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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Inbred maize line NP2467
Flowering genes
Method of cryopreservation of tissues by vitrification
Piracetam and piracetam analog conjugate and a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of neuronal disorders
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Methods for modulation of the effects of aging on the primate brain
C10 heterosubstituted acetate taxane compositions
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Dimeric compounds and their use as anti-viral agents
Method for synthesissing (2s, 3as, 7as)-perhydroindole-2-carboxylic acid and the esters thereof and the use thereof for perindopril synthesis
Method for synthesizing derivatives of (2S,3AS,7AS)-1-[(S)-alanyl]-octahydro,-1H-indole-2-carboxylic acid and the use thereof for perindopril synthesis
Bifunctional energy-reversible acyl-compositions
Rhob as a suppressor of cancer cell growth and cell transformation
Antibacterial compound
HoxD3, HoxA3, and HoxB3 compositions and methods for improved wound healing
Mutant trichosanthin
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors
Exendin agonist compounds
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalysts or carriers which consist essentially of monoclinic zirconium dioxide
Device for clarifying exhaust gas from internal combustion engine
Corrosion-resistant layered coatings
Heat-resistant coated member
Outdoor fabric
Process for producing powdery linear polymer having improved powder properties
Primer composition, coating method, and coated article
Method of calibrating an engraving machine
LED warning beacon
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Alkali-free aluminoborosilicate glasses, and uses thereof
Optical glass, preform for press molding and optical element
Olefin production process
Method for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine
Inhibitors of serine protease activity of matriptase or MTSP1
Alkylated urea and triaminotriazine compounds and phase change inks containing same
Process for recovering methanol
Process for producing branched olefins from linear olefin/paraffin feed
Perfluoropolyether ester compound, lubricant and magnetic recording medium
6-Fluorobicyclo[3.1.0]hexane derivatives
Aliphatic amino-substituted demethoxylated hypocrellins and their synthesis
Bloom-resistant benzotriazole UV absorbers and compositions stabilized therewith
Substrates for .beta.-lactamase and uses thereof
Crystalline acid salts of cefdinir and process for preparing cefdinir using same
Method for producing organo-metallic compounds of cyclopentadiene
Acyclic nucleoside phosphonate derivatives, salts thereof and process for the preparation of the same
UV excitable energy transfer reagents
Compositions and methods for the detection and treatment of methylthioadenosine phosphorylase deficient cancers
Growth factor binding molecules
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Rubber composition for magnetic encoder
Polyolefin nanocomposites
Resin composition with excellent dielectric characteristics, process for producing resin composition, varnish prepared from the same, process for producing the same, prepeg made with these, and metal-clad laminate
Surfactant-polymer compositions for enhancing the stability of viscoelastic-surfactant based fluid
Method of treating biological cells and/or their cell components with electrical fields
Methods for producing pesticidal cotton plants expressing lectins
CDNA encoding the human .alpha.2 .delta.4 calcium channel subunit
Enhanced transformation and regeneration of transformed embryogenic pine tissue
Nicotianamine synthase and gene encoding the same
Serine protease genes related to DPPIV
Production of biofilaments in transgenic animals
Glutamic acid receptor and utilization thereof
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Microarrays to screen regulatory genes
Nucleotide sequences of HIV-1 type (or subtype) O retrovirus antigens
Post etch cleaning composition for dual damascene system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrating chamber cone light using LED sources
Substrate processing apparatus
Optical method of examining reliefs on a structure
Optical detector able to sense the presence of a container and content therein, and container and printer using the same
Displacement sensor with inner and outer winding sections
Method and device for evaluating spectacle lens or mold for molding spectacle lens, and method and system for manufacturing spectacle lens
Optical scanning observation apparatus
System and method for calibrating a spatial light modulator array using shearing interferometry
Single trench repair method with etched quartz for attenuated phase shifting mask
Detection lamp
Monitoring optically powered actuators
Fiber optic tester
Receiving circuit for free-space optical communication
Small-spot spectrometry instrument with reduced polarization and multiple-element depolarizer therefor
Optical system and method for exciting and measuring fluorescence on or in samples treated with fluorescent
Radiation detector, sensor module having a radiation detector, and method for manufacturing a radiation detector
Infrared sensor package
Optical emission spectroscopy of plasma treated bonding surfaces
Laser-induced fluorescence analysis device and separation apparatus comprising same
Discrimination device for types or configurations of discrimination subjects
Method and apparatus for measuring shape of sheet
Method and system for electronic detection of mechanical perturbations using BIMOS readouts
Quality control material for reagentless measurement of analytes
Continuous process for the production of combinatorial libraries of modified materials
Method for immunologically measuring RCAS1 and kit for measuring the same
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of antibodies against the urokinase receptor
Vacuum distillation automatic sampler
Differential signal detector methods and apparatus
Method and system for detecting soot and ash concentrations in a filter
Method for full wafer contact probing, wafer design and probe card device with reduced probe contacts
Test apparatus for testing an electronic device
TFT array inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for on-die voltage fluctuation detection
Test structure for speeding a stress-induced voiding test and method of using same
Positioning of mobile wireless terminal
Semiconductor radiation detector and radiation detection apparatus
Apparatus for generating homogeneous magnetic field
Identically programmed intelligent electrodes for use in geoelectrical surveys
Apparatus for retaining an optical viewing device
Methods and systems for improved boundary contrast
Display device based on bistable electrostatic shutter
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Efficiently illuminating a modulating device
Image forming material, color filter master plate, and color filter
Liquid crystal panel substrate, liquid crystal panel, and electronic device and projection display device using the same
Reflective type color liquid crystal device and an electronic apparatus using this
Method and apparatus of fabricating liquid crystal display panel
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Liquid crystal display apparatus containing image sensor and process for producing the same
Lithographic tool with dual isolation system and method for configuring the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Scanning exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Holding mechanism in exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Large field of view protection optical system with aberration correctability for flat panel displays
Method for repairing a photolithographic mask, and a photolithographic mask
Image forming method and image forming apparatus for planographic printing plate
Method for exposing a substrate with a structure pattern which compensates for the optical proximity effect
Lithographic process for reducing the lateral chromium structure loss in photomask production using chemically amplified resists
Recording material and image forming method
Electrophotographic photosensitive member
Toner for electrostatic latent image development and an image forming method
Holographic data memory
Pick-up apparatus for digital storage medium
Electronic timepiece and electronic apparatus
MOS charge pump
Vehicle multimedia system having a safety interlock mechanism
Print queue managing method and printer
Printer and power save control method for the same
Method for controlling fax data transmission according to an outputting way of a receiving part
Method and apparatus for rendering an image in a video graphics adapter
Method for printing shingling print data
Configurable circuits, IC's, and systems
Printer, printing control apparatus and printing system using unique job identifiers, and control method therefor
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, image pickup system, information processing method, and program
Image processing apparatus and method
System and method for drawing and painting with warped bitmap brushes
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Medical assistance and tracking system and method employing smart tags
Pipe gasket manufacturing and identification method with RFID tracking
Diagnosis of programmable modules
Electrical protection device and method for a communication circuit
Monitoring system and method
Method for testing the interconnection of remote hazardous condition detectors
System and method for radio frequency tag group select
Lane changing assist system for an automotive vehicle
System and methodology for musical communication and display
System and method for recalibrating flat panel field emission displays
Method of driving display device
Column electrode driving circuit and voltage generating circuit for a liquid crystal display
Display contrast adjustment method and device having display contrast adjustment function
Rechargeable cordless input and pointing device
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple displays
Touch panel including external connection terminal placed within outline of touch panel body provided with handle portion
Method and apparatus for pixel filtering using shared filter resource between overlay and texture mapping engines
Capacitance touch slider
Raster engine with hardware cursor
Interactions between simulated objects with force feedback
Integrated digital platform
Portable information processing system
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Thumb pick for guitar
Disk drive head touchdown detection with improved discrimination
Multi-phase acceleration of a data storage disc
Disk drive employing active braking using inductive sense
Data storage library and accessor control method
Storage apparatus and control method therefor
Self-adjusting PRML receiver
Hard disk drive with aerodynamic diffuser, contraction, and fairing for disk base and re-acceleration drag reduction
Thin-film magnetic head appropriately suppressing side fringing and method for fabricating the same
Magnetic recording and reproducing head restraining a side reading
Magnetoresistive sensor having specular sidewall layers
Up-sampled filtering for servo demodulation
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording medium
Near-field optical head system with integrated slider and laser
Method and apparatus for adjusting conditions for recording and reproducing informations
Optical pick-up apparatus and objective lens for the optical pick-up apparatus
Optical disk device for recording at optimum recording power
Reproduced signal evaluation method, information recording medium, information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method, and information recording method
Apparatus and method for detecting and correcting relative address on optical storage medium
Optical system for optical head
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of memory areas with memory elements
Power management circuit and memory cell
Methods for machine detection of at least one aspect of an object, methods for machine identification of a person, and methods of forming electronic systems
Method for operating a flash memory device
Reference sensing circuit
System for performing fast testing during flash reference cell setting
Fuse circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Self-refresh circuit with optimized power consumption
Method for testing an integrated semiconductor memory
System and method for communicating information to a memory device using a reconfigured device pin
Flexible latency in flash memory
Choke coil and electronic device using the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Cleanable keyboard
In-line slide switch assembly for hot plugging
Magnetic latching switch
Electromagnetic switching device
Method and apparatus for mode selection for high voltage integrated circuits
Electromagnetic contactor
Tubular PDP
Optical edge sensing system with signal authentication
Illuminating devices employing titanium dioxide photocatalysts
Light emission display arrangements
Magnetically shielded circuit board
Method for fabrication of semiconductor device
Fabrication of thin film germanium infrared sensor by bonding to silicon wafer
Imaging device and method of manufacture
Semiconductor package security features using thermochromatic inks and three-dimensional identification coding
Method of substrate surface treatment for RRAM thin film deposition
Method of making a semiconductor device having a strained semiconductor layer
Methods of downstream microwave photoresist removal and via clean, particularly following Stop-On TiN etching
Strained semiconductor structures
Method for providing whisker-free aluminum metal lines or aluminum alloy lines in integrated circuits
Method of making a semiconductor device using treated photoresist
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of forming halo regions in NMOS transistors
Barrier layer and a method for suppressing diffusion processes during the production of semiconductor devices
Method for producing a semiconductor package, with a rerouted electrode formed on a resin projection portion
Method for expanding a trench in a semiconductor structure
Method for forming silicon dioxide film on silicon substrate, method for forming oxide film on semiconductor substrate, and method for producing semiconductor device
Device structure having enhanced surface adhesion and failure mode analysis
Substrate sheet material for a semiconductor device and a manufacturing method thereof, a molding method using a substrate sheet material, a manufacturing method of semiconductor devices
Leadframe for a multi-chip package and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming SOI-like structure in a bulk semiconductor substrate using self-organized atomic migration
Ozone vapor clean method
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Trench capacitor with buried strap
Selective etching to increase trench surface area
Void free, silicon filled trenches in semiconductors
Manufacturing method for field-effect transistor
Bonded structure using conductive adhesives, and a manufacturing method thereof
Surface mount package and method for forming multi-chip microsensor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Metal oxide dispersion for dye-sensitized solar cells, photoactive electrode and dye-sensitized solar cell
Semiconductor device, the method of manufacturing the same, and two-way switching device using the semiconductor devices
Non-volatile flash semiconductor memory and fabrication method
Solid-state imaging device and interline transfer CCD image sensor
Polymer sacrificial light absorbing structure and method
Electrically-programmable transistor antifuses
Angled wafer rotating ion implantation
Optical receiver
Illumination devices comprising white light emitting diodes and diode arrays and method and apparatus for making them
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing magnetic memory device
Semiconductor memory element, semiconductor memory arrangement, method for fabricating a semiconductor memory element and method for operating a semiconductor memory element
Molecular memory device
Surface-emitting light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same, optical module, and light-transmission device
Vibration wave linear motor and lens implement using vibration wave linear motor
Rotation/displacement converting actuator
Method of and system for manufacturing organic EL devices
Fuel cell system with improved startability
Membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and process for its production
Thin-film battery devices and apparatus for making the same
Nonaqueous electrochemical cell with improved energy density
Fuel cell system and control method of the same
Fuel cell
Fused zirconia-based solid oxide fuel cell
Thermocatalytic process for CO.sub.2-free production of hydrogen and carbon from hydrocarbons
Metal-air battery with programmed-timing activation
Systems and methods for blocking microwave propagation in parallel plate structures
Quadri-filar helix antenna structure
Compact antennas for ultra wide band applications
Distributed and discrete amplification of optical signals
Long-wavelength-band gain-controlled optical amplifier
Method and apparatus for implementing optical supervisory channel using broadband noise modulation
Controlling apparatus for optical amplifier and controlling method thereof
Integrated battery fusing device
Single phase or polyphase switchgear in an enveloping housing
Capacitor design in ESD circuits for eliminating current leakage
Backup power supply
Axial gap electrical machine
Motor magnetic pole position estimation device and control device
Systems and methods for reducing torque disturbance in devices having an endless belt
Electric power steering device
Brushless motor driving device
MEMS-based, computer systems, clock generation and oscillator circuits and LC-tank apparatus for use therein
Surface-mounted oscillator
Digital frequency difference detector with inherent low pass filtering and lock detection
System and method for control of loop alignment in adaptive feed forward amplifiers
Rail-to-rail-input buffer
Power amplifier and method for power amplification
Scan flip flop, semiconductor device, and production method of semiconductor device
Adjusting settings of an I/O circuit for process, voltage, and/or temperature variations
Semiconductor type two phase locked loop filter
Method and apparatus for calibrating a delay line
Clock converter and electronic apparatus with the same
Method and apparatus to construct a fifty percent (50%) duty cycle clock signal across power domains
Analog-digital converter
Analog-to-digital converter capable of performing self-test
A/D converter for wideband digital communication
Signal driving circuits
Clocked DAC current switch
Continuous-time delta-sigma ADC with programmable input range
Periodic cell search
Multimedia terminal for telephony allowing multipoint connections
Methods and apparatus for topology sensing in networks with mobile nodes
Communication node and communication terminal
Non-invasive powerline communications system
Digital image scanner with a variable aperture lens and multiple scanning speeds
Scanning module
Image sensor and image reading apparatus
Test system for camera modules
Method of converting a sub-sampled color image
Method and system for displaying content while reducing burn-in of a display
Adaptive non-linear noise reduction techniques
Digital camera image data processing storage and printing system
Method for determining environmental brightness to control display brightness in mobile communication terminal including camera having automatic gain control function, and method for controlling display brightness using the same
Broadcasting and communication receiver apparatus
Audio video reproduction apparatus, audio video reproduction method, program, and medium
Packet data transmitting/receiving method in mobile communication system
Multi-mode communications transmitter
Laser heater assembly
Electric domestic appliance
Self-charging organic electroluminescent display device
Device and method for the multi-phase operation of a gas discharge or metal vapor lamp
Protection device for a chopping supply and a vehicle lighting device
Heat sink assembly and method of attaching a heat sink to an electronic device on a motherboard
Device for removing heat from a power connector
Housing for electronic circuits, electrically connecting element and contact spring, procedure for electromagnetic shielding
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Fertilizer dispensing method
Medical equipment controller
Movable arm locator for stereotactic surgery
Neuro-navigation system
Optically coupled frameless stereotactic space probe
Enhanced visualization of in-vivo breast biopsy location for medical documentation
Multiple-code oximeter calibration element
Detection head for an apparatus for detecting very small breast anomalies
System for measuring and analyzing cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation (CPR) parameters for use with and by an external defibrillator (AED) or a training defibrillator
Method of removing signal interference from sampled data and apparatus for effecting the same
Method and apparatus for sensing and processing biopotentials
Method and apparatus for evaluating myoelectric signals and identifying artifact
Device for detecting pericardial effusion
Fluoroscopy based 3-D neural navigation based on co-registration of other modalities with 3-D angiography reconstruction data
Method for compensating the dark current of an electronic sensor having several pixels
Method and apparatus for formatting digital images to conform to communications standard
Methods for diagnosing and treating conditions associated with abnormal vasculature using fluorescent dye angiography and dye-enhanced photocoagulation
Method for inducing electroanesthesia using high frequency, high intensity transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
Cardiac pacing using adjustable atrio-ventricular delays
Cardiac rhythm management system promoting atrial pacing
Electrical cardiac assist for an implantable syncope monitor
System and method for modulating the pacing rate based on patient activity and position
System and method of programming an implantable medical device
Method for inducing ventricular arrhythmias in an animal model system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Computer controlled separator device
Wireless interaction with memory associated with a replaceable module for office equipment
Method and device for determining the quantity of product contained in a reservoir, for example in an ink reservoir for a printer
Loudspeakers with panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling vehicular velocity of vehicle
Interactive vehicle control system
Verified common carrier truck operation log
Engine control with programmable automatic starting
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Method for robust estimation of road bank angle
Method and apparatus for discriminating and counting document
Trolley camera position detecting apparatus
Automatic leveling system for articulated boom
Microelectromechanical devices having brake assemblies therein to control movement of optical shutters and other movable elements
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fiber Bragg grating with cladding mode suppression
Statistical combining of cell expression profiles
Semiconductor processing workpiece position sensing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for calibrating a position sensor used in engine control
Current control apparatus
Electronic control unit for an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle and method for adjusting a position detection sensor in the automatic transmission of the motor vehicle
Speed change controller and control method of infinite speed ratio continuously variable transmission
Upright radiant electric heating appliance
Automatic water heating system
Passively cooled solid-state laser
Laser optical axis correcting method
Method and system for turbine clearance measurement analysis
Navigation system and method for calculating a guide route
Vehicle navigation system with route updating feature
Method and system for visual addressing
Vehicle navigation system and method
Navigation system having a plurality of displays
Navigation apparatus with navigation data processor and man-machine interface
Autonomous-dispatch system linked to mine development plan
Apparatus and method for testing snow removal equipment
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Order tracking signal sampling process
Detection of voids in semiconductor wafer processing
Distributed stress wave analysis system
Measurement apportionment system
Method for determining the frequency of a signal
Method and apparatus for a multi-chip module that is testable and reconfigurable based on testing results
Memory latency compensation
Method and system for enhancing the accuracy of measurements of a physical quantity
GPS navigation system using neural networks
Slice-adaptive multislice helical weighting for computed tomography imaging
Surface-micromachined out-of-plane tunable optical filters
Linear beam irradiator having a varying cross-sectional size
Output couplers for lasers
Optical clocking distribution using diffractive metal mirrors and metal via waveguides
Multifunction integrated optics chip having improved polarization extinction ratio
Multi-fiber digital delay line
Multiple laser wavelength stabilization
Optical add-drop multiplexer having an interferometer structure
Optical harness with optical connector and cross-connect method
Hermetically sealed connectors and feed-throughs for fiber optic cables and method for effecting hermetic seals for such cables
Optical transmitter-receiver and optically sending/receiving method
Fiber optic buffer tube storage device with integrated bend limiter feature
Removably coated optical fibre
Multi-purpose communications cabinet
Thermo-optic switch having fast rise-time
Thermally adjustable optical fiber grating device with packaging for enhanced performance
Wavelength dependent phase delay device
Optical fiber switch
Ranging device
One-time-use camera with external flash unit
Built-in retractable flash of a camera
Camera body using interchangeable lens
Camera having selective information recording facility
Dual film exposure, electronic exposure camera with film rewrite function
Camera capable of designating number of prints
Photographic camera equipped with magnetic recording head and magnetic reproducing head
Remote control, auto-focus camera system
Lens-fitted film unit
Motion picture enhancing system
Method and apparatus for forming single-exposure synthesized images
External flash control system
Battery check system for use in cameras
Mask identification database server
High contrast ratio membrane mask
X-ray exposure apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, sheet processing method, and book-binding method
Document hold-down device and method for holding down document
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using an improved drive and control system
Toner dispensing apparatus employing a traveling wave transport grid
Image forming apparatus, belt type fixing device and heating control
Method of using a security system for replaceable cartridges for printing machines
Process cartridge having guide projections and image forming apparatus using same
Method and apparatus for configuring a genset controller for operation with particular gensets
Failure diagnostic method and apparatus for equipment and recording medium in which program causing computer system to execute process in accordance with such method is stored
Computerized system for controlling thermostats
Collective business system
Shared slot PCI/ISA bus extender
Apparatus and method for monitoring the performance of a microprocessor
Selective remote storage copy system and methods
File memory device and information processing apparatus using the same
Built-in self-test circuit and method for validating an associative data array
Circuit arrangement and method of maintaining cache coherence utilizing snoop response collection logic that disregards extraneous retry responses
Cache coherency mechanism
Data processor and data processing system
Methods and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of a higher level cache by selectively performing writes to the higher level cache
Translation look-aside buffer for storing region configuration bits and method of operation
Selective address translation in coherent memory replication
Interrupt optimization using varying quantity threshold
Code swapping techniques for a modem implemented on a digital signal processor
Method and apparatus for isochronous data transport over an asynchronous bus
System for determining whether a subsequent transaction may be allowed or must be allowed or must not be allowed to bypass a preceding transaction
Network controller using held data frame monitor and decision logic for automatically engaging DMA data transfer when buffer overflow is anticipated
VXI backplane system improvements and methods
Interface apparatus
Data bus communication technique for field instrument
System and method for multicasting multimedia content
Method and system for unambiguously inputting multi-byte characters into a computer from a braille input device
Shared internet storage resource, user interface system, and method
Method and mechanism for database statement optimization
Method and apparatus for operating domain name servers
Method of locating a file linked to a document in a relocated document directory structure
Imaging device and method
Automated method and system for performing antiviral drug susceptibility and resistance testing
Mobile telephone and method for registering and using special symbols as a password in same
Extension library to standard visa library for support of complex I/O functions
Object-oriented operating system
Method of sharing an I/O device between a host operating system and a foreign operating system in a single computer
Computer resource management system
Wireless communication system, radio frequency communications system, wireless communications method, radio frequency communications method, and backscatter radio frequency communications system
Verifiable holographic article
Quality assurance of captured document images
Interactive verification of OCRed characters
Apparatus, method, and program for locating an objective on a form and a recording medium for recording the program for locating the objective on the form
User-enclosed region extraction from scanned document images
Generating decision-tree classifiers with oblique hyperplanes
System and method for resource allocation and planning
Method for quality function deployment
Internet billing method
System and method for displaying advertisements with played data
Check transaction processing, database building and marketing method and system utilizing automatic check reading
Fast hierarchical reprojection algorithm for tomography
Uniform convolution algorithm for frequency decomposition of image regions
Method for image binarization
Method of reconstruction of tridimensional scenes and corresponding reconstruction device and decoding system
Seal imprint verifying apparatus
Method for automatically comparing content of images for classification into events
Image processing method and image processing device
Efficient companding algorithm suitable for color imaging
Coding method, decoding method, coding device and decoding device
Image coding and decoding apparatus, method of image coding and decoding, and recording medium for recording program for image coding and decoding
Image transform and significance bit-plane compression and decompression
Picture coding apparatus and decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding a video signal
Apparatus and method for coding/decoding scalable shape binary image using mode of lower and current layers
Efficient encoding of video blocks
Data structure for image transmission, method of image transmission, image decoding apparatus, and data recording media
Predestruction note image audit
Polling remote fueling sites for product level information through the internet
Item dispensing system
Method and apparatus for displaying a message which has been received
Wireless selective calling receiver and external registering device therefore
I/O signaling circuit
Voice announcement management system
Digital echo circuit
Mixing apparatus with compatible multiplexing of internal and external voice signals
Multiple-window method for obtaining improved spectrograms of signals
Low-complexity, low-delay, scalable and embedded speech and audio coding with adaptive frame loss concealment
Error concealment in digital transmissions
Error concealment in digital transmissions
Mobile telephone with voice data compression and recording features
Voice coding apparatus, voice decoding apparatus, and voice coding and decoding system
Adaptive filter featuring spectral gain smoothing and variable noise multiplier for noise reduction, and method therefor
Tactile and visual hearing aids utilizing sonogram pattern
Apparatus and method for searching photo information in digital cassette recorder (DVCR)
Data recording and reproducing method and data recording and reproducing apparatus
Wireless communication between multiple intelligent pickers and with a central job queue in an automated data storage library
Picture image selecting and display device
Content control of broadcast programs
Method for fine recording of video frames
Reproducing apparatus capable of generating clock signal synchronized in phase with reproduced data
MRAM write apparatus and method
DRAM having a power supply voltage lowering circuit
Stored write scheme for high speed/wide bandwidth memory devices
Memory using insulator traps
Memory card
Concurrent programming apparatus and method for electronic devices
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having a function for controlling the range of distribution of memory cell threshold voltages and method of erasing data thereof
Memory device capable of preventing from illegally read out memory contents
Symmetrical non-volatile memory array architecture without neighbor effect
Method and circuit for high voltage programming of antifuses, and memory device and computer system using same
Bias structure of a flash memory
Cancellation of redundant elements with a cancel bank
Integrated memory having a differential sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device including sense amplifier circuit differing in drivability between data write mode and data read mode
Current sense amplifier circuit
Data output buffer
Nonvolatile memory device, in particular a flash-EEPROM
Integrated memory with a block writing function and global amplifiers requiring less space
Binary to binary-encoded-ternary (BET) decoder using reordered logic
Programmable low voltage decode circuits with ultra-thin tunnel oxides
Voltage boost level clamping circuit for a flash memory
Nuclear plant
Local repair of top guide in boiling water reactor by installation of cruciform beam
Ferromagnetic tunnel junction random access memory, spin valve random access memory, single ferromagnetic layer random access memory, and memory cell array using the same
System for noncontacting of electrical energy or electrical signals
System and method for monitoring and controlling gas plasma processes
X-ray tube
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and control method thereof
Method and wireless systems using multiple antennas and adaptive control for maximizing a communication parameter
Optically pumped intensifying agent, in particular a solid intensifying agent
Diode laser with screening window and method of fabrication
Variable reflectivity mirror for increasing available output power of a laser
Tunable semiconductor laser system
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor laser having effective output increasing function
Electrical integrated modular power node
Fan speed control system having an integrated circuit fan controller and a method of using the same
AM- compatible digital broadcasting method and system
Method and device in a telecommunication system
Mixer with high order intermodulation suppression and robust conversion gain
Switched capacitor filter circuit having reduced offsets and providing offset compensation when used in a closed feedback loop
Method and system for training dynamic nonlinear adaptive filters which have embedded memory
Spread spectrum modulation technique for frequency synthesizers
Phase/frequency detector for dejitter applications
Carrier generations facility for a digital MPX-signal demodulation micronas intermetall GMBH
RF front-end with multistage stepdown filtering architecture
Antenna switching circuit
Send/receive communication by delayed audio packets
Mobile communications system and method utilizing impulse radio
CDMA receiving apparatus and method therefor
Reception circuit
Accelerated selection of a base station in a wireless communication system
Passive optical network arrangement
Mobile communication system
Method of and apparatus for identifying unknown system
Method of controlling transmission power in a cellular type mobile communication system
System and method for forward link power balancing in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for accessing a plurality of communication networks
Method and apparatus for transmitting a synchronization beacon in a wireless communication network
CDMA cellular wireless communication system
Telecommunication device with centralized processing, redundancy protection, and on-demand insertion of signaling bits
Communications protocol in a wireless personal area network
Serial bidirectional data transmission method for hearing devices by means of signals of different pulsewidths
Method and system for an air interface for providing voice, data, and multimedia services in a wireless local loop system
Method to allocate data bits, multi-carrier transmitter and receiver using the method, and related allocation message generator
Apparatus and method for maintaining packet ordering over parallel links of a crossbar based switch fabric
Toll saving method and apparatus for a remote access system
Method and apparatus for management of EMail originated by thin client devices
Digital subscriber line device driver using communication window size based on relative data rates of upstream and downstream communications
Apparatus and method for providing direct current balanced code
Robust digital modulation and demodulation scheme for radio communications involving fading
Threshold extension block phase estimator for quasi-coherent communications systems
Communication system
Computer software for converting a general purpose computer network into an interactive communications system
Loading balancing across servers in a computer network
System for routing packet switched traffic
Adapting the fixed network protocols to a mobile communications network
Apparatus and method for conveying TTY signals over wireless telecommunication systems
Virtual second line hybrid network communication system
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of digital subscriber line modems
Cipher mixer with random number generator
Encryption network system and method
Variable angle mechanism for desktop telephone
Compact modular wireless telephone
Dialing process for IP telephony
Method of handling registration data and telephone apparatus for the same
Method of secured redialing
Information input device, cursor moving device and portable telephone
System and method for automatic area code updating
Method and system for automatic gain control with adaptive table lookup
Cellular telephone with simultaneous radio and cellular communications
Telephone whose setting details can be changed, and telephone capable of changing settings of called telephone
Method and system for controlling echo cancellation using zero echo path, ringing, and off-hook detection
Modem having a digital high voltage isolation barrier
System and method for protecting devices connected to a telephone line
Power supply for telecommunications device
Integrated ringer for short telephone lines
Internet service provider (ISP) finder
Communications test system
Method for providing a delivery confirmation of message deliveries made in a telephone network
Echo canceler employing multiple step gains
Image processing system, image processing method, and medium having an image processing control program recorded thereon
Method and apparatus for color manipulation
Electronic camera, method for detecting obstruction to electronic flash and method for correcting exposure level
Electronic image recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Conditional access and copy protection scheme for MPEG encoded video data
Sound/data sharing communications system
Method of switching of coded video sequences and corresponding device
Brandwidth optimization of video program bearing transport streams
Network distributed remultiplexer for video program bearing transport streams
Apparatus and method for optimizing the rate control for multiscale entropy encoding
Classified adaptive error recovery method and apparatus
Coding an intra-frame upon detecting a scene change in a video sequence
Switching systems and methods of operation of switching systems
Method and apparatus for conservation of switching exchange resources
Handling of signaling information within a telecommunications system
Method for indicating that a text message is present in a message central module of a mobile radiotelephone network
Location-dependent services in a mobile communication system
Software HLR architecture
System test metacontroller
Antenna configuration for a hybrid inner/outer sectored cell
Method and system for autonomously allocating a frequency hopping traffic channel in a private radio system
Communication method, base station and terminal apparatus
Control random access in mobile communication system without interrrupting continuous communications
Method and apparatus for a dedicated control channel in an early soft handoff in a code division multiple access communication system
Paging of mobile station in a cellular radio system
CDMA soft hand-off
System, method and apparatus to prepare base transceiver station for intra-cell asynchronous positioning handover
Method of transmitting a caller's identification number to a mobile instrument from a home base station
Initiating a Telecommunications call to a party based on an identifying signal wirelessly transmitted by the party or its proxy
Electrostatic transducer
Regressively hinged spider
Method and apparatus for accommodating primary content audio and secondary content remaining audio capability in the digital audio production process
Digital radiography system having an X-ray image intensifier tube
Method and apparatus for predicting x-ray tube failures in computed tomography systems
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