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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural harvester with auxiliary power unit and intelligent power management
Head and neck restraint system
Article of clothing
Shock absorbing device of an insole of a resilient shoe
Modular boot sole system
Spinning shoe
Shoe sole with ventilation
Strap assembly with quick release arrangement
Chair stabilizer for refractive surgery
Methods for manufacturing a self-forming mattress cover
Toilet seat quick release system
Aqua therapy and recreation spa with interchangeable exercise equipment
Rotatable and positionable bathing seat
Method and device to form a sensor using isolated cardiomyocytes
Urn with interchangeable decorative panels
Scatter urn and cremation urn containing same
Apparatus for indirectly stimulating the vagus nerve with an electrical field
Performing Operations; Transporting
Assembly, system and method for automated vertical moment connection
Method for manufacturing a connecting rod for an engine
Cabling continuous deployment system and tool
Clip-type label
Hinged measuring and marking device
Vehicular lamp with current controlling unit
Method of, and apparatus for, producing bag packs
Production method for container packing filler and tubular net rolling apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Modular secondary containment system
Device for guiding bundles of parallel ropes, cables, or pipes according to a three-dimensional path in an earth-digging machine
Fabric wall panel and track
Foundation for metalog buildings
Method of forming joints of non-cylindrical tubing
Floor profile arrangement with articulation
Horizontal locking case lock
Firearm storage device
Sealing system modules for door/window
Combined modular sealing systems and seal activation system for door/window
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for determining catalyst degradation
Method of determining abnormality in particulate filter
Combustion chamber lining
Combination power plant and method for the cooling thereof
Hydrodynamic clutch
Recoil absorbing firearm
Shape measurement system
Polarimetry of three-dimensional optical fields
Nuclear medical imaging device
Gas analysis method and ionisation detector for carrying out said method
Contactor for electronic components and test method using the same
Scanning probe inspection apparatus
Integrated circuit testing module including command driver
Pressing member and electronic device handling apparatus
Integrated test circuit, a test circuit, and a test method for performing transmission and reception processing to and from a first and a second macro block at a first frequency
JTAG state machines with respective enable input and select input
Error detection on programmable logic resources
Techniques for mitigating, detecting, and correcting single event upset effects in systems using SRAM-based field programmable gate arrays
Anticipative temperature regulation of cryogenic NMR probes
Method for determining characteristics of earth formations
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Double pass illumination system
Projection objective, especially for microlithography, and method for adjusting a projection objective
Projection lens and projection type display device using the same
Unit installed in electronic equipment and connection mechanism of transmission line of the electronic equipment
Optical device
Stackable splice chip device
Variable attenuation signal acquisition probing and voltage measurement systems using an electro-optical cavity
Optical antenna and wireless optical system using the same
Optical routing apparatus and method
LCD device and LCD projector
Reflective LCD comprising reflective surface including convex portions whose elevation varying cycles is greater than pitch of convex portions
Reflective liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having a common electrode as a black matrix
Diffractive outcoupler for second harmonic generation
Method for carrying out a double or multiple exposure
Image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method for making development using light toner and dark toner with substantially the same hue
Non-gouging sheet stripper assembly
Fixing device having release agent applying unit and image forming apparatus
Developing agent transport and storage
Quality control method for two-dimensional matrix codes on metallic workpieces, using an image processing device
Timed control system with shifted time features
DC/DC converter having an internal power supply
Multifunctional control of cooling systems for computers
Electrical connector device for a disc drive
Method and apparatus for server load sharing based on foreign port distribution
Cooling system for computer systems
Method and apparatus for performing disk diagnostics and repairs on remote clients
Method, system, and program for distributing software between computer systems
Factor estimating device, method and program recording medium therefor
Method for analyzing performance information
Register file with integrated routing to execution units for multi-threaded processors
Microcomputer, programming method and erasing method
Shadow page tables for address translation control
Hard disk drive with support for atomic transactions
Storage system having dynamic volume allocation function
Methods of reading and writing data
Storage control system and control method for the same
Network subscriber station for a network of distributed stations, and method for operating a network subscriber station
Method and system for coordinating interoperability between devices of varying capabilities in a network
Programmed method and apparatus for quadrature output sensors
Processing of video content
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Token-based web browsing with visual feedback of disclosure
Providing data updates in a network communications system based on connection or load parameters
Video and audio streaming for multiple users
Remotely monitoring an individual using scripted communications
Network resource assignment system and method
Method and system for exploiting service level objectives to enable resource sharing in a communication network having a plurality of application environments
Multiple redundant services with reputation
Electronic employee selection systems and methods
Data management system
Method and system for facilitating access to external data
Multimedia-object-retrieving method and system
Method for correcting layout errors
Method and system for modeling variation of circuit parameters in delay calculation for timing analysis
Interconnect lines with non-rectilinear terminations
Method and system for printing lithographic images with multiple exposures
Method for the preparation, treatment and updating tool data
Method and apparatus for reducing environmental load generated from living behaviors in everyday life of a user
Method and apparatus to group sets of computers into classes for statistical analysis
Integrated capacitive bridge and integrated flexure functions inertial measurement unit
User interface for viewing performance information about transactions
Graphical element selection program
Method and apparatus for viewing on a client computer's display device a preview of a print document to be printed
Combined flat bed scanner/printer machine
Record management and retrieval computer program and method
Data management system providing a data thesaurus for mapping between multiple data schemas or between multiple domains within a data schema
Data structure for efficient enqueuing and dequeuing
Filtering a permission set using permission requests associated with a code assembly
Service providing system, service providing apparatus, service providing method, and program for implementing the method
Universal serial bus and method for transmitting serial clock and serial data signals during power-saving mode
Parallel execution of enhanced EFI based BIOS drivers on a multi-processor or hyper-threading enabled platform
Load balancing of chat servers based on gradients
Common platform pre-boot and run-time firmware services
Load balancer for network processor
Method and system for executing multiple tasks in a task set
Printing system, printing method, digital camera, storage medium and program for printing method, and printing control apparatus
Systems for detecting defects in printed solder paste
Classification of image blocks by region contrast significance and uses therefor in selective image enhancement in video and image coding
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Image processing system, projector, computer-readable medium and image processing method
Recognition device and method
Apparatus and method for retransmitting data packets in mobile ad hoc network environment
Electronic apparatus, electronic system, and driving method for electronic apparatus
Instrument panel with active display
Method of controlling universal remote control
Computer display having display direction control
System and method for generating generalized displacement maps from mesostructure geometries
Efficient graphics pipeline with a pixel cache and data pre-fetching
Energy based split vector quantizer employing signal representation in multiple transform domains
Composite disk clamp assembly with lower layer fixedly coupled to upper layer of smaller diameter
Parking a transducer responsive to a park signal
Simultaneous measurement of contact potential and slider body clearance in a magnetic disk drive
Measurement of slider body clearance in a magnetic disk drive using positive and negative electrical pulses
Windage plate with snubber member to limit mechanical deflection
Method for decoding address in pre-groove data of an optical disc drive
Magnetic thin film head with heat-assisted write section and hard disk drive incorporating same
Method of measuring a bevel angle in a write head
Magnetic recording head with clad coil
Magnetoresistive sensor having a high coercivity hard magnetic bias layer deposited over a metallic layer
Optical disk drive device and method for correcting tilt of optical pickup
Method and apparatus for controlling laser power using a test light emission pattern having a multipulse light emission interval
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Magnetic memory device
Semiconductor device having memory cells implemented with bipolar-transistor-antifuses operating in a first and second mode
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
System and method for on-board timing margin testing of memory modules
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor memories with refreshing cycles
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device with specific command enable/disable control signal
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Superconductor magnet coil configuration
Magnetic metal accessory holder
Direct digitally tunable microwave oscillators and filters
Electromagnetic wave generator
Apparatus and method of interconnecting nanoscale programmable logic array clusters
Laminated-type piezoelectric element and a manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric device, liquid discharge head employing this device and liquid discharge apparatus
Ring millimeter-wave filter having an embedded microstrip structure
Method of making a self-balanced dual L-shaped socket
Apparatus and method for face cooling of optical components of a laser system
Spark plug
High voltage outdoor substation
Semiconductor device provided with overheat protection circuit and electronic circuit using the same
Oscillator circuit and integrated circuit incorporating the same
Inductive output tube (IOT) control circuit
Rotating electric machine and electric vehicle
Resolver with waterproofing elements
Control method of switching a power supply circuit
Windshield wiper de-ice function using HVAC switch position
Mitigation of harmonic currents and conservation of power in non-linear load systems
Motor drive circuitry with regenerative braking for disk drive
High stability double oven crystal oscillator
Transmission diversity systems
Method and apparatus for determining the errors of a multi-valued data signal that are outside the limits of an eye mask
SNR-related parameter estimation method and system
Programmable frequency detector for use with a phase-locked loop
Operational amplifier circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Configurable IC with interconnect circuits that have select lines driven by user signals
Duty cycle corrector
Phase-locked loop with tunable-transfer function
Self-biased phased-locked loop
Detection of errors
Iterative decoder employing multiple external code error checks to lower the error floor
Data compression method and compressed data transmitting method
Method, apparatus and system for handling unreliable feedback information in a wireless network
Inline filter resistors
Emergency notification device in radio communication apparatus
Method and/or apparatus for reducing the complexity of H.264 B-frame encoding using selective reconstruction
Optical wavelength conversion for phase-modulated optical signals
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for an HPNA network
Technique for reducing processing power in 3G systems
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses
Communication system with hybrid protection at multiple OSI layers
Multi-wavelength optical packet switch system with shared output buffer
Contents processing system
Power amplifier pre-distortion device and method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Linearized switch-based power amplifier
Bond trading system
Multiple-domain processing system using hierarchically orthogonal switching fabric
Method and apparatus providing multi-service connections within a data communications device
Packet messaging method and apparatus
Auto ATM-VC detection for ATM network access devices
Method and system for an instant messenger home automation system interface using a home router
Reducing information reception delays
Empty indicators for weighted fair queues
Packet header alignment
Node apparatus and packet transmission control method
Hand-ear user interface for hand-held device
Apparatus for providing broadcasting channel information in internet protocol based digital broadcasting system and method thereof
Network switch memory interface configuration
Ordered delivery of intercepted data
System for sending text messages converted into speech through an internet connection to a telephone and method for running it
Clock signal circuitry for multi-protocol high-speed serial interface circuitry
Data recovery circuit, phase detection circuit and method for detecting and correcting phase conditions
Encryption key distribution and network registration system, apparatus and method
Content distribution system authenticating a user based on an identification certificate identified in a secure container
Language for implementing telephony processing in end points
Personalized recorded message via message delivery system
Radio communication method, radio communication system, wide area radio communication base station, and radio communication terminal
Monitoring and management of roaming users
Prepaid phone card service using speech recognition
File construction for mobile communication device including machine-language-code execution segment and file execution method using the same
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Information input/output system, method and terminal therefor
Dynamic color rendering dictionaries
Method and apparatus for controlling a spot function for digital halftoning
Color converting device emphasizing a contrast of output color data corresponding to a black character
Camera for automatically adjusting image brightness for an image on a display
Interaction modalities for multimedia delivery and presentation
Method, device and computer program product for demultiplexing of video images
Video monitoring and security system
System for automatically moving access barriers and methods for adjusting system sensitivity
Method for anonymous identification of the profiles of subscribers in a communication system and corresponding module
Packet data traffic control for cellular wireless networks
Inconspicuous semi-permanent hearing device
Universal lighting network methods and systems
Thin-film embedded capacitance, method for manufacturing thereof, and a printed wiring board
Device for securing a circuit board to a socket
Flat-panel display mounting system for portable computer
Temperature control system which sprays liquid coolant droplets against an IC-module at a sub-atmospheric pressure
Self-shielding high voltage distribution box
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Electric cattle guard
Sonic device
Outdoor glove watch
X-ray based measuring device
High-Z cast reflector compositions and method of manufacture
System and method for mounting x-ray tube in CT scanner
Methods and apparatus for optical imaging
Filter feedthrough
Integrated control of portal imaging device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fiber optic apparatus and use thereof in combinatorial material science
High speed materials sorting using x-ray fluorescence
Multifunctional machine performing a shuttle-scanning
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Telescope and movement control device
Lid opener mechanism
Yarn processing system
Packaged MEMS device and method for making the same
Molded electronic package, method of preparation and method of shielding-II
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for fabricating coated optical fiber, and coated optical fiber
Premises cable with fiberglass reinforcement
Electrochromic device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spindle motor assembly with polymeric motor shaft and hub for rotating a data storage disk
Magnetic bearing and circulation fan apparatus
Collapsible light diffusing device and diffused lighting apparatus
Light fibers and methods for producing the same
Vector measurement for coordinate measuring machine
Electrostatically-actuated tunable optical components using entropic materials
Interferometer system for displacement and straightness measurements
Low cost transmitter with calibration means for use in position measurement systems
Scanner unit for an optical position measuring device
Gas spectrochemical analyzer, and spectrochemical analyzing method
Imaging system and method for Fourier transform spectroscopy
Process for dying material to match a predetermined color
Spectrometer having optical unit including a randomized fiber optic implement
Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)
Polarization mode dispersion measurement
Optical characteristic measuring apparatus, the method thereof and recording medium
Method for analyzing a semiconductor surface
Identification of particles in fluid
Optical projection imaging system and method for automatically detecting cells having nuclear and cytoplasmic densitometric features associated with disease
Oil quality sensor
System level stimulated raman scattering (SRS) compensation
Flame photometer detector
Hydrogen sensor for fuel cell applications
System and method for inspecting cans
Method and apparatus for direct spectrophotometric measurements in unaltered whole blood
2nd level power fault testing apparatus for testing telecommunications equipment
Dual AP pinned GMR head with offset layer
Ap-pinned spin valves with enhanced GMR and thermal stability
Method to manufacture magnetic tunneling elements using inductively coupled plasma
Active control of acoustic output in gradient coils
Ground roll attenuation method
Objective lens system
Gaussian lens for photography
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and video camera comprising the same
Zoom lens system
Immersion microscope objective lens
Power focusing device for a telescopic sight
Micromechanical modulator and methods for fabricating the same
Optical scanning apparatus, multi-beam optical scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus using the same
Eyepiece optical system
Imaging optical element
Wavelength tuneable laser source
Optical fiber and method of making the same
Method of making diffraction grating device, diffraction grating device, and apparatus for making the same
Dispersion compensating optical fiber, and dispersion compensating optical fiber module
Ultrathin optical panel and a method of making an ultrathin optical panel
Optical integrated device and manufacturing method thereof
Athermalized integrated optical waveguide devices
Optical tap collimator using an uncoated GRIN lens
Coupling of optical waveguide to optical waveguide devices
Image recording device and optical fiber
Planar wave length multiplexer/demultiplexer
Method and apparatus for implementation of an unpolarized monochromatic light source
Tube-encased fiber grating
Chirped Bragg grating reflectors and adjustable dispersion apparatus incorporating such gratings
Chromatic dispersion compensation device
Wavelength division add/drop multiplexer
Photonic switch status tester
Optical switch and method of producing the same
Frustrated total internal reflection switch using waveguides and method of operation
Process for the fabrication of an optical interconnection apparatus
Thermally fused integral ferrule and its manufacturing method, and fiber array manufacturing method
Positioning substrate for an optical device and positioning method using the substrate
Light coupling apparatus and method
Lens system and optoelectric alignment apparatus
Multiple methods and systems for connecting or tapping into fiber optics
Bonding structure of optical members
Fiber optic array harness
Aerial cable containing optical transmission elements and process for the manufacture of an aerial cable
Ribbon optical fiber cable and die for coating ribbon optical fiber
Fiber optic cable with profiled group of optical fibers
Precisely adjustable optical device having vibration and temperature stability
Lens barrel
Optical phase modulator design incorporating pre-emphasis
Phase retarder comprising two optically anisotropic layers
Wiring board for connection of electro-optical panel, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display module, using a flexible printed circuit board with enhanced thermocompression characteristics
Liquid crystal display comprising liquid crystal cell, linearly polarizing membrane, cholesteric liquid crystal layer and quarter wave plate
Array substrate for a transflective liquid crystal display device and the fabricating method
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating thereof
Display device and electronic watch
Liquid crystal connected to circuit substrate and backlight via connector
Vertically aligned liquid crystal displays and methods for their production
Optical routing switch using symmetric liquid crystal cells
Image maintenance shield
Rear projection screen incorporating diffuser
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing apparatus and method
System for processing semiconductor products
Locking timer and outlet cover
Current limiter for a network
Docking station
Handheld computer cover with deformable exterior
Electronic device having removable cover
Keyboard and electronic apparatus
Wall mount cradle for personal digital assistants
Modular logic board chassis for a desktop computer
Liquid cooling system for notebook computer
Notebook computer having a liquid cooling device
Hinged bezel for a computer system
Liquid cooling system for all-in-one computer
Radiator mechanism and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for testing MR head instability using a criterion that removes normal head fluctuation from consideration
Flash memory device
Asynchronous data pipe for automatically managing asynchronous data transfers between an application and a bus structure
3-D graphics chip with embedded DRAM buffers
Flash EEprom system
Method and apparatus for smart job ticket processing for print streams
Graphics processing device with integrated programmable synchronization signal generation
Circuit and method for controlling buffers in semiconductor memory device
System and method for context switching in an electronic network
IC card read/write apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium storing computer readable program therein
Image recording apparatus and mode switching method in the apparatus
Two-dimensional linear interpolation and registration control for a hyperacuity printer
Image processing apparatus and method
Method of extracting text present in a color image
Method and apparatus for filter tap expansion
Method and system for automatically segmenting and recognizing handwritten Chinese characters
Embedding watermarks in images
Method, system, and computer program product for efficient buffer level management of memory-buffered graphics data
Method and apparatus for projecting MR angiographic data
Graphics processing system with multiple strip breakers
Three dimensional graphics drawing apparatus for drawing polygons by adding an offset value to vertex data and method thereof
Method and apparatus for performing H-space bump mapping suitable for implementation with H-space lighting in a graphics pipeline of a computer graphics display system
Range camera controller for acquiring 3D models
Video encoding and decoding apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for compensation of luminance defects caused by chrominance signal processing
Resolution enhancement by nearest neighbor classified filtering
Appearance inspection machine and method for concurrently performing defect detection and classification
Digital image processing
Normalized crosscorrelation of complex gradients for image autoregistration
Parallax calculating apparatus, distance calculating apparatus, methods of the same, and information providing media
Motion vector detecting apparatus and method and distribution medium
Image processing apparatus for comparing images based on color feature information and computer program product in a memory
High-speed on-chip windowed centroiding using photodiode-based CMOS imager
Image processing method and apparatus to select a data compression method according to a size of an output image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and memory medium
Encoder, decoder, recording medium, encoding method, and decoding method
Encoding method for the compression of a video sequence
Method of concurrent multiple-mode motion estimation for digital video
Integrated video processing system having multiple video sources and implementing picture-in-picture with on-screen display graphics
Vehicle parking system
Control panel with DSL bypass circuit
Gray scale driving method for a birefringent liquid display service
Liquid crystal light valve system with contrast control
Opto-acoustic generator of ultrasound waves from laser energy supplied via optical fiber
Magneto-optical recording medium having magnetic domain shrinks and disappears
Method for setting optimal reproduction power level in domain wall displacement magneto-optical recording device
Recording medium and tape drive device
Automatic disc changing device
CD subcode transfer system for transferring correct Q subcodes
Computer system comprising a host connected to a disk drive employing read channel IC with common port for data and servo
Method and apparatus for correcting digital asymmetric read signals
Receiving apparatus and method of same, recording apparatus and method of same, and data recording system
Method and device for searching the first available good spare block of an optical recording medium
View DAC feedback inside analog front circuit
Liquid dynamic pressure bearing and spindle motor, hard-disk driving unit, and scanner motor using the bearing
Method and apparatus for creating still picture management data on a rewritable storage media
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording or reproducing the recording medium
Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
Digital signal recording and reproduction apparatus suitable for recording and reproducing a compressed video signal
Optical storage apparatus having reproducing magnetic field correcting unit and recording and reproducing method of optical storage medium
Method and apparatus for implementing an in-situ digital harmonic computation facility for direct access storage device (DASD)
Disk device with eliminatable gaps
Disk drive apparatus, hard disk drive, filter, and method for inspecting disk drive apparatus
Disk drive pass-through connector
Structure for current perrpendicular to plane giant magnetoresistive read heads
Read head with read track width defining layer that planarizes the write gap layer of a write head
Magnetic tunnel junction read head using a hybrid, low-magnetization flux guide
Spin valve sensor with composite pinned layer structure for improving biasing of free layer structure with reduced sense current shunting
Spin-valve thin-film element
Actuator arm assembly having bearing gap formed between bearing outer race and pivot sleeve for mitigating torque ripple on actuator arm in a disk drive
Low wear, low friction ramp method and apparatus for a disc drive system
Hard disk drive having self-written servo burst patterns
Method and apparatus for providing feedforward control of two interacting actuators
Magnetic storage medium having a textured zone
Prepit detecting apparatus
Information recording method for recording a recording signal and a dummy signal added to a leading or/and trailing side of the recording signal
Data record medium, data recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and record medium determining method
Optical pick-up apparatus
Method and apparatus for reading data from a disk
High-density data storage using atomic force microscope
Magnetic tunnel junction device, magnetic memory adopting the same, magnetic memory cell and access method of the same
Ferroelectric random access memory and its operating method
Ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Early write DRAM architecture with vertically folded bitlines
Sense amplifier with improved read access
Dual threshold SRAM cell for single-ended sensing
Current leakage reduction for loaded bit-lines in on-chip memory structures
Very small swing high performance CMOS static memory (multi-port register file) with power reducing column multiplexing scheme
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device configured to read data at a high speed
Non-volatile memory device with plurality of threshold voltage distributions
Array architecture and operating methods for digital multilevel nonvolatile memory integrated circuit system
Using hot carrier injection to control over-programming in a non-volatile memory cell having an oxide-nitride-oxide (ONO) structure
Method and a circuit structure for modifying the threshold voltages of non-volatile memory cells
Apparatus for on-board programming of serial EEPROMS
Overflow detector for FIFO
Method and apparatus to change the amount of redundant memory column and fuses associated with a memory device
Semiconductor memory device with a rapid packet data input, capable of operation check with low speed tester
Memory system
Circuits and methods for inputting multi-level data through a single input/output pin
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having an internal voltage generation circuit layout easily adaptable to change in specification
High sensitive data signal amplifying circuit
Apparatus and a method for a data output circuit in a semiconductor memory
Refresh controller and address remapping circuit and method for dual mode full/reduced density DRAMs
Semiconductor device, method for refreshing the same, and electronic equipment
Semiconductor memory device having a large band width and allowing efficient execution of redundant repair
Semiconductor device and multichip module
Circuits and methods for initializing memory cells
Semiconductor memory device having read data multiplexer
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having spare word lines
Corrosion mitigation system for liquid metal nuclear reactors with passive decay heat removal systems
Neutron monitoring system
Pressurized water reactor fuel assembly spacer grid
Ventilated overpack apparatus and method for storing spent nuclear fuel
Surge arrester module with bonded component stack
Hybrid dielectric material and hybrid dielectric capacitor
Universal capacitor terminal design
Chip capacitor and method of manufacturing same
Solid electrolytic capacitor and production method thereof, and conductive polymer polymerizing oxidizing agent solution
Gas-type power breaker
Dual fluid cooling system for high power x-ray tubes
Large surface area x-ray tube shield structure
Method and apparatus for measuring very thin dielectric film thickness and creating a stable measurement environment
Heat sink retention frame
Thermal bus design to cool a microelectronic die
Retainer device for heat sink assembly
Linkage-type fixing device for heat-radiator of central processor
Conic-sectioned plate and jet nozzle assembly for use in cooling an electronic module, and methods of fabrication thereof
Ultra-small capacitor array
System and method for mounting a stack-up structure
Efficient auto-alignment method for cylindrical laser optical resonators
Optical amplifier and optical transmission system
Raman amplifier
Optical fiber amplifier with reduced noise and method of making the same
Photonic quantum ring laser diode
Compound cavity reflection modulation laser system
Long, high-power semiconductor laser with shifted-wave and passivated output facet
Anti-reverse connection circuit for power supply
PWM controller with single-cycle response
Power supply unit
Dc-to-dc converter
Apparatus and method for controlled preload operation of an electrical converter
Single power stage AC/DC forward converter with power switch voltage clamping function
Method for operating a matrix converter and matrix converter for implementing the method
Multiphase inverter with series of connected phase legs
High frequency DC to AC inverter
VSB DTV receiver with real-only digital synchrodyne to recover baseband symbol code
Methods and apparatus to despread dual codes for CDMA systems
Frequency converter arrangement
Predistortion arrangement using mixers in nonlinear electro-optical applications
Broadcast transmission system with sampling and correction arrangement for correcting distortion caused by amplifying and signal conditioning components
Radio transmitter and radio communication method
Method and apparatus for filtering an audio signal
Solid state safety relay
Hardware event based flow control of counters
BS digital broadcasting receiver
Decoding with partial state information on a convolutionally encoded channel
W-CDMA analyzing apparatus, method of displaying results of W-CDMA analysis, and recording medium carrying record of program for displaying results of W-CDMA analysis
Communications system employing differential orthogonal modulation
Sequential path searching method in a mobile telecommunication system having a variable data rate transmission environment
Apparatus and method for parallel searching and correlating for CDMA system
Accelerated selection of a base station in a wireless communication system
CDMA transmitter capable of reducing transmission power
Method of operating a noise-compensating gain controller for an optical amplifier
Method and apparatus for controllably positioning an optical fiber to introduce a phase shift
Circuits and methods for achieving high signal-to-noise ratios and obtaining stabilized laser signals in dense wavelength division multiplexing systems
Digital optical transmitter
Optoelectric converter
Apparatus and method for a self-adjusting Raman amplifier
Automatic power control in uncoordinated frequency-hopping radio systems
Subscriber unit burst mode reservation in a code division multiple access wireless communication system
Transmission apparatus and base station apparatus using the same
Time division multiplex approach for multiple transmitter broadcasting
Communication system having dedicated time slots for selection signals
Method and base station system for channel allocation in a radio communication system
Transmitting/receiving apparatus using a plurality of spreading codes
Optical communication network
Multiwave optical buffer using loop mirror
Scalable add/drop architecture for lightwave communication system
Synchronous optical network in frequency domain
Traffic switching between different wavelength multiplexed channels in optical communications systems
Universal optical network unit for use in narrowband and broadband access networks
Use of robbed framing bits to provide secondary pots channel over extended range ISDN communications network
Encoding and decoding in accordance with steganographically-conveyed data
Method and apparatus for encryption using partial information
System and method for implementing a semi reliable retransmission protocol
Jitter measurement
Device for testing synchronous-transfer-mode switch
Method of using routing protocols to reroute packets during a link failure
System and method of operation for verifying and validating public switch telephone networks (PSTN) to (IP) network services
Data communicating apparatus and data communicating method capable of communicating through a plurality of kinds of networks
Asynchronous transfer mode adaptation arrangements
Method and apparatus providing a spanning tree protocol for a data communications network having a multi-link trunk
Backpressure mechanism for a network device
Technique for constructing and controlling a private line using a switched virtual circuit in an ATM network
Integrated radio frequency interface
Methods and apparatus for improved transmission of voice information in packet-based communication systems
Rate monitoring of connections in a communications network using history buffer
Transmission path interface apparatus
Process for transmitting data packets of predefinable priority classes using ethernet from a first device to at least one other device
RSVP-based tunnel protocol providing integrated services
Ultra-low latency multi-protocol optical routers for the next generation internet
Packet network interface
System and method for selectively retrieving messages stored on telephony and data networks
Method for digital transmission of information
Method and apparatus for inserting idle symbols
Method and apparatus for regenerating data
Variable-interval pilot symbol aided modulation and demodulation
Variable low frequency offset, differential, OOK, high-speed twisted pair communication using telephone load coils
Transceiver circuitry, portable communication device and method for performing radio communication
Clock reproduction circuit
System and method for automatic frequency correction in a pilot symbol assisted demodulator
Print data transfer system, method of transferring print data, and computer program product to effect the method
Layering of wireless packet data service
Packet data network having distributed database
Method and arrangement for transferring information using an existing message based service in a digital network
Mobile telephone for internet-applications
Communication system for communications devices utilizing asymmetrical paths and communications method utilizing asymmetrical paths
Apparatus and method of PSTN based network roaming and SCP based subscriber management for internet telephony systems
Scalable gatekeepers in an internet telephony system and a method of operation
Transmission method, transmitter and receiver
Reduction of interference in discrete multi-tone (DMT) based communications systems
Circuits, systems, and methods for passing request information across differing clock domains
Double-functioned hand-free device for cellular telephone
Test unit for use at a network interface device
Quick connect internet telephone and method therefor
Apparatus, method and system for personal telecommunication incoming call screening and alerting for call waiting applications
Method for recovering emergency calls at an operator station during a position failure
Telecommunication equipment support of ISDN communication lines for high speed data transmission
Traffic data collection technique
Tone burst generator and its application to telephony
Telecommunications system, service control point and method for pre-screening telephone calls to help prevent telephone toll fraud
Mechanism for rejecting collect calls
Method of regulating power transfer across an isolation barrier
Apparatus and method for testing subscriber loop interface circuits
Telephone voice-ringing using a transmitted voice announcement
State monitoring method and apparatus in subscriber line test
Method for processing incoming call in exchange system
Internet-enabled voice-response service
Apparatus and method for interconnecting private exchange system to the internet
System and method for enhanced internet service connections
Fax through data network and remote access network appliance control apparatus and method
Printing method and system for making a print from a photo picture frame and a graphic image written by a user
Transparency scanning mechanism of a CIS scanner
Camera with combination four-way directional and mode control interface
Method and apparatus for recognizing images, and copying machine and printer using the same
Method and system for propagating selective amounts of error in a hybrid screening device
Halftoning device and image forming apparatus
Optimization of color transformation matrix with all positive coefficients
Client/server based color density measurement system
Method and apparatus for maximizing the viewing zone of a lenticular stereogram
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly therebetween
Method and apparatus to minimize flicker effects from a discharge light source during digital video capture
Image aspect ratio converting apparatus
Circuitry operative on selected symbol slicing results for synchronizing data fields in a digital television receiver
Digital television with more than one tuner
Playback control apparatus for controlling a playback unit and a receiver unit
Circuit for discriminating between received signals and method therefor
Filter circuit
Apparatus and method for changing viewing restriction level in a parental control system for digital versatile disc player
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing electronic watermark information, and recording medium
Program switching device and method
Three-layer scaleable decoder and method of decoding
Magnet recording/reproducing apparatus with video camera, suited for photorecording without attending camera operator
Method and apparatus for outputting a high definition image
Method for transmitting video information over a communication channel
Video data transmitting method
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video signals by using storage and retrieval of motion vectors
Method and apparatus for decoding a stream of data
Screen holding mechanism
Apparatus for recording a high quality signal
Method and apparatus for providing interoperation between a digital communication system and a public switched telephone network
ATM exchange
ATM telecommunications systems and method for routing narrow band traffic
Method for implementing services of an intelligent network using a data network
Method for searching trunks in telecommunication N/Ws
System and method for connecting a call to a mobile subscriber connected to the Internet
Reduced delay priority for comfort noise
Method and apparatus for providing dispatch service in a CDMA communication system
Mobile radio communication packet data network
Speaker apparatus and television set
Panel-form loudspeakers
Speaker apparatus and electronic apparatus having a speaker apparatus enclosed therein
Audio system
Image intensifier reticle system
Pull type latch mechanism for removable small form factor electronic modules
Protective panel for a splitter chassis or other device for holding electronic cards
ETSI/NEBS housing structure
Surface mounted conduction heat sink
Electronic device
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