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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 13873
Polycosanols from Ericerus pela wax
Pastry fat composition incorporating botanically derived unhydrogenated oils
Quick release shoe cleat
Tension-varying slider for a set of three slats
Linear adjustable head restraint
Rearview mirror mounting assembly
Fitted sheets with elastic side segments
Liquid feed device for use on endoscopes
Suture passing surgical instrument
Apparatus and methods for tendon or ligament repair
Devices and methods for performing avascular anastomosis
System for fusing joints
Phototherapy methods and systems
Passive physiological monitoring (P2M) system
Depth and puncture control for blood vessel hemostasis system
Plastically deformable implant
Biodegradable elastomer and method of preparing same
Delivery system for endoluminal implant
Artificial intervertebral disc flexibly oriented by spring-reinforced bellows
Ob/Gyn stretcher
Photodynamic therapy for selectively closing neovasa in eyeground tissue
Pyridine derivatives
Bifunctional protein, preparation and use
Compositions for inducing secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1
Use of lipopolysaccharides to manage corneal infections and wounds
Peptide antagonists of prostaglandin F2.alpha. receptor
Tendon-inducing compositions
Nanoscale particles synthesized within an assembled virion
Use of continuous flow of O.sub.x to control biological pathogens in mail and shipping parcels
Perilaryngeal oral airway with temperature sensor
Gastric tube apparatus and method of inserting gastric tube
Plunger systems
Lifting device of a treadmill
Golf club head and golf club set
Educational basketball game device and method
Slot machine using a count valve to award bonus game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process of generating o-xylene-air mixtures for the production of phthalic anhydride
System for collecting and filtering imaging by-products
Voided polyester film
Method and apparatus for analyzing hydrocarbon streams
Metal-compound catalyzed processes
Process and apparatus for chemical conversion
Zeolite ZSM-48 catalyst and method for improving paraffinic feedstock flow point
Supported bis(phosphorus) ligands and their use in the catalysis
Multi-functional shredder
Guillotine shears
Piezoelectric actuator with compensator
Showerhead with optical lens feature
Liquid atomizer
Method for removing wrinkles, device for removing wrinkles, and coating method
Process of forming a uniaxially oriented mesostructured film on a uniaxially oriented polymer compound
Substrate treatment process and apparatus
Method for removing polymer films in the manufacture of aqueous compositions containing anionic amphiphilic polymers
Bolt cleaning system
Sonication treatment of polychlorinated biphenyl contaminated media
Flexible printed wiring board for chip-on flexibles
Coin press
Substrate alignment method and apparatus
Friction stir welding method and structure body formed
Non-contact treatment method
Low profile laser assembly
In-line program system for assembly printed circuit board
Alignment clamp
Machine tool, especially a hand machine tool
Zone polishing using variable slurry solid content
Bi-directional rotation pneumatic grinding tool
Lens grinding processing apparatus
Folding multi-tool with adjustable pliers
Combustion-powered nail gun
Power tool with oil circulation apparatus
Automatic hole punch
Method and apparatus for the production of tubes from concrete mix
Dual-chamber container, and method and apparatus for its manufacture
Composite element manufacturing method
Containers with integral lenticular systems and inner label inserts
Differential press tool
Process to make boxer shorts with an absorbent core
Electrolyte copper foil having carrier foil, manufacturing method thereof, and layered plate using the electrolyte copper foil having carrier foil
Microencapsulated rubber additive
Composite steel structural plastic sandwich plate systems
Laminate from which decorative films can be applied to a substrate
Decoration for bags and cases and method for applying the same
Apparatus for cooling material to be printed and printing units at sheet fed printing machines with cooled compressed air
Printing method, printed matter, and printing control device
Die cut sheet with applied coating carrier
Recording medium discriminating method and recording apparatus
Receiver media for high quality ink jet printing
Ink jet printheads and method therefor
Ink jet record head
Ink jet printing apparatus and an ink cartridge
Positionally stable array of abutting integrated chips on a printhead
Laminated distribution structure
Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ink ejection method
Cartridge and recording apparatus
Dot formation position misalignment adjustment performed using pixel-level information indicating dot non-formation
Retractable stamp
Method of manufacturing heat sensitive recording material and heat sensitive recording material
Ink jet recording paper
Method for custom imprinting plastic identifier tags
Method of manufacturing a booklet with protective covers
Tire reinforcing arrangement
Height-adjustable car curtain
Axle driving unit including a free-standing center section
Armrest with side impact resistance feature
Vehicle body structure
Cover plate device for a heat exchanger device, especially for a vehicle heater
Snap-on ski attachment kit for kick scooter
Powered watercraft
Hybrid exhaust heat shield for pylon mounted gas turbine engines
Apparatus and method for bagging an item
Process and apparatus for forming packaging bags with a fastener
Circular motion filling machine for processing parallel rows of containers and method
Laminated film, method for production thereof, bag and package using the laminated film, and method for separation thereof
Article carrier and blank therefor
Package and method of forming the package
Mounting/demounting device for wafer carrier lid
Sheet member guide mechanism having presser members for retaining a fabric tube fitted over a roller core
Print media thickness measurement system
Liquid soap dispensing bath brush
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for nitrogen trifluoride production
Process for producing niobium and tantalum compounds
Production process of a composite nuclear fuel material composed of (U, Pu)O.sub.2 aggregates dispersed in a UO.sub.2 matrix
Nitrogen treating method and nitrogen treating system
Wastewater treatment
Method and apparatus for sustainable energy and materials
Filtration and purification system and method therefor
Apparatus for bending glass panels
Oxidative halogenation and optional dehydrogenation of c3+hydrocarbons
Cytochrome P450 transcriptional enhancer nucleic acid molecule
Immunological reagents and diagnostic methods for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 utilizing multimeric forms of the envelope proteins GP300, P200, and P90/80
Cellulose acylate and solution thereof
Manufacturing process for porous material
Use of acylated polyamines for the modification of surfaces
Polyethylene films for barrier applications
Sulfonated polyetherketoneketone
Urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer, process for its production and photo-curable composition
Siloxane-modified polyimide resin
Aliphatic polyester resin composition and films containing the same
Compounds containing silicon-containing groups, medical devices, and methods
Corrosion inhibiting formulations
Acid based micro-emulsions of surfactants and solvents
Heat transfer fluid for secondary refrigeration systems comprising a formate salt and sulfamic acid
Softening-through-the wash composition
Composition and method for removing deposits
Multilayered microfluidic DNA analysis system and method
Carotenoid ketolase gene
HEK293 cell line for activity studies and HTS system of .alpha..sub.1G T-type Ca.sup.2+ channel
Transgenic non-human mammals producing fibrinogen in their milk
Voltage-gated potassium channel and its use for development of therapeutics
Synthetic peptide of regulatory virus protein R (VPR) of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and the utilization thereof
High-intensity sweetener composition and delivery of same
Method and apparatus for the continuous production of foamed metals
Diffusion bonding process of two-phase metal alloys
Method of forming a conductive barrier layer having improved coverage within critical openings
Generation and delivery device for ozone gas and ozone dissolved in water
Electrochemical production of dyes using graphite felt electrodes
Methods of forming capacitor constructions
Shallow melt apparatus for semicontinuous czochralski crystal growth
Textiles; Paper
Method of producing twisted, curly fibers
Method of manufacturing cover for a bedding product
Washing machine and system data changing method of the same
Fixed Constructions
Tire condition monitoring apparatus
Ground anchor
Retractable table top for a toilet
Acoustical panel having a honeycomb structure and method of making the same
Security device for container door stanchions
Pivot hinge with positioning function
Control system for a vertical vane covering for architectural openings
Reamer shoe
Methods and fluid compositions for depositing and removing filter cake in a well bore
Method and system for gas-lifting well effluents
Lightweight high strength particles and methods of their use in wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shape memory thin micro-actuator, and method for producing the same
Turbine vane plate assembly
Secondary air injection diagnostic system using pressure feedback
Method for operating a fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for controlling an internal combustion engine
Rotary piston machine
Multi-venturi tube fuel injector for gas turbine combustors
Combined cycle plant
Integrated gas turbine compressor-rotary fuel injector
Evaporative fuel control system for internal combustion engine
Method, computer program and control and/or regulating device for operating an internal combustion engine
Sliding member
Two-step self-modulating scroll compressor
Multiblade blower
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Disc brake
Compliant, ortho-planar, linear motion spring
Impact micro-positioning actuator
Multi-stage gearbox
Ball screw mechanism with integral opposing thread
Park solenoid assembly for an internal electronic transmission range selection (ETRS) system
Valve arrangement for hydraulic consumer
Piloted directional control valve
Insulation module, system and method for installation and manufacture
Compressed seal for a movable joint
Drip chamber illumination device
Two-stage pulse detonation system
French door chiller compartment for refrigerators
Efficient control for smoothly and rapidly starting up an absorption solution system
Control logic for maintaining proper solution concentration in an absorption chiller in co-generation applications
Heat driven acoustic orifice type pulse tube cryocooler
Hybrid window/split air treatment appliance
Laundry dryer and control method thereof
Collapsible toy air gun
Explosive fragmentation munition
Method of manufacturing optical device and inspection gauge used for the same
Specimen observation method in atomic force microscopy and atomic force microscope
Electric furnace bottom probe
Indicator assembly with halo-free pointer
Flow meter arrangement
Electromagnetic flow sensor
Liquid level measuring device
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography masks
System and method for monitoring the topography of a wafer surface during lithographic processing
Fixing structure for sensing element
Tire earth effect checking method and apparatus
Structure for mounting steering angle sensor for steering
Method of managing pressure in a fuel system
Surface position detection apparatus and method, and exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the exposure apparatus
Medical system including X-ray CT apparatus and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
Hinged substrate for large-aperture, lightweight, deformable mirrors
Heliostat for sunlight concentration system and method of controlling the same
System for joining polarization-maintaining optical fiber waveguides
Laser projector having silhouette blanking for objects in the output light path
Synchronizing periodic variation of a plurality of colors of light and projection of a plurality of sub-frame images
Print control for flexographic printing
Method of and apparatus for collecting dust, development apparatus, and image formation apparatus
Toner processes
Print media processing apparatus and control method for the same
Stringed instrument fingerboard with position markers
Photo process to improve tribological performance of thin lubricant film
Write-once optical recording medium
Mixtures comprising thiophene/anion dispersions and certain additives for producing coatings exhibiting improved conductivity, and methods related thereto
Push-button switch member and manufacturing method of same
Irradiation apparatus and irradiation method
Beam angle control in a batch ion implantation system
Ion implanter and method for controlling the same
Electronic pulse detection apparatus and electronic pulse detection chip
Electron beam apparatus using electron source, image-forming apparatus using the same and method of manufacturing members to be used in such electron beam apparatus
Plasma display panel with superior light-emitting characteristics, and method and apparatus for producing the plasma display panel
Method for making a micro-electro-mechanical gyroscope
Method for quantum well intermixing using pre-annealing enhanced defects diffusion
Method of manufacturing light-emitting diode device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Fabrication process for a magnetic tunnel junction device
Wafer bonding method of forming silicon-on-insulator comprising integrated circuitry
Method for removal of residue from a magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM) film stack using a sacrificial mask layer
Integrated polishing and electroless deposition
Floating gate semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Methods of encapsulating selected locations of a semiconductor die assembly using a thick solder mask
Method for the production of an integrated circuit
Ultra low k plasma CVD nanotube/spin-on dielectrics with improved properties for advanced nanoelectronic device fabrication
Structural reinforcement of highly porous low k dielectric films by ILD posts
Method of judging residual film by optical measurement
Shallow trench isolation (STI) region with high-K liner and method of formation
Device and method for inhibiting oxidation of contact plugs in ferroelectric capacitor devices
Method of forming an isolation layer and method of manufacturing a trench capacitor
Semiconductor device
Carbonaceous composite heat spreader and associated methods
IC chip package
Methods for making copper and other metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Auto registered component RGB imaging method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device having a ferroelectric capacitor
High performance diode implanted voltage controlled p-type diffusion resistor
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode lamp, light source, electrode for group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode, and method for producing the electrode
Semiconductor device with metal fill by treatment of mobility layers including forming a refractory metal nitride using TMEDT
Single-electron transistor using nanoparticles
Magnetic random access memory
Infrared ray detecting type imaging device
Alkaline storage battery and process for producing the same
Electrical contact assembly for connecting a battery to a circuit
Press fit pin
Electrical connector housing having a bridging piece between circuit boards connected to a receiving unit
Implantable medical device connector assembly with side-actuated lead body affixation
Lockable electrical plug and socket connection
Electrical connector apparatus and cover therefor
Low effort, high reliability quick coupling mechanism
Electrical connector with non-conductive cover
Testing and cut-off device for telephone line
Power control unit for a vehicle
Electronic device and information reproduction system
Stator assembly with an overmolding that secures magnets to a flux ring and the flux ring to a stator housing
Voltage regulator structure of vehicle generator
Heat generator
Heat generator
Phosphor thin film, manufacturing method of the same, and electroluminescence panel
Electromagnetic-interference prevention mechanism for electronic products
High density electronic cooling triangular shaped microchannel device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of improving crop residue decay in a field
Core processor
Debris shield for a planter unit
Lift assist mechanism for a forwardly folding planting implement
Machine for soil preparation
Agricultural particulate material delivery system
Apparatus for controlling the flow rate of an air seeder
Adjustable gearhead for a hedge trimmer attachment
Temporary horseshoe
Hands-free pet leash system
Collapsible cage
Fully rotatable squirrel proof bird feeder
Automatic feeder
Partitioned aquaculture system
Underwater fish food feeder
Tackle box
Device for detecting rodents
Broad spectrum microbicidal and spermicidal compositions and methods having activity against sexually transmitted agents including papillomaviruses
Shelf-stable cookie dough confection, product, packaging apparatus and process
Handling installation, in particular for cigarettes
Formulation and devices for monitoring the efficacy of the delivery of aerosols
Finger ring insert
Ergonomic safety runner for umbrella
Automatic opening umbrella mechanisms
Portable cane seat
Display pad
Cosmetic case
Towable carrying case
Ladder caddie
Sports bag
System and method for applying color to a nail
Hair fashion accessory
Hair clip
Organizer with work surface
Rigid frame tool belt assembly
Locking tool holder
Storage bin for workstation
Collapsible folding massage table
Folding table with latching linkage
Boiling sink cooking system for a kitchen
Roller skate storage device
Cable guide, drawer structure and terminal device
Dispensing rack
Rack for holding cylindrical articles
Product display and support
Display fixture system
Door hinge hanger
Apparatus for hanging interchangeable window treatment panels
Slipcover for window blind
Espresso brewing head unit
Automatic dispenser of frothed milk and pre-made liquid coffee
Electrically heated beverage appliance
Grilling appliance
Contact toaster
Electric appliance for grilling or heating a flat slice of food
Liquid heating apparatus
Electrical household appliance for cooking preparation, such as multipurpose domestic robot, and multipurpose working container
Apparatus for cooking reduced fat poultry or meat
Cover with prehensile button
Apparatus for storing a toilet plunger and toilet paper
Zippered shower curtain
Fluid dispenser
Hoses for electric cleaner
Cutting blade for a surgical anastomosis stapling instrument
Apparatus and method for fitting and removal of gloves
Integrated system including medication delivery pen, blood monitoring device, and lancer
Disposable calibration target
Three-dimensional position calibrator
Particulate modified elastomeric flosses
Method of using an ophthalmic surgical sponge
Method of forming a textile member with undulating wire
Method of suppression and prevention of the gag reflex
Method of cleaning a dialyzer header
Method and apparatus for supplemental oxygen delivery
Nasal mask
Inhalation apparatus and method
Method for controlling an expiratory valve in a ventilator
Oxygen flow control system and method
Multi-dump metering valve
Ready-access fire-fighting nozzle and method
Waist-secured golf ball retainer
Apparatus for producing fiber-reinforced resin golf club shaft
Golf club cover
Protective hinged cover for golf club
Fastening device for golf implement set
Snowboard locking device
Lightweight, portable, power-drive unit and accessory attachments
Self-sealing valve for balloons or non elastomer articles, obtained by a mass production process
Bird noise liquid container
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for separating solids drilling fluids
Paper stock screening apparatus and method
Fluid-distributor for a substance-exchange column
Absorber of absorption system refrigerator
Exhaust purification device and method for internal combustion engine
Non-cracking hydrophilic polyethersulfone membranes
Venturi injector with self-adjusting port
Multi-tier vial plate
Apparatus and method for driving a microflow
Flow-through sampling cell and use thereof
Machine for milling cereals, in particular rice
Device form moving forward the substance in a knife hog
Cement clinker grinding method using vertical roller mill and apparatus
Sample focusing device and method
Waste disposal apparatus
Magnetic force field separator
Drilling fluid purification method and apparatus
Swirl unit, orifice plate, and spray nozzle including same
Bladder water gun
Dosing pump for the supply of liquid or thick substances from containers
Plant for automatic spray application of paint
Sprinkler device
Water pulsator
Rotating spray nozzle with controlled braking action
Spray nozzle arrangement
Insulated and easy to pump reusable mist sprayer
Cartridge system
Sifting machine with axial removal of screen, rotor, worm conveyor and drives for cleaning and maintenance
Air classification of animal by-products
Spin-processing apparatus and spin-processing method
Chemical treating apparatus and flow rate controlling method thereof
Apparatus and method for in-situ cleaning of resist outgassing windows
Scissor jet cleaning device with hose management system
Planarity measuring roller
Method and apparatus for receiving and discharging bars
Micro-multiport (MMP) tubing with improved metallurgical strength and method for making said tubing
Process for extruding a hollow section or the like from a billet and a device for that purpose
System and method for corrugating spiral formed pipe
Tube for heat exchanger
Method for forming sheet metal strip
Three-dimensional driving system for transfer feeder of transfer press
Bending method and bending apparatus for bending machine
Pipe bending machine accurately controlling bent angles of pipes
Mold seat adjusting structure of thread rolling machine
Clamping device for a pouring table in a machine for the continuous vertical casting of cast iron tubes
Independently positioned graphite inserts in annular metal casting molds
Sliding chain-type ingot mold for a continuous casting plant
Strip casting plant
Process for preparing the walls of a mold for molding or shaping to make them ready for the next molding cycle
Crankcase for an internal-combustion engine
Casting of high purity oxygen free copper
System for providing back-lighting of components during fluxless soldering
Heat exchanger core based on aluminum and process for producing the same
Heat exchanger, refrigeration system, air conditioner, and method and apparatus for fabricating heat exchanger
Bump bonding apparatus
Single crystal turbine components made using a moving zone transient liquid phase bonded sandwich construction
Component mounting method and apparatus
Constructive body and friction stir welding method
Method for bonding semiconductor chip and device therefor
Paste providing method, soldering method and apparatus and system therefor
Determination of quality of bonding between a conductive ball and a conductive pad within an IC package
Method and articles for evaluating welded joints
Solder sleeve and a method for the forming thereof
Method for joining metals by soldering
Assembling apparatus assembling body side of automotive vehicle and assembling method thereof
Transfer apparatus transferring body side of automotive vehicle and transfer method thereof
Method for joining two parts of different kinds by heterogeneous butt welding, and uses thereof
One-way clutch and method for making same
Ergonomic workstation conveyor apparatus and method
Pallet changer
Chuck with coupling
Driving-in tool with a rotatable lever
Air-tight structure between a top cap and a body of a pneumatic tool
Nose assembly for a nail ejection gun
Rotary impacting apparatus
Mode changing mechanism for use in a hammer drill
Pneumatic hammer with buffers
Motorcycle repair rack
Tool holder
Vertically-operating bread-slicing machine with an oiling device
Method and apparatus for pattern matching with active visual feedback
Cutting apparatus for separating packages from a line
Drive unit of a handheld work apparatus
Method for making bamboo blind slats
Core bit
Internal mix dispenser
Method of producing a sunshade for automobile and the product thereof
Rotationally molded part having integrally formed reinforcement
Louver laminated with a very thin film
Two stage press
Insulating container
Multi-layer tubing assembly for fluid and vapor handling systems
Heat mode sensitive imaging element for making positive working printing plates
Lithographic printing members having secondary non-ablative layers for use with laser imaging apparatus
Drum type printer having mechanism for adjusting transverse position of printed image
Screen printing apparatus with independent screen adjustment
STS dayloader system
Ink cartridge for automated dispensing systems
Measurement field group for detecting quality data in multicolor printing of single editions
Spray dampening device for a printing press
Method and apparatus for handling printed sheet material
Folder for letter-size documents
Slide presentation kit, slide presentation system and method of organizing information for a slide presentation
Paint brush support
Heavy duty radial tire having tapered shoulder portions
Heavy-duty pneumatic radial tire with transponder buried in bead filler
Apparatus and method of providing electrical power to an active electronic device embedded within a tire
Tire pressure monitoring device
Machine for fitting and removing tires
Pneumatic radial tires
Rear suspension and drive axle assembly
Vehicle-air-conditioning system with cooling degree estimator for left/right temperature control
Air conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Collapsible auto shade
Engine cooling apparatus
Fuel tank with filling level measurement
Pressure vessel assembly
Fuel tank cap
Charge pump and auxiliary pump for hydrostatic transmissions and integrated hydrostatic transaxles
Dynamic all wheel drive control
Operating system for a vehicle transmission
Method and apparatus for selectively controlling the speed of an engine
Trolley pole support apparatus with variable length moment arm
Angle adjustable table used on steering wheel
Anti-theft brake or clutch pedal locking device
Flat goods clamping and transporting apparatus
Container transport apparatus and method of use
Link connecting rod for wiper apparatus
Air intake cleaner system
Process for bleeding an anti-slip, hydraulic, twin-circuit braking system for motor vehicles and device for implementing it
Master cylinder for motor vehicle electro-hydraulic braking installation
Brake booster
Elevator brake
Method and device for adjusting or altering the play between brake linings and friction surfaces of motor vehicle brakes
Actuation device for a cable-operated parking brake for a motor vehicle
Travel control system for transport movers
Hydraulically actuated railway car dumping system
Reversible fulcrum for a strut
Tribometer for testing the efficiency of lubrication upon a railroad track surface
Hydraulic control means
Electromagnetic valve for a vehicle and a power steering device
Rack-and-pinion assisted steering system
Actuator for accomplishing the swinging motion of a swinging arm
Motorcycle exhaust system
Stem for a bicycle
Motorcycle air bag suspension system
Hydraulic brake system for a bicycle
Controller for the brake of a rolling walkkit
Livewell aeration device
Personal watercraft
Motorized surfboard
Water sport towing apparatus
Protective device for watercraft
Pneumatic boat with auxiliary floats
Boat mounted hydro-alternator
Piezoceramic vibration control device and tuning control thereof
Pallet protector assembly
Resealable easy open closure and can
Case locking arrangement
Reusable container
Tear-open spout for a container
Personalized hygienic toothpaste dispenser and toothpaste container holder
Sifter cap for continuous thread containers
Folding type box-shaped container
Jewelry display and information device
Beverage container with self-contained drinking straw
Beaded-top twist can and method of making same
System for dispensing premeasured quantities of concentrated materials
Portable cooler
Self-fronting merchandise display box
Pill dispenser
Front opening cigarette box
Highly resilient, non-structural floating roof for tanks for storing liquids
Tilting container system with dampening
Recycling bin
Bag dispenser
Retractable roller system for handling cargo
Swivelable roller conveyor apparatus
Conveyor belt lifting arm
Conveyor mat and system for conveying products
Modular accumulator conveyor system
Conveyor belt support
In-line conveyor accumulator system and method
Conveyor for the sorting of mixed cargo
Concentric auger feeder
Heat transfer recording sheet producing apparatus and roll shaft supplying apparatus
Apparatus and method for aligning webs
Device for localization of a door breakdown
Belt-climbing elevator having drive in counterweight
Dual sheave rope climber using flat flexible ropes
Pulley-driven elevator
Gantry crane with improved manually variable controls for movable components
Two arms system
Structure to join cylinder lifting cargo-handling tool
Rotary filling machine with injection of inert gas for filling containers with liquids
Bottling system
Pump for concentration packages
Dispensing system with fluted probe and valved closure
Dispensing valve mounting assembly
Powered condiment pumping system
Chemical delivery and containment system employing mobile shipping crate
Monolithic micromechanical apparatus with suspended microstructure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical waveguide fabrication method
Method and apparatus for bending sheet glass
Device for transport and cooling of glass panes
Filament forming apparatus and a cooling apparatus for and method of cooling a filament forming area
Apparatus for the manufacture of glass preforms
Furnace for forming optical fiber
Burner with an improved injector and process for manufacturing this injector
Changeable tattoos
Refrigerating apparatus
Blocking composition for use in subterranean formation
Metal corrosion inhibitors, inhibited acid compositions and methods
Flask vent and method of making same
Use of plasma polymer layer sequences as functional layers in material transport or heat exchanger systems
Gas panel
Method and apparatus for cleaning a chamber
Thin film forming device for forming silicon thin film having crystallinity
Swash plate compressor
Textiles; Paper
Air handling system for an advanced web former
Carpet loom for weaving warp pile fabric
Method of connecting two knitted parts on a flat knitting machine
Method and tubular blank for making substantially seamless garments
Method and apparatus for forming and joining hems particularly on tubular trouser legs
Push-button on a sewing machine
Cut pile tufting machine cutting elements
Arrangement in a pulp grinder
Fixed Constructions
Cooling apparatus for construction machine, and construction machine
Hydraulic drive apparatus
Backflow prevention assembly
Flow-limiting float valve
Sewerage inlet
Erectable shelter with gable roof
Collapsible all-terrain shelter and frame
Lock protector
Gate lock
Lockable cassette for the storage of valuable documents or valuable articles
Liftgate handle and latch assembly
Locking structure
Anti-theft device for office equipment
Device for guiding a door with flexible roller shutter
Slat actuating and positioning device for venetian blinds
Apparatus for supporting a stepladder in elevated condition
Drag-type rotary drill bit
Method for forming a non-uniform interface adjacent ultra hard material
Coiled tubing strings and installation methods
Coiled tubing hanger assembly
Subsea hydraulic control system
System for individual inflation and deflation of borehole packers
Extended drill bit nozzle having extended retainer
Method of collecting methane hydrate gas and apparatus therefor
Fluids and techniques for maximizing fracture fluid clean-up
Method of and system for optimizing rate of penetration in drilling operations
Method and apparatus for the remote control and monitoring of production wells
Production well telemetry system and method
Method of sampling a well using a control valve and/or floating piston
Dynamic orienting reference system for directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve device
Device for converting thermal energy into electrical energy
Housing for an engageable and disengageable bucket tappet
Device to limit valve seating velocities in limited lost motion tappets
Hydraulic lash adjuster
Valve timing control apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Angular adjustment device
Device for varying the control times of gas-exchange valves of an internal combustion engine in particular a camshaft adjusting device with an impeller
Oil pump for four cycle outboard motor
Compact supercharger
Suction system
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Vibration reducing system for internal combustion engine
Manifold housing system
Fuel injection apparatus for vehicular engine
Engine speed control apparatus and method
Method and device for protecting a turbo-supercharger
Apparatus and method for a cold start timing sweep
Control apparatus of engine with electronically driven intake and exhaust valves
Control method
Electronic fuel injection apparatus
Diagnosis for detecting freezing condition in intake pressure sensor
Method for operating a four-stroke internal combustion engine
Accumulator type fuel injection system
Common-rail fuel-injection system
More reliable leakage diagnosis for evaporated gas purge system
Self-contained leak detection module having enclosure-mounted toggle levers for pump and valve
Method and article of manufacture for improving fuel/air mixing in internal combustion engines
Intake manifold
Fuel injector
Device for measuring the mass of a flowing medium
Common-rail fuel-injection system
Engine ignition device
Low cost, temperature stable, analog circuit RPM limiter
Variable capacity compressor
Fan inlet flow controller
Mechanical actuator assembly
Valve assembly
Torque control means for hydraulic motor
Screw-in cartridge valve and screw-in cartridge valve assembly
Hydraulic controller
Assembly for reversing a fluid driven motor
Pilot operated pneumatic valve
Friction clutch with friction lining wear take-up device
Retaining ring structure in a rotary mechanism and a method of assembly
Electromagnetic clutch in which improvement is made about radiation of heat therefrom
Electromagnetic clutch and pulley assembly
Damping plate
Rotor with alternate rib designs
Friction unit
Abrasion detecting probe for a brake pad
Disk-brake pad
Damper and valve
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus with lock-up clutch for motor vehicle
Hydrodynamic torque converter
Pre-spinning and lubricating system for worm drive power transmissions and bearing assembly components
Shift select lever device for manually-shiftable automatic transmission
Damper blade control
Safety valve especially for pneumatic circuits
Rupture disk safety member
Pilot operated relief valve
Manifold valve
Low profile pneumatically activated valve assembly
Valve capable of simultaneous ejection of a plurality of gases
Electromagnetic flow control device
Chain link float valve
Flexible tubular pipe comprising an interlocked armouring web
Break-away concentric hose coupling
Pressure gauge protection arrangement of an air cylinder
Load bearing apparatus in NMR cryostat system
Once-through steam generator and method for starting up a once-through steam generator
Flexible lance for machining or inspecting a tube bottom of a steam generator
Gas valve for pilotless gas burner
Laminar flow air register
Air nozzle for a furnace
Reduced emissions gas turbine combustor
Premixing dry low nox emissions combustor with lean direct injection of gas fule
Portable fireplace
Heating apparatus
Gas hob
Blown air distributor for a convection oven
Personal cooling device
Airflow control valve for a clean room
Separate type water heater
Liquid powered ejector
Refrigerating cycle
Absorption type refrigerating machine
Ice system having sensor pocket
Sealed multi-chip module cooling system
Insulating vacuum panel, method for manufacturing the insulated vacuum panel and insulated containers employing such panel
Reliquefaction of pressurized boil-off from pressurized liquid natural gas
Cryogenic system for producing carbon monoxide
Cryogenic system for producing enriched air
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger housing having conical inlet and outlet gas transitions
Forward receiver buffer
Radio frequency and electrostatic discharge insensitive electro-explosive devices
System for sled-track testing of explosive missiles
Dial gauge casing and method of manufacturing the same
Vibrators vibratory gyroscopes a method of detecting a turning angular rate and a linear accelerometer
Mass flow sensor with rupture detection
Method and apparatus for detecting particles in a flow
Noninvasive electromagnetic fluid level sensor
Inductive sensor for monitoring fluid level and displacement
Sensor system for measuring displacements
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
System and method for determining heat transfer in an environment
Sensor chip, laminated wafer for sensor chip and manufacturing method of sensor chip
Method and system for simulating vehicle and roadway interaction
Structure safety inspection
Aerobiological sampler for airborne particles
Apparatus, system and method for the detection of an analyte in air
Robust transducer for viscoelastic measurement
Process sensor assembly and sensor mount
Device for measuring oxygen content in a gas medium
Non-invasive low frequency elastic wave fluid level sensing system for sludge laden environments
Apparatus and methods for performing acoustical measurements
EMAT transmit/receive switch
Remote self-powered structure monitor
Method and apparatus for determining the strength path of a mortar or concrete mix
Method and arrangement for analyzing exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine
Method for measuring the concentration of a dissolved gas in a fluid
Plate stacker apparatus
System for generating a seismic signal in a borehole
Flow regulator for water pump
Control-knob top part
Method and apparatus for non-intrusive biometric capture
Installation and method for preparing order batches by picking products in a storage area and device for implementing same
IC card and IC card system
Disk-cartridge-type adapter
Smart card with replaceable chip
Bar code reader having independent bar code read activation data capabilities
Portable optical reading apparatus having a trigger key for starting reading operation thereof
Frequency division multiplexed bar code scanner
High speed image acquisition system and method
Modular signature and data-capture system and point of transaction payment and reward system
Method and apparatus for issuing and managing gift certificates
Coin pullout prevention lever of coin sorting device
Method and apparatus for vending goods in conjunction with a credit card accepting fuel dispensing pump
Electrolier flag
Method and apparatus for patterning cards, instruments and documents
Disc holder
Ignition coil having spring for connecting the same to spark plug
Key lock and locking hasp assembly for a stored energy circuit breaker operator assembly
Antenna coil assemblies for substrate processing chambers
Double slit-valve doors for plasma processing
Method and apparatus for application of spray adhesive to a leadframe for chip bonding
Solder bump forming method and mounting apparatus and mounting method of solder ball
Quencher clamping operation using an electromagnet
Containment device for retaining semiconductor wafers
Etch residue clean with aqueous HF/organic solution
Pressure welding device and method for terminals
Uninterruptible power supply utilizing thermal energy source
Apparatus for packaging processing system elements for mailing and shipping
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