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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Recirculating grass bagging apparatuses and methods
Automatic fish hook setter apparatus and method
Laminated collar and a garment having such laminated collar
Clasp, band with a clasp, portable device, timepiece, and accessory
Reusable surgical perioperative positioning system
Toilet apparatus with processing material
Assembly type cleaning structure for an induction reader
Orthotic device
Treatment of movement disorders by brain stimulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Swivel paint roller apparatus
Imputing strength gradient in pressure vessels
Method of manufacturing a vehicle
Method of assembling a convertible roof fixed to the body via main support units
Articles and methods for installing hook bolts
Device and method for locking together the shafts of an automatic transmission during installation of shaft retaining nuts
Seal removal tool and method
Method for manufacturing an isothermal plate
Fastening apparatus and system
Barber tool
Wireless vehicle burglar-alarm system
Vehicle burglar alarm system with GPS recognition
Wiper device
Pedestrian safety hood stop
Blister package and method for packing a blister in the blister package
Textiles; Paper
Core-sheath rope
Fixed Constructions
Flood protection
Fold-up scaffold for semi-trailer shop
Adjustable measuring gauge
Therapeutic tub device
Integrated hinge and temporary door checker
Vehicle window regulator device, method of installation of a vehicle window regulator device, and a vehicle window regulator locking device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Regeneration controller for exhaust purification apparatus of internal combustion engine
Supply system for a medium for treating exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine; exhaust gas cleaning device; and a method for operating a supply system
Multiple-cylinder internal combustion engine having cylinder head provided with centralized exhaust passageway
Self contained in-ground geothermal generator
Valve assembly and a hydraulic actuator comprising the valve assembly
Heat pump with forced air heating regulated by withdrawal of heat to a radiant heating system
Refrigeration system with a charging loop
Indoor unit of an air conditioner
Foam projectile
Rifle launcher for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Muzzleloading rifle with rolling block trigger assembly
Method for measuring the thickness of a mail item
Terminal with position-measuring functions
Heat dissipating method
Controlling fuel supply to a combustor of a gas turbine engine
Air cannon apparatus and system for golf ball testing
Particle size distribution analyzer
Method and apparatus for detecting the position of the edge of a moving product web
Driver device, physical quantity measuring device, and electronic instrument
Nanoindentation surface analysis method
Ultra-low noise MEMS piezoelectric accelerometers
Gyro module
Imaging apparatus and method
Four point measurement technique for programmable impedance drivers RapidChip and ASIC devices
Flow control for communication ring access control
Multi-service queuing method and apparatus that provides exhaustive arbitration, load balancing, and support for rapid port failover
Embedded sequence checking
Method and circuit for scan testing latch based random access memory
Passive terrain navigation
Method for detecting targets and determining their distance via an HPRF radar system
Radar sensor for motor vehicles
Gravity gradiometer
Optical system
Zooming lens system and device using the zooming lens system
Zoom lens and a camera providing the same
Arrangement for tilting an illumination carrier on an inverse light microscope
Microelectrical mechanical structure (MEMS) optical modulator and optical display system
Optical antenna
Dispersion-managed optical soliton transmission system
Optical waveguide device, optical and electrical elements combined device, method of driving the same, and electronic equipment using the same
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and optical device including the same
Spatial optical modulation element and spatial optical modulation method
Liquid crystal display with light transmission regions and light reflection regions
Lithographic apparatus and patterning device transport
Alignment system, alignment method, and lithographic apparatus
Projection system for EUV lithography
Roller for supporting an imaging belt in a printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and associated method of detecting developer deterioration
Liquid toner electrophotographic printing systems and methods
Holographic data-storage medium
Apparatus and method of controlling single-input-multi-output systems
Combination LED flashlight and garage door transmitter
Intelligent coffeemaker appliance
Host instrument, package to be inserted into same, external storage medium to be used therefor, and method for authenticating package to be inserted into host instrument
Method and apparatus for real time monitoring of user presence to prolong a portable computer battery operation time
Apparatus and method for data bus power control
Method for providing power management on multi-threaded processor by using SMM mode to place a physical processor into lower power state
Storage device, backup method and computer program code of this storage device
Intelligent network scanning system and method
Disk array apparatus and control method for disk array apparatus
DRAM having SRAM equivalent interface
Obtaining search results for content addressable memory
Integrated semiconductor memory chip with presence detect data capability
Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for managing replication of back-up object
Control of multiple groups of network-connected storage devices
Internet-based database report writer and customer data management system
Techniques for dynamic host configuration using overlapping network
Remote copy system
Information exchange between non-networked devices through an intermediary device via a piconet
Logical semantic compression
Method and apparatus for erasing data after tampering
Virtual private networks
On-line wizard entry point management computer system and method
Lawful communication interception--intercepting communication associated information
Pharmaceutical dispensing system
Printed matter producing method, printed matter producing apparatus utilizing said method, and computer-readable recording medium
Context-based help engine, dynamic help, and help architecture
Method and system for dispensing virtual stamps
Jerk limited time delay filter
Parallelized infinite impulse response (IIR) and integrator filters
Finite impulse response filter
Method and arrangement for sample-rate conversion
Construction, manipulation, and comparison of a multi-dimensional semantic space
Normalized rotation on a website of display items
Secure multi database system including a plurality of database devices
System and method for efficient multi-master replication
Behavioral synthesis system, behavioral synthesis method, control program, readable recording medium, logic circuit production method, and logic circuit
Noise identification in a communication system
Controlling method for manufacturing process comprising determining a priority of manufacturing process needing recovery in response to degree of risk
Multivariate control of semiconductor processes
Method for autonomic control of a manufacturing system
System and method for the control of a production machine
Resolution independent theming
Distributed configuration storage
Device and method of browsing an image collection
System and method for dynamic key assignment in enhanced user interface
Facsimile (fax) relay handling in error correction mode (ECM)
Transport management system and method thereof
Twin-clutch gearbox and method for shifting an initial gear upwards into a target gear in the twin-clutch gearbox of a motor vehicle
Installation of black box for trusted component for digital rights management (DRM) on computing device
Providing a secure hardware identifier (HWID) for use in connection with digital rights management (DRM) system
Method and arrangement to secure access to a communications network
Versioned project associations
External resource files for application development and management
Halftone dot producing apparatus and halftone dot producing program storage medium
Image synthesizing apparatus
Tokenless identification system for authorization of electronic transactions and electronic transmissions
Method for adjusting data insertion degree and data insertion circuit
Image sensor method and apparatus having hardware implemented edge detection processing
Apparatus and method for matching fingerprint
Image processing apparatus for robot
Method for gradually deforming an initial object distribution in a heterogeneous medium, generated by simulation of an object type stochastic model, to best adapt it to imposed physical constraints
Raster image transformation circuit using micro-code and method
Color clamping
Method and system for segmentation, classification, and summarization of video images
Picture coding apparatus and picture coding method
Image interpolating method and apparatus
Independent update and assembly of web page elements
Electronic shelf label
Bidder system using multiple computers communicating data to carry out selling fixed income instruments
Method and apparatus for matching pets to appropriate pet products and supplies
System and wireless device for providing real-time alerts in response to changes in business operational data
Method and system for locating a dependent
Vehicle occupant sensing system
Detection warning system for caregivers in a home
Electro-optical device and driving method of the same
Methods and apparatus for driving pixels in a microdisplay
Display device and display driving device for displaying display data
Method for handling a signal and the application thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for performing a mirror function in a portable terminal
Electronic communication, and user interface kit
System for disposing a proximity sensitive touchpad behind a mobile phone keypad
System and method for determining an input selected by a user through a virtual interface
Method and device for adjusting the phase for flat screens
Restricting scope of blending modes in 2-D compositing using isolated groups
Keyboard for an electronic writeboard and method
Information displaying system, information providing apparatus, and information providing method
Display device and projection type display device
OLED driver circuit with selectable LCD controller interface and drive strength
Method for controlling rotation speed of an optical storage device
Method of immediately writing or reading files on a disc-like recording medium having control information on defect management stored in a predefined location
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disks formed with pits strings and mark strings
Disk player
User interface for adaptive video fast forward
Optical disk apparatus
Information playback method and apparatus
Slider-level reader isolation measurement technique for advanced GMR heads
TMR head structure with conductive shunt
Arm-suspension-pivot bearing integral design
Interleaved repeatable runout estimation
Optical recording method using land/groove recording
Optical disk unit capable of reading out data normally and continuously after suspension of data writing
Semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same
High speed memory modules utilizing on-trace capacitors
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Reducing DQ pin capacitance in a memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Memory device and method having programmable address configurations
Self-addressed subarray precharge
Semiconductor memory device
Sealed-off switchgear
High density maze capacitor
Multiband planar antenna
System and method for preferentially controlling grating lobes of direct radiating arrays
Antenna system and RF signal interference abatement method
Phased antenna array module
Printed-circuit board for high-speed communication
Method for modeling optical fiber amplifiers
Raman amplification repeater
Optoelectronic devices and methods of production
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) detector
Fast acquisition of timing and carrier frequency from received signal
Parameter correction circuit and parameter correction method
Controlled current source; in particular for digital/analogue converters in continuous-time sigma/delta modulators
Data converter with multiple conversions for padded-protocol interface
Electromagnetic wave transmitter, receiver and transceiver systems, methods and articles of manufacture
Communication apparatus having a light emitting unit that emits light in a variety of colors
Automatic signal extraction and analysis from time-frequency representation
Bit error rate based system and method for optimizing communication system performance
Apparatus and method for deriving a digital image correction factor in a receiver
Scheme for realizing path selection using optimum path selection threshold in radio communication
Method and apparatus for using synchronous CDMA in a mobile environment
Method and apparatus for clock synchronization in a wireless network
Radio communication apparatus used in CDMA communication system and power consumption control method therefor
Unified architecture for CDMA network and method of operation
Demultiplexer circuit
Frame synchronous pattern processing apparatus and frame synchronous pattern detection apparatus and method for detecting frame synchronous pattern
In-band signaling for data communications over digital wireless telecommunications networks
Method and System for providing adaptive bandwidth control for real-time communication
Method of transmitting a data packet
Watermark embedding and extracting method and embedding hardware structure used in image compression system
Communications system
Controlling method of priority class setup of communication packet and system of the same
Apparatus and method for forwarding data on multiple label-switched data paths
Method for performing lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance
Frame filtering of fibre channel packets
Enabling mobility for point to point protocol (PPP) users using a node that does not support mobility
Z-transform implementation of digital watermarks
Methods and devices for controlling facsimile transmissions of confidential information
Techniques for detecting and preventing unintentional disclosures of sensitive data
Digital rights management (DRM) encryption and data-protection for content on device without interactive authentication
Integrated connection assembly for global positioning system (GPS) receiver and personal digital assistance (PDA) device and cellular phone
Dynamically managing and reconfiguring wireless mesh networks
Systems for providing message waiting notification updates in a cellular communication network
Management apparatus, management system, management method, and management program for memory capacity of mobile terminals
Circuit arrangement for the analogue suppression of echoes
Method and apparatus for producing calibration data for a digital camera
Imaging apparatus with interchangeable lens apparatus, the lens apparatus having a memory for storing optical performance data of the lens apparatus
Digital camera for use by right-handed and left-handed people
Wireless extension for cable television signals
Copy controlling method and system of digital contents
Method and system for enhancing data quality
Digital camera and white balance adjusting method
System for tracking and locating an object using a cellular network
Method and system for multi-cell interference reduction in a wireless communication system
Automatic gain control and low power start-of-packet detection for a wireless LAN receiver
Method and system for reducing wireless multi-cell interferences through segregated channel assignments and segregated antenna beams
Advertisement broadcasting for paging
System for communicating messages via a forward overhead control channel for a programmable logic control device
Quality of phone service system
Downlink scheduling using parallel code trees
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric device
Memory card host connector with retractable shieldless tab
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Projection screen with movable shutter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Semiconductor laser high power amplifier system
Wavelength conversion laser and a machining device using the same
Device for producing a printing form
Drive system for a scanning or recording device for a reproduction appliance
Thermal head driving integrated circuit
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus that restrains color aberrations
Method of selecting a character from a plurality of code character conversion tables
Image transferring device for an image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Solderable thin film
Charging device for low blast furnaces
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cable having side-emitting fiber under transparent or translucent cable jacket
Laser position array optical measuring system and method
Non-contact volume measurement
Ground positioning system applied in a distance measuring device
Micro-optical position indicator
Optical method for the transduction of remote arrays of electromechanical sensors
Portable scanning spectrophotometer
Lens testing device
Methods and wireless communicating particle counting and measuring apparatus
Device for examining flat workpieces
High energy X-ray inspection system for detecting nuclear weapons materials
Electro-optic sampling probe
Low resistance magnetic tunnel junction device with bilayer or multilayer tunnel barrier
Radio frequency beacon
Method and apparatus for determining time in a GPS receiver
Global positioning system receiver for monitoring the satellite transmissions and for reducing the effects of multipath error
System for generating simulated radar targets
Illuminating light selection device for a microscope
Periscope using common optical path to have stabilized panoramic view
Apparatus and method for optical raster-scanning in a micromechanical system
Multi-beam laser exposer unit
Optical scanning apparatus and scanning image forming lens
Illumination optical system and projection-type image display apparatus
Display system with improved luminosity
Enhancing the output of a polarized light source
Method and apparatus for forming a diffraction grating
Non-linear optical fiber, optical fiber coil, and wavelength converter
Optical coherence reduction method and its device, illuminating method and its system and optical fiber bundle
Acousto-optical light tunnel apparatus and method
Variable polarization dependent loss source
Device for superposing optical signals with different wavelengths
Wavelength demultiplexer without waveguide bending loss
Low-cost wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) coupler with more flexible and precise optical faith adjustment
Optical switch and optical switch system
Liquid crystal display having alignment layer using ion bombarded amorphous material 100.ANG. thickness or less
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
SOI TFT array substrate for LCD projection display
Reflective liquid crystal display panel with diffraction grating between pixel electrodes
Process and apparatus to adjust exposure dose in lithography systems
System for reading two-dimensional images using ambient and/or projected light
Non-intrusive pellicle height measurement system
Automatic original document conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having improved image carrier cleaning
Fixing apparatus preventing leakage of electric current from inner surface of fixing roller
Hologram observation method and hologram observation apparatus and multi-dimensional hologram data processing method and multi-dimensional hologram data processing apparatus
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for defining a relative polar angle snap CAD tool
Over-current protection circuit for linear voltage regulators
Low profile EMI shield with heat spreading plate
Apparatus and method for mounting a heat generating component in a computer system
Method and system for controlling data transfer between a logical switch set and outside nodes
Simulation display system
Semiconductor memory device including dynamic type memory and static type memory formed on the common chip and an operating method thereof
Graphics controller embedded in a core logic unit
Three-dimensional virtual reality space display processing apparatus, a three-dimensional virtual reality space display processing method, and an information providing medium
Method and apparatus for summarizing previous threads in a communication-center chat session
Control of video conferencing system with pointing device
User interface for configuring and managing a multi-drive data storage system
Storage device employing a flash memory
System and method for display images using anamorphic video
Method and system for recreating a user interface of an existing application text based user interface into a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for pattern-based flowcharting of source code
SIM card reader connector
Sensor device for sensing biometric characteristics, in particular finger minutiae
Device, method and storage medium for recognizing a document image
Image processing apparatus and method
Multiresolutional critical point filter and image matching using the invention
Pick pools system and method using packet-switched network
Method and apparatus for pixel composition
Three-dimensional form data processor retaining information on color boundaries of an object when thinning coordinate data
Tone-variation-resistant phase-shiftable halftone screen system and method of using
Method apparatus and computer program products for performing perspective corrections to a distorted image
Image signal converting/encoding method and apparatus
Color filter array and its color interpolation apparatus
Increasing the bit depth of and filtering dithered images for the purpose of inverse dithering
Non-linear image filter for filtering noise
Image processing system and its smoothing method for correcting color fog and backlight of a digital image
Method and system for inspecting a pattern
Method and system for classifying and processing of pixels of image data
System and method for encoding a video sequence using spatial and temporal transforms
Method and system for predictive coding of images treated with the Roberts Method
Non-linear quantizer for video coding
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Image processing apparatus having means for controlling exposure using an orthogonal transformation coefficient
Method for encoding digital information
MPEG-decoder and MPEG decoding method with two memory controllers
Apparatus and method for encoding images and medium in which image encoding program has been recorded
Methods and apparatus for requesting assistance at a self-checkout terminal
Video display apparatus with on-screen display pivoting function
Controlled analogue driver system
Driving circuit
Double-door safety access port for automated tape library
Method and apparatus of enciphering and deciphering data using keys enciphered and deciphered with other keys
Information recording medium, enclosing casing of information recording medium, and information recording apparatus using the same
Information recording apparatus with voice coil motor and cover thereof
Digital servo control system for use in disk drives
Plastic clamp with hub and platter for use in disc drive
Process for selecting a recording on a digital audiovisual reproduction system, for implementing the process
Video signal analysis and storage
Method for skipping and/or playing tracks on a CD or a DVD
Component sealing system
Current driver circuit with a damping circuit
Spin-valve type magnetoresistive thin film element and spin-valve type magnetoresistive thin film head using the same
Seek recovery using different servo pulse data qualifications modes
Disk storage system servo compensation for run-out error
Master information carrier, process for producing the carrier, and method and apparatus for recording master information signal on magnetic recording medium by using the carrier
Apparatus and method for adjusting a reference voltage to detect a Traverse signal based on the types of optical medium
Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
Optical pickup device
Optical pickup device and production method of optical pickup device components
Integrated memory having a bit line reference voltage, and a method for producing the bit line reference voltage
Semiconductor memory cell and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device with sense amplifier block
Sense amplifier with overdrive and regulated bitline voltage
Word line decoding architecture in a flash memory
Nonviolatile memory device having improved threshold voltages in erasing and programming operations
Recording of result information in a built-in self-test circuit and method therefor
Memory module and memory module socket
Mask ROM semiconductor memory device capable of synchronizing the activation of the sense amplifier and of the word line
Synchronous mask ROM device operable in consecutive read operation
Line buffer type semiconductor memory device capable of direct prefetch and restore operations
Semiconductor memory device
Fuel assembly with short fuel units
Container for the collection and spreading of core melt and a nuclear power plant with such a container
Thixotropic dielectric fluid for capacitors
Hybrid power relay
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Input and power protection circuit implemented in a complementary metal oxide semiconductor process using salicides
Semiconductor memory device
Method of operating flash memory
Multiple-beam antenna system of wireless base station
Automatic array calibration scheme for wireless point-to-multipoint communication networks
Earthing clip terminal
High average power scaleable thin-disk laser
Short wavelength fiber laser
Control for periodic optical filter
Fiber lasers with shared pump
Laser with absorption optimized pumping of a gain medium
Light source module with two wavelength
Thermally robust semiconductor optical amplifiers and laser diodes
Method and apparatus for modulated integrated optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
System and method of improving intensity control of laser diodes using back facet photodiode
Optical signal power monitor and regulator
Laser control apparatus with a current detecting and interrupting system
Method and apparatus for automated reconfiguration of an electric power distribution system with enhanced protection
Ground fault protection method and apparatus
Battery supply control unit
Noise canceling apparatus for a power converter
Noise reducing
Low-current sample rate converter
Load control system having an overload protection circuit
Programmable logic array device with random access memory configurable as product terms
Self-aligned clock recovery circuit with proportional phase detector
Analog to digital converter
Multilevel analog to digital data converter having dynamic element matching in a reference data path
Digital-to-analog conversion circuit
Apparatus for converting an analog signal utilizing resistor D/A converter precharging
Analog-to-digital flash converter for generating a thermometric digital code
Thermometric-binary code conversion method, conversion circuit therefor and encoder element circuits used therefor
Aliasing circuit and series interpolation cell of an analog-digital converter using such a circuit
Analog-to-digital converter having voltage to-time converter and time digitizer, and method for using same
Analog current mode D/A converter using transconductors
Reduced complexity demodulator for multi-bit symbols
Transmission system, transmission/reception system, and local oscillator to be used in the same
Transmitting and receiving radio signals
Circuit for direct sequence spread spectrum digital transmissions with generation of an interference signal
Noise shaping technique for spread spectrum communications
Free-space laser communication system having six axes of movement
Optical amplifier system and optical network having flattened gain and constant per channel output power
Method for structuring of digital data which can be transferred in both directions on a passive optical network (PON) in a PON TDMA system
Energy based communication rate detection system and method
Link quality reporting using frame erasure rates
Method of and apparatus for adaptation of an echo canceller in a system with multitasking
Echo canceling method and apparatus
Transmission power control apparatus for a CDMA system
Receiver with a frequency offset correcting function
Method and system for providing geographic specific services in a satellite communications network
Digital telecommunications system
Apparatus and method for monitoring optical signal
Packet multiplexing apparatus with less multiplexing delay
Method of timestamp synchronization of a reservation-based TDMA protocol
Communication apparatus, communication method and storage medium
Time division multiple access communication system, signal receiving method in time division multiple access communication system, and center unit for use in time division multiple access communication system
Optimal complement punctured convolutional codes for use in digital audio broadcasting and other applications
System and method of soft decision decoding
Simplified ethernet frame switching system architecture without local buffer requirement
Method to forward a multicast packet, an ingress node and a router realizing such a method and an internet network including such an ingress node and such a router
Method and apparatus for buffering received data from a serial bus
Multiple path routing
Apparatus and methods for path identification in a communication network
Data rate smoothing
Method and apparatus for multi-symbol matched filter estimation of an evaluation symbol in a received signal having a predictable inter-symbol interference
Communication method, transmitter, receiver, and cellular radio communication system
Information distribution and processing system
Content-based forwarding/filtering in a network switching device
Method and apparatus for establishing communications between packet-switched and circuit-switched networks
Time division multiplexed transmission of OFDM symbols
Copy prevention method and apparatus for digital video system
Cryptographic device with encryption blocks connected parallel
Electronic device with housing supplement
Electroluminescent panel-attached electronic device
Calling party announcement message management systems and methods
Telephone answering device with timer control
Recording and playing voicemail with improved DTMF detection
Communication apparatus with outgoing call limiting
Apparatus and method for powering a telephone-based inbound telemetry device
Circuit to provide backup telephone service for a multiple service access system using a twisted pair
System, devices and methods for use in proximity-based networking
System for automatically routing calls to call center agents in an agent surplus condition based on agent occupancy
Facsimile apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Illumination device, image reading apparatus having the device and information processing system having the apparatus
Picture image outputting method and photograph finishing system using the method
Margin seeking for multiple copy jobs
Method and system for processing image information using screening and error diffusion
Image forming apparatus and method for image formation
Method for detecting quantity of laser scanning positional deviation on photosensitive body, correcting method thereof and laser color image forming apparatus
Image acquisition system for machine vision applications
Two-dimensional adjustable flicker filter
Picture synthesizing system includes a color table conversion section
Configurable horizontal scaler for video decoding and method therefore
Interoffice broadband communication system using twisted pair telephone wires
Multi-point video conference system
High resolution imaging system for simultaneous acquisition of two high aspect ratio object fields
Image pickup apparatus
Color balancing circuit and method
Fiber optic cross connect with uniform redirection length and folding of light beams
Application programming interface for modem and ISDN processing
Apparatus for transmitting cells, with audio interwork function
Traffic measurement in a communication system
Centralized method and system for excluding components from a restoral route in a communications network
Procedure for ensuring the activation of a V5 interface
Method and apparatus for dynamically adapting a connection state in a mobile communications system
Method for power reduced transmission of speech inactivity
High noise suppression microphone
Method and apparatus for feedback reduction in acoustic systems, particularly in hearing aids
Driver for a flat acoustic panel
Incremental phase correcting mechanisms for differential signals to decrease electromagnetic emissions
Electronic assemblies with a heat sink, especially for a control module of a motor-vehicle headlight discharge lamp
Arrangement at a portable electric apparatus
Printed circuit board top side mounting standoff
Structure for mounting a PCB in an electronic apparatus housing
Power supply including circuit board with a conductive bracket for electrical ground
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