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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Chamber for slowing particles flowing in a pneumatic conveyor conduit
Method of hormesis for seaweed through irradiation
Pet grooming tool with pivot head and rotatable blade
Remotely operable bait deploying system and associated method
Multiple-use vermin electrocution trap and method
Safety drain holding system
Garment accessory
Adhesive container with tear-away wiper element
Television receiving set
Container equipped on vehicle
Image forming apparatus including supporting legs
Methods and apparatus for assembling a wheel chair
Mounting clip and system for attaching objects to a computer monitor
Adjustable mounting bracket for roller blind
Device and method for preparing a drink from a food substance contained in a capsule
Container for dispensing wipes
Method for evaluating an instrument operating force
Vehicle conversion assembly and method of converting a vehicle
Protective and decorative covering for sports helmets
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter cartridge for a reversible flow filter
Low-profile housing for an impact crushing apparatus
Document disposal apparatus
Timed aerosol fragrance dispenser for forced-air duct installation
Apparatus and method for cleaning a mop
Rotary worktable positioning structure for miter saw
Method and structure for controlled impedance wire bonds using co-dispensing of dielectric spacers
Liquid discharge head manufacturing method
Component mounting apparatus, vibration controlling apparatus, and vibration controlling method
Precision sine vise
Direct drive
Image forming apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus and recording method therefor
Nozzle plate, method of manufacturing nozzle plate, and image forming apparatus
Printer having driven printhead sealing arrangement
Common side insertion keying for phase change ink sticks
Image forming method and apparatus
System and method for evaluating line formation in an ink jet imaging device to normalize print head driving voltages
Dot measurement method and apparatus
Numeric control engraving machine
Framing square
Construction machine
Automotive fuel storage system with in-tank fuel binder system
Method and device for power supply to an electric motor vehicle
Slide/flip-up type seat for automobile
Seat suspension system
Automotive interior bamboo trim structures
Gearshift finisher
System for detecting objects colliding with automotive vehicle
Arrangement of a front hood having an adjusting lever on a vehicle
Overhead transport service vehicle and method
Wheel mechanism
Convertible utility cart
Driving force control device
Upper rotating body and construction machine therewith
Motorcycle air suspension system
Axle lifting device for a vehicle
Bicycle wire holding arrangement
Apparatus for mounting a hub brake to a bicycle frame
Portable boat in nesting sections, with waterproof fabric cover incorporating a stabilizing keel
Rocket combustion chamber with jacket
Automated clippers
Packing box for headphones
Storage container
Personal item organizer
Cap for an aerosol container or a spray container
Loading tray and thin plate container
Shipping carrier
Dynamic singulator
Paper feed tray unit for a printer
Apparatus for transferring sheet
Hall display device for elevator
Escalator or travelator
Gasket for press-on twist-off closure
Distribution assembly intended for contemporaneous distribution of two products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma torch for overcladding an optical fiber preform
Wellbore fluid comprising a base fluid and a particulate bridging agent
Modulated gap segmented antenna for inductively-coupled plasma processing system
Textiles; Paper
Handicraft assisting tool
Fixed Constructions
Toilet flapper ventilation system
System for attaching components to a vehicle
Panel for lift doors
Engagement fitting and manufacturing method of engagement fitting
Hinge mechanism for electronic device
Deep water hurricane valve
Surfactant package for well treatment and method for using same
Method and an apparatus for separation and injection of water from a water- and hydrocarbon-containing outflow down in a production well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Supercharged internal combustion engine
Multi-strand cable attachment hub
Straddle-type four wheeled vehicle
Fetal monitoring transducer aligning device
Bezel-integrated thermal conductors
Recessed lighting fixture
Heat exchanger for a log-burning fireplace
Variable speed compressor motor control for low speed operation
Fully articulated and comprehensive air and fluid distribution, metering, and control method and apparatus for primary movers, heat exchangers, and terminal flow devices
Circulation cooling system of cryogenic cable
Automated drive for fan and refrigerant system
Energy conservation in a self-contained air-conditioning unit
Reheat dehumidification system in variable speed applications
Heat exchanger
Air gun vibration damper and method
Boron carbide component and methods for the manufacture thereof
Quilt template
Interleaver for a turbo encoder in an UMTS and method for performing interleaving
Wheel identifying apparatus and tire inflation pressure detecting apparatus with function of wheel identification
Plastic lens and manufacturing method of plastic lens
Curved lenses configured to decode three-dimensional content on television and computer screens
Optical plate and backlight module using same
One-way transparent display systems
Vane driving device
Manual transmission shifter
Work machine
Method and unit for selectively enabling an input buffer based on an indication of a clock transition
Method and apparatus to modify power requirements for a system
Method and apparatus to enhance processor power management
Method for detecting faults between storage devices and storage devices using the same
System and method for monitoring the performance of a server
Method and apparatus for storing data in flash memory
Memory fence with background lock release
Circuits to generate a sequential index for an input number in a pre-defined list of numbers
Permanent memory block protection in a flash memory device
Automatic learning in a CAM
Dynamic reordering of memory requests
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Pre-fetching and invalidating packet information in a cache memory
Verifying the integrity of a media key block by storing validation data in the validation area of media
Storage subsystem and performance tuning method
Method and system for using dynamic random access memory as cache memory
Multiple physical interfaces in a slot of a storage enclosure to support different storage interconnect architectures
Method for raid striped I/O request generation using a shared scatter gather list
User interface for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
System, method and apparatus for changing output size of an electronically transmitted document
Storage methods and apparatus for streaming media data
Infiniband isolation bridge merged with architecture of an infiniband translation bridge
System and method for providing a web-based operating system
Method and apparatus for robust NAT interoperation with IPSEC'S IKE and ESP tunnel mode
Software apparatus for distributing and providing fault-tolerance to path-vector routing protocols
Computer operation management system
Data server
Data delivery system and sending station therefor
Distributed load balancing for single entry-point systems
Arrangement for aggregating multiple router configurations into a single router configuration
Transmitting streams over asynchronous networks
Computer technique for providing a character mistyping conversion function
Method and system for dynamic font subsetting
Method for creating an embedded database in a spreadsheet
Memory generation and placement
Trial placement system with cloning
Interconnection routing method
Method of locating areas in an image such as a photo mask layout that are sensitive to residual processing effects
Method for co-verifying hardware and software for a semiconductor device
Portal for supplying supplementary information for printed books
Platform-independent distributed user interface server architecture
Apparatus and method for coordinating multiple e-mail accounts
Dynamic network interface with zero-copy frames
System and method of interactive evaluation of a geometric model
Portable information device capable of processing input data from external device and method thereof
Representing an entity as a document using a data source having active properties
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely scheduled and/or multiprocessor operating systems
Virtual method protection
Techniques for binding an application with a data exchange format based on tags in comments
Computer program having an object module and a software project definition module which customize tasks in phases of a project represented by a linked object structure
Method and apparatus for communicating information between lock stepped processors
Weighted and prioritized task scheduler
Deposit beverage container counting device
Value medium processing device for IC coins and monetary coins
Automated banking machine system and method
Structure for quickly installing and removing an optical disk drive
Semiconductor integrated circuit and test method thereof
Circuit arrangement for detecting the state of at least one electrical switch
Error detection and correction circuit
CRC calculation for data with dynamic header
Detection in the presence of media noise
Method of operating a conditional access system for broadcast applications
Method and apparatus for providing a secure-private partition on a hard disk drive of a computer system via IDE controller
Image transmission apparatus, image transmission system, and communication apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Linear ramping digital-to-analog converter for integrated circuit tester
Aerodynamic beam generator for large particles
Position detection apparatus
Epitaxial wafer for infrared light-emitting device and light-emitting device using the same
NROM cell with self-aligned programming and erasure areas
Using a change in doping of poly gate to permit placing both high voltage and low voltage transistors on the same chip
High current semiconductor device package with plastic housing and conductive tab
Electrode for semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Voltage control apparatus of engine generator and control method thereof
Biological system for degrading nitroaromatics in water and soils
Fipple flutes having improved airways
Enclosure for telecommunications equipment
Method and device for determining several parameters of a seated person
Welder with engine power and utility power input
RF active compositions for use in adhesion, bonding and coating
Unique associated Kaposi''s sarcoma virus sequences and uses thereof
Electrical raceway assembly
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew