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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Controlled spacing high density serpentine wave planting method and devices to accomplish the method and farming business methods
Trash finger
Hollow pot
Hydroponic irrigation system
Greenhouse utilizing waste heat source
Pet litter box
Hands free dog walker
Animal paw massager and dirt remover
Seafood meat extraction tool
Reversible baseball or softball chest protector
Novelty mitt
Visored cloth headgear
Jewelry safety device
Pocket storable hand towel and case
Jewelry display stand
Toezeeze--a biodegradable, water soluble individual toe separator used in pedicures
Backpack structure having lifesaving function
Furniture pull-out
Container data center
Extendable folding bed frame
Siderail assembly for patient support apparatus
Mounting structure of computer
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Vertically retractable shelf system
Drinking vessel usable in different orientations
Panel attachment for water cooler
Device for frothing milk or other milk based liquids
Portable and disposable sanitary toilet seat cover
Hanging shower curtain support
Mobile sweeper
Device for wringing liquid-absorbing wiping elements as well as mop wringer
Sonography guided embryo transfer for in vitro fertilization
CAM lock pedicle screw
System and method to stablize a spinal column including a spinolaminar locking plate
Methods and devices for removing omental tissue
Means for sampling animal blood
Sleep evaluation device and sleep evaluation method therefor
Method of locating the position of a microcalcification in a human breast
Transcranial doppler apparatus
Combination toothpick and mint dispenser
Disposable undergarment and related manufacturing equipment and processes
System for controlling a controllable stomach band
Tapered helical stent and method for manufacturing the stent
Method and apparatus for restoring a joint, including the provision and use of a longitudinally-adjustable and rotationally-adjustable joint prosthesis
Modular articulating splint
Flexible multi-configuration female sexual stimulation device
Switch-actuated joystick for power wheelchairs
Transfer assist apparatus
Apparatus for manipulating joints of a limb
Controlled high efficiency lesion formation using high intensity ultrasound
Device for assisting cardiac pulmonary resuscitation
Artificial gastric valve
Device and method for delivering therapeutic substances to the maxillary sinus of a patient
Treatment for patients after removal of saphenous vascular material
Injection device with simplified stopper retention
Needlestick prevention device
Medical treatment apparatus using laser beams
Escape devices for high-rise buildings
Firefighting station
Method of, and apparatus for the dispensing of decontaminants and fire suppressant foam
Azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions of Z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, and 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane
Doorframe suspension type parallel-bar exercising apparatus
Rowing simulator
Stretching assistance system
Low lift golf ball
Putter head
Golf training device
Pitching machine
Baseball bat swing aid
Electronic video poker games
Method, system, and device for managing player data
Communicating in-casino emergency notifications
Authorizing and managing wagering agent accounts
Player made tournament application and method
Combination wildlife call
Performing Operations; Transporting
Infiltration/inflow control for membrane bioreactor
Sand separator for petroleum and natural gas wells
Method for water treatment regeneration stage
Seawater desalinization system
Seawater desalinization device
Seawater desalinization device
Device for filtering polymer melts
CO.sub.2 absorption from gas mixtures using an aqueous solution of 4-amino-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl piperidine
Polymer blends and carbonized polymer blends
Pore diffusion type flat membrane separating apparatus
Membrane assemblies and methods of making and using the same
Fan cooling tower design and method
Fluid reforming apparatus for maintaining thermal conductivity of a fluid in a flow channel
Gas hydrate conversion system for harvesting hydrocarbon hydrate deposits
Coating device
Apparatus for preserving and serving by-the-glass wine, or other liquid that can be affected by oxygen
Screening mat for vibrating screen devices
NF.sub.3 chamber clean additive
Batch dishware washing machine with steam venting
Spin improvement string pliers
Pneumatically-operated master chain link press tool
Molten metal supply cylinder, molten metal supply apparatus incorporating such a supply cylinder and molten metal supply method
Face driver
Tool having detachably clamped cutting body
Hand held portable drill guide enabling single handed field setup and having releasable drill gripping securement
Drill motor adapter
4-way compression grooved coupling
Shim for arrangement against a structural component and a method of making a shim
CMP pad dressers with hybridized abrasive surface and related methods
Power tool, particularly a hand-held power tool
Alignment clamp assembly
Pistol grip spring compressor system and method for maintaining compression on a valve spring
Auxiliary handle
Connector for construction elements and method of connecting
Cutting apparatus with adjustable mechanism
System and method for forming a shoe sole
Ejection mechanism and mold using the same
System and method for a baling machine safety actuator
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Asymmetrical wafer configurations and method for creating the same
Apparatus for sealing the corner joint of the spacer of an insulating glass pane
Sleeves and sleeve segments for flexography
Document-feeding roller mechanism and printing apparatus having the same
Apparatus for ejecting droplets
Touch-free nozzle sealant removal
Security document
Method using block copolymers for making a master disk with radial binary encoded nondata marks for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks
Tandem power train assembly
Drag reducing apparatus for a vehicle
Engine compartment cooling system
Hydraulic circuit for a regenerative drive assembly
Driving apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Deer feeder filling apparatus
Recreational camper wind restraint system and method
Three aerogenerator blades packing system (packing method and packing system for three aerogenerator blades)
Automotive interior lamp
Illuminant assembly structure
Vehicle component with integral inflator
Spraying windshield wiper assembly
Transport cart for loading an aircraft galley
Floor jack having integrated tool kit
In-hub braking system for manual wheelchairs
Bicycle brake light controlling assembly
Seacock closing system
Programmable automatic docking system
Mass flow increase at takeoff in supersonic airliner
Capsule support arrangement for filling and closing machines
Device for producing shrink film-covered packs
Resealable container having frangible portion and hinged top
Rib and gasket arrangement for a can
Light up liquid projection device and method thereof
Reclosable pour systems for containers
Tray holder
Cooler having edge protected graphics sheet
Display package
Method of preventing damage to miniature electronic components held by a component carrier
Dispensing pump with resilient biasing member
Storage, storage set and transporting system
Feeding device with motorized rollers for overlying bands of paper or other materials
Cellular telephone support device
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Paper out mechanism and printing apparatus with paper out mechanism
Sheet storage apparatus and image forming apparatus
Under-shingled article handling and stacking system and method
Taggant keying system for dispensing systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Grey water filtering system
Fluid purification using hydraulic vortex system
Process for preparing batch materials for the manufacture of glass
Cement compositions with a high-density additive of silicon carbide or sintered bauxite
Non-volatile addressable electronic paper with gray level capability
Sulphur cement pre-composition and sulphur cement product
Vapor deposition apparatus
Coating apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus having electrode member
Multi-anode system for uniform plating of alloys
Fixed Constructions
Curb-mounted storm sewer box and method of manufacture/repair
Screen limestone leveling and smoothing tool
Cushioned cover for traffic structures
Multi-purpose rotational barrier unit
Excavating apparatus employing swivel adapter with gear bearings having gears with divergent thickness
Wall leveling device and method for manufacturing and using the same
Vertical vibrating screed
Storm shelter and method of use thereof
Insulating wall panel assembly and method for manufacturing same
Sound-insulating and vibration-isolating rubber pad and method for installing a sound-insulating and vibration-isolating floor using same
Thermoplastic siding insulation
Wireless solar shingle panel and a method for implementing same
Apparatus and method for mounting a gutter
System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Structural interlocking wood panel
Lattice support structure
Assembly fixture for assemling a hinge to a display panel
Collapsible ladder
Apparatus and methods for separating sand from well fracturing return water
Reinforced frac tubing head
Equipment for remote launching of cementing plugs
Emergency subsea wellhead closure devices
Apparatus and methods for allowing fluid flow inside at least one screen and outside a pipe disposed in an well bore
Well treatment using electric submersible pumping system
In-situ evaluation of reservoir sanding and fines migration and related completion, lift and surface facilities design
Mounting for a replaceable tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reciprocating piston engine
Scroll compressor
Scroll pump with isolation barrier
Ceiling fan, including blades and hardware that incorporates or is constructed of phosphorescent materials
Turbine blade platform with impingement cooling
Steam power unit
Detector for detecting sulfur components
Composition and method for reducing NOx emissions from diesel engines at minimum fuel consumption
Particle filter arrangement
Two-stroke engine
Bearing connection, engine cylinder, and engine with the bearing connection
Method and device for utilising biomass
Turbocharger for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Active air control
Three-port valve
Hydraulic drive train with energy dissipation for electricity generation
Device for adjusting the blade pitch of a wind generator
Hydraulic pump structure for wind turbine generator or tidal current generator and method of mounting hydraulic pump
Fan control circuit
Rotor drive mechanism and pump apparatus
Stator blade for a turbomachine which is exposable to axial throughflow, and also stator blade arrangement for it
Motor driven compressor
Actuator for opening an aircraft engine nacelle cowl
Screw assembly
Semi-trailer support loading nut
Nut assembly
Screw structure
Screw structure
Locking carabiner
One-way clutch
Systems and methods for gravity compensation
Safety device for a linear actuator and a linear actuator
Speed change mechanism
Fluid flow control valve
Vibration-resistant reinforced concrete watertight pipe and method of manufacturing the same
Enhanced stroller lighting processes products thereby and accoutrements
LED illumination system for replacing fluorescent lamps
Flexible LED array
LED lamp with radiator and method for manufacturing the same
Ratchet clip
LED lamp having light emitting diodes with reduced number of lenses covered thereon
Portable electronic device with interface
Vehicle lighting device
Light emitting device and luminaire
Single beverage freezable container
Loop heat pipe
Spiral heat exchanger for producing heating and/or sanitary use hot water, specifically designed for condensation applications
Pyrotechnic audio and visual effects for combat simulation
Sling system
Back-tension archery release
Firearm with multiple targeting laser diodes
Portable explosion containment chamber
Modular over pressure disrupter
Wear indication system for compressor diaphragms of gas turbine engines
Testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining the thermal expansion of a material
Device and method for performing maintenance on an apparatus in a flow duct
Electrode module
Method and system for determining levels of gases
Cantilever for magnetic force microscope and method of manufacturing the same
Methods systems and apparatus for determining whether built-in-test fault codes are indicative of an actual fault condition or a false alarm
Optical fiber connector
Connector having floatable optical module
Optical fiber connector
Optical fiber connector having V-shaped receiving grooves
Small-form-factor fiber optic interface assemblies for electronic devices having a circuit board
Personalizeable display frames
Methods and apparatus for aligning antennas of low-powered intra- and extra-oral electronic wireless devices
Eyeglass frames
Protection cap for protecting camera module
Portable computing device with media player and projecting unit
Reduced-speckle laser projector with speckle-reduction
One-piece hairspring and method of manufacturing the same
Inverter device for a timepiece movement
Device for operating two memory cards in two sockets with different pin arrangements
Device for powering an electronic circuit, in particular a digital circuit, and associated method
Nonvolatile memory system and related method of performing erase refresh operation
Information processing apparatus and control method
Fault information managing method and fault information managing program
Automated node fencing integrated within a quorum service of a cluster infrastructure
Soft decision threshold control in a signal receiver using soft decision error correction
Using DMA for copying performance counter data to memory
Transparent level 2 cache that uses independent tag and valid random access memory arrays for cache access
System, method, and computer program product for avoiding recall operations in a tiered data storage system
Communication device, communication scheme determination method, and program
System data transfer optimization of extended computer systems
System and method of sending and receiving data and commands using the TCK and TMS of IEEE 1149.1
Computer-readable recording medium storing software update command program, software update command method, and information processing device
Remote portlet consumer with enhanced resource URL processing
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Accurately predicting capacity requirements for information technology resources in physical, virtual and hybrid cloud environments
Establishing relationships among elements in a computing system
Apparatus and method for managing communications
End-to end provisioning of storage clouds
Apparatus, system and method for selecting a media enhancement
Method and system for secure communication
Remote control apparatus and communication system
Methods of designing semiconductor devices and methods of modifying layouts of semiconductor devices
Multiprocessor computer system and method having at least one processor with a dynamically reconfigurable instruction set
Generating and selecting bit-stack candidates from a graph using dynamic programming
Communication system having plural terminals and method for controlling terminal in communication system
Method and apparatus for enhancing security of wireless communications
Safety and management of computing environments that may support unsafe components
Pay-per-play audiovisual system with touch screen interface
Deleting a browser's history when a different web application is selected
System, method, and operating instruction for improved data storage/retrieval
Configuring a data storage device with a configuration data record set in response to a configuration code
System and method of delivering event notifications
Method and apparatus for sending, retrieving, and planning location relevant information
User authentication using personal objects
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for providing a secure predefined boot sequence
Code modification of rule-based implementations
Compiling software for a hierarchical distributed processing system
Profile normalization in an autonomic software system
Autonomic customization of properties of a virtual appliance in a computer system
Job processing method, recording medium, program and system
Image processing job control system with access control ticket including function restriction based on user, time of request and upper limit on exceptional output count
Job scheduling with optimization of power consumption
Real-time monitoring of job resource consumption and prediction of resource deficiency based on future availability
Adaptive spinning of computer program threads acquiring locks on resource objects by selective sampling of the locks
System and method for data card emulation
Cellular phone, control method, control program, and face panel used for the cellular phone
Processor and method of control of processor
Wagering game training tool for wagering systems
Four bar drive link system simulator
Machine for controllably flying a flag in the absence of natural wind
Optical disc drive having a tray with a main circuit board and spoke sensor
Semiconductor device and data processing system including the same
Capacitor producing method for producing thin-film capacitors eliminating defects
Wireless network interface device
Electrical connector having versatile contact mating surfaces
Terminal fitting and electric wire equipped with the same
Word-serial cyclic code encoder
System and method for secure verification of electronic transactions
Secure key server based file and multimedia management system
Certificate selection for virtual host servers
Method for reducing the time to diagnose the cause of unexpected changes to system files
Systems and methods for authorization of information access
System and method for encouraging viewers to watch television programs
Method and system for providing subscription data
Control apparatus, content transmission system and content transmission method
Airflow guide
Fixing frame and heat dissipation device using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Communication system having a notification function with respect to a predetermined state of each communication terminal thereof
Establishing a wireless link connecting a central terminal and a subscriber terminal of a wireless telecommunications system
Wrist-carried radiotelephone
Personal portable apparatus for use in completing a telephone call
Communication system and methods for enhanced information transfer
Devices for transmitter path weights and methods therefor
Wireless communication terminal having video image capability
Mobile communication device with a rotary push switch
Portable radio apparatus having function for compressing and transmitting data
Methods and apparatus for examining tissue in vivo using the decay characteristics of scattered electromagnetic radiation
Photosensor with multiple light sources
Method of living organism multimodal functional mapping
Phase-sensitive inversion recovery method of MR imaging
Method and system for MRI venography including arterial and venous discrimination
Diagnostic image processing method
Systems and methods for controlling the use of diagnostic or therapeutic instruments in interior body regions using real and idealized images
Endoscopic or fiberscopic imaging device using infrared fluorescence
Radiation thermometer
Ophthalmological measurement apparatus
Apparatus and method for the delivery of drugs and genes into tissue
Radiotherapy stent
Non-programmable automated heart rhythm classifier
Two-chamber pacemaker
Adaptive evoked response sensing for automatic capture verification
Pacer housing
Implantable device with bevel gear actuation for lead retention and actuation
Medical lead adaptor
Non-invasively maneuverable lead system
Guidewire placed implantable lead with tip seal
Network accessible interface for a process control network
Method and apparatus for improved building automation
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of a system or device
Clamping arm position sensing apparatus
Controller for work transfer system
FA information managing method
Method and apparatus for fault detection and control
Laser beam machining equipment
Method and apparatus for analyzing cuts
System and method of manufacturing semicustom integrated circuits using reticle primitives from a library and interconnect reticles
Method of controlling semiconductor fabricating equipment to process wafers of a single lot individually
Embroidery data processor for preparing high quality embroidery sewing
System for meshing curved surface by generating and controlling the number of bubbles in parametric space
Positioning system and method
Method of sorting printed documents and feeding them to a finishing machine
Installation for exchanging articles, in particular gas cylinders
Method for handling metal sheets in a working area comprising a machine tool and a robot
Method of correcting shift of working position in robot manipulation system
Method of measuring operation characteristic of proportional electromagnetic control valve, method of controlling operation of hydraulic cylinder, and method of modifying operation characteristic of proportional electromagnetic control valve
Bicycle computer
Self-diagnostic method for a forklift truck
Motor vehicle diagnostic system and apparatus
Vehicle diagnosing apparatus
Control device for influencing the driving dynamics of four-wheel vehicles
Vehicle rollover sensing using yaw rate estimation
Speed change controller for continuously variable transmission
Braking force control system
Brake control device of vehicle operable with double checking of driver's positive braking intention
Distance-related electronically controlled cruise control system
Device and method for diagnosing the condition of a probe upstream from a catalytic converter
Apparatus for controlling internal combustion engine
Position determining program and method
Method and system for route calculation in a navigation application
Dual-calibrated compass
Fracture discrimination using borehole frequency response of stoneley waves
Statistical pattern analysis methods of partial discharge measurements in high voltage insulation
Apparatus and method for automatically matching microwave impedance
Statistical impact analysis computer system
Interactive remote sample analysis system
Method of and apparatus for deterministically obtaining measurements
Moving object and transient event detection using rotation strip aperture image measurements
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
On-board diagnosis of emissions from catalytic converters
Method and apparatus for establishing a predictive maintenance database
Event recording in a service database system
Injection mold design system and injection mold design method
Method and configuration for computer-aided determination of a system relationship function
Method and apparatus for assessing risks of injury
Method and apparatus for string model simulation of a physical semiconductor process including use of specific depth angles and segment list with removal of redundant segments
Method for simulating control functions of a control device
Adaptive electronic phrase book
System for creating a dictionary
Audio encoding apparatus and audio decoding apparatus for encoding in multiple stages a multi-pulse signal
Adaptive combining of multi-mode coding for voiced speech and noise-like signals
Method and system for searching for an optimal codevector
Apparatus and methods for rejecting confusible words during training associated with a speech recognition system
Natural language knowledge servers as network resources
Mechanism for managing multiple speech applications
Integration of music from a personal library with real-time information
Data processing system and method for customizing data processing system output for sense-impaired users
Automated camera aiming for identified talkers
Speech command input recognition system for interactive computer display with term weighting means used in interpreting potential commands from relevant speech terms
Messaging server language configuration method and apparatus
Computer keyboard-generated medical progress notes via a coded diagnosis-based language
Vacations and holiday scheduling method and system having a bidding object which enables employees to bid and prevent from bidding if higher priority employees have not bid
System and methods for computing to support decomposing property into separately valued components
Method for compiling accounting data for the utilization of programmed services or services available via a program
Smart card mechanism and method for obtaining electronic tickets for goods services over an open communications link
Method of usage-dependent determination of costs in making communication lines
Fuzzy neural networks
Artificial neural network and fuzzy logic based boiler tube leak detection systems
Multiresolutional classifier with training system and method
Apparatus and method for optimizing the performance of computer tasks using multiple intelligent agents having varied degrees of domain knowledge
Method of configuring a set of objects in a computer
System and method for automatically executing decisional rules
Method and apparatus for optimizing query generation by selectively utilizing attributes or key values
Multiple-stage evaluation of user-defined predicates
Method and system of database divisional management for parallel database system
Methods and apparatus for classifying text and for building a text classifier
Full group privileges access system providing user access security protection for a telecommunications switching system
System and method for creating a search form for accessing directory information
Method and apparatus for supplying multi-media data to a client by using threads
Distributed computer database system and method employing intelligent agents
Transaction log management in a disconnectable computer and network
Integrated database system and computer-readable recording medium recorded with program for managing database structure thereof
Data file editor presenting semi-formatted view
Apparatus and method for automatically propagating a change made to at least one of a plurality of objects to at least one data structure containing data relating to the plurality of objects
Object-oriented paradigm for accessing transactional requests by modeling I/O message queues into an object framework
Method and system for rapid memory-resident processing of transactional data
Object morphing in an object oriented computing environment using relational database query procedure
Data selecting apparatus with merging and sorting of internal and external data
Managing directory listings in a relational database
Efficient implementations of constructs such as feature tables
Method and apparatus for managing files in a storage medium
Method and apparatus for shadowing a hierarchical file system index structure to enable error recovery
Method and apparatus for determing whether a transaction can use a version of a data item
Method and apparatus for combining undo and redo contexts in a distributed access environment
Data model compiler selectively using a reference store of labelled program components within a common class
Automatic web based form fill-in
Single-document active user interface, method and system for implementing same
Method and system for web site construction using HTML fragment caching
Method and system in a computer network for automatically adding synchronization points to network documents
System and method for performing compound vector operations
Pseudorandom number generating method and pseudorandom number generator
Digital filter, digital signal processing method, and communication apparatus
Multiple resonant tunneling circuits for signed digit multivalued logic operations
Detecting available computers to participate in computationally complex distributed processing problem
Method and apparatus for transferring file descriptors in a multiprocess, multithreaded client/server system
Method for the location-independent exchange of process data using process-computer-independent data structures
Process stop method and apparatus for a distributed memory multi-processor system
Updating mechanism for user programs in a computer system
Method and system for panorama viewing
Inter-program synchronous communications using a collaboration software system
System and method for visually identifying speaking participants in a multi-participant networked event
Electronic mail with recipient-specific content
Method for establishing a master-slave relationship in a peer-to-peer network
Remote/shared browser cache
Twisted pair communication system
Multilevel data communication system including local and host systems
System and method for determining cluster membership in a heterogeneous distributed system
Network management system and network management method capable of controlling agent even in case of fault occurring on logical communication channel
Method and apparatus for adaptive monitor and support system
Determination of distance between nodes in a computer network
Method and apparatus for acquiring authorized access to resources in a distributed system
Startup management system and method for networks
Private, trackable URLs for directed document delivery
Network file server sharing local caches of file access information in data processors assigned to respective file systems
X.25 network connection for X.25 protocol communication used in a full electronic switching system
Methods and structures for robust, reliable file exchange between secured systems
Mapping SNA session flow control to TCP flow control
Computer file transmission system and method
Method and system for process queue communications routing
Network communications system manager
Web server with ability to process URL requests for non-markup language objects and perform actions on the objects using executable instructions contained in the URL
Computer system having fixed computers and mobile computers
Multicast cluster servicer for communicating amongst a plurality of nodes without a dedicated local area network
System and method for performing external procedure calls from a client program to a server program while both are operating in a heterogenous computer
Collaborative framework for disparate application programs
Controller with a vendor/product identification pin for a Universal Serial Bus by various manufacturers
Program-controlled device with reloading possibility for and changeover possibility to a second operating system without program interruption by exchanging two address lines each other
Repeater with flow control device transmitting congestion indication data from output port buffer to associated network node upon port input buffer crossing threshold level
Sharing a single serial port between system remote access software and a remote management microcontroller
Bus arbiter for facilitating access to a storage medium in enhanced burst mode using freely specifiable address increments/decrements
Personal computer interrupt line sharing circuit with active interrupt line monitoring, and method for sharing a common interrupt line by active monitoring
Adapter for interconnecting single-ended and differential SCSI buses to prevent "busy" wired-or glitches from being passed from one bus to the other
Input/output buffer managed by sorted breakpoint hardware/software
Method/apparatus for dynamically changing FIFO draining priority through asynchronous or isochronous DMA engines in response to packet type and predetermined high watermark being reached
Memory device having a controller capable of disabling data input/output mask (DQM) input buffer during portions of a read operation and a write operation
Innovative dual-channel serial interface circuit scheme
Method and apparatus for configuring the pinout of an integrated circuit
Caching uncompressed data on a compressed drive
Automatic SCSI termination readjustment
System for hot swapping a programmable adapter by using a programmable processor to selectively disabling and enabling power thereto upon receiving respective control signals
Apparatus for allowing smooth hot insertion and removal of a peripheral by gradually applying and removing power to the peripheral
System and method for configuration of electronic devices using a smart card which having configuration data stored therein
Transmission apparatus with control circuit/relay within each card providing connection to related card output depending on related slot ID/ redundancy/non-redundancy, working/protection signals
U-interface matching circuit and method
PCI-compliant interrupt steering architecture
System and method for dynamically selecting interrupt storage time threshold parameters
Apparatus for postponing processing of interrupts by a microprocessor
Interrupt controller
Apparatus for fencing a member of a group of processes in a distributed processing environment
Method and system for providing additional addressable functional space on a disk for use with a virtual data storage subsystem
System and method for programming EPROM cells using shorter duration pulse(s) in repeating the programming process of a particular cell
Memory device with command buffer
Method and apparatus for resetting a random access memory
Structure and method for disk drive sizing using a disk drive controller coupled to a computer system
Apparatus and method for optimizing performance of a cache memory in a data processing system
Destage of data for write cache
Cache coherency protocol for a data processing system including a multi-level memory hierarchy
Method and system for avoiding data loss due to cancelled transactions within a non-uniform memory access system
Method and apparatus for executing unresolvable system bus operations
Storage medium unit controlled by downloaded programs
Apparatus and method for preventing access to SMRAM space through AGP addressing
Method and apparatus for creating formatted fat partitions with a hard drive having a BIOS-less controller
Method for implementing a graphic address remapping table as a virtual register file in system memory
High performance cache directory addressing scheme for variable cache sizes utilizing associativity
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a data storage device
Method and apparatus for accessing data in a shadow set after a failed data operation
Method and apparatus for facilitating multiple storage instruction completions in a superscalar processor during a single clock cycle
Superscalar microprocessor including a load/store unit, decode units and a reorder buffer to detect dependencies between access to a stack cache and a data cache
Processor architecture scheme which uses virtual address registers to implement different addressing modes and method therefor
Method and apparatus for decoding one or more instructions after renaming destination registers
Using multiple decoders and a reorder queue to decode instructions out of order
Pipeline control for high-frequency pipelined designs
Executing partial-width packed data instructions
Apparatus and method for detecting microbranches early
Relocatable code storage in an integrated circuit with an embedded microprocessor
Configuration sizer for selecting system of computer components based on price/performance normalization
Operating system independent system for running utility programs in a defined environment
Method and apparatus for the secure distributed storage and retrieval of information
System and method for mutual authentication and secure communications between a postage security device and a meter server
Method for establishing a key using over-the-air communication and password protocol and password protocol
System and method for cloaking software
Controlling access to a resource
Methods, software, and apparatus for secure communication over a computer network
Securing restricted operations of a computer program using a visual key feature
Data processing with progressive, adaptive, CPU-driven power management
Method of managing power for a computer system and generating application threshold warnings
Structure and method for power sequencing of disk drives in a computer system
Self-timed parallel data bus interface to direct storage devices
Data integrity and availability in a distributed computer system
Method and system for recovering lost data
Redundant apparatus
Memory defect steering circuit
Method and system for remapping physical memory
Restoring method for hard disk
Fault tolerant design for identification of AC defects including variance of cycle time to maintain system operation
Method and system for monitoring computer performance utilizing sound diagnostics
Data processor with CRC instruction set extension
Fast ATA-compatible drive interface with error detection and/or error correction
Data element interleaving/deinterleaving
Apparatus and method for analyzing circuit test results and recording medium storing analytical program therefor
On-board testing circuit and method for improving testing of integrated circuits
System for verifying signal timing accuracy on a digital testing device
Parallel Chien search circuit
System and method for generating error checking data in a communications system
Device and method for extending error correction beyond one sector time
Method and apparatus for enhanced performance in a system employing convolutional decoding
High data rate maximum a posteriori decoder for segmented trellis code words
Information reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Communications system and methods employing selective recursive decording
Methods and systems for functionally describing a digital hardware design and for converting a functional specification of same into a netlist
Method and system for reducing state space variables prior to symbolic model checking
Controller for solving logic
Method for generating an electrical circuit comprising dielectrics
Method for logic optimization for improving timing and congestion during placement in integrated circuit design
Method and apparatus for automatically removing acid traps from a hatched fill in a printed circuit board design
Method of preparing a partial one-shot electron beam exposure mask and method of direct-writing patterns by use of a partial one-shot electron beam exposure mask
Technique for test coverage of visual programs
Interpreter with virtualized interface
Mechanism for finding spare registers in binary code
Multicomputer system
Method for software pipelining nested loops
Interpreter generation and implementation utilizing interpreter states and register caching
Method, apparatus, and product for improved garbage collection in a memory system through the removal of reference conflicts
Method for distributing software over network links via electronic mail
Rectangular steel mesh receptacle
Golf cart
Speaker box
Electronic device
External hard-disk box
IC card reader and writer
Computer input device
Portion of a computer input device
Portion of a computer input device
Dimpled computer mouse
Circuit card
Pull-out keyboard tray
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Set of battery charge icons for a portion of a liquid crystal display panel
Selector for audio visual apparatus
Caller identification printer
Transceiver base
Portable phone holder
Head carriage
Collection container
Window section
Hand held vacuum cleaner
Plastic bottle crusher
Portable bending brake stand
Flash camera
Digital camera
Liquid crystal projector
Multi-functional office business machine
Cover of copying machine
Front portion of camera
Eyeglasses frame
Guitar body
Cash drawer
Set of control buttons and indicator light for computer printer
Business paper
Paint color sampling swab
Maraca pen
Writing utensil
Writing instrument
Pen holder
Transaction card
Timely dispensing of medication
Adhesive bandage for dented automobile
Electronic commerce terminal enclosure for a vending machine
Mobile phone shaped internet computer terminal kiosk
Windmill blade
Octagonal toy building element
Toy train
Toy train
Furry toy animal shell
Exercise treadmill
Golf club head
Golf clubhead
Scoreline pattern for a golf club head
Scoreline pattern for golf club head
Golf club cavity
Surfboard fin
Boxing exercise apparatus
Portable housing for golf swing analyzer
Golf stance and swing training aid
Golf mat
Swimming oar
Housing for a water purification system
Shower head
Handle for long handled spray gun
Control flow valve
Water pipe connector
Stainless steel toilet
Toilet seat and cover combination
Junction box cover for a water heater
Room deodorant dispenser
Pivot fan
Six inch personal desk fan
Ceiling fan bracket unit
Ceiling fan arm blades unit
Drug conversion device
Disposable absorbent article
Valve port
Apparatus for covering a used syringe needle
Dental instrument
Disposable surgical electrode
Pipette tip
Equipment storage tray
Electronic acupuncture device
Disposable absorbent article
Bathroom door
Resin building
Profile track for fastening moldings to walls and floors
Deck spacer
Container for a candle
Lava lamp
Table lamp
Decoration lamp
Compact fluorescent lamp
Desk task lamp
Track lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Surgical light apparatus
Light fixture
Ribbed lighting diffuser with end cap
Pendent lamp
Pendent lamp
Light fixture
Lamp shield
Vehicle lamp
Oil lamp
Crochet lampshade
Lighting fixture shade
Motorcycle headlight bezel
Arm for lighting fixture
Flower-shaped back sponge for applying lotion to the user's back
Electric shaver
Component part of a cabinet for a hand dryer
Flosser tip
Double rail flosser tip cartridge insert
Massaging device
Inhalation device
Bird shelf
Human Necessities
Self-powered brush cutter
Lawn mower
Harvester with crop flow rate sensor
Plant feeder for long term, low maintenance and accurate feeding of potted plants
Covering for flower pot and floral grouping
Displaying dwarf trees
Bermudagrass plant named `MS-Supreme`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Armida`
Lamium plant named `Dellam`
Torenia plant named `Dantoyhrt`
Osteospermum plant named `Sirius`
Osteospermum plant named `Arctur`
High action fishing lure
Fishing lures and methods of making fishing lures
Electronic fishing lure assembly
Intraline fishing rod
Fisherman's release clip
Adjustable boyancy fishing float
Garden pest control device
Mobile device to eradicate red palm weevils and trees stem borers
Microwave and millimeter wave method and apparatus for controlling insects in stored-products
Pants with crotch covering flap assembly
Athletic sports pad
Water resistant protective garment for fire fighters
Process for manufacturing shorts or trousers
Helium filled sole
Welted shoe construction and method
Insole assembly for footwear
Riding spur with retaining lip
Shoelace fastening apparatus
Internal shoe sizing apparatus and method for sizing shoes
Woman's shoe insert
Female component for touch and close fastener and method of manufacturing the same
Toothbrush with protective bumper, and method
Modular mattress system with a removable liquid filled insert
Semi-fluid based body support system
Storage unit and canopy for a folding play yard with a bassinet
Method for forming a cover about a flower pot
Wind resistant beach towel
Shower drain replacement device
Upright water extraction cleaning machine
Upright extraction cleaning machine with flow rate indicator
Cleaning mitt apparatus
Scouring apparatus incorporating holder for detachably retaining scouring pad and selectively attachable handle
Wet cleaning apparatus
Dust-collecting device for vacuum cleaner and upright type vacuum cleaner
Diving Mask
Elevator chairs for the handicapped and invalids
Lifting harness for transporting non-ambulatory patients
Method of making an intravenous catheter assembly
Multipurpose collapsible panels
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for the after-treatment of exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine operating with excess air
Exhaust gas purification device for an internal combustion engine
Active microchannel fluid processing unit and method of making
Drying system in a spraybooth
Method and apparatus for reducing particle contamination during wafer transport
Air curtain system used in manufacturing thin film transistor liquid crystal display
Method for manufacturing a structural member for collison impact
Cartridge case former and method
Ball nut and method of high volume manufacturing of same
Assembled multi-layer shafts
Repair system for damaged transmission housings
Machine-tool for high speed machining adopting an ergonomic arrangement for functional parts thereof
Surface cutting apparatus for hot-rolled steel products
Cutting guide device
Brake single or dual piston pusher tool
Hammer with holder
Hairdressing scissors
Dispensing razor blade cartridges used with a handle
Utility knife
Process for manufacture of a top for a container with a detachable cover reusable as a cap
Return envelope assembly
Apparatus and method for forming stiffening means
Packaging material
Water-resistant mastic membrane
Vehicle window pet barrier
Interior paneling element for a motor vehicle door
Moveable structural reinforcement system
Automotive seat assembly having a rectractable headrest
Method for the remanufacturing of a sealed module
Wiper blade for motor vehicle windows, with support element, wiper strip and connection device for a driven wiper arm
Dynamic ramp interface system
Method of installing ships cabin wall panels and a support for use in the method
Method of distributing loads generated between a ship and a supporting dry dock
Device for positioning and cutting the film in the packaging station of a machine for packaging with stretchable film
Packaging device
Method of and apparatus for packaging cylindrical article
Hosiery manipulation device and method
Rotary conveyor with receptacles for packets of the tobacco processing industry
Cap applying apparatus
Method and apparatus for fitting a sheet-like article
Tie strap
Covering for flower pot and floral grouping
Display apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pool purifier attaching apparatus and method
Ceramic cutlery and process for production thereof
Process for producing styrenic polymer
Secondary loop refrigeration system
Toilet bowl cleaning and sanitizing composition and system and method of using same
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for transferring a yarn sheet from a yarn winder onto a winding beam
Spin draw texturizing or draw texturizing machine
Device for treating a fibrous pulp web as well as a sealing device for a device of this kind
Method for contact-free drying of a paper web or equivalent
Fixed Constructions
Lead screw barrier system
Sweeper conveyor overflow and leakage recycling ramp
Elastomeric seismic isolation of structures and components
Modular shower arm construction
Automatic faucet
Tub overflow waste assembly
Household drain plunger
Top mounted flush valve for a toilet tank
Water jet personal hygiene fixture for installation on a toilet bowl
Structural system for erecting buildings, particularly single-family dwellings
Modular pool enclosure system having aesthetic appeal
Method of forming a base structure assembly used in a wooden axial structure in wooded architectural construction and joint parts thereof
Dual network dome structure
Frame structure and method for forming the same
Expansion joint fire barrier for walls
Angle bracket for joining at least a first section bar and a second section bar
Cladding system and panel for use in such system
High strength grouted pipe coupler
Round cladding system
Rapidly deployable protective enclosure
Two-way gate
Apparatus and method for securing a door in its open position
Knockdown doorframe and building method thereof
Method of forming foam-filled decorative muntin bar for windows and the like
Window retention system
Spacing profile for double-glazing unit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Radial flow turbine with internal evaporative blade cooling
Device for reducing the NOx content in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of exhaust gas emissions from an internal combustion engine
Secondary air supply control system for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for compressing gaseous fuel in a turbine engine
Heat generation method in an emission control device
Engine control method with multiple emission control devices
Cross bar centering mechanism for slave petals in covergent divergent nozzles with variable geometry
Mechanical trucker's knot, with locking clasp, and method of use
Hose clip of the self-holding type
Combustion chamber of a gas turbine
Double divisible connector frame for mounting air grilles and louvers to heating and cooling duct outlets
Refrigerator door epaulet
Drying process for woven fabric intended for use as a reinforcing laminate in printed circuit boards
Heat exchanger tube and method of manufacturing same
Propulsion device
Shooting rest
Video mounting system for firearm
Fraction ruler
Gauge for use with an instrument for measuring the pitch of an oar blade
Coal loading system and method
Mechanism for loading a respective fuzz button into each of a high number of button holes within an IC contactor
Auto-aligning ribbon splitter
Hinge for spectacles
Pop-up advertising piece
Luminous electric sign
Banner support assembly
Temperature compensated color LCD projector
Disk storage device having contamination seals
Apparatus for serial reading and writing of random access memory arrays
Method of manufacturing and attaching a coil to an electric circuit using a circuit fixture
Thermocapillary dryer
Vacuum processing apparatus and magnetic seal rotary bearing unit
Method for electrically coupling bond pads of a microelectronic device
Method of making printed circuit board
Tape carrier and manufacturing method therefor
Wiring pattern of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of preparing oxide superconducting wire
Method of producing piezoelectric component
Wire stripping tool
Dual action indexing system and method for a die assembly
Apparatus and method for converting an HDTV signal to a non-HDTV signal
Apparatus having improved cycle time for removing a PC board from a panel
Method of making laminate printed circuit board with leads for plating
Locking device for substrate sockets
Method for shielding of electronics
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