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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Floatable plant growth system and a floatation tray for use with the system
Artificial fishing lure with mechanical hook assembly
Window sticker for attracting and destroying insects
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Parenteral formulations of elacytarabine derivatives
Method to control insects resistant to common insecticides
Rock inhibitors
2-aldoximino-5-fluoropyrimidine derivatives
6-(sulfonylaryl)pyrido[2,3-D]pyrimidin-7(8H)-ones for the treatment of CNS disorders
Use of derivatives of (1-cyanocyclopropyl)phenylphosphinic acid, esters thereof and/or salts thereof for enhancing tolerance in plants to abiotic stress
Use of WF10 for treating allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis
Natural preservative alternatives and compositions containing same
Transportation device with star wheels
Sneeze catching method and apparatus
Interchangeable earring and necklace kits and methods for their storage and use
Hair spoon
Back cream therapy dispenser
Hairbrush, comb and makeup brush cleaning device
Wall mount cabinet assembly
Pivoting swing seat with control system
Attaching device for end of spring
Inductively coupled product positioning system
Shelving system and components
Sliding-carriage garment hanger
Apparatus for cooking
Method of operating a coffee maker
Methods and apparatus for deploying ureteral stents
Bladed/bladeless obturator for use in a surgical trocar assembly
Medical probes for the treatment of blood vessels
Optical apparatus for retinal photography
Intravascular contrast agents
Wound measuring device and system
Ultrasonic cellular tissue screening system
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, diagnostic imaging apparatus, and program
Fluid application device and method
Method of a pharmaceutical delivery system for use within a joint
Systems and methods for treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes
Induced draft anti fog device for goggles
Support harness
Therapeutic micro-vibration device
Topical compositions for treatment of skin conditions
Taxane and abeo-taxane analogs
Compounds and methods of use thereof
VEGF inhibition
Medicinal compositions comprising buprenorphine and naltrexone
Salts and polymorphs of dexrabeprazole
Biaryl amide derivatives
Aryl sulfamide and sulfamate derivatives as RORc modulators
Treatment of hepatitis C virus
Alkyl amides as HIV attachment inhibitors
Pyridopyrazine derivatives and their use
Substituted pyridazine derivatives
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods
mTOR selective kinase inhibitors
Skin external preparation containing triterpenic acid
Linoleic phospholipids and uses thereof for inhibiting inflammatory and neurodegenerative processes
Method of treating hemorrhoids using macrocyclic lactone compound
Solid composition containing a hypothiocyanite salt
PEGylated mutated clostridium botulinum toxin
Methods of treating a disease or condition associated with abnormal angiogenesis
Method of regulating proliferation and differentiation of keratinocyes
Genetically modified TFPI and method of treating coagulation using the same
Recombinant polyprotein vaccines for the treatment and diagnosis of leishmaniasis
Transcutaneous immunization without heterologous adjuvant
Orally disintegrating pharmaceutical composition comprising diclofenac
Pharmaceutical composition for delivery of receptor tyrosine kinase inhibiting (RTKi) compounds to the eye
HIV vif mutants
Oil-based composition
Hybrid hydrogel scaffold compositions and methods of use
Tablet and pestle therefor
Low-permeability, laser-activated drug delivery device
Stable oral benzimidazole compositions and process of preparation thereof
Pellet formulation for the treatment of the intestinal tract
Dissolvable dietary supplement strip and methods for using the same
Syringe infusion pump
Method for estimating leaks from ventilator circuits
Gas mist pressure bath device
Method for treating cell degeneration using at least one molecule capable of inhibiting adhesion molecule expression and vascular endothelium actin fibre polymerization
Cosmetic heat treatment method using a structuring agent
Electronic incense and electronic burning using same
Electronic censer
Real-time exercise coaching system
Iron golf club and method for manufacturing the same
Batting sleeve sensor systems
Snowboard training device
Building elements with sonic actuation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Treatment systems for fluids
Electrically heated catalyst
Spiral wound module including membrane sheet with capillary channels
Micro chamber
Method and apparatus for hydrogen production and carbon dioxide recovery
Comminution of waste and other materials
Magnetic separator
Image forming apparatus and liquid application device
Method of repairing color filter and pre-repair material used thereby
Oxide compounds as a coating composition
Fiber-reinforced heat-resistant sound-absorbing material and process for producing the same
Apparatus and method for sorting flat material from waste material
Readily cleanable water storage system and method
Apparatus for turning steel products
Material surface modification using friction stir welding hybrid process
Additives for grain fragmentation in Pb-free Sn-based solder
High temperature brazing fixture and method of manufacture
Method for manufacturing beam, and beam
Tool for removing pins from a gas turbine casing
Method for repairing or reconditioning a badly damaged component, in particular from the hot gas region of a gas turbine
Radiator repair jig
Robot hand and robot
Duct wrap dispenser
Movable saw apparatus and method
Multi-layer container
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor package
Method and apparatus for plasma decomposition of methane and other hydrocarbons
Reactive polymer-supported porous film for battery separator, method for producing the porous film, method for producing battery using the porous film, and electrode/porous film assembly
Method of manufacturing a composite element
Amorphous patterns comprising elongate protrusions for use with web materials
Device for placing histological and biological samples
Sheet cutting device and printer
Thin film forming apparatus, thin film forming method, electro-mechanical transducer element, liquid ejecting head, and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image processor and image processing method having correcting unit performing correction based on correction parameters
Composite light guide plate manufacturing method
Variable lug insert for wheel opening
Pneumatic tire
Trailer hitch systems and methods
Vehicle suspension transverse link
Air heater for a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle seat
Motorhome with onboard touring car, elevator, and crew cabin
Mixed braking device with optimized control
Reducing and/or harvesting drag energy from transport vehicles, including for chemical reactors, and associated systems and methods
Rail vehicle with laterally soft connection of the wagon body to the running gear
Lightweight dolly assembly
Steering device
Retractable air deflection apparatus for reduction of vehicular air drag
Expansible bicycle cargo racks
Two-piece stiffening element
Powdered drink mix dispensing assembly
Laundry hampers and sorters with accessible front loading regions
Small volume container
Safety device for containers holding fluid under pressure
Flat screen dust cover
Split case system for display containers
Electronic cigarette case
Hypodermic needle containment system
Separators for unitized loads
Apparatus for reducing downtime in web processes
Web rewinding apparatus
Apparatus and method for calculating registration error of a rotary die
Precision wind synthetic elastomeric fiber and method for same
Method for operating printer web medium supply
Centrally-holed paper roll with reinforcing element and method of manufacturing said roll
Cable winding device
Elevator system
Small volume container
Manufacture of rebuilt mattresses and foundations
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for reprocessing CO.sub.2 containing exhaust gases
Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mixture having a compressive strength of at least 25 MPa at 28 days of age
Engineered soilless plant culitvation medium
Method and system for liquid phase reactions using high shear
Synthesis of trivalent flexible frameworks with ligands comprising catechol units for functionalizing surfaces
Production of methanol and ethanol from CO or CO.sub.2
Extended release preparation
Pyrazole synthesis by coupling of carboxylic acid derivatives and enamines
Multifunctional small molecules
Process for the production of sitagliptin
Palladium phosphine complexes for the telomerization of butadiene
Ribonucleic acid interference molecules of Arabidopsis thaliana
Compositions for the treatment or prophylaxis of viral infections
TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof, analogs and bioactive fragments
Process for preparing polystyrene having a high melt flow rate
Process for the preparation of an aqueous polymer dispersion
Fluorine-containing elastomer blend
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion and process for preparing the same
Powder coating composition
Silicone resin film, method of preparing same, and nanomaterial-filled silicone composition
Swellable material using soy spent flakes
Siloxane compositions
Method of preparing encapsulated pigment dispersions which include polyurethane dispersions
Heat transfer compositions
Recovery and separation of crude oil and water from emulsions
Thermally conductive silicone grease composition
Method of cleaning copper material surfaces in ultra large scale integrated circuits after polishing the same
Method for producing lipase powder compositions
HDAC4 nucleic acid administration to treat retinal disease
Method of generating gene mosaics
Analyzing semaphorin7a (Sema7A) levels for assessing cancer metastatic potential and methods of treatment
Multi-antigen vectors of melanoma
Mammalian cell culture medium
Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage repair
Bacillus host cell
Efficient astaxanthin production strains derived from Haematococcus pluvialis
Methods to increase and harvest desired metabolite production in algae
DOT1 histone methyltransferases as a target for identifying therapeutic agents for leukemia
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of CD45 gene
Methods and apparatus for point-of-care nucleic acid amplification and detection
Near full-genome assay of HCV drug resistance
Hydrometallurgical plant of nickel laterite ore and operation method thereof
Dual hexagonal shaped plasma source
Method and device for coating substrates from the vapor phase
Micro-device on glass
Textiles; Paper
Size-covered composite yarns and method for making same
X weave of composite material and method of weaving thereof
Washer drain system and method
Modifier for polyester fiber as well as preparation method and application of the same
Fixed Constructions
Pavement slabs with sliding dowels
Cornerbead structure
Above ground tornado resistant structure from tire wall building blocks
Mini-wall parapet for roof edging or coping
Composite I-beam member
Hidden down spout system
Rooftop snow stop apparatus
System and method of assembling structural solar panels
Door leveling apparatus and methods of use
Tower structure
Tower structure
Connector device for a foldable tent
Lockout cabinet
Push-out screen frame
Apparatus and method of handling rod-shaped components
Method of use of a quick connect liner latch system for use with oil well production liner insertion with wire line
Milling drum tool holder
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotor blade for a gas turbine
Thermodynamic cycle
Positive control (desmodromic) valve systems for internal combustion engines
Control valve comprising an integrated filter and cam shaft phase setter comprising said control valve
Exhaust system having a flow rotation element and method for operation of an exhaust system
Reciprocating piston engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method for cooling exhaust gases from energy units
Control device for internal combustion engine
Carburetor system for outdoor power equipment
Deployment device and system for hydrokinetic energy converter turbine
Wave activated power generation system with the rack and pinion mechanism
Method and apparatus for converting ocean wave energy into electricity
Staged cluster winder generator system
Fuel pump
Self-energizing disc brake and brake pad for the same
Heat-dissipating device for hydraulic brake system
Customizable brake monitoring system
Centrifugal-pendulum vibration absorbing device
Vibration damper
Dial recliner
Power tool
Rotation adjusting mechanism and adjusting machine using the same
Transmission assembly including brake
Hydraulic valve device
Insert for pipe assembly and method for forming pipe assembly
Security mounting pole apparatus and method of use
Light bulb shaped lamp and lighting apparatus
Vehicle lamp system
Method of forming sealed enclosure
Light emitting element adjusting and fixing structure, optical scanner, and image forming apparatus
Self-generating lighting shower head
Energy efficient concentric illuminators for illuminating a sheet
Retrofit reflector for a fixture
Light guide plate having uniform light emission and backlight module including same
Irradiation device
Substrate treatment installation with adjustable thermal insulation for controlling substrate temperature
Module for use in data hall infrastructure system
Oil free falling film heat exchanger
Fabric temperature estimation for a laundry dryer
Dewatering machine for umbrella
Spring loaded rifle
Firearm recoil modifying device
Ported weapon silencer with spiral diffuser
System and method for modular turret extension
Reactive target with point of impact feedback
Extensible torpedo
Vortex flowmeter and associated fiber duct
Device and method for measuring the temperature of a wall in a vessel preform
Multiphoton-excited measuring device
Dielectrokinetic chromatography devices
Lab on a chip
Methods and compositions for inhibiting the growth of hematopoietic malignant cells
Methods of detection of coccidioides species in bodily fluid
Carbohydrate chip for detection of pathogen Vibrio cholerae and method of preparing the same
Method for measuring the force of interaction in a scanning probe microscope
Circuit board assembly having optical transceiver for signal transmission
Optical plug and related optical signal coupling assembly
Light emitting device and super-luminescent diode having layer with first, second, and third waveguides
Pedal device
Medication calculator and recorder
Aggregation-based phishing site detection
Method and system for aggregating algorithms for detecting linked interactive network connections
Method and system for identifying program module functionality needed by a computer when disconnected from a network
Systems and method for providing information to a recipient of a physical mail object
Method and system for online mobile gaming
Over approximation of integrated circuit based clock gating logic
System for building binary decision diagrams efficiently in a structural network representation of a digital circuit
Method and apparatus for performing path-level skew optimization and analysis for a logic design
Firewall propagation
Computer system and method of updating authentication information of computer system
Method of securing access to IP LANs
Method for electronic data and signature collection, and system
Message system and method
Device and method for displaying images according to wireless reception degree
Method for verifying the authentication of a manager application in a telecommunications management network operating system by means of a network element and network element suitable therefor
Contents player, program, and method
Retail point-of-transaction systems, program products, and related methods to provide a customized set of identification data to facilitate a retail transaction using electronic coupons
Annotating graphs to allow quick loading and analysis of very large graphs
System, method and computer program product for checking a software entity
Doorbell mechanism using protection domains
Apparatus and method for managing firmware of removable media device
Virtual machine monitor management from a management service processor in the host processing platform
Siebel SPF template file update utility
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Creating multiple and cascading business interpretations from raw application data using transformation layering
Dynamically profiling consumption of CPU time in Java methods with respect to method line numbers while executing in a Java virtual machine
Accelerating high-level bounded model checking
Method and apparatus for assigning fractional processing nodes to work in a stream-oriented computer system
Lock sequencing to reorder and grant lock requests from multiple program threads
Method and apparatus for preserving the context of tasks during task switching in a pipeline architecture
Electronic product information display system
Method for providing mobile service using code-pattern
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Reflective display including an integral motion sensing switch
Flat stock device to attach a printed display and a flag therewith to a fence
Municipal meter ticket display
One touch drum tuning system
Enhancing music
Plasma arc torch positioning apparatus
Low pressure lamp using non-mercury materials
Light emitting device, electronic equipment and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Capping coating for 3D integration applications
Semiconductor wafer bonding incorporating electrical and optical interconnects
Silicon substrates with doped surface contacts formed from doped silicon inks and corresponding processes
Semiconductor device
In-situ photoresist strip during plasma etching of active hard mask
Floating gate device with oxygen scavenging element
Middle of-line borderless contact structure and method of forming
Method for manufacturing stretchable thin film transistor
Method of forming semiconductor device with a contact plug formed by chemical mechanical polishing
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device including a stacked body comprising pluralities of first and second metallic conductive layers
Backside metal ground plane with improved metal adhesion and design structures
Dual epitaxial integration for FinFETS
Electronic device cooling with microjet impingement and method of assembly
Semiconductor element cooling structure
Leadless multi-chip module structure
Electrical fuse structure and method of fabricating same
eFuse and method of fabrication
Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Solid-state image pickup device, method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and electronic apparatus
Double diffused drain metal oxide semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device including asymmetric lightly doped drain (LDD) region, related method and design structure
Silicon nitride gate encapsulation by implantation
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus for manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Magnetic tunnel junction devices having magnetic layers formed on composite, obliquely deposited seed layers
High efficiency multijunction II-VI photovoltaic solar cells
Photovoltaic device
Stilbene derivative, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device
Battery electrolyte level detector apparatus
Negative electrode for non-aqueous secondary battery and non-aqueous secondary battery
Fuel cell system and method for recovering performance of a fuel cell
Connection member, socket module, socket and method for manufacturing connection member
Shielding device for preventing water flowing into electronic device
Power supply module
Rotatable connector device
Quick connector system luminiary fitting
Method of manufacturing a wiring module
Copper core combustion cup for pre-chamber spark plug
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Stator core and spindle motor including the same
Sectionalized electromechanical machines having low torque ripple and low cogging torque characteristics
Method for fabricating an induction rotor
DC field gradient motor
Rotating electrical machine
Electronic switch control system and electronic switch drive method
Network connection system, network connection method, and switch used therefor
Data communications system and data communications method
State saver/restorer for a geospatial decision management system
Method for selective display of television programmes
Broadcasting signal receiver apparatus provided with controller for controlling demodulation mode, and apparatus for controlling demodulation mode
Method and system for uneven distribution of data
Multimedia streaming service system and method
Food tray
Method of moulding
Thermal warp compensation IC package
Expired Patents Due To Time
Drag-brake deployment method and apparatus for range error correction of spinning, gun-launched artillery projectiles
Flexible rotatable handle for transmitting tension, compression and torque forces
Mould for molten magnesium and method of producing magnesium ingots
Fence panel
Document sheet separator and optical document reader
Sealing arrangement
Two-piece side frame assembly for small wheelchairs
Water gun with removable pre-pressurizable cartridge
Valve for aerosol container
Bicycle carrier adapted to be mounted on the back of a vehicle
Defectively joined portion removal apparatus for use in a continuous hot rolling process
Hand-held WWW access device with GUI-based www browser program integrated with bar code symbol reader for automatically accessing and displaying HTML-encoded documents by reading bar code symbols
Field marking system
Vehicle hood apparatus
Tube end closure
Elevator system with counter-rotating drive sheaves
Magnetic adjustable loading wheel for an exercise apparatus
Human Necessities
Apparatus for high pressure pumping or homogenizing liquids
Device for dividing dough
Method and apparatus for manufacturing 100% edible lollipop
Nursing bra device
Spoon underwire
Cartridge type feeding container
Convertible backpack chair
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Adjustable seat covers for high or low back seats
Folding chair with lumbar support and flexible back support
Compact transportable folding chair
Adjustable support and retention device for interchangeable furnishings and/or equipment
Arthroscopy organizer system
Ergonomic systems and methods for operating computers
Prefabricated components for dental appliances
Dental light controller and concentrator
Dentist's forceps
Vertically collapsible mobile chair with fixed tilting movement
Lock top canister bag and method of manufacture
Short motion swim fin
Snow board with collapsible ski poles and holders for same
Game apparatus
Methods and systems for joints useable in toys
Bath toy with thermally erasable drawing surface
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for mixing and degassing a flowable mass
Hydraulic energy recovery device
Dynamic mixing apparatus for the production of liquid compositions
Arm structure for an injecting molding machine
Process for drilling at least two holes in a two-step cycle
Cutting tools for drilling concrete, aggregate, masonry or the like materials
Tool and method for the cutting machining of a workpiece
Thread milling tool having helical flutes
Method and apparatus for mitigating vibration associated with rotary cutting machine
Apparatus for machining, especially drilling of structural shapes
Method of metering fluid polishing agents and metering apparatus for same
Wafer polishing machine
Method for polishing disk shaped workpieces and device for carrying out the method
Fluid dispensing fixed abrasive polishing pad
Bow compensated lapping
Generation of an airstream with subliminable solid particles
Multi-pad apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization
Gas bolt heater
Cutting method
Injection apparatus
Ejector pin with pressure sensor
Extrusion die system with balanced flow passage
Multiple in-line parison control
Hydraulic system for tire curing press
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Field programmable print control
Ink jetting apparatus with fins
Electrostatic attraction type ink jetting apparatus and a method for manufacturing the same
Ink jet head for non-impact printer
Non-wetting protective layer for ink jet print heads
Ink-jet printhead and manufacturing process
Coating of printhead nozzle plate
Flushing controller incorporated in ink-jet recording apparatus, and flushing control method for the same
Liquid supply method, system, ink container, cartridge and replenishing container and head cartridge usable with system
Ink cartridge for ink jet printer and method of making the ink cartridge
Ink cartridge and ink jet printer
Method and apparatus for specifying ink volume in a multichamber ink container
Peak-valley finder process for scanned optical relative displacement measurements
Automated ink-jet printhead alignment system
Method of energy control in printing with transfer ribbon and direct thermo material in thermo-printers
Magnetographic printing process
Bi-axial staggered printing array
Nestable binder ring assembly
Fluid coupling for dual wheels
Laterally extensible sun shield
Roof for a vehicle
Vehicle roof
Seat fitted with seating sensor, seating detector and air bag device
Removable seat for automobile
Vehicle seat having a seat face element and adjustable backrest element
Seat recliner and floor latch with interlock
Mobile vending assembly
Transformer trailer
Level floor room extension
Mechanism for synchronizing and controlling multiple actuators of a slide out room of mobile living quarters
Vehicular lamp having improved reflector tilting device
Light emitting diode mounting structure
Lamp for motor vehicles
Wide body for an off the highway truck
Cargo net for passenger vehicle
Driver side air bag
Passenger side air bag module
Inflatable knee bolster cover
Brake cylinder pressure control apparatus with controller for controlling pressurizing device based on operating state of pressure control valve device
System and method for adaptive brake application and initial skid detection
Control valve for a hydraulic control unit
Pedal travel limitation in electro-hydraulic (EHB) braking systems
Folding collapsible golf cart
Shock absorbing type steering apparatus and a structure for mounting to an automobile body the steering apparatus
System for alternately operating steering and offset mechanisms of compacting vehicle
Self-supporting, confined space entry mobile unit
Mobile container for goods transport by road
Spherical mounting arrangement
Vehicle seat, a skin material for a vehicle seat and a method of manufacturing the vehicle seat
Reversible inflatable personal flotation device
Small-sized boat
Exhaust system for engine powering a watercraft
Gear shift mechanism for marine outboard motor drive unit
Pump with positive displacement
Bag with card retainer
Tank with backfill deflectors
Vacuum lifter
Bulk material conveying system and ejector therefor
Vacuum system for particulate materials and an improved ejector device therefor
Telescoping ramp comprised of modular units
Sheet feeding apparatus employing air streams as handling media
Camera crane arm with balancing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Controlled solid fuel thermolysis in preheater/precalciner kilns
Method of determining the magnesium content in molten aluminum alloys
Microdevice having interior cavity with high aspect ratio surface features and associated methods of manufacture and use
Textiles; Paper
Locking apparatus, for example, for household device doors
Fixed Constructions
Aggregate material spreading mechanism
Manually operable retractable bollard
Earth structure and method for constructing with supports having rearwardly located portions
Containerized vehicle storage system
Illuminated pad lock
Vehicle overcenter latch assembly
Safety door stopper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Steam turbine
Turbine housing
Bowed nozzle vane with selective TBC
Pressure adjusting device for engine cooling system
Arrangement for outboard motor
Cavity vertical turbine
Dual stage compressor
Fluid operated pump
Hydraulic motor with brake assembly
Scroll type fluid machine having different wrap side surface clearances
Increased capacity valving plates for a hydraulic motor
Scroll compressor with dampening bushing
Dry gas seal contamination prevention system
Impeller of a blower having air-guiding ribs with geometrical configurations
Cross flow fan of an air conditioner
Molten metal pump with metal-transfer conduit molten metal pump
Pump with integral pilot operated priority pressure regulating valve
Kinetic pressure fluid bearing apparatus
Bearing and method for manufacturing the same
Sealed rolling bearing with centrifugal feature
Device for the anchorage of an axle
Security seal and lock
Bolt for conveyor belt fastener
Phase controlled sequential gripping tube fitting
Hole plug
Tailcap and bulb holder for a flashlight
Fastening device for projector lamp
Surface light source device of side light type
Oxygen-fuel pilot with integral ignition
Apparatus for infrared pyrometer calibration in a thermal processing system
Color projector
Fiber optic connector and its manufacturing method
Sunglasses with readily detachable lens
Mirror-reflex camera
Projection display device and remote controller
Projector capable of easily replacing and efficiently cooling light source
Locking cartridge for conveniently locking very thin connector with near-zero inductance onto PC board
System and method for creating star-shaped figures
Ornamental display toy
Weld reinforcement
Coupling structure for mounting core of flyback transformer
Method of preparing film of carbon nano-tube and film of carbon nano-tube prepared thereby
Substrate arranging apparatus and method
Robotic gripping device for gripping an object having a handle on an upper surface
Hermetically sealed optical-semiconductor container and optical-semiconductor module
Surface-mount type emitting diode and method of manufacturing same
Battery-connecting plate, method of producing same and wire protector
Combined stacking and right angle electrical connector
Flexible printed circuit connector
Phono-type plug with an insulating element having a strain relief extension for supporting a wire
Electric extension cord
Terminal having retaining piece for holding terminal in housing
Connector and electronic component
Electrical connector
Apparatus for interlocking stacked computer modules
Shielded multiple electrical connector assembly
High density patching system
Connector engaging/disengaging device having carrier plates carrying cable connectors moved by the use of sliders
Electric connector
Medical connector system and method of use
Method for mounting a connector on a panel and a connector assembly
Audio jack having securely retained contacts therein
Modular connector
Miniature light bulb socket with engaging mechanism
CRT receiving socket having insulation rib and monitor having the same
Electrical connector for mounting on a printed circuit board and including a terminal tail aligner
Chained terminals and method for forming such chained terminals
Compact branch connector for at least one branch neutral cable into a main neutral cable and simultaneous grounding
Cabinet mounting structure
Clamping spring ring
Projection type display apparatus
Printed wiring board for connecting to pins
Inter-card connection between adjacently positioned expansion cards
Circuit board side interconnect
Circuit board support clip
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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