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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Weed cutter with vacuum
Defensin polynucleotides and methods of use
Plant acyltransferases specific for long-chained, multiply unsaturated fatty acids
Defensin polynucleotides and methods of use
Method and apparatus for monitoring poultry in barns
Method for the eradication of pathogenic microorganisms in an aqueous system
Citrate salt of Rasagiline
Reduced volume formulation of glatiramer acetate and methods of administration
Pyridinyl acetonitriles
Methods for treating a disease in which Rho kinase is involved
Composition comprising a benzodiazepine agonist and a benzodiazepine antagonist
Methods of hormonal treatment utilizing contraceptive regimens with continuous estrogen administration
Pull away vest with detachable shoulders
Communication and/or electrical cord organizer and cover
Scarf zipper
Combined device for treating hair
USB connector cleaner
Two piece drip containing lid
Interface for attaching bed legs to bed base tubes and bed frame angle irons
Minute pressure grill
Autonomously rotating cookware
Fixture use prevention system
Hinge assembly for steam cleaner
Municipal sewer cleaning system
Pigmentary glaucoma iris scraping treatment of the iris
Catheter for the delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
Multiple accounts for health record bank
Cable with spacer for positioning multiple medical sensors
Method of generating a digital supplementary device for dental implant planning
Vascular catheter, system, and method
Electronically controlled artificial intervertebral disc with motor assisted actuation systems
Artificial total lumbar disc for unilateral safe and simple posterior placement in the lumbar spine, and removable bifunctional screw which drives vertical sliding expansile plate expansion, and interplate widening, and angled traction spikes
Method of attaching drug compounds to non-reactive polymer surfaces
Patient lift and coupling therefor
Massaging apparatus for a massage chair
Organoselenium compound for cancer chemoprevention
S1P receptor modulating compounds and use thereof
Heterocyclic compound and anti-malignant-tumor agent containing the same as active ingredient
Indazolyl-substituted pyrroline compounds as kinase inhibitors
Herbal therapy for the treatment of asthma
Anti-inflammatory and anti-HIV compositions and methods of use
Recombinant factor VIII having increased specific activity
Peptides that bind to the erythropoietin receptor
Dipeptides for prevention of muscle breakdown and microbial infection
Structure and method for releasing substance therefrom
Methods and kits for preventing hypoglycemia
Flavivirus fusion inhibitors
Anti-igf-ir antibodies and uses thereof
Immunizing compostion and method for inducing an immune response against the beta-secretase cleavage site of amyloid precursor protein
Composition for medical use having improved water-solubility of peptide and metal-labeling efficiency and preparation for medical use comprising metal-labeled peptide
Gel useful for the delivery of cosmetic active ingredients
Tissue regeneration
Methods for determining effectiveness of waste water tank deodorizers and synthetic waste compositions for use in said methods
Systems and methods for producing a medical device
Supply chain method and apparatus for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path
Endoluminal filter
Syringe assembly
Vestibular stimulation system and method
Systems and methods for patient interactive neural stimulation and/or chemical substance delivery
Cardiac pacing using adjustable atrio-ventricular delays
Hair care product
Exercise vest
Swim fin device
Structure of ball
Sports ball
Golf club head
Preformed lacrosse pocket and packaging for same
Exercise and dance platform apparatus and systems
Doll pair and apparatus for cheerleading stunts
Performing Operations; Transporting
Portable water treatment apparatus and methods
Detection systems and methods
In-drain device for the collection, extraction and diversion of gray water for reuse
Velocity-stack air-filter assembly
Vacuum cleaner
Modular and reconfigurable multi-stage high temperature microreactor cartridge apparatus and system for using same
Mesoporous carbon, method of preparing the same, and fuel cell using the carbon
Low coefficient of thermal expansion bonding system for a high porosity ceramic body and methods of manufacture
Paint roller with an end-surface blocking structure
Method of manufacturing an optical device, a method of manufacturing a color filter and a method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescence device
Dishwasher and method of controlling the same
Die apparatus using immersion cooling
Device and tool for cold expansion of fastener holes
Apparatus and method for clamping sheet-metal components
Apparatus and method of assembling a piston on a shaft over a lip seal
Tooth brush head removal device
Cleaning medium and dry cleaning apparatus using the same
Polishing compound, method for production thereof, and polishing method
Adjustable driving tool
Method for friction compensation in a device with force feedback provided with cable transmission
Method and apparatus for an extruded ceramic biosoluble fiber substrate
Solution casting method for producing polymer film and suction roller used therefor
Polylactic acid molding and process for producing the same
Method for detecting a particle in a nanoimprint lithography system
Method of forming a ladder
Tire building core assembly and disassembly station
Method for forming and aligning chemically mediated dispersion of magnetic nanoparticles in a polymer
Multi-functional layered structure having structural and radiation shielding attributes
Sheet-shaped adhesive and laminate prepared by using the same
Optical element with anti-reflection unit
Tape strip with tab
Nano fabrication method for glass
Handcart caster
Air maintenance tire and connector system
Air cargo rollout stop
Device for removably attaching a battery of a motor vehicle
Immobilizer device and motorcycle including same
Method of determining wheel slippage and engaging a differential lock in a work vehicle
Circulated pneumatic tube transit system
Shifting machine structure
Vehicle traction module and respective terrestrial vehicle
Underwater unmanned vehicle recovery system and method
System and method for fluids transfer between ship and storage tank
System and method for filling a portable liquefied gas storage/delivery system
Method and filling system for filling containers with a filling material composed of at least two components in a volume-and/or amount-controlled manner
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High strength Zr (Hf or Ti)-Ta-B ceramics
Method and apparatus for the recovery of molybdenum from spent catalysts
Method for treatment of effluents using pulsed electric fields and solid/liquid separation
Apparatus and methods for control of waste treatment processes
Silica container and method for producing the same
Optical fiber end processing method and optical fiber end processing apparatus
Moldable and low-temperature cure high-temperature composites
Alpha-beta SiAlON ballistic ceramic armor
Mouldable plastic explosives and inert simulants for mouldable plastic explosives
Method to start a process for producing hydrocarbons from synthesis gas
Antibiotics targeting MreB
Formation of hydroxycarbonyl compounds
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate from acetic acid via ethylene
Sirtuin modulating compounds
Aza-indolyl compounds and methods of use
Fused cyclic systems useful as inhibitors of TEC family protein kinases
Method for forming a laminated window that can exhibit a variable level of adhesion
System for detecting protease
siRNA targeting TIE-2
Method for treating inflammation
Method of improving abrasion resistance of plastic article using nanoparticles and article produced thereby
Polyether-containing copolymer
Filling foam composition, foam filling member, and filling foam
Method for multilayer coatings with self-crosslinking graft polyurethane copolymers, self-crosslinking polyurethanes and graft copolymers thereof
Fluoropolyether adhesive composition
Impact-modified polyamide compounds
Carbon black pigment for electronic paper, dispersion of the pigment, and process for production of the pigment
Liquid composition, ink set, and ink tank for ink jet recording, ink jet recording method, and ink jet recording apparatus
Stable non-aqueous inkjet inks
Surfactant package for well treatment and method using same
Homogenous synthetic mud-to-cement cementing glasses
Use of fluorocarbon surfactants to improve the productivity of gas and gas condensate wells
Process for improving and recuperating waste, heavy and extra heavy hydrocarbons
Detersive compositions containing hydrophobic benefit agents pre-emulsified using sub-micrometer-sized insoluble cationic particles
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Centimeter-scale, integrated diagnostics incubator for biological culturing
Mutant bacterium belonging to the genus Bacillus
Bone cell delivery device
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Cells containing a nanopatch sensor in their membrane
Methods of controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem and progenitor cells
Antibodies to Stra6 polypeptides
Systems for gene expression array analysis
Plasma processing plant
Comparative multidimensional gel electrophoresis
Textiles; Paper
Plasticizing formulation for fluff pulp and plasticized fluff pulp products made therefrom
Fixed Constructions
Snap-in glass block system
Direct mounted photovoltaic device with improved adhesion and method thereof
Floor tile designed for multiple tile images
Drive device for entrance and exit devices comprising a safety coupling
Hole boring tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Centrifugal compressor and dry gas seal system for use in it
Airfoil for a turbine of a gas turbine engine
Arrangement for introducing a liquid medium into exhaust gases from a combustion engine
Hydrocarbon retaining and purging system for flex-fuel combustion engine
Regenerative assisted turbocharger system
System for controlling combustion dynamics and method for operating the same
Fuel injection control device and method for multi-fuel engine
Engine speed control system
Fuel supply equipment
Wind turbine blade tip shapes
Hydraulic control arrangement
Power train of automatic transmission
Gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Drive system for the individual drive of both driven wheels of a driven wheel pair
System for controlling a machine with a continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic control system of automatic transmission for vehicle
Bicycle sprocket assembly having a reinforcement member coupled between sprockets
Thermal solar energy collector
Vacuum storage apparatus with sliding drawers
Dryer tennis shoe sticker
Cartridge magazine loader
Tool for handling a cartridge
Spin stabilized and/ or drag stabilized, blunt impact non-lethal projectile
Dimension measuring apparatus
Measurement system for varus/valgus angles in feet
System, apparatus and method for mapping
Multi-functional sensor and method of sensing
Air-coupled acoustic thermography for in-situ evaluation
Bipolar junction transistor-based uncooled infrared sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Combination ultrasensitive force transducer and grabbing device for force and strain measurement from single cells
Pressure sensor having a connection housing and a sensor housing
Brake tools for inspecting a brake shoe, and related methods
Sample processing devices
Method and device for monitoring integrity of wooden posts
Optical device
Method of determining the pretilt angle in a liquid-crystal cell
CT scanner and method for helical scanning of an examination object which has at least one portion undergoing periodic motion
Analytical tool, analytical tool pack, cartridge including plurality of packs, method of making analytical tool pack, analyzer, and mechanism for taking out object
Method of classifying gene expression strength in lung cancer tissues
Method for controlling light
Phase comparator, phase synchronizing circuit, and phase-comparison control method
Substrate characterization device and method for characterizing a substrate
Method for managing frames in a global-area communications network, corresponding computer-readable storage medium and tunnel endpoint
Method for controlling the establishment of a connection in an optical network
Alarm indication and suppression (AIS) mechanism in an ethernet OAM network
Selective test point for high speed SERDES cores in semiconductor design
Method of displaying nodes and links
Fast common overhead services acquisition for MediaFLO
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for transmission of data over an adjustable synchronous radio channel
Semiconductor integrated circuit device operating frequency determining apparatus, determining method and computer-readable information recording medium
Testing circuit board for preventing tested chip positions from being wrongly positioned
Test components fabricated with large area sensors used for determining the resistance of an MR sensor
Code generation apparatus
GPS system for tracking an object of interest and method for using the same
Gas nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing an under-sampled chirped sinusoidal waveform using a complex-heterodyne
Zoom lens unit, imaging apparatus and portable information terminal device
Viewing optical system and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Method and apparatus to reduce or eliminate stiction and image retention in interferometric modulator devices
Method and system for color optimization in a display
Swing member device, and optical deflector and image-forming apparatus employing the swing member device
Oscillator device, optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
Lens array, LED print head, exposure device, image forming apparatus, and reading apparatus
Multilayered phase difference plate and projector
Virtual electronic switch system
Optical waveguide film and manufacturing method thereof
Imaging unit and electronic device using the same
Transflective liquid crystal display
Transflective liquid crystal display using separate transmissive and reflective liquid crystal cells and materials with single cell gap
Cellulose ester film, production method of the same, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display panel and active matrix substrate thereof
Method and apparatus for expressing amount of camera motion
Jiggle measuring system and jiggle measuring method
Transmission screen
Methods of compensating lens heating, lithographic projection system and photo mask
Camera device
Sputtering target used for production of reflective mask blank for EUV lithography
Photomask having a test pattern that includes separate features for different printed critical dimensions to correlate magnitude and direction of defocus
Positive resist composition and method of forming resist pattern
Immersion topcoat materials with improved performance
Power regulator of multiple integrated marking engines
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus whose image bearing member is rotated by a pulley
Semiconductive belt, semiconductive roll and image forming apparatus using these members
Developing method in imaging-forming device
Image forming apparatus and a method of effectively detecting toner state in the same
Image transfer fixation apparatus and image formation apparatus
Photoconductors containing ketal overcoats
Method for preparing photoreceptor, photoreceptor prepared by the method, and image forming method and apparatus and process cartridge using the photoreceptor
Hydraulic system with coordinated multiple axis control of a machine member
Method for current sensing in switched DC-to-DC converters
Method and apparatus for a high voltage power supply circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device minimizing the total power of both the power supply and the load
Method and apparatus to control a power supply for high efficiency
Voltage control and power factor correction in AC induction motors
Voltage regulator startup method and apparatus
Mounting apparatus for back panel
Standby arrangement for power supplies
Information processing device, program thereof, modular type system operation management system, and component selection method
WPAR halted attack introspection stack execution detection
Internet connectivity evaluation
Command language for memory testing
Heat sink
Packet communication node apparatus for authenticating extension module
Latency aligned volume provisioning methods for interconnected multiple storage controller configuration
Providing a process exclusive access to a page including a memory address to which a lock is granted to the process
Apparatus and method to control access to stored information
System for efficiently handling cryptographic messages containing nonce values
Electric device having a status notification feature of notifying status information to a registered external device and control method of the device
FPGA co-processor for accelerated computation
Configurable processor module accelerator using a programmable logic device
Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
Accessing vended products or services using a wireless device
Accepting an invitation sent to multiple computer systems
Instantaneous symbol lookup
Data communication apparatus and electronic mail data producing method
Web and lotus notes adapter layers
Methods and systems for managing media content
Method for placing composite applications in a federated environment
Server device, inter-server device connection method, program, and recording medium
Method and system for IP link management
Data processing architectures for packet handling wherein batches of data packets of unpredictable size are distributed across processing elements arranged in a SIMD array operable to process different respective packet protocols at once while executing a single common instruction stream
Method and system for filing electronic mails
Combined fast fourier transforms and matrix operations
Automated latent star schema discovery tool
System, method and program product for generating triggers for a relational database
Method and system for separating content identifiers from content reconstitution information in virtual machine images
Method and system for communicating local content over a network
Selective file erasure using metadata modifications
Contents sales method and cyber mall system using such method and storage medium storing therein its contents sales program
Method and apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for transforming overlapping paths in a logical model to their physical equivalent based on transformation rules and limited traceability
Large scale supply planning
Navigation system
Storage system and method for connecting additional storage apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing printer separator pages
Proxy printing system, information processing apparatus, and controlling method
Device and method for semantic analysis of documents by construction of n-ary semantic trees
Dynamic search criteria on a search graph
System and method of delivering RSS content based advertising
Dynamic holds of record dispositions during record management
Device, method, and computer program product for structuring digital-content program
Information processing apparatus and method for solving simultaneous linear equations
Dynamically discovering a system topology
Computer method and apparatus for managing software configurations using change flow hierarchies
Adaptively generating code for a computer program
System and method for generation of synthetic parallel application kernels using tracing information
System, method and program to manage program updates
Reliability evaluation program and reliability evaluation device
Method for simplifying compiler-generated software code
Using constraints in design verification
Method of refactoring methods within an application
iMEM ASCII architecture for executing system operators and processing data operators
LRU cache replacement for a partitioned set associative cache
Dynamic address windowing on a PCI bus
Printing control apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
3D face reconstruction from 2D images
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Methods for recommending a personal care product and tools therefor
Position sensing device
Unauthorized copy preventing device and method thereof, and program
Image processing device, image forming device, image processing method and program
Image processing system and method therefor, image processing apparatus and method, image capturing apparatus and method, program recording medium, and program
Structured document compressing apparatus and method, record medium in which a structured document compressing program is stored, structured document decompressing apparatus and method, record medium in which a structured document decompressing program is stored, and structured document processing system
System and method for airline purchasing program management
Pre-sale data broadcast system and method
Musical contents storage system having server computer and electronic musical devices
Customized communication document creation system and method
Internet-based frequency and award redemption system and method
Geographic loyalty system and method
Method and system for facilitating trading of media space
System, report, and method for generating natural language news-based stories
System and method for supporting a security-trade financing service
Window fan security system
Vehicle identification tag and methods of verifying the validity of a vehicle identification tag
Portable motion-detecting alarm with remote notification
Tracking systems, passive RFIDs, methods of locating and identifying RFIDs, and methods of tracking items
Display system for aircraft
Apparatus for monitoring individual parking positions
Multipurpose LED signal system for pedestrian and traffic control
Scaling-friendly architecture for LED (backlight) drivers to minimize PCB trace lines
Color liquid crystal display panel design
Switch with depth and lateral articulation detection using optical beam
Speech synthesis method, speech synthesis system, and speech synthesis program
Method for processing speech signal data with reverberation filtering
Speech quality assessment method and system
Method and apparatus for head positioning using spiral servo patterns in a disk drive
Method for providing a monolithic shield for a magnetic recording transducer
Disk device employing a CSS system head supporting unit
Storage device
Optical disc apparatus employing an objective lens having a high numerical aperture
Optical disk device
Method and apparatus for determining a recordable position of a writable disk
Reconfigurable magnetic logic device using spin torque
Circuit and method for multiple-level programming, reading, and erasing dual-sided nonvolatile memory cell
Non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device having a floating storage bulk region capable of holding/emitting excessive majority carriers
Semiconductor memory device and driving method thereof
Apparatus for the dynamic detection, selection and deselection of leaking decoupling capacitors
Semiconductor memory device having local sense amplifier with on/off control
Well formation
Composite device
Lamp transformer
Member for push button switch and method of manufacturing the same
Gas cluster ion beam emitting apparatus and method for ionization of gas cluster
X-ray generator
Contamination pinning for auger analysis
Substrate processing apparatus
Device for emitting white-color light
Method and apparatus for fabricating shaped structures and shaped structures including one- , two- or three-dimensional patterns incorporated therein
Reticle set, method for designing a reticle set, exposure monitoring method, inspection method for reticle set and manufacturing method for a semiconductor device
Method of forming, modifying, or repairing a semiconductor device using field-controlled diffusion
Treatment method for surface of substrate, method of fabricating image sensor by using the treatment method, and image sensor fabricated by the same
Structure and method for latchup suppression
Field effect transistor and method of fabricating same
Method of mounting semiconductor chip to circuit substrate using solder bumps and dummy bumps
Functional device-mounted module and a process for producing the same
Formation of a slot in a silicon substrate
Semiconductor device having multiple wiring layers and method of producing the same
Method of making a sidewall-protected metallic pillar on a semiconductor substrate
Layer transfer process and functionally enhanced integrated circuits produced thereby
Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using a cyclic selective epitaxial growth technique and semiconductor devices formed using the same
Method of integrating an air gap structure with a substrate
Corrosion inhibitor additives to prevent semiconductor device bond-pad corrosion during wafer dicing operations
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Cooling device for a light-emitting semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing such a cooling device
Electronic components on trenched substrates and method of forming same
Metal line of semiconductor device without production of high resistance compound due to metal diffusion and method for forming the same
Method for producing a circuit module comprising at least one integrated circuit
Electronic component
ESD device layout for effectively reducing internal circuit area and avoiding ESD and breakdown damage and effectively protecting high voltage IC
Structure for a latchup robust array I/O using through wafer via
Device including resin film
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electron device using oxide semiconductor and method of manufacturing the same
Excitation band-gap tuning of dopant based quantum dots with core-inner shell-outer shell
Thin film transistor and display panel having the same
Flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Optical sensor assemblage and corresponding manufacturing method
SiC crystal and semiconductor device
Quaternary ammonium salt, electrolyte, electrolyte solution and electrochemical device
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light detecting element and method for manufacturing the semiconductor light detecting element
Light emitting device with a non-activated luminescent material
N-type group III nitride semiconductor layered structure
Secondary battery
Apparatus and methods of determination of state of charge in a redox flow battery
Catalyst ink
Structural batteries and components thereof
Reactor including a plurality of substrates to form a reactor main body portion and an envelope portion
Method for operating fuel cell and fuel cell system
Anode loop pressure control in PEM fuel cell system
Fuel cell, method and apparatus for manufacturing fuel cell
Fuel cell
Reflection-type bandpass filter
Electronically scanned array having a transmission line distributed oscillator and switch-mode amplifier
Array antenna with enhanced scanning
Automotive radar using a metamaterial lens
Alignment method for multi-satellite consumer receiver antennas
Method of aligning antenna azimuth
Connector for flexible printed circuit board
Touch-safe socket
Semiconductor light emitting devices with non-epitaxial upper cladding
Spark plug of an internal combustion engine
PON transceiver with a surge protection circuit
Method and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power
Power conversion control device, power conversion control method, and power conversion control program
Demodulation circuit
Reconfigurable interconnect for use in software-defined radio systems
Wide voltage range level shifter with symmetrical switching
Versatile common-mode driver methods and apparatus
Programmable multiple supply regions with switched pass gate level converters
Using a single buffer for multiple I/O standards
Asymmetric sense-amp flip-flop
Real time clock monitoring method and system
Device and method for detecting a timing of an edge of a signal with respect to a predefined edge of a periodic signal
Oscillator device
Low lock time delay locked loops using time cycle suppressor
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
Unequal error protection apparatus, systems, and methods
Memory reduction in DVB-H applications
Network for permutation or de-permutation utilized by channel coding algorithm
Enumerative DC-RLL constrained coding
Magneto-electric-induction conversion system of wireless input device
Mixer topologies having improved second order intermodulation suppression
Mixer-system with gain-blocks and switches
Combined mass storage and subscriber identity module providing information security and apparatus for use therewith
Power supply IC having switching regulator and series regulator
Wireless monitoring of optoelectronic modules and network components
Radio transceiver and radio transmitting method
QLM maximum likelihood demodulation
Method for processing VOD data in mobile station
Impulsive noise suppression scheme in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Apparatus and method for operating a multi-unit storage facility
Mobile communication apparatus, mobile communication system, and power consumption reducing method for use therewith
Method and apparatus for providing line rate netflow statistics gathering
Method and apparatus for wireless transmission of data
Method for elliptic curve scalar multiplication
System for inhibiting texting and similar distractions while driving moving vehicles
Speculative credit data flow control
Circulating switch
System and methods for generic data transparent rules to support quality of service
Configurable central memory buffered packet switch module for use in a PLD
Signal processing system
Distortion compensation apparatus
Digital gain adjustment in a wireless receiver
System and method for user access to a distributed network communication system using persistent identification of subscribers
Time division duplex front end module
Write accessibility for electronic paper
System and method for improved network security
Device and method for using a rotating key and controlling a display in a mobile terminal
Portable device
In-built FM antenna
Communication device
Mobile communication terminal and method of controlling the same
Interactive communication apparatus and connecting method
Telephone system responsive to call control protocol
Support stand, scanner device, and image recording apparatus
Imaging device and imaging method for use in such device
Printed photograph with high capacity encoded audio
Image pickup apparatus and a notification operation control method
Method of operating camera timing module
Method, circuit arrangement and camera for providing electronic scan reversal
Image playback apparatus and method, and program
Image coding control method and device
Magnetic speaker grill
Tinnitus rehabilitation device and method
Area watcher for wireless network
Mobile communication terminal having a radio frequency calibration data recovering function and a method of backing up and restoring calibration data
System, method, and device for routing calls using a distributed mobile architecture
Multi-antenna solution for mobile handset
System and method for reconnecting dropped mobile telephone calls
Enhanced stream layer transmission for mediaFLO mobile multimedia multicast system
System, method, and device for providing communications using a distributed mobile architecture
Apparatus and method capable of improved coexistence of multiple wireless communication techniques
Device for producing steam and cooking appliance
X-ray imaging apparatus
Methods and apparatus for a flexible circuit interposer
Electronic device with support legs
Data processing apparatus and removal recording media
Protective jacket of electrical device
Universal PCB and smart card using the same
Expansion card retention assembly
Resilient fastener and thermal module incorporating the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device and method for cleaning aquarium windows
Yeast artificial chromosomes and their use in the control of gene expression
Spruce budworm antifreeze proteins, genes and method of using same
Use of derivatives of methylene-bis-oxazolidine and compositions obtained thereby
Composition and method for producing lubricating, germicide foam
Herbicidal emulsifiable concentrate
Pyrimidyl oxyphenylacetic acid derivatives
Substituted 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazine and their use as herbicides
1,2,3-thiadiazole derivatives, plant disease controller and method for using the same
Processes for preparing concentrated aqueous liquid biocidal compositions
Method for inhibiting pathogenic fungi and bacteria in plants using Pseudomonas aureofaciens
Method for bleaching tripe using liquid bleaching agents
Egg concentrate product and methods for making and utilizing the same
Method for preparation of deodorized mushroom powder
Method of reducing microbial growth during processing of animal carcasses
Oxidized metallocene-polyolefin waxes
Food comprising thixotropic composition of unsaturated fat and process for manufacture thereof
Low fat spread
Black tea manufacture
Cleanable coating apparatus and method of cleaning the same with hot water
Milk replacer composition and method
Milk replacer without animal fat, for feeding veal calves
Substance originating in germinating seeds of gramineous plant and containing proteins and insoluble dietary fibers and use thereof
Fluid comprising cellulose nanofibrils and its use for oil mining
Uniform country ham slices and process for making the same
Process for producing low de starch hydrolysates by nanofiltration fractionation, products obtained thereby, and use of such products
Dustproof smock for use in a clean room, fabric for use in manufacturing the smock, and method of manufacturing the fabric
Touch fastener with magnetic attractant
Apparatus and method for moving a flow of air and particulate through a vacuum cleaner
System for single-puncture endoscopic surgery
Connection system for electronic endoscope
Device and method for remote vessel ligation
Apparatus and method for positive closure of an internal tissue membrane opening
Stapling method for fastening a first bone segment to a second bone segment
Umbilical cord clamp and cutter
Image guided spinal surgery guide, system, and method for use thereof
Vibrating guidewire
Medical retrieval device with releasable retrieval basket
Bone fixation device
Internal fixation plate
Non-compliant system for delivery of implant material
Preparation instruments
Rectal temperature sensing probe
Surgical retractor and tissue stabilization device
Method and apparatus for the measurement of cardiac output
Urine measuring device
Multilayered wound dressing
Treating traumatic burns or blisters of the skin
Sanitary pad for variable flow management
Feminine hygiene article with upstanding member
Fugitive stent securement means
Fluid delivery system for a balloon catheter
Formulation and method for treating neoplasms by inhalation
Methods, compounds and compositions for treating gout
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Treatment of fibromyalgia with ubiquinone 10 and succinic acid
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions employing desmethylselegiline
Fructosamine oxidase: antagonists and inhibitors
Control of pain with endogenous cannabinoids
Uses of modafinil and its D/L enantiomers
Compounds which interact with the thyroid hormone receptor for the treatment of fibrotic disease
Oxime ethers as IIb/IIa antagonists
Method for treating celiac disease
Methods for modulating bladder function
Phenethylisothiocyanate nutraceutical compositions and methods
Oil-in-water emulsion for encapsulating paclitaxel
Dosage forms containing thioctic acid or solid salts of thioctic acid with improved release and bioavailability
Remedies for motor dysfunction and GAPDH expression inhibitors
Method of treating traumatic brain injury and other neuronal disorders
Method for treating or preventing sleep disorders
Phenylalanine derivatives
4-[3-benzofuranyl]piperidinyl and 4-[3-benzothienyl]piperidinyl derivatives
Antitussive compositions
Method of treating chemical dependency in mammals and a composition therefor
Desmetylolanzapine compositions and methods
Oxetanone derivatives
Method for treating dry eye
Orally deliverable supramolecular complex
Pharmaceutical compositions with antimicrobial activity
Use of carbonic acid for stabilizing or increasing the epidermal ceramide synthesis rate
Ibuprofen and narcotic analgesic compositions
Peroxide/essential oils containing mouthwash compositions and two-part mouthwash systems
Methods for selectively transducing pathologic mammalian cells using a tumor suppressor gene
Interleukin-2 mutein expressed from mammalian cells
Materials and methods for making improved liposome compositions
Human growth hormone to stimulate hematopoiesis and immune reconstitution after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in humans
Method and topical treatment composition for herpesvirus hominis
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of functional dyspepsia and/or irritable bowel syndrome and new use of substances therein
Bioactive shunt
Noninvasive genetic immunization, expression products therefrom and uses thereof
In ovo vaccination against Newcastle Disease
Production and use of IL-6
Methods for treating viral infections
Pharmaceutical composition for angiotensin II-mediated diseases
Acyl deoxyribonucleoside derivatives and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical combination preparation of an inhibitor of the sodium/hydrogen exchanger and a medicament for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Nitroimidazole gel composition
Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
Hybrid polypeptides with enhanced pharmacokinetic properties
Ligand homologues
Preparation of further diagnostic agents
Radiopharmaceutical compositions and matrices and uses thereof
Compositions for making an artificial prosthesis
Self dosing skin preparation
Water-in-oil emulsifier composition
Hair cleansing compositions containing glycine and alanine
Cosmetic composition
Skin treatment cream
External composition for skin comprising sphingoglycolipid
Cosmetic or dermatological composition containing at least one extract of mulberry, at least one extract of skullcap and at least one salicylic acid derivative
High alkaline hair compositions for increased fullness and body
Washing compositions
Method for preparing stable bleached shellac
Formulations for the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux
Lotion compositions utilizing capsaicin
Method for reversing age-related changes in heart muscle cells
Alteration of microbial populations in the gastrointestinal tract
Solid compositions containing glipizide and polyethylene oxide
Film coatings and film coating compositions based on dextrin
Methods for transdermal drug administration
Compositions and methods for treatment of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder with methylphenidate
Biohazardous waste source sterilizer system and processing method
Smooth textured wet-laid absorbent structure
Antibacterial water absorbing composition and method of manufacture
Process for inactivating viruses in blood and blood products
Preparing sterile articles from polymers containing a stabilizer based on a poly(oxyalkylene)
Surgical/medical tubing and containers for use in conveying medical solutions and the like
Blood processing systems and methods with sensors to detect contamination due to presence of cellular components or dilution due to presence of plasma
Starting dialysate composition for use as an initial dialysate in hemo dialysis
Catheter with distal-end engaging means
Multi-dose infusion pump providing minimal flow between doses
Infusion systems for creating microenvironments in a living body
Method and apparatus for recapping single-use hypodermic needles
Magnetic therapeutic penile band device
Cosmetic compositions containing dihydroxyacetone and methods of stabilizing the same
Pulling exerciser
Exercise wheel
Multi-purpose training apparatus
Moving walkway device
Tread exercising machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Permanently radially compressed column
Three phase cyclonic separator
Manufacture for filtering oil
Plant for the distillation of a liquid product
Method and apparatus for the purification of vinyl aromatic compounds
Vacuum cleaner output duct extension
Combination blower wheel and filter cartridge system for HVAC applications
Multiple stage air-intake filter apparatus
Filter element, air cleaner, and methods
Filter arrangement and methods
Method and apparatus for fractional distillation
Gas fractionalization system and associated method
Process and installation for the recovery and/or purification of the nitrous oxide contained in a waste gas
System and method for recovering cooling capacity from a factory exhaust gas
Method for reducing NOx from exhaust gases produced by industrial processes
Apparatus and method for bypassing sulfur dioxide around an aftertreatment device in an exhaust gas aftertreatment system
Exhaust gas treatment catalyst for internal combustion engines with two catalytically active layers on a carrier structure
Zeolite SSZ-47
Method for separating heavy isotopes of hydrogen oxide from water
Seawater pressure-driven desalinization apparatus with gravity-driven brine return
Membrane apparatus with enhanced mass transfer via active mixing
Methods to remove metals from water
Process for the continuous preparation of rubber powders and a device for carrying out the process
Process and apparatus for preparing pigment flush in response to a material property value
Process for the production of vinylaromatic polymers, optionally containing an ethylenically unsaturated nitrile
Method for low temperature preparation of a noble metal alloy
Method for preparing metal cyanide catalysts using silane-functional ligands
Hydrothermal electrolysis method and apparatus
Polymers from vinylic monomer(s) peroxides and amines
Precombustion of halogen-containing compounds in catalyst regeneration processes
Method for cleaning electrofilters and electrofilters with a cleaning device
Centrifuge and container system for treatment of blood and blood components
Glue wheel
Flow controller
Painting apparatus and method
Paste applying method
Method for producing low/medium gloss appearance with UV curable powder coatings
Jet plasma process for deposition of coatings
Variable pressure screening
Methods for treating objects
Resist bowl cleaning
Cleaning method
Apparatus and method for removing and preventing deposits
Method and apparatus for treating the internal surface of a gas bottle
Internal spun hub and method of making same
Tantalum-comprising articles
Phosphate coated iron powder and method for the manufacturing thereof
Methods of manufacturing rotary drill bits
Method for bonding different members and composite members bonded by the method
Machine tool
Compositions and process for the protective treatment of wood
Container stoppers
Basic-medium-soluble packaging material for use in castable cementitious composites
Process for producing a multilayer molded article
Core pulls concentric with ejector pins
Method of making a hidden tear seam in a vehicle body panel
Process of preparing textured fluoropolymer films
Method of making a surfboard
Method and device for multifoaming of expandable plastics
Method of making a dual durometer water shield
Drool control apparatus and method
Film having gas permeability
Method of manufacturing rubber weir main body
Method for bonding wood and other composite materials using an electric current
Method for preparing pre-inked impression members for marking devices
Multi-ply embossed absorbent paper products
Copper alloy and sliding bearing having improved seizure resistance
Inorganic write-once optical recording medium with surface plasmon super-resolution layer
Reflective pad and its pattern formation process
Method for producing a ceramic diaphragm structure
Laminated architectural product with moisture barrier characteristic
Moisture-permeable waterproof fabric, and moisture permeable resin film backed with release paper to be used for the production of the fabric
Breathable film having organic filler
Laminate sheeting for pouches
Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers
Optical recording medium comprising phthalocyanines substituted by bicyclio-alkoxy groups
Noisemaker party favor with removable graphics
Guanidine compound and heat sensitive recording material
Heat sensitive coating, recording material and methods of manufacture
Diazo compound and heat-sensitive recording material
Heat transfer white-image-printing sheet
Ink jet paper coatings containing amine functional monomer grafted poly(vinyl alcohol)
Self adhesive tape and method of fabricating same
Pneumatic tire having a tread containing dicyclopentadiene/beta-pinene resin
Method for manufacturing a trailer hitch assembly
Sheet material
Engine-gearbox assembly, in particular for motorcycles
Methods for manufacturing electronic and electromechanical elements and devices by thin-film deposition and imaging
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Spherical boron nitride process, system and product of manufacture
Method and system for supplying hydrogen for use in fuel cells
Process for producing lithium manganese oxide with spinel structure
Device for sterilizing and filtering water which flows through a sanitary device
Treatment of pulp mill condensate with ozone
Fluid flow system for floating biological contactor
Water purification system and method
Low-temperature calcined glass ceramic and a manufacturing process therefor
High-thermal-expansion glass ceramic sintered product
Method and apparatus for etching coated substrates
Method and composition for bonding components to glass
Crystallizing glaze system
Electrically conductive composition, ceramic electronic component, and method for producing the component
Ferroelectric ceramic material with strong piezoelectric properties and a process of preparing the same
Testing element for the colorimetric determination of oxidizable components in gas mixtures
Amphiphilic polyamide compounds
Ethers of o-desmethyl venlafaxine
Liquid-crystal compounds having large negative value of permittivity anisotropy, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display element
Biphenylamidine derivatives
Stable and high solids aqueous dispersions of blocked polyisocyanates
Peptidyl-2-amino-1-hydroxyalkanesulfonic acid cysteine protease inhibitors
Chemical amplification type positive resist
Selective olefin metathesis of bifunctional or polyfunctional substrates in compressed carbon dioxide as reaction medium
15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid analogs with enhanced metabolic stability and methods of their use in treating dry eye disorders
Process for the purification of (meth) acrylic acid and/or its ester
Copolymer resin, preparation thereof, and photoresist using the same
p-hydroxybenzoic esters, plasticizer containing the same, polyamide resin composition and molded articles
Pyrrolecarbonylimino derivatives as naaladase inhibitors
1-substituted, 2-substituted 1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amines
2-phenyl benzimidazole derivatives as MCP-1 antagonists
Method of inhibiting neoplastic cells with benzimidazole derivatives
Pyridazine compounds and compositions containing the same
Anti-herpesvirus compounds and methods for identifying, making and using same
Stabilization of taxane-containing dispersed systems
Process for the preparation of C-4 deacetyltaxanes
Cyclic esterketone compounds, processes for the synthesis thereof and process for the preparation of poly (esterketone) polymers
6,7-asymmetrically disubstituted quinoxalinecarboxylic acid derivatives, addition salts thereof, and processes for the preparation of both
Pharmaceutical compound comprising a pyrazole derivative and methods of using the same for the treatment of calcium release-activated calcium channel associated diseases
Catechols as antimicrobial agents
Sulfonamide compounds and medicinal use thereof
Stereoisomeric indole compounds, process for the preparation of the same, and use thereof
Sultam and sultone derived oxazolidinones
NPY antagonists: spiroisoquinolinone derivatives
CRF receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Syntheses of new isodethiaazacephems and isodethiaazacephams, and use as potent antibacterial agents
Synthetic analogs of ecteinascidin-743
Polymorphic forms of olanzapine
Method for producing di-organo alkaline-earth compounds
Stabilized oligonucleotides and their use
Feline polynucleotide vaccine formula
Methods of inducing mucosal immunity
Peptides and their use to ameliorate cell death
DNA molecule encoding gonorrhoeal hybrid PIA/PIB protein
Lactoferrin receptor protein
Low-molecular active weight ingredient extract from yeasts and method for producing it
Pichia methanolica glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 2 promoter
Human cornichon molecule
Compositions and methods for identifying apoptosis signaling pathway inhibitors and activators
Human hairless gene and protein
Corticotropin release inhibiting factor and methods of using same
Method for measuring human neurokinin-3 receptor ligand binding
DNA encoding Fas ligand
Seven transmembrane receptors
VEGF-binding KDR polypeptide
Fluorescent and DNA cleavage properties of peptide/dye conjugates
Cartilage resorption assays measuring type II collagen fragments
Tie receptor tyrosine kinase ligand homologues
Non-endocrine animal host cells capable of expressing variant proinsulin and processing the same to form active, mature insulin and methods of culturing such cells
Nucleic acids encoding rat connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) and methods of use
Polysome display in the absence of functional ssrA-RNA
Tumor specific internalizing antigens and methods for targeting therapeutic agents
Genetically modified cells and methods for expressing recombinant heparanase and methods of purifying same
Chromophore containing compounds and their use in determining interleukin-1.beta. convertase activity
Biologically active peptides with reduced toxicity in animals and a method for preparing same
Quantitation of individual protein kinase activity
Molybdenum-based catalyst composition and process for controlling the characteristics of conjugated diene polymers
Process for producing fluoroelastomers
Aqueous polymer dispersion containing an emulsifier with phosphate groups
Process for preparing a water-in-oil emulsion
Composition for baking finish
High performance polyetherester containing laminating resin compositions
Multiphase structured polymer particles, method of manufacturing same, and uses thereof
Alkenyl-containing isobutylene group block copolymer and process for producing it
Ethylene-aromatic vinyl compound copolymer and method for its production
Method for preparation of a liquid polymer composition and use of this composition
Water-absorbing resin and manufacturing method
Stabilized polyether polyol and polyurethane foam obtained therefrom
Flame retardant compositions utilizing amino condensation compounds
Polyurethane reaction system having a blocked catalyst combination
Method for producing and using storage-stable, latent-reactive layers or powders of surface-deactivated, solid polyisocyanates and dispersion polymers with functional groups
Curable composition
Liquid crystalline polyesters compositions containing aromatic phosphonites and a process for the preparation thereof
Sulfonated polyester amine resins
Polycarbonate resin and process for producing the same
Hydrolytically degradable polymers and hydrogels made therefrom
Use of oligomeric iodinated polycarbonates
Synthetic polyamides
Polymide photo alignment film from 3,3',4,4'-benzophenone tetracarboxylic dianhydride and ortho-substituted aromatic diamines for liquid crystal displays
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate having improved adhesion and improved resistance to crack formation
Co-agglomeration of random vinyl substituted aromatic/conjugated diolefin polymer with sulfur to improve homogeneity of polymer/asphalt admixtures
Method for producing solution of polymers functionalized by acid groups by microwave radiation
Synthetic rawhide lace
Coated film
Method for adhering polyolefin materials
Medium density chlorinated polyvinyl chloride foam and process for preparing
Reduced tack compositions useful for the production of reinforcing foams
Blowing agent blends
Polyol composition containing a hydrocarbon blowing agent
Process for improving shelf stability of liquid overbased calcium carboxylates, mixed metal stabilizers containing same, and stabilizing halogen-containing polymers therewith
Crosslinkable organopolysiloxane materials
Tintable water-based coating composition
Fire retarding polypropylene composition
Polyolefins and uses thereof
Styrenic resin composition and semiconductor carrier device
Complexed starch-containing compositions having high mechanical properties
Thermoplastic resin composition based on a combination of polycarbonate and styrenic resins
Medical material containing fluorinated polysulfone having excellent antithrombotic activity
Process for producing carbon blacks
Surface treatments for pigments providing improved dispersibility and exhibiting biocidal activity
Emulsion ink and printing method using emulsion ink
Fabric coating compositions providing excellent resistance to seam combing, particularly for use on automotive airbag fabrics
Method for color matching of powder coating composition
Compositions and method for removing paint from a substrate
Slurry for mechanical polishing (CMP) of metals and use thereof
Process for the preparation of water blocking tapes and their use in cable manufacture
Fischer-Tropsch process
Method of inhibiting the formation of oil and water emulsions
System and method to effectuate and control coker charge heater process fluid temperature
Chromized refractory steel, a process for its production and its uses in anti-coking applications
Compositions containing polyalkene-substituted amine and polyether alcohol
Composition as an additive to create clear stable solutions and microemulsions with a combustible liquid fuel to improve combustion
Production of high BN alkaline earth metal single-aromatic ring hydrocarbyl salicylate-carboxylate
Silicone oils with improved viscosity stability
Method for preparing tall oil
Method of laundering soiled fabrics by non-aqueous detergent formulated to control dye transfer and sudsing in high efficiency washing machines
Method of cleaning a metal surface
Solvent composition
Fine algae culture device
Method of inhibiting binding activity of immunoglobulins
Method to separate cells that have been modified with superparamagnetic particles by ballistic transfer
Artificial mammalian chromosome
Method for selectively purging CD77+ cells from bone marrow or peripheral blood
Methods of identifying agents inhibiting fatty acid transport proteins
Human p101 regulatory polypeptide
Human DNase I variants
Enzymes involved in degradation of branched-chain amino acids
Enzyme containing granule
Process for producing L-ribose
Enzyme detection biosensors
Composition and device for detecting leukocytes in urine
ATM kinase modulation for screening and therapies
Invasive cleavage of nucleic acids
Process for purification of PCR test samples
Sequencing of nucleic acids
Genetic testing for determining the risk of pouchitis development
Method for producing Fe--Ni alloy
High purity tantalum, products containing the same, and methods of making the same
Steel powder for the preparation of sintered products
Sintered alloy having a wear resistance for a valve seat and method of producing the same
Granulated powder for high-density sintered body, method for producing high-density sintered body using the same, and high-density sintered body
High toughness steel and a method for manufacturing the same
Steel material and method for its manufacturing
Magnetic recording media with a surface-oxidized nial sub-seedlayer
Thin film fabrication method and thin film fabrication apparatus
Organometallic compound mixtures in chemical vapor deposition
Dielectric gap fill process that effectively reduces capacitance between narrow metal lines using HDP-CVD
Method of forming metal nitride film by chemical vapor deposition and method of forming metal contact and capacitor of semiconductor device using the same
Methods and apparatus for depositing premetal dielectric layer at sub-atmospheric and high temperature conditions
Situ dielectric stacks
Method for depositing metal and metal oxide films and patterned films
Methods for and products of modification and metallization of oxidizable surfaces, including diamond surfaces, by plasma oxidation
Spraying robot system and spraying method wherein spray conditions are determined by using computer
Electroplating device for electroplating a work by rotation
Silicon wafer
Silicon single crystal wafer having few crystal defects
Method and apparatus for pulling a single crystal
Method for manufacturing group III-V compound semiconductors
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
SAW or LSAW device piezoelectric single crystal wafer and method of making
Textiles; Paper
Polyparaphenylene terephthalamide fiber and method for producing the same
High-purity crystalline inorganic fiber, molded body thereof, and method of production thereof
Method of increasing the causticizing efficiency of alkaline pulping liquor by borate addition
Process for production of chemical pulp from herbaceous plants
Alkenyl succinic anhydride compositons and the use thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Planetary gear transmission apparatus
Variable speed power transmission
Heat setting chamber arrangement and use of same to make textured yarn
Cytological stain composition
Gas sensor
Gas sensor with a high combined resistance to lead wire resistance ratio
Method of screening for specific binding interactions
Methods for concentrating ligands using magnetic particles
Method for treating cancers
Immunoassay of IGF family of peptides, their binding proteins and related molecules in dried whole blood filter paper spots
Cartridge-based analytical instrument using centrifugal force/pressure for metering/transport of fluids
Method and apparatus for controlling a stream of liquid test packages in a capsule chemistry analysis system
Navigation using 3-D detectable pattern
Surface treatment of silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Radiation sensitive composition
Semiconductor magneto-optical material
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Radiographic film material exhibiting increased covering power and ""colder"" blue-black image tone
Substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording material with improved stability and image-tone
Impact resistant photographic element
Photographic element with a layer improving the adhesion to the support base
Photographic element containing improved stabilizer
Image forming method
Multiphase phase shifting mask
Resolution enhancement method for deep quarter micron technology
RIE etch resistant nonchemically amplified resist composition and use thereof
Interconnection forming method utilizing an inorganic antireflection layer
Method of forming photoresist pattern
Process for treating periphery of unexposed photosensitive resin plate
Lithographic projection apparatus
Exposure apparatus with a pulsed laser
System and method for controlling polysilicon feature critical dimension during processing
Glassmastering photoresist read after write method and system
Method of reducing a critical dimension of a patterned photoresist layer
Multilayer organic photoconductor including electrically conductive support having specific index of surface area
Toner, developer and methods for manufacturing toner and developer
Developer compositions and processes
Delivery of polishing agents in a wafer processing system
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic recording apparatus
Amphiphillic lubricants for magnetic media
Ligands for phosphatase binding assay
Method and apparatus for determining the robustness of memory cells to alpha-particle/cosmic ray induced soft errors
Resistor and method of manufacturing the same
Bulk amorphous metal magnetic component
Plasma processing with energy supplied
Externally excited torroidal plasma source
Method for diffusion of an impurity into a semiconductor wafer with high in-plane diffusion uniformity
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Diamond as a polish-stop layer for chemical-mechanical planarization in a damascene process flow
Method of forming and etching a resist protect oxide layer including end-point etch
Method for making a hafnium-based insulating film
Method for improving electrical properties of high dielectric constant films
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of using organic polymer as covering layer for device lightly doped drain structure
High pressure N2 RTA process for TiS2 formation
Electroplating multi-trace circuit board substrates using single tie bar
Self aligned contact plug technology
Method of manufacturing storage electrode in semiconductor device
Method to improve adhesion of organic dielectrics in dual damascene interconnects
Removal of copper oxides from integrated interconnects
Method to fabricate a self aligned source resistor in embedded flash memory applications
Carrier substrate for producing semiconductor device
Suppression of hillock formation in thin aluminum films
Capacitor in an integrated circuit and a method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
Use of dilute steam ambient for improvement of flash devices
Field effect transistor with electrically induced drain and source extensions
Method for fabricating MOSFETS with a recessed self-aligned silicide contact and extended source/drain junctions
Method for a short channel CMOS transistor with small overlay capacitance using in-situ doped spacers with a low dielectric constant
Planarization method for semiconductor device
Modification of the wet characteristics of deposited layers and in-line control
Low temperature hillock suppression method in integrated circuit interconnects
Introducing catalytic and gettering elements with a single mask when manufacturing a thin film semiconductor device
Method for using a low dielectric constant layer as a semiconductor anti-reflective coating
Wiring forming method
Semiconductor device with reduced number of intermediate level interconnection pattern and method of forming the same
Method of forming self-aligned contacts using consumable spacers
Method for forming fine metal patterns by using damascene technique
Method of making a contact structure
Method of fabricating solder bumps with high coplanarity for flip-chip application
Apparatus and method for positioning an object at multiple positions within an enclosure
Method of making chip scale package
Method of forming pad openings and fuse openings
Method of forming poly gate and polycide gate with equal height
Method of forming self-aligned twin wells
Integration process to increase high voltage breakdown performance
Method of fabricating a bit line structure for a semiconductor device
Method of making a non-volatile semiconductor device with reduced program disturbance
Process for 4F2 STC cell having vertical MOSFET and buried-bitline conductor structure
Method for reducing PN junction leakage
Method and device for array threshold voltage control by trapped charge in trench isolation
Semiconductor device and production thereof
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor package
Method and apparatus for implementing selected functionality on an integrated circuit device
Method of forming conductive line features for enhanced reliability of multi-layer ceramic substrates
Method of forming conductive lines
Monolithic inductor with guard rings
Method of manufacturing a copper interconnect
Method for forming a nonvolatile memory with optimum bias condition
Cathode contact structures in organic electroluminescent devices
Process for fabricating a uniform gate oxide of a vertical transistor
CMOS image sensor having enhanced photosensitivity and method for fabricating the same
Manufacturing method of photovoltaic device
PCRAM cell manufacturing
Non-Aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries
Electrochemical cell having venting cover
Alkaline battery separator and process for producing the same
Composite positive electrode material and method for making same
Modified electrode material and its use
Non-sintered nickel electrode for a secondary electro-chemical cell having an alkaline electrolyte
Storage cell in which an electrode has an edge reinforced by a metal strip
Separator for polymeric electrolyte fuel cell having a roughened surface
Fuel cell
Method for producing semiconductor laser module
Emitter array with individually addressable laser diodes
Method of and system for producing and supplying electrical power to an electrical power consuming device using a metal-air fuel cell battery (FCB) module and a supply of metal-fuel cards
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