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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Electrical connector
Human Necessities
Therapeutic medical garments with silicone sheeting component for scar treatment, process of manufacture and use
L-shaped doors with trapezoidal seal
Endoscope with axially displaceable balloon
Tourniquet padding
Pressure sensors for gastric band and adjacent tissue
Vascular plug having composite construction
Methods and devices for treating obesity and GERD by intussuscepting a portion of stomach tissue
Non-contact damage-free ultrasonic cleaning of implanted or natural structures having moving parts and located in a living body
Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment
Craniotomy closures and plugs
Cryosurgical instrument with enhanced heat exchange
Access disconnect detection using glucose
Method and device for delivering radiotherapy
Diagnostic delivery service
Method for tooth implants
Pants-type disposable absorbent hygiene article
Disposable absorbent articles with improved garment fastening
Bioerodible film for ophthalmic drug delivery
Dry mouldable drug formulation
Pelvic disorder treatment
Portable cervical traction device
Methods of and systems for isolating nutraceutical products from algae
Antiwrinkle agent and skin cosmetic composition
Compounds and methods for immunotherapy and diagnosis of tuberculosis
Use of bacterium for manufacture of a vaccine
Use of anti-CD1 antibodies for the modulation of immune responses
Fibrous calcium pyrophosphate particles and methods of making and using same
Method for decontaminating a beauty center
Medicinal-solution administration device
Acoustically controlled substance delivery device
Systems and methods for delivering drugs to selected locations within the body
Apparatus and method for sterile docking of male medical line connectors
Stabilized elongate implantable vascular access device
Photon therapy method and apparatus
Therapeutic sports towel
Muscle-back, with insert, iron type golf club head
Putter-type golf club head
Information processing apparatus provided with input system utilizing stroboscope
Ball bats
Football kicking apparatus
Practice bat and method for use
Treadmill system and operating method of the same
Cue stick tip tool
Method for permitting cancellation of a wager
Slot machine and control method of game
Slot machine and control method of game
Systems and methods for moving a baby container
Performing Operations; Transporting
Evaporative desalination system
Water disinfection apparatus
Filter bowl supports and filter systems comprising the same
Method and apparatus for generating fresh water
Air filtration device for liquid or semi-liquid product pump
Radiant zone heated particulate filter
Air filter with a clog-detecting device
Flexible template-directed microporous partially pyrolyzed polymeric membranes
Method and device for entrained-flow sulfation of flue gas constituents
Systems and methods for purification of liquids
Production of hydrogen by means of a mechanical scraper on aluminum in an aqueous medium
Multi-well sample plate cover penetration system
Coating method of building board
Ceramic/structural protein composites and method of preparation thereof
Method for whisker formation on metallic fibers and substrates
Process of applying a coating system
Product for roughening the strings of tennis, badminton and squash rackets and for keeping them rough and method for producing said product
Lighting emitting device, manufacturing method of the same, electronic apparatus having the same
Optical member, optical system using the optical member, and method of manufacturing an optical member
Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
Method and system for monitoring contamination on a substrate
Apparatus and method for cleaning pipelines, tubing and membranes using two-phase flow
Method for producing three-dimensional shaped article
Holder main body
Structured fixed abrasive articles including surface treated nano-ceria filler, and method for making and using the same
Fabrication of advanced thermoelectric materials by hierarchical nanovoid generation
Fine pattern mold
In mold lamination of decorative products
Plastic object for use in personal hygiene
Uniform-pressure shaping apparatus and system
Machine and method for applying a tread to a tyre carcass
Polyaniline dialkylsulfate complexes containing intermediate transfer members
Antimicrobial coatings
Multi-layered phase-change optical recording medium
Method of producing optical film laminates
Recording material and recording apparatus
Electrostatic actuator, droplet discharging head, method of manufacturing thereof and droplet discharging device
Ink-jet recording head
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid-discharging recording head
Ink jet head and production process thereof
Liquid container
Ink stick jam detection and recovery system and method
Dual seating quick connect valve
Thermal indicators
Printhead carrier with height-adjustable bearing mechanism for continuous adjustment of the printhead carrier position
Ink-jet printing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, data generating apparatus, computer program, and ink jet printing system
Method of fabricating three-dimensional structure and method of manufacturing substrate with spacer
Ink-jet media with multiple porous media coating layers
On-press developable elements and methods of use
Cover applier system
Modular locking binder system
Method of adapting a paint transfer image to the generation of a mural
Decorative material, method for producing decorative material, and molded article
Interior rearview mirror assembly with display device
Method of forming a container having an internal reservoir
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon nanotubes for fuel cells, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the same
Production of saturated ammonia storage materials
Metal-polishing liquid and polishing method
Method of brake fluid disposal and grinding aid for cement material
Organic water retention mix for use on soil
Genetic risk assessment technology for epithelial cancer involving gene-environment interaction between ERCC5 and tobacco use
Nogo-B receptor antagonists
Water-insoluble colorant dispersion, production method thereof, and recording liquid, ink set, image-forming method and image-forming apparatus using the same
Process for producing gel with liquid crystal structure, and gel with liquid crystal structure produced by the process
Process for preparing a sol-gel solution and use of this solution to form a coating to protect a substrate having a metal surface
Methods of producing transportation fuel
Analyte determination methods and devices
Methods and mediums for cultivating dinophysis acuminata
Blocking sporulation by inhibiting SpoIIE
Recombinant cell clones having increased stability and methods of making and using the same
Recombinant cell clones having increased stability and methods of making and using the same
Ex-vivo priming for generating cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for non-tumor antigens to treat autoimmune and allergic disease
Ex-vivo priming for generating cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for non-tumor antigens to treat autoimmune and allergic disease
Trimerizing polypeptides
Method for the in vitro screening of anti-cancer compounds that inhibits SK3 activity, and said anti-cancer compounds
Identification of molecular sequence signatures and methods involving the same
Fluorescent molecule
High speed, high fidelity, high sensitivity nucleic acid detection
Method for analysing polynucleotide targets using tethered oligonucleotide probes
Methods for generating host cells
Slag for electroslag remelting for copper alloy and method for producing copper alloy material
Vacuum pumping circuit and machine for treating containers equipped with same
Fabrication method of size-controlled, spatially distributed nanostructures by atomic layer deposition
Method of improving the wafer-to-wafer thickness uniformity of silicon nitride layers
Method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Rolling bearing
Method and system for cleaning an artillery gun barrel
Material and device properties modification by electrochemical charge injection in the absence of contacting electrolyte for either local spatial or final states
Membrane electrode assemblies and electropaint systems incorporating same
Fixed Constructions
Hermetic load distributor mat
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High temperature bearing with lubricant
Welded low-pressure turbine shaft
Turbine blade with cooling flow modulation
Method for siting and operating a crop protection wind machine array
Double action simplex pump
Wear rings for downhole pump
Cooling fan
Ejectors with separably secured nozzles, adjustable size nozzles, or adjustable size mixing tubes
Plastic-metal hybrid standoff
Removable anchor and fastener
Torque limiter
8-speed hybrid transmission
Disk brake, planet transmission, drive device and work vehicle
Planetary gear type gearbox
Highly configurable hybrid powertrain and control system therefor
Automatic transmission
Roller chain sprocket having an improved tooth form and metal cushion rings
Differential carrier assembly for a vehicle
Connection element
LED retrofit for fluorescent backlit signs
Bracket for a lighting fixture in a suspended ceiling
Helmet mounted lighting system
Illumination device
Reflector emitter
Planar light source and display device having the same
Remote phosphor LED illumination system
Reactor for direct utilization of external radiation heat for thermal or thermo-chemical material processes
Thermal ink-jet ink and ink cartridge using the ink
Sensor arrangement for temperature measurement
Chemical sensing device
Sensor arrangement
Analyte sensors and methods of use
Nanopore structured electrochemical biosensors
Methods and apparatus for the location and concentration of polar analytes using an alternating electric field
Methods for diagnosing cerebrovascular events based on NR2 peptides
Treatment solution, method for pretreatment, method for acquiring information and method for detection
Method for identifying a subject at risk of developing heart failure by determining the level of galectin-3 or thrombospondin-2
Method of screening for a drug candidate that increases ATP release from RBCs stimulated via the Gs or Gi pathway
Methods for detecting the presence of expanded CGG repeats in the FMR1 gene 5' untranslated region
Method for the diagnosis of cancers by measuring the changes of glycosylation of proteins related to tumorigenesis and metastasis and kit for diagnosis of cancers using the same
Hybrid fiber/copper connector system and method
Optical switch controller and movable body controller
Glasses hinge structure
Camera control system and associated pan/tilt head
Methods and systems for improving operation of a video projector
AF/zoom shutter with two blades function
Substrate planarization with imprint materials and processes
Self-segregating multilayer imaging stack with built-in antireflective properties
Carrier and method for producing the same, developer and image forming method
Toners containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Thermally assisted magnetic recording media and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Shielding device for optical and/or electronic apparatuses, and space vehicle comprising such device
Method of implementing a capacitor in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device package and method of making a semiconductor device package
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, producing method therefor, image pickup module and image pickup system
Thin body semiconductor devices having improved contact resistance and methods for the fabrication thereof
Plasma processing apparatus
Wafer-level In-P Si bonding for silicon photonic apparatus
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Growth of III-V compound semiconductor nanowires on silicon substrates
Display device and method for manufacturing display device
Etching endpoint determination method
Method of treating semiconductor element
Method of forming replacement metal gate with borderless contact and structure thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device that uses both a normal photomask and a phase shift mask for defining interconnect patterns
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Precisely tuning feature sizes on hard masks via plasma treatment
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and fabrication method for the same
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Method for purifying lithium sulfide
Enhanced fuel delivery for direct methanol fuel cells
Lithium ion secondary battery having shape memory safety vent
Nanocomposite for fuel cell, method of preparing the nanocomposite, and fuel cell including the nanocomposite
Fuel cell and fuel cell apparatus with a switch responsive to an amount of water contained in the electrolyte membrane
Jumper cable clamp
Connector, electronic device, and method of manufacturing electronic device
USB connector capable of extraction proof
Shield structural body, connector assembly and connector structural body having shield structural body, casing assembly, and electric compressor
Plug-type connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Safety garment
Light driver for shoe
Nail ornamenting device
Docking system for a self-propelled working tool
Colorimeter for dental applications
Medically implantable energy storage system having safe recharging capabilities
Golf course yardage and information system with zone detection
Method for moving grouped characters, recording medium and game device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid crystal display (LCD) cell transport apparatus
Adapter for a power tool battery
Apparatus for robotically inspecting gas turbine combustion components
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Thick film thermal head
Heat-sensitive recording apparatus
Exposure unit with staggered LED arrays
Integral organic light emitting diode fiber optic printhead utilizing color filters
Diaphragm-type tire pressure indicator
Device for driving an air-conditioning compressor
Device for checking the evaluation circuit for automatic switching operations of illumination device in vehicles
Downshifting warning system
System for providing advanced warning and road user information
Solar system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle theft prevention device
Vehicle security and monitoring system
Road surface friction (RSF) monitoring system
System and method of verifying the authenticity of input signals
Interactive food packaging
Electric motor control device, method and program
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Rayleigh scattering optical flux monitor
Textiles; Paper
Process and drive for torque-controlled driving of a machine
Fixed Constructions
Electro-mechanical latch assembly
Force-responsive detectors and systems
Automatic sliding door system for refrigerator unit
Position and orientation locator/monitor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for measuring and controlling oscillations in a wind turbine
Low power, linear geometry hall plasma source with an open electron drift
Defrost on demand thermostat
Method and apparatus for in-situ measurement of thickness of copper oxide film using optical reflectivity
Alignment device for a guided missile seeker
Dual beam optical interferometer
Interferometer and method for measuring the refractive index and optical path length effects of air
Interferometer and method for measuring the refractive index and optical path length effects of air
Apparatus and method for producing a spectrally variable radiation source and systems including same
Conditional hazard alerting display
Application of a conditionally stable instrumentation amplifier to industrial measurement
Capacitive displacement sensor
Capacitive two dimensional sensor
Detection of passing magnetic articles while adapting the detection threshold
Method and apparatus for detecting broken teeth in a pulse signal of a wheel speed sensor for an ABS vehicle stabilization system
Miniaturized Talbot spectrometer
Method for measuring the absolute light throughput of reflective-mode displays in an optical system
Optical system for characterizing particles in a colloidal suspension using interferometry
Particle analyzing apparatus
Materials test chamber with xenon lamp radiation
Method and system for local index measurement in optical materials
Non-contact vision based inspection system for flat specular parts
Method and apparatus for inspecting a circuit board
Method for determining the concentration of a substance in a liquid by measuring electrical current in a test strip
Method for optical three-dimensional velocimetry of scattered particles
Cooling system for a module IC handler
Ground pin concept for singulated ball grid array
Probe structures for testing electrical interconnections to integrated circuit electronic devices
Modular probe apparatus
Oscilloscope with simplified setup procedure, and procedure for setting up oscilloscope
High linearity, low offset interface for hall effect devices
Input system for variable gain amplifier having transconductance stages with feedforward paths diverted to AC ground
System for determining the phase and magnitude of an incident signal relative to a cyclical reference signal
Frequency domain reflection measurement device
Apparatus and method for production testing of the RF performance of wireless communications devices
Jitter measurement apparatus and its method
Vehicle electrical circuit failure monitor
Wafer-level burn-in and test
Electrical circuit tracing device
Method and apparatus for measuring temperature parameters of an ISFET using hydrogenated amorphous silicon as a sensing film
Method for predicting lifetime of insulating film and method for reliability testing of semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent device
Method and device for testing printed circuit boards
Magnetic device
Compact gradient coil assembly for MRI apparatus
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a single-circuit cooling circulation system
Method of despreading GPS spread spectrum signals
Location-determination method and apparatus
Location-determination method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting and eliminating signal angle-of-arrival errors caused by multipath
Method and device for detection of em waves in a well
Receiving/transmitting apparatus and radar equipment
Apparatus and method for locating subsurface objects in conductive soils by measurements of magnetic fields by induced currents with an array of multiple receivers
System and methods for NMR signal processing without phase alternated pair stacking
NMR apparatus for oil well logging of large and small diameter wells
Confocal color
Optical arrangement for a laser scanning microscope
Induction charge mirror
Method and system for imaging an object with a plurality of optical beams
Projection apparatus using L-shaped dichroic prism set having a cubically glass block juxtaposed to a dichroic prism for passing light beams without changing direction of the light beams
Three-dimensional representation method and an apparatus thereof
Liquid crystal module mounting structure
Liquid crystal display module suitable for a portable computer
Liquid crystal display device having spacers with two sizes and metal films and protrusions
Liquid crystal display unit
Transverse electric liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystal display device
Flexible circuit board and liquid crystal display device incorporating the same
Liquid crystal display device and its driving method
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device having a dielectric frame controlling alignment of the liquid crystal molecules
Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture method in which the alignment films having different characteristics
Diffusing reflector and manufacture of the same and reflection type display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Color liquid crystal display apparatus for producing a display having a high contrast and a wide visual field angle
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Kinematic mounted reference mirror with provision for stable mounting of alignment optics
Backside alignment system and method
Inspection method and apparatus for projection optical systems
Balanced positioning system for use in lithographic apparatus
Apparatus and method of image enhancement through spatial filtering
Exposure device capable of aligning while moving mask
Overlay alignment system using polarization schemes
Image forming apparatus having developing device including developing rollers with differing flux density and optical writing device using xonality data of four levels or less
Acquisition and replay systems for direct-to-digital holography and holovision
Method and apparatus for accelerating communication between controllable devices
Method and apparatus for temperature control
Feedback apparatus and method for adaptively controlling power supplied to a hot-pluggable subsystem
Series regulator having a power supply circuit allowing low voltage operation
Changeable voltage regulator for a computer processor
Power supply circuit with a soft starting circuit
Bias start up circuit and method
Circuit and method for multi-phase alignment
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including a clock synchronous type logical processing circuit
Electronic circuitry
Clock control circuit and method
Projection display for computers
Portable information acquisition device
Method and apparatus for local and global power management in a programmable analog circuit
Method and apparatus to reuse physical memory overlapping a graphics aperture range
Method for downloading a sitemap from a server computer to a client computer in a web environment
In-home health care system
Method for watermarking a register-based programmable logic device core
Haptic interface including clutch control
Input device that analyzes acoustical signatures
Character input device and method
Color profile management and color collection management, navigation and visual design
Apparatus and method for supporting the implicit structure of freeform lists, outlines, text, tables and diagrams in a gesture-based input system and editing system
Pointing device with an annular rotating ring
Handwritten data input device having coordinate detection tablet
Coordinate input device capable of inputting z-coordinate of image object
Method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item
Display list processor for decoupling graphics subsystem operations from a host processor
Video data processing device and video data display device having a CPU which selectively controls each of first and second scaling units
Interconnection resources for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Printing method for improving speed
Booster, IC card having the same, and electronic equipment having the same
Radio frequency identification systems and methods for waking up data storage devices for wireless communication
Non-contact communication system and interrogator used therefor
Method and device for manual recording of various events or states
Graphics processor with pipeline state storage and retrieval
Method and apparatus for creating and performing graphics operation on device-independent bitmaps
Graphics system which renders samples into a sample buffer and generates pixels in response to stored samples at different rates
Chroma key of antialiased images
Video graphics controller with high speed line draw processor
Method and apparatus for adaptive hierarchical visibility in a tiled three-dimensional graphics architecture
Raycasting system and method
Dynamic view-dependent texture mapping
Network-based viewing of images of three-dimensional objects
System and method for antialiasing bump texture and bump mapping
Radiosity with intersecting or touching surfaces
System for attaching rigid objects to deformed shapes in computer generated images via real time local approximation of deformation using rotation
Sheet metal geometric modeling system
Rendering 3D surfaces through limit surface projections
Method and apparatus for using a general three-dimensional (3D) graphics pipeline for cost effective digital image and video editing, transformation, and representation
Morphing decompression in a graphics system
Geometry compression for regular and irregular mesh structures
Image processing device and method with data block flow control
Identification system for the user of a vehicle
Integrated remote keyless entry and garage door opener using a universal repeater
Sales/inventory management system using a display not directly readable by a person to indicate a total of input data such as coins
Control console remote monitoring system
Automatic system for monitoring persons entering and leaving changing room
Electronic article surveillance markers for optically recorded media
Method and device for event detection utilizing data from a multiplicity of sensor sources
LED array warning light system
Receiver for remote control and remote control system having plural such receivers
Expressway control system
Event-recorder for transmitting and storing electronic signature data
Electronic picture book
Liquid crystal display device having a redundant circuit
Multi-segment alphanumeric display
Nonlinearly converting a signal to compensate for non-uniformities and degradations in a display
Method and device for driving an AC type PDP
Method for driving plasma display panel
Method for controlling the addressing of an AC plasma display panel
Method of and unit for displaying an image in sub-fields
Image display device to control conduction to extend the life of organic EL elements
Display device comprising a light guide with electrode voltages dependent on previously applied electrode voltages
Miniature display apparatus and method
Driver of liquid crystal display
Display panel with dot inversion or column inversion
Active matrix substrate inspecting method, active matrix substrate, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device, and liquid crystal device and electronic equipment using the same
Correspondence between n-dimensional surface: vector fields that are defined by surfaces and that generate surfaces which preserve characteristics of the defining surfaces
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Display control apparatus, display control method and computer program product
Differential input data slicer
Oscillator with digitally variable phase for a phase-locked loop
Configuring a programmable logic device
Gate bootstrapped CMOS sample-and-hold circuit
ROM automatic burning device
Efficient current feedback buffer
Tristateable sense amplifier
Circuit configuration with internal supply voltage
Circuit configuration for enhancing performance characteristics of fabricated devices
Phase-lock loop with independent phase and frequency adjustments
Fluorescent display device with conductive layer comprising aluminum paste
Permanent magnet assembly and method of making thereof
Radial periodic magnetization of a rotor
Large gain range, high linearity, low noise MOS VGA
Multilayer inductor
Stick-type ignition coil having improved structure against crack or dielectric discharge
Choke coil
Surface mount RC array with narrow tab portions on each of the electrode plates
Magnetic release, in particular for a circuit breaker, and a circuit breaker having such a magnetic release
Power source electrical switch
Electric circuit interrupter with fail safe mode and method
Self-regenerating liquid metal current limiter
Resistive thermostat for electrical motors protection
Full-color plasma display panel with ribs extending along two directions
Plasma display panel having a particular dielectric structure
Plasma picture screen with protective layer
Optical magnetron generator
Ion source and operation method thereof
Conductive spacer for field emission displays and method
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube
CRT beam landing spot size correction apparatus and method
Flat panel display device
Vacuum fluorescence display
SiO2-glass bulb with at least one current lead-in, process for producing a gas-tight connection between them, and their use in a gas-discharge lamp
Low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with ceramic electrode shield
Metal halide lamp with lithium and cerium iodide
Electric lamp with seals at plastically deformed current conductors
Very high color rendition fluorescent lamps
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Narrow titanium-containing wire, process for producing narrow titanium-containing wire, structure, and electron-emitting device
Semiconductor device including a wiring board and semiconductor elements mounted thereon
Semiconductor device package and method of die attach
Copper interconnects with improved electromigration resistance and low resistivity
Molded integrated circuit package
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
BEOL decoupling capacitor
Integrated circuits having reduced step height by using dummy conductive lines
Subresolution features for a semiconductor device
Electronic devices and a sheet strip for packaging bonding wire connections of electronic devices and method for producing them
Semiconductor device
Thermally coupling electrically decoupling cooling device for integrated circuits
Semiconductor package with lid heat spreader
Semiconductor device including bump electrodes
Check pattern for a semiconductor device
Die to die connection method and assemblies and packages including dice so connected
Three-dimensional semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Stacked light-mixing LED
Display device and drive circuit therefor
Organic electroluminescence display device and method of producing the same
EL device with insulating layer of a bromide or iodide
Cathode including a mixture of a metal and an insulator for organic devices and method of making the same
Variable phase shifter with reduced frequency-department phase deviations
Microstrip tunable filters tuned by dielectric varactors
Dielectric duplexer and communication apparatus
Duplexer and mobile communication device using the same
System and method for improved microstrip termination
Multi-layer microwave circuits and methods of manufacture
Dual-band antenna for mobile telecommunication units
Dual band antenna using a single column of elliptical vivaldi notches
Archimedes spiral array antenna
Device for the reception of GPS position signals
Miniaturized conformal wideband fractal antennas on high dielectric substrates and chiral layers
Reconfigurable artificial magnetic conductor using voltage controlled capacitors with coplanar resistive biasing network
Capacitive signal coupling device
High gain printed loop antenna
Method and apparatus for exposing an image recording medium
Operation indicator device and panel unit
Current detection switch and apparatus therewith
Apparatus for monitoring the status of devices in electrical protection and control systems
Fault type selection system for identifying faults in an electric power system
System for controlling vehicle power sliding door
Vehicle operating system
Charging system for watercraft
Power circuit
Method and device for controlling the magnetic flux in a rotating high voltage electric alternating current machine
Voltage boost system having feedback control
Switching regulator with capacitance near load
Soft switching topological circuit in boost or buck converter
Self-oscillating synchronous boost converter
Method and apparatus for reducing audio noise in a switching regulator
Power saving circuitry
Phase distortion compensating apparatus and method for reducing torque ripple in 3-phase motor
Electronic device for controlling the electromagnetic self-braking current in reversible rotating electric commutator machines
Current limit circuit of inverter refrigerator
Buffering for LC-based stage
Crystal-oscillator circuit for preventing stopping of oscillation
Feedforward amplifier linearization adapting off modulation
Power amplifier protection
Power amplifier system having frequency and amplifier failure compensation
Spatially redundant and complementary semiconductor device-based, single event transient-resistant linear amplifier circuit architecture
Input stage for a buffer with negative feed-back
High gain, high bandwidth, fully differential amplifier
Amplitude limiting method for a differential amplifier
High-voltage differential input receiver
Dual plane microstrip power amplifier
Eliminating power-down popping in audio power amplifiers
Variable gain amplifier
Equalizer circuits for use in radio frequency signal receivers
Programmable impedance control circuit
Band-switchable surface acoustic wave antenna duplexer and mobile radio terminal
Surface acoustic wave filter
Bandpass filter
Output buffer circuit
Method and apparatus for an optical laser keypad
Input/output interfacing circuit, input/output interface, and semiconductor device having input/output interfacing circuit
Output circuit, input circuit and input/output circuit
Fail-safe circuit with low input impedance using active-transistor differential-line terminators
Current-controlled CMOS circuits with inductive broadbanding
Very fine grain field programmable gate array architecture and circuitry
Method and structure for shipping a die as multiple products
Programmable logic device capable of preserving state data during partial or complete reconfiguration
Circuit for selectively enabling one among a plurality of circuit alternatives of an integrated circuit
Latch operating with a low swing clock signal
Circuit for the demodulation of the logic signal transmitted by analog channels
Pulse translational circuits
Driver circuit having shapable transition waveforms
Fixed-length delay generation circuit
Programmable delay element using differential technique
Digital phase interpolator for controlling delay time and method thereof
Pulse detector for determining phase relationship between signals
Duty correction circuit and a method of correcting a duty
Integrated sine wave generating circuit
Apparatus and method for reducing skew of a high speed clock signal
Sample and hold phase detector having low spurious performance and method
Mode control of PLL circuit
Circuit for locking an oscillator to a data stream
DC compensation method and apparatus
Amplitude detecting circuit
Position encoder for determining the angle or position and the total angle on distance moved
Signal processing architecture
Closed loop control of motor position and velocity
Decoder and decoding method
Photonic parallel analog-to-digital converter
Binary to decimal coder/decoder
Positional camera and GPS data interchange device
Continuous sine wave driver for an inductive position transducer
Double data rate flip-flop
Isolator for transmitting logic signals across an isolation barrier
Raster output scanner fraction-of-scan polygon rephasing and algorithm
Photographic recording device with automatic loading and unloading of a band-shaped medium
Drive mechanism of scanner
Film image reading device and method with focus adjustment
Image read method for performing image signal processes complying with the color of a reference portion of a recording medium, and image read apparatus adopting the method
Method and apparatus to compensate for dark current in an imaging device
Electronic still camera with image pick-up unit and card unit
Lens control device
Wireless underwater video system
Apparatus and method for controlling a camera connected to a network
Method and apparatus for controlling moving picture synthesis
Combination camera
Interactive video object processing environment having zoom window
Image pickup device and method, image pickup system, image information providing device and method, video data processing device and method, and transmission medium
Image processing
Method and apparatus for calibrating a tiled display
Crosspoint switch circuit and switch cell electronic circuit
Electronic switching matrix
Stabilizing the operation of gas discharged lamps
Circuit arrangement for operating electric lamps
Method and ballast for operating a lamp fitted with a fluorescent tube
Ballast control IC with minimal internal and external components
Method of making a physically and chemically active environment by means of a plasma jet and the related plasma jet
Adding electrical resistance in series with bypass capacitors to achieve a desired value of electrical impedance between conducts of an electrical power distribution structure
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew