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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Polyglutamic acid-camptothecin conjugates and methods of preparation
Absorbent article
Indicator on body fluid absorbent article
Body fluid absorbent wearing article
Method for treatment of peripheral inflammation of a loop ileal artificial anus
Bioadhesive progressive hydration tablets
Compounds acting as melanocortin receptor ligands
Use of nitrogen substituted thalidomide analogs for the treatment of macular degenerator
Substituted amino acids as erythropoietin mimetics
Condensed polycyclic compounds
Estrogen-linked platinum (II) complexes as anticancer agents
Rabconnectin-3-binding protein
Peptide transport
Anti-inflammatory peptides
Cross-linked apatite/collagen porous body containing self-organized apatite/collagen composite and its production method
Peptide, novel adsorbent, adsorption unit and adsorption method
Method and apparatus for producing electromagnetic radiation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalysts for selective hydrogenation of alkynes and alkadienes
Laser scanning apparatus and methods for thermal processing
Penetration-resistant material and articles made of the same
Thermal printer and portable-type terminal equipment
Printer and ribbon cartridge
Quality printing method, printing machine, and corresponding printing substance
Exposure apparatus including a controller configured to read electrical signals from an array of photoelectric converters
Safety device for use with vehicles for forcing wearing of seatbelts by a driver and passengers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Saline soluble inorganic fibres
Catalytic transamidation and amide metathesis under moderate conditions
Process for preparing alcohols from olefins by hydroformylation and hydrogenation
Luminous compounds and labeling reagents using the same
Integrated process for the production of bisphenol A from cumene hydroperoxide
Imidazolidinone derivatives
Ionic liquids II
5,6 -Trimethylenepyrimidin-4-one compounds
Heterocyclic compounds and antitumor drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Lactam compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
10-(3-cyclopropylaminomethyl-1-pyrrolidinyl)pyridobenzoxazinecarboxylic acid derivative effective against resistant bacterium
Process for preparing methylchlorosilanes
Pentopyranosyl nucleic acid arrays, and uses thereof
Method for preparation of LNA phosphoramidites
Bioactive peptides and peptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP)
Derivatives of growth hormone and related proteins, and methods of use thereof
Use of heregulin as a growth factor
Starch/carboxylated polymer composites
Water-absorbent resin granule-containing composition and production process for water-absorbent resin granule
Transition metal compound, catalyst for polymerization of olefin, and process for polymerization of ofelin using the catalyst
Group III-B metal catalyst system
Golf ball and process for producing the same
Organosilicon compounds having polyoxyalkylene radicals
High solids emulsions of elastomeric polymers
Structurally viscose clear lacquer slurry
Silicone-acrylate impact modifiers and method for their preparation
Metal oxide sols as nanoscale additives for polymers
Resin composition for a battery case for secondary battery
Environmentally friendly, actinic radiation curable coating compositions for coating thermoplastic olefin objects and methods, processes and assemblages for coating thereof
Dishwasher detergent with improved protection against glass corrosion
Male tissue-preferred regulatory sequences of Ms45 gene and method of using same
Compositions isolated from forage grasses and methods for their use
Compositions and methods for altering tocotrienol content
Textiles; Paper
Multilayer nonwovens incorporating differential cross-sections
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electrical machine with double-sided rotor
Electrical machine with double-sided lamination stack
Electrical machine with double-sided stator
Control system for hybrid powertrain
Low cost squib driver for airbag application
Phase-preserving amplifier for a stellar interferometer
EUV energy detection
Composite structures, such as coated wiring assemblies, having integral fiber optic-based condition detectors and systems which employ the same
Spectrometer incorporating signal matched filtering
Automatic particle analyzing system
Method for characterizing defects on semiconductor wafers
Excitation and imaging of fluorescent arrays
Techniques for wafer prealignment and sensing edge position
Scanning electron microscope
High-sensitivity measuring instrument and method of using the instrument to measure a characteristic value at a point in time
Multiwavelength readhead for use in the determination of analytes in body fluids
Method and apparatus for compensating amplifier output for temperature and process variations
Consumable product and device for identifying the same
Enhanced phase and frequency detector that improves performance in the presence of a failing clock
Method and apparatus for detecting individuals using electrical field sensors
Method of detecting defects in TFT-arrays and a TFT-array testing system incorporating the same
Apparatus and method for determining the status of an electric power cable
Method and apparatus for providing PCB layout for probe card
Input buffer with automatic switching point adjustment circuitry, and synchronous dram device including same
IC transfer device
Anti-personnel airborne radar application
Shared circuitry for GPS and local area network systems
Ventriloqual jamming using a towed transmission line
Sparse numerical array feed for compact antenna and RCS ranges
Method and apparatus to improve an MRI image using regularization
Fused and sealed connector system for permanent reservoir monitoring and production control
Reservoir management system and method
High-power well logging method and apparatus
Zoom lens and electronic imaging system using the same
Parallax barrier and multiple view display
Light scanning optical system, image projection apparatus, and image display system
Device for deflecting optical beams
Optical scanning device and imaging apparatus implementing the same
Optical-scanning microscope apparatus
Narrow-band spectral filter and the use thereof
Method and system for correction of intrinsic birefringence in UV microlithography
Projection objective having adjacently mounted aspheric lens surfaces
Projection objective for microlithography
Radiation absorption in electro-optical devices
Back light assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
Movement method, exposure method and exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Scanning exposure apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and device manufacturing method
Spatial light modulator, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and method
Biometric safeguard method with a fob
Pre-heating system usable with image forming device based on behavior profile of user and a method thereof
Dual controlled output voltage, anti-saturation, auto-transformer circuit methodology
Lock for LCD panel of electronic device
Image forming apparatus and terminal device connected to network
System for carrying out jobs on documents
Image forming device management system and method
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program readable by computer
Information processing apparatus and method with asynchronous reception of an output job and updatable resource data
Data processing method in network system connected with image processing apparatus
Internet delivery of digitized photographs
Dither volume for cell location
Image forming apparatus capable of adjusting paper ejection tray height
Dynamic tree-node property page extensions
System and method for spatio-temporal guidepoint modeling
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional parallax drawing
System, methods and computer program products for monitoring transport containers
Wide-area intruder detection and tracking network
Power tool level indicator
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Semiconductor display device and method of driving the same
LCD power source control method and control circuit thereof and image forming apparatus having the control circuit
Computer keyboard and cursor control system with keyboard map switching system
3D stereo browser for the internet
Apparatus and method for multi-resolution color mapping for display devices
Keyboard for musical instrument
Magazine-based data cartridge library
Vertically-oriented servo track writer and method
Load/unload system and method for maximizing disk writeable area
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus
Tunnel valve free layer stabilization system and method using additional current in lead
Information recording apparatus
High bandwidth large stroke spin-stand
Disk drive that stores time varying characteristics thereof with data from a host device and associated methods
Head actuator
Slider with recessed pressurization surfaces
Magnetic head slider
Ferroelectric memory
Flat-cell read-only memory
Data cable with cross-twist cabled core profile
Surface mounting chip network component
Negative temperature coefficient attenuator
Bobbin module of transformer
Wire wound choke coil
Niobium capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Fluted anode with improved capacitance and capacitor comprising same
Door switch assembly for washing machine and dryer
Circuit breaker
Unevenly illuminated keyboard
Display device, hermetic container, and method for manufacturing hermetic container
Surface light source device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Moving object detecting system and moving object detecting method
Nitride semiconductor growth method, nitride semiconductor substrate, and nitride semiconductor device
Chemical mechanical polishing stopper film, process for producing the same, and method of chemical mechanical polishing
Method for reducing amine based contaminants
Methods and apparatuses for electrochemical-mechanical polishing
Methods of forming openings, and methods of forming container capacitors
Using acoustic energy including two lasers to activate implanted species
Anodic bonding method and electronic device having anodic bonding structure
Methods of fabricating transistors in semiconductor devices
Method of forming self-aligned poly for embedded flash
Method for making a transistor on a SiGe/SOI substrate
Method of tuning threshold voltages of interdiffusible structures
Method of making a semiconductor device that has copper damascene interconnects with enhanced electromigration reliability
Conductive material patterning methods
Method of assembling soldered packages utilizing selective solder deposition by self-assembly of nano-sized solder particles
CVD plasma assisted lower dielectric constant SICOH film
CMOS device with metal and silicide gate electrodes and a method for making it
Semiconductor package security features using thermochromatic inks and three-dimensional identification coding
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor chip and semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Electronic device, method of manufacture of the same, and sputtering target
Rewiring substrate strip with a number of semiconductor component positions
Low triggering N MOS transistor for ESD protection working under fully silicided process without silicide blocks
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for pixel signal binning and interpolation in column circuits of a sensor circuit
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Semiconductor fuse box and method for fabricating the same
Light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
Light emitting device with a micro-reflection structure carrier
Epitaxial structure of gallium nitride series semiconductor device utilizing two buffer layers
Hybrid circuit and electronic device using same
Semiconductor arrangement with a p-n transition and method for the production of a semiconductor arrangement
Self-aligned inner gate recess channel transistor and method of forming the same
Thin film transistor with plural channels and corresponding plural overlapping electrodes
Memory device
Stacked semiconductor radiation sensors having color component and infrared sensing capability
Feed through structure for optical semiconductor package
Control apparatus for vibration type actuator
Method of making an electrode for a membrane electrode assembly and method of making the membrane electrode assembly
Built-in whip antenna for a portable radio device
Large aperture rectenna based on planar lens structures
Techniques for distributing current in a backplane assembly and methods for making the same
Broadband Raman amplifier
Optical performance monitoring using a semiconductor optical amplifier
Unified power control method of double-ended inverter drive systems for hybrid vehicles
Method to prevent midrange resonance during operation of a multi-phase step motor
Adapting operational amplifier frequency response respective to closed loop gain
Variable gain amplifier with direct current offset correction
Integrated circuit delay chains
Method and apparatus for selectably providing single-ended and differential signaling with controllable impedance and transition time
Encoder and decoder circuits for dynamic bus
Dynamic circuit
Integrated bus hold and pull-up resistor
Wideband spread spectrum clock
Nonlinear filter
Transmission line driver for controlling slew rate and methods thereof
Compensating method for a PLL circuit that functions according to the two-point principle, and PLL circuit provided with a compensating device
Delay locked loop in semiconductor memory device and locking method thereof
Phase locked loop circuit with a tunable oscillator and an independent frequency converter and frequency counter
Scheme and method for testing Analog-to-Digital converters
Digital equalization apparatus
Audio apparatus for processing voice and audio signals
Prioritized list of potential culled satellite ephemeris information for quick, accurate assisted locating satellite location determination
Optical device
Automatic deinterlacing and inverse telecine
Composite system capable of switching between separate power sources
Image pickup device for still and motion images
System for enhancing video
Image processing system, image processing method, image upload system, storage medium, and image upload server
Camera system, control method thereof, device manufacturing apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Image pickup apparatus having an exposure control circuit
Digital camera and method of changing data processing sequence used for the same
Video apparatus, notably video decoder, and process for memory control in such an apparatus
Automatic brightness limitation for avoiding video signal clipping
Watermarking of digital image data
Flexible dielectric electronic substrate and method for making same
Method and semi-product for producing a chip card with a coil
Printed circuit board having cooling means incorporated therein
Cable arranging structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Traffic information device
Provision of telecommunications control program data pursuant to preliminary data exchange between system elements
Cordless telephone arrangement
Radiotelephone handset
Pulse oximetry sensor adapter
Method and apparatus for a color scannerless range imaging system
Connector unit, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Low cost process multicolor image reproduction machine
Wireless control system for periodic noise sources
System and method for controlling a conference call
Automated DNA array segmentation and analysis
Table-based compression with embedded coding
Detector and screening device for ion channels
Electric fumigation device
Method and apparatus for wireless communications employing control for broadcast transmission
Data transmission method by polling and terminal apparatus for use in the method
Subsystem and method for combining spread-spectrum multipath signals
Digital channelizer having efficient architecture for cyclic shifting and method of operation thereof
Pedometer capable of keeping user interested in exercise
Method for reading data from a non-volatile memory device with autodetect burst mode reading and corresponding reading circuit
System and method for preventing noise cross contamination between embedded DRAM and system chip
Spin dependent tunneling memory
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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