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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lawn mower deck
System and method for production of predatory mites
Methods and compositions for increasing the hatchability of hatchery eggs
Floating fishing tackle box and method of making same
Temporary pants hemming device
Climate configurable sole and shoe
Web adjuster for vehicle seat harness
Device for carrying sets of documents of various sizes and associated method
Wrist holder for a smartphone or personal digital assistant
Personal care article with vibrating head part
Toothbrush with elastomer filled flexible head
Hinged center bolster for center ISO FIX attachment in a high bolster rear seat
Slide fastener element, cushion arrangement and vehicle seat
Belt retaining system for child safety seat
Storage rack
Multiple frame topology system
Bottle cap assembly
Foldable pillow
Oven with door locking system for cooking food under pressure
Heat shield for grilling tools
Seat assembly for a toilet
Surface treating appliance
Surgical instrument with curvilinear tissue-contacting surfaces
Pin locking mechanism for a surgical instrument
Vacuum assisted surgical stapler
Surgical tilt anvil assembly
Viewing device to minimize parallax
Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Device for providing elements for survival
Bistable magnetic holding device
Wheelchair foot support retention assembly and method
Sauna device
Displacement conversion mechanism and actuator
Inhaler for powdered, particularly medical substances
Respiratory mask with user interface
Method and device for determining the location of snoring
Portable ball retriever
Wagering game machine with a type driven interface
Game program and game apparatus having objects that follow a line drawn by the player
Methods and apparatus for providing tickets from gaming devices and/or lottery terminals which are not dependent on a player's success on the underlying game
Gaming system having large display and plural gaming machines
Slot driven video story
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lawn sprinkler
Drug containment systems with sticks, related kits, dry powder inhalers and methods
Upper-end formed glass complex for hot expanding piercing and method of manufacturing billet for hot extrusion pipe making
Roll-forming machine with a feed gap adjustment structure
Can end and method for fixing the same to a can body
Patterned structure for a thermal interface
Method for the production of a drop-forged balancing shaft
Process for casting a metal melt
Feeding system for semi-solid metal injection
Low pressure cylinder head outer die components for core gas removal
Method of supporting tubing structures during overcasting
Method for forming a cast article
Pour ladle for molten metal
Trigger-style PTO-actuation
Multi-level machine for duplicating a sectioned and scanned bone end and for producing a fitting implant replacement
Bonding tool and electronic component mounting apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for ensuring concentric weld deposition of material on a pipe interior
Assembly tool system
CNC material processing system with workpiece travel
Multi function linkage clamping system
Electrical hand tool device
Blade clamp for reciprocating saw
Techniques for forming solder bump interconnects
Block splitting assembly and method
Manufacturing apparatus of transdermal absorption preparation
Vertical mount printing device
Apparatus and method for printing on irregular surfaces
Recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Modular printhead assembly with releasable printhead modules
Recording apparatus and recording method
Maintenance device for liquid ejection head
Device for mitigating the production/removal of particulate matter from a substrate/mailpiece envelope
Printing apparatus and printing method
Printing apparatus and printing method providing band suppression between nozzle blocks
Package with a refill cartridge, a refill cartridge and an outer envelope
Click pen applicator device and method of using same
Electronic control system for a spinning wheel cover
Vehicle suspension and method
Suspension system with single moving element
Ventilation assembly for the pressure relief of the interior of an automobile
System for controlling an access opening in a body of a vehicle
Integrated roller and striker assembly for a vehicle
Lower structure of vehicle body rear portion
Driveline for off-road vehicle
Vehicle child seat
Tonneau cover having securing mechanism
Asymmetric energy absorber and method of making and using the same
Roof airbag apparatus for vehicle
Cargo bin and side lining walls for automotive vehicle
Wiper blade with frame
Drive on/drive off land truck ferry
Trolley braking system
Method and apparatus for distributed power train control
Off-road vehicle having a cargo box
Walk-with apparatus
Arrangement of canister in saddle-riding type vehicle
Wiggling freewheeled vehicle
Manpower-driven device with bi-directional input and constant directional rotation output
Hatch cover and associated personal watercraft system
Barge pusher
System, method, and article of manufacture for cooling and filtering engine intake air
Flotation device for rescue apparatus and method of use
Aileron actuator bracket
Annular airborne vehicle
Damage-tolerant attachment system for an aircraft engine
Beverage dispenser
Methods for the joint wrapping of bags with their contents, applying machine and packet of bags containing "snack" thus obtained
Method of covering, preventing debris and insects from entering, minimizing heat transfer, and stabilizing a cup or can filled with a liquid beverage material, and device therefor
Transport pallet
Baggage container
Package with resealable flexible spout
Container with concertina side walls and base
Multiple sealed beverage vessels in a case
Cap assembly having storage chamber for secondary material with movable working member
Windshield wiper packaging
Silo unloader
Scoping auger
Device and method for discharging elongate, coarse bulk products and for their further transport
Transferred object rotating device
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming system
Media stopper for a printing system
Sheet thickness detection device and image forming apparatus
Mooring pendant apparatus
Hoist with overspeed protection
Pry bar tool for apiarists
Capsule opener and emptier
Dispensing gun
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Energetic linear timing element
Method and apparatus for measuring and improving efficiency in refrigeration systems
Microwave plasma processing apparatus and method of supplying microwaves using the apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Device for driving movement of a piece of cloth to be embroidered
Motor controller and drum washing machine
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Water outlet for a low-pressure sanitary outlet fitting
Mini-truss thin-sheet panel assembly
Transition molding
Silo closure
Construction method for wooden house and wall panel
Recreational vehicle roofing system
Roofing system support assembly
Connector system for building studs
Wall-mounted modular accessory system
Locking mechanism, for a padlock for example, in which a shackle can be severed for luggage inspection and then relocked
Lock, particularly for suitcases, trunks and the like
Vehicle latch
Flexible clamp frame and installation method for window
Optimized reaming system based upon weight on tool
Multi-set PDC drill bit and method
Equipment for remote launching of cementing plugs
Equipment for remote launching of cementing plugs
Flow control device and method for a downhole oil-water separator
Method and an apparatus for cold start of a subsea production system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine shroud thermal distortion control
Turbine vane for a gas turbine engine having serpentine cooling channels
Engine rocker arm
Adjustable camshaft with a planetary gear
System for purifying exhaust gas
Air pollution control system for ocean-going vessels
Exhaust emission control device
Exhaust pipe for vehicle-mounted engine
Exhaust heat recovery system
Method for regenerating soot filters in the exhaust gas system of a lean mix engine, and exhaust gas system therefor
Exhaust emission control device
Multi-fuelling an engine
Low carbon emissions combined cycle power plant and process
Injector mounting system
Road with inlayed wind harnessing technology
Systems and methods of assembling a rotor blade extension for use in a wind turbine
Wind power device
Compressor muffler
Deformed shell for holding motor stator in a compressor shell
Heat dissipation fan
Electric compressor and control device for estimating compressor discharge temperature
Fan intake shield
Valvetrain oil control system and oil control valve
Sheet metal rivet with orientation control
End-connector of select cable for manual transmission in vehicle
Sliding strut bearing
Large telescope elevation structure lateral hydrostatic guidance system
Thrust roller bearing
Radial anti-friction bearing, particularly cylinder roller bearing for the support of shafts in wind power gearboxes
Clutch reaction plate
Hydraulic energy recovery system with dual-powered auxiliary hydraulics
Torque converter having blades on the cover
Torque converter with lock-up clutch having a split piston
Composite transmission housing with discontinuous fiber preforms
Hydraulic drive apparatus and hydraulically-driven vehicle
Regulator valve
Pivotable control valve assembly for water treatment device
Electromagnetic hydraulic valve
Automotive high pressure pump solenoid valve with limp home calibration
Sensor replacement valve
Fluid controller
Sanitary fitting with separate mounting for the actuating lever
Vacuum valve device for bag
Buoyancy stabilized underwater plow and methods for use
Stand for a display unit
Safety device for a linear actuation system
Multi-valve cartridge pressure regulator
Universal light emitting diode illumination device and method
Luminaire rotating frame clamping assembly
Turn signal device for saddle-ride type vehicle
Display device
Light source device having wavelength conversion and separation means, and projector
Apparatus and method for modifying a modular air preheater
Bicentric direct vent terminal
Campfire smokestack and method
Door locking mechanism for an oven having french-style doors
Air instrumentation system for concentrated solar power generation systems
System and method for oil return in an HVAC system
Condenser, radiator, and fan module with Rankine cycle fan
Vehicle humidifying/dehumidifying device with an intermittent humidifying amount increasing component
Shed type clothes dryer with safety plate
Method and device for use of alternative fuels in clinker and cement production
Wound heat exchanger with anti-drumming walls
Heat exchanger fin containing notches
Firearm cleaning tool and method of using
Simultaneous multi-source scanning for sectorized simulated projectile trajectories
Robotic defilade system
Angular velocity detection circuit and angular velocity detection apparatus
Angular velocity detection circuit, angular velocity detection apparatus, and failure determination system
On-board device for a bicycle for measuring forces and bicycle equipped with such a measuring device
System for estimating a condition of non-conductive hollow structure exposed to a lightning strike
Process for manufacturing platinum resistance thermometer
Turbocharger protection device
Optical strain gauge
Photoelastic method for absolute determination of zero CTE crossover in low expansion silica-titania glass samples
Semiconductor pressure sensor having symmetrical structure, and manufacturing method thereof
Restricted filter diagnostic system and method
Gas permeation testing system
Method and apparatus for the photo-acoustic identification and quantification of analyte species in a gaseous or liquid medium
Thermal bubble type angular accelerometer
Display light shield
Universal serial bus (USB) connector having an optical-to-electical/electrical-to-optical conversion module (OE module) and high-speed electrical connections integrated therein
Optical fiber connector
Optical/electrical composite cable
Printed circuit board positioning spacers in an optoelectronic module
Fiber optic cable assembly
Colored contact lens
Timepiece comprising a chronograph and a watch
Wiper blade with heating elements
Ball check valve assembly for hydraulic control circuit
Actuating device having a selector lever actuator
Method and system for tracking sodium intake
Methods and systems of enabling users to actively allocate advertising resources and promote follower tracking
Multi-purpose appendable marking method
Systems and methods facilitating mobile retail environments
Convertible transaction card
High temperature tag
Methods for providing stand-in services for transaction card customization
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records
Method of authorizing automated banking machine use responsive to user data read from data bearing records
Note processing gross defects removal method and apparatus
Package, light uniformization structure, and backlight module using same
Repeatably displaceable emanating element display
Sound enhancing apparatus
Slide switch for buckle apparatus
Connector for coupling a handpiece to a dental treatment center
Motor programming tool
Method of manufacturing high-speed connector inserts and cables
Wired circuit board and producing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Toothpaste-dispensing toothbrush
Applicator for applying grip-enhancing substances to an object
Chair and synchrotilt chair mechanism
Seat arrangement for sitting furniture
Chair support device having movable foot pedal
Articulating tray
Method of manufacturing one-piece mop swab
Cleaning or application device comprising a sponge body, and method for producing the same
Enhanced wavefront ablation system
Opthalmic characteristic measuring apparatus
Digital eye camera
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Bifocal lenses
Dice clock with flashing light show for gambling
Flashing coin
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid repellent member, method for manufacturing liquid repellent member, ink jet head using liquid repellent member, method for manufacturing ink jet head and method for supplying ink
Method and apparatus for extracting and installing heat exchanger bundles
Method for repairing a turbine vane
Method for braking a revolvable superstructure of a working machine and a pivoted brake unit
Early transparency detection routine for inkjet printing
Ink jet card printer
Ink-jet ink, ink-jet cartridge, ink-jet recording unit and ink-jet recording apparatus
Recording member feeding device with detecting means for improved precision and image forming apparatus containing same
Printer arrangement
Liquid droplet ejection device
Flextensional transducer and method of forming a flextensional transducer
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus using this head
Printer, printer head and method of producing the print head to promote reliable bonding of print head structures
Thermal actuator with reduced temperature extreme and method of operating same
Ink jet head
Device and method for driving ink jet printing head capable of attaining both high quality printing and reduction of ink consumption
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Apparatus for providing ink to an ink jet print head
Image forming apparatus
Geometric ink channels for ink cartridge
Method and apparatus for preventing theft of replaceable printing components
Print head alignment method, test pattern used in the method, and a system thereof
Bookbinding device and method
Bookbinding method
Scoring of bound sheets in imaging systems
Big clip pen
Multi-cartridge color pen
Axle extension device
Tire rim protection device and method
Retaining arrangement for a rod member
Recliner mechanism
Vehicle seat assembly
Child seat device
Seat assembly with tunable tie bar
Hitch-mounted lift assembly
Vehicle side mirror assembly with integral illumination and signal lighting
Fastening device for taillights of vehicles, preferably motor vehicles
Marker light module
Exterior rearview mirror
Lighted vehicular exterior rearview mirror system
Cable harness assembly for bicycle
Brake control device for a vehicle
Brake control system
Supplemental seat device for a bicycle
Method and apparatus for suction anchor and mooring deployment and connection
Method for installing an undersea catenary riser
Partial shroud with perforating for VIV suppression, and method of using
Hub assembly for marine propeller
Jet blast resistant vehicle arresting blocks, beds and methods
Adjustable extension for airport light base
Safety container end having improved opening characteristics
Stackable cargo bin with dump feature
Buffer jib crane for cargo container handling operations
Tank for service stations
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid bearing unit and magnetic disk device using the same
Prestressing of components
Fixed Constructions
Intersection system
Inverted truss screed with outrigger support
Machine for automatically removing the protective coverings from temporary raised pavement markers (TRPMs)
Ground surface cover system with flexible interlocking joint for erosion control
Multi-purpose mat
Piling fender
Stair stringer light set
Riser system
Streamlining bit assemblies for road milling, mining and trenching equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Brush seal for a rotary machine and method of retrofitting
Tip treatment bar with a damping material
Second stage turbine bucket airfoil
Inlet bleed heater for heating inlet air to a compressor and methods of fabricating and transporting the heater
Compact centrifugal blower with annular stator
Transmission shaft set
Turbofan for window-type air conditioner
Integrated boot, seal and impeller system
Method and apparatus for increasing performance of a pump
Bolt with swivel catch
Sheath for protecting a pin-tail locking bolt
Coupler having a solid locking pin device
Connecting element comprising two members
Versatile guide rail clamp
Plug for keyhole slots
Multi-lobe torque driving recess and tool in particular for an orthopedic implant screw
Screw and captive work supporting element
Connection element for connecting a bolt-supported part with the supporting bolt
Arrangement of bearing and box for ball joint
Linear motion guide unit
Guide apparatus
Double wall bearing cup
Screw actuator
Method and apparatus for preloading the outer race of a tapered roller bearing in a vehicle axle differential
Threaded closure with chain binder
Hydraulic motor for use in high-pressure environment
Chemiluminescent device
Sparkle light bulb with controllable memory function
Light emitting diode (LED) flashlight
Outdoor decoration
Convertible candle lamp and method
Lamp shade assembly
Do-it-yourself lamp rod
Structure of a camping lamp
Combination flashlight and candle lantern
Prism structure for flash illumination devices
Light guide plate, and surface light source device and display device utilizing the same
Brightness-enhancing light guiding plate and liquid crystal display device using the same
Backlight apparatus that can assure uniform brightness
Display having planar light guide with integrally formed frame
Light fixture having a multilayer polymeric film
Triangular-pyramidal cube-corner retroreflective sheeting
Consolidated transmission cables, interconnections and connectors
Shielded adapter assembly
Fiber optic cable connectors for downhole applications
Passive self-alignment technique for array laser transmitters and receivers for fiber optic applications
Enhanced folded flexible cable packaging for use in optical transceivers
Clip-on sunglasses
Method of manufacturing progressive ophthalmic lenses
Optical system and projection-type image display device
Image processing apparatus and method for thermally processed films
Timepiece power reserve indicator device
Housing assembly for membrane keyboard
Printing system having output sampling feature
Indicator light device of a computer front panel
Gobo projector for a vehicle
Arrangement for illuminating the adjusting knob of an input unit by means of transmitted light
Mobile elevator transporter for semi-automatic wafer transfer
Pneumatically actuated flexure gripper for wafer handling robots
Antenna and radio interface
Camera positioning system with optimized field of view
Realistic scene lighting simulation
System and method of power management for a solar powered device
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