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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for preventing a collision of a vehicle and driver assistance system for a vehicle
Apparatus for applying chemicals to rodents
Horse walker/animal conditioning system
Manually folded birdhouse
Climbing tree stand with supplemental bracing members
Impregnating agent
Fat compositions
Natural re-hydrating and energizing beverage based on coconut water, fruit juices and incorporated nutritive components
Head stabilizing system
Athletic shoe with visible arch bridge
Device for securing a trouser
Food presentation method and system
Guide rails for pull-out drawer/equipment
Adjustable grommet for a chair seat
Product display device
Portable hygienic water jet having sanitary disposable nozzle protector on non-disposable nozzle
Back scrubber
Washing container for a dishwashing machine
Apparatus and method for harvesting and handling tissue samples for biopsy analysis
Apparatus for the correction of chest wall deformities such as Pectus Carinatum and method of using the same
Optometric apparatus
Flow-independent parameter estimation based on tidal breathing exhalation profiles
Endoscopic capsule
System and method for using three dimensional infrared imaging to provide psychological profiles of individuals
Dental model pouring jig
Disposable diaper including lateral side cores
Absorbent Article having a stiffening element and elongate through-hole
Drug-eluting stent and delivery system with tapered stent in shoulder region
Flow maintaining stent delivery system
Extremity support rack
Heat transfer devices
Nostril filtering system
Method for producing eggs with low cholesterol level
Method for treating IgE-mediated disorders
Treatment for inflammatory bowel disease with .alpha.4-specific antibodies
Oil cleaning sheets for makeup
Hair coloring device
Hair coloring apparatus and methods
Laryngeal mask airway device
Hybrid microprocessor controlled ventilator unit
Expandable structures for deployment in interior body regions
Safety adapter for needle hub assembly
Methods and systems for automatically determining an implant side associated with a cochlear implant
Neural stimulation system for cardiac fat pads
Electrode array and method of manufacturing same
Heuristic safety net for transitioning configurations in a neural stimulation system
Heart wire
Emergency air supply worn as normal apparel
Inert rendering method with a nitrogen buffer
Drive system operated by muscle-power
Golf ball with improved flight performance
Golf club head
Trash bag carrier
Method and apparatus for playing a combination football/basketball game
Air actuated soft toss batting practice apparatus
Golf training device and method
Bonus feature on starting hands
Card game and deck for use therewith
Table game
Device for exercising one's thighs and buttocks
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the recovery of surfactants
Freeze drying for gas chromatography stationary phase deposition
Composite fluid separator
Drinking water filter used with tap water and other water sources
Sound enclosure for portable oxygen concentrators
Temperature-programmed desorbed gas analyzing apparatus
Multichamber microdialysis device
Water aeration device and method
Heat recovery using fluidized spray tower
Method for producing molding compound resin tablet for wavelength conversion, and method for manufacturing white light emitting diode by using the production method
Reduction device for nitrate determination
Sample introduction device
Fluidized bed pulverizing and classifying apparatus, and method of pulverizing and classifying solids
Machine for removing articles deposited on the ground
Apparatus for and method of classifying particles discharged from a vertical mill
Apparatus for inspecting sealed packages
Scrub cleaning device, scrub cleaning method, and manufacturing method of information recording medium
Feeder insert having protective cap
Apparatus and method for inserting parts into a mold
Device for continuous or semi-continuous casting of metal material
Impact tool
System and method for mounting electronic components onto flexible substrates
Ultraviolet laser ablative patterning of microstructures in semiconductors
Apparatus and system for welding preforms and associated method
Method for producing a load sharing arrangement of planet pinions and gears for a Ravigneaux gearset
Web-format polishing pads and methods for manufacturing and using web-format polishing pads in mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
situ finishing aid control
Polishing apparatus and method for forming an integrated circuit
Electrical conduit connector locknut wrench
Lift tool
Assembling method for developing roller
Razor having deformable shaving aid ejection system and method of ejecting shaving aid
Device and a process for coarsely grinding hydrous polymer gels
Die device
Method and apparatus for making crystalline PET pellets
Insert dies, molds, and methods for fabricating the same
Apparatus for manufacturing a molded product, and molded product that can be manufactured with the apparatus
Injection molding machine spigotted shooting pot piston
Nozzle contact device of an injection machine
Injection mold for display panel of washing machine
Motor-driven injection molding apparatus
Twin-sheet thermoforming process
Method for transferring a coating onto articles with warped surfaces
Prevention of counterfeit markings on semiconductor devices
Offset diecut stack
Needling through carrier sheets to form loops
Membrane type gas sensor and method for manufacturing membrane type gas sensor
Layered structure, sensor and method of producing and use of the same
Co-extruded high refractive index coated embossable film
Machine for processing sheets of printing material
Inkjet printhead chip with volume-reduction actuation
Ink jet head
Liquid discharge head, cleaning method thereof, and liquid discharge apparatus
Devices for dissipating heat in a fluid ejector head and methods for making such devices
Expendables container capable of measuring residual amount of expendables
Inkjet printhead with CMOS drive circuitry close to ink supply passage
Method for determining ink drop velocity of carrier-mounted printhead using an optical scanner
Keyboard with improved lateral region
Method creating a picture by different layered stencils
Preparation of starch reinforced rubber and use thereof in tires
Hitch assembly
Anti-roll bar for the chassis of a motor vehicle
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and method
Automotive side impact protection
Mechanism for preventing closure of automobile doors
Attaching structure for a seatbelt apparatus
Mackay cold-expansion engine system
Electrical system for gyroscopic stabilized vehicle
Locking device for double folding of a vehicle seat
Golf cart seat activated safety bar device
Seat structure
Device, system, and method for restraining planar objects
Vehicle headlight system having digital beam-forming optics
Pressure drag reduction system with a side duct
Glove compartment
Undercarriage for a vehicle and method for manufacturing longitudinal beams for it
Wide pleasure boat or cruise ship
Method and apparatus for controlling friction between a fluid and a body
Launch and recovery system
Frame for attachment to a dock structure having means to receive containers
Platform and system for propellant tank storage and transfer in space
Quick-release connector structure for an air tank
Toner filling device and toner production management system
Liquid replenishment system
Device for opening the throat of an envelope in an insertion station
Method of securing valuables in a tote bag assembly
Stretch wrap threading device
Packaging machine for wrapping products in respective sheets of heat-seal wrapping material
Sand and seed divot replacer for golfers
Container with integrated spout and method for making same
Reclosable container lid
Label for stretch wrapped stack
Multi-compartment storage container
Tamper barrier enclosure with corner protection
Circulating mechanism, and method of operating such a circulating mechanism
Installation for assembling tube components
Break-away positioning conveyor mount for accommodating conveyor belt bends
Apparatus for loading and unloading aircraft
Information distribution system for use in an elevator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing soil, soil-processing unit, method for processing and unit for processing
Vertical gas induced flotation cell
Carbon filtration process and apparatus for removing PCB's and other compounds from wastewater
Self-cleansing media for rotating biological contactors
MAGE-A1 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Colored composition
Multimeric dye structures
Phthalocyanine compounds, ink compositions comprising said compounds, and printing process therewith
Process for the utilization of vanadium from chromium ore as vanadium (V) oxide
Ti(C,N)-(Ti,Nb,W)(C,N)-Co alloy for finishing and semifinishing turning cutting tool applications
Method for the production of plane-parallel platelets by using organic separating agents
Sputtering apparatus and film forming method
System and method for heating and cooling wafer at accelerated rates
Energy enhanced surface planarization
Gas diffusion plate for use in ICP etcher
Electrolyzing electrode and production method therefor and electrolysis method using electrolyzing electrode and electrolysis solution producing device
Polishing method and electropolishing apparatus
Apparatus and method for growing crystal, and apparatus and method for analyzing crystal
Textiles; Paper
Varied morphology carbon nanotubes and method for their manufacture
Method and apparatus for stuffer box crimping a multifilament yarn
Balance weight in drum type washing machine and manufacturing method thereof
Process for producing a paper wiping product
Fiber board
Fixed Constructions
Concrete finishing tool with handle-mounted vibrating arrangement
Cementitious exterior sheathing product having improved interlaminar bond strength
Wedge couple for blocking-up and fixation of windows and doors
Retainer for an over-centre fastener
Closure mechanism for hinged devices
Continuous positive flow backflash prevention system
Methods and apparatus for severing nested strings of tubulars
Installation and use of removable heaters in a hydrocarbon containing formation
Scale dissolver fluid
Puller-thruster downhole tool
Self mountable and extractable ultrasonic/sonic anchor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Arrangement for bearing relief in a gas turbine
Compressor blade for an aircraft engine
Method and apparatus for venting exhaust gas from an engine
Buffer washer member and vibration and heat insulating board having the same
Two-cycle, opposed-piston internal combustion engine
Rotary combustion engine
Computer controlled engine valve operation
Fuel conditioning assembly
Fuel system for internal combustion engine
Flow control valve for fuel module assembly
Starter device for an internal combustion engine as well as a method for starting an internal combustion engine
Centrifugal pump with multiple inlets
Combinative standing fan
Method of managing a device that splits drive torque between the front and rear wheelset of a vehicle
Piston for cylinder and piston unit of disc brake
Vibration damper with amplitude-selective damping force
Continuously variable transmission
Motion transmitting apparatus
Differential assembly for controlling the distribution of torque
Non-contact type engine start switch device
Elastomeric gasket in gasket well of heat exchanger
Valve control device
Gas control knob that is operated manually or automatically
Valve unit for filling machines
Synthetic resin pipe
Segment for rehabilitating an existing pipe and a rehabilitating pipe assembled using segments
Method and apparatus for drawing a mole through a composition
Pipe insert and pipe assembly formed therewith
Lighting fixture including two reflectors
Surface light source for emitting light from two surfaces and double-sided display device using the same
Light diffusive sheet and area light source element using the same
Light guide plate with v-shaped grooves and backlight module incorporating same
Refrigerating apparatus
Refrigerant cycle with tandem compressors and multiple condensers
Refrigerant cycle apparatus
Refrigerator having cross flow fan
Cooling structure for electronic equipment
Unit-type heat exchanger
Heat pipe type cooler
Tank for heat exchanger
Rotation sensing apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
System for and method of acoustic and through skin air data measurement
Weighing devices
Resonating transducer
Torque sensor for vehicle steering system
Method and apparatus for determining a downhole fluid sample volume
System and method for detecting biological and chemical material
Testing apparatus for compression and shear testing of a test component such as a curved aircraft component
Absorbance detection system for lab-on-a-chip
Extracellular serine protease
Nanodisk sensor and sensor array
Decreasing power supply demand during BIST initializations
Testing water contamination in geographic areas
Parabolic concentrator
Optical connector
Projector for compensating chromatic aberration of magnification
Technique for providing multiple undo and redo operations for flight management systems
Reducing power consumption in multi-precision floating point multipliers
Apparatus for synchronizing a data handover between a first and second clock domain through FIFO buffering
Interface circuit, inverter device, inverter system, and transmitting and receiving method
Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing energy usage
Integrated circuit, computer system, and control method, including power saving control to reduce power consumed by execution of a loop
Functional testing of a processor design
Deviating behaviour of a user terminal
Using an alias volume name for a volume to allocate space to a data set
Simulating EEPROM in virtual distributed switches
Defragmentation of storage class memory managed in extents
Digital data inversion flag generator circuit
Multilevel cache hierarchy for finding a cache line on a remote node
Managing access to storage media
Method and apparatus for verifying memory contents
Method and system of a timer based buffer used for metrology
Data archiving using data compression of a flash copy
Applet embedded cross-platform caching
PCI express SR-IOV/MR-IOV virtual function clusters
Remote active window sensing and reporting feature
Reading core data in a ring bus type multicore system
Managing misaligned DMA addresses
Multithreaded programmable direct memory access engine
Streaming audio visual content simultaneously to different topologies on a wireless adapter
Utilizing group statistics for groups of participants in a human-to-human collaborative tool
System for email processing and analysis
Notifying online conference participant of presenting identified portion of content
Method and system for managing electronic mail
Delayed network interface selection
Inter-domain replication of service information
Method, system, and device for the distribution of internet radio content
Terminal user-interface client for managing multiple servers in hybrid cloud environment
Method and system for synchronization and management of system activities with locally installed applications
Information processing device, program verification method, and recording medium
Optimizing it infrastructure configuration
System and method for recording and sharing music
Use of an identification information in a network management
Automatic MEP provisioning in a link state controlled ethernet network
Method for transferring resource and method for providing information
System, apparatus, and method for initiating a reboot of a personal computer system by pressing a button on an attached storage device and causing the operating system on the attached storage device to be booted
Method and apparatus for routing data
System and method for determining and reporting whether a mail piece has been opened by a recipient
Providing multi-lingual searching of mono-lingual content
Machine change history tracking process for ERP applications
Role engineering scoping and management
Synthetic full copies of data and dynamic bulk-to-brick transformation
Role engineering scoping and management
Vector space lightweight directory access protocol data search
Sequential chain registry for event awareness
Identifying a set of candidate entities for an identity record
Generating candidate entities using over frequent keys
Management system, management apparatus, and management method for electronic device
Data set index record preservation
Auto suggestion tool
Database-based semantic query answering
Optimizing sparse schema-less data in relational stores
Formal verification of a logic design
Integrated circuit schematics having imbedded scaling information for generating a design instance
Multi-dimensional physical arrangement techniques using bin-packing with per-branch combination tries
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for implementing physical design decomposition with custom connectivity
Cut mask aware contact enclosure rule for grating and cut patterning solution
System and method of synchronizing an in-vehicle control system with a remote source
Automatic discovery of system integrity exposures in system code
Protection of interpreted source code in virtual appliances
Information processing device, control method and program
Marking one or more items in response to determining device transfer
Smart card for passport, electronic passport, and method, system, and apparatus for authenticating person holding smart card or electronic passport
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for effectively increasing a command queue length for accessing storage
Digital broadcast receiver
Partitioning of a variable length scatter gather list
Method to utilize cores in different operating system partitions
Generating and using constraints associated with software related products
Reduced keyboard with prediction solutions when input is a partial sliding trajectory
Information processing apparatus and method
Prevention of information leakage from a document based on dynamic database label based access control (LBAC) policies
Electronic device and method for starting applications in the electronic device
Method and apparatus for controlling operation of booting video image reproducing apparatus
Scaling and managing work requests on a massively parallel machine
Computer operation control method, program and system
Indicating hierarchy diversion in a class diagram
Generating test plans and test cases from service-oriented architecture and process models
Selective trace facility
Updating a computer system
Generating constraints in a class model
Enterprise performance management software system having dynamic code generation
Schema specification to improve product consumability on installation, configuration, and/or un-installation activity
Automatic quality assurance for software installers
Automated system latency detection for fabric simulation
Method and system for application profiling for purposes of defining resource requirements
POS system, network system, method of generating printing data for POS system, and method of managing sales and advertisement information in network system
Foldable non-traditionally-sized RF transaction card system and method
Color code for device configuration
Smart book
System and method for decoding and analyzing barcodes using a mobile device
Automated banking machine key loading system and method
Energy transaction broker for brokering electric vehicle charging transactions
Dummy medical instrument for use in a simulator
Semiconductor device and data processing system including the same
Method of compensating for image faults in an x-ray image recording
Conductor compositions and the use thereof
Extruded connector without channel insulating layer
Terminal fitting and a connector using such a terminal fitting
PCB retention mechanism
Connecting device for a multilayer flat element equipped with electrical functional elements and flat element
Apparatus for connecting to an electrical source
Physical security system for wireless access points with cable security bracket and locking bracket
Connector locking construction
Electrical conductor tap
Method of forming an electric motor
Method for manufacturing an armature of an electric motor
Methods and apparatus for early stop algorithm of turbo decoding
Semiconductor memory having non-standard form factor
Personal computer with detachable wireless telephone
Power loading in MU-MIMO
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmission power
Private user data
Network node with network-attached stateless security offload device employing out-of-band processing
Adaptive rule loading and session control for securing network delivered services
Systems and methods for identity-based communication gate for social networks
Hardware interface access control for mobile applications
Cryptographic erasure of selected encrypted data
Method and system for displaying advertising, video, and program schedule listing
Program information processing apparatus and program information processing method
Cooling mechanism
Expired Patents Due To Time
Portion of a footwear sole
Knee pad for a knee or the like
Combination designer label and tie holder
Knit crochet bag
Gusseted pocket golf bag
Cylindrical pouch
Stackable low depth tray
Handle and an opening device for a handbag
Dusting mitt
Child's toothbrush
Ribbon-type textile with silicone coating
Bicycle saddle
Stackable modular and decorative floor to ceiling bowl assembly
Toilet brush and holder set
Stacking organizer
Long-handled spray gun display
Party plate
Handle for a utensil
Combined dispenser and holder for beverage bottles
Beverage cooler
Utility lighter
Combined plant waterer and feeder
Cutter knife
Combined rose and turnpiece
Double towel bar
Panel connector top cap
Clamshell packaging for safety razor
World time clock
Watch casing and bezel
pH meter
Patient terminal
Multi-stone gem setting and base
Ceramic desktop zen rock garden
Commemorative sports display device
Combined utility cart and bag
Personal water craft
Cleat device
Pitch change adapter for a helicopter main rotor system
Surface configuration of a vehicle and/or toy body
Tire tread
Vehicle radiator cover
Wheel cover
Wheel cap
Foldable anchor
Charging base for an electric toothbrush
Instrument connector
Electrical connector
Electrical rocker switch guard
Document preparation station
Removable memory card for use with portable electronic devices
User interface for a television display screen
User interface for computer display
Document closet image for a display screen
Computer processor enclosure
Shaped reflector surface of microwave antenna
Shaped reflector surface of a microwave antenna
Shaped reflector surface of a microwave antenna
Keypad for a handset
Power button area for a handset
Back cover for a handset
Reel for electronic components carrier tape
Electromagnetic control valve for a compressor
Vehicle wheel tooth
Lens shutter camera
Vending machine island
Simulated flying game apparatus
Paper airplane
Toy airplane
Portion of a computer input device
Iron golf club head
Treadmill deck
Non-lead environmental fishing weight
Water purifier
Faucet-mounted water treatment device
Garden spray gun
Base for elevating a toilet
Soap dispenser
Air conditioner
Fog box
Combined blade medallion, support arm, and fan blade for a ceiling fan
Shroud for a fan assembly
Operating table with and without head support
Sheath for cervical optical probe
Glove with equally spaced markings
Medical apparatus, hose set and control device thereto
Ophthalmic occluder
Sheath for cervical optical probe
Sheath for cervical optical probe
Foot protector
Theater riser lighting extrusion
Central component for a structural assembly
Light fixture
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Inhalation device
Safety helmet
Bone shaped pet product
Wave shaped pet product
Rectangular shaped pet product
Pentagonal pet product
Container for a deceased person or animal
Human Necessities
Modular dethatcher and seeder
Hydraulic circuit with a self-calibrating device for agricultural or earthmoving machinery
Vehicle with a working device, especially with a chopping device
Narrow profile opener capable of high speed operation
Distributor of horticultural seeds for a sowing agricultural implement
Method and apparatus for removing and installing spindle and cutting blades
String trimmer head
Flip-up arrangement for a mower deck
Cutter assembly positioning mechanism and control for riding lawn mower
Forage wrapping device
Christmas tree watering apparatus
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblpas`
Peach tree named `Spring Treat`
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblros`
Calibrachoa plant named `Liricashower Blush White`
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblorg`
Apple tree `Kotaro`
Gypsophila plant named `Dangypflash`
Strawberry plant named `Cal Giant 4`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Salmon`
Anthurium Plant Named `Purple Plum`
Cherry tree named `Regal Lee`
Pelargonium graveolens plant named `Narmada`
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblpin`
Nectarine tree named: `Honey Fire`
Mint plant named `Kosi`
Animal exercising and rehabilitation equipment
Launching device for training retrieving dogs
Fishing rod with stress relief grip and forearm support
Fishing device
Breadmaker with improved temperature and humidity control
Undergarment for controlling underarm perspiration
Article of clothing having a lining containing compositions of polydimethylsiloxane and microballoons
Hip pads
Protective knee system
Method of protecting garments from soiling and wear
Cement finishing board having a floating knee holder
Powder-free gloves having a coating containing cross-linked polyurethane and silicone and method of making the same
Device for the transportation of a length of cloth
Self-sizing baseball cap
Sound reflector for a bicyclist
Dual-action buckle
Brassiere fastener
Zipper and zipper arrangements and methods of manufacturing the same
Locking device for handle assembly
Sportsman's wearable seat system
Paint applicator cleaning apparatus
Table and method
Portable head pillow
Daybed with pivotable backrest
System for producing anthropometric, adjustable, articulated beds
Clamp-on portable storage endboard for a sleeping cot
Bed pads
Jacketed cushioning elements and assemblies thereof in mattresses and upholstery
Framed mirror with means for attachment of personal items
Photograph display system
Sleeve having expandable portion
Method for wrapping a floral grouping with a sheet of material constructed of paper and having printed and embossed patterns thereon
Juice maker
Perfect peeler plus table
Toilet seat and lid assembly
Hand-held wet/dry vacuum
Self-evacuating vacuum cleaner
Wet/dry vacuum drain system
Device for gauging and verifying the precision of surgical instruments
Powered toothbrush having three dimensional rotational head motion
Face piece protection system
Composition for contraception
Method of making a hollow-tube precursor brachytherapy device
Ball catching tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust gas purification system for lean burn engine
Method for regenerating a NOx storage catalytic converter for an internal combustion engine
Docking system for a biobubble clean room
Husking apparatus
Paint roller retainer
Assembly method for concentric foil regenerators
Process for manufacturing built-up camshafts
Robot-actuate transfer assembly
Bending method for pipe material
Modular portable rivet setting tool
Turbine system having more failure resistant rotors and repair welding of low alloy ferrous turbine components by controlled weld build-up
Method of manufacturing a porous metal heat sink
Process for constructing an assembly installation having a transporting system and assembly stations, and a machine framework
Method for refurbishing an automotive wheel
Method of removing a nut or bolt using an electromagnetic nutrunner socket collar
Tool for mounting coaxial cable connectors on coaxial cables
Modular workbench and kit therefor
Flush plane
Rotary imprint printing system
Variable gap stabilizer
Screen inspecting apparatus, and screen printing machine having device for judging if openings are clogged
Method and device for reducing printing sleeve noise
Device for cleaning the outer surface of rotary cylinders and the like
Method of manufacturing electronic components using intaglio plate having dual releasing layers
Method for modifying the tension of a canvas
Refrigeration-cycle device
Ventilation unit for vehicles
Center console stored extensible tray table
Carpet located and retaining system
Telescoping mast with integral payload
Safety device for diagnostic terminals in distributed computer networks
Wiper device for vehicle
Pedal simulator using spring with non-linear response
Lateral control mount
Method of manufacturing truck mounted brake beam
Vehicle bed edge manufacturing process
Uplift spring assembly to compensate for hull deflection at main bearing of a mooring turret
Movement absorbing transferring system
Stabilization/power system for windsurfing and other flotation boards
Portable draft measurement device and method of use therefor
Packaging arrangement for contact lenses
Wrapping machine for a paper roll and an article assembled thereby
Bag sealing mechanism
Rivet tie for coupling together two or more objects
Security cable tie
Railway tank car having a heating system with internal heat transfer panel
Hydraulic lift actuating device
Self-cleaning hydraulic clam bucket
Pinchless bridle bit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and device for manufacturing networks of microlenses
Heating apparatus and method
Method of drawing a twisted optical fiber
Method of making silicon carbide-silicon composite having improved oxidation resistance
Manufacture of rubber articles
Partially crosslinked microspheres
Plasma processing apparatus
Film forming apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Yarn brake and a two-for-one twisting spindle having such a yarn brake
Yarn draw-off nozzle in an open-end spinning machine
Circular needling machine provided with a device for automatically removing preforms
Flat sewing device without thread bobbins
Fixed Constructions
Template system for marking bricks
Plow blade deflector system
Storm anchor system including foundation column with adjustable saddle-type positioning members
Drain plug device
Intelligent demand-based dispensing system
Vacuum toilet bowl assembly having a removable bowl
Panel coupling assemblies
Wall repair system
Utility pole cross-arm
Self-mountable niche for remains ashes
Flood resistant building structure
Apparatus for controlling the opening of a door
Flat panel display tilt and swivel mechanism
Power assist for moving a door between a closed and an ajar position
Safety device for power windows
Installation of windows
Wood filled plastic building members and method of manufacture
Child safety barrier
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combustor liner support and seal assembly
Method for Kalina combined cycle power plant with district heating capability
Method and system for controlling a lean NOx trap purge cycle
Method and apparatus for power generation using rotating ramjets
System and method for measuring recirculated exhaust gas flow in a compression-ignition engine
Air-fuel ratio control system for engine
Control method for gas concentration sensor
Axi-nozzle ejector seal
Pulsed detonation engine with ejector bypass
Electrohydraulic pressure supply unit with variable-displacement pump and controllable electric device
Separable fastener system, a method of assembly, and an assembly assembled thereby
Auger type ice making machine
Integrated system for heating, cooling and heat recovery ventilation
Temperature control device and method for manufacturing the same
Cooling system for HTS machines
Air conditioning or heating refrigerator assembly
Cooling air supplying structure for a refrigerator having cantilever shelves
Gas liquefaction process with partial condensation of mixed refrigerant at intermediate temperatures
Single mixed refrigerant gas liquefaction process
Hydraulically balanced fully thermally coupled system
Cryogenic distillation system for air separation
Board drying process and drier
Apparatus using stirling cooler system and methods of use
Apparatus using stirling cooler system and methods of use
Locking mechanism for weapons
Safety device for revolvers
Trigger return system for a firearm
Arm attachable device for catching spent shells
Measuring cable travel sensor with housing
Laser based centerline gauge conversion kit
Displaceable X/Y coordinate measurement table
Scan control for scanning probe microscopes
Closure pressure testing apparatus and method for testing closures
Method of non-destructive testing an evacuated package for a leak
Method and arrangement for non-destructive determination of the properties of an object
Ice seeding apparatus for cryopreservation systems
Measuring sensor and method for its fabrication
Two-point calibration of a longitudinal acceleration sensor
Voltage and clock margin testing of memory-modules using an adapter board mounted to a PC motherboard
Semiconductor device with boundary scanning circuit
High speed LSI spectral analysis testing apparatus and method
Apparatus for testing semiconductor device
RF signal train generator and interferoceivers
System and method for securing a program's execution in a network environment
Method for balancing a clock tree
System and method for synchronizing time across a computer cluster
External interface circuit
Heterogeneous system enclosure services connection
Method and device for monitoring a computer system having at least two processors
Methods for restricting access of network devices to subscription services in a data-over-cable system
Methods and apparatuses for controlling the operation of a digital processing system
Multidimensional parity protection system
Storage network cabling verification system
Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture for analyzing memory use
Method and device for acquiring usage data of application
Method for selecting active code traces for translation in a caching dynamic translator
Information server for kernel and passive mode systems
Access control/crypto system
Method of disguising a USB port connection
Dynamic conversion of byte ordering for use on different processor platforms
Integrated circuit for executing software programs
Digital channelizer having efficient architecture for discrete fourier transformation and operation thereof
Information stream management push-pull based server for gathering and distributing articles and messages specified by the user
System and method for associating an extensible set of data with documents downloaded by a web crawler
File system level access source control of resources within standard request-response protocols
Method and apparatus for detecting changes to a collection of objects
Method and apparatus for asynchronous version advancement in a three version database
Cool ice icons
Method and system for controlling recovery downtime
Method and system for providing data to a user based on a user's query
Method and apparatus for creating multi-gate transistors with integrated circuit polygon compactors
Self-contained and secured access to remote servers
Multi-level secure computer with token-based access control
Field programmable gate array with program encryption
Bit and digit reversal methods
System and method for assisting a microprocessor
Data processing system utilizing multiple resister loading for fast domain switching
Risc processor using register codes for expanded instruction set
Control bit vector storage for a microprocessor
Vertically and horizontally threaded processor with multidimensional storage for storing thread data
Division unit in a processor using a piece-wise quadratic approximation technique
Program counter update mechanism
Mechanism for power efficient processing in a pipeline processor
Method and apparatus for constructing a pre-scheduled instruction cache
Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer
Method for producing computer-controlled services
Dynamically inserting a function into an application executable at runtime
Persistent storage managers for configuring client/server environments
Computer operating system installation
Unitary data structure systems, methods, and computer program products, for global conflict determination
Method and apparatus for remapping read only memory locations
Compiler optimization through combining of memory operations
Front end navigator tool for automatically retrieving referenced URL links on distributed files for performing debugging, editing and browsing functions on distributed files
Address resolution unit and address resolution method for a multiprocessor system
Multi-threading, multi-tasking architecture for a relational database management system
Multi-processor system for database management
System and method for prioritizing communications messages
Electronic mail system, electronic mail transmission/reception method, and recording medium electronic mail transmission/reception program is recorded
Method and system for log-in-based video and multimedia calls
Method and apparatus for authenticating participants in electronic commerce
Communication system for distributing such message as advertisement to user of terminal equipment
Media-independent document security method and apparatus
Method for conserving memory storage during an interpolation operation
Portable illuminated sign with changeable messages
Transportable sign or message holder
Portable indicating and protective structure for underground utilities
Inflatable display figure
Magnetic message display and method of selectively framing messages of same
Method for managing failed storage media
Nonlinear video editing system
High speed built-in self-test circuit for DRAMS
Address generator
Manufacturing method of multilayered piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramic actuator
Raised floor system and support apparatus
System and method for distinguishing a device failure from an inter-device communication failure
Clock signal multiplier circuit for a clock signal generator circuit
State metric memory of viterbi decoder and its decoding method
Turbo code symbol interleaver
Apparatus for checking for defect of serial communication devices and method thereof
PC card with automated drag and sleep function
Method and apparatus for automating the creation of service activation requests
Method and apparatus for automatically verifying communication software
Dynamic burn rack monitor listener server
Performance monitor for leased transmission facilities
Systems and methods for preventing transmission of compromised data in a computer network
Multiplexing of clients and applications among multiple servers
Method and system for automatically caching dynamic content based on a cacheability determination
Printed circuit board flat level compensating unit of surface mounting apparatus
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