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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tillage implement with stop for resilient mounting
Lawn mower having deck lift system with overbiasing springs
Straight through line feed vegetation trimmer apparatus
Equipment designs for applying agricultural management materials
Method for modulating the number of archesporial cells in a developing anther
Melon variety NUN 26357 MEM
Structure of pet feces collection bag
Water circulation device for jellyfish aquarium
Marine containment device
Hunting tree stand
Copper-and-titanium-containing composition and production method therefor
Fat-based food products
Cosmetic formulation
Handheld skinning device with a simple blade replacement
Smoking article and method for a cigar or cigarillo having a longitudinal bore for adjustable draw
Electronic cigarette
Pair of complementary articles of clothing
Upper body garment for providing support
Footwear with improved sole
Shoe with removable magnetic toe cap
Motorcycling boot with improved comfort
Footwear structure
Freshening rings
Shock absorber cane systems
Special flushable disposable gloves systems
Armband for an electronic device
Oral kit including visible sticker panel
Foldable table having legs of unequal length
Laundry transfer apparatus
Stand system for suspending a baby car seat on baby car seat sling
Jewelry case with many viewable spaces and removable sections
Multipurpose wearable and collapsible holder
Hosiery donning device
Container for liquids and set for making the same
Water focusing cleaning head
Vacuum cleaner
Insertable lighting device
Shaft of a laparoscopic instrument
Cautery needle for separating and/or penetrating the pericardium
Responsive gastric stimulator
Attachment device to attach tissue graft
Clips for vascular anastomosis and method of use
Ophthalmic instruments
Dental apparatus and method of utilizing the same
Nonlinear system identification techniques and devices for discovering dynamic and static tissue properties
Reconstruction of cardiac activation information based on electrical and mechanical means
Method of biomedical signal analysis including improved automatic segmentation
Method and arrangement to predict at least one system event and a corresponding computer program and a corresponding machine-readable storage medium
Low-power analog architecture for brain-machine interfaces
IL-1 receptor antagonist-coated electrode and uses thereof
System and method for delivering a stent to a selected position within a lumen
Method and system for detecting electrophysiological changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue and epithelium
Ultrasonic probe, position display apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Fiber-reinforced composite post
Condylar prosthesis for a temporo-mandibular joint
Stent graft apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for stenting comprising enhanced embolic protection coupled with improved protections against restenosis and thrombus formation
Cardiac valve repair device
Cooling elements with bands
Occlusion implant
Rescue basket
Cross action chest compression apparatus for cardiac arrest
Sauna apparatus for half-body bath
Immune cell activation inhibitor and use thereof
(2R)-2-propyloctanoic acid for functional brain disease
Antimicrobial alcohol foam compositions and methods of preparation
Process for producing inorganic particulate material
Compounds and methods for treating multiple sclerosis
Methods of treating patients infected with HIV and HTLV
Compositions for treating multiple sclerosis
Vaccine and method for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Phospholipid depot
Oral drug delivery system
Kit containing patches and composition for insect bite treatment
Process and radiator device for wort sterilization by radiation for ethanol production
Apparatus and method for transdermal delivery of bioactive solution
System and method for cardiac lead switching
Method for fabrication of a stretchable electronic skin
Medical lead with stiffening coil
Lead anchors and systems and methods employing the lead anchors
Self anchoring lead
Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Implantable electrical line
Heuristic safety net for transitioning configurations in a neural stimulation system
Pocket kits and methods for retrofitting and adapting common notebook computers, laptop computers, and tablet computers, to enable each to be used as an automated external defibrillator (AED), and as a manual defibrillator
Near-infrared enhancement of circadian and ultradian spatiotemporal cellular coordination
Sorafenib-microRNA combination therapy for liver cancer
Water-based gel cosmetic compositions containing emulsifier
Bentonite-fiberglass fire blanket
Beach ball including light-emitting device and light-emitting device accommodating groove
Portable golf impact practice mat
Shoulder pads incorporating a cervical spine protection device
Playground for handicapped children
Toy construction set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter for a portable industrial air filtration device
Programmable membrane system
Device for polymerizing lactams in molds
Preparation of propane oxidation catalysts
Optimization of washcoat adhesion of zero-PGM catalyst on metallic substrates
Ferrous zeolite, method for producing ferrous zeolites, and method for catalytically reducing nitrous oxides
Photocatalytic coating film and method for producing same
Centrifuge with overlapping metal plate
Lawn-mower-mounted sprayers, assemblies, components, and methods
Sheet forming tool and a method for the manufacture of a corrugated sheet
Exchangeable head cutting tool
Method for grinding toothed workpieces and apparatus designed therefor
Apparatus of mounting and removing component, method of mounting component and method of removing component
Device and method for holding a tool bit
Milling machine with a smart clamp for automatically determining the Z origin of a work piece
Fuel injector assembly apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for cutting a substrate
Method and apparatus for bending LED light guides
Washing machine and method of manufacturing the same
Composite and method for making same
Method for making self-assembling, collagen-based material for corneal replacement
Vulcanized tire vulcanization apparatus
Method for applying a bladder release agent between a green tire and a bladder in a tire curing machine
Unloading device
Apparatus for stamping belts
Information processing for executing pre-press and press processes
Tow hitch with movable coupling
Apparatus and method for radiant heating and cooling for vehicles
Sun tracking tint visor
Tank with inverted sump
Control device for controlling drive force that operates on vehicle
Distributed battery management system for remote repletion of electric vehicles
Method for operating a hybrid drive
Seat arrangement for a vehicle
Rotatable cargo platform for trailer vehicle
Light sensor
Motor vehicle having a retractable screen
Vehicle wiper device
System and method for communicating in a vehicle consist
Air spring for railroad car
Modification for a hand truck
Driving assist unit of truck
Apparatus for conveying goods and/or a person
Baby stroller
Stern hatch means
Personal floatation assembly
Watercraft immobilizing apparatus and system
Aircraft fuselage structure
Aircraft wing with wing tip device
Semi-open fluid jet VTOL aircraft
Particle swarm-based micro air launch vehicle trajectory optimization method
Rotating tucking device for a single roll wrapper system
Method and apparatus for removing air from an article-filled bag with oscillating rings
Unit for applying glue on labels and conveying such labels
Connected spouts of containers and related methods
Closure with an elastically deformable element
Welding wire spool support
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus to temporarily restrain stretchable non-woven fabric
Fixed Constructions
Touch-latch device for opening and holding a furniture opening component in a closed position
Method and system for characterizing ride experiences
Digital multi range liquid level detector
Virtual vehicle interface
Vehicular passenger detection system
Method for detecting a level of contamination of a particle sensor, and particle sensor
Ultrasonic positioning device for five-axis machine
Apparatus and method for measuring the properties of petroleum fractions and pure hydrocarbon liquids by light refraction
Methods and apparatus for estimating rotor slots
System for independently modifying jitter and noise components in a signal digitizing instrument
Waveform observing apparatus
Scan latch with phase-free scan enable
Method and apparatus for monitoring storm activity on the earth's surface in real time
Vehicle sunroof with switchable glazing and side-firing light emitting diodes
Communication control apparatus
Learning and use of schemata in robotic devices
Condition-based monitoring system for machinery and associated methods
Apparatus and method for providing power to a network interface device
Latency based platform coordination
Impedance design method
Methods to securely bind an encryption key to a storage device
Stale track initialization in a storage controller
Management of write cache using stride objects
Management system and computer system management method
Memory space management and mapping for memory area network
Memory micro-tiling request reordering
Memory access determination circuit, memory access determination method and electronic device
Method for determining allocation of tape drive resources for a secure data erase process
Reorganization of a fragmented directory of a storage data structure comprised of the fragmented directory and members
Method and apparatus for performing address mapping in virtual file system of storage unit having a plurality of non-volatile data storage media
Nonvolatile memory system using data interleaving scheme
System, method and computer program product for providing a programmable quiesce filtering register
Information processing system for measuring the cache effect in a virtual capacity
Tiered object-related trust decisions
Storage controller having virtual volume
Applet embedded cross-platform caching
System to reduce the time and complexity of self configuring systems
Printing machine safety system
Apparatus, system and method for context and language specific data entry
Method and apparatus for accessing a contacts database and telephone services
System and method for remote network access
System for enhanced management of social networks on mobile devices
Invoking multiple SIP based services during a single communication session using resource lists
Messaging system and method
Binary data serialization system using machine dependant data alignment
Storage system
Information on demand process framework to generate, manage, secure, and deploy browsers and application accessible web services
Processing event notifications with an event sink
Personal broadcast and content delivery engine
Supporting memory management in an offload of network protocol processing
Monitoring threshold functions over distributed data sets
Connectivity over stateful firewalls
Distributed storage system, connection information notifying method, and recording medium in which distributed storage program is recorded
Method and communication system for managing a communication network
Secure software licensing and provisioning using hardware based security engine
Web server for managing session and method thereof
Method and device for detecting connectivity termination of internet protocol version 6 access networks
Content protection continuity through authorized chains of components
Hierarchical application programming interface for communication middleware in partially connected mobile ad hoc networks
Network monitor program executed in a computer of cluster system, information processing method and computer
Message abnormality automatic detection device, method and program
Device management system, servers, method for managing device, and computer readable medium
System and method for cross domain learning for data augmentation
Method and device to assist in navigation in an airport sector
Printer driver program, print control apparatus and print control method
Control apparatus for vehicle drive unit
Method, system and computer program product for providing digital content
Electronic filing system and electronic filing method
Transformation of physical and logical layout forms to logical layout pages
Multi-directional auto-complete menu
Information extraction from a database
Removal of redundant information from electronic documents
A/C compressor clutch power management
Method and system for text compression and decompression
Spending vehicles for payments
Techniques to dynamically modify themes based on messaging
Method and system for processing data
Virtual message persistence service
Method and apparatus for generating readable, unique identifiers
File listener system and method
QoS-enabled lifecycle management for file systems
Automatically creating data hierarchy in CRM applications based on imported contact data
Database system in which logical principles for a data retrieval process can evolve based upon learning
Policy driven distributed data resiliency
Real-time visualization of user consumption of media items
Selection of associated content for content items
Displaying server errors on the client machine that caused the failed request
Tab search utility
Method and device for presenting relationship closeness
Innovative verification methodology for deeply embedded computational element
Reusable structured hardware description language design component
Integrated circuit routing with compaction
Systems, methods, and programs for leakage power and timing optimization in integrated circuit designs
Method and apparatus for integrated circuit package thermo-mechanical reliability analysis
Method and apparatus for generating a model of an object
Correction factors for electromagnetic measurements made through conductive material
Simulation of complex system architecture
Control of critical dimensions in optical imaging processes for semiconductor production by extracting imaging imperfections on the basis of imaging tool specific intensity measurements and simulations
Fault tolerance method and apparatus for robot software component
Method and apparatus for door selectable automatic unlocking sensor
Mass based methods and systems for estimating soot load
Computer system, management terminal, storage system and encryption management method
Image forming system
Token-based client to server authentication of a secondary communication channel by way of primary authenticated communication channels
Method of generating a password protocol using elliptic polynomial cryptography
System and method for privacy protection using identifiability risk assessment
Apparatus and method for converting the visual appearance of a Java application program in real time
Mobile terminal and message inbox searching method thereof
Communication with input/output system devices
Hybrid channel map
Information processing apparatus and method, and program
Coordinated actions of kernel and userspace components
Dynamically mapping chat session invitation history
Aggregating dynamic visual content
Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools
Supporting multiple high bandwidth I/O controllers on a single chip
Information processing apparatus, method, and storage medium containing information processing program with rotary operation
Directional focus navigation
Transmission device and method, reception device and method, and transmission/reception system
Problem reporting system based on user interface interactions
Method for enhancing efficacy of preparation of monoclonal antibody
Shifter with all-one and all-zero detection using a portion of partially shifted vector and shift amount in parallel to generated shifted result
Boosting a ranker for improved ranking accuracy
Maintaining commonly named client-specific file content in hard disk drive emulation
Determining spam in information collected by a source
Indentifying referring expressions for concepts
System and method for automatic weight generation for probabilistic matching
Transferable restricted security tokens
Efficient modification of packet filters in a wireless communication network
Microchips with multiple internal hardware-based firewalls and dies
Systems and methods of generating a quality assurance project status
Service re-factoring method and system
Using encoding to detect security bugs
Generation of a program code in a load format and provision of an executable program code
Installation method, information processing apparatus and device driver
Application program verification system, application program verification method and computer program
Application executing terminal
System and method for creating platform-specific self-extracting client packages using a production server
Procedure control descriptor-based code specialization for context sensitive memory disambiguation
Software-to-hardware compiler with symbol set inference analysis
Compile timing based on execution frequency of a procedure
Selective exposure to USB device functionality for a virtual machine by filtering descriptors
Fair share scheduling based on an individual user's resource usage and the tracking of that usage
Scheduling ready tasks by generating network flow graph using information receive from root task having affinities between ready task and computers for execution
Adjunct processor load balancing
Method and system for enhanced medical triage
Social network marketing plan monitoring method and system
System and methods for online performance management
System and method for utilizing a wireless communications device
Cross channel delivery system and method
System and method for insurance vendor self-audits
Computer-based system
Server device for controlling a transaction, first entity and second entity
Method and system for processing of data related to underwriting of insurance
System and method for facilitating the handling of a dispute using disparate architecture
System and method for transferring a line of credit balance to a cash account
System and method for providing real estate referrals
Business to business dynamic pricing system
Reusable drinking bottle lid with counter
System and method for dynamic data mining and distribution of maritime data
Method and device for processing a request message received in an aircraft, from ground control, via a data transmission system
Viterbi decoder and speech recognition method using same using non-linear filter for observation probabilities
Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon simultaneous speech
Fast spectral partitioning for efficient encoding
Speech coder and speech decoder
Method and system for efficient pacing of speech for transcription
System and method for providing network coordinated conversational services
Optical disk drive
Information storage disk dispensing apparatus with a disk inclining member
Error correction circuit, flash memory system including the error correction circuit, and operating method of the error correction circuit
Data retrieval systems
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Data processing arrangements for use in data communication apparatus in connection with error correction
Test pattern generating method, device, and program
Apparatus and method for decoding in mobile communication system
Multi-dimensional Volterra series transmitter linearization
Receiver having a gain-controllable input stage
Non-linear signal distortion detection using multiple signal to noise ratio measurement sources
Method and system for DC compensation and AGC
Personal area network systems and devices and methods for use thereof
Secondary radio-nodes for mobile communications networks and related methods
Wireless drink order tray
Method for generating and transmitting channel quality indicator based on adjacent band selection scheme
Transmitter with self-test capability
Method of transmitting a antenna control signal
Method and system for initiating PoC session including different answer modes according to media types
Encryption processing for streaming media
Techniques for real-time adaptive password policies
Secure data parser method and system
Establishing secure mutual trust using an insecure password
Cryptographic techniques for a communications network
Method, apparatus and product for RFID authentication
System and method for the automatic identification of subject-executed code and subject-granted access rights
Systems and methods for secure supply chain management and inventory control
Method and apparatus for selective data control
Method and system for electronic device authentication
Updateable secure kernel extensions
Access network selection method
Combined rear view mirror and telephone
Communication device
Communication device
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Device providing biological protection against the electromagnetic waves emitted by a mobile telephone
Method for implementing a wireless local area network (WLAN) gateway system
Contact list
System, method, and software program product for tracking call failures on a wireless phone
Phone call by picture selection
Method for setting coloring ring back tone
Redirecting of calls to avoid network interworking between fixed network and radio communications network
System, apparatus and method for generating and ranking contact information and related advertisements in response to query on communication device
Mobile terminal and method for controlling broadcast in mobile terminal
Method and system of providing switch broadcast television
System, apparatus and method of providing personal broadcasting service according to scheduling
Mobile terminal, context management server, application registration server, and application execution method
Method and system for mobile communications
Automatic handover oscillation control
Method of providing messages to a mobile unit on a forward link
Mobility access gateway
Method and device for supporting call service
Wireless base station and mobile station
Method and apparatus of operating femto base station in wireless communication system
Base station, mobile station, and redirected cell determination method
Communication system and communication method
Water heater
Solar-assisted garment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Handle for a tool and a tool provided therewith
Knock-on sweep structure
Turf aerator
Pitch adjustment for a tillage shank assembly
Folding agricultural implement
Booklet for use in plant germination and transplantation
Mobile power driven vegetation trimmer and line feed control
Hinge system for articulating mower decks
Kudzu control method and apparatus
Feed rolls for tree handling equipment
Installation device for yard hydrant
Watering device
Embryo delivery system for manufactured seeds
Apparatus for performing animal related operations, with protection means, i.e. breaker device
Pet areas mat
Breeding nest-forming structure and breeding housing using the same for small pet animals
System for securing an animal
Method and installation for identifying animals
Animal control system
Toy device for an animal
Snake catcher
Birdcage perch
Method of making a tubular element and product, particularly bird feeder hopper, produced thereby
Birdbath assembly and method
Animal feeder support device
Removable cap assembly
Free-standing, portable support system stand for dispensing liquid for pets/animals
Hand net frame
Spinner-type fishing lures
Remotely controlled vibrating fishing bait
Process for making an aquatic lure phosphorescent and charging same with an ultraviolet light
Fish retaining assembly for ice fishing
Hook setting fishing pole holder
Humane animal trap
Turkey decoy
Systems and methods for freezing, storing and thawing biopharmaceutical material
Conveyor oven with modulated gas flow
Baking pan with hinged fold down sides
Process for producing ice creams and machine for implementing such process
Gas grill propane monitor
Pivotal back for a sandal style shoe
Shock absorbing device for shoe sole
Shoe mounted identification assembly and method
Moisture and temperature regulating insole
Footwear with removable foot-supporting member
Spring space shoe
Step-in snowshoe binding system
Structure of an adjusting buckle for shoulder straps
Tying fastener
Luggage strap with ratchet and lock
Three point release buckle assembly
Simplified controlling apparatus of an automatic umbrella
Case for flexible elongated objects
Hair separator and fluid applicator apparatus with improved fluid retention
Film for dispenser package in the form of a pouch with a flap
Lipstick blotter
Shoulder protection device for use when carrying a ladder
Carrying case for an inhaler
Entertainment system comprising suspension platform
Television base casting
Support pillow and methods for its use
Cooling apparatus and releasing system for beverages in containers
Self-standing display device
Modular service bar
Picture frame
Printed decorating painting
Method and apparatus for aligning a wall hanging
Tea infuser with manual agitator
Vacuum demand valve
Glass beverage container with thermally insulated exterior surface
Brewed iced tea or non-carbonated drink dispenser
Barbecue device
Leg support for barbecue kettle
Rethermalization / refrigeration food delivery system
Handle for vessel
Kitchen utensil
Pot holder
Rolled web dispenser and cutting apparatus
Folded sheet product, dispenser and related assembly
Dual cleaning mode carpet extractor
Wringing device
Method and assembly for washing wares for food and filling wares with food
Vacuum cleaner
Contraceptive transcervical fallopian tube occlusion devices and methods
Intervertebral disc repair methods and apparatus
Single patient dose medicament dispenser with applicator
Visual reference system for sanitary absorbent article
Pneumatic muscle analogs for exoskeletal robotic limbs and associated control mechanisms
Laser surgery eye shield
Reusable coffin
Changeable personal mobility vehicle
Medicament vial having a heat-sealable cap, and apparatus and method for filling the vial
Teat nozzle for dosing device with connection means
Method and system for high-speed discrete object counting and dispensing
Jogger system having a mail compression capability therein
Device for measuring pressure comprising a membrane moulded into a cassette
Applicator for dispensing bioactive compositions and methods for using the same
Nasal cannula headband apparatus
Container for transportation and dispensing of unused syringes and for storage of used syringes
Building evacuation system
Foam concentrate proportioning system and methods for rescue and fire fighting vehicles
Fixed contact point practicing machine
Interlocking floor panels
Card like construction element
Performing Operations; Transporting
Air filter for a well
Vapor-compression evaporative air conditioning systems and components
Enthalpy pump
Method and apparatus for mixing gases
Apparatus for volumetric metering of small quantity of powder from fluidized beds
Cartridge for packaging a sensor in a fluid calibrant
Autosampler syringe with compression sealing
Dispenser pump
Dispensing device comprising a reservoir and attachment means provided with protected piercing means
Cartridge plunger with gas evacuation
Mechanical ultrasonic and high frequency sonic device
Wafer cleaning
Megasonic cleaner probe system with gasified fluid
Particle removal apparatus
Method and apparatus for online and offline cleaning of industrial systems
Ultrasonic testing system
Drawing machine
Process allowing to increase the cracking corrosion resistance of a wire under stress
Method and device for removing dents from sheet metal parts
Resinous hose
Pneumatic metal-work tool
Method of making large volume hollow bodies
Method and apparatus for clinching metal sheets
Tread rolling head
Method for extracting a tool from a hollow object and tool for machining a hollow object
Rack and pinion steering apparatus
Apparatus for assembling a stator core
Device for producing a lifting and lowering movement
Method and apparatus for compacting molding sand
Erosion-resistant cold-box foundry binder systems
Countergravity casting method and apparatus
Intensification through displacement of a coacting mold member
High speed milling and turning/turn broaching/turning and turn broaching
Roof bit body and insert assembly
Machining apparatuses and methods of use
Milling cutter and cutting insert therefor
High speed flying shear
Structure of a connection seat and a suspension seat of the connection seat for a suspension round saw
Method of producing a surgical saw blade
Microinscribed gemstone
Method and apparatus for aligning a circular recuperator core
Cotter-mounting apparatus
Line of manufacturing units for carrying out machining operations, provided with modular translating devices for the transfer of workpieces form one unit to another of the line
Measuring the surface properties of polishing pads using ultrasonic reflectance
Handle for socket wrench
Magnetic device for retaining tool members to drivers
Hand tool angle adjustment structure
Tool with fastener engaging member
Electroportable device for placing clinch-on nuts or break-off stem blind rivets
Sleeve for pulling tool, corresponding pulling tool and corresponding method of removal
Door hinge pin remover tool
Ratchet clip
Hammer drill
Display case, carry case and storage stand for a plurality of elongated tools
Holding arm for energy supply
Self locking folding knife
Multi-positionable hair trimmer
Hair clipping device with rotating bladeset having multiple cutting edges
Dry shaving apparatus
Razor blade technology
Shaving head with drivable hair manipulator and drivable cutting member
Center scribing kit for use with drilling templates
Rolling sheet material cutting device
Apparatus for cutting optimally sized fruit and vegetable pieces
Variable-length cut-off folder and method
Device and method for a job change in a system for the lengthwise cutting of a weblike material
Cutting machine, cutting tool and anvil roller
Adjustable hacksaw weight
Miter saw stand with adjustable layout measuring apparatus
Method for loading ceramic tile forming moulds, plant for its implementation, and tiles obtained thereby
Steering wheel accent strip
Edging strip
Producing method of film with through-holes
Rope loop connection system for yachts
Apparatus for extracting liquid from a composite mass
Method of reducing the volume of empty packaging and compression device for empty packaging
Method and apparatus for crushing and sorting cans
Multi-layered pipe
Laminator and laminating method for lamination to substrate
Method for imaging a media sleeve on a computer-to-plate imaging machine
Printing unit with roll-away inkers
Lithographic imaging with printing members having multiphase laser-responsive layers
Rotary press control apparatus and method capable of controlling operation in a power failure
Device for the control of blowing air, turner bar assembly, and printing machine
Method and apparatus for determining slipping in a nip roller
Device for adjusting the distance between tools in printing machinery
Wiper blades for screen printing
Printing press with a sheet-turning-over-mechanism
Sheet-fed rotary printing press
Press plate mounting apparatus
Printer for printing on wrapping paper being fed to a cigarette making machine
Method of determining the area coverage of printing plates
Ink control in printing press
Sheet cleaner in a multi-station printing machine
Printing machine with block-cleaning device
Universal shaft design for automatic wiping
Flexographic printing machine
Printing press having a central plate cylinder
Staggered gear for bi-directional operation
Method of manufacturing an imageable support matrix for printhead nozzle plates
Method of manufacturing a four color modular printhead
Sheet carrier apparatus
Stencil printing machine and stencil printing method
Apparatus and method for direct rotary printing compositions onto cylindrical articles
Flexopgraphic printing plate and raw plate therefor
Aesthetic security doorway
Hand applicator for adhesive tape
Tire mounting tool
Collapsible structures having overlapping support loops
Insert for trim, trim and weather strip for vehicle
Weather strip for automobile
Door panel assembly
Hybrid system for vehicle with 4WD start mode
Magnetically levitated transportation system and method
Load detection structure for vehicle seat
Method for manufacturing a bumper bar
Apparatus to ensure use of vehicle seat belt
Occupant detecting apparatus capable of improving detection accuracy
Automatic prop-up device of windshield wiper
Wiper blade with spring bias
High-frequency melting of ice between freezer packages
Manual dryer unit for self-service car wash
Support device for articulated vehicle trailer
Spring brake cylinder having an emergency release device
Vacuum boost apparatus
Motor-driven feedback mechanism
Plug door drive system
Railroad car with system for transporting and unloading cargo
Method for steering a vehicle and steering system therefore
Four-wheel steering system for utility vehicle
Measuring force transmitted by force transmission equipment
Top head set securing device for bicycles
Cable disc brake with manual wear adjustment mechanism
Intelligent electric bicycle automatically operable in different modes
Smith Moses hydro lift flaps
Supercavitation ventilation control system
Personal watercraft
Hulls for planing and semi-planing craft
Boat stability and directional-control device
Rechargeable breathing apparatus particularly an apparatus for divers
Watercraft steering apparatus with joystick
Rudder construction
Serrated leech flaps for sails
Self-closing access door
Integral structural shell component for an aircraft and method of manufacturing the same
Pneumatic cabin super charger
Aviatorial valve assembly
Jig loading system
Loading apparatus for loading a strip of a soft material into a container
Machine for wrapping a load with a device for pleating a width of film
Machine for packaging a pile of paper products, such as serviettes and the like
Strapping packaging device
Method and apparatus for manufacturing sealed packets of cigarettes
Plant for packaging and bagging rolls of paper
System and method for providing a regulated atmosphere for packaging perishable goods
Apparatus for cutting a row of capsules from a capsule strip and for fixing them on a row of filled receptacles
Apparatus for putting sleeves onto conveyed articles
Packaging machine for continuously producing sealed packages of a pourable food product, and having a capacitive level sensor
Clip for collapsible tube
Tamper evident valve outlet cap
Thin wall closure for use with a container
Cartridge insert which fits into a box
Flip-top container closure apparatus
Article-packaging structure
Bundling strap
Modified atmosphere packaging for a floral grouping
Dispensing apparatus
Impact liner for granular material
Skewed-roller belt drive for belt-driven roller conveyor
Closed belt conveyor operating in a 3-D space
Continuous belt conveyor tensioning mechanism
Device for inward and/or outward transfer of material to be conveyed
Axle holding yoke for conveyor roller
Feeding apparatus for chip component
Sluice for discharging bulk material
Material handling apparatus
Tape dispenser
Method and device for processing printed materials
Elevator door sill assembly
Method of escalator modernization
Escalator or moving walkway with overhead support
Pulse-free escalator
Escalator drive machine
Elevator load bearing assembly having a ferromagnetic element that provides an indication of local strain
Sea grass slab planter and related process
Automatic capping equipment, provided with a sterilizing device
Multiple head bottle filling apparatus and method
Compact bottling machine
Container drainer holder
Apparatus and method for delivering liquids
Beverage dispenser and automatic shut-off valve
Liquid supply nozzle
Spring units for mattresses and the like
Method for forming an actuator array device
Micromechanical device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for the production of freshwater from extremely hot and humid air
Process for manufacture of a component made of opaque synthetic quartz glass
Loose-fill insulation conditioning duct
Device for driving two mold halves of a glass forming machine
High regression rate hybrid rocket propellants
Process for removing trace solvent from a material
Heat pipe systems using new working fluids
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations and high inert gas concentrations for fueling gas turbines
Phosphate fluorosurfactants for use in carbon dioxide
Temperature regulator for a substrate in vapor deposition processes
Textiles; Paper
Yarns comprised of bulked continuous filaments of poly (trimethylene terephthalate)
Microfiber structure
Net body using helical wire members
Mattress handle formed of a textile web with cushioned edges
CNC controlled buttonhole sewing machine
Buttonhole sewing machine
Sewing machine and embroidering frame having means for damping vibration of the frame
Iron vaporization chamber coating
Wall-mounted self-storing ironing board
Garment folding aid
Fixed Constructions
Viaduct for a railway line or the like
Fence chain indicator
Snowthrower discharge assembly clearance method and apparatus for facilitating same
Construction machine
Excavator with a piping structure for absorbing variations in hose length
Cutting tooth for a trencher chain
Quick connect/disconnect water faucet conduit assembly
Dual sensor liquid accumulator
Drainage mat and mortar blocker
Panel system
Utility panel system
Structural elements
Method and apparatus for providing a visual indication of the tension applied to a tendon of a post-tension system
Intersectional reinforcing bar support
Intersectional reinforcing bar support
Roll type roof ridge ventilator and associated method
Awning, in particular sun room awning
Drywall finishing strip
Cedar impression siding corner
Modular floor tiles and floor system
Siding gauge tool
Prestressed concrete fence post assembly and method of construction
Shelter having a tensioned sidewall assembly
Bonded swimming pool ladder anchor socket
Door fastener device
Vending machine lock
Cylinder lock arrangement
Door lock system
Lock assembly with self retained barrel lock
Protection case for combination locks
Locking assembly for securing firearms and the like
Operating and locking mechanisms for handcuffs
Articulated joint, in particular a door hinge, having a device for fastening a first movement element
Hinge apparatus to open and close an upper member used in an office machine
Arrangement for sliding doors on mobile units
Support mechanism for tilted window sash
Counter weight door
Adjustable and reversible hinge assembly
Hinge assembly capable of damping door movement
Window jamb having uniform appearance
Jamb protection system
Safety gate and guard for such a gate
Insulating window and profile material therefor
Method of fabricating muntin bars for simulated divided lite windows
Panel door construction and method of making same
Brake for a cordless blind
PCD face seal for earth-boring bit
Side cutting gage pad improving stabilization and borehole integrity
Bi-directional explosive transfer subassembly and method for use of same
Power tong
Float collar
Method and apparatus for operations in underground subsea oil and gas wells
Wireless packer/anchor setting or activation
Sand screen with integrated sensors
Gas-lock re-prime device for submersible pumps and related methods
Flapper lock open apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing fluids from multiple formations
Apparatus for radially expanding a tubular member
Apparatus and method for heating subterranean formations using fuel cells
Drilling mechanics load cell sensor
System for pressure testing tubing
Inductively coupled method and apparatus of communicating with wellbore equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine and thermal cycle
Radial vane rotary device
Combustion turbine power generation system and method of controlling the same
Aircraft gas turbine engine with control vanes for counter rotating low pressure turbines
Internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Control apparatus of variable valve timing mechanism and method thereof
Variable valve timing engine
Variable valve mechanism of internal combustion engine
Electrically rotatable shaft
Oscillating camshaft controlled valve operating device
Device to actuate a gas shuttle valve in an internal combustion engine
Ladder frame of an engine
Pressure control valve with pressurized membrane
Method for removing oil from crankcase ventilation gases and devices for implementing said method
Process for checking the operatability of a nitrogen oxide storage catalyst
Method of purifying exhaust gas from internal combustion engine
Arrangement and method for igniting a combustible gas mixture for the exhaust system of an internal-combustion engine and corresponding exhaust system
Method of detection of flow duct obstruction
Air induction system
Method and apparatus for testing fluid flow through transmission cooling systems
Liquid cooled internal combustion engine
Engine cooling apparatus
Exhaust device for two-stroke internal combustion engine
Direct-injection spark-ignition engine
Variable compression ratio mechanism for reciprocating internal combustion engine
Crankshaft oil circuit
Fuel supply system of a V-type engine
Process for the operation of a gas turbine plant
Jet engine igniter lead elbow assembly
Electric-control-type throttle apparatus
Internal combustion engine operable in PCCI mode with post-ignition injection and method of operation
Multiple operating mode engine and method of operation
Control system for an internal combustion engine boosted with an electronically controlled compressor
Direct-injection spark-ignition engine with a turbo charging device
Method for determining a functioning parameter of an engine
Method and system for reducing NOx tailpipe emissions of a lean-burn internal combustion engine
Crankshaft position sensing in a combustion engine
Ignition or fuel injection control system with auxiliary source
Fuel injection control apparatus of internal combustion engine
System and method for detecting an air leak in an engine
Controller for internal combustion engine having fuel injection system
Method for diagnosing the adjustment device of a swirl control valve
Piston and cylinder bore having improved scuffing resistance
Parallel slot heat exchanger
Rocket exhaust plume signature tailoring
Gearless electric thrust reverser actuators and actuation system incorporating same
EGR cooler
Liquid fuel reformer and internal combustion engine
Intake module, wiring module and control module for internal combustion engine
Multi-chamber resonator
Common rail fuel injector for internal combustion engines, as well as a fuel system and an internal combustion engine incorporating the injector
Clamping element for a fuel injection valve and fuel injection system
Method for making a through opening in a high-pressure fuel reservoir, and apparatus for performing the method
Fuel injector with direct needle valve control
Auxiliary systems for an engine having two electrical actuators on a single circuit
Fuel injector tappet retention mechanism
Fixing device
Fuel injection apparatus of engine
Common rail fuel injection apparatus and control method thereof
Ignition system for an internal combustion engine
Ignition apparatus for internal combustion engine and one-chip semiconductor for internal combustion engine igniting
Shape memory alloy step drive mechanism for providing step motion to a system
Reciprocating-mechanism driven heat loop
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Capacity control apparatus for compressors
Hermetic motor-driven compressor
Crankshaft, compressor using crankshaft, and method for assembling a compressor including installing crankshaft
System and method for controlling motor torque
Electro-hydraulic pump control system
Reciprocating differential hydraulic machine, especially a differential hydraulic machine
Hybrid rocket motor using a turbopump to pressurize a liquid propellant constituent
Variable speed fan motor control for forced air heating/cooling system
Dual actuator air turbine starter valve
Bearing assembly adjustable spacer and gage part adjustment method
Multi-piece crankshaft construction
Self-adjusting clutch release bearing
Release bearing with improved connection to a separating clutch
Automatic transmission rotating clutch with no return spring
Rotational speed differential hydraulic clutch having control valves
Electronically controllable torque transmission device
Centrifugal clutch
Compressed air-operated disc brake
Drum brake and electric actuator therefor
Optimized split type expander for adjustable piston actuators for multi-disk brakes and clutches
Adjuster mechanism for a drum brake
Torsional damper
Tube structure and tube manufacturing method for hydraulic damper
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing belt for continuously variable transmission
Rectilinear motion driving apparatus
Toothed gear
Gear shift device for an automatic transmission
Swash plate angle control mechanism of hydraulic continuously variable transmission
Apparatus for controlling a clutch in an automatic vehicle transmission
System having a unit for controlling a transmission line
Channel selector valve and method of driving the same, compressor with the channel selector valve, and device for controlling refrigerating cycle
Solenoid valve and method for making same
Modular liquid dispensing valve
Valve actuator and method
Fluid control valve apparatus and method
Variable pressure valve apparatus
Self-locking, high pressure service stopper
Post stabilization support
Apparatus for safely containing and delivering hazardous fluid substances from at least two supply cylinders
Impulse ash deposit removal system and method
Particulate injection burner
Combustion chamber arrangement for gas turbines
Gas turbine engine combustion system
Gas turbine engine having a multi-stage multi-plane combustion system
Fluid distributor, burner device, gas turbine engine, and cogeneration system
Air-conditioner and air-to-air heat exchange for closed loop cooling
Air-ventilator with high efficiency thermal exchanger and air filter
Condensate drainage system for an outdoor condensing furnace
Energy sustaining water heater
Tankless hot water heater
Cooling by resonator-induced coherent scattering of radiation
Refrigeration system, and condenser for use in decompressing-tube system
System and method for rapid defrost or heating in a mobile refrigeration unit
Low energy appliance control apparatus and method
Refrigerator and defrosting heater
Veneer dryer and method of drying
Paint drying system
Lyopohilization method
Plate-type heat exchanger
Foil heat sink and a method for fabricating same
Receiver dryer mounting bracket for a condenser system
Module carrier for various heat exchangers for a motor vehicle engine
Paint ball gun magazine with tilt sensor
Archery bow vibration dampener
Split limb archery bow apparatus
Push-away arrow rest
Firearm recoil dampening assembly
Recoil apparatus for a firearm
Holster securement system
Quick-attach arrangement for thigh rig
Gun sight system
Shaped charge detonation system and method
Projectile munition having a dart and a hammer block
Device for measuring wood blocks and method
Method and apparatus for wheel alignment adjustment
Micromachined devices
Device for measuring at least one parameter of a medium flowing in a line
Flow sensor, method of manufacturing the same and fuel cell system
Mass flow sensor utilizing a resistance bridge
Heat generation type flow sensor
Coriolis mass flowmeter with improved accuracy and simplified instrumentation
Coriolis flowmeter
Filling level measuring device and method for the non-contact determination of the filling level of a filling product in a receptacle
Filling-level measuring device that evaluates echo signals
Radar antenna
Vibration measuring method, balance correcting method, and information recording and/or reproducing apparatus
High resolution pressure-sensing device having an insulating flexible matrix loaded with filler particles
Method of producing a load cell
Pressure sensor for detecting the pressure of a liquid
Measuring instrument for a pressure gauge
Pressure transducer with captured non compressible liquid volume defining neutral condition
Three-phase excitation circuit for compensated capacitor industrial process control transmitters
Arrangement for simulating force effects on a wheel of a motor vehicle resulting during operation of the motor vehicle
Method for monitoring slide bearings of a crank mechanism of a piston engine with at least one cylinder
Method for checking the conversion capacity of a catalytic element for converting ozone
Method and system for determining tire pressure imbalances
Device for determining geometrical defects in a vehicle wheel
Method and apparatus for preparing a liquid sample
Liquid extrusion porosimeter and method
Non-contact type atomic microscope and observation method using it
Method and apparatus for characterizing the barrier properties of members of combinatorial libraries
Roller mechanism using an array of ultrasound elements to interrogate wood properties
Stress wave sensor
Method for measuring adherence of a coating on a substrate
System and method of determining porosity in composite materials using ultrasound
Systems and methods for determining the porosity and/or effective air void content of compacted material
Electrostatic devices for mechanical blocking
Method and system for the transformation of digital print data streams and corresponding printer and printer server
Mounting system for clay target thrower and rifle/pistol rest
Minimal inventory package and delivery system in a retail business environment
Coin discrimination method and device
Apparatus for removal of ice from a storage bin
Prayer scroll
System for mounting a flexible sheeting material to a substrate
Magnetic card holder
Pedal assembly for musical instruments
Headset ear seal
Speaker retention assembly for an active noise control system
Disk storage and handling magazine
Optical disc accommodating case
Clam shell container with cover and inner tray
Cable management system
Apparatus for forming optical aperture
Method for constructing a superconducting multiphase cable comprising N phases
Microactuator arrangement
Method and device for treating a substrate
Method of and an apparatus for regulating the temperature of an electrostatic chuck
Vertically mountable interposer, assembly and method
Heat sink fastening structure assembly method of use
Heat sink
Method of making an integrated circuit package
Mask-alignment detection circuit in x and y directions
Method for fabricating a spring structure
Connector plug extraction device for a disc drive
Method of producing a flat commutator and a flat commutator produced according to said method
Method of fabricating a rotor for an electric traction motor
Method for producing an alternator assembly housing member
Target and algorithm for color laser printhead alignment
Method for manufacturing acoustical transducer with reduced parasitic capacitance
Parts replacing method and parts replacing apparatus
Nozzle rotating apparatus of module head in surface mounting device
Method of making a circuit board not having solder failures
Manufacturing methods for printed circuit boards
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