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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Method and apparatus for encoding transactions for goods and services using an e-receipt
Human Necessities
Combined golf ball retriever and retractable sand rake
Gardening components
Weighted athletic and therapy glove and method
Interchangeable ornament ring
Baby diaper-changing pad cover
Convertible pillow system and associated methods
Self-adjusting pillow
Cooking grid
Cover for a bathtub overflow port and associated method
Bath stool
Brushing assembly
Limited-angle frequency-distance resolution recovery in nuclear medicine imaging
Liquid medicine ejection device
Method and apparatus for cardiac pacing with variable safety margin
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for performing a ground vibration test in airplanes
Automated condensate drain line cleaning system, method, and kit
Customizable light bulb changer
Hair brush and replaceable cutting unit for hair brush
Automated scrap wire removal method and apparatus
Mounting device for electrical component
Apparatus for manufacturing single faced corrugated pasteboard
Method for alarming inner pressure lowering of tires using GPS information and device thereof, and program for alarming inner pressure lowering of tires
Method and device for assessing the risk of fluid leakage in a heat exchanger with sensor
Safe gear box for electrical steering column lock
Self-cleaning exterior mirror for trucks and like vehicles and associated method
Method of controlling an automated clutch of a vehicle
Bicycle crank axle with a radial projection
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cooling tube mechanism for an I. S. Machine
Textiles; Paper
Ironing board having an extendable and rectractable base
Fixed Constructions
Hand-held power tool with a percussion unit
Flush passage ventilation fitting
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof
Joint fitting between members and joint structure and joining method of upper and lower floor vertical frame members
FRP composite wall panels and methods of manufacture
Construction system for constructing plane structures
Wall and floor construction arrangements and methods
Rack assembly for mounting solar modules
Modular shelter system, particularly for transport of persons and/or objects
Door lock of key-driven transmission structure
Moveable boom hinge
Modular assembly system
Overhead garage door
Multi-pane glass assembly for a refrigerated display case
Method and apparatus for processing and injecting drill cuttings
Downhole application for a backpressure valve
Device for selective movement of well tools and also a method of using same
Degradable cement compositions containing degrading materials and methods of cementing in wellbores
Control of the properties of cement slurries with optimized polymers combination
Flow control using a tortuous path
High temperature fracturing fluids and method of use
Method for breaking fracturing fluids
Hydrocarbon recovery from impermeable oil shales using sets of fluid-heated fractures
Internal breaker for oilfield treatments
Wellbore drilling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Heat regenerative engine
Pre-heater coil in a heat regenerative engine
Dual valve lifter assembly
Intake manifold with a swirl system for an internal combustion engine
Method of determining ambient pressure for fuel injection
Supporting sleeve for cylinder head screws and cylinder head
Structural track support of spraybars/tubing
Natural vacuum leak detection device using diaphragm-seal mechanism
Method of controlling a piezoelectric actuator
Method of operating a fuel injector
Control method for a direct injection system of the common-rail type provided with a shut-off valve for controlling the flow rate of a high-pressure
Variable transmission
Hydraulic brake energy regeneration system for electric energy storage and vehicle drive assist
Medical device coating configuration and method for improved lubricity and durability
Two-part protector for a pipe end which is provided with an external or internal thread
Method and installation for cooling slaughtered poultry
Cool cap for outdoor heat exchangers
Direct exchange geothermal heating/cooling system sub-surface tubing installation with supplemental sub-surface tubing configuration
Flexible hydrocarbon gas separation process and apparatus
Heat exchanger
Bipod support and mount
Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information
Blast mitigating mobile self-contained networked checkpoint
Bore elevation and azimuth measuring apparatus and method
Contact sensing probe
Field replaceable sensor module and methods of use thereof
Device for calculating the quantity of light and method thereof
Systems and methods for configuring a test setup
Apparatus and method for measuring a fluid flow-rate within a capillary
Method and device for acquiring contour deviations of a flexible component, taking into account the component's own weight
Bearing for wheel with sensor
Pressure sensor having a diaphragm having a pressure-receiving portion receiving a pressure and a thick portion adjacent to the pressure-receiving portion
Method for determining density distributions and atomic number distributions during radiographic examination methods
X-ray crystal orientation measuring method and X-ray crystal orientation measuring apparatus
System and method for generating three-dimensional density-based defect map
Mass spectrometric data analyzing method, mass spectrometric data analyzing apparatus, mass spectrometric data analyzing program, and solution offering system
Test method and architecture for circuits having inputs
Power umbilical for deep water
Solid core optic fiber and method for the production thereof
Structure of photonic crystal
Three-dimensional periodic structure and fabrication method thereof
Transparent optical switch
Method and system for using toner concentration as an active control actuator for TRC control
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge, developing unit, and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus which includes an image bearing body surface potential detection feature
Image forming apparatus with toner concentration controller
Xerographic printer having a semiresistive rotatable brush in the transfer zone
Fusing device of an image forming apparatus and method thereof
Cleaning device, process cartridge, cleaning member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Tuning control parameters of vibration reduction and motion control systems for fabrication equipment and robotic systems
Interlock apparatus and method for supplying gas to a semiconductor manufacturing device
Method and system for adjusting the timing offset between a clock signal and respective digital signals transmitted along with that clock signal, and memory device and computer system using same
Method and apparatus for selectively reducing the depth of digital data
Portable computer using a fuel cell
USB device that provides power that is different from power prescribed in the USB standard
Supply interface unit for direct current power pooling
Power control apparatus in a data communication network, and method therefor
Method for evaluating delay test quality
Distributed storage system capable of restoring data in case of a storage failure
Digital content cryptograph and process
Data storage and caching architecture
Data storage system
Method of optimizing performance of a flash memory
Storage system and data processing system
Method and apparatus for monitoring the quantity of differential data in a storage system
Precharge suggestion
System and method for storing storage operating system data in switch ports
Dynamic relocation of execute in place applications
Memory controller
Ultra-modular processor in lattice topology
PCI standard hot-plug controller (SHPC) with user programmable command execution timing
Multiprocessor system
Outputting apparatus, outputting method, recording apparatus, recording method, reproduction apparatus, reproduction method and recording medium
Memory management system including on access flow regulator for a data processing system
Mobile GPS systems for providing location mapping and/or performance data
Communication system for automation equipment based on the WSDL language
Method and apparatus for utilizing an existing product code to issue a match to a predetermined location on a global network
Method and system for efficient and automated version management of embedded objects in web documents
Systems and methods for providing in-band and out-band message processing
Use of web usage trail data to identify relationships between browsable items
Remote customer management of virtual routers allocated to the customer
System broadcasting ARP request from a server using a different IP address to balance incoming traffic load from clients via different network interface cards
Information collection apparatus and method
Priority determination apparatus, priority determination method, and priority determination program
Platform-based optimization routines provided by firmware of a computer system
Routing mechanism for static load balancing in a partitioned computer system with a fully connected network
Data search system and data search method
Method and system providing user with personalized recommendations by electronic-mail based upon the determined interests of the user pertain to the theme and concepts of the categorized document
Method and apparatus for efficient propagation of large datasets under failure conditions
Limit engine database management system
User intent discovery
System and method for storing and accessing data in an interlocking trees datastore
Method for searching document objects on a network
Method and apparatus for providing help content corresponding to the occurrence of an event within a computer
Validating multiple execution plans for database queries
Semiconductor equipment
Noise checking method and apparatus and computer-readable recording medium which records a noise checking program
Wireless wafer carrier identification and enterprise data synchronization
FFT accelerated display mode
Methods for controlling dimensional variations in workpieces subjected to machining operations
Methods for quantitative analysis by tandem mass spectrometry
Method and system for coordinating data and voice communications via contact channel changing system
Address management device
Method and apparatus for configuring communication between devices in a computer system
Service providing system and service providing device that provides a specific service in response to user authority determination based on positional relationships of virtual objects
System for supporting a virtual community
Method,device and bus manager for operating a device that is connected to a motor vehicle communications network
System and method for automatically linking items with multiple attributes to multiple levels of folders within a content management system
Method to determine when a media handling system configuration is valid and a media handling system arranged in accordance with the same method
Method and device for consistent bidirectional analysis of engine characteristics map data
Method for the determination of soundness of a sheet-shaped medium, and method for the verification of data of a sheet-shaped medium
Method for providing extended precision in SIMD vector arithmetic operations
Automated process execution for project management
System and method for compacting field upgradeable wireless communication device software code sections
Computer program product having preloaded software module
Method of personalizing and identifying communications
Method and apparatus for providing multiple data class differentiation with priorities using a single scheduling structure
Mechanism for managing parallel execution of processes in a distributed computing environment
Encoding information in a watermark
Image processing apparatus and method
Method of using plural watermarks to prevent unauthorized image copying
Image compression method and apparatus, and image coding method and apparatus
Image processing device
Image processing apparatus, image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, camera system, computer program, and storage medium
Image combination device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and medium on which image processing program is recorded
Interactive system
Automatic generation of baysian diagnostics from fault trees
User operated group machine time slot reservation and management system
Method and apparatus for facilitating the selection of legal and legal-related service providers
Method, system and medium for remotely managing plural image forming apparatuses and plural types of maintenance agreements relating to the apparatuses
Scene change detection apparatus
Wine bottle greeting card
Tag clip for labeling tubes, cables and the like
Informational stop sign
Speech recognition with feedback from natural language processing for adaptation of acoustic model
Cut-list creation system, center server, advertisement creation terminals, computer programs, storage media and cut-list creation method of center server
Apparatus and method for testing a device for storing data
Memory chip with test logic taking into consideration the address of a redundant word line and method for testing a memory chip
Optical recording medium, data recording or reproducing apparatus and data recording or reproducing method used by the data recording or reproducing apparatus
Memory card authentication system, capacity switching-type memory card host device, capacity switching-type memory card, storage capacity setting method, and storage capacity setting program
Method for making a short-circuiting member and method for making a commutator
Optical element module package and method for manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for regenerating fuels in a solid generator chemical oxygen iodine laser
Clock data recovery method and circuit for network communication
High-speed adaptive interconnect architecture with nonlinear error functions
Waveform equalizer and shift register
Method and arrangement for enhancing search through trellis
Link layer device with configurable address pin allocation
System and method for sending high fidelity sound between wireless units
Direct conversion RF transceiver with automatic transmit power control
Frequency synthesizer with selectable preconfigured synthesizer characteristics
Smart amplifier for time division duplex wireless applications
Motion picture encoding apparatus
Reliable conveyance of orthogonal space information
RF receiver having improved signal-to-noise ratio and method of operation
Channel identification in communications networks
Transmission of point-to-multipoint services to a destination area
Noise suppression apparatus
Dynamic frequency selection in a wireless communication network
Adaptive scaling and echo reduction
Modular computer
Emergency services for wireless data access networks
Method and apparatus for providing a highly reliable ACK/NACK for time division duplex (TDD) and frequency division duplex (FDD)
Dynamic preamble detection
V.8bis suppression method and apparatus for modem relay
Method and apparatus implementing a multimedia digital network
Method and apparatus for providing configurable layers and protocols in a communications system
Image processor and image processing method
Generation of user equipment identification specific scrambling code for the high speed shared control channel
Encryption circuit
Feedback for data transmissions
Packet communication method and apparatus and a recording medium storing a packet communication program
Scheduler for a packet routing and switching system
System and method for scheduling a cross-bar
Transparent optimization for session establishment using characterized synchronization packet
Apparatus and process for data communication, in particular for the parameterization and remote monitoring of heating installations
Mailbox registers for synchronizing header processing execution
Integrating switching and facility networks
Method of optical network bandwidth representation for optical label switching networks
Apparatus and method for providing a secondary messaging system for a ToL communication system
Method and apparatus for superimposing differential signals onto a set of binary signals to increase the information-carrying capacity of the original set of signals
Orthogonally-multiplexed orthogonal amplitude modulation method
Systems and methods to provide wideband magnitude and phase imbalance calibration and compensation in quadrature receivers
Digital interface in radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Method and apparatus for parallel decoding of turbo encoded data
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data transfer
Identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with different keys
Distribution information management system and method
Electronic watermark data insertion apparatus and electronic watermark data detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for re-synchronization of a stream cipher during handoff
Methods and apparatus for embedding and recovering watermarking information based on host-matching codes
Security communication packet processing apparatus and the method thereof
Antenna for wireless systems
Foldable and portable mobile communication terminal
Slide type mobile terminal and sliding mechanism thereof
Method and apparatus for monitoring subscriber loop interface circuitry power dissipation
Method and system for enabling circuit testing services on a multi-service provisioning platform
External detection of optional telephone services on an unknown telephone line
Authentication method for fast handover in a wireless local area network
Method for virtual network connectivity for powered off stations in wireless LAN networks
Method and apparatus for dial stream analysis
Methods and apparatus for selectively including an audio signal component within an audio output signal
Method and apparatus for automatically terminating a call
Image recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Equalizing signal-to-interference ratios of different physical channels supporting a coded composite transport channel
Techniques for voice-based user authentication for mobile access to network services
Service level indication and registration processing in a wireless communication device
Telecommunications system and terminal apparatus for exchanging terminal stored information and automatically updating changed information among terminal users
Determining service coverage for metropolitan wireless networks
Selecting a wireless link in a public wireless communication network
Forward channel scheduling algorithm of HDR system
Wireless base station position setting method, wireless communication system, and program
Acoustic device
Electromagnetic driver for a planar diaphragm loudspeaker
Auto-calibrating surround system
Systems and methods for processing x-ray images
Process for forming at least a portion of a package or an envelope bearing a printed indicia
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Medication reminder key chain
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrostatic holding apparatus having insulating layer with enables easy attachment and detachment of semiconductor object
Continuous tone microfluidic printing
Thermal recording apparatus
Circuit for controlling current for driving printing dot array
Printer with background images
Brake warning method and system
Variable transmittance electrochromic devices
Seat belt usage indicating device
Antitheft protection system for a motor vehicle
Security system
Device for preventing detection of a traffic violation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Smectic liquid crystal which enables grayscale display, and liquid crystal using the same
Reflective type liquid crystal display device
Fixed Constructions
Antenna tower and support apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling fan mounting arrangement
Position sensor for latching solenoid valve
Heat conducting device for a circuit board
Device for detecting the position of two bodies
Method and apparatus for generating transducer output pulses compensated for component variations
Multiplexed driver for a magnetic transmitter
Test circuit on flexible membrane with adhesive
Interference-type distance measuring device
Ring laser gyro with an injected third beam
Reduced minimum configuration interferometric fiber optic gyroscope with simplified signal processing electronics
Display having at least one hand, in particular for timepieces
Color printer color control system with automatic spectrophotometer calibration system
Clinical thermometer
Method for applying a microsystem or a converter on a substrate, and device manufactured accordingly
Optical measurement probe calibration configurations
Dual modulation laser line-locking technique for wavelength modulation spectroscopy
Combined dispersive/interference spectroscopy for producing a vector spectrum
Calibrating combinations of probes and channels in an oscilloscope
Low profile laminated shunt
High frequency current detecting apparatus
Device for testing solar home systems
Magnetic detecting element utilizing magnetic impedance effect
Spin valve device with improved thermal stability
Laminated hard magnet in MR sensor
Antenna system for the reception of magnetic resonance signals
Method of homogenizing magnetic fields
Gradient coil system for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Rapid high-accuracy magnetic resonance imaging
MRI reconstruction using scan-specific partial echo and partial NEX data acquisitions and a network
System and method for on-line hall sensor programming
Combined GPS and CDMA in a mobile transceiver
Combination microwave passive infrared motion detector with anti-masking evaluation
Monitoring antenna system
Direction of arrival estimation apparatus and variable directional signal receiving and transmitting apparatus using the same
Method and system for synchronizing receiver systems of a wireless location system
Method and apparatus for locating high resistance utility convenyances
Tow mechanism for resistivity mapping apparatus
Methods of determining resistivity of a formation through which a cased borehole passes
Shielding method and apparatus for selective attenuation of an electromagnetic energy field component
Use of phase coded permeability lensing to obtain directional information in electro-magnetic radiation
Method and apparatus for activating weather warning devices
Exposure apparatus and exposure method for transferring pattern onto a substrate
Attachment lens for short distance shots
Three-group zoom lens
Optical element and optical system having the same
Fiber-coupled, angled-dual-axis confocal scanning microscopes for imaging in a scattering medium
Optical attenuator
Microelectromechanical switch with braking algorithm
Optical low-pass filter and optical apparatus having the same
Micromirror device for image display apparatus
Direct digital synthesis pixel clock generator
Laser imaging system with progressive multi-beam scan architecture
Projection type liquid crystal display device
Head-mounted picture display device
Image pickup optical system
Extremely high resolution foveated display
Method and apparatus for displaying three-dimensional images
Faraday rotator and magneto-optical element using the same
Method and apparatus for optically modulating light utilizing a resonant cavity structure
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective diffraction grating for use in display devices
Reflective LCD having high transmittance and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display panel for using in a timepiece comprising reflective polarizers and absorption film
Liquid crystal beam polarizer and method for manufacturing thereof
Data scanning and conversion system for photographic image reproduction
Multiple lateral imaging apparatus and method
Multiple exposure method
Analog sound track digitizer
Electrical appliance with parameterable function at reduced cost
Semiconductor integrated circuit having active mode and standby mode converters
Programmable and input voltage independent reference voltage generator
Circuit and method for providing a reference voltage
Internal clock signal generating circuit permitting rapid phase lock
Phase alignment system
Personal computing device with foldable keyboard
Computer data storage device mounting apparatus
Mobile computer with PC housing for PC card and dongle
Fixing device of a disk driver
Fixing apparatus of data storing device
Removable hard disk drive module
Dual-purpose backplane design for multiple types of hard disks
Backplane support bracket
Cooling method and device for notebook personal computer
Battery powered remote switch controller
Kit for recording or transmitting information of a note in freehand
System and method for a virtual reality system having a frame buffer that stores a plurality of view points that can be selected and viewed by the user
Multimedia PC keyboard extended with music control keys
System and methods for controlling automatic scrolling of information on a display or screen
User input device for a computer system
Pointing device which uses an image picture to generate pointing signals
Encoding device
Printing system, printing apparatus, information processing apparatus and storage medium storing font download control program
Printing system using communication network
Applet and application display in embedded systems using child and orphan graphics contexts
Electronic function module for generating a current which any rational power of another current
Memory-saving printer driver
Image forming apparatus capable of continuous operation after malfunction correction
Stage having controlled variable resistance load circuit for use in voltage controlled ring oscillator
Method and system for managing access to data through data transformation
Information processing method and apparatus and providing medium
Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality
Method and apparatus for producing an electronic image
Fast transmission of graphic objects
Multiple image morphing
Method for computer image color shading painting or recreation
Block-by-block data compression with quantization control
Security module for monitoring security in an electronic system and method
Glass breakage detector
Large signal noise cancellation in electronic article surveillance
Photoelectric smoke detector
System for monitoring operability of fire event sensors
Method and apparatus for distance-based notification in a two-way wireless communication system
System and method for reading and transmitting water meter data utilizing RF signals
Method and apparatus for receiving an input by an entertainment device
Display apparatus capable of adjusting subfield number according to brightness
Luminous display and its driving method
Addressing method and apparatus
Liquid crystal pixel current sensing for silicon micro displays
Field enhancing magnetic pole for magneto-optical recording and reproducing device
Apparatus for recording, reproducing or erasing
Apparatus and method for providing axial control outside impact resistance of a hard disk drive to maintain a constant flying height of a head by control of a suspension
Regulatable optical disc drive and method of controlling a regulatable optical disc drive
Disk reproducing speed control method and a disk reproducing apparatus using this method
Recording defect substitution method for a disc-shaped recording medium, and a recording and reproducing apparatus for a disc-shaped recording medium
Disc drive servo system with dual head sampling
Head slider
Disk cartridge and adapter
Recording medium, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus with reproduction path flag information
Stiffened cover for a head disc assembly of a disc drive
Arrangement structure of the printed circuit board and the interface cable connector of a magnetic disk drive
Extracting and positioning structure for hard disk drive
Multi-dimensionally oriented magnetic field information storage system
AC erase system and method for data storage media
Separably bondable shunt for wireless suspensions
Magnetic head
Surface hardened swage mount for improved performance
Head to flexure interconnection for disc drive microactuator
Minimal stiffness conductors for a head gimbal assembly
Magnetic head suspension
Interconnect designs for micromotor, magnetic recording head and suspension assemblies
Air bearing slider and method of producing the same
Shock limiter system for a head suspension
Information recording medium where address mark comprising pattern suitable for prevention of detection error is recorded, and cutting apparatus for reproducing the information recording medium
Optical disk with recesses inside an inner circumference of an information recording area and method of making same
Optical pickup device
Tracking servo circuit
Pickup device with tilt adjusting mechanism
Apparatus for reading and/or writing information from/onto an optical data carrier
Diffractive stack pickup head for optical disk drives and method to fabricate the pickup head
Optical data storage disk
Memory cell configuration
Reference potential generating circuit
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Differential one-time programmable memory cell structure in CMOS technology
Charge amplifier for MOS imaging array
Pad for integrated circuit device which allows for multiple probing and reliable bonding and integrated circuit device including the pad
Clamp circuit with fuse options
Semiconductor device with stable and appropriate data output timing
Synchronous dynamic random access memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Pulsing of body voltage for improved MOS integrated circuit performance
Semiconductor memory device employing pipeline operation with reduced power consumption
Synchronous semiconductor memory apparatus and input information latch control method thereof
Synchronous counter for electronic memories
Semiconductor memory device having stable wordline operations
Thin magnetic element and transformer
Wire wound inductor
Stationary induction apparatus
Multi-layer capacitor, wiring substrate, decoupling circuit, and high-frequency circuit
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Electrode for electrolytic capacitor
Variable-conductance sensor
Circuit arrangement for controlling an inductive load
Overcurrent protection device
Junction-based field emission structure for field emission display
Deflection yoke with geometry distortion correction
Device and method for packaging an electronic device
System and method of heat extraction from an integrated circuit die
Heat sink for integrated circuit packages
Device and method for cooling multi-chip modules
Electronic package for electronic components and method of making same
Signal busses on printed board structures mounting ASIC chips with signal termination resistor devices using planar signal terminating devices
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Multi-stage polydiode-based electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Method and apparatus for driving solid state image sensor
Electronic device in which integrated antenna and filter both have balanced terminals
Microwave equalizer with internal amplitude correction
Dielectric filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
High frequency circuit device, antenna-sharing device, and communication apparatus having spaced apart ground electrodes
Miniaturized balun transformer with a plurality of interconnecting bondwires
Meander antenna device
Helical antenna
Directional antenna
Sparse array antenna
Arrangement for use in an antenna array for transmitting and receiving at at least one frequency in at least two polarizations
Roof-mounted dish antenna housing
Antenna unit
Planar ultra wide band antenna with integrated electronics
Polarization and angular diversity among antenna beams
Circularly polarized reflect array using 2-bit phase shifter having initial phase perturbation
Low cost polarization twist space-fed E-scan planar phased array antenna
Conductive frame for receiving an electronic module
Cam and hinge mechanism for angular insertion
Electrical wiring device and method
Offset array adapter
Protection circuit for an LCD controller IC
Method and apparatus for a solar power conditioner
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
Power converter
AC adapter with current driven, zero-voltage switched synchronous rectifier
Method and apparatus for dynamically altering operation of a converter device to improve conversion efficiency
Secondary side switching regulator having a phase lock loop control circuit
Series resonant converter comprising a control circuit
Circuit for blocking a semiconductor switching device on overcurrent
Integrated soft starter for electric motor
Protection apparatus and protection method of PWM cycloconverter
System and method for auto-bias of an amplifier
Switched amplifying device
Dynamic switching frequency control for a digital switching amplifier
Operational amplifier with enhanced-gain output stages
Dactrans matchcado
Increased output swing line drivers for operation at supply voltages that exceed the breakdown voltage of the integrated circuit technology
Structure of operational amplifier
Variable gain amplifier circuit and gain control method
Lead-through type filter with built-in rectangular elements
Surface acoustic wave filter and multistage surface acoustic wave filter
Surface acoustic wave filter having an improved edge steepness via series resonators with different finger periodicities
Electronic component utilizing face-down mounting
Apparatus for selective shutdown of devices of an integrated circuit in response to thermal fault detection
Stress-follower circuit configuration
Reset circuit
High-speed output driver with an impedance adjustment scheme
Mode select circuit
Low power consumption type digital logic circuit
Vcc-compensated bus-hold circuit
Circuit and method for an integrated level shifting latch
Accelerated interconnect transmission via voltage clamping towards toggle point
Differential delay cell with common delay control and power supply
Integrated circuit with a phase locked loop
PLL circuit
Digital jitter attenuator using an accumulated count of phase differences
A/D conversion offset error correction
Digital calibration method and apparatus for A/D or D/A converters
Successive approximation analogue-to-digital converter
Density-modulated dynamic dithering circuits and method for delta-sigma converter
Television signal receiving tuner capable of receiving FM broadcasting signals without being affected by other interference signals
Television receiver with separate I-F amplifiers for VSB and QAM digital TV signals that are digitally synchrodyned
Q detection circuit
Switcher system and I/O switching method
Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and optical terminal station
Method and apparatus for sending and receiving lightweight messages
Digital multi-channel demultiplexer/multiplexer (MCD/M) architecture
System and method of providing selected advertisements between subscribers utilizing video telephones
Internet facsimile apparatus and information terminal device
Use of a printer frame buffer to hold image data received from a source device which cannot be paced
System and apparatus for single subpixel elimination with local error compensation in an high addressable error diffusion process
Image processor which manually and independently designates processing parameters for character data and image data
Autostereoscopic display system
Miniature video in the guide logo
Delay tracker
Decision directed phase detector
Sensor tilt control for a digital camera
Method and apparatus for taking digital pictures with an industry standard film camera
Motion correction device for moving images
Image producing apparatus enabling a user to evaluate an intermediate image
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using line doubling
Image processing apparatus for an on-screen-display which displays one image over another image
Method and apparatus that generates VBI data coding waveforms
Videoconference system
Method and communication system for processing alarms using a management network involving several layers of management
Component shim for mounting a component on a heat spreader
Heat management system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew