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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Method for producing a metal
Human Necessities
Generation of plants with altered oil, protein, or fiber content
Guzmania hybrid named `RITMO`
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Automatic analysis in virtual endoscopy
Method and system for detecting electrophysiological changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue and epithelium
Seed localization system for use in an ultrasound system and method of using the same
Adaptive compression of computed tomography projection data
Rotating optical catheter tip for optical coherence tomography
Dual-focus X-ray tube for resolution enhancement and energy sensitive CT
Stimulation of a stimulation site within the neck or head
Chip level biostable interconnect for implantable medical devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanning apparatus and color image forming apparatus
Heating resistance element component and printer
Line head and an image forming apparatus using the line head
Automobile room lamp system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Reproductive ablation constructs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for generating constant speed output from variable speed input
Solar and wind energy converter
Calculation method and apparatus of exposure condition, and exposure apparatus
Method for measuring surface profile, and apparatus using the same
Curvature-based edge bump quantification
Device for automatically determining a category of mail to which a mailpiece delivered to a franking system belongs
Shielded position sensor for translationally moving parts
Rotary angle detector
Method and system for sensing light using an interferometric element having a coupled temperature sensor
Wavelength and intensity monitoring of optical cavity
Implanting optical cavity structures
Human-readable, bi-state environmental sensors based on micro-mechanical membranes
Image forming apparatus and method for correcting position displacement
Range measurement device
Multi-stage system for verification of container contents
System and method for charging a control device from a lighting system
Apparatus and method for obtaining information related to terahertz waves
Systems and methods for spectroscopy using opposing laser beams
Method of using a bipolar transistor as a self-calibrated thermometer and/or temperature sensor
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Method for determining characteristic values of a suspended driven axis, especially of a machine tool, as well as suitable applications, corresponding facilities and their use
Estimation of wheel rail interaction forces
Method for increasing accuracy of measurement of mean polarization mode dispersion
Meter device and method of testing a cut neutral conductor
Device and method for electrical contacting semiconductor devices for testing
On-die heating circuit and control loop for rapid heating of the die
Route control method of label switch path
Semiconductor device testing apparatus and power supply unit for semiconductor device testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor device
High-speed serial transfer device test method, program, and device
Through the-wall motion detector with improved antenna
Sonar system and process
Transfer of calibrated time information in a mobile terminal
Method of high-energy particle imaging by computing a difference between sampled pixel voltages
Device and method for cooling an X-radiation detector
Arrangement to correct eddy currents in a gradient coil
Zoom lens system
Lens position control apparatus, imaging apparatus, and control method
Optical-scanning microscope examination apparatus
Separable modulator
Electro-wetting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Color separation/combination prism and image-projection apparatus
Particle detector
Diffusely-reflecting polarizer having nearly isotropic continuous phase
Resin composition for optical material, resin film for optical material, and optical waveguide
Large effective area optical fiber
Lens module
Lens apparatus
Image taking lens
Current mode display driver circuit realization feature
Liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal display
Light guide spacers for backlighting a reflective display
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Image-taking apparatus
Anti-shake apparatus
Image pickup apparatus
Fixing structure for an auxiliary lens of cameras
System and method for an imaging system for a container security system
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Camera cradle apparatus and system therefor
Digital correction for alignment of a plurality of color channels of a color image forming device
Printing apparatus and printing method
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for regulating toner amount in developing chamber of image forming apparatus
Belt moving device and image forming apparatus using same
Variable volume toner replenisher dispenser for TIPP systems
Image forming apparatus and power control method
Apparatus and method for a multi-tap series resistance heating element in a belt fuser
Tide display device with global positioning system, timing and navigation
AD conversion control circuit and related arts
Adaptive output feedback apparatuses and methods capable of controlling a non-minimum phase system
Vehicle electronic key system
Reference voltage generating circuit for use of integrated circuit
Semiconductor device having power supply system
Switching regulator
System and method for generating random permutations of elements
Information processing apparatus
Function extending assembly and portable terminal having the same
Electronic apparatus, moisture-proof structure of electronic apparatus, and method for producing electronic apparatus
Core voltage controlling apparatus
Modifying power adapter output
Reducing power usage in a software application
System and method for reconstructing lost data in a storage system
Operating system transfer and launch without performing post
Detection method, detecting device, reference value calculating device and recording medium
Methods and structure for detection and handling of catastrophic SCSI errors
Method and control system for operating a technical installation comprising a plurality of components, in particular a combustion system for generating electric energy
Original, data circulation method, system, apparatus, and computer readable medium
Stripe caching and data read ahead
Avoiding failure of an initial program load in a logical partition of a data storage system
Avoiding failure of an initial program load in a logical partition of a data storage system
Storage system, data relocation method thereof, and recording medium that records data relocation program
Advanced memory management architecture for large data volumes
Tape storage emulation for open systems environments
Electronic system with removable computing device and mutable functions
Computer system for managing number of writes for storage medium and control method therefor
Multi-user on-line real-time virtual social networks based upon communities of interest for entertainment, information or e-commerce purposes
Method and system for using an external bus controller in embedded disk controllers
Method and apparatus to obtain code data for USB device
Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
Electromagnetic emissions stimulation and detection system
Image processing apparatus and method, for producing a color separation table
Captions detector
Initializing relationships between devices in a network
Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
Mass mail detection system and mail server
Activity indicators in a media sharing system
Individualized RSS feeds with archives and automatic cleanup
Communication interface device and communication method
System and apparatus for pre-routing network events
Method for domain name system spoofing in local network system
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Remote generation and distribution of command programs for programmable devices
Method for presenting personalized, voice printed messages from online digital devices to hosted services
Content targeting with audiences
Apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for providing a presentation on a network having a plurality of synchronized media types
System and method for providing interactive images
Method for controlling host throughput to a computer storage subsystem
Location based networked device utilization
Server device, control instruction processing method therefor, and terminal device
Methods for address book synchronization and subscription status notification
Billing system and method for charging users for utilization of shared resource
Modular application development in a spreadsheet using indication values
Laying out field regions in a page for insertion of data
Acoustic device and reproduction mode setting method
Device and method for modality conversion of multimedia contents
Spelling and grammar checking system
Synchronization of video and data
Method for grid-based data clustering
Natural language knowledge processor using trace or other cognitive process models
Method and system for the automatic recognition of deceptive language
Generation of codified electronic medical records by processing clinician commentary
Data mining system, data mining method and data retrieval system
System and method for optimizing distributed and hybrid queries in imperfect environments
Method, program storage device, and apparatus for offering a user a plurality of scenarios under which to conduct a primary transaction
Performing temporal checking
Transient simulation using adaptive piecewise constant model
Method for designing a circuit, particularly having an active component
Method and mechanism for performing simulation off resolution proof
Performing early DFT-aware prototyping of a design
Method of real-time scheduling of processes at distributed manufacturing sites
System for automatically loading a scraper
Usage period management system for applications
System and method for embedded displayport link training
Method and device for controlling slave devices with master device
Method and system for automatic peripheral device identification
Efficient load/store buffer memory management in a computer communications network data transmission switch
System and article of manufacture for executing initialization code to configure connected devices
Portable computer
Camera and acceleration based interface for presentations
Digital camera and printer
Management system, image processing apparatus and method for acquiring print job history information
Method of controlling printing control apparatus
Method and apparatus to manage print jobs using labeling
Post-printing process support system, post-printing process support program, and post-printing process support method
Image display apparatus and method
Hierarchical space partitioning for scalable data dissemination in large-scale distributed interactive applications
Method and apparatus for communication within control systems
Enhancing multilingual data querying
Method for the design of oligonucleotides for molecular biology techniques
Protection of database operations
System and method for determining founders of an information aggregate
Method and system for data processing with parallel database systems
System and method for providing access to video programs and other data using customer profiles
Instance messaging auto-scheduling
Methods and apparatus for scalable array processor interrupt detection and response
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Circuit arrangement for signal mixing
Method for large-scale modelling and simulation of carbonate wells stimulation
Detecting a current state of an image processing apparatus and selecting image processing based on the detected current state
Image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for generating document distribution confirmation sheets with multi-destination status and/or multi-service status information
Method, apparatus, and program for processing image description data
Printer driver, apparatus, and method for converting character fonts when printing data to a reduced number of pages
Pattern defect inspection method and apparatus
Workflow management system and workflow management method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, method of making an imaging-plan, and method of imaging
Fluid measuring system and fluid measuring method
Image segmentation apparatus and image segmentation method
Image registration method improvement
High-speed binary image compression method
Apparatus, method, recording medium and program for processing signal
Image processing apparatus and method, program recording medium, and program therefor
Systems and methods for lithographic reticle inspection
Enhanced rule execution in expert systems
System for merchandise ordering and order fulfillment
Remote health monitoring and maintenance system
Method, system, and computer program product for on-demand creation and distribution of customized dynamic contracts
System and method for processing retrieval requests
Method and system for object-oriented management of multi-dimensional data
Prepaid short messaging
Systems and methods for modeling credit risks of publicly traded companies
Systems and methods for risk based determination of a form for crediting a payee on behalf of a payer
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program recording medium, and data recording medium
Scalable property viewer for a massively parallel computer system
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus, an image-processing apparatus, and an ultrasonic image-processing method
Magnetic tag that can be activated/deactivated based on magnetic microwire and a method for obtaining the same
Finding and packing travel articles
RFID devices using RFID circuits and antennas having unmatched frequency ranges
Cross-walk safety lighting with multiple enhanced flash rate
Material processing apparatus, material processing method and material processing program
Plasma display apparatus with improvement in supply of sustain voltage
Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Plasma display device
Display device
Active-matrix device
Pixel circuit
Display medium, display device, and display method
Data input method and apparatus, and liquid crystal display device using the same
Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display
Modular computer system
Display device comprising a holding member
System and method for merging images of an object
Semiconductor device
Image processing method of pointer input system
Information processing apparatus
System for interleaved storage of video data
Anchor bracket for musical instrument strings
Fingering mechanism for woodwind instruments
Tuning a musical instrument
Electronic instrument for speech recognition with standby time shortening and acoustic model deletion
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Spiral slope approximation of spiral patterns written to a disk of a disk drive
Optical disc apparatus with adjustable constraint length PRML
Disk drive system employing effective disk surface stabilization mechanism
Radial top cover gasket for disk drives
Device and method for scanning data stored on a recording medium
Disk drive
Optical disk drawing apparatus, optical disk drawing system and optical disk drawing method
Optical pickup
System, method, and apparatus for characterizing, tracking, and segregating known defective disk regions on patterned disks
System and method for generating output signals indicating specific areas on an optical disc utilizing a protection means
Write strategy setting apparatus utilizing shared storage unit and method thereof
Apparatus for reproducing signal from multi-layered optical disk using multiple photo detectors
Nonvolatile programmable logic gates and adders
Magnetic memory cell structure with thermal assistant and magnetic dynamic random access memory
Multiple write configurations for a memory cell
Write-assist SRAM cell
ST-RAM employing a magnetic resonant tunneling diode as a spacer layer
Method of using hot-carrier-injection degradation as a programmable fuse/switch
Circuit and method for a sense amplifier with instantaneous pull up/pull down sensing
Method and apparatus for handling failure in address line
Semiconductor memory device
Production of thorium-229 using helium nuclei
Beam admission unit, beam generation device and tomography device
Insulated wire
Compact electromagnetic component and multilayer winding thereof
Light-guide sheet, movable contact unit and switch using the same
Detection device and seat comprising one such device
Plasma display apparatus
X-ray tube having a rotating and linearly translating anode
Ion beam apparatus and method employing magnetic scanning
Height adjustment device having a screw axially moveable relative to a rotary plate adapted in a projection apparatus and projection apparatus comprising the height adjustment device
Synchronous data acquisition for multi-dimensional orthogonal liquid separation system
Method for obtaining information and device therefor
Mass independent kinetic energy reducing inlet system for vacuum environment
Flat plate FAIMS with lateral ion focusing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Methods and systems involving electrically programmable fuses
Infrared detector with plurality of metallization between first and second container members
Multichip package or system-in package
Test structure with TDDB test pattern
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing same
Method and resultant structure for floating body memory on bulk wafer
Display device
Monolithically integrated semiconductor assembly having a power component and method for producing a monolithically integrated semiconductor assembly
Memory device including resistance-changing function body
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Magnetic tunnel transistor with thin read gap for head applications
Semiconductor buffer architecture for III-V devices on silicon substrates
Thin film transistor having N-type and P-type CIS thin films and method of manufacturing the same
Bond pad rerouting element, rerouted semiconductor devices including the rerouting element, and assemblies including the rerouted semiconductor devices
Conductive adhesive compositions containing an alloy filler material for better dispense and thermal properties
Pixel structure
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Dual current path LDMOSFET with graded PBL for ultra high voltage smart power applications
Field-effect transistor
Logic circuit and single-electron spin transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate and collector grid structures for integrated series connected photovoltaic arrays and process of manufacture of such arrays
Dye-sensitized photoelectric conversion device
Buffer layers for device isolation of devices grown on silicon
Light emitting device and electronic equipment
Nanotube array electronic devices
Thin film transistor and organic electro-luminescent display device
Light emitting device having a composition modulation layer of unequal amounts of at least two elements between an n-type contact layer and a transparent electrode
Silicon LED package having horn and contact edge with (111) planes
Photosensitive resin composition for pad protective layer, and method for making image sensor using the same
Organic transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Structures for crystal packaging including flexible membranes
Ultrawideband communication antenna
Reduction of surface heating effects in nonlinear crystals for high power frequency conversion of laser light
Semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor laser optical integrated semiconductor device
Power source for diagnostic instruments
Electrical power strip
Battery charge management using a scheduling application
Integrated uninterrupted power supply unit
Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
Vehicle drive device
Voice coil motor with guiding posts and stopping bars
Electric motor with a low number of revolutions, in particular to drive lifting devices
Generator for vehicle
Low-loss rectifier with optically coupled gate shunting
Circuit arrangement for supplying variable loads from three phases
Full digital soft-start circuit and power supply system using the same
Optimized energy conversion device
Control apparatus for AC rotary machine
Selectable line voltage inverters and associated methods
Single switch controlled switched reluctance machine
Control apparatus for electric car
Electronic commutator circuits
Method and circuit for testing motor
Transmission apparatus and method
Programmable hybrid transmitter
Variable gain amplifier
Switching amplifier driven by a controlled power supply
Method and apparatus to reproduce expanded sound using mono speaker
Capacitive touch switch, circuit configuration for a capacitive touch switch and control device for an electronic domestic appliance with at least one capacitive touch switch
IC output signal path with switch, bus holder, and buffer
Autocalibrated controlled MOS switches and applications thereof
Reset-free comparator with built-in reference
SR-flip flop with level shift function
Voltage detection circuit and voltage detection method
Single-ended to differential amplification and pipeline analog-to-digital conversion for digitally controlled DC-DC converters
Device, system, and method of multi-level feedback
Efficient CTC encoders and methods
System and method for despreading in a spread spectrum matched filter
Performing a correlation in reception of a spread spectrum signal
Digital sound processing system for a vehicle
Mobile communication terminal and associated methodology for reception during diversity interruption
Method and apparatus for estimating frequency offset and timing offset of one or more mobile stations (MSs)
Communication device
Signal regeneration device, optical receiver, and signal processing method
Fourth harmonic generating system using optical double side-band suppressed carrier modulator
Optical bench fiber optic transmitter
Multi-channel RX/TX calibration and local oscillator mismatch mitigation
Packet based echo cancellation and suppression
Communication system and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving an initialsetupattribute message in wireless communication systems
Fast adaptive power control for a variable multirate communications system
Intelligent sensor open architecture for a container security system
Switch and switching device with selective isolation for multimedia terminals
Methods for improving transmission efficiency of control channels in communication systems
Transmission power control method and apparatus
Reducing interference between users in a communications system through time scattering
Network using randomized time division duplexing
Digital radio feedback systems
Proxy IGMP client and method for providing multicast broadcast services in a broadband wireless access network
Network management method applied to a user apparatus using IEEE 802.3ah
Optical transmission apparatus
Information processing system, calculation node, and control method of information processing system
Systems and methods for shifting the position of a symbol to reduce transmission overhead
Techniques to communication MAP information elements in a wireless network
Multicarrier receiver for multiple-input multiple-output wireless communication systems and method
Method of transmitting data and estimating channel information in OFDM/OFDMA mobile communications system
Self-fault isolation in transparent P-cycle networks
Shaping device and router device
Method for determining if an encrypted flow of packets belongs to a predefined class of flows
Method and device for communication between multiple sockets
Asynchronous data transmission
Providing dynamic quality of service for virtual private networks
Reduced arbitration routing system and method
Method for controlling multi-user TCP/IP access over a satellite communication channel
Automatic power output control circuit
Windowed level detector for partial response channels
Communications system, transmitter, receiver, and communications method thereof
Wireless communication device and channel estimation and separation method in multi input system
System and method for certificate based redirection
Method and apparatus for channel estimation in a wireless communication device
Systems and methods for implementing a data control channel in a wireless communication system
Transmitter arrangement
Distributed resource management for enhanced dedicated channel
Communication device
Speech recognition enhanced caller identification
Method and apparatus for selectively providing messages in telecommunications systems
Systems and methods for scheduling call center agents using quality data and correlation-based discovery
Method for configuring a mobile terminal, configurable mobile terminal and mobile radio network therefor
Web-based network monitoring tool
Power supplying apparatus, power line communication apparatus, power line communication system, and power supplying method
Facsimile machine, and control method, program, and storage medium thereof
Original-document illumination apparatus, image reading apparatus, color-original-document reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image reader
Image inputting apparatus
Recording medium determination apparatus and image forming apparatus
Surface illumination unit and transparent original reading apparatus
Color chart for adjusting colors and color adjusting method
Angle avoidance for color halftone screens
Information signal processor, method for processing information signal, image signal processor and image display apparatus using the same, coefficient seed data production device used in the same, method for producing coefficient seed data set and information-providing medium
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system, and method for manufacturing image pick-up apparatus
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image sensing system using the same
Imaging device
Detecting red eye filter and apparatus using meta-data
Image pickup apparatus
Signal processing system and method of operation for nonlinear signal processing
Anti-shake apparatus including calculation of angular velocity
Image-pickup and associated methodology of dividing an exposure-time period into a plurality of exposures
Recording apparatus and record medium for successively reproducing movie data
Recording medium, reproduction device, program, and reproduction method
Information processing apparatus and method and computer program
Equipment and method for information processing, recording medium, and program
Motion vector estimation employing line and column vectors
Scalable motion estimation for video encoding
Moving picture real-time communications terminal, control method for moving picture real-time communications terminal, and control program for moving picture real-time communications terminal
Motion vector detection method and device of the same
Solid state imaging device and method for driving same and imaging apparatus
Image signal processor with white balance calculation based upon selected prediction area
Headphones and headphones placement device
Wireless network tour guide
Dynamic adjustment of forward-link frame-error-rate (FFER) target
Wake-on-WLAN for stationary wireless stations
Reducing collision probability for VoIP packets
Mobile internet system, mobile communication terminal thereof and operation control method thereof
Mobile communication system, radio switching method, mobile base station and mobile terminal
Wireless communication method and apparatus for preventing network access by mobile stations which support an incompatible internet protocol version
Multiple communication channel router
Enhanced radio link control error handling
Apparatus and method of driving lamp of liquid crystal display device
Using a triangular waveform to synchronize the operation of an electronic circuit
Lamp overload detection/modulation circuit
Circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Cooling device and electronic apparatus having the cooling device
Suspension device for a superconducting magnet heat shield enclosure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Riding lawn mower and transmission for the same
Removable flutes for crop conditioner crimp rolls
Controlled delivery compositions and processes for treating organisms in a column of water or land
Fragrance-containing plastic coating compositions for paper substrates
Pesticidal composition
Microbicidal active ingredients
Composition and method for cleaning drink water tanks
Use of valeriana for the treatment of restless leg syndrome and related disorders
Substituted 2-amino-4-alkylamino-1,3,5-triazines as herbicides
Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with increased activity
Method of obtaining an antibacterial and/or antifungal extract from the algae, bonnemaisoniacea
Antimicrobial composition formulated with essential oils
Process for producing baked snacks
Composition and method useful for treating colic
Calcareous material
Composition containing useful substances originating in fishes and shellfishes and process for the preparation of the substances
Animal feedstock containing shredded tires
Fungal protein disulfide isomerase
Xylanase, microorganisms producing it, DNA molecules, methods for preparing this xylanase and uses of the latter
Supplement for restoring growth hormone levels
Method and apparatus for severing root of bean sprout
Food or nutritional supplement, preparation method and uses
Fat solidifying agent, fats, and foods
Method of shaping susceptor-based polymeric materials
House wares and decorative process therefor
Filter device for aircraft
Wet or dry web dispenser
Imaging system and components thereof
Air and water supply valve structure in endoscope
Endocervical and exocervical cell collection device
Soft tissue biopsy instrument
Flask for preparing a cytological suspension
Eyelid retractor for electrosurgery
Suturing instruments and methods of use
Cannulated tissue anchor system
Bag for use in the intravascular treatment of saccular aneurysms
Detachable coil for aneurysm therapy
Hemostatic clips
Sliding knife and needle assembly for making a portal for endoscopic or arthroscopic surgery
Devices for less invasive intracardiac interventions
Power-assisted liposuction instrument with cauterizing cannual assembly
Surgical instrument for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Device for treating tissue and methods thereof
Instrument and method employing snare electrode windable about rotatable spool for minimally invasive electrosurgical resection
Probe for coagulation of biological tissue
System for simultaneous unipolar multi-electrode ablation
Method and apparatus for tubal occlusion
Multi-component telepresence system and method
Microdialysis catheter for insertion into a blood vessel
Measuring vascular access pressure
Blood-pressure measuring device
Device for regulating fluid flow rate, evacuation device for a sphygmomanometer and sphygmomanometer
Detection of binding reactions using labels detected by mediated catalytic electrochemistry
Methods for imaging pulmonary and cardiac vasculature and evaluating blood flow using dissolved polarized 129Xe
Adjustable length member such as a cap of a lancet device for adjusting penetration depth
Angle-independent continuous wave doppler device
Encasement and transducer shuttle assembly for removable implanted device
Method for molding dental restorations and related apparatus
Plaster with long-afterglow imprint
Personal care product with expandable BM containment
Method of making an absorbent article having leg cuffs combined with containment flaps
Distal protection device
Graft equipped with stent
Endoprosthesis for the treatment of blood-vessel bifurcation stenosis and purpose-built installation device
Chamber for applying therapeutic substances to an implantable device
Thoracic graft and delivery catheter
Ocular socket prosthesis
Fabric for use in prosthetics
Ceramic fusion implants and compositions
Spinal implant
Laser treatment apparatus and laser treatment information display device
Device at a wheel for a wheelchair
Apparatus for attaching a massaging machine to a support member
Heating acupuncture needle
Neuroprotective composition for the prevention and/or treatment of nervous and behavioural alterations due to anxiety states or depression, comprising acetyl-L-carnitine and hypericin
Composition and methods for inhibiting the formation of brain amyloid deposits
Compositions and methods for treating psoriasis
Budesonide particles and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Cationic amphiphiles containing N-hydroxyalkyl group for intracellular delivery of biologically active molecules
Itraconazole and saperconazole stereoisomers
Physiological combination of active substances to enhance the skin's defenses against noxious agents
Lipid extract having anti-inflammatory activity
Flavored gelatin capsule and method of manufacture
Method of selecting bacterial strains
Polypeptide-containing pharmaceutical forms of administration in the form of microparticles and method for the preparation thereof
Inhibition of transplant rejection by type one interferon
Therapeutic antiangiogenic endostatin compositions
Method and composition for treating arthritis
Synergy between low molecular weight heparin and platelet aggregation inhibitors, providing a combination therapy for the prevention and treatment of various thromboembolic disorders
Methods of reducing microbial resistance to drugs
Methods of treating autoimmune diseases with a CD86-specific immunotoxin
Methods and kits for locally administering an active agent to an interstitial space of a host
Collegan-based matrix
Stable O/W/O emulsion and its use as a cosmetic and/or dermatological composition
Dual component dentifrice composition for fluoridating teeth
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations comprising ascorbic acid derivatives
Use in cosmetics of a reverse latex of nitrogenous salts of polyacrylate, novel latices, process for their preparation and cosmetic compositions incorporating them
Sunscreens from vegetable oil and plant phenols
Cosmetic compositions comprising liquid crystal coloring agents and their use
Deodorant composition comprising a water-soluble zinc salt as odor-absorbing agent
Plant polar lipid permeation enhancer in a cosmetic pad for improving skin appearance
Aerosol device based on alcoholic compositions of fixing materials
Hair styling composition capable of being remodelled with a Tg of less than +10 .degree.C
Process for preparing water-in-oil type emulsion cosmetic composition containing L-ascorbic acid with improved stability
Phenytoin therapy
Body cavity drug delivery with thermo-irreversible polyoxyalkylene and ionic polysaccharide gels
Process for solubilizing pharmaceutically active ingredients in water and in aqueous vehicles
Topical drug preparations
Method of forming conductive lines
Composition for treating cancer via liposomal aerosol formulation containing taxol
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Sustained release formulation containing three different types of polymers and tablet formed therefrom
Pharmaceutical composition comprising cyclosporin
Composition and method for treatment of symptoms associated with insufficient estrogen production
Method for preparing an oral formulation containing acid-sensitive drugs and oral formulation made thereby
Biodegradable ionic matrix of variable internal polarity with grafted polymer
Pliable container for treatment of infectious medical waste
Process for the pasteurization of plasma or concentrates of blood coagulation factors II, VII, IX and X
Method for sterilizing products
Antibacterial cleaning wipe comprising Ammonium salt
Ozonated solutions of tetrasilver tetroxide
Sterilization monitors
Odor adsorptive filter for refrigerators and freezers
Photoreactive agent containing photoreactive semiconductor for removing harmful materials
Medical drainage device with flow restriction feature
Auxiliary artificial heart of an embedded type
Inflow conduit assembly for a ventricular assist device
Catheter drug delivery system and method for use
Intra-aortic balloon catheter and insertion sheath
Single operator exchange biliary catheter with common distal lumen
Needle and method for delivery of fluids
Pen needle magazine
Liquid crystal composition and cosmetic preparation
Method for the suppression of fire
Jumping device having a flexible tether and method of using the jumping device
Golf ball
Dimpled golf ball
Golf club irons with multilayer construction
Stand for golf clubs and accessories
Golf play pacing method
Golf training device and method
Image matching game method and apparatus
Jackpot system for live card games based upon game play wagering and method therefore
Three-dimensional image processing system having dynamically changing character polygon number
Game system, game machine, game data distribution machine, image data distribution system, and computer-usable information
Large screen gaming system and facility therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of and apparatus for protecting and improving water quality in substantially enclosed bodies of water
Process for making metal fiber/metal powder sheet
Method for the vacuum distillation of a liquid product, particularly oil stock, (variants) and system for realizing the same
Porous solid for gas adsorption separation and gas adsorption separation process employing it
Purification of hexafluoroethane
Total delivery oxygen concentration system
Electronic components incorporating ceramic-metal composites
Supplying breathable gas for underwater habitat
System for removing water from a gaseous sample
Filter apparatus for canister
Apparatus for high pressure fluid filtration
System for fluid stream treatment using feed forward of analysis of a diverted treated pilot stream
Microbial remediation reactor and process
Combinatorial synthesis of novel materials
Polymer arrays
Process for preparing pure hydrofluoric acid
Chromatographic process using a chiral stationary phase based on yohimbine
Hydrophobic multicomponent catalyst useful for direct oxidation of hydrogen to hydrogen peroxide
Catalyst based on palladium, cadmium, alkali and lanthanoids and a method for producing vinyl acetate
Zeolite catalysts having stabilized hydrogenation-dehydrogenation function
Catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates
Catalyst composition for producing diaryl carbonates using carboxylic acid amide as promoter
Cis-bridged metal complexes and catalyst systems containing the same
Process for forming metal nanoparticles and fibers
Process of making bipolar electrodeposited catalysts and catalysts so made
Methods for concentrating and detecting microorganisms using centrifuge tubes
Advanced thermal gradient DNA chip (ATGC) the substrate for ATGC, method for manufacturing for ATGC method and apparatus for biochemical reaction and storage medium
Flow-through, hybrid magnetic field gradient, rotating wall device for enhanced colloidal magnetic affinity separations
Apparatus and method for magneto-electrodynamic separation of ions within an electrolytic fluid
Centrifugal pressurized separators and methods of controlling same
Dimple pattern glue roller
Method and apparatus for improving the uniformity of a liquid curtain in a curtain coating system-curtain formation/correction
Apparatus for recovering materials from waste tires
Wafer loading/unloading device and method for producing wafers
Method of in-situ cleaning and deposition of device structures in a high density plasma environment
Acoustic-energy-assisted removal of soil from fabric in a gaseous environment
Cored wire for treating molten metal
Ultrafine cobalt metal powder, process for the production thereof and use of the cobalt metal powder and of cobalt carbonate
High-strength, high-damping metal material and method of making the same
Copper-tin alloys and uses thereof
Process of coating an extruder screw
Finishing with partial organic boundary layer
Laser bar clamp
Paint spray booth with robot
Method for production of lignocellulosic composite materials
Thermoplastic resin and fiberglass fabric composite and method
Process for preparing EVA foam
Polyester resin composite molded article
Method and apparatus for ejecting molded articles
Fiber-reinforced composite encased in a thermoplastic and method of making same
Bending of thermoplastic tubes
Structurally stable fusible battery separators and method of making same
Form-in-place gasket for electronic applications
Method and apparatus for producing sheet members
Box making machines
Composite articles including a fluoropolymer
Chrome coated article
Metallized colored transparent laminating film
Device for locating a rupture in a transparent panel with at least two panes and panel thus obtained
Low temperature material bonding technique
Plasma display panel assembly
Article comprising film having polyamide sealant, polyamide core layer, and O2-barrier layer, and packaged product using same
Projection screen material and methods of manufacture
Laminate substrate with oxygen barrier properties
Active oxygen scavenger compositions and their use in packaging articles
Felt having conductivity gradient
Multi-layer synthetic film
Method of forming a positive image on a lithographic printing plate using an infrared laser
Film with protective feature, a method of producing it and also its use as packaging material
Scratch resistant layer for imaging elements
Structured media for phase change ink printing
Protective epoxy overcoat for imaging elements
Protective layer transfer sheet and print
Dye-donor element with transferable protection overcoat
Application of alkyl polyglucosides in printing ink cleaners
Moistening system and device
Transfer and method for its preparation and use
Transfer film
Vehicle wheel construction process
Hydrostatic transaxles
Driving force control unit for vehicles
Hybrid vehicle
Belt tensioning device
Method for fabricating integrated sensors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon nanotube structures made using catalyst islands
Process for synthesizing one-dimensional nanosubstances by electron cyclotron resonance chemical vapor deposition
Method of making a carbon foam material and resultant product
Metaloalluminosilicate composition, preparation and use
Process for the production of titanium concentrate from anatase ores with high utilization of the iron contents of the ore
Process for synthesizing a palladium replenisher for electroplating baths
Oxygen scavenger and boiler water treatment chemical
Alternating-polarity operation for complete regeneration of electrochemical deionization system
Methods of treating animal waste slurries
Ion exchange removal of metal ions from wastewater
Water and wastewater treatment system and process for contaminant removal
Man-made vitreous fibres
Decorative glass enamels
Building products
Die pressing arctube bodies
Laminated electronic part, method for the production thereof, and dielectric ceramic composition
Dielectric ceramic composition and monolithic ceramic capacitor
Densification of a porous structure (II)
Fertilizer compositions for administering phosphates to plants
Methods and compositions for producing biopolymeric arrays
Process for producing difluoromethane
Method for preparing of betaine alkyl ester mixture
Higher secondary alcohol alkoxylate compound composition, method for production thereof, and detergent and emulsifier using the composition
Cyanoguanidines as cell proliferation inhibitors
Pyrrolopyrimidineone compound and heat-sensitive recording material using the same
Optically active 2R, 4S benzothiepin isomer
Nucleic acid analogs with a chelating functionality
Antisense inhibition of HPK/GCK-like kinase expression
NANBV diagnostics and vaccines
Tryptophenyl tRNA synthetase from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Polynucleotides encoding a novel glutamine transport ATP-binding protein
Genes for the biosynthesis of epothilones
DNA encoding--candida albicans integrin-like protein
ARO1 multifunctional polypeptide of Candida albicans
Transcriptionally-activated AAV inverted terminal repeats (ITRS) for use with recombinant AAV vectors
Prostate cancer gene
Nucleic acid molecules encoding GLUTX and uses thereof
Detection of variations in human H2 receptors
Proteins with factor VIII activity: process for their preparation using genetically-engineered cells and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Antibodies that bind human haemopoietic maturation factor
Receptor derived peptides involved in modulation of response to ligand binding
Screening for papilloma viruses
Methods for reducing the effects of cancers that express A33 antigen using A33 antigen specific immunoglobulin products
Prevention and treatment of autoimmune disease with luminally administered polyclonal antibodies
Pharmaceutical lysine-containing polypeptide compositions and methods of use thereof
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Modification of polysaccharides by means of a phenol oxidizing enzyme
UV curable elastomer composition
Polymers and use thereof
Process for preparing rigid and flexible polyurethane foams
Rigid polyurethane foams
Corrosion- and chip-resistant coatings for high tensile steel
Curable resin composition
Highly stable packaging substrates
Catalyst for polyester production, process for producing polyester using the catalyst, polyester obtained by the process, and uses of the polyester
Polyamidoamine/epichlorohydrin resins bearing polyol sidechains as dry strength agents
Polyester resin blends with high-level gas barrier properties
Method for synthesizing polymeric AZO dyes
Paints containing low sheen opacifying pigments obtained by flux calcination of kaolin clay
Preparation of modified cokes and/or blacks
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate
Coated moisture impervious red phosphors
Oxygen scavengers independent of transition metal catalysts
Waste plastic dechlorination apparatus
FCC feed injector with closure plug
Desulfurization and novel sorbents for same
Sorptive purification for edible oils
Fuel compositions containing hydroxyalkyl-substituted polyamines
Two-cycle engine fuel composition and method for using same
Cleaning solution for electromaterials and method for using same
Acidic all purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Method and reagent for the treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor
Methionine metabolic enzymes
Photon-mediated introduction of biological materials into cells and/or cellular components
Transposition assembly for gene transfer in eukaryotes
Method of allophycocyanin inhibition of enterovirus and influenza virus reproduction resulting in cytopathic effect
Human carbamyl phosphate synthetase I polymorphism and diagnostic methods related thereto
Nucleic acids encoding Streptococcus pneumoniae FabG
Elongation factor-2 kinase (EF-2 kinase), and methods of use therefor
Thermostable DNA polymerases incorporating nucleoside triphosphates labeled with fluorescein family dyes
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Polynucleotides encoding a ribonuclease s
Procedure for extraction and use of hatching fluid from Atlantic salmon
Analysis of predisposition based on human airway trypsin protease gene polymorphism
Recombinant thermostable enzyme which releases trehalose from non-reducing saccharide
Process for the preparation of a maltose-rich syrup
(S)-.alpha.-phenethylamine: pyruvate transaminase
Whole cell assay for cathepsin K activity
Methods for reducing the complexity of DNA sequence
Real-time monitoring of PCR using LOCI
Method of solution-based scanning for alterations in a DNA segment using a double-stranded DNA binding dye and fluorescence melting profiles
Manufacturing method of suspension spring for car
Top hat furnace
Press and sinter process for high density components
Metal-based powder compositions containing silicon carbide as an alloying powder
Superalloy HVOF powders with improved high temperature oxidation, corrosion and creep resistance
Method of depositing thin films
Coating method for producing a heat-insulating layer on a substrate
Modification of in-plate refractory metal texture by use of refractory metal/nitride layer
Durable sputtered metal oxide coating
Process for producing a non-wettable amorphous carbon coating on a component
Magnetic recording media with a nialox sub-seedlayer
Method of forming a copper wiring in a semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for forming an oxynitride insulating layer on a semiconductor wafer
High density plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method
Vapor-phase processing method capable of eliminating particle formation
Alkaline strip passivation
Battery-powered cathodic protection system
Method and electrolyte for anodizing valve metals to high voltage
Method for electrochemical phosphating of metal surfaces
Electroplating process for preparing a Ni layer of biaxial texture
Method of producing zinc oxide thin film, method of producing photovoltaic device and method of producing semiconductor device
Method of interlayer mediated epitaxy of cobalt silicide from low temperature chemical vapor deposition of cobalt
Textiles; Paper
Process for the treatment of nonwovens with antimicrobial agents
Flash tank steam economy improvement
Dissolved solids control in pulp production
Paper making machine using separate metal screens for press and dryer cylinders
Tubular roll provided with hydraulically loaded glide bearings
Paper bulking promoter
Apparatus for coating a moving web with at least two coat layers
Fixed Constructions
Sediment filtering system
Soffit to attic vent
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Transmission and torque-limiting joint able to engage the driving and driven members always in a single angular position
Endless flexible torque-transmitting device
Vehicle transmission shift control for engagement of frictional coupling device so as to first raise transmission input speed above synchronizing speed
Flyweight system
Combination attic hatch and return filter grill
Method for evaluation of metal impurity in lithographic materials
Photolysis system for fast-response NO2 measurements and method therefor
Simplified wide range air fuel ratio sensor
Gas sensor
Method of analyzing a gas mixture to determine its explosibility and system for implementing a method of this kind
Optical sensor unit and procedure for the ultrasensitive detection of chemical or biochemical analytes
Method for selectively modulating the interactions between survivin and tubulin
Method of identifying agonist and antagonists for tumor necrosis related receptors TR1 and TR2
Method and apparatus for adaptive frame-rate adjustment in ultrasound imaging system
Packaged integrated processor and spatial light modulator
Alignment of lenticular sheets
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Antistatic layer for a photographic element
Method for making an advanced guard ring for stacked film using a novel mask design
Radiographic film material exhibiting increased covering power and "colder" blue-black image tone
Silver halide light sensitive color reversal photographic material
Photographic element containing a DIR coupler
Quartz defect removal utilizing gallium staining and femtosecond ablation
Positive photoresist composition
Use of thin carbon films as a bottom anti-reflective coating in manufacturing magnetic heads
Pattern writing method
Electrophotosensitive material
Toner, toner production process, and image-forming method
Toner processes
Developer compositions and processes
Method for manufacturing an assembly comprising a hard plastic watch case and at least one push button
Radio frequency remote game controller
Autonomous boundary detection system for echocardiographic images
Coin changer
Magneto-optical recording medium and reproducing device
Optical recording medium and process for producing same
Combination magnetoresistive/inductive thin film magnetic head and its manufacturing method
Magnetic recording medium
Soft magnetic film soft magnetic multilayer film method of manufacturing the same and magnetic device
Optical disk and method for manufacturing the same
Optical information recording medium and recording method
Composite material for positive temperature coefficient thermistor, ceramic for positive temperature coefficient thermistor and method for manufacturing ceramics for positive temperature coefficient thermistor
Bulk amorphous metal magnetic component
Method of packaging solid electrolytic capacitor having terminatons formed on cut surfaces of a resin encapsulant
Method of producing a cathode ray tube
Method to form a corrugated structure for enhanced capacitance
Semiconductor device with silicide contact structure and fabrication method thereof
Process to provide enhanced resistance to cracking and to further reduce the dielectric constant of a low dielectric constant dielectric film of an integrated circuit structure by implantation with hydrogen ions
Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry
Quantum thin line producing method and semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Transistor device and method of forming the same
Non-distort spacer profile during subsequent processing
Method for forming an L-shaped spacer using a disposable polysilicon spacer
Method of fabricating flash memory cell using two tilt implantation steps
Methods of forming features of integrated circuits using modified buried layers
Single crystal TFT from continuous transition metal delivery method
Method of coating semiconductor wafer with resin and mold used therefor
Method for selective extraction of sacrificial place-holding material used in fabrication of air gap-containing interconnect structures
Process for treating damaged surfaces of low k carbon doped silicon oxide dielectric material after plasma etching and plasma cleaning steps
Method for enhancing line-to-line capacitance uniformity of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited (PECVD) inter-metal dielectric (IMD) layers
Method of making dual damascene interconnect structure and metal electrode capacitor
Electroless epitaxial etching for semiconductor applications
Transposed split of ion cut materials
Method and apparatus for applying adhesives to a lead frame
Process for producing high-epsilon dielectric layer or ferroelectric layer
Methods for fabricating a semiconductor chip having CMOS devices and a fieldless array
Method for controlling an N-type dopant concentration depth profile in bipolar transistor epitaxial layers
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device using semi-insulating polycrystalline silicon and fabrication method thereof
Laterial thin-film silicon-on-insulator (SOI) device having a gate electrode and a field plate electrode
Method of making tungsten gate MOS transistor and memory cell by encapsulating
Process for manufacturing MIS transistor with self-aligned metal grid
Method of producing a SI-GE base heterojunction bipolar device
Shallow-implant elevated source/drain doping from a sidewall dopant source
Semiconductor transistor devices and methods for forming semiconductor transistor devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having copper interconnects
Semiconductor wafer processing method and semiconductor wafers produced by the same
Planarization of a polysilicon layer surface by chemical mechanical polish to improve lithography and silicide formation
Method for reducing electromigration in semiconductor interconnect lines
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and a process for forming the semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for electroless plating a contact pad
Manufacturing method for semiconductor metalization barrier
Parameter adjustment in a MOS integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for characterizing semiconductor device performance variations based on independent critical dimension measurements
Method and apparatus for minimizing semiconductor wafer arcing during semiconductor wafer processing
Precleaning process for metal plug that minimizes damage to low-.kappa. dielectric
Methods for fabricating microelectronic device interconnects with spun-on glass regions
Dual damascene process
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit
Low cost silicon substrate with impurity gettering and latch up protection and method of manufacture
Laminated substrate fabricated from semiconductor wafers bonded to each other without contact between insulating layer and semiconductor layer and process of fabrication thereof
Process for lift off and transfer of semiconductor devices onto an alien substrate
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices with dual gate oxides
Method of improving alignment for semiconductor fabrication
Method for forming a semiconductor device with a tailored well profile
Semiconductor element having external connection terminals, method of manufacturing the semiconductor element, and semiconductor device equipped with the semiconductor element
Multilayer wiring structure and semiconductor device having the same, and manufacturing method therefor
Method for forming aluminum interconnection
Semiconductor memory device and method for the manufacture thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Quantum dot infrared detection device and method for fabricating the same
Air delivery system with volume-changeable plenum for metal-air battery
Flexible battery structure
Battery having pressure relief mechanism formed in container
Circuit breaker for secondary battery
Electrode having PTC characteristic
Secondary lithium battery comprising lithium deposited on negative electrode material
Anode invention for lithium/transition metal fluoride molten salt cells and batteries
Rechargeable lithium battery with a lithium molybdenum oxide electrode
Lithium salt/carbonate electrolyte system, a method for the preparation thereof, the use thereof and a battery containing the electrolyte system
Organic expander for lead-acid storage batteries
Connector equipped with snap latching structure
Top access cap for barrel IDC connector and connector including the cap
Reduced cross-talk high frequency wiring connection system
Current generating system for a vehicle having an internal combustion engine
Flexible board
Suction plate for holding and supporting electronic circuit boards during printing operation
Copper foil composite including a release layer
Method of vacuum-laminating adhesive film
Circuit card guide having a grounding strip
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