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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Automatic header lateral tilt to ground speed response
Non-binding cutterhead for cutting aquatic vegetation
Encasement devices and methods for planting mangroves
Device and method for growing vegetation
Element protection system
Composite footwear insole, and method of manufacturing same
Bifurcation stent crimping systems and methods
Method to track three-dimensional target motion with a dynamical multi-leaf collimator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Bending method
Continuous manufacturing process for metal-plastic hybrid heat exchanger
Aligning device and bonding apparatus
Shiftable transfer apparatus for transferring workpiece to press
Hydrostatic transmission device for a heavy vehicle
Adapter for fixing a windscreen wiper blade to an arm
Fixed Constructions
Automatic control and battery power supply
Modular bicycle gutter
Movable building
Garage door lock
Emergency egress assembly embedded in a vehicle door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydrocarbon retaining system and method
Exhaust heat recovery device
Micro reaction turbine with integrated combustion chamber and rotor
Mechanical energy storage method and device
Supersonic cooling system
Composition for enhancing evaporation of solution and method thereof
Condenser and cooling device
Density measurement with gamma backscattering
Method for optimizing the distribution of sensor resources
Inspection vehicle for a turbine disk
Device and method for assessing the safety of systems and for obtaining safety in system, and corresponding computer program
Measuring instrument for the detection and evaluation of an impact
Engraved gemstone viewer
Method for analyzing and representing x-ray projection images and x-ray examination unit
Finding usable portion of sigmoid curve
Method and apparatus for resolver compensation
Collision detection device
Imaging apparatus including multiple optical systems
Cytological imaging systems and methods
Contrast with fast response light source
Microelectromechanical modulation device and microelectromechanical modulation device array, and image forming apparatus
Backlight unit and method of manufacturing a polarization film employed in the same
Optical fiber termination apparatus and methods for using the same
Cable trough cover
Self-aligning optical connector systems and methods
Modular all-optical cross-connect
Light receiving apparatus
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Method and apparatus for coping with condition in which subject is too close to digital imaging device for acceptable focus
Micro camera module with discrete manual focal positions
Platen unit for a disposable camera having a printer
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optical apparatus
Profile creation for texture simulation with clear toner
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with position changing developing devices
Image forming apparatus, developing unit, and computer system
Synchronous duplex printing systems with intermediate transfer members
Soft contact portion flicker bar assembly and a toner image reproduction machine including same
Printer or copier with a refrigerator for generation of cold
Holographic recording medium
Vehicle-borne electronic control device
Methods to test multimedia devices on computer systems
Electronic device, failure prediction method, and computer product
External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
Method and apparatus for testing communication software
Monitoring detection and removal of malfunctioning devices from an arbitrated loop
Using a call stack hash to record the state of a process
Method and device for interleaving and method and device for de-interleaving
Systems and methods for managing error dependencies
System for measuring the effect of an ADSL splitter
Buffered writes and memory page control
Storage system and storage system data migration method
System and method for identifying third party copy devices
Network switch architecture for processing packets independent of media type of connected ports
Storage system with DMA controller which controls multiplex communication protocol
Techniques for printer-side network cluster printing
Selective preview and proofing of documents or layouts containing variable data
System and method for storage and retrieval of arbitrary content and application data
Method and system for host device event synchronization
System and method utilizing test notifications
Method, system, and apparatus for presenting forms and publishing form data
System having interfaces, switch, and memory bridge for CC-NUMA operation
Apparatus for monitoring the status of multiple laundry appliances
System and method for compiling documents and tracking technology changes in a semiconductor manufacturing environment using a document generation engine
Dynamic properties of documents and the use of these properties
Method, computer program product and device to process a document data stream
Voice notification system for a vehicle
Document classification program, vector transformation program, lexical-distortion cancellation program, document classification method, and document classification apparatus
Apparatus and methods for pronunciation lexicon compression
Generating and monitoring a multimedia database
File storage service system, file management device, file management method, ID denotative NAS server and file reading method
Extensible method for obtaining a record of data backup activity (and errors) and converting same into a canonical format
Apparatus and method for protecting system data on computer hard-disk
Standard cell library, method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit pattern, and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for calculating voltage drop
Method and device of analyzing crosstalk effects in an electronic device
Process and means for block-based modeling
Timing variation aware compilation
Vehicle control system for traversing obstacles
High load operation in a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Dynamic substitution of USB data for on-the-fly encryption/decryption
Methods and systems for abstraction of logical editing operations
Systems and methods for interfacing with computer devices
Direction-based system and method of generating commands
Associative hash partitioning using pseudo-random number generator
Wiring diagram with wire colors
Associative search engine
Common interface to access catalog information from heterogeneous databases
Dynamic document and template previews
Method and apparatus for predicting belt separation failure in aging tires by computer simulation
Deceleration control apparatus and method for a vehicle
Document customization for transparent execution on a client and a server
Playback control methods and arrangements for a DVD player
Static detection of a datarace condition for multithreaded object-oriented applications
Algorithm for controlling half toning process
Method and apparatus for processing print jobs via parallel spooling and despooling operations
System and method for inspecting errors on a wafer
Reorganization of raw image data for processing
Method and apparatus for dimensionally transforming an image without a line buffer
Infrared face detection and recognition system
Method for producing a composite image by processing source images to align reference points
Image blurring
Image processing apparatus and method
Finger identification apparatus
System and method for using agent-based distributed reasoning to manage a computer network
Computer-usable medium for providing automatic sales support
Computer-usable medium for providing automatic sales support
Method for facilitating ordering of garments
Method and system for manipulation of cost information in a distributed virtual enterprise
Real-time point-of-sale change-of-address processing
Method and system for facilitating the anonymous purchase of goods and services from an e-commerce website
Method and system for providing automated audible backchannel responses
Voice control system substituting the oppositely-working command in a pair if the recognized command is not selectable for the given system state
Recording method, reproduction method, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, and information recording medium
Storage apparatus and control method therefor
Estimation and control of head fly height
Servo writing a disk drive from a number of spiral tracks equal to a non-integer multiple of product servo wedges
Acceleration feed-forward correction enabled or disabled based on track follow loop signals
Hook and loop device applied to control shock and vibration of critical components
Method of demagnetizing magnetic recording medium and apparatus for carrying out same
Recording and/or reproducing methods and apparatuses
Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording transducer
Method of recording control information on a recording medium, and apparatus thereof
Circuits for improving read and write margins in multi-port SRAMS
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of writing data into the same
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
Apparatus and method for reducing the leakage current of memory cells in the energy-saving mode
Semiconductor memory device realizing high-speed access
Partial erase verify
Multilayer electronic component
X-ray tube for high dose rates, method of generating high dose rates with X-ray tubes and a method of producing corresponding X-ray devices
Residual current devices
Rectifier without active switches
DC-DC converter with switchable capacitors
Drive circuit for a switch in a switching converter
Equalization of transmit diversity space-time coded signals
Decision feedback transceiver for multichannel communication system
RF receivers and methods therefor
Radio card having independent antenna interface supporting antenna diversity
Wideband digital radio with transmit modulation cancellation
Transcoding system using encoding history information
Image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, image communications system and coded bit stream converting apparatus
Image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, image communications system and coded bit stream converting apparatus
Noncontact information carrier reader and method of reading information stored in a noncontact information carrier
Method and apparatus for finger placement in rake receiver
System and method for transmission of low rate data
Method and device for medium-redundant operation of a terminal in a network
Transmission/Reception apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
Wavelength-division-multiplexing passive optical network utilizing fiber fault detectors and/or wavelength tracking components
Methods and devices for synchronizing the timing of logic cards in a packet switching system without data loss
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network with DTMF
Empirical scheduling of network packets using coarse and fine testing periods
LAN/ATM switch having local packet switching and an ATM core fabric
System and method of defining a modified UPSR SONET network including sub-tending rings
Apparatus and method for forwarding encapsulated data packets on a network having multiple links between nodes
Switch data transform to IMS process
Optimization technique for layered modulation
Manchester code delta detector
Reduced bitstream candidate based receiver and received signal processing method
Symbol timing search algorithm
Organization-based content rights management and systems, structures, and methods therefor
Methods for point compression for jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
System and method for computer storage security
Secure multiple application card system and process
Key transport tamper protection
Communication Device
Method and apparatus of detection of inter-carrier looping
Integrated ACD and IVR scripting for call center tracking of calls
Callback when not engaged by means of automated redialling in communication networks
Disposable telephone numbers
Telecommunications network system and method
Image reading apparatus and transmitting original illuminating apparatus
Receiving apparatus, method therefor, signal processing apparatus, method therefor and memory medium
Communication system and communication terminal apparatus
Network system comprising access points
System and method for communicating over a wireless time-division duplex channel
Method and apparatus for performing neighbor tracking in a wireless local area network
Bandwidth allocation method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric component
Portable sound system, apparatus, and method
Correction method for solid-state detectors and solid-state detector
Modules for a measuring device and measuring device
Cooling device for interface card
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Storage tray
Light source device
Head coil for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Battery system and method of determining battery condition
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system of sorting a plurality of received articles having varying size and shape
Laser ablation cleaning
Semiconductor package and method for producing heat-radiating substrate for it
Convection type brazing apparatus for metal workpieces
Plasma MIG welding with plasma torch and MIG torch
Method for manufacturing a metallic tubular assembly
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Laser piercing method
Method and system for laser welding of two or more overlapped metal sheets, and sheet clamping device used in this method
Self-diagnosis type welding carriage control system for automatically controlling welding conditions and implementing oscillation motion
System and method for tire pressure monitoring including automatic tire location recognition
Device and method for extending the lifetime of a battery in a tire pressure sensor
Method of controlling a motor and a power supply apparatus
Instrument cluster for motor vehicles with variable-color display
Auto leveling apparatus of vehicle headlamp
Vehicle backup monitoring and alarm system
Replaceable led modules
Motor vehicle brake light system
Brake light system for a vehicle
Vehicle safety monitoring system for viewing blind spots
Vehicle mirror assembly communicating wirelessly with vehicle accessories and occupants
Sensor device for a motor vehicle
Electric junction box for vehicle
Safety back-up sensor for a vehicle
Sensor arrangement
Vehicle occupant proximity seat sensor
Vehicle occupant proximity sensor
Vehicle tracking unit providing theft alert notifications and related methods
System and method for controlling the interior temperature of a vehicle
System and a method for locating a rail vehicle at points along a rail track equipped with beacons and an antenna adapted to be fitted to the system
Electrical steering system
Submarine mast autonomous controller and method
Structural monitoring system for helicopter rotor components
System and method for flight mode annunciators
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Colored filter for use in xenon lamp or halogen lamp and method of assembling same
Control system for a power converter and method of controlling operation of a power converter
Apparatus and processes suitable for tire degradation
Vacuum and gas tight enclosure for induction heating system
Local electrochemical deplating of alignment mark regions of semiconductor wafers
Structure and method for fabricating epitaxial semiconductor on insulator (SOI) structures and devices utilizing the formation of a compliant substrate for materials used to form same
Fixed Constructions
Casing mounted sensors, actuators and generators
Flux orientation locating in a drilling system
Reservoir management system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Decorative lighting apparatus
Lamp and fan thermal control by directed air flow
Silicon oxide contamination shedding sensor
Electric stove to cook food, and the like
Warming apparatus
Method and apparatus for inspecting blow molded containers
Accurate rotor position sensor and method using magnet and sensors mounted adjacent to the magnet and motor
Navigation apparatus and intersection guidance method
Aircraft flat panel display system
Position transducer
Magnetic rotation angle sensor
Control apparatus having a pulse induction position sensor
Arrangement for angular measurement
Proximity detector
Signal-processing circuit for a differential voltage, especially for a magnetoinductive flowmeter
Auto feedback and photo attenuation structure of vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Electronic balance which is easily assembled, maintained, downsized and improved with respect to weighing performance, and method for manufacturing the same
Single-hand held diagnostic display unit
Systems for detecting and measuring inclusions
Probe device for apparatus for monitoring corrosion of a material
Image reader with DC-coupled integration circuit
Particle-optical inspection device especially for semiconductor wafers
Spatially resolved spin resonance detection
Micro-electronic bond degradation sensor and method of manufacture
Sensor having an electric coil and giant magnetoresistor for detecting defects in a component
Position sensor assembly utilizing magnetic field variations
Magnetic wheel speed sensor having one-piece pole and magnetic flux concentrator
Method and device for measuring the phase shift between a periodic signal and an output signal at an output of an electronic component
Circuit design for liquid property sensor
Electromagnetic radiation monitor
Apparatus and method for detection and measurement of environmental parameters
Apparatus and methods for measuring noise in a device
Automated system for estimating ring oscillator reliability and testing AC response and method of operation thereof
Configuration for identifying contact faults during the testing of integrated circuits
Apparatus for testing reliability of interconnection in integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for identifying state-dependent, defect-related leakage currents in memory circuits
Circuit and method for determining the operating point of a semiconductor device
Scan flip-flop and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for testing an integrated circuit having an output-to-output relative signal
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Device location and identification system
System and method for communicating with dormant radio frequency identification tags
Method and apparatus for monitoring a powered vent opening with a multifaceted sensor system
System for and method of wide searching for targets in a marine environment
Detection of submicron scale cracks and other surface anomalies using positron emission tomography
Passive, active and semi-active cancellation of borehole effects for well logging
Obstacle detection sensor using synchronous detection
Light path deviation detecting apparatus and confocal microscope
Method for fabricating an optical transmitting subassembly
Laminated lead frame, and optical communication module and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-optical device and method of driving and manufacturing the same
Mechanical convergence device
Electromagnetic alignment and scanning apparatus
Method of and apparatus for displaying measured quantity, recording medium, and program
Precision positioning tilt device
Integrated control of a system
Servo-control devices, in particular for an aircraft flight control actuator
Alarm system having improved communication
Switchgear cabinet monitoring arrangement
System and method for implementing soft power up
Power sequencing and ramp rate control circuit
Circuit of substantially constant transconductance
Current reference apparatus
Current source
Clock circuit for a microprocessor
System and method for compensating for supply voltage induced clock delay mismatches
Power savings in a voltage supply controlled according to a work capability operating mode of an integrated circuit
Particulate detection and air advice provision
Programmable logic device including multipliers and configurations thereof to reduce resource utilization
Differential amplifiers with increased input ranges
Inventory system using articles with RFID tags
Wireless identification device, RFID device with push-on/push off switch, and method of manufacturing wireless identification device
RFID tag with bridge circuit assembly and methods of use
Electronic identification tag
Capacitive fingerprint sensor with protective coating containing a conductive suspension
Object carriers for an object control and tracking system
Home security administration platform
Wireless monitoring and identification using spatially inhomogeneous structures
Electronic article surveillance markers for recorded media
Surround surveillance system for mobile body, and mobile body, car, and train using the same
Emergency alarm system using pull-station with camera
Tagging device
Fire alarm system
Personal alarm device transmitting telephone number for alarm confirmation and inquiry
Signaling device for annunciating a status of a monitored person or object
Warning system
Enhanced visibility traffic signal
Automatic setting of variable speed limit
Electro-mechanical transducer suitable for tactile display and article conveyance
Sequenced audio help label
Method of driving a display device
Method of generating optimal pattern of light emission and method of measuring contour noise and method of selecting gray scale for plasma display panel
Suppression of vertical crosstalk in a plasma display panel
Driving circuit for a plasma display panel and method thereof
Method for driving plasma display panel with display discharge pulses having different power levels
Active matrix display
Electro-luminescence panel
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Fuse circuit utilizing high voltage transistors
Mask ROM and method for manufacturing the same
Method and circuit for adjusting the timing of output data based on an operational mode of output drivers
Protection of electrical devices with voltage variable materials
Magnetic sticking sheet and method of producing same
Inductance element for power capacitor assembly
Internal support for superconductor windings
Inhibitor switch
Rocker switch for one two-stage actuating stroke
Relay, in particular for a starting device
Methods and apparatus for transferring electrical power
Load tap changer with direct drive and brake
Hand-held control device
Electron emitting device, electron source, image forming apparatus, and method for manufacturing them
Magnetron for microwave ovens
Electron beam emitting apparatus with potential defining region and image-forming apparatus having the same
Electron gun for CRT
Flat CRT panel
Reflective edge field-emission pixel and associated display
Travelling field for packaging ion beams
High-pressure discharge lamp and method of fabricating same
Dielectric layer for discharge lamps and corresponding production method
Methods and semiconductor devices with wiring layer fill structures to improve planarization uniformity
Capacitor structures with recessed hemispherical grain silicon
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor raised source-drain structure
Semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising photoresist over silicon nitride materials
Reduced diffusion of a mobile specie from a metal oxide ceramic
Process for producing thin film semiconductor device and laser irradiation apparatus
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device formed in a semiconductor layer provided on an insulating film
Super-junction semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device having RESURF layer
Semiconductor device having a thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with power supplying unit between a semiconductor chip and a supporting substrate
Thin microelectronic substrates and methods of manufacture
Container capacitor structure and method of formation thereof
Semiconductor device with an active region and plural dummy regions
Semiconductor chip, wiring board and manufacturing process thereof as well as semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having low and high breakdown voltage transistors
Method of fabricating dual threshold voltage n-channel and p-channel MOSFETS with a single extra masked implant operation
Static type semiconductor memory device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with an air gap formed using a photosensitive material
Copper transition layer for improving copper interconnection reliability
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device having silicon on insulator and fabricating method therefor
Semiconductor-on-insulator circuit with multiple work functions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Multichip module having chips mounted on upper and under surfaces of a thin film closing an opening formed in a rigid substrate
Intergrated circuit chip package with reduced parameter offsets
Ball grid array chip packages having improved testing and stacking characteristics
Interconnect structure for electronic devices
Packaging of integrated circuits and vertical integration
Semiconductor chip package having a leadframe with a footprint of about the same size as the chip
High density wire bonding pads for semiconductor package
Semiconductor memory module having double-sided stacked memory chip layout
Semiconductor device having radiation structure and method for manufacturing semiconductor device having radiation structure
Self-passivating Cu laser fuse
Electroless deposition of doped noble metals and noble metal alloys
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor apparatus having a charge pump circuit
Semiconductor device formed by cascade-connecting a plurality of diodes
Display devices
Semiconductor component and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor structure with substantially etched nitride defects protruding therefrom
Field effect transistors, field effect transistor assemblies, and integrated circuitry
Optical integrated circuit element package and process for making the same
Replacing layers of an intergate dielectric layer with high-K material for improved scalability
Lateral semiconductor component in thin-film SOI technology
Semiconductor devices having a field effect transistor and a bi-polar transistor
Power SiC devices having raised guard rings
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Lateral semiconductor device
Semiconductor device of SOI structure
Junction field-effect transistor with more highly doped connecting region
Semiconductor construction with buried island region and contact region
Wavelength selective detector
Semiconductor photodetection device
Optical sensor by using tunneling diode
Nitride semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Structure of a light emitting diode and method of making the same
Semiconductor light emitting element
Semiconductor light-emitting element
Contact structure for group III-V semiconductor devices and method of producing the same
Electric accumulator batteries
Device for converting circularly oscillating electromagnetic radiation beams into linearly oscillating radiation beams
Communications antenna structure
Antenna system
Ceramic-embedded micro-electromagnetic device and method of fabrication thereof
Small antenna
Vehicular traffic sensor
Variable quasioptical wave plate system and methods of making and using
Air circuit breaker
Hybrid gas insulation switchgear apparatus
Self-powered apparatus and method for optically detecting arcing faults in electric power systems in the presence of other light sources
Energy distribution, especially to elements of a motorvehicle air-conditioning device
Power supply apparatus
Load driving apparatus
Power supply system for a motor vehicle having a low-voltage onboard power supply and having a higher-voltage onboard power supply
Integrated uninterruptible power supply enclosure
Boost structures for switched-capacitor systems
Voltage generation circuits and methods of operating same that use charge sharing to increase voltage step-up
Charge pump configuration having closed-loop control
Voltage booster with increased voltage boost using two pumping capacitors
Switch mode power stage
Modulation of a digital input signal using a digital signal modulator and signal splitting
Programmable power supply
AC current detecting device for inverter apparatus and AC current detecting method therefor
Multi-mode motor controller chip set
Power failure tolerant motor drives for dual voltage systems
Controller and associated system and method for pulse-width-modulation switching noise reduction by voltage control
Method and arrangement for generating cyclic pulses
Single-ended differential circuit using complementary devices
Signal processing circuit for floating signal sources using positive feedback
Level-shift circuits and related methods
Adjustable gain control system and method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling an audio signal level
Variable gain low-noise amplifier and method
Apparatus and method for a fast bandwidth switching circuit in a power amplifier control circuit
Compact lumped element ring balun layout
Film bulk acoustic resonator with improved lateral mode suppression
Surface acoustic wave apparatus using filters with overlapped propagation paths and communications unit
Coding and decoding system for wireless telecommunication
Start-up circuit
SPDT switch and communication unit using the same
Dynamic swing voltage adjustment
Low power dynamic logic gate with full voltage swing and two phase operation
Apparatus for an optimized high speed comparator
Input/output buffer capable of supporting a multiple of transmission logic buses
Low-voltage current mode logic circuits and methods
Buffer interface architecture
Current mode device and an arrangement
Multiple supply-voltage zipper CMOS logic family with low active leakage power dissipation
Re-programmable logic array
Interconnection network for a field programmable gate array
Floor planning for programmable gate array having embedded fixed logic circuitry
Distributed RAM in a logic array
Method and circuit for a current controlled oscillator
Method and system for improving speed in a flip-flop
Ultra high speed flip-flop
Differential latch and applications thereof
Open input sense for differential receiver
Comparator circuit and infrared signal receiving apparatus
Delay locked loop DLL in semiconductor device
Delay lock loop having a variable voltage regulator
Method and system for low power, low jitter, wide range, self-adaptive multi-frequency phase locked loop
Frequency synthesizer with three mode loop filter charging
Fractional-N synthesizer with improved noise performance
Digital-to-analog conversion circuitry incorporating a simplified testing circuit
Multi-channel bit-serial analog-to-digital converter with reduced channel circuitry
Digital tuning scheme for continuous-time sigma delta modulation
D/A converter and delta-sigma D/A converter
Mixed technology MEMS/BiCMOS LC bandpass sigma-delta for direct RF sampling
Decoding circuit, code conversion circuit and method
Multi-byte Lempel-Ziv 1(LZ1) decompression
Method and apparatus for measuring a measuring signal and reflected measuring signal
Interspersed training for turbo coded modulation
Visually displaying status information in an electronic signaling system
Apparatus, and an associated method, for detecting digital data using MLSE detection with a dynamically-sized trellis
Data transmission system, particularly in a motor vehicle, and data transmission method
Current mode analog signal multiplexing bus and a method thereof
Dynamic offset correction in detector arrays
Image communication terminal, image communication system, and mobile station
Method of controlling quality of communication among a plurality of clients over a network
Cooking hob with discrete distributed heating elements
Electroluminescent driver circuit
Brightness compensation for LED lighting based on ambient temperature
Thermal protector mounting bracket and improved thermally-protected ballast
Ballast for a discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for generating a flash or a series of flashes from a multiparameter light
Remote control of electronic light ballast and other devices
Apparatus for driving a discharge lamp
Control system for microwave powered ultraviolet light sources
Microwave heating apparatus and method of heating objects
Portable microwave oven
Multi-coil induction plasma torch for solid state power supply
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