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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line G0302
Modified cytokines for use in cancer therapy
Non-lauric, non-trans, non-temper fat compositions
Stable cheese condiment
Twist up pen type dispenser with brush applicator
Door mounted dairy compartment for a refrigerator
Headrest device for vehicle seat
Shape memory polymer seat assemblies
Food blending apparatus and method of use
Magnetic needle biopsy
Apparatus, method and computer program product to facilitate ordinary visual perception via an early perceptual-motor extraction of relational information from a light stimuli array to trigger an overall visual-sensory motor integration in a subject
Surgical stapler
Tissue repair system
Method and apparatus for bone plating
Friction control articles for healthcare applications
Eye characteristics measuring device
Ophthalmic measuring apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring the dimensions of the palpable surface of the prostate
Ultrasonic probe
Adhesive attachment and removal device
Injectable pharmaceutical composition for systematic administration of pharmacologically active ingredients
Biodegradable absorbents and methods of preparation
Friction reducing lubricant for stent loading and stent delivery systems
Prosthetic spinal discs
Front surface opened welding mask
Urn with interchangeable decorative panel
Aseptic eyedropper with collecting trough and convex release surface
Stabilized pharmaceutical preparation of gamma-aminobutyric acid derivatives and process for preparing the same
Process and intermediates for the preparation of (1R,2S,5S)-6,6-dimethyl-3-azabicyclo[3,1,0]hexane-2-carboxylates or salts thereof
Chemical compounds
Compositions for delivering bisphosphonates
Preventives and remedies for pulmonary hypertension
Sustained peptide-release formulation
Compositions and methods for screening antibacterial compounds
Adsorbents for dilated cardiomyopathy
Methods and compositions for detecting and treating retinal diseases
Long lasting waterproof sunscreen comprising metal oxide and peptide conditioner
Sterilization apparatus for orthodontic bands
Administering apparatus comprising a rotational block
Transportable rescue conveyer
Adjustable back support device
Exercising and physiotherapy system
Club shaft
Roller assembly for an in-line roller skate
Computer-readable program stored in a memory for implementing a game
Interactive narrative operated by introducing encounter events
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for removing perchlorate ions from water streams
Granular filtration device for water
Filtering apparatus, back wash method therefor, filtering device and power plant
Magnetic bead manipulation and transport device
Moving bed adsorber/desorber and low flow (high yield) desorber devices and their methods of use
Use of a two-phase turbine in a gas treating process
Manufacturing apparatus and method for carbon nanotube
Vertical air cleaner
Transferring slurry from a vessel
Wick assembly for dispensing a volatile liquid from a container and method of assembling same
Portable sprayer
Method for fabricating an imprint mold structure
Polishing system and tool
Drainable base course for a landfill and method of forming the same
Clutch housing and method for manufacturing the same
Forming machine having transmission mechanisms
Method and apparatus for rotatably supporting movable components, including canards
Inductive plasma torch
Device and method for generating a plasma by means of a traveling wave resonator
Releasable fastener systems and processes
Lean presser for holding eyeglass lens and eyeglass lens processing apparatus having the same
Locking assembly and communication apparatus using same
Releasable keyless bushing assembly
Sawing angle indicating-and-reading device for a table sawing machine
Method and apparatus for forming cracks in concrete
Container for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Apparatus for working pliable material
Multi-sided immersion formation of composite structures and method
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating
Apparatus for assembling substrates of planar fluorescent lamp
Method of repairing an article having a bondcoat and a topcoat
Recording apparatus
Systems and methods for reducing cross process direction registration errors of a printhead using a linear array sensor
Bulk paper feeding device with intermediate conveyor for image forming device
Magnetic mount dry eraser for accommodating writing utensils
Methods of manufacturing diamond capsules
Method for making a microelectronic package using pre-patterned, reusable mold and method for making the mold
Vehicle cruise control device and method
Seat assembly with a release system
Combination loading ramp/extension table for a truck bed
Hydraulic disc brake lever assembly
Pressure medium-actuated brake system of a tractor-trailer combination
Steering system
Vehicle steering apparatus
Wind sail receptor
Actuation device positioning systems and associated methods, including aircraft spoiler droop systems
Vision system and method incorporating graphics symbology for use in a tanker refueling system
Refill apparatus for multiple containers
Device for evacuating a container
Filling and using reclosable bags
Continuously connected fastener stock and method of manufacturing the same
Retractor and housing for a retractor
Door interlocking system
Hoist apparatus rope sensing device
Suspended load carrier apparatus for a forklift vehicle
Spring-loaded actuator cap
Actuator cap and product refill for a housing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Remover for heavy metals contained in water
Method for sulphurizing a UO.sub.2 powder and method for making nuclear fuel pellets based on UO.sub.2 or mixed oxide (U,Pu)O.sub.2 oxide with added sulphur
Method for desalination of water and removal of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases
Apparatus for the preparation of arsenic free water
System for treating liquids
Biological process for waste treatment and energy production
Compositions and methods for removal of toxic metals and radionuclides
Process for the manufacture of piezoceramic multilayer actuators
Dielectric material and dielectric sintered body, and wiring board using the same
Refractory composition and process for the repair of a hot refractory wall
Clean, High-yield preparation of S,S and R,S amino acid isosteres
Methods for the synthesis of milnacipran and congeners thereof
Phenolate-containing formulation with low freezing point
3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives
3-Quinuclidinyl amino-substituted biaryl derivatives
Preparation of sulfide chain-bearing organosilicon compounds
Inhibition of chronic myelogenous leukemic cell growth by liposomal-antisense oligodeoxy-nucleotides targeting to GRB2 or CRK1
Pharmaceutical compositions for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and restenosis after PTCA
Repeat sequences of the CA125 gene and their use for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
Cysteine variants of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
Article formed from cross-linking isotactic polymers in the presence of peroxide
Aqueous additive systems for polymeric matrices
Highly flowable 1-butene polymer and process for producing the same
Approach for achieving flame retardancy while retaining physical properties in a compatible polymer matrix
Process for the preparation of moisture-curable, polyether urethanes with terminal cyclic urea reactive silane groups
Methods for converting linear polyesters to macrocyclic oligoester compositions and macrocyclic oligoesters
Method of producing polycarbonate articles by rotation molding and rotation molded articles made by the method
Stable encapsulant fluid capable of undergoing reversible Diels-Alder polymerization
Polymers for the delivery of bioactive agents and methods of their preparation
Fiber base material for wet friction material
Properties of polyolefin blends and their manufactured articles
Coating material for a grafted ignition wire
Adhesive and its use for an at least one-layer PSA sheet strip which can be redetached without residue or destruction by extensive stretching substantially in the bond plane
Phosphor composition for lamps
Coolant capable of enhancing corrosion inhibition, system containing same, and method of manufacturing same
Ashless lubricating oil composition with long life
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Perlecan transgenic animals and methods of identifying compounds for the treatment of amyloidoses
Alanine 2,3-Aminomutase
Sensitive detection of bacteria by improved nested polymerase chain reaction targeting the 16S ribosomal RNA gene and identification of bacterial species by amplicon sequencing
Ethanol production from biological wastes
Parallel or antiparallel, homologous or complementary binding of nucleic acids or analogues thereof to form duplex, triplex or quadruplex complexes
System for forming composite polymer dielectric film
Method and apparatus for forming an electrical contact with a semiconductor substrate
Ultraviolet light-emitting device in which p-type semiconductor is used
Textiles; Paper
Dipped cord using hybrid cord and a radial tire using the same
Fixed Constructions
Shoring system
Sanitary, storm and catch basin trap with filter insert
Method of forming a standing seam skylight
Engaging mechanism for locks
Multi-functional computer lock
R and R security screen garage door
Adjustable hinge assembly
Dampened slide for an anti-chucking wedge assembly
Paint can holder
Fixed-head bit with stabilizing features
Apparatus and methods for measurement of solids in a wellbore
Packing tool and method
Expander tool for use in a wellbore
Methods of using polymer-coated particulates
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piston for combustion engine
Gear pump
Fuel pump received in housing
Axial locking device for turbine blades
Valve mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Electrically driven camshaft adjuster
Oil feeding system of engine
High pressure gaseous fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine and a method of sealing connections between components to prevent leakage of a high pressure gaseous fuel
Vehicular accessory driving apparatus
Method for operating an internal combustion engine during engine braking
Controller for direct-injection internal combustion engine and method of controlling the direct-injection internal combustion engine
Rubber gasket for separator of fuel cell
Pressure control valve having intrinsic feedback system
High pressure three way valve
Adjustable clip assembly
Arrangement for connecting a tubular first component to a second component and method for producing an arrangement of this type
Hub joint for transferring load from a rotating shaft to a stationary body
Ball bearing retention apparatus
Clutch assembly and method of reversing cooling fluid flow
Automated manual transmission control apparatus
Female connection element and quick connection incorporating such an element
Height adjustable supports for table tops and like fixtures
Universal clamp
Self-extracting service module for piping infrastructures
Backlight having discharge tube, reflector and heat conduction member contacting discharge tube
Stacked light source
Graphene based structures and methods for shielding electromagnetic radiation
Method and system for cooling electrical components downhole
Cryogenic refrigerator
Insulation system with condensate wicking for vertical applications
Apparatus and method for inspecting articles of glassware
Impact-sensing and measurement systems, methods for using same, and related business methods
Method for analysing physical and/or chemical properties of the surface layer of a solid body (variants)
Gas sensor and method for measuring a gas component in a gas mixture
Traveling wave grids and algorithms for biomolecule separation, transport and focusing
Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to vascular access simulation systems
Protein purification and detection methods
Interference measurement resource (IMR) signaling and use to support interference coordination between cells
Cosmic ray detectors for integrated circuit chips
Optical fiber cable
Reducing heating from non-coupled light in power transmitting optical fibers
Optical transponder module with dual board flexible circuit
Modular keypad assembly
Lenticular sign
Patterning using wax printing and lift off
Resist pattern, process for producing same, and utilization thereof
Non-magnetic monocomponent color toner and preparation method thereof
Oilless toner
Substance shutoff device and fuel cell
Gaming machine, server, and program with image of real player
System and method for calculating expected approval rates
Paper sheets thread part or paper sheets thread part detection method
Mobile device gateway providing access to instant information
Communication device, communication system, communication method, and program
Document sheet with recessed cavity and window to allow two-sided printing of an object received therein
Card holder
String-bounding preventing structure for piano
Machine for changing the key of a stringed musical instrument
Electronic musical instrument
Noise abatement wall
Bondable conductive ink
Ion sampling for APPI mass spectrometry
Electronic ballast and startup method
Method of fabricating light-emitting device and apparatus for manufacturing light-emitting device
MRAM memory cell with a reference layer and method for fabricating
Circuit board, liquid discharge apparatus, and method of manufacturing the circuit board
Method to enhance device performance with selective stress relief
Method of mounting an electroless nickel immersion gold flip chip package
Intermediate product manufacturing apparatus, and intermediate product manufacturing method
Multilayer board and a semiconductor device
On-package edge-mount power decoupling and implementation with novel substrate design for FPGA and ASIC devices
Semiconductor package and method for its manufacture
Chip structure and process for forming the same
Standard cell, semiconductor integrated circuit device of standard cell scheme and layout design method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electrostatic discharge protector for an integrated circuit
Microlens manufacturing method and solid-state image pick-up unit manufacturing method
Apparatus and methods for providing highly effective and area efficient decoupling capacitance in programmable logic devices
Bipolar-based SCR for electrostatic discharge protection
3-D readout-electronics packaging for high-bandwidth massively paralleled imager
Method and apparatus for providing noise suppression in an integrated circuit
Protective sheet for solar battery module, method of fabricating the same and solar battery module
Display apparatus and method for producing the same
Surface light source with photonic crystal LED
Semiconductor device, magnetic sensor, and magnetic sensor unit
Field-effect transistor
El device
Fuel cell
Fuel cell system with fluid stream recirculation
Pick and place electrical connector
Cable interconnect
Connector fixing structure for fixing a connector to a board
Plug connector ejector mechanism with integrated return action
Connector which can be increased in holding strength with respect to a substrate
Memory card socket structure
Electrical connector with improved crosstalk compensation
Connection contact of an electric connector
Drilling and/or hammering tool
Method of controlling power in a wireless communication system
Echo cancelling device
Method for receiving multicast data in M2M device included in wireless communication system and M2M device therefor
Location based carrier and technology specific spectrum analysis
Mobile communication method, radio base station, radio network controller, core network device and gateway device
Network node control for plurality of clusters for managing characteristics
Dynamic headphones
Throat microphone
Acoustic sensor
Production method for dielectric resonator device
Varying processes to control transmission characteristics for position determination operations
Method and system for device positioning utilizing distributed transceivers with array processing
Tracking a mobile unit in a housing facility for mobile units
Wireless communication system, terminal, message sending method, and program for allowing terminal to execute the method
Apparatus and method for controlling output of base station in mobile communication system
Wireless network performance analysis system and method
Method and apparatus for change of primary cell during carrier aggregation
Apparatus and method for controlling selection of a handover destination
Method for establishing device-to-device communication
Multi-carrier steering in RRC state CELL.sub.--FACH
Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in a wireless communication system
Mobile station, communication control method, and communication control system
Base station timing control using synchronous transport signals
Systems and methods for access point triggered transmissions after traffic indication map paging
Dual interpretation of a length field of a signal unit
Communication terminal and method for performing communication
Shared media bridging
Multiple mode support in a wireless local area network
Power control in orthogonal sub-channels in wireless communications
OFDMA with adaptive subcarrier-cluster configuration and selective loading
Direct link setup through an extended service set
Method for transmitting and receiving parameter update information in a wireless communication system, and device using same
PTC heating device without electronic power control
Apparatus and method for improving efficiency of RF heating
Radiation image conversion panel and manufacturing method thereof
LED light source
Lighting apparatus and light emitting diode device thereof
High frequency induction heating double steel belt press apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating plasma pulses
Entrance device housing with detachable front panel
Power supply device structure
Separable and integrated heat sinks facilitating cooling multi-compnent electronic assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Surgical gown with thumb hole
Novelty cap
Shoe bottom
Sole for footwear
Sash with stripes
Checkered sash
Transparent carrying case for cans
Guitar string changing tool case
Insert for bearing storage box
Hard Irish shoe key ring
Backpack having portable amplifier system with side-mounted speakers and a cord for connecting to portable CD or cassette-player
Heart shape bag with extended petal arms
Baseball bat fan
Brush cleaning unit
Four-legged chair
Chair without arms
Lounge chair
Slat back chair
Outdoor chair
Dining table
Collapsible table
Micro-audio cassette storage tray
Clothes bagging and hanging rack
Computer table
CD display rack
Computer table
Storage rack
CD holder
Computer desk
Display cabinet
Combined HI-FI stand and CD rack
Hexagonal shaped rack for compact discs
Rack primarily for kitchen utensils
Computer table
Foot for a work station
Leg for a work station
Table leg
Transparent locker door
Table top
Card case
Garment hanger
Combination head bed and heat seat
Semicircular doormat
Disposable seat cover
Mug container
Beverage container lid
Lid for gravity bin
Beverage container lid
Round center pan
Stirring spoon
Coffee cup with raised handle area
Handle for a pan or a similar kitchen utensil
Handle for a cooking vessel, in particular for a pot
Microwave oven
Body of a barbecue grill
Roasting pan
Set of cutlery
Set of condiment containers
Food storage container lid with date dial
Electric drill
Emergency rescue knife for cutting a seat belt
Support column base plate
Tire valve tool
Folded multipurpose tool
Handle for a tool
Optical fiber holding device
Hose guide
Shepherd's hook
Ratchet clamp
Door hook
Low profile keypad escutcheon
Fastening biscuit
T type nail
Watch with offset circular face
Watch dial
Flow meter end fitting with integral tube connector-version 3
Flow meter end fitting with integral tube connector--version 2
Measuring device for toy animal feet
Magnetic tip tape measure
Pressure checking apparatus for swimming pool
Miniature cage valve for low flow rotameter
Game call volume chamber
Combination pendant and lapel pin for a tie or lapel
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Small flower vase
Individual golf cart
Tricycle for children
Tricycle for children
Tricycle for children
Convertible stroller and shopping cart having an `X` frame
Amphibious craft
Speed meter for a motorcycle
Dashboard arrangement for a vehicle
Vehicle floor mat
Trailer hitch bar
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Bumper of motor vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Steering wheel for motor vehicle
Automotive window glazing border
Interior vehicular rearview mirror display element
Human Necessities
Method for determining acoustic impact of underwater acoustic sources on marine animals
Method and system for reducing arterial restenosis in the presence of an intravascular stent
Pulse oximetry sensor
Minimally invasive system for assessment of organ function
Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatus
Method, apparatus and system for removing motion artifacts from measurements of bodily parameters
Method of and apparatus for detecting arrhythmia and fibrillation
Bio-characteristic value measuring apparatus with simplified setting and display recognition
Security infusion pump with bar code reader
Rate-adaptive cardiac pacemaker
Rate-adaptive therapy with sensor cross-checking
Methods and apparatus for overdrive pacing heart tissue using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
System for creating a community for users with common interests to interact in
Robot and control method for controlling the robot's emotions
Audio-visual education system using movable toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Eddy current technique for predicting burst pressure
Process for manufacturing card-shaped data carriers
Method of teaching robot with traveling axis off-line
Method and apparatus for setting registration in a multicolor printing machine based on printing substrate grade
Roll paper unit having paper path switching member and image forming apparatus employing the same
Method and device for determining an unstable driving condition of a motor vehicle
Active ride control for a vehicle suspension system
Hybrid vehicle control apparatus
Device for displaying and controlling functions in a motor vehicle
Method of classifying weight information in a vehicle weight classification system
Passive countermeasure methods
Method for testing the functioning of a drving dynamics control sensor system
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced vehicle detection
Method and device for determining absolute angular position of a rotating body
Method for detecting motor control loss in a power steering system
Information processing device for diver
Toner powder container for storing toner applicable to an electrographic image forming apparatus, a method at assembling the same, and a method of reducing the volume of the same
Integrated dispenser and business machine system
Apparatus for printing on continuous paper and a device for stacking the paper
Method for calculating a print medium pick time for an imaging apparatus that transports print media at variable speeds
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for computer automated detection of protein and nucleic acid targets of a chemical compound
Method of determining optimum exposure threshold for a given photolithographic model
Method and apparatus for direct in vivo gene transfer by electrotransfection
Textiles; Paper
Paper web breakage prediction using bootstrap aggregation of classification and regression trees
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for monitoring start of engine
Valve positioner and current-to-pneumatic converter
Shift control system of an automatic transmission and a method thereof
Method for determining a starting gear step
Shift control system for automatic transmission
Object scanner
Navigation assisting system, flight-route calculating method, and navigation assisting method
Method and system for communicating facility information and devices therefor
Vehicle navigation apparatus proving proper guidance for off-road net conditions
Auto correcting temperature transmitter with resistance based sensor
Calibration method for quantitative elemental analysis
Method for determining the behaviour of a viscoelastic material
Method of testing an unknown sample with an analytical tool
Apparatus providing on-line indication of frequency of an AC electric power system
Multiple frequency signal detector
Measurement of fuel cell impedance
Reduced power testing with equally divided scan paths
Semiconductor integrated circuit having test circuit
Communication systems, circuits, circuit systems and methods of operating a circuit
Semiconductor die manufacture method to limit a voltage drop on a power plane thereof by noninvasively measuring voltages on a power plane
System and method for applying flexible constraints
Method and apparatus for extracting bridges from an integrated circuit layout
Clinical method for measuring cerebrospinal fluid perfusion by magnetic resonance tomography
Multi-mode global positioning system for use with wireless networks
Use of third party ultra wideband devices to establish geo-positional data
Modified transmission method for improving accuracy for E-911 calls
Method and apparatus for 3D depth migration
Seismic data processing method for data acquired using overlapping vibratory sweeps
Viewfinder apparatus for camera
Camera capable of varying luminous intensity distribution angle of flash device
Method of controlling power source of camera
Photomask designing method, a photomask designing apparatus, a computer readable storage medium, a photomask, a photoresist, photosensitive resin, a base plate, a microlens, and an optical element
Photomask pattern shape correction method and corrected photomask
Method of checking exposure patterns formed over photo-mask
Method and apparatus for minimizing optical proximity effects
Toner image fixing method and apparatus
Electrophotographic printing apparatus using density control
Image forming apparatus
Image-producing methods and apparatus
Image processing device, image processing method, and program realizing the image processing method
Image forming apparatus having mixed toner consumption mode
Tandem type color image forming apparatus having an intermediate transfer belt
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus in which electroconductive particles are supplied to charging means from developing device by way of image bearing member
Prevention of excessive toner accumulation in a developing apparatus
Electrostatic transfer type liquid electrophotographic printer
Oil application device having oil application amount control layer bonded to oil retaining member for retaining application-use silicone oil using mixture of adhesive and mixture-use silicone oil
Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus having the image heating apparatus
Apparatus for controlling power supply to an image fixing device
Image forming apparatus featuring a temperature-sensitive apparatus identifying feature
Remanufacturing method comprising developing blade dismounting and mounting steps
Process cartridge, assembling method therefor and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Feedback controller, digital filter device, and storage device
System and methods for visual interpretation of well rate allocation factors
Computer implemented system and method for evaluating gas generator launchers
Ultrasonic object consolidation
Method and apparatus for managing scheduling in a multiple cluster tool
Systems and methods for a hybrid diagnostic approach of real time diagnosis of electronic systems
Automatic travel control apparatus for vehicle
Process and device for controlling at least two production units
Electronic trading system featuring arbitrage and third-party credit opportunities
Self-protecting documents
Circuit for generating periodic function
Method and apparatus for controlling a clocked circuit having a register for storing a bit received from an input terminal and an output terminal connected to clock terminal of the clocked circuit
Memory unit and method of assembling a computer
Method and apparatus for dynamic power control of a low power processor
Method and apparatus to reduce the risk of observation of program operation
Signal processing apparatus and a data recording and reproducing apparatus including local memory processor
System and method for driving a signal to an unbuffered integrated circuit
Computer and error recovery method for the same
Saturation select apparatus and method therefor
Mechanism to improve fault isolation and diagnosis in computers
Method and apparatus for detecting errors in data output from memory and a device failure in the memory
Method and apparatus for restoration of a computer system hard drive
Independent checkpointing method using a memory checkpoint on a distributed system
Transaction processing system using efficient file update processing and recovery processing
System for accessing shared memory by two processors executing same sequence of operation steps wherein one processor operates a set of time later than the other
File mirroring drive that mirrors data on a file basis
Electronic device initialization with dynamic selection of access time for non-volatile memory
Computer program profiler
Evaluating computer resources
Policy based storage configuration
Virtualization of data storage drives of an automated data storage library
Method of controlling a memory device by way of a system bus
Multi-bank, fault-tolerant, high-performance memory addressing system and method
Flexible address programming with wrap blocking
Cache states for multiprocessor cache coherency protocols
Pipelined non-blocking level two cache system with inherent transaction collision-avoidance
Multi-node data processing system and communication protocol having a partial combined response
Low overhead method for selecting and updating an entry in a cache memory
Bus control system
System and method for converting a file system path into a uniform resource locator
Managing access to shared data in data processing networks
Method and apparatus for limiting security attacks via data copied into computer memory
Additional extension device having universal applicability
Magnetic disk drive and SCSI system employing the same
Shared memory apparatus and method for multiprocessor systems
Read data valid loop-back for high speed synchronized DRAM controller
Arbitration scheme for optimal performance
Peripheral video conferencing system
Parallel terminated bus system
Apparatus and method of connecting a computer and a peripheral device
Method and device for transferring data between two asynchronously clocked circuits via a buffer by renewing an access pointer thereof only when effective data is received
Apparatus and method of allowing PCI v1.0 devices to work in PCI v2.0 compliant system
Method and system for processing pipelined memory commands
Simple enclosure services (SES) using a high-speed, point-to-point, serial bus
Method and system for optimizing a host bus that directly interfaces to a 16-bit PCMCIA host bus adapter
System for increasing traffic on an electronic site of a system of networked computers
Multi-node data processing system and communication protocol in which a stomp signal is propagated to cancel a prior request
Calculator network in which a master calculator can restrict communication between client calculators in the network
Object-oriented framework for the generic collection of system data
Accessible network of performance index tables
Configuration bits layout
Run-time translation of legacy emulator high level language application programming interface (EHLLAPI) calls to object-based calls
Software and method for recognizing similarity of documents written in different languages based on a quantitative measure of similarity
Web site quality assurance system and method
Cache management method of user terminal connected to network
Web-based information retrieval
Streaming media search and continuous playback of multiple media resources located on a network
System and method for representing related concepts
Non-blocking drain method and apparatus for use in processing requests on a resource
Active memory and memory control method, and heterogeneous data integration use system using the memory and method
Vertical implementation of expectation-maximization algorithm in SQL for performing clustering in very large databases
Visualization of high-dimensional data
System and method for facilitating presentation of subject categorizations for use in an on-line search query engine
Method for using data from a data query cache
Ceramic design transfer process
Method and apparatus for automatic construction of faceted terminological feedback for document retrieval
Relational database compiled/stored on a memory structure providing improved access through use of redundant representation of data
Database query system and method
System and method for the automatic construction of generalization-specialization hierarchy of terms from a database of terms and associated meanings
Distributed reference links for a distributed directory server system
Method and system for organizing an annotation structure and for querying data and annotations
Approximate querying method for databases with multiple grouping attributes
System and method for generating domain names and for facilitating registration and transfer of the same
Method and apparatus for indexing structured documents with rich data types
Graphical viewer for biomolecular sequence data
Internet storage manipulation and navigation system
Automated creation of an XML dialect and dynamic generation of a corresponding DTD
Method and system for naming and binding objects
Method and system for predicting transaction
Content-driven speech-or audio-browser
System and method for electronic data delivery
Method and apparatus for minimization of net delay by optimal buffer insertion
Method and apparatus for defining signal timing for an integrated circuit device
Method of designing layout for integrated circuit
System and method for estimating capacitance of wires based on congestion information
Method and system for matching boolean signatures
Methods and apparatuses for designing integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for logic synthesis with elaboration
Signal delay time calculation method of semiconductor integrated circuit and computer program product for executing the method
Method and apparatus for building an integrated circuit
Hardware design language generation for input/output logic level
Local naming for HDL compilation
Method and system for timing and area driven binary and/or matching
Method and apparatus for accurate crosspoint allocation in VLSI area routing
Method of performing parasitic extraction for a multi-fingered transistor
Integrated circuit partitioning placement and routing system
Modeling method and simulation method
Multiprocessor computer overset grid method and apparatus
Programmable device with an embedded portion for receiving a standard circuit design
Power decoupling circuit generating system and power decoupling circuit generating method
Method and apparatus for IEEE 1394 bus analysis
Method for predicting stability characteristics of power supplies
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmission medium
Image driven operating system
Dynamic display advertising
Disk array controller, its disk array control unit, and increase method of the unit
Method and apparatus for controlling the read clock signal rate of a first-in first-out (FIFO) data memory
Arithmetic circuit for accumulative operation
Efficient bundle sorting
DSP control apparatus and method for reducing power consumption
Designing addition circuits
System for handling load errors having symbolic entity generator to generate symbolic entity and ALU to propagate the symbolic entity
Paired register exchange using renaming register map
Method for updating a pointer to access a memory address in a DSP
System and method for instruction cache re-ordering
Compiler and method for automatically building version compatible object applications
Method and apparatus for eliminating redundant array range checks in a compiler
Computer-implemented sharing of java classes for increased memory efficiency and communication method
Method for saving system configuration information to shorten computer system initialization time by checking the state of a chassis intrusion detection circuit
Method and system for transferring an application program from system firmware to a storage device
Computerized asset management system
Installable file system for client in a computer network
Instruction translation method
Generic semaphore for concurrent access by multiple operating systems
Method and system for activation and deactivation of distributed objects in a distributed objects system
Information streaming in a multi-process system using shared memory
Method of communicating between agent objects in a computer network
Method, system and program products for determining I/O configuration entropy
Method and apparatus for managing a memory shortage situation in a data processing system
Method of designing an interface for a real-time messaging system
Method and system for leasing storage
Reliable identification with preselection and rejection class
Digital signal filter using weightless neural techniques
System and method for classifying unknown data patterns in multi-variate feature space
Decision-tree-based symbolic rule induction system for text categorization
System and method for processing knowledge items of a knowledge warehouse
Collection of information regarding a device or a user of a device across a communication link
Method and apparatus for a commercial network system designed to facilitate, manage and support the implementation and integration of technology systems
Time management and task completion and prediction software
System and method for performing a mindflow process using a mindflow document archive
Production of document data including dynamic character representation
Real estate database search method
Portable electronic mail apparatus and storage medium storing electronic mail program
System and method for creating, executing and maintaining cross-enterprise processes
Audience measurement system employing local time coincidence coding
Dynamic customer profile management
System and method for charitable giving
Method and system for collecting and processing marketing data
Method and system for customer service using a packet switched network
System and method for conducting disconnected transactions with service contracts for pervasive computing devices
Mathematical relation identification apparatus and method
Method and device for safeguarding against manipulation of an odometer or a trip recorder
Intermodal movement status monitoring system
Collation system and method
System and method for controlling data transfer between portable medias and a processor to minimize communication hardware requirements
Method of updating registered information in digital map
Method, system and storage medium for providing training to multiple users
Method and system of program transmission optimization using a redundant transmission sequence
Chip set comprising only graphic interface reference voltage pin
Spoken user interface for speech-enabled devices
Model adaptation of neural tree networks and other fused models for speaker verification
Dynamic semantic control of a speech recognition system
Method for hands-free operation of a pointer
Background model design for flexible and portable speaker verification systems
Method of comparing utterances for security control
Method for reducing transmission bit rate in a telecommunication system
Audio signal pitch adjustment apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for the enhancement of signals
Time-scale modification method and apparatus for digital audio signals
Method for reading a CD having CD-text data
Video data storage
Method for data transmission with a list of auxiliary information by appending a corresponding ID codes with respective auxiliary information
Method and apparatus for transferring test data from a memory array
Diagnosis of RAMS using functional patterns
Semiconductor device and testing method of the same
Two step memory device command buffer apparatus and method and memory devices and computer systems using same
Semiconductor wafer baking apparatus
Apparatus and method for positioning a cassette pod onto a loadport by an overhead hoist transport system
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Method and apparatus for operating a fuel cell system
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy distribution
Radio broadcasting receiver
Personal, self-programming, short-range transceiver system
Single bit error correction, double burst error detection technique
Computing the CRC bits at a time for data whose length in bits is not a multiple of M
Method and apparatus for high-speed CRC computation based on state-variable transformation
Generating special uncorrectable error codes for failure isolation
Assuring sequence number availability in an adaptive hybrid-ARQ coding system
Method and apparatus for high integrity hardware memory compression
Methods and apparatus for control of frequency hopping in an analog cordless telephone
Subscriber unit for controlling initial power ramp-up using short codes
Receiving method and receiving apparatus
System and method for dial-up networking over infrared data link
Forward link power control device and methods for a mobile communication system supporting transmission diversity
Method and apparatus for a signal power control in a wireless communication system
Method and system for power control in wireless networks using interference prediction with an error margin
Softer handoff in a base station employing virtual channel elements
Compact dual-polarized adaptive antenna array communication method and apparatus
Method for channel estimation from received signals transmitted via a radio channel
Apparatus for connection of a high-power and a low-power radio telephone network
Method and system for voice guided secure entry of private data in a public setting
Fault detector
Bit detection method in a radio communications system
Error-correcting encoding apparatus
Method and apparatus implementing error injection for PCI bridges
Method and apparatus for coordinating the configuration of massively parallel systems
Data transmission system
Method of generating IEEE 1394 virtual network in which a virtual network controller is connected to generate self ID packets as virtual node ID
Method of network configuration, method and apparatus for information processing, and computer-readable media
Method for recording data in a telecommunications switching center
Resource management in uncoordinated frequency hopping system
Admission control, queue management, and shaping/scheduling for flows
Method and device for identifying an active 1394A node attached to a 1394B network
Explicit rate computational engine
Methods and apparatus for heuristic firewall
Message preprocessing operations indicated by an associated descriptor read and descriptors belonging to a category of preprocessing descriptors and a category of instruction descriptors
Methods and apparatus for synchronizing access control in a web server
System and method for conducting a time auction
SNMP master agent that translates messages to a sub-agent proprietary format using a translation table by the sub-agent
Firewall performance monitoring and limited access system
System for transmitting/receiving data records among computer nodes with communication applications via an internet or via a broadband connection depending on the type of data records
System and method for activity monitoring and reporting in a computer network
Method and system for a session allocation manager ("SAM")
Method and apparatus for providing configuration information using a queued direct input-output device
Method and apparatus for configuring imaging system to communicate with multiple remote devices
Efficient classification, manipulation, and control of network transmissions by associating network flows with rule based functions
Intelligent remote location system
Apparatus and method for hybrid network access
Uniform network access
Method and apparatus for encoding content characteristics
Portable wireless information terminal apparatus in which view of display unit and operation of operational section are easy to perform during using
Earphone-microphone combination including a radio module and method of shifting its operational mode between telephone mode and radio mode
Radio communication device having underlining scroll display function
Wireless telephone with virtual dialer
Radio communication system wherein insertion of an attachable external storage medium causes the mobile to interact with the system
Mobile telephone help information
Location based service request system
System for interactive chat without a keyboard
System for filtering content from videos
Signal router with cross-point view graphical interface
Apparatus and method for reusing satellite broadcast spectrum for terrestrially broadcast signals
Method and apparatus for a digitized CATV network for bundled services
Wireless data transport method, and mobile terminal and interworking function device therefor
Uplink detection of schedule mobiles for avoiding access delays
PCS with enhanced short-message service option
Automated warranty registration
Method and system for optimizing wireless communication system performance
Trunked radio monitoring system
Method and apparatus for multi-user resource management in wireless communication systems
Communication apparatus
Apparatus and method providing ubiquitous call transfer of an incoming call to a mobile subscriber unit
Use of immediate handover to achieve multi-head zones
Channel-type switching from a common channel to a dedicated channel based on common channel load
Apparatus, method and system for handoff of a mobile broadcast of information specific to a geographic region
Methods and systems for standardizing interbase station communications
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