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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X08B797
Maize variety hybrid 10924670
Maize variety hybrid X13B629
Maize variety hybrid X08B841
Insecticidal compounds
Use of telmisartan for the prevention and treatment of vascular headache
Fused cyanopyridines and the use thereof
Lupeol anti-tumor agent and uses thereof
Immunomodulatory compounds and treatment of diseases related to an overproduction of inflammatory cytokines
Method for separating fractions of avian eggs exclusively containing IgA and IgM antibodies
Physiological sensor device
Skin marker
Fluid warming cassette and system capable of operation under negative pressure
Oral formulations of bis(thiohydrazide amides)
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A proteases
Compound having acidic group which may be protected, and use thereof
Heterobifunctional polymeric bioconjugates
Oxadiazole derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Methods for the treatment of myeloproliferative diseases using 4-(amino)-2-(2,6-dioxo(3-piperidyl))-isoindoline-1,3-dione
Aralkyl alcohol pyridine derivative compounds and the use thereof as medicaments for treating depression
Salts of methyl (R)-7-[3-amino-4-(2,4,5-trifluoro-phenyl)-butyryl]-3-trifluoromethyl-5,6,- 7,8-tetrahydro-imidazo[1,5-A]pyrazine-1-carboxylate
Treatment for demyelinating disease
Compounds with antibacterial activity against Clostridium
Oligonucleotide analog and method for treating flavivirus infections
Anticoagulant and composition for preventing thrombus containing poly-gamma-glutamic acid
Treatment of atherosclerosis with cholesterol ester transport protein mimotopes
Cyclosporin derivatives
Intelligent medical device system for personalized medicine applications
Inter-atrial septum or superior vena cava electrodes for atrial defibrillation
Methods for treating reperfusion injuries using flagellin
Latex marking inks
Performing Operations; Transporting
Iron- and manganese-comprising heterogeneous catalyst and process for preparing olefins by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen
Sprayed weld strip for improved weldability
Apparatus and method to machine holes
Image forming apparatus with calibrated exposure control
Tire inspection apparatus
Method and device for determining learned values for controlling an internal combustion engine
Apparatus to sequence and control passenger queues
Control for internal combustion engine provided with cylinder halting mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Flow through apparatus for UV disinfection of water
Iminopropene compound and use thereof
Sunitinib and salts thereof and their polymorphs
Substituted 1-oxo-dihydroisoquinoline-3-carboxamides as KCNQ2/3 modulators
Benzoxazines, benzothiazines, and related compounds having NOS inhibitory activity
Method of producing bicyclo[3.1.0] hexane derivative using enzyme
HSP90 inhibitors
Derivatives of triazines and uracils, their preparation and their application in human therapeutics
Azide substituted naphthylene or rylene imide derivatives and their use as reagents in click-reactions
Perylene tetracarboximide derivatives for photovoltaic devices
Inhibitors of JAK
Geometric synthesis of porphyrin rods
Redox mediators
Dye for dye-sensitized solar cells, method of preparing the same, and solar cell including the dye
Efficient cell culture system for hepatitis C virus genotype 5A
Neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn)-binding polypeptide variants, dimeric Fc binding proteins and methods related thereto
Hasylated polypeptides
Monoclonal antibodies against dendritic cell receptor
Anti-CD147 antibodies, methods and uses
Antibodies against tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI)
Peptides having an ACE inhibiting effect
Phosphopeptide compositions and anti-phosphopeptide antibody compositions and methods of detecting phosphorylated peptides
Infrared absorbing thin film containing rutile-type titanium oxide crystal and method for producing the same
Process for improving the devolatilization of polymer slurry produced in a polymerization reactor
Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving and process for producing the same, and relief printing plate and process for making the same
Photo-activated attachment of cholesterol to polyurethane surfaces for adhesion of endothelial cells
Method for producing polyamides
Fluoropolymer composite composition
Propylene copolymers for adhesive applications
Liquid two-component coating compositions
Process of producing liquid fuel from cellulosic biomass
Hyperbranched polyesters and polycarbonates as demulsifiers for cracking crude oil emulsions
Irregularly shaped non-spherical supported catalyst, and a process for hydroconversion heavy oil fractions
Fire resistant lubricating grease composition
Granular materials for finishing denim
Use of cytokine receptors as biomarkers and therapeutic targets in human cancer
Aromatic prenyltransferase from hop
Cultured hematopoietic stem cells and method for expansion and analysis thereof
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory composition
Cardiac stem cell and myocyte secreted paracrine factors
Systems and methods for contaminant removal from a microalgae culture
Metal coated virus-based nanoelectrodes and method of assembling of same
C4 dicarboxylic acid production in filamentous fungi
Protein and production process and use thereof
Method for the enzyme-catalysed hydrolysis of polyacrylic acid esters, and esterases used therefor
Method of producing particles by physical vapor deposition in an ionic liquid
Ligand libraries for screening GPCRs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Inverter generator control apparatus
System and method for focusing optics
Device and method for vibrating a solid amplification member within a gyrolaser
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Fluid film indicator
Terahertz scanning reflectometer
System for assessing and displaying activity of a sportsman
Method for tracking defective functions in operation of motor vehicles
Kernel-based fault detection system and method
Intelligent fleet management system and method
Image forming apparatus
Circuits and methods for cell number detection
Methods for determining the retention of peptides in reverse phase chromatography using linear solvent strength theory
Method, system, and computer program product for determining a putative amino acid sequence
Identification and screening of triptolide target molecules
Utilizing a sense amplifier to select a suitable circuit
Circuit fault detecting device and method
Method for pacing multi-rate time sensitive traffic on Ethernet and bridge connected networks
Scheduling best effort flows in broadband wireless networks
Systems and methods for throttling a fabric login in a fibre channel adapter
Method and apparatus for packet processing
Semiconductor device
Weather radar beam-sharpening and de-quantization
Pseudo-satellite transmitter and method of transmitting GPS signals using pseudo-satellite transmitter
Method for determining radiation attenuation in a positron emission tomography scanner
Ultrasonic measurements performed on rock cores
Connecting device for wide tow survey
Electronic microscope filter
Plastic lens
Projection display system using laser light source
Electronic paper display apparatus and method thereof
Light redirecting element comprising a forward diffracting region and a scattering region
Optical waveguide and method for manufacturing the same
Lens support frame
Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display having the same
Determining lithographic set point using optical proximity correction verification simulation
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus having a mode for rotating a toner supply member in the opposite direction of a predetermined direction to increase a toner amount
Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium for setting fusing temperature
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Stimulus indicating device employing polymer gels
Operating system for roller blinds with protection against excessive wind
Method and module for determining of velocity reference values for a vehicle control system
Circuit and method for coupling electrical energy to a resonated inductive load
High stability dimmer
Voltage characteristic regulating method of latch circuit, voltage characteristic regulating method of semiconductor device, and voltage characteristic regulator of latch circuit
Pulse generator and method for generating pulse
Water-resistant computer docking station
Methods and systems for transmission mode selection in a multi channel communication system
Network resource modification for higher network connection concurrence
Computer-based methods and systems for arranging meetings between users and methods and systems for verifying background information of users
Method and apparatus for listening for incoming calls on multiple port/socket combinations
Method and system for protecting messaging consumers
Method for identifying internet users
Message oriented construction of web services
Parsing contents of an e-Form
Secure file access using a file access server
System and method for scheduling content updates in a content-based application
Dispensing mechanism for centralized robotic gantry
Method for supporting a safety-oriented system
Filter banks for enhancing signals using oversampled subband transforms
Low power and low complexity adaptive self-linearization
Determination and handling of subexpression overlaps in regular expression decompostions
Persistent file replacement mechanism
Persistent file replacement mechanism
System and method for constructing and editing multi-models
Method for representing multi-models
Physical item data record creation via cloning a data object in an accessible collection
Refreshing a full-text search index in a partitioned database
Automatically generating a log parser given a sample log
Using a hashing mechanism to select data entries in a directory for use with requested operations
Proxy server for application on mobile device
Generating materialized query table candidates
Network content modification
Estimating building thermal properties by integrating heat transfer inversion model with clustering and regression techniques for a portfolio of existing buildings
Methods for analyzing high dimensional data for classifying, diagnosing, prognosticating, and/or predicting diseases and other biological states
Multiple account authentication
Physically unclonable function implemented through threshold voltage comparison
Method for assisting user input to a device
Method and device of stroke based user input
Ghost resolution for a capacitive touch panel
Resistive touch panel capable of operating in multi-touch control mode and sensing-drag control mode synchronously
Data communication apparatus and method transmitting input data in parallel to destinations using different transmission protocols
Method and apparatus for including converted drawing commands in a print data file
Communication apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing system, method for controlling the same, and storage medium storing program
Image processing apparatus for correcting density unevenness
Tunable data fingerprinting for optimizing data deduplication
System and method of distributing multimedia content
Apparatus and methods of reconciling different versions of an ordered list
Mention-synchronous entity tracking: system and method for chaining mentions
Dimensionally constrained synthetic context objects database
Method of identifying Hammerstein models with known nonlinearity structures using particle swarm optimization
Method including a field management framework for optimization of field development and planning and operation
Method and apparatus for billing data services
Analog divider
Information processing apparatus capable of communicating with printing apparatus via network and printing accumulated print jobs, information processing system including information processing apparatus, and information processing method for information processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, device control program, and power control method
System for monitoring detachable connections using RFID tags
Upscaling natural images
Sonar image texture segmentation
Image processing apparatus and medium for storing program
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
Image correction after combining images from multiple cameras
Trees for adaptive coding of images and videos using set partitioning in generalized hierarchical trees having directionality
System and method for determining fuzzy cause and effect relationships in an intelligent workload management system
Progress status management method, program, and progress status management device
Modular microprocessor-based appliance system
Method and apparatus for optimal service channel reconfiguration based on multi-agent simulation
Method for dynamic geospatial analysis with collaborative decision making
System and method for reducing excess capacity for restaurants and other industries during off-peak or other times
Multi-dimensional method for optimized delivery of targeted on-line brand advertisements
System for marketing goods and services utilizing computerized central and remote facilities
Methods and systems for processing orders
System and method for generating a community contribution index
Heavy influencer media recommendations
Electronic credentials verification and management system
System and method for dynamic financial account management
Method of brokering tax liens
Allocating research funding
Parallelized ray tracing
Autonomous sensing module, a system and a method of long-term condition monitoring of structures
Electronic apparatus, and control method thereof
Cost optimization of wireless-enabled metering infrastructures
System and method for remote education
Display apparatus
Text import tool for a technical computing environment
Brightness adjusting device of video display apparatus and control method of the same
Display apparatus and method for adjusting brightness thereof
Data transfer circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit equipped with data transfer circuit
Modular concert drum throw
Hinged drumstick
Adjustable guitar ramp
File creation process, file format and file playback apparatus enabling advanced audio interaction and collaboration capabilities
Very low bit rate signal coder and decoder
System for controlling digital effects in live performances with vocal improvisation
Speech processing system and method
Auditory eigenfunction systems and methods
Method and apparatus for transforming between different filter bank domains
Friction engaged tilting roller bearing tape guidance
Optical pickup device and method of manufacturing the same
Disk drive device with hub with thinness and suppressed torque decrease
Offset loop for wobble
Offset loop for wobble
Asynchronous asymmetry compensation
Methods and devices for enhanced adaptive margining based on channel threshold measure
Timing-based servo for determining lateral head velocity
Disk drive with dynamic head fly height back-off
System and method for improving head positioning
Recording reproducing apparatus and recording reproducing method
Detecting and recovering timing slips in a self servo write (SSW) system
Holographic data storage medium and an associated method thereof
Apparatus for reading from and/or writing to a near-field optical recording medium
Device and method for controlling an optical source driver
Lens driving unit for optical pickup and optical disc drive including the lens driving unit
Disc drive and tracking servo pull-in method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Bidirectional resistive memory devices using selective read voltage polarity
Power savings in a content addressable memory device using masked pre-compare operations
Semiconductor memory device incorporating an interface chip for selectively refreshing memory cells in core chips
Lithography apparatus and device manufacturing method
Power cable
Multilayered ceramic capacitor
Electrochemical device
Large-area flexible OLED light source
Field emission panel, liquid crystal display having the same, field emission display having the same and method for packaging field emission panel
Organic electroluminescent display
Charged-particle beam exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing article
Optical filter having substrate including surfaces with different heights and optical module provided with same
Integrated circuits based on aligned nanotubes
Consumable adhesive layer for thin film photovoltaic material
Dicing/die bonding film
Enhanced thin film field effect transistor integration into back end of line
Resist pattern formating method
Vertically oriented nanostructure and fabricating method thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Aqueous cerium-containing solution having an extended bath lifetime for removing mask material
Liner property improvement
Fin bipolar transistors having self-aligned collector and emitter regions
Stacking fault and twin blocking barrier for integrating III-V on Si
High temperature tungsten metallization process
Through-substrate vias
Back side alignment structure and manufacturing method for three-dimensional semiconductor device packages
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Interconnect sensor for detecting delamination
Semiconductor package using through-electrodes having voids
Semiconductor device with multilayer wiring structure formed within and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Tungsten metallization: structure and fabrication of same
Photodetector optimized by metal texturing provided on the rear surface
Organic light-emitting element, display panel, display device, and manufacturing method for organic light-emitting element
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Power MOSFET semiconductor device
Reflective frame for light-emitting element, substrate for light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Thermoelectric power generation method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing the piezoelectric device and the same
Semiconductor device
Transparent organic light emitting diode
Communication device and method for controlling an antenna arrangement
Implementing high-speed signaling via dedicated printed circuit-board media
Light-emitting device having a thermal conductive member with wiring function and method of manufacturing the same
Group III nitride semiconductor laser diode
Spherical cap for high-voltage outgoing lines in oil transformers
Operating direct current (DC) power sources in an array for enhanced efficiency
Electromechanical arrangement for driving and/or braking a shaft
System and method to boost voltage
Inverter device
Filter with controlled cut-off frequency step-down
Element controller for a resilient integrated circuit architecture
Source series terminated driver circuit with programmable output resistance, amplitude reduction, and equalization
Method of selecting metrics and receiver using the same
Apparatus for receiving signal and method of compensating phase mismatch thereof
Adaptive clock switching to capture asynchronous data within a phase-to-digital converter
Analog-to-digital signal conversion method and apparatus therefor
Selective recompression of a string compressed by a plurality of diverse lossless compression techniques
Electronic device with adjustable filter and associated methods
Method of power amplifier predistortion adaptation using compression detection
Multi-stage interference suppression
Musical cell phone accessory
Method and apparatus for dial input using voice in a mobile terminal
Apparatus and methods for sampling rate conversion for wireless transceivers
Method and apparatus of frequency domain echo canceller
Optical signal to noise monitor
Low speed access to DRAM
Adaptive integrated hybrid with complex adaptation for digital subscriber line systems
In line signal repeaters for transmission line based electric fences
Apparatus and method for cooperatively transmitting downlink between base station and relay station
Channel estimation for multi-carrier communication
Method and apparatus for coordinating a radio network controller and node B resource management for high speed downlink packet data service
Communication apparatus, communication method, computer program, and communication system
Method and device for requesting and allocating bandwidths in wireless communication systems
Network and method for the computer-assisted operation of an autonomous network comprising a plurality of autonomous terminals
Communication channel estimation
Network performance estimating device, network performance estimating method and storage medium having a network performance estimating program stored therein
Method and apparatus for interference management in a wireless communication system
Integrated circuit for network delay and jitter testing
Method for transmitting OAM message and processing error in PON system
Communications network with enhanced notification for topology change
Border gateway protocol extended community attribute for layer-2 and layer-3 virtual private networks
Systems and methods for providing resource allocation meeting communication constraints for multi-hop network data flows
Bidirectional packet flow transformation
Adaptive cache for caching context and for adapting to collisions in a session lookup table
Camel roaming services between operators with different camel phase
System and method for the delivery of high speed data services over dedicated and non-dedicated private land mobile radio (PLMR) channels using cognitive radio technology
Low power deserializer and demultiplexing method
System for video call processing
Information processing apparatus, decoding processing method and signal transmission method
Two-dimensional code spreading for interleaved FDMA system
Selective coherent and non-coherent demodulation methods and apparatuses
Automatic gain control circuit and receiver circuit
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving broadcast data in digital broadcasting system
Sharing a transmission control protocol port by a plurality of applications
System and method for thinning of scalable video coding bit-streams
Synchronization circuit and synchronization method
Secure key creation
Secure key creation
Slide mechanism and electronic apparatus
Communication device
Method of providing message information, including call subject information, to a recipient of a telephone call
Server, mobile communication system, and data updating method in the same
Information processing system capable of calculating communication fees corresponding to communication utilization forms
Method and system for collecting contemporaneous information relating to an event
Systems and methods to securely collect data over a telephone
Advice of charging (AoC) services in IMS networks
Location-based transmitter selection and handoff
Downlink single-user multi-cell mimo systems for interference mitigation
Apparatus and method for altering images for three-dimensional display
Wide color gamut anaglyphs
Rotatable camera assembly
Image capturing system and method of controlling the same utilizing exposure control that captures multiple images of different spatial resolutions
Television start speed enhancement
Image processing apparatus, method, and program, and program storage medium
Methods, system and mediums for use in protecting content
Scalable video encoding and decoding method using switching pictures and apparatus thereof
Fast multi-frame motion estimation with adaptive search strategies
Motion vector detection apparatus, motion vector processing method and program
Information processing apparatus
Unmanned apparatus traversal and inspection system
Detection of abnormal behaviour in video objects
Method and apparatus for defining entry point in a data stream
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, reproducing program, and recording medium
Magnetic speaker grill
Radiated wave measurement with supporting calibration
Integrity monitoring in a position location system utilizing knowledge of local topography
Method and system for selectively limiting wireless communication in a motor vehicle
Handover procedures in a wireless communications system
Apparatus and methods for determining connection quality of a wireless device on a wireless communications network
Method for transmitting and receiving uplink reference signal in a wireless communication system having multiple antennas
Mobility management mode selection in multiple access wireless networks
System and method for connection to a wireless network
Base station antenna in a mobile communication system
Method of managing baseband resources in mobile communications networks implementing interference cancellation techniques
Method and apparatus for selective message service blocking
Mobile communication method and network device
Data transmission via a relay station with ACK/NACK feedback
Apparatus and method for multi-sector velocity mobile velocity and doppler estimate for synchronous communication systems
Cellular radio communication system, radio base station apparatus and radio terminal unit
Ranging of terminal in legacy support mode
Capacity management of an asynchronous transfer mode interface in a wireless communication infrastructure
Wireless device in multicarrier system
Mobile communication device with improved network connectivity
Stroboscopic illuminator
Light emitting diode with oscillator
Microwavable container
Microwave susceptor assembly having overheating protection
Electronics component embedded PCB
Fan module having dust-collecting function and dust-collecting unit for the same
Multi-fluid, two-phase immersion-cooling of electronic component(s)
Expired Patents Due To Time
Circuit and method for generating estimated feedback for the controller of a slave power module in a master/slave paralleling scheme
System and method for detecting shorts, opens and connected pins on a printed circuit board using automatic test equipment
Measuring method by spectrum analyzer
Adjustable fast press with PCA shuttle and modular expansion capabilities
Ringing preventive circuit, device under test board, pin electronics card, and semiconductor device
Bow-mounted apparatus for detection and quantification of deviations in dynamic arrow position
Device for measuring linear displacements
Method of operating or constructing a geartooth sensor
Magnetic sensor exhibiting large change in resistance at low external magnetic field
Magnetoresistive sensor for high precision measurements of lengths and angles
Rotary position sensor with redundant sensing
Configurable inductive proximity detector to detect ferrous or non-ferrous metal objects
Planar thin-film magnetic field sensor for determining directional magnetic fields
Eddy current compensation
Nuclear magnetic resonance detector used for reducing probe ringing
Permanent magnet for NMR image detection
Tracking the positional relationship between a boring tool and one or more buried lines using a composite magnetic signal
Method and apparatus for azimuthal electromagnetic well logging using shielded antennas
Satellite synchronized 3-D magnetotelluric system
Methods and apparatus for imaging earth formation with a current source, a current drain, and a matrix of voltage electrodes therebetween
Test circuit for an AFCI/GFCI circuit breaker
Device and a process for monitoring the state of charge of a battery
Battery cell grading holder
Connection inspecting apparatus for a cord and a method for inspecting a connection of a cord
Method for the non-invasive sensing of physical matter on the detection surface of a capacitive sensor
Adapter for a measurement test probe
Adhesive attaching, thermal releasing flat pack probe assembly
Method for detecting a contact position between an object to be measured and measuring pins
Printed circuit board test device with test adapter and method for adjusting the latter
High resolution analytical probe station
IC device under test temperature control fixture
Scan test apparatus for continuity testing of bare printed circuit boards
Test fixture for matched impedance testing
Wafer acceptance testing method and structure of a test key used in the method
Modular embedded test system for use in integrated circuits
Integrated circuit testing device
Contactless method for measuring total charge of an insulating layer on a substrate using corona charge
Method and apparatus for reducing standby leakage current using input vector activation
Programmable bus hold circuit and method of using the same
Techniques for programming programmable logic array devices
Combination of global clock and localized clocks
Method for implementing large multiplexers with FPGA lookup tables
Driver circuitry for programmable logic devices with hierarchical interconnection resources
Enhanced I/O control flexibility for generating control signals
Programmable logic device with delay-locked loop
FPGA configuration circuit including bus-based CRC register
Logic circuit having reduced power consumption
Low power, high speed level shifter
Input buffer
Contention-free, low clock load domino circuit topology
Translators and methods for converting differential signals to single-ended signals
Sense amplifier/comparator circuit and data comparison method
Peak detector
Time interleaved common mode feedback circuit with process compensated bias
Multi-input comparator
Voltage comparator
Balanced loss driver circuit including high-side/low-side MOS switches
Method and apparatus for compensating input threshold variations on input buffers
Integrated circuit having adjustable delay units for clock signals
Circuit for controlling the slew rate of a digital signal
Interlaced master-slave ECL D flip-flop
Delay circuit and oscillator circuit using same
Electric circuit comprising at least one switched capacitor and method of operating said circuit
Clock generation circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit with protection circuit against electrostatic discharge
Data communications system and interface apparatus for data communications
Level shifting circuit having a fixed output common mode level
Input buffer/level shifter
Switched capacitor bias circuit for generating a reference signal proportional to absolute temperature, capacitance and clock frequency
Mixer circuit including separated local (LO) terminal and intermediate frequency (IF) terminal
Gating circuit for analog values
Method and device for driving a turn-off thyristor
Zero power fuse circuit using subthreshold conduction
Charge pump circuit
Voltage boost circuitry for hard drive write preamplifiers
Startup circuit for bandgap reference circuit
Electronic circuit with partitioned power transistor
Temperature compensated high precision current source
Low noise integrated circuit device for reducing a noise on LSI power supply nets to supply electric charges required to operate IC
Switched-capacitor cosine filter circuit
Quadrature demodulator and method for quadrature demodulation
Class d amplifier with pulse width modulation and a very low power consumption
Inductive output amplifier output cavity structure
Amplifier distortion correction using cross-modulation
Circuit and method for linearizing amplitude modulation in a power amplifier
Differential amplifier circuit
Six inverting amplifier transconductance stage and methods for its use
High efficiency, unilateral dual stage RF amplifier
Frequency synthesizer with a phase-locked loop with multiple fractional division
High speed coupled oscillator topology
Integrated oscillator with reduced jitter
Programmable oscillator scheme
Oscillator circuit with reduced capacity for AC coupling capacitor
Self-start circuits for low-power clock oscillators
Echo reduction on bit-serial, multi-drop bus
Microwave multiplexer with tunable manifold and method of adjustment
Coupling circuit to reduce intermodulation distortion in radiofrequency receivers
Miniaturized multi-layer ceramic lowpass filter
Lamination type inductor array
Coaxial resonator and dielectric filter using the same
Laminated filter
Low-loss duplexer without settings
Apparatus and method for a micromechanical electrostatic relay
Relay socket
Current transformer
Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
High voltage transformer and ignition transformer using the same
Apparatus for suppressing nonlinear current drawing characteristics
Inductance element
Time lag fuse
Thermal switch assembly
Switch having a safety element
Current limiting device with electrically conductive composite and method of manufacturing the electrically conductive composite
Keyless entry system and sensor therefor
System and method for comparing values during logic analysis
Remote supply circuitry
Bicycle theft protection system
Collision avoidance system for cars
Wiegand effect energy generator
Power-on mask detection method for motion detectors
Detection device
Cash cassette burglary prevention system and cash cassette burglary prevention method
Refuse bin fitted with a transponder
Theft-deterrent device and a locking element and a release device for a theft-deterrent device
Electronic animal deterrent for protecting an area
Oxygen enrichment system for vehicles
Gas station with electromagnetic-wave sensor
Alarm system for hand-held chemical monitor
Circuit continuity detection system and method
Magnetic testing apparatus
Portable information device and data transfer designation method
Luminous signs with sequential variation of images
Secure self learning system
Data display radio pager
Remote convience system and method with proximity-based disablement RFO preventing inadvertent function activation
Run environment recognizing apparatus
Radio frequency highway management system
Parking guide for use with a garage door opener
Method of displaying moving object for enabling identification of its moving route, display system using the same, and program recording medium therefor
Method and system for providing information regarding the location of a vehicle
Keyboard with separated keyboard frames and portable computer having the same
Data compression and decompression method and system for data compression and decompression
Binary data compression/decompression apparatus and method of operation for use with modem connections
Circuit for aligning logical sectors with physical sectors in a disk storage system
Conversion between serial bus cycles and parallel port commands using a state machine
A/D converter correction scheme
System for calibration of a digital-to-analog converter
High-speed digital circuit employing a band-zero-determination-aside (B.O slashed.DA) architecture
Analog isolation system with digital communication across a capactive barrier
Data sampling method and device
Digital to analog converter with reduced ringing
Efficient two-stage digital-to-analog converter using sample-and-hold circuits
Time based digital-to-analog conversion of a precision variable amplitude sine wave
Pulse width modulation digital to analog converter
Fast capacitance measurement
Short pulse microwave transceiver
Automatic gain control for digital radar intercept receivers
Procedure for the elimination of interference in a radar unit of the FMCW type
System and method for detecting signals across radar and communications bands
Agile satellite targeting
Satellite signal receiver with integrity control and exclusion of defective axes
Two-channel fast-sequencing high-dynamics GPS navigation receiver
GPS receiver having a fast time to first fix
Real-time surveying/earth moving system
Two-antenna positioning system for surface-mine equipment
Satellite tracking apparatus and control method for vehicle-mounted receive antenna system
Time delay apparatus using monolithic microwave integrated circuit
Data communication apparatus and data communication method
System and method for mobile station position determination along border areas
Method and apparatus for locating a remote unit within a communication system
Method and apparatus for detecting the movement of a device that receives a signal broadcast from a relative fixed position
Slot fed multi-band antenna
Dual mode antenna for personal computer card
Whip antenna structure of mobile terminal
Multiple antenna ports for electronic devices
Probe movement system for spherical near-field antenna testing
FM diversity feed system for the solar-ray antenna
Dual band antenna
Active microwave reflector for electronically steered scanning antenna
Arrangement comprising an antenna reflector and a transceiver horn combined to form a compact antenna unit
Traveling wave slot antenna and method of making same
Directional antenna assembly for vehicular use
HF antennas for wideband signals
Systems and methods for covering antennas used in digital satellite communications systems
Antenna system using time delays with mercury wetted switches
Two-resonance helical antenna capable of suppressing fluctuation in electrical characteristic without restriction in size of a helical coil
Broad band antennas
System for compact stowage of segmented dish reflectors
Computer having auxiliary display device
Virtual reality system with a static light emitting surface and magnifying optical system
Video input level control circuit in a video appliance
Method and apparatus for determining optical distance
Timing control circuit of AC type plasma display panel system
Process for controlling a display panel and display device using this process
Method of driving display device
Multi-tone display device
Multiple-tone display system
Multi-tone display device
Matrix display apparatus, matrix display control apparatus, and matrix display drive apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for testing driving circuit in liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Resolution enhancement for video display using multi-line interpolation
Interface apparatus
Mouse interface for providing force feedback
Data input apparatus
Compact key structure
Portable graphic computer apparatus
Transcription system kit for forming composite images
Liquid crystal display device, device for controlling drive of liquid crystal display device and D/A converting semiconductor device
Customizable multimedia segment structures
Television graphical user interface that combines electronic program guide with graphical channel changer
Terminal apparatus and method for achieving interactive operations by displaying a desired piece of image information at high speed using cache memories, out of a large amount of image information sent in a one-way direction
Method and device for configuring a multimedia message for presentation
User interface system and method for controlling playback time-based temporal digital media
Method and system for dynamically manipulating values associated with graphical elements displayed within a graphical user interface
Navigational file system
Interactively constructing, editing, rendering and manipulating geoscience models
Method and apparatus for approximating nonlinear functions in a graphics system
Ray casting method using hardware
Inheritable property shading system for three-dimensional rendering of user interface controls
Methods for high precision, memory efficient surface normal compression and expansion
Scheme for automatic data conversion definition generation according to data feature in visual multidimensional data analysis tool
Method and apparatus for texture level of detail dithering
Method and apparatus for scaling texture maps for graphical images
Ellipsoidal projection mapping
Method and apparatus for generating and interfacing with rigid and deformable surfaces in a haptic virtual reality environment
Expression tree optimization for processing obscured graphical objects
Limb coordination system for interactive computer animation of articulated characters
Method apparatus and computer-readable medium for altering the appearance of an animated object
Dynamic balancing of graphics workloads using a tiling strategy
Color electrophotographic apparauts having image registration
Optical apparatus and method for increasing intensity of multimode laser beams and a printer for printing lenticular images utilizing such laser beams
Multiple light beam scanning optical system
Image forming apparatus
Optical printer head and optical printer
Demand-adaptive system and method for telephone requested cable programming
Communication apparatus and method for performing a file transfer operation
Image processing method with viewpoint compensation and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for aligning stereo images
Film image input system for outputting an image signal to a video monitor
Film image regenerating method and device
Method of providing background patterns for camera tracking
Image stabilizing device operable responsively to a state of optical apparatus using the same
Apparatus for powering television cameras via camera transmission lines
Camera with microfluidic printer
Interface circuit for a video camera
Charge transfer device and method of driving the charge transfer device
Method and apparatus for generating a projectable subject viewfinder
Picture-taking apparatus having viewpoint detecting means
Device and method for converting aspect ratio of video signal
Method and apparatus for synchronization of periodic signals
Method of and apparatus for separating audio and video data from a combined audio/video stream of data
Analog/digital color video apparatus and method for adjusting attributes of a color video signal using digital signal processing
Video signal processing apparatus
Electronic billboard replacement switching system
Projector apparatus
Electronic keystone correction for electronic devices with a visual display
Position sensible liquid crystal display device
Optical apparatus for optically rotating a portion of a polarization axis of a linearly polarized light
Electro-optical display having split storage capacitor structure for series capacitance
LCD having a pair of TFTs in each unit pixel with a common source electrode
Active matrix display device and methods for correcting defect thereof
Liquid crystal display device having reflection film between prism sheet and liquid crystal panel
Liquid crystal cell
Thin film transistor liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating a liquid crystal cell
IPS LCD having an organic conductive layer outside the subtrate
Circuit board connecting structure, electro-optical device, electronic apparatus provided with the same, and manufacturing method for electro-optical device
Patterned thermal sensor
Manufacturing method for electro-optical cells or electrochemical photovoltaic cells obtained from this method
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display cell
Computer assisted camera control system
Exposure device, method of making and using same, and objects exposed by the exposure device
Scanning exposure apparatus in which light exposure is a function of the speed of the mask or substrate stage
Distance measuring apparatus and method
Apparatus for evaluating metalized layers on semiconductors
Fixed optic sensor system and distributed sensor network
Laser sensor holder
Wafer inspecting apparatus
System and method for inspecting an object using structured illumination
Apparatus and method for calibrating downward viewing image acquisition systems
Optical measurement system for detecting luminescence or fluorescence signals
Apparatus for measuring particle size distribution and method for analyzing particle size distribution
Optical telecommunications system
Apparatus and method for the determination of grain size in thin films
Optical inspection device
Measuring method and apparatus
Position detecting method and apparatus using optical system with oblique optical axes
Optical systems for use in sorting apparatus
Optical shutter, spectrometer and method for spectral analysis
Femtosecond chirp-free transient absorption method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for high speed longitudinal scanning in imaging systems
Device and process for extinguishing a source
Method and apparatus for detecting the endpoint in chemical-mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers
Image processing system and method for controlling such system
Laser printer capable of and method for printing rasterized data of high image quality
Method and device for calibrating an imaging apparatus
Distributed PWM halftoning unit and printer
Facsimile machine
Image communication method and apparatus therefor
Image-reading method and apparatus
Illuminator with light source arrays
Image reading device, image reading apparatus, and method therefor
Image processing apparatus and method, and a recording medium
Process for holography using reference beam having correlated phase content
Light diffusion control by electrically reconfigurable holographic optical elements
WDM optical fiber system using Raman amplification
Optical communication system
Offset control for burst-mode optical receiver
Radial polarization-rotating optical arrangement and microlithographic projection exposure system incorporating said arrangement
Variable focal length lens panel and fabricating the same
Micromachined linear light valve
Five transistor SRAM cell for small micromirror elements
Infrared-blocking transparent film
Confocal microscope apparatus and photographing apparatus for confocal microscope
Video projection screen assembly
Laser illumination with speckle reduction
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Optical system with a dielectric subwavelength structure having high reflectivity and polarization selectivity
System for producing uniform illumination for testing two dimensional detector arrays and optical systems
Image display apparatus
Color projection display system with improved hue variation
Zoom lens and imaging device incorporating the same
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Beam alignment correction element assembly
Emergency visual assistance device
Digital signal recording and reproducing apparatus and recording medium
Disk drive which detects head flying height using first and second data patterns with different frequencies
Magnetic disk apparatus and magnetic disk medium
Recording medium, data transmission apparatus, data receiver, and optical disk unit
Data sector timing compensation technique based upon drive eccentricity
Magnetic disc apparatus
Method for estimating sampling phase from synchronously demodulated samples of sinusoidal waveforms
Head drum for a magnetic tape recorder
Thermal asperity compensating method, data reproduction error compensating method, automatic gain control system and magnetic disk unit
Polling a preamplifier within a disk drive to remotely determine pre-established parametric values
Rotary head cleaning apparatus and magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Positioning apparatus for hard disk servowriter
System and method for formatting disc surfaces
Motor loading system for a disk drive
Compact media drive having retractable media support
Suspension for disc drive that is capable of restraining excessive inclination of a head or occurrence of dimple separation when it is shocked, without enhancing the stiffness of a flexure
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film tape write head for dual frequency operation
Embedded dual coil planar structure
Magnetic transducer with debris guiding channels having non-vertical sloping walls formed in a tape bearing surface
Tape cassette with tape guides press-fit over ribbed guide posts
All metal base plate having a hardened flange and soft hub for attaching a load beam assembly to a head actuator arm of a disk drive by swaging
Tape or disc player having a lid with a lock mechanism
Magnetic head slider assembly for magnetic disk recording/reproducing apparatus
Bearing for an actuator of a disc drive
Dual element read with shaped elements
Spin valve magnetoresistive sensor using permanent magnet biased artificial antiferromagnet layer
Surge protector
Surface-mountable device for protection against electrostatic damage to electronic components
Control device for an internal combustion engine
Ionizing hair dryer
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor with conductive feed-through for implantable medical device
Monolithic capacitor
Ceramic capacitor
High dielectric constant embedded capacitors
Electric double-layer capacitor having hard granular carbon material penetrating into the aluminum collector electrodes
Capacitor having textured pellet and method for making same
Display with gear type hinge
Electronic apparatus having switch operated by rotatable display-unit
Keyboard illumination via reflection of LCD light
Foldable and portable planar display device
Electronic device and electronic device battery
Portable computer
Docking station with thermoelectric heat dissipation system for docked portable computer
Heat sink for electric and/or electronic devices
Cold plate arrangement for cooling processor and companion voltage regulator
Heat spreader with excess solder basin
Electronic trip unit and mounting method
Power supply device
Application specific integrated circuit package and initiator employing same
Snap-together printed circuit card cover with integral card support
Smart card module and smart card including a smart card module
Compliant surface layer for flip-chip electronic packages and method for forming same
Circuit card mounting structure
Controlled low impedance high current circuit board interconnect
Encapsulation and enclosure of electronic modules
Circuit for generating high voltage to ignite oil or gas or operative neon tubes
Extended range boost converter circuit
Horizontal deflection apparatus
Switched-mode power supply with capacitor controlled power supply
Active clamp for isolated power converter and method of operating thereof
DC high voltage generator
Step-up power supply circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Charge pump with no diode drop at output stage
Circuit and method for controlling a synchronous rectifier converter
Switching power supply
Phase current sensor using inverter leg shunt resistor
Voltage supply device having self-testing circuit
Wye connected 3-phase to 9-phase auto-transformer with reduced winding currents
Selective match line discharging in a partitioned content addressable memory array
Selective match line discharging in a partitioned content addressable memory array
Ferroelectric memory device
Magnetic random access memory circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Non-volatile NAND type semiconductor memory device with stacked gate memory cells and a stacked gate select transistor
Flash memory margin mode enhancements
Sense circuit for a multi-level flash memory cell
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device with reduced precharging time for bit lines
Single-poly non-volatile memory cell having low-capacitance erase gate
Sense amp control circuit
Address comparing for non-precharged redundancy address matching with redundancy disable mode
Semiconductor memory
Redundancy circuit capable of disabling use of redundant memory cells that are defective
Dynamic memory having two modes of operation
Memory device with redundancy arrays
Semiconductor memory test circuit
Floating bitline timer allowing a shared equalizer DRAM sense amplifier
Current sensing amplifier
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having stabilizing capacitors connected between power lines of main amplifiers
Data rate converter
First-in-first-out storage device including synchronized full-state detention and empty-state detention
First in first out memory circuit
Semiconductor device
Sharing signal lines in a memory device
Semiconductor memory device and data transmission method
Memory burst operations in which address count bits are used as column address bits for one, but not both, of the odd and even columns selected in parallel.
Programmable logic device memory array circuit having combinable single-port memory arrays
Semiconductor memory device with reduced power consumption
Semiconductor memory device having decreased layout area and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated weak write test mode (WWWTM)
Memory device with command buffer
Semiconductor memory device using a relatively low-speed clock frequency and capable of latching a row address and a column address with one clock signal and performing a page operation
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Clock control signal and output enable signal generator in semiconductor memory device
Device for and a method of determining the angle of incidence of a received signal and a scanning sonar
Pager and time display method for pager which can display both local time and base time
Device and method for reproducing record information from magneto-optical recording medium
Information recording and reproducing method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for adjusting the pickup head of an optical disc drive to optimal focus point
Gain controlling apparatus and method, information reproducing apparatus and method, and information recording apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing recording medium
Disk reproducing apparatus controlling read signal from a disk by using demodulated identifying signal and stored identifying signal in a memory
Playback method and apparatus for reading interleaved audio programs recorded on a record carrier
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing recording medium
Data recovery apparatus and method for optical disk reproduction systems
Method and apparatus for reducing the width of marks written in optical media
Recordable disc and device for recording data in the same disc
Disc player
Semiconductor laser device
Optical pickup apparatus
Focusing a light beam more than thirty focal depths from the aplanatic point with a plano-convex lens
Optical pick-up feeding device having a regulating member to adjust an orientation of a lead screw thereof
Optical recording medium
Structure for protecting reading area of compact disc and device for applying same
Medium access control protocol for OFDM wireless networks
Apparatus, system, and method for dual-active fibre channel loop resiliency during controller failure
Method and apparatus providing programmable thresholds for half-duplex flow control in a network switch
Method and apparatus for performing flow control in a wireless communications system
PHS subscriber loop multiplex communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling call acceptance in a telecommunications network
Rate attenuation systems, methods and computer program products for reducing low priority video frame packets transmitted over a network
Method and system for using resource management cells in an ATM network
System and method for network integrity management
Intelligent concentrator for multiple speed data communications systems
Method of operating a data transmission system
Method and apparatus for wireless communication employing aggregation for digital signals
Method for flow control, node and communication network employing the flow control
Method and apparatus for producing channel estimate of a communication channel in a CDMA communication system
Transmission of data packets over CDMA type cellular telephone
Device and method for multiuser detection is DS-CDMA system
Method of caching routes in asynchronous transfer mode PNNI networks
Employing a look-up service and a callee connection service to establish a network phone call between a caller and a callee
Method and system for minimizing connect-time charges associated with dial-up data networks
Apparatus and method for efficiently transferring ATM cells across a backplane in a network switch
Time division multiple equipment
Method and apparatus for implementing hunt group support for a crosspoint controller
Jitterless and lossless switching fabric with network routing
Method and apparatus for inquiry response via internet
Network router search engine using compressed tree forwarding table
Method system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Enhanced adjacency detection protocol for wireless applications
Accelerated fibre channel hub and protocol
Method and an arrangement for setting up a data call, and an adapter equipment
Demodulating apparatus and demodulating method
Mechanism to control telecommunication connections in a digital switching network
Multiwavelength actively mode-locked external cavity semiconductor laser
Wavelength-tunable laser configuration
Optical transmitter
RF excited waveguide laser
Beam combining of diode laser array elements for high brightness and power
Polarization-dependent type directional isolator and ring-type resonator laser
Narrow band laser with fine wavelength control
Method and apparatus for controlling arcing in a DC arc furnace
Spread spectrum communication apparatus and rake receiver
Multistage interference canceller
Multicode spread spectrum communications system
Circuit and methodology for transferring signals between semiconductor devices
Universal modem for digital video, audio and data communications
Detecting overequalization for adapting equalization and offset for data transmissions
Parallel processing decision-feedback equalizer (DFE) with look-ahead processing
Methods and apparatus for processing video data
Fixed frequency source timing processor method and apparatus
Single-pass variable bit-rate control for digital video coding
Image coding and decoding using mapping coefficients corresponding to class information of pixel blocks
Coding and decoding apparatus with motion compensation
Motion picture converting apparatus
Method and apparatus for increasing video frame rate
Motion compensated digital video signal processing
Apparatus and method for selecting a coding mode in a block-based coding system
Digital television data format conversion with automatic parity detection
Statistical multiplexed video encoding using pre-encoding a priori statistics and a priori and a posteriori statistics
Soft output decoding apparatus and method for convolutional code
Circuit arrangement with a data sequence generator
Digital sub-systems and building blocks for a mostly digital low-cost BTSC compatible encoder
Method and apparatus for spectral shaping in signal-point limited transmission systems
Carrier recovery system
Electronic circuit and method for automatic frequency control
Circuit and method for adaptively calculating decision error of digital signal in digital modulation system
Circuit for reproducing a clock from a multilevel QAM signal
Method and apparatus for clock skew compensation
Enhanced CIMT coding system and method with automatic word alignment for simplex operation
Digital phase-frequency detector
Xenon-133 radioactive stent for preventing restenosis of blood vessels and a process for producing the same
Magnetostrictive wire control rod position detector assembly
Device for retaining a hot melt in particular a core melt-through inside the spreading chamber of a nuclear reactor installation
Corrosion and hydride resistant nuclear fuel rod
Race-track lap counter
X-ray mask pellicles and their attachment in semiconductor manufacturing
X-ray determination of the mass distribution in containers
Method for forming radiographic image
Fitting of X-ray scattering data using evolutionary algorithms
Fan and pencil beams from a common source for x-ray inspection
Method and device to calibrate an automatic exposure control device in an x-ray imaging system
Field service flashable getter for x-ray tubes
Liquid metal cooled anode for an X-ray tube
Performing automated testing using automatically generated logs
Apparatus and method for improved DSL communication
Method and apparatus for generating sematically consistent inputs to a dialog manager
Abstracting system for multi-media messages
Medical information system including a medical information server having an interactive voice-response interface
Method and apparatus for phone card billing
Method and apparatus for billing a fee to a party initiating an electronic mail communication when the party is not on an authorization list associated with the party to whom the communication is directed
Obtaining information about a called telecommunications party
System and method for generating CID/CIDCW information with a user inputted message
Telephone calling card with enhanced features
Computer telephone system and method having a graphical user interface
Telephone conferencing systems
Method and apparatus for controlling call waiting service
Telephony server application program interface API
Call center agent selection that optimizes call wait times
Method and apparatus for initiating telephone calls using a data network
Method for accessing a country code or an area code stored in a telephone to dial a telephone number
Optical coupling circuit for a data access arrangement (DAA)
Double talk detector, method for double talk detection and device incorporating such a detector
Color image processing apparatus and method
Current-sensitive telephone-line disconnect system
Method and apparatus for advanced byte-oriented symmetric key block cipher with variable length key and block
Information security subscriber trust authority transfer system with private key history transfer
Enabling business transactions in computer networks
Short term internet access
Active noise control apparatus
System and method for a monolithic directional microphone array
Inertial vibration transducers
Garment capable of outputting a sound
Apparatus and method for embedding/unembedding supplemental information
High redundancy system and method for watermarking digital image and video data
Process and device for the qualitative assessment of processed sheets
Apparatus and method for automatically recognizing print media
Tokenless biometric electronic stored value transactions
Apparatus for detecting very small breast anomalies
MR method for the image-assisted monitoring of the displacement of an object, and MR device for carry out the method
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional scene processing using parallax geometry of pairs of points
Image processing system
Process for controlling coloration in multicolor printing
Method for determining to skip macroblocks in encoding video
Method and apparatus for automatic detection of image target gamma
Invariant texture matching method for image retrieval
Video retrieval method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Image processing device
Two-pass encoding method of digital motion video sequences for constant-or variable bit rate
Systems and methods for reducing boundary artifacts in hybrid compression
Feature tracking using a dense feature array
Modifications of postscript adaptive data compression (ADC) for 3 plane, 8 bit color images, JPEG lossy compression, and variable Q factors
Wavelet image coder using trellis-coded quantization
Method for encoding digital information
Hardware architectures for image dilation and erosion operations
Method and apparatus for adaptive filter tap selection according to a class
Edge enhancing colored digital images
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Digital scan conversion method and apparatus for an ultrasonic system
Apparatus and method for digital filing
Binarization circuit
Differential drive optical modulator
Reflectively coated optical waveguide and fluidics cell integration
Enclosure for optical integrated circuit
Multiple-wavelength light source and method of controlling oscillation frequencies thereof
Dynamic fiber optic switch with artificial muscle
Optical wavelength-space cross-connect switch architecture
Flexible WDM network architecture
Wavelength selection switches for optical application
Method and system for providing a multi-channel optical filter
Compact optical system with turn and color mixing
Electrically modifiable optical grating devices
Fiber optic cable with profiled group of optical fibers
Distributed resonant ring fiber filter
Tray for splicing optical ribbon fibers
Optical cable exit trough
Digital information signal recording apparatus and method thereof
Video editing scheme using icons directly obtained from coded video data
Picture print generating method and system, and recording medium
Recording and reproduction of an information signal in a short play and a long play mode
Method and apparatus for providing/reproducing MPEG data
Video recorder
Programmable audio/video encoding system capable of downloading compression software from DVD disk
Data recording method and apparatus, data recorded medium and data reproducing method and apparatus
Digital image recording and/or reproducing apparatus using a plurality of compression methods
Data storage based on serial numbers
Instantaneous water heater
Method for storing exposure dependent and exposure independent information related to a photographic film unit
Camera housing with window insert conforming to housing shape
Camera with combination anti-back pawl and window for exposure counter
Panoramic camera
Instant photo film pack
Camera capable of print format selection
Rangefinder apparatus
Film cassette having memory module, photographic device, and method for registering memory module
Film cartridge with IC memory and apparatus that uses it and method of using it
Image forming system using plural copying apparatus to perform one copy job
Image forming apparatus with transfer voltage controlled according to temperature and humidity
Control method and circuit for transfer current, and printer having the control circuit
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for shutting-down a reproduction apparatus in a prescribed manner
Image forming apparatus provided with a plurality of image holding components
Printing apparatus, control method for the same, and computer-readable storage medium storing printing-apparatus control program
Developing unit
Belt drive device and image forming apparatus equipped with said device
Revolver developing apparatus method, and image forming apparatus avoiding stress against developer
Image forming apparatus
Double-side printing apparatus
Roller cleaning apparatus of liquid electrophotographic printer
Interactive and animated mini-theater and method of use
Remotely controlled gain control of transceiver used to inter-connect wireless telephones to a broadband network
Universal replacement communications satellite
Method and system for identifying and transmitting calling party information as part of a paging signal
Message management in wireless selective call receiver
Phase lock loop system with ultrafast lock times for half duplex time division multiple access wireless data applications
Telephone with angled boom mike
Backscatter communication systems, interrogators, methods of communicating in a backscatter system, and backscatter communication methods
Apparatus and method for automatically programming frequency scanning radio receivers
Multi-band mobile telecommunications station
Direct conversion receiver
Carrier squelch processing system and apparatus
Method for detecting nonlinear distortion using moment invariants
Method and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of an RF receiver at certain frequencies
Diode mixer circuit
Wireless data communication system having power saving function
Telephone apparatus
Emergency call control apparatus for mobile communication system
Automatic call coverage administration by wireless terminals
Public telecommunication terminal, in particular for mobile radio networks
Apparatus and methods for remote control of accessory devices using a radiotelephone as a receiver
Call set-up process
Receiving method and receiver
Handset based automatic call re-initiation for multi-mode handsets
Advanced subscriber outage notification methods
Worldwide wireless subscriber access service
Method for poring a mobile directory number from one wireless service provider to another
Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting number of guard channels in a mobile communication system
Analysis of neighbouring cells in cellular telecommunications systems
Method for determining handover in a multicellular communications system
Method and system for increasing capacity and improving performance of a cellular network
Method for extending the cell radius between a mobile station and a base station
Service customization in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for reverse link loading estimation
Cluster mobile switching center
Optical imaging device, particularly an objective, with at least one optical element
Method for changing communication in a communication system, and communication system therefor
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