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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Land leveling device
Swiftlets farming for production of edible bird's nests
Convertible shirt
Footwear with bridged decoupling
Hair iron
Magnetically directed hair dryer nozzle
Global rack system
Electronics enclosure for suspended ceilings
Roll restricting device
Vehicle seat
Vibration-based ejection cassette, drug dispensing apparatus, PTP dispensing apparatus, pharmaceutical product storage apparatus and PTP dispensing system
Attachable hanging hook
Portable leaf grinding device
Walk-in bathtub having a flip-up seat portion over a rearward foot well recess
Accessory for blower
Surgical stapling apparatus
Transvaginal tube as an aid to laparoscopic surgery
Pulse oximeter with parallel saturation calculation modules
Electrode belt
Method and device for reconstructing a 3D image data set of a moving object
Method for supressing surrounding noise in a hands-free device and hands-free device
Method for producing a tampon wrapped in a protective cover
Cross-frame wheelchair with foldable seat and back
Cochlear implant electrode and method of making same
Fire extinguisher with a container holding a fire extinguishing substance and corresponding compressed-gas cylinder
Head-up display unit
Snowboard with retractable braking device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Roof shingle stripper, grinder, and blower
Micro-structure fabrication method
Panel integrating method
Method for producing automotive parts
Metal mold structure and casting method
Installation device for a gradient coil module in a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Apparatus for the application of pressure relief valves
Method for determining the optimal insertion force of a fastener press
Hand-held power tool
Braking and driving mechanism for nail gun
Staple remover
Health and safety system for a table saw
Hand-held jigsaw with clamping device for reciprocating tool, in particular a jigsaw blade
Retaining device for assembling two panels, recyclable formwork for forming a concrete structure and packaging assembly using the same
Positioning device for a tubular label at a pre-established height from a bottle bottom in a labelling machine
Document with invisible encoded information and method of making the same
Sealing ring for a vehicle wheel
Tire with retractable stud
Combination trunk cover with spoiler and scrolling display
Door of a vehicle
Tractor and trailer fairing apparatus
Control device for fuel cell vehicle
Vehicle air bag system
Motion control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Method for operating a steering system
Multimodal agile robots
Arm supporter of bicycle
Airplane having a fuselage shell and a floor structure
Input/steering mechanisms and aircraft control systems for use on aircraft
Tablet storage and take-out apparatus
Invertible tray
Pressurized fluid delivery system
Vessel lock down system
Two-piece pastry box
Screw feeder having a magazine for holding a screw head
Telescoping conveyor
Urn vault transporting device
Tray assembly for a print production resource
Storage and dispensing system for needle-shields
Sheet alignment apparatus and sheet post-processing apparatus
Internal warming-up method and sheet post-processing apparatus including warming-up device
Sheet processing apparatus
Bi directional paper handling transport
Substrate media transport system with spaced nip
Sewing thread spool having thread locking and cutting functions
Draping system and method of use for the treatment of horse hair
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for the production of man-made vitreous fibre products
Manufacturing method of OLED display and apparatus for manufacturing the OLED display
Heating device coating plant and method for evaporation or sublimation of coating materials
Thermal evaporation apparatus, use and method of depositing a material
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for producing textiles, nonwoven substances, spunbond fabrics, paper materials, and/or perforated films
Fixed Constructions
Combined guide-nail shield and process
Sunscreen and mounting bracket assembly
Removable attachment system for buildings
Ventilated deck drainage systems
Method for manufacturing a sandwich panel
Force-resisting devices and methods for structures
Panel, in particular floor panel
Skylight tube with reflective structured surface
Roofing tile system
Rotatable wedge tile spacer having a curved body
Modular structure
Modular enclosure for utility trailers and pickup trucks
Tent electrical system
Mechanically actuated air tight device for wafer carrier
Lock with a swing bolt and an actuator assembly thereof
Foldable portable information terminal
Hinge with reduced bulkiness for vertical-movement doors
Hydraulically locking stabilizer
Apparatus and method for stabilization of downhole tools
Downhole well access line cutting tool
Multiple point adjustable depth air sparging well system
Methods and devices for forming a wellbore with casing
Optimization of untreated oil shale geometry to control subsidence
Equipment for excavation of deep boreholes in geological formation and the manner of energy and material transport in the boreholes
One trip gravel pack assembly
Monitoring and control system for a gas well dewatering pump
Method for impulse stimulation of oil and gas well production
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for the co-generation of fuel having a closed-loop energy cycle
Switchable support element for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Control system for reciprocating device
Diffuser muffler
Cooling system of internal combustion engine
Plasma jet ignition plug and ignition device for the same
Diffuser arranged between the compressor and the combustion chamber of a gas turbine
Cylinder head having coolant flow guide device
Configuration having a protected turbocharger in an exhaust gas recirculation line and motor vehicle having the configuration
Tank venting device for a motor vehicle
Method for operating an injector
Finger operated throttle
Clutch actuator and method for actuating a clutch
Method for manufacturing callipers for disc brakes with forced cap
Actuator for displacement of a holder against a homing-position
Gear-shifting structure for vehicle
Oil pipe connector
Valve apparatus
Solenoid valve assembly
Separable ball valve apparatus and ball valve assembly
Apparatus and method for supporting and aligning imaging equipment on a web converting manufacturing line
Air conditioner
Refrigeration cycle system
Refrigeration cycle device for vehicle
Method for improving or reconditioning FCR APG-68 tactical radar units
Light weight electronic protective shield from rocket-propelled grenades
Short term power grid disruption device
Self-powered coordinate probe
MEMS load cell and strain sensor
Multi-functional vehicle fuel display
On-vehicle evaluation of oil formulation
Engine simulation apparatus
X-ray imaging apparatus and its control method
Real-time X-ray scanner and remote crawler apparatus and method
Ultrasonic sensor system for web-guiding apparatus
Protein design automation for protein libraries
Traveltime calculation in three dimensional transversely isotropic (3D TI) media by the fast marching method
Propagating light to be sensed
Liquid-crystal planar-waveguide apparatus and method for fast control of polarization and other properties of light
Method and apparatus for low-loss signal transmission
Segmented waveguide structures
Optical switch
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and method of manufacturing the same
Method of identifying and labeling optical conduits
Systems and methods for reducing transfer deletions in an electrostatographic printer
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing time unable to perform image formation due to temperature change of image bearing member
Scanning method and an image-processing device including the same
Image forming apparatus with movable placement members
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Apparatus, method, and program for image forming
Cast-coated papers having enhanced image permanence when used with color xerographic printing and a method of printing the cast-coated papers in an electrophotographic apparatus
Transfer charge device cover in non-image receiving medium area
Electrophotographic image recording apparatus and method therefore
Perfluorinated polyether release agent for phase change ink members
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge and cleaningless system
Liquid flow controller and precision dispense apparatus and system
Electric power tool having speed reduction mechanism
Method and apparatus for optimizing a system model with gain constraints using a non-linear programming optimizer
Method of providing a second clock while changing a first supplied clock frequency then supplying the changed first clock
Power state coordination between devices sharing power-managed resources
Hardware switching apparatus for soft power-down and remote power-up
Circuit and method for protecting vector tags in high performance microprocessors
Depth counter used to reduce number of items to consider for loop detection in a reference-counting storage reclamation program
Disabling access based on location
Image administration method, image administration apparatus and image administration program
Memory device
Deadlock avoidance in a bus fabric
CPU system, bus bridge, control method therefor, and computer system
Hierarchized arbitration method
System and method for remote collection of data
Reduction of network retrieval latency using cache and digest
Printer server and print system
Method and apparatus for filtering messages based on context
System and method for managing access to active devices operably connected to a data network
Data processing system having instruction specifiers for SIMD register operands and method thereof
System and method for creating a book of reports over a computer network
Semiconductor device
Method and system for dynamic flowing data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Method of and article of manufacture for determining probability of avian collision
Efficient implementation of a multidimensional fast fourier transform on a distributed-memory parallel multi-node computer
User-tailorable romanized Chinese text input systems and methods
Named entity (NE) interface for multiple client application programs
Computer-aided reading system and method with cross-language reading wizard
Directory service system and method with tolerance for data entry storage and output
Document processing apparatus, document processing method, document processing program, and recording medium
Enterprise-wide data-warehouse with integrated data aggregation engine
Method and system for communicating semiconductor manufacturing information to customers
Method and system for creating, viewing, editing, and sharing output from a design checking system
Semiconductor integrated circuit designing method and program
Automated control thread determination based upon post-process consideration
Method and system for displaying dendrogram
Multi-marker screening protocol for fetal abnormalities
Method of securely sharing information over public networks using untrusted service providers and tightly controlling client accessibility
System and method of sub-surface system design and installation
System and method for using short captions to map user interfaces
Voice device for automatic vending machine
Enhanced boolean processor
Data race detection using sequential program analysis
Method, apparatus, and program for constructing an execution environment, and computer readable medium recording program thereof
Memory reduction for object-oriented compilers
Resource manager architecture utilizing a policy manager
Noncontact information storage medium and method for manufacturing same
Securities, chip mounting product, and manufacturing method thereof
Negotiable instruments and systems and processing same
Administration of financial accounts
Information card overlay
System and method for authenticating objects using non-visually observable encoded indicia
Directional interpolation method using DCT information and related device
System and method providing subpixel-edge-offset-based determination of opacity
Digital signal coding with division into tiles
Image recording apparatus and image data selection method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program and storage medium
Internet printing by hotel guests
System and method for conveying image assets to a recipient
Wish list
Method for obtaining and allocating investment income based on the capitalization of intellectual property
Mortgage loan and financial services data processing system
Computer system and method for pricing financial and insurance risks with historically-known or computer-generated probability distributions
Apparatus for performing speaker identification and speaker searching in speech or sound image data, and method thereof
System and method for a media codec employing a reversible transform obtained via matrix lifting
Sound encoder and sound decoder
LPC-harmonic vocoder with superframe structure
Disc drive tray for holding discs of various shapes and sizes
Method for manufacturing an electrical lapping guide for magnetic write head core width optimization
Semiconductor storage device, method for protecting predetermined memory element and portable electronic equipment
Method of forming a loop winding
Apparatus and method securely connecting mating ends of multiple power cords
Harness making device and method for the production of cable harnesses
Digital spread spectrum frequency synthesizer
Gain setting method in wavelength division multiplex transmission equipment
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Apparatus for switching optical channel overhead in optical supervisory channel of optical transport network system and apparatus for forwarding optical channel maintenance signal
Light source for generating an output signal having spaced apart frequencies
Transmission power control apparatus in wireless communication system and method therefor
Skew correction circuit
Sampling frequency conversion device and sampling frequency conversion method
Method and system for providing a personal identification security feature to a portable computing device
Method of controlling recording of media
System and method for enhanced subjective stereo audio
Method for performing a predetermined action on wireless calls based on caller's location
Switching to voice mail in the event of a dropped call
Automatic telephone line switch
Recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method for recording data into recording medium, and reproducing apparatus and reproducing method for reproducing data from recording medium
Recording system
Robust method for achieving audio/video synchronization in MPEG decoders in personal video recording applications
Digital watermark-embedding apparatus, digital watermark-embedding method, and recording medium
Time shift reproduction time controlling method and information reproduction apparatus
Handover processing method of mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for site, frequency, and backhaul planning for access points
Radio positioning systems
Method and system for selecting an access network in a heterogeneous network environment
System and method for speed-based presence state modification
System and method for minimizing hardware and maximizing capacity in a wireless communications system
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric member element structure
Sound-damping laminate for loudspeaker structure
Controlled lapping for an ABS damascene process
Method for an x-ray device and computer tomograph for reducing beam hardening artifacts from a generated image of an object
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Optical characteristic measuring instrument
Methods and apparatus for optical imaging
Stackable microelectronic components with self-addressing scheme
Multiple layer multileaf collimator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for determining the portion of wood material present in a stream of bark
Engraving system and method for engraving intaglio and non-intaglio patterns
Color image processing apparatus and recording medium
Printer assembly and method for determining the position of a printer component
Versatile system for creating test images in a digital printing apparatus
Electrically and mechanically redundant release mechanism
Finishing apparatus, sheet processing method, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Optical beam splitter that can be manufactured by micromechanical means
MEMS optical balanced path switch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber having improved optics and structure
Light pipe composition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Circuit board fixing structure of heatsink fan
Latch for optical assembly
Optical cable based directional way finding apparatus and method
Position measuring system
Line-scan laser beam profiler
Wavelength division multiplex/demultiplexing device
Probe of two-way optical component network analyzer
Apparatus and method for imaging an object with real-time response
X-ray flow rate measurement system for materials, including agricultural materials and food products
Method and arrangement for determining the moisture content of wood chips
Flow cell, analyte measurement apparatus and methods related thereto
Electronic device with double-wire bonding, manufacturing method thereof, and method for checking intactness of bonding wires of this electronic device
Speaker direction detection circuit and speaker direction detection method used in this circuit
Tracking system and method of operation thereof
Target simulation system and method
Coupling device to attach auxiliary equipment to a marine seismic cable
Devices for controlling the position of an underwater cable
Two group zoom lens having weak front element
Zoom lens, camera and portable information terminal device
Microscope generating a three-dimensional representation of an object and images generated by such a microscope
Infrared microscope and observation tube used for the same
Apparatus for changing objective lenses in a microscope
Integrated tunable fabry-perot filter and method of making same
Integrated mirror array and circuit device
Laser scanning apparatus
Device and method for producing optically-controlled incremental time delays
Laser marker and method of light spot adjustment therefor
3-D viewing system
Optical filtering apparatus and method
Hydrophilic mirror and method of producing the same
Optical filters derived from spherical lenses and method of fabrication thereof
Three dimensional projection systems based on switchable holographic optics
Scour sensor assembly
Optical fiber array for preventing flow of glue between fibers and waveguide
Grating waveguide configuration for phasars
Arrayed waveguide grating with reduced crosstalk
Multi-technology multi-beam-former platform for robust fiber-optical beam control modules
Arrayed waveguide grating wavelength division multiplexer provided with alignment waveguides and apparatus for aligning the same
Dispersion managed fiber optic cable and system
Micromachined optomechanical switches
Optical switch using rotatable reflector
Fiber fuse protection
Optical shutter
Protecting optical switches
Optical fiber bulkhead feedthrough assembly and method of making same
Optical connector retainer panel and system
Light transport coupler assembly
Method and apparatus for the passive alignment of optical components
Alignment apertures in an optically transparent substrate
Integrated parallel channel optical monitoring for parallel optics transmitter
Free space optical "backplane" (FSO)
Integrated circuits using optical fiber interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer and methods for forming same
Radially adjustable lens mounting
Magnifying device worn around head
Polarization control apparatus and associated method
Fast response micro-modulator arrays
Magneto-optic device exhibiting changes in reflectivity relative to a magnetic field and method and systems incorporating the same
Switchable interleaved optical channel separator and isolator device and optical systems utilizing same
Electrophoretic display and method for producing same
Electrophoretic displays, display fluids for use therein, and methods of displaying images
Optical modulator having coplanar electrodes for controlling chirp
Electronically variable light attenuator
Electrochromic device having a current-reducing additive
Digital optical switch
System and method for generating coherent radiation at vacuum ultraviolet wavelengths using efficient four wave mixing
Wavelength conversion device composed of single-crystal lithium tetraborate, laser apparatus provided with the same and method of converting wavelength using the same
Camera having a filmstrip holdfast spaced apart from a film path and transportable camera intermediate
Compact photographic apparatus of the self-developing type
Projection screens and the like
Image forming apparatus
Tremble correction camera
Circuit for a photographic flash
Intelligent photomask disposition
Projection exposure apparatus and method, and illumination optical system thereof
Performance control system and method for gas discharge lasers
Electrostatic image developing process with optimized setpoints
Image forming apparatus with a plurality of units operatively connected together
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with sheet transport speed controls to reduce noise
Copying apparatus having paper inverting unit
Copier operation control and input device
Developing device
Toner replenishment control method for image forming apparatus, and the image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Replenisher mechanism for a reproduction apparatus development station with continuous monitoring of remaining marking particle material
Apparatus and method for forming image
Developing unit-toner cartridge assembly of image forming apparatus
Toner support member and developing device prevented from charging toner by friction
Hybrid electrophotographic apparatus for custom color printing
Transfer fixing device, image bearing and conveying body, and image forming apparatus with plural gloss processing
Image forming apparatus having transferring roller of small diameter
Color image forming apparatus and color image forming method thereof
Thermo-pressure fixing type printer
Commemorative timepiece
Watch with an illuminated ornamental display system
Power feeding apparatus, power receiving apparatus, power transfer system, power transfer method, portable apparatus, and timepiece
Efficient use of display real estate in a wrist watch display
Method and apparatus for displaying local time on radio-controlled timepieces
Pattern display
Recording medium, method and apparatus for recording/reproducing information which has been scrambled using a medium identifier and a sector number
Expansion unit and electronic apparatus
Folding electronic apparatus
Heat shielding plate for cathode ray tube of monitor
Case with communication module having a latching connector for a handheld computer system
Cover for a hard disk drive
Mounting media drives in a computer system on a carriage
Low profile highly accessible computer enclosure with plenum for cooling high power processors
Information processing apparatus having cooling air passage with a plurality of heat generating components interposed
Multinode high density computing apparatus
Computer chassis door with position damping detent hinge
Computer peripheral mounting bracket
Thermal controller for computer, thermal control method for computer and computer equipped with thermal controller
Air jet cooling arrangement for electronic systems
Eye tracking for resource and power management
Disk-based digital video recorder
Programmable read-only memory and method for operating the read-only memory
Recording system, data recording apparatus, memory apparatus, and data recording method
Semiconductor memory device
Dual purpose printer interface device for a printer and a joystick to a host computer
Information processing method and apparatus and memory medium
Interface control of communication between a control processor and a digital signal processor
Tape drive apparatus and method for mounting a volume from a tape medium
Optical disk having a recording area on each side and attribute data designating each recording area as rewriteable or not rewriteable
Non-format violating PDL guessing technique to determine the page description language in which a print job is written
Modem with firmware upgrade feature
Method for updating software in a digital television receiver using recorded data
Ultrasound system with parallel processing architecture
Iris information acquisition apparatus and iris identification apparatus
Error-tolerant image computer terminal
Picture mapping apparatus and picture mapping method, and picture generation apparatus and picture generation method
Character recognition system
Visual neural classifier
Systems and methods for producing visible watermarks by halftoning
Image object managing method, an image processing apparatus using said method, and a recording media for programs achieving the same
Embedded RAM based digital signal processor
Operation route searching apparatus and searching method thereof
Image merging and displaying apparatus and method
Apparatus for and method of synthesizing image
Static image generation method and device
Histogram-based segmentation of objects from a video signal via color moments
Apparatus and method for eliminating imaging sensor line noise
Compression sensitive sharpening
Method and apparatus to minimize phase misregistration artifacts in gated CT images
Using a reference cube for capture of 3D geometry
Methods and apparatuses for refining a geometric description of an object having a plurality of extensions
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and transmission medium
Apparatus and method for identifying and tracking objects with view-based representations
Image processing apparatus and method and provision medium
Information compressing apparatus and method
Generalized scalability for video coder based on video objects
Method and system for compression encoding video signals representative of image frames
Method and apparatus for video compression using block and wavelet techniques
Frame-level rate control for plug-in video codecs
Efficient processing of quadtree data
Method and system for parcel label generation
Content information vending system
Method and system for obtaining person-specific images in a public venue
System and method for distributing personal identification numbers over a computer network
Method and apparatus for distributing electrical question and corresponding video materials
Methods and systems for presentation and evaluation of constructed responses assessed by human evaluators
Consolidated voice activity detection and noise estimation
Identifying an unidentified person using an ambiguity-resolution criterion
Method for buffering the jitter processing of vocoder
Consolidated noise injection in a voice processing system
Optical storage apparatus
Reproducing apparatus
Transport mechanism for optical disc cartridge
Media cartridge retention and ejection system
Disc-like record carrier with information track containing control information including disc diameter
Data structure representing both program and command data
Apparatus and method for controlling velocity of spindle motor in optical disk reproducing system
Method and apparatus for after recording of digital recording medium and method and apparatus for reproducing digital recording medium
Detection of indexed servo positions displaced from servo track edges
Maximum likelihood detection with programmed coefficients
Recording medium, and method of and device for recording information on a recording medium and reading information from a recording medium
Apparatus for compensating thermal asperity and DC undershoot in the data channel of a disk storage system
Disk cartridge
Flexible recording system, flexible disk drive and recording disk
Floppy disk
Means to prevent buildup of contaminants on the capstan of a magnetic tape recorder/player
Magnetic tape cartridge having abutment reference surfaces
Video production system of progress television mode and recording and reproducing device therefor
Digital video signal processing apparatus and method thereof, and digital video signal reproducing apparatus
Editing-function-integrated reproducing apparatus
Optical disc, optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus, and optical disc recording and reproducing method
Picture-based video indexing system
Apparatus for editing moving picture having a related information thereof, a method of the same and recording medium for storing procedures in the same method
Playback device for disc-shaped recording media
Apparatus for developing a dynamic servo signal from data in a magnetic disc drive and method
Floating frame for optical storage device loading mechanism
Hermetically sealed data storage device with adhesive seal
Multiple orientation magnetic information storage
Magnetic head
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Thin film magnetic head with precisely controlled pole width and method of manufacturing same
Thin film magnetic head having a non-magnetic body and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
High areal density thin film magnetic head
Read head with sunken prefill insulation for preventing lead to shield shorts and maintaining planarization
Thin magnetic head with intermediate gap layer, magnetoresistive layer and electrode layers disposed between upper and lower gap layers
Permeability offset of shield layers for correcting bias of a free layer structure in a spin valve sensor
Threadably mountable drive actuator bearing assembly
Method of calibrating a write current-setting for servo writing a disk drive
Disc head slider having deeply recessed corners
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus, and method of recording test signal on the same
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus, and method of recording test signal on the same
Recording medium driving device for rotationally driving a disk-shaped recording medium having tilt detection means and tilt detection method
Optical switch for disk drive
Control device for a CD reader focusing system using fuzzy logic
Tracking error signal compensation circuit and tracking error signal compensation method
Circuit configuration for evaluating the information content of a memory cell
Ferroelectric capacitor memory
Semiconductor memory device and method for reading information of therefrom
Systems and methods for reducing noise in mixed-mode integrated circuits
Magnetic memory cell having magnetic flux wrapping around a bit line and method of manufacturing thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including correction of erratic memory cell data
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Circuits and methods for compressing multi-level data through a single input/output pin
One-sided floating-gate memory cell
Decoder apparatus and methods for pre-charging bit lines
NOR array with buried trench source line
Method and apparatus for adjusting on-chip current reference for EEPROM sensing
Fast-sensing amplifier for flash memory
Method and circuit for programming a multilevel non-volatile memory
Vertically-stacked, field-programmable, nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Methods of programming and circuitry for a programmable element
Memory cell with fuse element
Integrated memory with redundancy
Dynamically configured storage array utilizing a split-decoder
Automatic bitline-latch loading for flash prom test
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having hierarchical power source arrangement
High speed FIFO synchronous programmable full and empty flag generation
Full page increment/decrement burst for DDR SDRAM/SGRAM
Circuit configuration
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Device and method for reducing standby current in a memory device by disconnecting bit line load devices in unused columns of the memory device from a supply voltage
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and data-write method thereof
Activation of word lines in semiconductor memory device
Clock generating circuits controlling activation of a delay locked loop circuit on transition to a standby mode of a semiconductor memory device and methods for operating the same
Semiconductor memory device with boosting control circuit and control method
Supercritical-pressure water cooled reactor and power generation plant
Remote automated nuclear reactor jet pump diffuser inspection tool
Nuclear fuel assembly with hydraulically balanced mixing vanes
Simplified wye connected 3-phase to 9-phase auto-transformer
Device for accumulating electrical energy composed of a winding of superimposed strips and method of production
Electrode for an electric double layer capacitor and process for producing it
Projection television receiver
X-ray tube
High performance via capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for a dense metal programmable ROM
Erase method for flash memory
Heat dissipation ball grid array package
Heat sink with alignment and retaining features
Heat sink apparatus
Heat dissipating device with a pressing member that is rotatable to urge a fan module toward a circuit board
Integrated apparatus for thermal dissipation
Capacitor-mounted metal foil and a method for producing the same, and a circuit board and a method for producing the same
High current and/or high speed electrically erasable memory cell for programmable logic devices
Adapting connector for a video machine
Optical amplifiers with a simple gain/output control device
Optical amplification apparatus
Alignment-free solid laser apparatus
Band narrowing laser
Detection of F2-concentration for power stabilization of an F2-157 NM excimer laser by using red laser emission of F-atom
Method and system for controlling Raman gain flatness sensitivity to pump laser wavelength variation
Raman amplifier
CW far-UV laser system with two active resonators
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
P-contact for GaN-based semiconductors utilizing a reverse-biased tunnel junction
Bidirectional light transmitting and receiving device
Method for driving a semiconductor light source device for transmitting a signal
Light source
Single etalon optical wavelength reference device
Fiber grating-stabilized, semiconductor pump source
Tunable laser transmitter with internal wavelength grid generators
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and method of fabricating the same
Two section blue laser diode with reduced output power droop
Cable assembly and method of making the same
Adaptive arc fault detection and smart fusing system
Protection system for devices connected to an alternating current electrical power supply
Power transforming system and method
Adaptive current source for network isolation
Apparatus and method for the detection of circuit irregularities and for circuit protection of a power supply
Charge pump circuit
Power supply apparatus and power supply system
Switching power supply unit, and electronic apparatus incorporating the same
Semiconductor device and electric power conversion device
Receiver for QAM digital television signals
Method and circuitry for high voltage application with MOSFET technology
PWM Circuit
System for clock and data recovery for multi-channel parallel data streams
Method and apparatus for hybrid smart center loop for clock data recovery
GM cell based control loops
Method and apparatus for phase locked loop having reduced jitter and/or frequency biasing
Inter-frame predicted image synthesizing method
Demodulation element assignment for a receiver capable of simultaneously demodulating multiple spread spectrum signals
Method and apparatus for identifying the source of a digital signal
Broadcast short message service execution method in a mobile communication system
Portable radio terminal with infrared communication function, infrared emission power controlling method between portable radio terminal and apparatus with infrared communication function
Image display apparatus
Telecommunications system simultaneously receiving and modulating an optical signal
Method and apparatus for interleaved optical single sideband modulation
Optical receiver and optical network system using thereof
Add and drop node for an optical WDM network having traffic only between adjacent nodes
Portable self-similar traffic generation models
Method and apparatus for network echo cancellation using a proportionate normalized least mean squares algorithm
Base station apparatus and transmission power control method
Forward power control determination in spread spectrum communications systems
Method of optimizing transmission, and transmitter
CDMA mobile communication system with consideration of fading
Method and system for facilitating timing of base stations in an asynchronous CDMA mobile communications system
Search scheme for receivers in mobile communication systems
Code management system and method for CDMA communication networks
Communication methods and apparatus based on orthogonal hadamard-based sequences having selected correlation properties
Method for allocating signature sequence in CDMA system
Mobile communication system
Laser communication system and method of operation using multiple transmitters and multiple receivers with dispersive multiplexing in multimode fiber
Synchronization device for a synchronous digital message transmission system and process for producing a synchronous output signal
Clear channel 1:N SONET transport system and method
Real-time analysis through capture buffer with real-time historical data correlation
Ring network system, protection method therefor
Virtual local area networks having rules of precedence
IP switch, interface circuit and ATM switch used for IP switch, and IP switch network system
Apparatus for classifying a packet within a data stream in a computer network
Synchronization of asynchronous back-pressure from one destination to multiple sources
System and method for ATM-FR interworking of SVC signalling
Dynamic rate-based, weighted fair scheduler with explicit rate feedback option
System and method for scheduling and rescheduling the transmission of cell objects of different traffic types
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) under unified control
Periodic wireless broadcast
Detecting congestion by comparing successive loss of packets in windows to provide congestion control in reliable multicast protocol
System, device, and method for transitioning from DVMRP to BGMP for interdomain multicast routing over the internet multicast backbone
Virtual private network employing tag-implemented egress-channel selection
System for initiating a call utilizing java-embedded email
VODSL service provision
Method and apparatus for equalizing a digital signal received via multiple transmission paths
Time domain equalization for discrete multi-tone systems
Method for transmitting on a plurality of transmission media, with dynamic data dispatching, and corresponding transmitter and terminal
Synchronization acquiring circuit
Multi-stage receiver
Apparatus and method for music-on-hold delivery on a communication system
Delivering calls to GSM subscribers roaming to CDMA networks via IP tunnels
Method and apparatus for longest prefix address lookup
Initiation of communication between network service system and customer-premises equipment
Packet transferring device
Synchronous circuit controller for controlling data transmission between asynchrous circuit
Data encryptor/decryptor using variable in-place I/O
Device for lifting a handset
Telephone loudspeaker enclosure
Clamp-to-combine sound collector assembly
Telephone set for continuously displaying caller telephone number by simple operation
Partial voice message deletion
Bi-directional CID service providing apparatus and method
Current limiting switch and related method
Method for testing an object in a telecommunications system
Method for measuring network performance parity
System and computer program for routing a dedicated number through alternate telephone carriers
System and method for communication media management
Automated competitive business call distribution (ACBCD) system
Message status retrieval system and method
Method and apparatus for charging for an outgoing voice call performed during an internet session
Image processing apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Method for coinciding resolutions of facsimile devices having different systems of measurement
Scanner device
Image processing apparatus and method of the same and storage medium
Communication apparatus and its control method
Methods and apparatus for modifying image data based on identification of marking process
Pixel image enhancement system and method
Coding method and coder using pattern matching
SECAM video standard chroma modulation circuit
System and method for biometrics-based facial feature extraction
Lens control unit
Revision suggestion camera and method
"Midlink" virtual insertion system
Image display unit for displaying undistorted images having different aspect ratios
Video signal processor processing video signal by plurality of data driven processors and television receiver using the same
Television receiver for receiving two different broadcast forms
Information recording system
Apparatus and method for TV broadcast copy protection
Inverse telecine converting device and inverse telecine converting method
Method and apparatus for upstream burst transmissions synchronization in cable modems
Data protection system
Arrangement for identifying an information packet stream carrying encoded digital data by means of additional information
Apparatus and method for packetizing significance-based information
Video coding system for estimating a motion vector field by using a series of motion estimators of varying complexity
Video decoding system
Method for transmitting video images, a data transmission system and a multimedia terminal
Optical disk and reproduction apparatus with synchronous and asynchronous audio/still picture video reproduction
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly therebetween
DVD sub-picture decoder with minimal buffering
High efficiency coding device and high efficiency coding method for image data
High-throughput, low-latency next generation internet networks using optical label switching and high-speed optical header generation, detection and reinsertion
High-throughput, low-latency next generation internet networks using optical label switching and high-speed optical header generation, detection and reinsertion
Method of transmitting data on an ISDN subscriber line, as well as line termination, exchange, network termination, and data terminal therefor
Method for prioritizing cell streams in systems which transmit information by an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)
Terminal adapter for broadband integrated services digital network
Method and apparatus for transmitting packets and network using the same
Quality monitoring apparatus and method for ATM switching systems
System and method for communicating telecommunication information using asynchronous transfer mode
Traffic control apparatus
Single point writing of control information
Exchange network system
System and method of performing forced default routing of calls
System and method for edge switch query using advanced intelligent network protocol
Call set-up by an intelligent network
Programming call-processing application in a switching system
System and method for automatic location identification discrepancy notification
Digit transmission over wireless communication link
Channel structure for communication systems
Dual mode subscriber unit for short range, high rate and long range, lower rate data communications
Armature assembly for balanced moving armature magnetic transducer and method of locating and adjusting same
Microphone array with high directivity
Device and method for demixing signal mixtures using fast blind source separation technique based on delay and attenuation compensation, and for selecting channels for the demixed signals
System and method for reducing non linear electrical distortion in an electroacoustic device
High stability loudspeaker
Electroacoustic transducer having a moving coil and elastic holding elements for the connecting leads of the moving coil
Radiant electric heater
Method and system for wide band decoupling of integrated circuits
Windowed package for electronic circuitry
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