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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Beehive frame scraping tool
Acid addition salt of a nortriptyline-GABA conjugate and a process of preparing same
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of disease
Compositions containing resveratrol and nucleotides
Quinazoline-2,4-dione derivatives
Bis-quinazoline derivatives as inhibitors for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase
Active compound combinations
Universal donor-derived tolerogenic cells for inducing non-syngeneic transplantation tolerance
Topical delivery of viscous medications for the treatment of diseases associated with chronic sinusitis
Crab shelling machine
Key management system and organizer
Apparatus for retrieval of vapor and fumes
Lifting apparatus
Adjustable mailbox post
Spray dispensing device
Marking blade
Portable vacuum for yard waste
Capsule-type medical device, power supply apparatus, and power supply system
Endoscope diagnostic apparatus
Surgical retractor holder with dowel pins
Bone rifling system and method of preparing a bone using such system
Surgical tool
Image guided intraoperative simultaneous several ports microbeam radiation therapy with microfocus X-ray tubes
Rod and plate system for incremental reduction of the spine
Pre-curved electrode array loading tools
Patient monitoring device
Method for manufacturing optical device, optical device, and biological information detector
Monitoring device for an interactive game
Monitoring device, system and method for a multi-player interactive game
Device for the rapid closure of wounds and surgical incisions
Method for treating aneurysms
Self-expandable stent with a constrictive coating and method of use
Endovascular aortic valve replacement
Knee brace with a reciprocal hinge
Reverser mechanism applied to the rear axle of a wheelchair
Therapeutic compositions and methods for targeted delivery of active agents
1H-benz imidazole-5-carboxamides as anti-inflammatory agents
Compounds, compositions, and methods for the treatment of .beta.-amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies
Therapeutic compositions for intranasal administration of zolpidem
Spiro-oxindole compounds and their use as therapeutic agents
Alkoxy-substituted 2-aminopyridines as ALK inhibitors
Lindane lotion and methods
Certain crystalline hydrates, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and methods for preparation and use thereof
3,5-diaminopyrazole kinase inhibitors
Semi-crystalline supramolecular polymers
Extracts of Phyllanthus niruri
Method and composition for preventing and treating avian influenza in poultry
Coupling proteins to a modified polysaccharide
Compound, use and method
Analogs of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) and methods for their use
Preventing and treating sepsis
Humanized A.beta. antibodies for use in improving cognition
Methods of enhancing adjuvaticity of vaccine compositions
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of influenza
Influenza A virus vaccines and inhibitors
Antibodies against delta-5 desaturase and uses thereof
Nanostructured physically-associating hydrogels for injectable, responsive, and tough biomaterials
Selenocysteine mediated hybrid antibody molecules
Dental compositions crosslinkable/polymerizable by cationic process
Portable decontamination and deodorization systems
Spacers for use in brachytherapy, radiotherapy, and other medical therapy
Variable flow infusion pump system
Agent for altering the color of keratin fibers containing a rheology modifying polymer and a fatty substance in an alkaline cream system
Variable moment of inertia golf ball
Cornhole game difficulty modification
Pole with grip
Inline skateboard with differentiated wheels
Convertible shoe for walking and for roller-skating, having laterally deployable wheels incorporated in its sole
System and method of revealing the outcomes of real world wagers through mirage reveals
Performing Operations; Transporting
Detergent delivery device
Air filter
Porous coordination polymer, process for producing same, gas storage method, and gas separation method
Process for producing a methanation catalyst and a process for the methanation of synthesis gas
Fluid container composed of two plates
Poultry litter management device and method
Method and apparatus for processing mixture
Flotation aids and processes for using the same
Flexible graphite sheet and method for fabricating the same and composite structure for the same
Method of making thin film structures and compositions thereof
Method for producing semi-finished products from NiTi shape memory alloys
Method and apparatus related to nanoparticle systems
Polyester film for solar cells
Method for surface-treating printed circuit board and printed circuit board
Device for aiding a user in removing items from a truck bed
Dynamic mixing pump
Depositing device
Method and device for manufacturing materials from hydrophobic hollow natural fibres, and use thereof
Method for bifolding an article and article made thereby
Display apparatus
Web substrates having wide color gamut indicia printed thereon
Structural longitudinal composite joint for aircraft structure
Inkjet printing device
Method for printing marking material on a receiving medium by a printing system
Liquid droplet ejecting apparatus and liquid droplet ejecting method
Writing utensil
Complete exhaustion type lipstick tube
High fidelity patterning employing a fluorohydrocarbon-containing polymer
Gooseneck hitching system
Dual stage input lever transmission downshift system
Multi-purpose vehicle capable of supplying electricity to external electrical appliances
Vehicular vision system
Vehicle warning light system and method
Vehicle exterior mirror system
Utility slidable rack-rail system
Hydraulic brake comprising a safety function
Steering column telescoping bushing with roller springs
Vehicle frame and component design for efficient and compact packaging
Two-rear-wheel electric vehicle
Nursing bottle apparatus for improvement of suckling
Strap corner protector multifunctional installation tool
Shipping crate joint and method of forming a shipping crate
Dual compartment dispenser
Dosing unit for a powder dispenser
Apparatus for transporting frac sand in intermodal container
Conveying system having endless drive medium and method for delivering/receiving article therein
Mandrel cupping assembly
Feeding apparatus
Device for saving energy during vertical and horizontal motions
Device for opening an ampoule
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Integrated oxidation, reduction and gasification method for chemical looping syngas and energy production
Graphite material for synthesizing semiconductor diamond and semiconductor diamond produced by using the same
Water treatment method and method for producing ultrapure water
Pattern forming method
Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation for transportation and storage
Process for preparing alkylalkanolamines
Substituted 4-Aryl-N-phenyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-amines
Process for the preparation of febuxostat
Dihydroquinone derivatives of piperidine and piperazine
Process for the preparation of crystalline form II of L-malic acid salt of sunitinib
Crystalline compound of 7-[(3R)-3-amino-1-oxo-4-(2, 4, 5-trifluorophenyl)butyl]-5, 6, 7, 8-tetrahydro-3-(tri fluoromethyl)-1, 2, 4 -triazolo[4,3-A]pyrazin
Preparation and use of (R),(R)-2,2'-bis-methylnaltrexone
Dioxaspiroketal derivatives, process for their preparation and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for cytoprotection
Reagent system and method for modifying the luminescence of lanthanide(III) macrocyclic complexes
Compounds with (perfluoroalkyl) fluorohydrogenphosphate anions
SNPs of apolipoprotein B and modulation of their expression
TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof
CASB7439 constructs
Thermoplastic compositions based on soluble starch and method for preparing such compositions
Process for preparing polyolefins
Ultra-violet curable gellant inks for three-dimensional printing and digital fabrication applications
Production of polypropylene from renewable resources
Phosphazene blocked imidazole as latent catalyst for epoxy resins
Method for preparing terpolymer of poly (diphenyl ether sulfone) and poly (diphenyl sulfone)
Growth-inhibited hydroxyapatite, process for its preparation and use
Solid or phase change inks with improved properties
Lubricant for compression refrigerating machine and refrigerating apparatus using the same
Foaming agent for subterranean formations treatment, and methods of use thereof
Gasification apparatus with continuous solids discharge
Fuel additive
Bearing lubricant and use thereof
Surfactant component and a composition including the same
Polysiloxanes having quaternary ammonium groups and use thereof
Integrated microfluidic analysis systems
Infant cereal comprising non-replicating probiotic microorganisms
Barley endosperm promoter
Metal-binding peptides
Lipases and uses thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding polypeptides involved in regulation of sugar and lipid metabolism and methods of use VIII
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Mammalian alpha-kinase proteins, nucleic acids and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Isoprene synthase variants for improved microbial production of isoprene
Construction of Highly efficient cellulase compositions for enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
Devices comprising a polynucleotide to extend single stranded target molecules
Glycopegylated erythropoietin
Trichoderma reesei .alpha.-amylase is a maltogenic enzyme
Elongase gene and uses thereof
Multi-cellulase enzyme compositions for hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass
Expression of cytosolic malic enzyme in transgenic Yarrowia to increase lipid production
Primer generation rolling circle amplification
Integrated microfluidic and solid state pyrosequencing systems
Light emitting diode vacuum coating by magnetized mask
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for determining load fall in a laundry treating appliance
Vapor phase hydrolysis vessel and methods related thereto
Method and system for producing market pulp and products thereof
Fixed Constructions
Safe pressure system viewing port
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressor with control valve for controlling cooling capacity based on speed and centrifugal force
Piping assembly and method for connecting inner and outer shell in turbine system
Exhaust gas housing for a gas turbine and method for producing same
Turbomachine rotor
Lubrication of positive displacement expanders
Impulse air turbine arrangement for use with a reversing bi-directional air flow in a wave power plant
Hydrokinetic electrical generating device
Wind power plant and method for operating the same
Fan hub integrated vacuum pump system
Mini fan
Unitary, strike, drop-in anchor for concrete and the like
Wheel rolling bearing device
Mechanism for adjusting the rotation direction and speed of an inner ring and an outer ring of a rotary bearing
Actuator arrangement for active vibration isolation comprising an inertial reference mass
Powertrain for a vehicle and method for controlling a powertrain
Continuously variable transmission
Vehicle headlamp system
Cover for a light bulb
Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus
LED heat dissipation structure
Lamp structure with stacked transparent boards
White point adjustment for multicolor keyboard backlight
Light source module
Optical module
Glow plug
Ventless fireplace
Range extractor hood
Exhaust system
Liquid heating device for an automobile
Arrow shaft
Slide hammer impact enhancement system
Method and apparatus for supervision of optical material production
Portable high-resolution non-contact modular sensor for surface strain measurement
Fourier transform spectrometer with a frequency comb light source
Integrated electronics housing for a solar array
Diode sensor matrix and method of reading out a diode sensor matrix
Chemical analyzer
Device and system for selectively detecting gas components or concentrations of gas components in gas to be analyzed and method for operating such device
Diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
In vitro multiparameter determination method for the diagnosis and early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders
Current sensor
High voltage sensing mechanism with integrated on-off switch
Method and apparatus for obtaining feedback delay
Device and method for testing semiconductor device
Analyzing EM performance during IC manufacturing
Structures and methods for RF de-embedding
Radiation detection apparatus and method of using same
Method and apparatus usable for mining and mineral exploration
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Light filter, manufacturing method of light filter, and optical device
Vibrating mirror element and method for manufacturing vibrating mirror element
Light source module using lasers as light source
Analyzing element and analyzing apparatus using same
Optical connector housing assembly with dual insertion and extraction options
Opto-electric hybrid board and manufacturing method therefor
Optical multi-port connectors
Composite communications cables having a fiber optic component located adjacent an outer surface of the central conductor of a coaxial cable component and related methods
Focusing electromagnetic radiation within a turbid medium using ultrasonic modulation
Display device with plural screens
Photo-curable transfer sheet, process for the preparation of optical information recording medium using the sheet, and optical information recording medium
Connector, charging device incorporating same, and image forming apparatus incorporating the connector
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image heating apparatus
Cartridge and image forming apparatus with elastically deformable shutter member
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Black toner containing compound having azo skeleton
Holographic color display device having a color filter with parallel, vertical color stripes of primary colors
Instructional time and time management apparatus, method and computer program product
Manufacturing method of timepiece dial, timepiece dial, and timepiece
Method and apparatus for dimming high intensity discharge lamps
Transmitting device and information acquisition control method
Electronic apparatus contributing to global environmental conservation
Security device for electronics
Touch panel
Method and apparatus pertaining to the interlacing of finger-based and active-stylus-based input detection
Information processing for generating graphics data processible by a printer
Amplifying radio frequency signals
System and method for verifying an individual's authorization to cross borders
Duplication prevention
Method and apparatus for optically reading information
Image inspection apparatus, image forming apparatus, image inspection method, and image inspection program
Image segmentation based on approximation of segmentation similarity
Method and apparatus for converting 2D video image into 3D video image
Image processing apparatus and method with control of image transfer priority
System and method for radiographing information management and recording medium storing program therefor
Method of predicting perceptual differences between memory and directly viewed colors in video
Face recognition system and method using face pattern words and face pattern bytes
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Simplifying parametric loop filters
Verifying vendor identification and organization affiliation of an individual arriving at a threshold location
Determining image-based product from digital image collection
Fully secure item-level tagging
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for facilitating visualization and analysis of medical data
Animation control device, animation control method, program, and integrated circuit
Two dimensional displays, transparent displays, and three dimensional displays
Wireless pet barrier using RFID
Theft deterrent tag
Methane and water vapor gas sensors integrated into a personal miner's alarm
Appliance alarm assembly
Coloring sheet
Music notation system
Display device
Removable protective cover with embedded proximity sensors
User control input device
Display system for working machine
Display methods for high dynamic range images and user interfaces for the same
Image display method for digital manipulator
Color space matching of video signals
Apparatus, method and program product for controlling data writing of tape recording apparatus
Controlling a tape speed to manage a tape drive buffer
Operation of tape drives
Systems and methods for media defect detection with pattern qualification
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic head, and magnetic disk apparatus
Disk drive generating a disk locked clock using radial dependent timing feed-forward compensation
Utilization of disk buffer for background replication processes
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Complementary SOI lateral bipolar for SRAM in a CMOS platform
Flexible 2T-based fuzzy and certain matching arrays
Solid, multi-state molecular random access memory
Probabilistically-banked content addressable memory and storage
NOR flash memory array structure, mixed nonvolatile flash memory and memory system comprising the same
Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
Semiconductor device and information processing system including an input circuit with a delay
Bypass structure for a memory device and method to reduce unknown test values
Semiconductor device having hierarchical bit line structure and control method thereof
Special thorium-plutonium hydrides for fast treatment reactor
Lithography apparatus, and article manufacturing method
Posable electrical cable
System for concentrating magnetic flux
Porous heat sink LED lamps
Power supply apparatus and luminaire
Organic electroluminescence device and production method thereof
Photovoltaic device using nano-spheres for textured electrodes
Method for manufacturing display device
Absorber layer for a thin film photovoltaic device with a double-graded band gap
Method for forming microcrystalline semiconductor film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Boron-containing buffer layer for growing gallium nitride on silicon
Bipolar junction transistor with multiple emitter fingers
Passive devices for FinFET integrated circuit technologies
Selective etching of titanium nitride
Three-dimensional writable printed memory
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with the implantation of nitrogen
Semiconductor device and method of producing same
Metal density aware signal routing
Semiconductor unit
Interconnect structure and method of fabricating
Multi-layer metal support
Graphene-based device and methods of forming the same
Organic electroluminescence device, display unit including the same, and method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescence device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
MOSFET having a JFET embedded as a body diode
Method for fabricating trench type transistor
Vertical semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Trenched power semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
Imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device
Method for manufacturing solar cell module and precursor structure for solar cell module
Photovoltaic device and method for manufacturing the same
Three-dimensional thin-film semiconductor substrate with through-holes and methods of manufacturing
Solid-state imaging device
High efficiency cadmium telluride solar cell and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device with efficient carrier recombination
Cell design for embedded thermally-assisted MRAM
Display device
Electrochemical element
Battery pack
Rebalancing electrolytes in redox flow battery systems
High energy materials for a battery and methods for making and use
Spin wave device
System and method for efficient transmit and receive beamforming protocol with heterogeneous antenna configuration
Reverse through-board low profile module connector
Communications jacks having sliding contacts and/or contacts having insulative base members
Terminal connector with electric wire and method of manufacturing the same
Male coaxial connectors having ground plane extensions
III-nitride semiconductor laser diode
Dust tight and water tight seal for conduit/junction box connection
Vibration generating apparatus
Power generating system
Charging apparatus for electric vehicle
Control circuit for power distribution switch
Signal processor and signal processing method
Bidirectional level shifter
Method and apparatus for distributed processing for wireless sensors
Charge pump operating voltage range control using dynamic biasing
Semiconductor device having delay line
Compact wide dynamic range transmitter for point to point radio
Modulation scheme determination through use of multiple sensors
System and method for communicating using an in-vehicle system
Dynamic communication splitter
2G, 2.5G RF loopback arrangement for mobile device self-testing
Eliminating false audio associated with VoIP communications
Increasing capacity in communications systems using polarized data signals
Method and apparatus for performing a handoff of a data communication session from one network to another network
Systems and methods for creating a downlink precode for communication system with per-antenna power constraints
Partial relaying of message based on interference in wireless network
Line monitoring apparatus and line monitoring method
Link layer reservation of switch queue capacity
Detecting intermittent network link failures
Synchronizing routing tables in a distributed network switch
Multicasting traffic manager in a network communications processor architecture
Channel service manager
Managing data on InfiniBand (IB) networks
Cooperative routing between traffic control device and multi-server application
Method and end-user device for messaging
Method and system for enhanced contention avoidance in multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output wireless networks
DC balance offset adjustable circuit and semiconductor device including the same
Clock data recovery circuit and wireless module including same
Voltage generation apparatus and voltage generation method
Method and apparatus for spoken diagnostics
Enhanced privacy caller identification system
Detecting man-in-the-middle attacks in electronic transactions using prompts
Wireless telecommunications location based services scheme selection
Method and system for call to role
Automated response system tuning
Enhanced customer experience through speech detection and analysis
Method and device for data processing in a digital subscriber line environment
Full-duplex audio communication terminal
Display control apparatus, display control method, and program
Highspeed image selecting method digital camera having highspeed image selecting function
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Solid-state imaging device, camera module, and illuminance detection method
Object-based audio-visual terminal and bitstream structure
Solid-state imaging element, method for producing solid-state imaging element, and electronic device
Circuit board assembly and camera module using same
Play control system and method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Modifying audio in an interactive video using RFID tags
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
Information processor, information processing method, and program
Rate-distortion control in DVC with no feedback channel
Video alarm security system with 3-party 9-1-1 calling
Method, system and apparatus for evaluating video quality
Digital video recording system and its recording medium
Automated real speech hearing instrument adjustment system
Apparatus, systems and methods for relieving tinnitus, hyperacusis and/or hearing loss
Handheld loudspeaker device
Secure remote control of notification operations of communication devices
Communications platform
Systems and methods for enhancing base station performance through the use of a relay station
Method for performing wireless switching
System and method for multiple contention access periods
Wireless terminal
Location data regression
Method and apparatus for interference mitigation in wireless networks
Device to-device group communication method and device using the same
Apparatus and method for preventing excessive signaling overhead while a group communication is performed in a broadband wireless access system
Method and device for verifying physical recognition between a caller and a called party
Method and apparatus for detecting a segment identifier in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for allocating a hybrid automatic repeat request channel identifier in a wireless access system
Apparatus, system and method of estimating a location of a mobile device
Organic el panel, panel-combined light emitting device, and method of manufacturing organic el panel
Electronic ballast for lighting unit and lighting apparatus
Electronic apparatus, battery pack, and battery pack mounting method
Housing with rotation arm and panel for securing hard disk drive therein
Circuit board fixing device
Board connector
Laptop computer support
Arrangement of a power semiconductor circuit
Heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Multi-purpose operating unit attachment system
Zero velocity spreading system for distributing particulate material
Heating system for a wind machine
Method and a device for moving chickens or other poultry
Mobile hunter's stand
Method for processing fish heads and apparatus for separating processed fish heads
Interface for engaging a snowboard boot to a binding
Functional part holder, especially a penknife
Lunchbox with voice recording mechanism for message delivery
Article-holding hook of luggage
Nail machine
Lighted mirror assembly
Backpack without sides
Plastic bag holder
Portable arm and mouse support for use with personal computers
Foldable picnic table with telescoping pedestals and bench supports
Pull-out slide for drawer or the like
Swing assembly with convertible seat
Reclining chair having adjustable chair frame
Seat adjustment apparatus
High chair having a seat-tilting mechanism
High chair having lockable pivotal coupler device
Pacifier dispenser
Hinged cover for a disposable cup dispenser
Nestable mailbox and method
Delivery vault
Refill cartridge for a drink dispensing device and device designed for such a cartridge
Rotisserie basket for grills
Electric cooker
Wound site management and wound closure device
Method for increasing probability of conception of child of desired sex
Partial dentin caries excavator
Micro abrasive blasting device and method
Orthodontic cutters
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket
Instrument and process for the minimum distance verification between two teeth for the placement of one or two bone integrated cylindrical or screwed type implants in dentistry
Implantable stroke treating device
Modular endoluminal stent-grafts and methods for their use
Longitudinally flexible expandable stent
Method and system with shape memory heating apparatus for temporarily supporting a tubular organ
Compliant simulated aortas, method for making same by adjusting durometer of materials, and method for testing heart valves
Multi-filament valve stent for a cardisc valvular prosthesis
Spinal disc
Treatment of hepatitis C using hyperthermia
Modular hyperbaric chamber
Wheel chair rollback stop
Reorder medication container
Device and method for manufacturing a segmented tubular capsule containing a biologically active medium
Engineering of strong, pliable tissues
Powder inhaler
Fluid processing system
Respiration-synchronized oxygen supplying apparatus
Cantilever device and method for breathing devices and the like
Vessel and lumen expander attachment for use with an electromechanical driver device
Force sensor assembly for an infusion pump
Filter for medical fluids
Magnetic-interference-free surgical prostheses
Swimmer's training device
Solid golf balls
American football supported with air layer
Adjustable golf club with hydrodynamic lock-up
Complaint face golf club
Golf club head having a striking face with improved impact efficiency
Golf club and weighting system
Golf club having angular grooves
Golf putter head and weight adjustable arrangement
Golf ball teeing apparatus
Apparatus for placing and retrieving golf balls and tees
Golf cart location display device
Shuttle wheel toy
Methods for tying knots in ropes
Skicup attached to a ski binding
Quick coupling cue stick
Hand held video game case with universal power pack
Analog controls housed with electronic displays
Pinball simulator game system
Video game device, character growth control method for video game and readable storage medium storing growth control program
Game system and computer-readable recording medium used in the same
Method, computer-readable storage medium and video game device for automatically generating a maze map with at least one correct path
Combination instant scratch-off / break-open ticket
Game table with using modes convertible by way of rotation
Interactive probe system for games and books
Amusement device comprising a carriage which can be moved over a guide
Toy projectile launching assembly
Stick-propelled loop game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nitrous oxide based oxygen supply system
Apparatus for adding a first fluid into a second fluid with means to prevent clogging
Gas pressure-regulating device for dispensing working fluid
Coal mill and reduction gear used therefor
Strain relief main shaft
Garbage disposer magnetic inhibitor
Sifting device for sifting granular material
Roller mill
Water display generating two-dimensional flow patterns, overflow channel used therein and working method
Swivel lawn sprinkler
Atomizing bowl and electrostatic rotary sprayhead unit equipped therewith
Foam spray gun nozzle extension assembly
Wheel case for a vibratory apparatus
Storage rack for storing sorted mailpieces
Coating removal system having a solid particle nozzle with a detector for detecting particle flow and associated method
Methods and apparatus for gettering fluorine from chamber material surfaces
Cleaning method of containers and apparatus thereof
Yoke for universal joint, and production process for the same
Power transmission member
Bolt with column and polygonal pillar to prevent seizure
Method for making bus and post electrical connector using displaced bus material and connector produced thereby
Multipiece core assembly for cast airfoil
Self-synchronizing tap driver for rigid tapping
Tile saw
Methods and apparatus for installing a module on a circuit board using heating and cooling techniques
Circuit board component retention
Solder interconnect techniques
Torque transducer assembly
Worker piece positioner for use with industrial robot
Method for grinding traction surface of half-toroidal-type continuously variable transmission disk
Automated polishing methods
Slurry dispensing carrier ring
Apparatus and method for processing thin-film magnetic head material
ELG for both MRE sensor height and resistance monitoring
Method and system for chemical mechanical polishing
Composition and method for polishing rigid disks
Low profile vacuum driven sander
Method and apparatus for conditioning polishing pads utilizing brazed diamond technology and titanium nitride
Method for making a polishing apparatus utilizing brazed diamond technology and titanium nitride
Mechanic's vise
Tool for removing drain caps
Fastener-driving hand tool having an angularly displaceable bit retainer
Rotary tool holder
Full face pad
Multi-drive specialty tool
Multi-purpose hand tool with multiple interchangeable utility heads and safety lock
Rolling containers assembly
Gripper for picking apparatus of a module IC handler
Cutting mode switching module in a printer
Shop support stand
Machine for planing large wood timbers
Veneer-jointing machine
Concrete hole former with embedded gasket
Apparatus for extruding and cutting resin strands
System for metering and delivering a moldable composition into a mold
Disposable contoured tank liner and method of production
Composite rim
Handling assembly for fluid processing of ophthalmic lenses
Eccentric press
Block ramming machine
Geotextile structure for filtration
Portable printer
Image recording device capable of preventing deviation of ink dot on recording medium
Fluid ejection device having mechanical intercoupling structure embedded within chamber layer
Injet print head and injet recorder
Printer head using shape memory alloy and method for manufacturing the same
Ink-jet head
Ink jet printer with cleaning mechanism and method of assembling same
Ink droplet analysis apparatus
Ink cap
Liquid container, liquid supply system, and method for manufacturing such liquid container
Ink jet recorder with a remaining ink volume detector
Print engine including an air pump
Test pattern implementation for ink-jet printhead alignment
Inking methods and compositions for production of digitized stereoscopic polarizing images
Hand held ink jet painting tool
Ink jet printing method
Printer cartridge with breakable frangible member
Ink jet printing method
Check writing system
Structure of a diary of high practicality of use
File intended for all types of documents, such as sheets or loose leaves, whether perforated or not
Dry-ease marker eraser having a flexible tubular sleeve with internal ribs
Engraving system and method comprising different engraving devices
Heavy duty pneumatic tire including lug grooves and shallow circumferential groove
Method of modifying uniformity of a tire
Trailer maneuvering jack with a compact drive wheel
Wheel suspension for motor vehicles, in particular independent wheel suspension for passenger cars
Slide door unit for use in automotive air conditioner
Temperature and humidity sensor assembly
Air intake manifold for a vehicle ventilation system
Vehicle air conditioner with louver operation control
Securing hook for a window shade
Side window blind with slot covering
Actuation mechanism for a two piece retractable hard-top roof for an automobile
Convertible vehicle
Covering system
Modular fuel tank assembly, vehicle mounting arrangement and method for installation
Multifunctional valve for a vehicle tank
Fuel system
Engine output controller
Automobile seat back structure articulated around fitted pivots
Vertical seat positioning device
Child seat
Vehicle seat assembly
Locking device for use in a cargo support to lock a retractable tube
Vehicle lamp
Lighting device for motor vehicles
Snap-in rearview mirror assembly for vehicles
Battery retaining system for children's ride-on vehicles
Protecting arrangement for the head and shoulder region of vehicle occupants
Snap-on thermoplastic air bag cover with enhanced moldability
Access device
Sunvisor storage system
Easily removable pickup truck bed rack
Roll back seal for disc brake
Apparatus for regulating pressure in the hydraulic brake system
Automatic brake booster
ECP commanded emergencies via a conventional EAB brake controller
Solenoid valve device
Braking hydraulic pressure source apparatus wherein assisting pressure is electrically controlled to establish predetermined overall boosting ratio
Brake system for vehicles
Pump equipment and method for assembling same
Vehicle front end panel with horn cover
Stabilizer for flexible brushes and flaps
Cavity sealing article having improved sag resistance
Roof construction for vehicle using thermoplastic resin roof panel
Dolly and method of use
Motorcycle accessory quick-release attachment assembly
Electrically integrated scooter with dual suspension and stowage mechanism
Electric drive unit for a bicycle
Bicycle with two chain driven differentials
Adaptive pneumatic wings for flying devices with fixed wings
Deployable recovery system for snowmobile and rider
Dual-control stick for aircraft
Automatic and sequencing actuation assembly for a weapon ejection system and associated method
Covert aerial encapsulated munition ejection system
Method of and apparatus for detection of ice accretion
Device for attaching an aircraft engine to a strut
Light weight hydrogen tank
Method and apparatus for generating propulsive forces without the ejection of propellant
Device and method for dispensing particulate material
Powder filling utilizing vibrofluidization
Method and apparatus for transferring packing units
Lightweight vacuum drum
Compact disk labeling system
Hot fill plastic container having spaced apart arched ribs
Reclosable package having a zipper closure, slider device and tamper-evident structure
Dual dispense container having cloverleaf orifice
Flip top cap with tamper evident flap
Carton with supplemental information panel
Beverage can resealable lid having rotatable cover member and biasing pull tab
Self adhering wrapper
Food dispensing feeding system
Closed flexible sachet
Dispenser with reciprocating action
Device for applying liquid media to the skin
Multilevel modular storage system with modules sliding horizontally in both directions
Structured packing loading slide
Conveyor chain link
Modular conveyor apparatus
Conveyed path splitting conveyor system
Apparatus and method for loading agricultural material
Method and apparatus for constraining the open edge of a signature during transfer
Mobile cable dispensing system
Rotatable ramp jack
Hydraulic jack lifting mechanism
Automatic dispenser apparatus
Universal quick-disconnect coupling and valve
Pressure sensor for a vapor recovery system
Method and security system for securing a flowable good
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making a signal transmission fuse
Texture coating for golf club
Coiled tubing drilling with supercritical carbon dioxide
Candle forming kit
Semiconductor processing reactor controllable gas jet assembly
Textiles; Paper
Stationary thread guiding element for a series shed weaving machine
Fluid dynamic diverter valve for an appliance
Fixed Constructions
Shock absorber and method for producing the same, and filler for the same
Marking element
Method to transport and install a deck
Fish guidance system
Submarine power storage system
Stake/post driver
Earth moving scraper
Fly clamp for reinforcing bars in concrete construction
Fly clamp for reinforcing bars in concrete construction
Hinged vent chute
Hold open arm assembly
Article of manufacture for a portable shelter suspended above the ground
Pick resistant sash lock and keeper and method of locking sashes
Safety latching mechanism
Locking device for drawers of a cabinet
Linear connector of plastic material of joining spacing profiles of multiple insulating glasses
Pleated shade with intermittent tabs
Compact collapsible step ladder
Walk-through ladder
Tooth type drill bit with secondary cutting elements and stress reducing tooth geometry
Installation for producing oil from an off-shore deposit and process for installing a riser
Vortex shedding strake wraps for submerged pilings and pipes
Integral joint for the connection of two pipes
Snubbing unit tong apparatus
Coiled tubing injector head
Relievable check valve assembly for oil wells and water wells
Well clean-up tool with improved cleaning member
Perforating guns having multiple configurations
Method and apparatus for continuously testing a well
Electrically sequenced tractor
Slide assembly having retractable gas-generator apparatus
Method for replacing cutters of tunnel-excavating machine, method for excavating tunnel, and tunnel excavating machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary engine with a plurality of stationary adjacent combustion chambers
Drive apparatus, such as a liquid ring machine and a method for driving a drive apparatus, such as transferring fluid
Coolable blade for a gas turbine
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Engine thermostat housing and thermostat assembly
Carburetor with air and throttle valve for two-cycle engine
Intercooler system for internal combustion engine
Cooling system for outboard motor
Electronic throttle control mechanism with integrated modular construction
Evaporative emission control system for internal combustion engine
Control system for a direct injection engine of spark ignition type
Exhaust gas recirculation system for a turbocharged engine
Solenoid valve for a vehicle carbon canister
Control valve unit
Moistening device for the inlet air of combustion engines
Wedge section multi-chamber resonator assembly
Carburetor with fuel jet support structure
Internal combustion engine control apparatus and method
Hydraulic motor having radial pistons and a single declutching selector
Radial piston motor with friction brake
Radial piston pump for producing high pressure fuel
Connecting member for a pump
Air pump adapter assembly
Piston-type compressor with bolted separating wall
Mechanical fuel injection system
Flywheel system with parallel pumping arrangement
Dynamo electric machines and stators for use in same
Combination of blade bracket and motor casing for ceiling fans
Portable cooling fan with indented blades
Connecting device
Connecting element for the frictional connection of components
Clip for fixing a part on a bar and document feeder comprising at least one such clip
Cap for protecting foundation anchor bolts
Lock washer for threaded fasteners
Push-pull control cable
Ball screw device and linear motion device
Linear guide to support a sliding element
Biased wear sensor assembly for self-adjusting clutch
Disc clutch
Slip yoke sealing and positioning plug
Arrangement for preventing the squealing of a disk brake
Braked mechanical joint assembly
Torsional vibration dampers
Piston cylinder unit having an adjustable stroke length
Shock absorber cartridge
Drive ring CVT belt
Automatic transmission control system
12-Speed gearbox for utility vehicles
Metal laminate gasket with thickness adjusting mechanism
Fail safe L-shaped spring carrier for gas seals
Low emission piston and ring for internal combustion engine
Bypass valve for water treatment system
Inflatable slit/gate valve
Axial actuator
Limited-rotation valve-control knob with override
Arrangement for preventing undesirable pressures when blocking off or throttling the transport of liquid in a pipeline
Flexible hose
Hose coupling apparatus for sprayer unit
Quick connect fluid coupling with components positioned to provide continuous insertion resistance
Gas outlet barrel retention apparatus
Device for hanging decorative lighting
Multi-directional mounting bracket
Body mounted camera support system
Flashlight with an electrical conductor unit for electrically connecting a lamp unit with a battery
Votive candle cup to oil lamp converter kit
Cable grid spectral lighting system
Wedge light extractor with risers
Backlight assembly with a light pipe having an integral surface diffuser
Liquid vaporization and pressurization apparatus and methods
Rotary kiln burner
Low NOx and low Co burner and method for operating same
Ventilation system for a kitchen
Plumbing assembly for hydronic heating system and method of installation
Ductwork air freshener apparatus
Cooling/heating apparatus for semiconductor processing liquid
Heat exchanger, in particular plate heat exchanger for an air separation unit
Fitting/manifold assembly and method for a heat exchanger
Semi-automatic gas-operated shotgun
Guide system for the recoiling mass of a gun
Projectile feed mechanism for a blowgun
Paint bullet gun
Multispectral-hyperspectral sensing system
Automatic reset target
Gun hardened, rotary winged, glide and descent device
System and method for reducing dispersion of small rockets
Composite package for explosive items
Display backlighting system
Dynamic non-invasive detection of analytical container features using ultrasound
Stand-alone thermostat
Force sensor circuit
Apparatus for and method of monitoring a rotating machine
Ultrasonic test device
Acoustic tree and wooden member imaging apparatus
Method and device for determining the stability of a water-hydrocarbon emulsion
Pin grid array socket
Enhancement of storm location from a single moving platform
Anitglare layer, antiglare film, and optical element
Method and apparatus for programming functional system parameters in optical bar code scanners
Device for storing optical fibers
Optical ferrule
Fiber optic adapter, including hybrid connector system
Adapter for an optical fiber cable
Optical transceiver module
Vertical cable management system
Convex lens and stepped prism combined glasses
Light shutter device
Camera having a barrier capable of single smooth operation
Shift control system for a working vehicle having a propelling stepless transmission
System and method of applying double printing modes
Recording method and apparatus therefor
Variable focal length lenses
Retroreflective scan module for electro-optical readers
Methods and apparatus for determining bar code label location information
Method and machine for reading and assigning optical codes
Preset amount electronic funds transfer system for gaming machines
System for credit card acceptance in taxicabs
Gaming machine with concealed image bonus feature
Gaming machine having a reel on which, along a circumference, symbols are applied
Radiation demonstration system
Method and system for creating an individualized course of instruction for each user
Early involvement method for preparing elementary school students for secondary school
Folding display unit
Game system and computer-readable recording medium
Method and an apparatus to control copying from a data providing device to a data receiving device
Compact disk case
Support for a disc-like information holder and board-like holder with such a support
Damper for tap-changer vacuum switch
Die bonding device and semiconductor device
Wafer processing chamber having separable upper and lower halves
Microelectronic fabrication system cleaning methods and systems that maintain higher air pressure in a process area than in a transfer area
Method and apparatus for protecting and strengthening electrical contact interfaces
Method of manufacture for embedded processing subsystem module
Connecting device to vehicle battery terminals
Interchangeable backplane interface connection panel
Zero insertion force socket actuation tool
Connector assembly with multi-contact ground shields
Apparatus and methods for providing an electrical connection between a bore copper and field windings of a dynamoelectric machine
Method and device for improving electrical contact of spring connectors
Module carrier for two modules
Electrical connector assembly with a compact latching device
Floating connector
Electrical connector having latches
Connector with locking member and audible indication of complete locking
Module connector
Plug connector
Cable connector assembly with improved grounding means
Electrical connector assembly with improved shielding structure
Electrical cable connector
Bracket for attaching interior equipment
AC/DC power accommodation method and apparatus for networking/telecommunications devices
Electrical connection mechanism used in a miniature light bulb string
Patch panel assembly
Electrical connector
Programmable buffer circuit
Loudspeaker and process for manufacturing a loudspeaker
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