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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chunk polycrystalline silicon and process for cleaning polycrystalline silicon chunks
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Line bracket for mounting on a support structure of an airplane
Electron beam apparatus for visualizing a displacement of an electric field
Method for determining a spatial arrangement of photovoltaic module groups in a photovoltaic installation
Sorting machine of battery cell and sorting method thereof
Method for obtaining field strength information
Optical communication apparatus
Polarizing photovoltaic devices and applications in LCD displays and tandem solar cells
Thin film transistor array panel having double-layered oxide semiconductor structure and method for manufacturing the same
Remote control apparatus
Circuit for providing negative voltages with selectable charge pump or buck-boost operating mode
Method and system for hysteresis control of a power circuit
Multiple-queue multiple-resource entry sleep and wakeup for power savings and bandwidth conservation in a retry based pipeline
Failure interval determination
Cross communication of common problem determination and resolution
Server and method for protecting against fan failure therein
Security system and method for operating systems
Computing system using single operating system to provide normal security services and high security services, and methods thereof
Node failure management
Fault handling in a distributed IT environment
Method and apparatus for multi-chip reduced pin cross triggering to enhance debug experience
Efficient storage of encrypted data in a dispersed storage network
Partitioning of program analyses into sub-analyses using dynamic hints
Equalizing bandwidth for multiple requesters using a shared memory system
Forced map entry flush to prevent return of old data
Managing and sharing storage cache resources in a cluster environment
Selective release-behind of pages based on repaging history in an information handling system
Coherent attached processor proxy having hybrid directory
Coherent attached processor proxy having hybrid directory
Systems, methods, and computer medium to securely transfer business transactional data between networks having different levels of network protection using barcode technology with data diode network security appliance
Adjustment of the number of task control blocks allocated for discard scans
Modifying system routing information in link based systems
Firmware management of storage class memory for connected or disconnected I/O adapters
Management apparatus, system, and method of controlling the same
Image forming apparatus that stores data of print job in memory area, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Method and system for providing contents or smart print service of smart printer mapped to network access device
Destination setting apparatus, control method, and recording medium
Color correcting system and image forming apparatus including same
Method and system for aggregating music in the cloud
System and method for intelligent automated remote management of electromechanical devices
Causation of a data read operation against a first storage system by a server associated with a second storage system according to a host generated instruction
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
Open resilience framework for simplified and coordinated orchestration of multiple availability managers
Method, system, and device for managing server hardware resources in a cloud scheduling environment
Validation of storage arrays based on information stored in global metadata
Process model generated using biased process mining
Computing device and method for processing measurement data of objects
Optimizing typographical content for transmission and display
Automated document revision markup and change control
Problem management software
Range adjustment for text editing
System for providing universal communication that employs a dictionary database
Translation system and method
Machine translation apparatus, method and program
Crowd-sourced automated vocabulary learning system
Business content hierarchy
Database row access control
Expanding high level queries
Methods for preserving generation data set sequences
Retrieving information from a relational database using user defined facets in a faceted query
Displaying changes to versioned files
Dynamic SMT in parallel database systems
Using geographical location to determine element and area information to provide to a computing device
Real estate content tracking on the internet
Context dependent application/event activation for people with various cognitive ability levels
Optimized data placement for individual file accesses on deduplication-enabled sequential storage systems
Automated adjustment of wire connections in computer-assisted design of circuits
Transaction correlation system
Determining threshold voltage variations in field effect transistors
Dynamic image composition system employing fenced applications
Dynamic image composition method employing fenced applications
Smoothing power output from a wind farm
Dynamically scanning a web application through use of web traffic information
Securing data gathering devices of a personal computing device while performing sensitive data gathering activities to prevent the misappropriation of personal user data gathered therewith
Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
Digital rights management for publishing scanned documents on the internet
Confidential information access via social networking web site
Confidential information access via social networking web site
Aggressive rehandshakes on unknown session identifiers for split SSL
Protecting data on a mobile device
Processing information
System for execution of security related functions
Management of data on related websites
Information processing method and device for presenting haptics received from a virtual object
Synchronous light pen electronic whiteboard system
Touch input device and electronic apparatus
Method and system for emotion tracking, tagging, and rating and communication
User interface system
Sensing displays utilizing light emitting diodes
Method and mobile terminal for displaying fixed objects independent of shifting background images on a touchscreen
Smartly navigating hierarchical structure strings
Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and data conversion method
Data transmitting device for adjusting signal transmission, image forming apparatus, data transmission controlling method, and recording medium storing data transmission control program thereof
Image forming system having remotely accessed shared image forming apparatus
Method, program, and system for specification verification
Apparatus and method for generating evidence video
Conditional storage of multiple information items
Using symbols to search local and remote data stores
Cloud storage
Manipulation of an object as an image of a mapping of graph data
Content management using multiple abstraction layers
Gesture-based image shape filtering
Gesture-based image shape filtering
Medical professional application integration into electronic health record system
Peer to peer subscription service
Mechanism to speed-up multithreaded execution by register file write port reallocation
Identifying authors of changes between multiple versions of a file
Uniform references
Correlating out-of-band process data during mobile test automation
Algorithm selection for collective operations in a parallel computer
Semantic mapping of objects in a user interface automation framework
Importance-based call graph construction
Compiler optimization for memoization of pure function arguments
Platform specific payload management
Auto-cloudifying applications via runtime modifications
Performing shadowing function by virtual machine manager in two-level virtual machine environment
Management of prioritizing virtual machines in an operating environment
Methods and apparatus for processing load balancing in distributed problem processing
Methods and apparatus for processing load balancing in distributed problem processing
Real time multithreaded scheduler and scheduling method
Meta-application management in a multitasking environment
Meta-application management in a multitasking environment
Managing multi-application contexts
RFID chip module
RFID tag for RFID service and RFID service method thereof
Method and apparatus to mitigate multipath in RFID
System, method and computer software product for searching for a latent fingerprint while simultaneously constructing a three-dimensional topographic map of the searched space
Crowd state characterization system and method
Techniques for medical image retreival
Determining document fitness using illumination
Method for concealing a synthetic hologram in a binary image
Image processing device and image processing method to estimate movement of a movable body
Object tracking device
Loitering detection in a video surveillance system
Apparatus and method for converting 2D content into 3D content
Image enhancement using semantic components
Method and apparatus for strategic synaptic failure and learning in spiking neural networks
Automatic identification of information useful for generation-based functional verification
System and method for generating a marketing-mix solution
Vehicle activity module
Electronic lock box system with incentivized feedback
Apparatus and method for email storage
Conditional disclosure of a response to content posted in a social network
Sharing or reselling NFC applications among mobile communications devices
Transaction data capture device and system
System and method for providing a unified messaging and modeling infrastructure
Generating targeted group based offers to increase sales
Systems and methods for risk triggering values
CT image reconstruction with edge-maintaining filtering
Providing user controlled ability to determine data level of detail in a graph
Method and apparatus for graphical processing unit (GPU) accelerated large-scale web community detection
System and method for performance management of large scale SDP platforms
Visual previews
Custom animation application tools and techniques
Display apparatus employing frame specific composite contributing colors
Paper-slip handling device and automated transaction device
Machine system having overtaking functionality
Semiconductor device including transistor with oxide semiconductor
Electronic paper, copy controlling program and copy controlling method
Systems and methods for monitoring LCD display panel resistance
Pixels group and display panel having the same
Backlight for a display
Control module and control method to determine perspective in the rendering of medical image data sets
Method for synchronous representation of a virtual reality in a distributed simulation system
Unified octave/register key and vent for musical wind instruments
Audio visual presentation with three-dimensional display devices
Adapting speech recognition acoustic models with environmental and social cues
Systems and methods for determining pitch pulse period signal boundaries
CD player and method for ejection control thereof
Data storage device attenuating interference from first spiral track when reading second spiral track
Magnetic recording head and disk drive provided therewith
Frequency resistance access magnetic memory
Semiconductor memory with integrated biologic element
Address error detection
Electrically conductive element, system, and method of manufacturing
Gas-insulated delta transformer
Transformer winding with cooling channel
Inductor structure having embedded airgap
Current collectors having textured coating
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board having multilayer ceramic capacitor embedded therein
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board for mounting the same
Super capacitor structure and the manufacture thereof
Solid electrolyte capacitor
Electrode for vacuum circuit breaker, and vacuum interrupter using the electrode
Liquidproof dome switch
Switch having a quenching chamber
Magnetic element control device, magnetic element control method and magnetic detection device
Light-emitting diode module and method for operating a light-emitting diode module
Geiger-Muller counter tube and radiation measurement apparatus
Method and system for processing mass spectrometry data, and mass spectrometer
Methods of localized hardening of dicing channel by applying localized heat in wafer kerf
Methods for forming a self-aligned maskless junction butting for integrated circuits
Integrated circuit assembly with cushion polymer layer
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for producing the same
Depositing an etch stop layer before a dummy cap layer to improve gate performance
Method for controlling the profile of an etched metallic layer
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including selectively forming and removing fin structures
Asymmetrical gate MOS device and method of making
Semiconductor device and method of making
Metal-resin composite, method for producing the same, busbar, module case, and resinous connector part
Semiconductor device with an edge termination structure having a closed vertical trench
Method to increase interconnect reliability
Semiconductor package with package-on-package stacking capability and method of manufacturing the same
Low temperature salicide for replacement gate nanowires
finFET isolation by selective cyclic etch
Integration of trench MOS with low voltage integrated circuits
FinFET and fin-passive devices
Method of manufacturing device
Power module package with a fastening unit including a non-conductive portion
Shielded package assemblies with integrated capacitor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Die edge side connection
Edge coupling alignment using embedded features
Method for reducing wettability of interconnect material at corner interface and device incorporating same
Fin field effect transistor with dielectric isolation and anchored stressor elements
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing same, and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Methods of forming transistors with retrograde wells in CMOS applications and the resulting device structures
III-V, Ge, or SiGe fin base lateral bipolar transistor structure and method
Passivation of back-illuminated image sensor
Thin-type image capturing module structure for a web cam
Semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing
Nitride based semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Highly conformal extension doping in advanced multi-gate devices
Back-end transistors with highly doped low-temperature contacts
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Reduced scale resonant tunneling field effect transistor
Circuit element including a layer of a stress-creating material providing a variable stress and method for the formation thereof
Integrated circuits with memory cells and methods of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and production method for the same
Low light adaptive imaging device
Dye-sensitized solar cell fabricating kit, dye-sensitized solar cell and method of using the same
Multilayer thin-film back contact system for flexible photovoltaic devices on polymer substrates
Selective self-aligned plating of heterojunction solar cells
Electrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements
Organic optoelectronic device and method for the encapsulation thereof
Method for preparing and use of Sb.sub.2Te.sub.3 nanocrystals in thermoelectric materials
Thermoelectric device, in particular intended to generate an electric current in a motor vehicle
System and method for the thermal management of battery-based energy storage systems
Oscillator device and method of mounting oscillator device
Piezoelectric component
Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing display and display
Hermetically-sealed feed-through device
Solid oxide fuel cell device
Manufacturing method and apparatus for electrolyte membrane with gaskets
Method for microbially generating electricity and microbial power generator
Electronic circuit
Resonant circuit having a plurality of cables disposed in series in a circular manner
Method of antenna impedance mismatch compensation based on time-to-digital converter phase estimation
Power connector
Multi-level connector and use thereof that mitigates data signaling reflections
Connector apparatus
Power supply connector and method for unlocking power supply connector
Connector assembly with anti-mismating members
Connecting structure for electronic device
Socket for connecting jack having structure of preventing popping noise
Slide fasteners
Polarity-correctly-connectable intelligent insert-to-connect device
Distributor unit and distributor block which comprises at least two distributor units
Absorber for terahertz radiation management
Oxygen laser oscillator
Hybrid laser including anti-resonant waveguides
Electric wire with terminal and connector
Method and apparatus for transferring power between AC and DC power systems
Charge-discharge control device, charge-discharge control system, and computer program product
Method for manufacturing stator, apparatus for manufacturing stator, and stator
Brushless motor and disk drive apparatus
Variable resistance device for reduced power dissipation in dimmer compatibility circuits
Parallelable three-phase photovoltaic power converter
Control method, control device and mobile electric power storage apparatus
Thermoelectric converter and system comprising a thermoelectric converter
Battery system, battery control device, electric vehicle, mobile body, and power source device
Induction load driving system
Load driving device and inverted movable body equipped with same
Brushless motor device controlled by a carrier of DC positive and negative power wires
Switching-mode power supplies and control methods thereof
Output module and method for operating the output module
Push-pull source-series terminated transmitter apparatus and method
RF/microwave pressure contact interface
Piezoelectric vibration element and piezoelectric device
Low voltage, self-biased, high-speed comparator
Quick comparison circuit
Phase locked loop with burn-in mode
Methods for sampling time skew compensation in time-interleaved analog to digital converters
Symbol mapping for binary coding
Device and method for transmission, device and method for reception, and program
Managing quality of service for communication sessions
Managing quality of service for communication sessions
Hardware compression to find backward references with multi-level hashes
Apparatus and method for near field communication in ultra wideband (UWB)
Multiplier circuit and wireless communication apparatus using the same
Methods and arrangements for channel updates in wireless networks
Radio port switching device and method of using the radio port switching device
Adaptive forward error correction in passive optical networks
Noise event suppression for monitoring system
Testing a decision feedback equalizer (`DFE`)
Codebook adaptation method, radio base station apparatus and user equipment
Fast generalized decision feedback equalizer precoder implementation for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission systems
Method and device for controlling relay transmission based on non-reproduction relay mode
Method and system for providing explosion proof video and communication relay module
Communication system and method therefor
Synchronization control system
Recommending a policy for an IT asset
Server device, base station device, and identification number establishment method
Integrated link-based data recorder for semiconductor chip
Inter-unit transfer support using mobile internet protocol
Method and system for providing VOIP services
Low-cost flow matching in software defined networks without TCAMs
Sliced routing table management with replication
Arbitration of multiple-thousands of flows for convergence enhanced ethernet
Switch fabric
Downlink channel estimation method, system, and mobile terminal
Frequency-domain turbo equalization, including multi-mode adaptive linear equalization, adaptive decision-directed channel estimation, adaptive noise variance estimation, and dynamic iteration control
Apparatus and method for generating differential signal, and transmission apparatus and method having the same
Method for secure single-packet authorization within cloud computing networks
Compound certifications for assurance without revealing infrastructure
System and method of extending a host website
Local digital network, methods for installing new devices and data broadcast and reception methods in such a network
Secure metering and accounting for cloud services
Automated triggering of a broadcast
Fine phase estimation for highly spectrally efficient communications
Mediator device monitoring and controlling access to electronic content
Method and apparatus for watermarking an AC-3 encoded bit stream
Secure access of electronic documents and data from client terminal
Protective case for controlling sound waves
Social quality-of-service database
Audio archive generation and presentation
System and method for live voice and voicemail detection
Process to reload mobile prepaid airtime using a self-service terminal across multiple telcos and multiple currencies
Exploring multiple contact channels to determine potential for reaching customers
Controlling communications between a mobile device and a base station
Bi-color duplex printing method and device
3D video reproduction device, non-transitory computer-readable medium, 3D display device, 3D imaging device, and 3D video reproduction method
Stereoscopic panoramic image synthesis device, image capturing device, stereoscopic panoramic image synthesis method, recording medium, and computer program
Image display apparatus and method, computer program product, and image processing device
Three-dimensional image display apparatus and image processing apparatus
Moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method and integrated circuit
Data sampling and data encryption/decryption method and electronic device utilizing the methods
Adaptor device for source device and control method of adaptor device for source device
Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, control method, and recording medium
3D cameras for HDR
Method and apparatus for reception and transmission
Controller for photographing apparatus and photographing system
Index table generation in PVR applications for AVC video streams
Encoder of E-8VSB forward error correction for digital television system of ATSC
Transmission system and transmitting method
Phantom gaming in a broadcast media, system and method
Distributed video coding/decoding method, distributed video coding/decoding apparatus, and transcoding apparatus
Multimedia object correlation using group label
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for recording multimedia content
High fidelty electro-acoustic enclosure and method of manufacture
System and method for sharing media in a group communication among wireless communication devices
Method of frequency synchronization in distributed network
Clock generation circuit, display device drive circuit, and control method of clock generation circuit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Magnetically-coupled double-sided window washer
Electric iron
Cartridge for a steam and spray iron
Dust pan
Duster with handle
Electric iron
Tile grouting system bucket
Rock bolt support plate
Perfume bottle
Beverage container
Bottle and pump
Rectangular fluted stackable container
Tool box
Battery display package
Converter ring
Container closure
Dispensing cap
Roll support
Portion of lid for trash can
Wrist watch
Stackable yard cart
Vehicle-windshield washer nozzle having a skull-face with illuminated eyes
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Saddlebag for a motorcycle
Luggage rack for an automobile
Luggage support for bicycle
Engine generator
Battery cover
Electrical connector
Stuffer for an electrical wire connector
Electrical connector
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning system controller
Electrical connector
Electrical outlet with ground fault circuit interrupter
Electric connector
Electric connector
Electrical connector
Interface connector receptacle
Wireless communications earpiece
Video disk player
Audio speaker cabinet
Audio speaker cabinet
Disc recorder
Speaker box for electronic game machine
LCD display
Electrical connector for a memory card
Portable delivery information acquisition device
LCD display
Data processor support
Computer mouse
Hand-held device keypad
Mouse for computer
Hand-held device keyboard
Computer mouse
User interface for a television display screen
Optical scanner
User interface design for a television display screen
LCD display
Personal digital assistant holder
LCD display
Personal digital assistant holder
Satellite broadcast receiving antenna
Housing for communication devices or similar articles
Base transceiver station for mobile network
Key button arrangement for a handset
Integrated telephone handset and game console
Key matrix for a handset
Interchangeable cover for a mobile phone
AM/FM water resistant radio
Desk stand
Outboard motor
Electric driven compressor
Vacuum cleaner with detachable blower
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Clothes dryer exhaust hose coupler
Waxing and polishing device
Concrete cutter frame and cab
Chop saw table
Heat seal machine
Digital still camera
Liquid crystal projector
Printer for a camera
Telescoping multipod support apparatus
Eyeglass components
Eyeglass front
Binoculars with adjustable magnification
Magnifying glass with light for handheld electronic game
Piano roof plate
Shaken idiophone
Financial transaction terminal
Pointed pen italic font
Paper sheet
Paper sheet
Dispenser for plural adhesive tapes
Multiple use hanging file
Matchbox writing instrument
Pencil sharpener
Pencil sharpener
Handle of a stationery roll wheel
Memo and pen holder
Fluorescent marker
Coaster writing instrument
Garment tag component
Left hand check
Sign support
Multi color label holder
Reflective mallard sign
Reflective moose sign
Paint color display cards
Game board
Design craft kit construction component--five-petal flower form
Design craft kit construction component--twin-slotted sphere
Toy building element
Design craft kit construction component - joined, double-oval block form
Design craft kit construction component - peanut cross section, block form
Craft kit construction component - rounded-spike, hair style form
Handheld case gripper
Craft kit construction component - diving cap for a toy
Exercise aid
Golf putting aid
Aerodynamic golf driver club head
Golf club head
Novelty golf putter
Novelty golf putter
Integrally formed golf club head cover
Ladybug golf head cover
In-line skate frame
Inflatable swimming pool cover
Spray dispenser
Integral floating fishing rod handle and reel combination
Adjustable sleeve with leverage feature for a fishing rod handle
Aquarium filter
Plastic oscillating sprinkler
Water tap
Handgun holster holder
Hand-held shower
Water pistol
Triple direction supply water tap
Gas cylinder valve body
Valve diaphragm
Toilet room flush valve
Faucet spout
Display waterfall
Filter element
Portable toilet with carrying case and detachable shelter pack
Toilet seat and cover
Lavatory and toilet combination
Desktop heater
Ventilation grill for attachment to an equipment enclosure door or panel
Split yoke for a dental X-ray unit
Handle for a sample collector
Specimen-handling tool
Safety syringe
Baby accessory holder kit
Implant vial
Disposable absorbent article
Window component extrusion
Masonry-appearing modular edging for placing on flexible sheet plastic draped over on-edge boards to form yard pond
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Single hung frame jamb
Flooring or paving stone
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Flood barrier with removable insert for doorway
Slab door portion
Solar waterproof torch light
Table lamp
Fluorescent lamp with rotatable lamp fixture
Tail lens assembly
Tail lens assembly
Lamp base
Outdoor lantern
Fluorescent lamp
Tractor headlight module
Lamp for a vehicle
Lamp or hangable accessory
Light cover with faux alabaster appearance
Ashtray pocket insert
Slide lighter
Disposable lighter
Soap bar
Make-up case
Comb attachment for a dispenser
Hair clipper
Ultrasonic massager
Protective pad for use with shoulder straps
Dog coat
Dog tag watch
Animal toy
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for distributing soil amendments
Automatic configuration of dual cutter mode windrowers
Lawn mower having disabling feature
Mower with a grass catcher
Support structure for a divider of an agricultural corn head
Method for sheathing bales of plants and equipment for implementing same
Power lever cutting device
Method of providing a decorative covering
Display post with selectable multi-function capability
Petunia plant named `Duesurlav`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmred`
Petunia plant named `Duesurple`
Petunia plant named `Conbloss`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmgreen`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmfa`
Bracteantha plant named `Antique Shades`
Verbena plant named `Dosblu`
Echinacea plant named `Kim's Mop Head`
Petunia plant named `Duesurbluvein`
Multi-use pet environment
Livestock chute
Tamper-proof animal identification tag
Catch'em flea brush
Materials and methods for applying a treatment to animals
Pet cage scenery and toys made of molded paper pulp
Device for helping newborn livestock to walk
Martin house starling excluder
Pass-through fishing rod and method of manufacturing same
Snood for a long line
Chum dispenser for fishing
Self-contained mobile fumigation chamber system and method
Weight for rodent bait stations
Coaster for shielding against crawling arthropods
Coaster for shielding against crawling arthropods
Apparatus for coating meat
Pickling machine with hydraulically buffered needles
Apparatus for evaporative cooling of a liquiform product
System for making and dispensing colored water and colored ice cubes of varying shapes
Method for extruding poultry litter for the manufacture of feed and aquatic bait products
Subdividing apparatus for ingredients-contained soup
Fastening system for a bra
Head gear apparatus
Golf glove
Band for closing corsets
Belt fabrication method
Orthoses insert for metatarsalgia and diabetic patients
Shoe with inflatable tongue
Double helix shoe lacing process
Draw-tight elastic cordage
Slipping prevention device for footwear
Two tongue buckle mechanism with fixed latch
Belt connecting device
Tie clip
Method of forming a piece of flexible linear jewelry, and jewelry produced thereby
Lock in combination with a name card case
Neck support cushion for utilization in conjunction with hair treatment
Headband assembly
Fastening device for a mobile telecommunication unit
Cosmetic brush
Portable collapsible pulpit
Method for adjusting a seat
Cot assembly
Retaining and guiding configuration
Baby blanket assembly
Infant drinking cup
Method of covering a flower pot
Device for coupling a lid to pot
Coffee machine
Liquid container and dispenser
Container and tray combination for maintenance of an elevated or depressed temperature in a food product
Entertainment device and system
Toilet splatter shield
Mixing pump for carpet extractor
Particle entrapment system
Continuous carpet cleaning system
Vacuum nozzle tool and stain removal method
Wet attachment apparatus for vacuum cleaners
Turbine powered vacuum cleaner nozzle
Device for adjusting suction pipe length of a vacuum cleaner
Motion analysis system
Gutta percha cone gauge
Garment side panel conveyor system and method
Activity eye wear
Hinge for a container
Pair of swimming goggles
Golf glove
Amusement devices as well as a holder suitable for such amusement devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nozzle for supersonic gas flow and an inertia separator
Device with heating element for exhaust gas cleaning
Descaling device for steam generator
Accessing fiber fracture surfaces in fiber optic connectors
Method and device for controlling flatness
Device for mechanically cleaning wire rod for drawn metal wires
Fluid form
Method of producing front axles for industrial vehicles
Method of manufacturing a vehicle body and frame assembly including hydroformed side rails
Resinous die
Method for covering a flower pot and floral grouping
Vertical pipe expander
Die block assembly with clearance protection mechanism
Method for producing a ring collar, notably for a clutch mechanism in particular for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for faceting hollow and solid chains
Tool holder for machine tools and tool system for machine tools
Adjustment mechanism
Method of forming a heat exchanger stack
Method and apparatus for producing a vehicle wheel
Slide assembly with adjustable sliding resistance
Customizable nest for positioning a device under test
System and method for assembly of large structures using modular traveling workstations
Ratchet wrench structure
Small motor starter cord replacement apparatus
Method of producing a microgripper
Plastic handle structure of a clamp tool
Handle of a trowel
Calibrated angle and depth scissors
Tube cutting pliers
Flute knife
Utility knife
Method of cutting a cellular polymer surface with a continuous platform cutting apparatus
Mold-pressing device
Building panel
Device and method for processing powder and granular material
Wrapping method, particularly for edible products such as chocolates and the like, and the finished wrap obtained
Device for manufacturing tubular bag packages
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Device and method for attaching a printing web to a webbing sail and device and method for webbing-up a printing machine
Elastic belt metering device for a printing press
Variable width web inking system
Device for cleaning a cylinder in a printing machine
On-press recording type lithographic printing method and apparatus
Stencil printing machine
Printing cylinder sleeve assembly
Pop-up picture card
Method and apparatus for determining scale in photographic images
Air conditioning systems and methods for vehicles
Mechanism of returning to neutral for axle driving apparatus
Method of attaching an electronic identification device to a vehicle, and identification device
Acceleration sensor and acceleration detection system
Automobile steering lock
Wiper system
Windshield wiper
Hydraulic pressure assisting device provided for a hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Brake system
Inclined cable car station
Wall constructions
Twist grip shift lever for bicycles
Bicycle pedal
Oil/air breather outlet
Method and a device for wrapping a product in a wrapper made of sheet material, and the corresponding wrapped product
Method and unit for banding groups of bank notes
Closing device, specifically for closing a bag
Multi-product holding and retaining system
Foldable container for vehicles
Device for guiding material webs in rotary presses
Flexible flat tension member termination device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Quench station and method for quenching formed glass sheets
Heat conditioning process
Process for modifying and printing on the surface of a compact substrate
Refrigerant mixture for a mixture-throttling process
Plant and grate block for the thermal treatment of waste materials
Process for analyzing length polymorphisms in DNA regions
Controlling the thickness of an organic layer in an organic light-emiting device
Method of manufacturing film structure, method of manufacturing optical waveguide substrate and method of manufacturing second harmonic generation device
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method of manufacturing multi-filament cords
Sewing machine having balance
Method, device and installation for the continuous displacement processing of threads
Washing machine incorporating a bleach activator
Steam sprayer
Assembly for positioning a heater in a relation to a roll, and a press device with such an assembly
Ventilator for offset pocket and method of ventilating the same
Fixed Constructions
Snow removing machine with snow removing plate
Marine docking device
Method and apparatus for measuring the load bearing capacity of a platform
Concrete slab construction for building columns
Quick coupler for excavator
Water recycling hand washing basin assembly
Vacuum unit and a vacuum toilet system comprising such a unit
Concentric holdown
Embeddable mounting device and method
Wall anchor for reinforcing and/or securing walls
Suspension system for false ceiling panels
Insulated cementaceous building block
Web connector
Wall cladding anchorage
Adjustable scribe block
Method of and instrument or arrangement for installing thermal insulation sheets in confined areas
Apparatus for forming a dead-end anchorage of a post-tension system
Tool for hanging fascia board
Antenna support
Secure storage system for cremation urns
Below-deck solar blanket roller assembly
Key retention mechanism for mail lock box
Dual handle latch
Lockable paddle handle with disconnect feature for operating remotely located latches
Gate latch
Dual mechanism lock
Computer physical security device
Door check mechanism providing an infinite number of stable positions
Top cover hinge and method for using same
Friction hinge with pop-up feature
Device for opening and closing a vehicle slide door window
Pivot connection adjustment assembly
Coding system for multiple transmitters and a single receiver
Media cassette
Window assembly for partitions
Method for installing a centralizer retaining collar and outer sleeve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for supplying seal air to bearing boxes of a gas turbine engine
Valve train of an internal combustion engine
Deactivation hydraulic valve lifter
Cylinder deactivation engine with advanced exhaust cam timing and method
Device for varying valve timing of gas exchange valves in internal combustion engines, particularly a hydraulic camshaft adjusting device of a rotary piston type
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Variable valve operating system of internal combustion engine
Variable valve control device of internal combustion engine
Valve seat device for a metering valve of an exhaust treatment station
Internal combustion engine with cooling circuit and heating heat exchanger connected to it
Cooling system for outboard motor
Method for impact-reinforced mixture formation in internal combustion engines with direct gasoline injection
Two-stroke engine
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Two cycle stratified charge gasoline engine
Structure for mounting fuel pump to engine
Intake manifold module
Low emissions gas turbine engine with inlet air heating
Apparatus for controlling nitrogen injection into gas turbine
Surge detection system of gas turbine aeroengine
Electronic throttle control linkage with limp home mechanism
Fuel feeding device for engine
Idle speed control device for internal combustion engine and method of controlling idle speed
Device for suppressing engine knocking in an internal combustion engine
Control strategy for an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
System and method of controlling ignition timing in an engine with a variably operated intake valve
Device for controlling the rise of the catalyst temperature in an internal combustion engine
Catalyst activation control system for engines
Control system for a direct injection-spark ignition engine
Fuel injection control system for internal combustion engine
Unthrottled intake air control with partial delay for requested engine response performance
Method for controlling fuel supply of a vehicle on acceleration and a system thereof
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Device for controlling the air-fuel ratio of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection controller of engine
Needle lift estimation system of common-rail injector
Method for determining fuel injection rate shaping current in an engine fuel injection system
Limited acceleration mode for electronic throttle control
Fuel injection control apparatus for direct injection type internal combustion engine
Cylinder head structure in multi-cylinder engine
Fuel supply apparatus and fuel supply module
Prestressed welded connection stub for a fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Fuel rail damping device
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Snap fuel rail
Method for operating a reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine
Flat tubular pressure damper for damping fluid pressure pulsations in fluid lines
Single-headed swash-plate-type compressor with hollowed and ribbed piston
Air pump
Diffuser for a gas turbine engine
Air actuator
Flexible drive rod for access to enclosed locations
Connecting rod with thermally sprayed bearing layer
Dual power flow counter shaft transmission
Manual transmission
Multi-speed automotive transmission using paired helical gearing
Transmission unit for axles for vehicles with electric drive
Expansion valve and refrigerating system
Alignment tool
Apparatus and method for transferring a cryogenic fluid
LED light bulb
Premixing fuel and air
Process and apparatus for conditioning moist and dust-laden incineration air
Preferential multihole combustor liner
Combustion chamber
Linear air diffuser
Solar air conditioner
Fluid feed duct for a hot fluid in a hollow structure
Stirling engine having platelet heat exchanging elements
Safety device for a autoloading or automatic pistol
Removable system for converting a breach loading shotgun to a .22 long rifle
Propellant retention device
Micrometric rifle sight
Illuminable laser sight
Magnetic lightweight collimator
Method for offering a phantom target, and decoy
Apparatus for marking a target
Ignition module for explosive content detonator, method and equipment for making a detonator equipped with same
Blast initiation device
Machinist's accuracy testing tool
Temperature insensitive fiber-optic torque and strain sensor
Acoustic sensor for pipeline deposition characterization and monitoring
Method for evaluating measurement error in coordinate measuring machine and gauge for coordinate measuring machine
Measuring and scribing device
Displacement measuring device
Device for moving objects in order to compare the dimensions of said objects and method for comparing dimensions using same
Vehicle compass compensation
Transmitting and/or receiving head for sonic flowmeters
Flow rate sensor
Coriolis mass flow controller
Coriolis mass/flow density meter
Liquid level height measurement system
Boiler level indicator
Liquid level float switch with manual reset
Suspension support with volume indication for a LPG tank
Micromechanical precision silicon scale
Acceleration compensated pressure measuring instrument
Magnetic sensor, magnetic sensor device, and torque sensor
Circularly magnetized disk-shaped torque transducer and method for measuring torque using same
Torque sensor
Digital vibration coupling stud
High speed uniformity measurement device
Method and apparatus for package leak testing
Process and unit for sampling aldehydes and ketones contained in exhaust gases
Apparatus to quantify the adhesion of film
Hydrogen sensor
Low-cost multi-laminate sensors
Gas sensor and method of producing the same
Measurement of physical characsteristics or physical properties of viscous media by means of Rayleigh waves
Method for detecting low molecular weight compound in solution
In-situ non-destructive elastic recovery tester
Wear indicator for sports balls
Method of monitoring engine lubricant condition
Method of monitoring engine lubricant condition
Acceleration sensor
MEMS sensor with single central anchor and motion-limiting connection geometry
Scannable photographic element containing high extinction high-dye-yield cyan couplers
High precision operating knob
Lever with vibration isolated knob
Integrated lever assembly
Device for controlling
Mounting for sheet material
Method of manufacturing slider materials, method of manufacturing sliders, and slider materials
Method for forming a perpendicular recording read/write head
Method for measuring fine structure dimensions during manufacturing of magnetic transducers
Method of making fiber reinforced utility cable
Coil apparatus and manufacturing method for the same
Adjusting DC bias voltage in plasma chamber
Method of fabricating an alloy film on a face of a heat exchanger for an integrated circuit
Method of manufacturing bump-component mounted body and device for manufacturing the same
Micro positioning device with shared actuators
Technique for determining curvatures of embedded line features on substrates
Method of producing plural device chips from a thin plate of a pyroelectric material
Retaining clip for panel mounted input/output connector
Insulation displacement stand and automatic insulation displacement machine including the same
Terminal-crimping mold
Method for producing pressin contact
Method for preparing coaxial cables with an external ringed conductor, and tool therefor
Retaining clip for trunking, in particular trunking for electrical devices
Water tight air vent for telecommunications micro-cell vault
Method for preventing electrostatic discharge failure in an integrated circuit package
Electromotive adjustment assembly
Method and apparatus for selectively unmanaging elements on a network
Component mounting method and apparatus
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