential signals
System and method for linearizing a CMOS differential pair
Signal transmitting system
Integrated circuit devices with power supply detection circuitry
Signal transmitting receiving apparatus
Method of reducing the number of configuration bits by eliminating the unused configuration bits
Analog front end circuit and method of compensating for DC offset in the analog front end circuit
High speed comparator with blocking switches for SAR convertor
Direct current offset cancellation for mobile station modems using direct conversion
Radio frequency control for communication systems
RF device and communication apparatus using the same
Generation and use of masks in MPEG video encoding to indicate non-zero entries in transformed macroblocks
Integrated receiver decoder and method for simultaneously transmitting compressed and uncompressed signals
Interference cancellation in a spread spectrum communication system
Matched filter and correlation detection method
Channel estimation for time division duplex communication systems
Automatic gain control circuit and method for direct sequence spread spectrum receiver
Method and apparatus for baseband transmission between a top floor unit and an outdoor unit in a terminal for a wireless metropolitan area network
Dynamic link adaption for time division duplex (TDD)
Culled satellite ephemeris information based on limiting a span of an inverted cone for locating satellite in-range determinations
Method to reduce interference and increase effective capacity of power line networking systems
OFDM communication channel
Downlink signal processing in CDMA systems utilizing arrays of antennae
Method and system for providing an audio element cache in a customized personal radio broadcast
Ticket insertion: load information for assured forwarding classes
Transport format combination selection for compressed mode in a W-CDMA system
Precise network time transfer
Device and method for reducing delay jitter in data transmission
Early transmission and playout of packets in wireless communication systems
Automatic setting of time-to-live fields for packets in an ad hoc network
Printing media and methods employing digital watermarking
Method and system for calling line authenticated key distribution
Intelligent embedded processor enabled mechanism to implement RSVP function
Label switched traffic routing and signaling in a label switched communication packet network
Shared buffer asynchronous transfer mode switch
Method and apparatus for processing and forwarding data packets
Communicating method between IPv4 terminal and IPv6 terminal and IPv4-IPv6 converting apparatus
System for interconnecting standard telephony communications equipment to internet protocol networks
Method and apparatus for supporting multiservice digital signal processing applications
Software modem for communicating data using separate channels for data and control codes
System and method for timing recovery in a discrete multi-tone system
Blind cost criterion timing recovery
Jitter control processor and a transceiver employing the same
Method and apparatus for distributing keys for decrypting and re-encrypting publicly distributed media
Point of sale modem for high-speed communications
System and method for identifying parties in bills for communications services
Decoding and processing system for advanced determination and display of city and state caller information
Methods and apparatus for performing diagnostics and gathering statistics in computer supported telephony applications (CSTA)
Control interface for computer supported telephony applications (CSTA) protocols
Dual-carriage scanning apparatus
Print system
Method and photographic element for calibrating digital images
Job processing apparatus
Calibration of a multi color imaging system using a predicted color shift
Image pickup apparatus
Camera control system, image pick-up server, client, control method and storage medium therefor
Multimedia terminal equipment and digital processing method
Digital VCR with trick play mode
Motion-adaptive interpolation apparatus and method thereof
Local constraints for motion matching
Method and apparatus for obtaining information from a utility meter
Image capture system for mobile communications
Cryptographic method for color images and digital cinema
Radio transmission of isochronous and asynchronous information in a network having a variable number of stations
Method and system for planning and evaluation of CDMA radio networks
Automatic implementation of channel plan change in cellular network
Inter-carrier messaging service providing phone number only experience
Mobile communication control method and system
Wireless communication apparatus
Increasing the capacity of a cellular radio network
Multi-layer composite transducer array
Variable directional capacitor microphone comprising elastic acoustic resisting member
Intermediate density marker and a method using such a marker for radiographic examination
Independently-adjustable circuit board carrier
Printed circuit board and electronic package using same
Circuit board retainer and support apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Mounting frame for use with three point hitch
Concave for an agricultural combine
Flail-type honeycomb decapper
Lighted fishing reel
Fly-fishing reel
Methods and apparatus for performing processing operations on a slaughtered animal or part thereof
Device for extraction of fishbones
Positioning bivalve shellfish for processing
Apparatus for manufacturing frozen plastic composition masses containing gel pieces
Wheel device
Device for distributing a pasty, in particular, cosmetic, product and method of manufacturing this device
Support assembly for personal electronic device and method for using the same
Locking system for supporting element
Computer desk
Music stand
Collapsible chair having a table
Snap-together file storage system
Folding chair
Office chair with adjustable backrest and adjustable seat
Backrest structure of a chair, particularly a drum chair
Magnetic drinking vessel holding device
Multipurpose suction-type connection seat
Swing drive mechanism for child's swing
Hanging holder for decorations
Barbeque turner
Battery-operated liquifier
Dipping mixer
Eye illumination system and method
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Ophthalmic apparatus
Mobile device for X-ray apparatus
Medical device with time-out feature
Water jet teeth cleaning apparatus
Dental device acting as a variable-height mouth opener, a saliva ejector and an oral dam
Apparatus and method for cleaning dental articulators
Coded dental handle
Adjustable dental instrument
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket with enhanced rotation control
Bony anchor extender
Dental implant having a force distribution shell to reduce stress shielding
Fluid vacuum system
System and method for increased flow uniformity
Clap skate
Walking sole for in-line skate
Dual edge snowboard with straight edge portions
Interface device between a boot and alpine ski
Snowboard releasable and reattachable binding system
Hand held control unit for controlling a display screen-oriented computer game, and a display screen-oriented computer game having one or more such control units
Interactive communication system for communicating video game and karaoke software
Dice game
Like kind card game
Method for playing a puzzle game
Electronic gaming device offering a game of knowledge for enhanced payouts
Shock absorber for toy vehicles
Alternative medicine elements package
Entertainment doll
Action doll
Toy with moving parts
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas-liquid contact tray and method
Package-type scroll compressor
Method of mixing viscous fluids
Tank agitator having a clean-in-place shaft and seal assembly
Bucket mixer attachment for skid steer vehicle
Diffused aeration system
Multiple tub mobile blender
Method and apparatus for mixing pulp a suspension with a fluid medium with a freely rotatable mixing rotor
Method for agitating the liquid contents of paint balls
Method of and apparatus for producing sub-micron bubbles in liquids, slurries, and sludges
Portable rotary catalytic oxidizer systems
Pneumatic control of formation and transport of small volume liquid samples
Roller for applying paints or similar application masses
Full faced steel vehicle wheel and method of manufacture
Hollow-cast component
Electronic chassis door locking apparatus
Holder for the detachable mounting of cutting tools with predetermined maximum clamping force
Bracket drill template
Indexable insert for rotary milling tools
Connector for a power supply
Trapped insert turbine airfoil
Quasi-kinematic coupling and method for use in assembling and locating mechanical components and the like
Debris capturing device for power drill
Interrupted cut pacifier (ICP)
Positive feed tool having a retract valve
Abrasive tape for texturing magnetic recording media
Integrated double seam grinder for manual welding preparation
Apparatus and method of device stripe height control
Apparatus and method for cleansing a polishing pad
Method of polishing a hard material-coated wafer
Loading system and collect assembly for grinding a workpiece
Method and apparatus for grinding wafers using a grind chuck having high elastic modulus
Hand piece apparatus for abrasive cleaning devices
Grinding wheel for grinding material from bimetallic surfaces
Method and apparatus for planarizing and cleaning microelectronic substrates
Abrasive sheet dispenser
Vacuum cup apparatus
Tool drive system
Snap-in chuck assembly and snap-in tool
Pneumatic gripper with three self-centering jaws
System for and method of binding and trimming a perfect bound book
Container for forming voids in concrete
Injection of encapsulating material on an optocomponent
Molding machine with mold block carriage
Element for molding a pattern in a tread
Belt tensioner device and method for making same
Connector mold and a connector molding method
Electrically operated injection apparatus
Honeycomb extrusion die
Extended life die plate
Printing apparatus
Apparatus for recording a gradient image on transparent media
Apparatus for forming textured layers over images
Ink jet printer, and ink discharge velocity adjusting method and apparatus in the same
Driving method of an ink-jet head
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Apparatus for generating high frequency ink ejection and ink chamber refill
On demand type ink jet recording apparatus and method
Hybrid multi-drop/multi-pass printing system
Ink-jet recording head
Method and apparatus for dynamically aligning a printer printhead
Connection unit for an inkjet head, and an inkjet cartridge and inkjet printer using the same
Ink jet print cartridge having active cooling cell
Ink jet print head containing a radiation curable resin layer
Contoured cross-sectional wiper for cleaning inkjet printheads
Method for cleaning an ink jet print head
Translational inkjet servicing module with multiple functions
System to perform ink jet printing head recovery
Ink jet recorder
Ink jet recorder
Ink jet recording device capable of reliably discharging air bubble during purging operations
Ink jet printing apparatus with air purge function
Hot melt type inkjet head and sheet shaped heating device used for hot melt type inkjet head
Ink cartridge for ink jet printer
Ink jet recording apparatus having temperature control function
Printable file folder with custom label tab
Tip mechanism for knock-type ballpoint pen
Wheel hub/joint unit with intermediate ring
Hidden type quick-release wheel hub assembly with reinforcing arrangement
Play-eliminating wheel fitting
Fixing device for a baby stroller frame and a hub
Aerodynamic wheel
Quick release hitch pin
Swiveling trailer hitch alignment and lifting device with multiple pivoting points
Hitch pin retainer assembly
Vocational air ride tandem axle suspensions
Automotive suspension system having a plurality of hydraulic cylinders
Camber angle control type suspension system
Air passage switching system for air conditioner
Windshield supporting structure
Side tarpaulin tightener and tarpaulin mounting structure and tarpaulin in conjunction therewith
Convertible vehicle
Opening and closing device for a truck lid of a vehicle
Wind baffle attachable to seats using straps
Vehicle brake control
System for unwinding and laying wires in particular of catenary feed cables
Integrated active seat suspension and seat lockup device
Seat sliding apparatus
Vehicle seat with backrest part adjustment
Child car seat adapted for frontward and rearward facing configurations
Seating board for child occupant and child seat
Infant vehicle seat
Back seat arrangement for passenger compartments
Vehicle occupant protection system
Seat arrangement
Extendible rear bumper for an extendible tilt bed roll off truck
Hold-down device for pick-up truck cargo beds
Pawl construction and method
System for automatically adjusting optical axis direction of vehicle headlight
Headlight for vehicle in accordance with projection principle
Modular lamp assembly and method of assembling same
Removable, reusable safety light
Vehicle blind spot mirror
Dual rear view mirrors for trucks and other vehicles
Electrochromic device having a self-cleaning hydrophilic coating
Electrochromic assembly including at least one polymeric substrate
Audio rack for a vehicle
Electric connecting configuration
Knee protector with load distribution cage
Steering wheel including an air bag module
Airbag mounting structure of airbag device
Automotive air bag device
Arrangement for fastening a gas generator
Steering wheel assembly
Occupant belt presenter
Active brake control for rotor/wing aircraft
Vehicular brake system operating during stop
Wheel spin-and-brake algorithm for a rear wheel anti-lock brake system
Vehicular brake system for performing effective brake operations
Electrically controlled brake system shut down by turn off of ignition switch with delay time
Braking device
Piston pump
Hydraulic anti-lock brake system and circuit arrangement therefor
Rail car coupling knuckle carrying device
Collapsible golf trolley
Handle-propelled, load-carrying land vehicle
Shopping cart with front gate
Portable stackable wagon assembly
Seat positioning frame of a stroller
Vehicle subframes
Control device for controlling rigidity and deformation of car body
Windshield supporting structure
Splash guard and method of making
Support assembly for a vehicle
Automotive vehicle cast frame components
Truck tailgate accessory
Motor vehicle including a deployable spoiler
Steering system for a multiple vehicle train
Endless drive track with improved drive lug configuration
Golf equipment trailer
Bicycle seat
Tread rod of acrobatic bicycle
Sound producing generator for bicycle
Trailing rod assembly for coupling a baby carrier to a bicycle
Detachable coupling block and base frame mounting arrangement for kick scooter
Turning mechanism for tandem wheeled vehicles and vehicles employing the same
Manual operating assembly for a vehicle
Hook and unhooking coupling device
Vessel comprising a swivel assembly
Counter rotating bypass propeller
Water jet propulsion unit for use in water borne craft
Water jet propulsion system for watercraft
Enhanced waterjet propulsor
Propeller assembly including a cantilever spring
Air induction system for tunnel mounted surface piercing propellers
Modified surface for reducing the turbulences of a fluid and transportation process
Apparatus for braking a set of aircraft wheels
Rotary engine and helicopter application
Cargo lock for fixing cargo pallets to seat tracks in aircraft
Aircraft vertical landing guidance method and system
Payload carry and launch system
Magnetic propulsion system and operating method
Evolvable propulsion module
Gusseted bag
Condiment container support device
Tool suspension rack
Refuse collection vehicle
Apparatus for securing and carrying box-shaped cargo
Continuously feeding sheets with coil unwind control
Method and a system for controlling tension of paper and foil webs
Universal metering hopper and method for handling thick or thin newspaper products
Signature feeder and method including a variable speed separator disk
Card output gap adjustment mechanism for a card stacker
Sheet sorting apparatus and method
Drive mechanism for sheet material feed roller
Automatic steel cord winders
Method of determining optimum time for replacing the media feed roller of a printing device
Tubular core assemblies for rolls of paper or other sheet material
Heavy vehicle lifting device and method
Method and apparatus for controlling gasoline vapor emissions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High toughness heat-resistant steel, turbine rotor and method of producing the same
Apparatus and method for batch thermal conditioning of substrates
Anode installation apparatus and method
Fixed Constructions
Paver having an improved material hopper and loader for same
Paver having a conveyor for loading a following paver
Stabilization of earthen slopes and subgrades with small-aperture coated textile meshes
In-situ blending and transferring of earth materials
Method and device for raising and supporting a building foundation
Railroad cable plow apparatus
Fastening fitting with a reinforcing member-tightening portion
Electric lid closure
Conformal security device
Emergency dump apparatus for buoyancy air tanks on buoyant riser systems
Fiberglass sucker rod end fitting
Guide member details for a through-tubing retrievable well pump
Process for cladding substrates and constructions produced thereby
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shaft assembly mechanism for scroll compressor
Seal assembly
Exhaust connector assembly and kit for a segmented exhaust manifold
Deicing device for a jet engine air inlet cowl
Shut-off or throttle valve with pivotal flap
Motor-operated flow control valve and gas recirculation control valve for internal combustion engine
Compressor assembly
Structure of a piston of an air-filing device
Seal structure for casing
Low power electromagnetic pump
Full flow tubing stationary valve pump apparatus
11/2 Piston force pump
Scroll type compressor
Rotors for screw compressor
Hydraulic motor valve with integral case drain
Force-fit scroll compressor assembly
Scroll-type fluid displacement device for vacuum pump application
Pump with storage tank
Construction of a fan
Ceiling fan sign
Direct drive compressor assembly with switched reluctance motor drive
Dual inlet vacuum pumps
Method of operating a radial compressor set with intake and discharge flow control
Thrust balance device
Driven unit, especially for use in a cross flow fan
Die cast compressor housing for centrifugal compressors with a true volute shape
Method and arrangement for securing an assembly onto a support using a pre-installed securing bolt outfitted with a safety cap
Blind screw anchor and system
Threaded metal insert
Sample stage including a slider assembly
Safety end cap for rotary bearing
Compensating element for a pulling and pressing rod
Non-linear non-circular coiled spring
Active vibration isolator
Dampening strut
Layer interference orientation for high temperature gasket
Packing seal having at least two axially adjacent segment rings
Variable pressure loading system utilizing combined spring and fluid pressure
Fluid control valve and fluid supply/exhaust system
Tube joint
Device and method for connecting a fluid conduit to a receiving fitting
Sealing device
Duct joining system
Clamp for metal tubing
Connecting splice for cable trough sections, and resulting cable trough sections
Hose coupling and method of manufacture
Mechanism for mounting fluid pressure member in equipment-mounting frame member
Conduit and block connection indicator device
Stabilizing pedestal for computer system tower units
Tailcap and bulb holder for a flashlight
Appliance lighting device
Circular fluorescent lamp unit and lighting apparatus.
Socket lock for ornament bulbs
Adjustable lamp assembly for industrial emergency fixtures
Illuminated telescopic inspection/pickup tool
Spring clip light fixture connector
Direct-indirect luminaire having improved down light glare control
Tubular barrel-shaped flashlight having rotatable switching assembly and focusing and defocusing capability
Led array with a multi-directional, multi-functional light reflector
Linear light source unit
Optical waveguide structures for vehicle lighting
Fuel combustion device and method
Microcombustor having submillimeter critical dimensions
Ash melting furnace and ash melting method thereof
Wind outlet plate of an air conditioner for cleaning air
Ventilator for air circulation
Rolling body for a rotary drum and rotary drum with a rolling body
Connector for securing heat exchanger tube to heating vessel bulkhead
Simulator for front-loaded barrel weapons
Connector assembly with extreme temperature protective ceramic deadface
Line of sight pointing mechanism for sensors
Positioning mechanism
Dual protected instant temperature detector
Calibrator for contact and non-contact thermometer
System and method for an improved calorimeter for determining thermodynamic properties of chemical and biological reactions
Method for measurement of the surface polarity of inorganic material
Plasma surface treatment of silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Active mirror
Apparatus and method for intensifying illumination brightness by time-superposing multiple pulsed light sources
Optical element
Optical connector and a method of attaching the same
Shielded optical fiber adaptor
Cable puller
Quick release glasses lens
Manually adjustable spectacle temple
Method of manufacturing progressive power spectacle lenses
TFT panel alignment and attachment method and apparatus
Display device
System and method for latent film recovery in electronic film development
Device for monitoring a sheet material and method for monitoring a sheet material by using the device
Apparatus and method for automatically diluting concentrated replenishers and liquid level control apparatus
Implementation of idle mode in a suspend/resume microprocessor system
Ergonomic hand support for use with a computer pointing device
Chip card connector
Interactive television system and methodology
Lottery system
Random number generator for electronic applications
Size changeable hopper
Coin hopper device
Coin discharging apparatus
Method for motivating players to return to a casino using premiums
Computerized education system for teaching patient care
Method for developing answer-options to issue-questions relating to child-development
System for providing feedback to test resolvers
Bubbling brain novelty
Label for labelling of preferably cylindrical containers
Tape tension control apparatus
Docking adapter for memory storage devices
Holder with retaining device for compact disc and other media cases
Module bay with directed flow
Multi-function chamber for a substrate processing system
Integrated wafer pod-load/unload and mass-transfer system
Retainer for a BGA fan
Thermal control apparatus for two-axis measurement system
Contact set
Cable connector
IDC connector
Flexible circuit service connector
Electrical plug connector
Hermaphroditic contact
Mid connector with extending solder creeping paths
Contact for electrical connector
Electrical connector
Waterproof connector for electrical terminals
Electrical connector for a printed circuit board
Mother board connector of public telephone
Electrical card connector
Coupling connector
Electrical card connector
Connector assembly with side-by-side terminal arrays
Liquid-tight connector
Connector terminal protective cover
Adjustable retainer for electrical cords
Modular electrical plug and plug-cable assembly including the same
Structure of a socket for ensuring secured retention of a plug connected to the socket
Modular electrical connector assembly
Connector mating structure
Lever type connector
Double-shielded connector
ESD and crosstalk protected hybrid connector
Jack plug
Cigarette lighter adapter with securing ring
Signal adaptation plug with rotatable connector
Non-arcing fluorescent lamp holder
Electrical terminal array with insulation displacement connectors and surge arrestors
Terminal device
Splicing connector
Female terminal for printed circuit board
Cam lock spark plug wire connection
Method and apparatus for securing distance of spark discharge gap of spark plug by means of image data processing
Device for fixing a built-in apparatus
Cable pulling machine
Pulling device for elongated articles
Display apparatus
Wiring unit with angled insulation displacement contacts
Socket for electrical parts
Connector with high-densely arranged terminals for connecting to working element and printed circuit board through LGA type connection
Printed circuit board carrier insertion/extraction assembly
Tiltable electronics cabinet
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew