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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal instrumentation
Degradable identification component
Fishing lure
Glove and method for manufacturing the same
Brush head for one time use
Housing for receiving electrotechnical components
Device for maintaining window coverings or vertically hanging flexible panels
Drain cover and associated methods
Bare back scrubber
Suction attachment for a vacuum cleaner
Wearable physiological acoustic sensor
Medicament dispenser
Performing Operations; Transporting
Desalinating process
Dishwasher pump and filtration system
Method for manufacturing a foam core heat exchanger
Method for manufacturing an ink-jet head
Box spring stapler apparatus
Hammer with mallet head and measuring handle
Aircraft tire with improved high speed properties
Method for function monitoring and/or control of a cooling system, and a corresponding cooling system
Anchor comprising a shank
Personal watercraft with pivotable seat
Automatic shutoff refueling receiver
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of fabricating dual hole glass ferrules
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for hydroentangling a web made of a fibrous cellulose product, and a web of this type
System and method for reducing jet streaks in hydroentangled fibers
Embroidered emblem for securing to a first fabric
Fixed Constructions
Hydrostatic drive system
Flexible sheet materials for tensioned structures, a method of making such materials, and tensioned false ceilings comprising such materials
Break away grille
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection apparatus and fuel injection control method for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to control fuel injection
Gas fuel supply system
Free piston vacuum producing apparatus
Oxygen sensor heater control methods and systems
Fuel injector retention clip
Internal combustion engine
Remote controller for heavy construction machines with follower pushrod
Chain link anti-knuckle insert
Gear reduction apparatus for a bicycle component
Drive device comprising a gear unit and a motor unit
Supercritical refrigeration cycle system
Method for controlling multi-type air conditioner
Method and apparatus for the production of carbon monoxide and/or hydrogen and/or a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide by cryogenic distillation
Laundry appliance
Method for lyophilizing an active agent
Compact modular CPU cooling unit
Method and apparatus for pipe alignment tool
Method and device for measuring water currents
Headstack locator assembly for testing magnetic heads
Brake booster vacuum sensor rationality check
Miniature package for translation of sensor sense axis
Solar cell module efficacy monitoring system and monitoring method therefor
Optical member conveying device
Image processing apparatus, projector, and image processing method
Method for governing the operation of a pneumatic impulse wrench and a power screw joint tightening tool system
Aging-based leakage energy reduction method and system
Zilinx : the 11 less green technology for FPIC of smart window
Three-D power converter in three distinct strata
DC/DC converter, switching power supply device, and electronic apparatus,configured to include a phase detector and a phase holder
Nondeterministic value source
Magnetic data processing device and printing apparatus having the same
Communication test framework
Tracking conversation threads among electronic communications
System and method for re-directing requests from browsers for communications over non-IP based networks
Video script interpreter platform with cooperating client and server
Content processing device, content processing method, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit
Aggregate electronic mail message handling
Method and system for file transfer over a messaging infrastructure
Messaging system and method
System and method for provisioning user access to web site components in a portal framework
Analyzing changes in web analytics metrics
Method and device for recording data of terminal
Internet access control using depth parameters
Systems and methods for playing a game of chance with bonus feature
Method and device for filling carrier tapes with electronic components
Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
Utilization of multiple keypads for password inputs
Method for file encryption
Mobile electronic apparatus and control method of mobile electronic apparatus
Information processing device and recording medium that ensures reduced count of times of band processing
Management apparatus, management system, object management method, and computer-readable storage medium
Providing contextual data for selected link units
Detecting febrile seizure with a thermal video camera
Reference color selection device, color correction device, and reference color selection method
System and method of performance measurements for wireless local area network access points
Systems and methods for projecting images onto an object
Remotely operable lockout system
Method and device for detecting and controlling self-service terminal cash dispensing quality
Point of sale device
Wireless visual notification device for mobile device
Method for securing an electronic device having a signal output against removal from a carrying device, and carrying device
Monitoring intrusion in an area using WIFI-enabled devices
Method and system for the promoting and providing of personal safety using a personal safety network
Method and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer communication with network connection
Display system and motion simulator typically using light-emitting diodes
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Text extraction from graphical user interface content
Visualizing brain network connectivity
Keyboard musical instrument
String vibration frequency altering shape
Universal effects carrier
Post tone suppression for speech enhancement
Apparatus for storing solid state drives or hard disk drives
Additive gap process to define trailing and side shield gap for a perpendicular write head
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Heterojunction oxide non-volatile memory device
Pre-computation based ternary content addressable memory
Semiconductor device having hierarchical sense amplifiers assigned to multiple local bit lines
Anisotropic conductive film and method for manufacturing the same
Materials and methods for insulation of conducting fibres, and insulated products
Apparatus for contactless transmission of electrical energy between a wall and a door leaf/window sash fastened to said wall
Ignition apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for electromagnetically forming a workpiece
Electromagnetic contactor
Button, button arrangement and electronic device employing same
Line accommodating apparatus and temperature control method
Changing the state of a switch through the application of power
Mobile device assisted smart building control
Substance identification method and mass spectrometry system used for the same method
Selective synthesis of nanotubes without inhibitor
Composition for forming P-type diffusion layer, method of forming P-type diffusion layer, and method of producing photovoltaic cell
Etch bias control
Anti-fuse structure and method for manufacturing the same
Self heating reduction for analog radio frequency (RF) device
Planar passivation for pads
Hybrid assembly with improved thermal performance
Power semiconductor arrangement and method of producing a power semiconductor arrangement
Lead frame construct for lead-free solder connections
Abrupt source/drain junction formation using a diffusion facilitation layer
Implementing magnetic memory pillar design
Type III-V and type IV semiconductor device formation
Patterning of organic semiconductor materials
Super junction semiconductor device including edge termination
Semiconductor device
FinFET devices comprising a dielectric layer/CMP stop layer/hardmask/etch stop layer/gap-fill material stack
Fabrication of fin structures having high germanium content
Charge carrier transport facilitated by strain
Vertical non-planar semiconductor device for system-on-chip (SoC) applications
Forming CMOSFET structures with different contact liners
3D high voltage charge pump
Apparatus and method for optically initiating collapse of a reverse biased P-type-N-type junction to cause a semiconductor switch to transition from a current blocking mode to a current conduction mode
Photovoltaic devices including heterojunctions
Optically active coating for improving the yield of photosolar conversion
Device and method for restoring silicon-based photovoltaic solar cells
Photoelectric conversion material, method for producing the same, and organic photovoltaic cell containing the same
Electroluminescent devices based on phosphorescent iridium and related group VIII metal multicyclic compounds
Thin film battery having improved battery performance through substrate surface treatment and method for manufacturing same
Cooling device for a battery system, in particular of a motor vehicle
Negative electrode for lithium-ion secondary cell and method for manufacturing same
Resin for negative electrode of lithium ion battery, resin composition, slurry, negative electrode, and lithium ion battery
Electrical connector
Connector assembly with male terminal protector
Push-pull plugs and tools
Heat dissipation apparatus
RF switch with inter-domain ESD protection
Two-input uninterruptible voltage converting device and method thereof
Charging connector of mobile power pack
Motor driven compressor
Energy harvester for converting motion to electricity using one or more multiple degree of freedom pendulums
Inverter control apparatus and control method thereof
Power converter and matrix converter
Anti-leakage supply circuit
Gate drive integrated circuit with input line overvoltage protection for a half-bridge power converter
Method and system for power conversion
Portable solar panel tracking device
Apparatus and method of fine capacitance tuning for high resolution digitally controlled oscillator
Inverter type power amplifier
Power gating and clock gating in wiring levels
Methods and devices for error correction of a signal using delta sigma modulation
Method for generating a maximized linear correcting code, method and device for decoding such a code
Interconnection fabric with protocol agnostic switch for flexible radio avionics
Electronic device case with a friction surface
Mobile telephone gateway apparatus, communication system, and gateway operating system
Cellular phone with an integrated earphone storage apparatus
System and method for detecting ternary sequences
Optical communication device
Haptic output generation with dynamic feedback control
Method of updating BS system information of a relay station in a broadband wireless access system
Method for generating symbols for the automatic gain control of a signal to be transmitted
Apparatus, information processing method and information processing system
Management of decommissioned server assets in a shared data environment
Network system and data transmission method
Method and apparatus for generating resource address, and system thereof
Method of controlling congestion, apparatus for controlling congestion and communication system
Communication system
Federation of controllers management using packet context
Systems and methods to select peered border elements for an IP multimedia session based on quality-of-service
Method and apparatus for controlling congestion of network equipment
Network switch for power saving
Online portal access and management system utilizing multiple IP devices organized on a server application with multiple level restricted log-in and event logging
Content control at gateway based on audience
System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
Computing device, method, and program for distributing computational load
Mobile telephone for internet applications
Method for transmitting reference signal to antenna port in wireless access system
Signaling for uplink sounding
Setting up a full-duplex communication session and transitioning between half-duplex and full-duplex during a communication session within a wireless communications system
Multicarrier transmission system with low power sleep mode and rapid-on capability
Systems and methods for timing recovery in near-field communication
Authorizing stations into a centrally managed network
Housing for a mobile telephone
Systems and methods for visual presentation and selection of IVR menu
Method and apparatus to use smart phones to securely and conveniently monitor intel pcs remotely
Communicating availability of a mobile device
Echo path change detector with robustness to double talk
Method of giving the user information and portable device
Interjurisdictional recording mechanism
Automated response system providing customized prompts based on user situation
Changing in real-time the perspective of objects captured in images
Electronic device and recording medium that support operation of users
Light guide, illuminating device for image reading, and image reading apparatus
Disparity data transport and signaling
Method and device for determining residual data for encoding or decoding at least part of an image
Information providing apparatus, information providing method, and information providing system
Method and system of using idle receiving unit resources for receiving content and communicating the content to other receiving units in the network
Camera for mounting
Enabling manually triggered multiple field of view image capture within a surround image mode for multi-lens mobile devices
Image capturing control apparatus, image capturing control method, and computer program
Amplifier sharing technique for low power charge mode readout in CMOS image sensors
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
Solid state imaging device having bias line providing fixing potential
Television chat system
Premium channel promotion system and method
Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide
Multi-spectral photon converting imaging apparatus
Digital security surveillance system
Image capturing apparatus, method for controlling image capturing apparatus, display control apparatus, and method for controlling display control apparatus
Optimized filter selection for reference picture processing
Enhancing a camera oriented user interface via a remote eye focus guide
Level-two decryption associated with individual privacy and public safety protection via double encrypted lock box
Speaker diaphragm and production method for speaker diaphragm
Voltage supply circuit included in terminal equipment
UE-assisted network optimization methods
Mobile communication system, communication system, node, flow-control network, and communication-control method
Method and apparatus for handover
Communication system for LTE network
Wi-Fi direct service method using NFC and device therefor
Method and apparatus for transmitting beamforming report frame for transmit beamforming
Radio communication system, radio base station, and mobile terminal
RLP router
Communication method using direct link in wireless network and apparatus therefor
Transmit power control method of terminal in direct communication between terminals, and terminal supporting the same
Audio player with bluetooth function and audio playing method thereof
Mobile communication system
Radio communication system, user equipment device, base station device, and management device
Guidance device, guidance system, and guidance method
Notifying availability of internet protocol multimedia subsystem services
Application-proxy support over a wireless link
Systems and methods for implementing WLAN power saving using an alternate wireless protocol
Synchronization circuitry, common public radio interface enable device, and a method of synchronizing a synchronized clock signal of a second transceiver to a clock of a first transceiver
Method for estimating channel in wireless access system and apparatus for same
Discovery method and apparatus for device to device communication in cellular mobile communication system
Method of scheduling communication in a wireless communication network
Intelligent routing of packet session data in a multi-SIM user equipment
Base station, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for successive interference cancellation based on three rate reports from interfering device in peer-to-peer networks
Circuit arrangement and method of determining a priority of packet scheduling
Methods and apparatus for clear channel assessment
Method and apparatus for initial access distribution over wireless LAN
Role reversal from wireless docking center to wireless dockee
Apparatus and method for selecting an optimum base station whose transmission power is to be changed
LED driver, lighting equipment and light fixture
Wearable motion-signaling bag
Method for automatically commissioning devices used in building lighting and controls
Electromagnetic oil tank heating unit
Printed circuit board of probe card
Embedded components in a substrate
Mounting block and a mounting assembly that incorporates the mounting block
High density telecommunications systems with cable management and heat dissipation features
Ceramic antenna module and methods of manufacture thereof
Retaining tool with rotational locating device
Cooling system for electronic components and led lamp having the same
Mobile device cover with detachable EMF blocker
Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Diagnostic system for irrigation controllers
Irrigation controller
Computer guided surgery for prostatic nerve sparing
Fiducial matching using fiducial implants
Method and system to improve projected images during image guided surgery
Targeting system and method of targeting
Apparatus and method for monitoring rumen pH
Pulse oximeter sensor with widened metal strip
Method and apparatus for determination of pH pCO2, hemoglobin, and hemoglobin oxygen saturation
System using a portable detection device for detection of an analyte through body tissue
Choice of wavelengths for multiwavelength optical imaging
Control of data transmission between a remote monitoring unit and a central unit
Method and apparatus for detecting fluorescence used for determining conditions of tissue
Automated collection and analysis patient care system for managing the pathophysiological outcomes of atrial fibrillation
Wireless biopotential sensing device and method with capability of short-range radio frequency transmission and reception
Methods and devices for detecting vulnerable plaque
Navigated microprobe
Display for and method of displaying electrograms received from an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Method and device for representing and monitoring functional parameters of a physiological system
Wearable calorie calculator
System for monitoring a position of a medical instrument with respect to a patient's head
Method and apparatus for automated image quality evaluation of X-ray systems using any of multiple phantoms
Non-contact photoacoustic spectroscopy for photoablation control
Computer-aided design of a pontic with retainers
X-ray imaging of tumors with dextran carrier of platinum compounds
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method having telemetry modifiable control software
Apparatus and method for electrically conductive weight reduction
Shielded permanent magnet activator for implanted cardiac devices
Medical electrode and release liner configurations facilitating packaged electrode characterization
Skin cleansing device
Apparatus and method for treating strial hearing loss
Uterus muscle controller
Rate adaptive pacemaker system with dual sensing component and method of using same
Dynamic control of overdrive pacing based on degree of randomness within heart rate
External defibrillator instruction system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target validation
Method and a device for vibration control
Method and apparatus for creating time-optimal commands for linear systems
Control of robotic systems
Remote work supporting system
Selective laser sintering with interleaved fill scan
Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal
Arrangement for position assignment of vehicle wheels
System for detecting inclination angle of vehicle body
Fuzzy logic control of a variable displacement compressor in a vehicle air conditioning system
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Digital memo recorder
Device including a fiber optic cable harness and associated methods
Rollover determining apparatus and methods
Train registry overlay system
System and method of controlling vehicle steer-by-wire systems
Steering control device
Electric power steering apparatus
Aircraft with electrical fly-by-wire controls, equipped with an automatic pilot
Device for handling individually packaged goods
Carrying system
Device for loading/unloading cargo and method therefor
Textiles; Paper
System and method for controlling a group of fiber processing machines
Fixed Constructions
Control system for and method of operating a work machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for determining oxygen storage capacity time of a catalytic converter
Controller of an internal combustion engine for determining a failure of a thermostat
Dual fuel engine having multiple dedicated controllers connected by a broadband communications link
Method for quantifying oxygen stored in a vehicle emission control device
Shift control method and system for automatic transmission
Antifreeze system for instant water heaters
Method and device for operating electric arc furnaces and/or resistance furnaces
Apparatus for arc-melting cold iron source and method thereof
Method to protect the anode bottoms in batch DC electric arc furnace steel production
Method and device for compensating the transmission behavior of a measuring, regulating or control device
Dual band framing reconnaissance camera
Inertial augmentation for GPS navigation on ground vehicles
Method for controlling a navigation device and navigation device implementing the same
System and method for delivering parking information to motorists
Navigation device for receiving satellite broadcast distribution of map data
Systems and methods for a PDA with forced layer switching based on memory constraints
Map display
Information providing system and method
Navigation system and storage medium
Method for displaying guide for vehicle-mounted navigator
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method of displaying landmark in navigation device
Phasor transducer apparatus and system for protection, control, and management of electricity distribution systems
Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for determining structural motion using mode selective filtering
Vehicle state analysis system and its analysis method
Method and apparatus for monitoring rotating machinery
Method of monitoring the body temperature of human embryos and hatchlings
Infrared thermometer with heatable probe tip and protective cover
Method and device for determining an operating temperature of a semiconductor component
Real time signal analysis of a remote block data storage device
Leakage inspection method for sealed container and apparatus for carrying out the method
Method for generating intra-particle morphological concentration/density maps and histograms of a chemically pure particulate substance
Methods and systems for determining at least four properties of a specimen
Cavity enhanced fiber optic and waveguide chemical sensor
Arrangement for measuring the pulse transmission spectrum of x-ray quanta elastically scattered in a scanning area for containers
Determining moisture content of vapor
Method and apparatus for determining the boundaries of a detector response profile and for controlling processes
Single channel reformatter
Method for prioritizing failure modes to improve yield rate in manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method of detecting an integrated circuit in failure among integrated circuits, apparatus of doing the same, and recording medium storing program for doing the same
Magnetic resonance method
Method for ultra-fast MR fluoroscopy
Wireless terminal positioning method and apparatus
Method and device for determining a misalignment of the radiation characteristic of a sensor for adjusting the speed and distance of a motor
Fault-tolerant detector for gamma ray imaging
Method for facilitating monitoring, in the course of time, of the evolution of an underground zone by compared analysis of various seismic record sets
Method for identification of shallow water flow hazards using marine seismic data
Method for determining geologic formation fracture porosity using geophysical logs
Scanning type laser microscope
Method and apparatus for switching optical signals using rotatable optically transmissive microstructure
Flexible, modular, compact fiber switch improvements
Peak power and speckle contrast reduction for a single laser pulse
Apodization of optical filters with multiple exposures of photosensitive media
Apparatus and method for thermally tuning an optical amplifier
Disperson-shifted optical fiber employing dual shape core profile
Optical collimator with molding lens
Wavelength-variable semiconductor laser, optical integrated device utilizing the same, and production method thereof
Optical configuration, in particular for bidirectional WDM systems, and a transceiving module for bidirectional optical data transmission
Reconfigurable free space wavelength cross connect
Method and apparatus for an optical filter
Transmission and reception configuration for bi-directional optical data transmission
Optical integrated circuit substrate and optical module
PCB embedded and surface mounted optical distribution systems
Optical cable excess handling unit and optical cable wiring method
Optical fiber cable
Device for feeding optical fibres into a duct
Distance measuring device, focus detector, and camera including plural sensors and controller for selectively providing power to sensors and respective processing circuits
Polycrystalline ferroelectric optical devices
Arrangement for generating chirped return to zero (CRZ) optical data signals
Method for switching, amplification and modulation of unidirectional distributively coupled pulses and waves
Image stabilization control device for use in camera system optionally including optical characteristics modifying converter
Motor driving apparatus
Developing device using a developing liquid including a rotatable agitator in a developing liquid reservoir and image forming apparatus including the same
Laser lithography light source with beam delivery
Altering print configurations for authorized users
Real-time control of tone reproduction curve by redefinition of lookup tables from fit of in-line enhanced toner area coverage (ETAC) data
Perfecting press apparatus
Sheet-like object conveying apparatus
System for managing temperature in an image forming apparatus by controlling printing speed
Color photographic apparatus
Image forming apparatus with variable waiting time conveyance feature
Image forming apparatus, and developing device and method used in the same
Developing apparatus of electrophotographic printer
Image processing apparatus, a unit used in the apparatus, and a memory device mounted on the unit
Ink delivery system and ink delivery method of liquid -type electrophotographic printer
Image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer member having low adhesion area
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Fixing unit and image formation apparatus
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus provided with same
Image forming apparatus and cartridge detachably mountable thereto
Control system, control device and control method
Method and apparatus for weight compensation in guiding a movement of a moveable machine element
Production management network system, production management method and recording medium having recorded production management program
Method and apparatus for accessing and executing internal diagnostic tests stored on a piece of equipment
Method and system for monitoring the condition of an individual machine
Control system for remotely operated vehicles for operational payload employment
System for relative vehicle navigation
Vehicle-mounted device control unit
Examination of residues of data-conversions
Computer system having predetermined data backup operations
Analyzing an extended finite state machine system model
Semiconductor memory device having adjustable page length and page depth
External job scheduling within a distributed processing system having a local job control system
File management device and method thereof, and audio visual data recording/reproducing device and method thereof
Memory hole modification and mixed technique arrangements for maximizing cacheable memory space
Method and system for automatically measuring partition memory needs in a partitioned computer system
Method and system to remotely configure business office devices to user defined parameters
Extension of device driver objects
Flexible I/O subsystem architecture and associated test capability
Transaction partitioning
Managing bus transaction dependencies
Data transfer apparatus that performs retransmission control and transfers data in real time
System for indentifying a peripheral device by sending an inquiry thereto after receiving an interrupt notification message if the interrupt and communication port meet predetermined conditions
Communications interface for the serial transmission of digital data, and corresponding data transmission method
System and method for automated analysis of load testing results
Data communication system and time slot allocating method
Data reconciliation between a computer and a mobile data collection terminal
Communication connectivity initialization and verification system and method of use
Communications network and method having accessible directory of user profile data
Method for solving a large sparse triangular system of linear equations
Scaled forward and inverse discrete cosine transform and video compression/decompression systems employing the same
Proper name identification in chinese
Method for creating queries on version objects
Synchronizing databases
Accessing, viewing and manipulation of references to non-modifiable data objects
System for collecting specific information from several sources of unstructured digitized data
Determination of records with a specified number of largest or smallest values in a parallel database system
Systems and methods of referencing uniform resource locators
System, method and article of manufacture for personal catalog and knowledge management
System, method, and product for development and maintenance of database-related software applications
Caching scheme for multi-dimensional data
Virtual aggregate fields
System and methodology for providing compact B-Tree
Technique for determining the age of the oldest reading transaction with a database object
Data flow plan optimizer
Database method implementing attribute refinement model
Method and apparatus for fast query approximation using adaptive query vector projection
Split file system
System and method for retrieving network management table entries
Database processing method and apparatus for processing data by analyzing query input
Method, computer readable medium, and system for monitoring the state of a collection of resources
Technical support chain automation with guided self-help capability via a system-supplied search string
System and method for query processing using virtual table interface
Graphical filter dialog window system and method for same
Method and apparatus for high-speed access to and sharing of storage devices on a networked digital data processing system
Methods of organizing information
Method and apparatus for binary-oriented set sequencing
Method, system, and program for processing modifications to data in tables in a database system
Data transfer and synchronization system
Apparatus for and method of searching and organizing intellectual property information utilizing a classification system
Method and system for facilitating networked information exchange
Online document assembly and docketing method
Communication interface device and method
Data collection and dissemination system
Fast simulation method for single and coupled lossy lines with frequency-dependent parameters based on triangle impulse responses
Method and apparatus for displaying medication information
Method of implementing a cardiac emergency readiness program
Supervisory parallel switching device for computer integrated manufacturing system with secs-compliant serial communication links
Method and system for manufacturing and servicing a computing product with the assistance of a wireless communication subsystem attached to a peripheral port
Integrated surface moving map advisory system
Method and apparatus for resolving conflicts in a substrate processing system
Cell fabricated as an IC with a redesigned transceiver package which can be multiplexed to different states without user input
Configuration bus reconfigurable/reprogrammable interface for expanded direct memory access processor
Handling service requests
Mapping requests from a processing unit that uses memory-mapped input-output space
Combination computer mouse and telephony handset
Customer service automation systems and methods
Address range checking circuit and method of operation
Store load forward predictor training
Method system and apparatus for instruction tracing with out of order processors
Long running, reusable, extendible, virtual machine
Method and apparatus for staggering execution of a single packed data instruction using the same circuit
Prefetch streaming buffer
Cache memory bank access prediction
Switching method in a multi-threaded processor
Selective flush of shared and other pipeline stages in a multithread processor
System and method for user adaptive software interface
Host computer access to peripheral device drivers
Platform-independent communications protocol supporting communications between a processor and subsystem controller
Computerized method and system for implementing distributed applications
Generation and verification of a digitized signature
Binary registration mark detection using 3-state sensing and matched filtering
Capacitive circuit array for fingerprint sensing
Method for motion classification using switching linear dynamic system models
Pattern recognition process
Method and apparatus for performing document structure analysis
Image collating apparatus and image collating method
Character input apparatus/method and computer-readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for processing images with curves
Multimode invariant processor
Robustness enhancement and evaluation of image information extraction
Goal-oriented clustering
Method and system for automatically updating electronic mail address information within an electronic mail address database
Integration of data processing systems
Method and system for electronic search warrants
Method and system for building a Naive Bayes classifier from privacy-preserving data
System and method for identifying the raw materials consumed in the manufacture of a chemical product
Fully automated vehicle dispatching, monitoring and billing
Remote control having an optical indicia reader
Computer implemented patient medication review system and process for the managed care, health care and/or pharmacy industry
Method and system for receiving and providing access to information at a web site
System for enabling smart card transactions to occur over the internet and associated method
Branding dynamic link libraries
Methods for determining contents of media
Method of monitoring print data for text associated with a hyperlink
Method and system for collectively generating user-created designs of products and property via a communications network
Data processing apparatus and method, and memory medium
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Method and system for producing interactive, three-dimensional renderings of selected body organs having hollow lumens to enable simulated movement through the lumen
Method and system for creating irregular three-dimensional polygonal volume models in a three-dimensional geographic information system
Automatic programming apparatus and storage medium for storing graphic data generating program
Digital aerial image mosaic method and apparatus
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and recording medium
Automated computerized scheme for distinction between benign and malignant solitary pulmonary nodules on chest images
Eigenvalue quadric surface method for determining when two ellipsoids share common volume for use in spatial collision detection and avoidance
Memory based VLSI architecture for image compression
Method for monitoring the exploitation process of an apparatus and self-service device monitored according to said method
Automated system for efficient article storage and self-service retrieval
Controlled inventory device and method using pressure transducer
System and method for extending the range of a base unit
Traffic management system including a layered management structure
Hand held car locator
Method for simplifying manual radio frequency entries
Onboard training
Talking book method and system
Method and apparatus for providing distributed clip-list management
Text information read-out device and music/voice reproduction device incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for the recognition of spelled spoken words
System and method of mu-law or A-law compression of bark amplitudes for speech recognition
Method and a device for recognizing speech
Speech coding system with a music classifier
Apparatus for encoding and apparatus for decoding speech and musical signals
System and method for enhancing low frequency spectrum content of a digitized voice signal
Method and apparatus for protecting copyright of digital recording medium and copyright protected digital recording medium
Information recording apparatus and method, information reproduction apparatus and method, and information recording medium
Hard disk based portable device
Optical disk recording device for producing disks adapted for direct access reproduction and a direct access reproducing method thereof
Progressive scan video production system and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method for reproducing a digital audio signal from a record carrier
Method and apparatus for dynamically overriding a ratings limit during playback of a digital program
Method of characterizing video data, and video data memory comprising means for generating a video data code
Reproducing apparatus having editing function
Processing audio-visual data
Method and apparatus for assembling personalized electronic media into printed products
Ultrabright multikilovolt x-ray source: saturated amplification on noble gas transition arrays from hollow atom states
Low thermal resistance bearing assembly for x-ray device
Process recipe modification in an integrated circuit fabrication apparatus
Profiler business model
Method and system for providing broadband mobile access from geostationary satellites to platforms using small, low profile antennas
System and method for dynamically varying operational parameters of an amplifier
Method for manufacturing a substrate-for-wiring/ wiring harness
Laser rod pump chamber and method
Method for centering a core of a waveguide amplifier
Phased laser array for generating a powerful laser beam
Discharge circuit for pulsed laser
Sputtering metal ion laser
Diode-pumped visible wavelength alkali laser
Method and system for phase stabilization
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Integrated tunable laser
Optical wavelength stabilization circuit, optical transmitter and optical transmission system
Wavelength-tunable lasers
Vertical cavity master oscillator power amplifier
Wavelength division multiplexed vertical cavity surface emitting laser array
Integrated circuit breaker protection software
Microcontroller controlled voltage reference
Phase angle diagnostics for sinusoidal controlled electric machine
Frequency synthesizer using universal frequency translation technology
Digital stereo recovery circuitry and method for radio receivers
Direct conversion digital domain control
Method and apparatus for adaptive image rejection
Filter arrangement and method for telecommunication device
Digital-to-analog DAC-driven phase-locked loop PLL with slave PLL's driving DAC reference voltages
Transmitting data words
Unobtrusive removal of periodic noise
Multiple band wireless telephone with multiple antennas
Focal plane division multiplexing system and method
Variable-rate communication system with optimal filtering
Dispersion managed cable for WDM systems
Receiving apparatus, method of compensating for waveform degradation of received signal, apparatus and method for detecting waveform degradation, and apparatus and method for measuring waveform
Recognition of a single frequency tone
Automatic gain control apparatus determining echo return loss
Method and apparatus for infinite return loss handler for network echo canceller
Antenna apparatus for digital cameras incorporating wideband RF transceivers
Downlink beamforming method
Method and apparatus for performing beam searching in a radio communication system
Channel selection in a radio link system
Power and wavelength management for mixed-rate optical data systems
Method and system for network event impact analysis and correlation with network administrators, management policies and procedures
System and method for suppressing out-of-order side-effect alarms in heterogeneous integrated wide area data and telecommunication networks
System and method for data backup in a home network telephone
System for using a local wireless network to control a device within range of the network
Tag echo discovery protocol to detect reachability of clients
Method and system for message dispatching in a home audio/video network
Network equipment and networking method
Channel entering method for a wireless communication system and subscriber station
Dynamic queuing system incorporating multiple queues sharing a single memory
Method and apparatus for data flow analysis
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a network device
Apparatus and method for reading data from an optical packet header
Wireless communication apparatus and method, and cable communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for hitless switchover of a voice connection in a voice processing module
Method for overflow testing of a blind equalizer
Burst mode receiving apparatus having an offset compensating function and a data recovery method thereof
Odd-order low-pass POTS device microfilter
Data communication system having an interface device determining whether transmitted data to be locally processed or to be transmitted to a reception device for processing
Call optimization in meet-me conference calls
Communication apparatus and method between distributed objects
Multi-mode network interface having loadable software images
Performance computer network method
Information providing system, server, client, information providing method and recording medium
Method for establishing call state information without maintaining state information at gate controllers
Methods and systems for notifying clients concerning live electronic presentations
Assigning multiple LIDs to ports in a cluster
System and method for a subject-based channel distribution of automatic, real-time delivery of personalized informational and transactional data
Remote operating system
Vehicular relay device, in-vehicle communication system, failure diagnostic system, vehicle management device, server device and detection and diagnostic program
Transmit power control for MCPA-equipped based stations
Line probe signal and method of use
Error correction and compression parameter exchange during modem training phase
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of public/private key pairs
Telephone handset sanitary guard
Personal caller I. D.
Host computer digital signal processing system for communicating over voice-grade telephone channels
Apparatus and method for displaying available service time in mobile telephones
Image providing system and method
Constant impedance digital line interface circuit
Method and system for reliably detecting voiceband signaling tones
Emergency notification and rescue request system
Prepaid real-time web based reporting
Detection of carrier mis-routing in telephone systems
System and method for establishing long distance call connections using electronic text messages
Method and apparatus for prepaid inbound call forwarding service
Universal line interface in telecommunications system
System and method to provide control of music on hold to the hold party
Method for telephone broadcasting voice messages or the like into defined geographical areas
Estimation of a work item's wait-time from the present stages of processing of preceding work items
Monitored suspension of communications sessions
Master system for accessing multiple telephony messaging systems
Synchronization of signaling messages and multimedia content loading
Echo canceling apparatus and method, and voice reproducing apparatus
Frequency domain stereophonic acoustic echo canceller utilizing non-linear transformations
Image processing method and image input device, control device, image output device and image processing system employing same
Device and method of correcting dark lines of a scanned image
Image reproducing method and apparatus
Offset correction of the output of a charge coupled device
Digital broadcasting receiver
Frame bit-size allocation for seamlessly spliced, variable-encoding-rate, compressed digital video signals
Method of assigning audio channel identification, method for selecting audio channel using the same, and optical recording and reproducing apparatus suitable therefor
Apparatus and method for training high density optical cross connects
Space wavelength time-division multiple access optical transmission system
Method and system for effective network communication of an unsupported media standard by encapsulated packet tagging
Generic service component for wireless services
Priority auto-control method of signal routes in No. 7 signaling network
Method of and a system for delivering calls to plural service provider domains
Remote telephone number routing inventory
System and method for simultaneous ring service with centralized subscription data
Service control point location register function
Method for compression of a telephone number database in a telecommunications system, and a corresponding telecommunications system
Method for reducing time required to receive and decode a temporary equipment identifier message
Terminal device emulator
Method and an arrangement for treating subscriber data in a mobile station
Method and apparatus for performing on-going gain calibrating in a communication system
Radio communication system, terminal equipment used therefor and service control station used therefor
Methods and apparatus for transmitting information between a basestation and multiple mobile stations
Measurement report transmission in a telecommunications system
Mobile assisted handoff system and method
Method and system for providing reliable paging deliveries in a wireless communication network
Electret condenser microphone
Optical microphone/sensors
Transmission detection and switch system for hearing improvement applications
Microphone array system
System for conveying musical beat information to the hearing impaired
Speaker mounting structure
Acoustic device
Spider-less loudspeaker with active restoring apparatus
Reproduction of spatialized audio
Discrete multi-channel/5-2-5 matrix system
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