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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Seeding treatments
Mobile hay press and method of using the same
Modular interlocking planter
Upside down hanging planter
Pet washing apparatus
Articulating consumable chew toy
Fixed spool fishing reel
Fishing travel tool
Bed bug trap
Insecticide-containing netlike fabric
Herbicide method and apparatus
Synergistic algicidal compositions including hydrazone derivatives and copper
Edible container for foodstuffs and process for producing the same
Peanut spread
Ice maker and method of producing pieces of ice
Clothing support system
Rotatable cosmetic applicator
Device and method for shaping body hair
Space divider and components
Dishwasher comprising an automatic door opening mechanism
Seat with dining board and display device
Sliding arrangement
Spatially distorted image
Wall-mounted bracket support system
Picture frame with protective cover and interchangable canvas
Coffee maker supporting single serving and multiple serving operation
Infusion assembly for a machine for the preparation of beverages
Seafood boiler apparatus
Blending and dispensing appliance
Concealed waterless urinal
Dispensing apparatus including an applicator and shield for photocurable resins
Surgical stapler
Slit lamp adaptor for portable camera
Tear film and contact lens evaluation by optical reflectometry technique
Method and apparatus for measuring a location and orientation of a plurality of implants
Tampon with segmented grooves
Absorbent composite material and method for manufacturing the same
Implantable access port system
Self-regulating gastric band with pressure data processing
Systems and methods for mobile bearing prosthetic knee
Devices for introduction into a body via a substantially straight conduit to form a predefined curved configuration, and methods employing such devices
Peptides that target dorsal root ganglion neurons
Medicaments containing panthenol
Polyphenol-rich extract from plant material
Azetidine derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Antibacterial compounds
Orally disintegrating tablets of zolmitriptan and process for preparing the same
N-adamantyl benzamides as inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Sulfonamide derivatives
Pyrido[4,3-B]indoles containing rigid moieties
Dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one compounds as neurokinin-3 receptor antagonists
Treatment of non-neuronal and non-myocardial cell, tissue and organ damage and associated pain with persistent sodium current blockers
Topical pharmaceutical composition comprising a cholinergic agent or a calcium channel blocker
Treating cancer with HSP90 inhibitory compounds
Treatment of oral mucositis by administering an ionic complex of chitosan and a negatively charged polysaccharide selected from heparin, heparan sulfate and dextran sulfate
Methods of dissolving blood clots and the like
Pre-compacted calcium-containing compositions
Mineral composition, and preparation method thereof
Water-free, emulsifier-free, and preservative-free vehicle for active ingredients
Methods and compositions inhibiting tumor cell proliferation
Immunosuppression modulating compounds
Inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinase activity
Pancreatic polypeptide family motifs, polypeptides and methods comprising the same
Immunomodulatory peptides
Method for the prophylactic or therapeutic treatment of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis
Single component fibrin hemostat
Methods for detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens
Synthetic lipid rafts and methods of use
Acoustically sensitive drug delivery particles comprising non-lamellar forming phosphatidylcholine
Biofilm inhibiting composition
Pharmaceutical composition containing water soluble drug
Method and apparatus for endolymphatic drug delivery
Supply chain method and apparatus for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path
Dry powder inhalers
Gas mist pressure bath system
Method/device for transdermal vascular treatment
Hydration system
Casting nozzle with dimensional repeatability for viscous liquid dispensing
Exercise kit
Adaptor for converting conventional office chair into a multifunctional office/fitness chair
Ball incorporating cover separation element
Ball incorporating element to remove cover
Portable horseshoe game assembly
Baseball strike zone training aid
Exerciser mower
Golf putter with adjustable head
Device for recording baseball game data, particularly adapted to be worn by a user
System and method for a portable ice skating rink
Cards and card games
Image integration, mapping and linking system and methodology
Plush writing toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Phase separation of a multiphase mixture
Compact adsorption dryer
Method for selectively isolating hydrogen or helium using a natrolite-based zeolite, and novel natrolite-based zeolite
Air dryer cartridge
Paint mixing machine
Nanometal dispersion and method for preparing the same
Pollutant emission control sorbents and methods of manufacture and use
Bubble column reactor and method of controlling bubble column reactor
Vacuum assist for a microplate
Jaw crusher
Methods for treating bottom ash generated from waste-to-energy facilities to reduce the dependence on bonding agents such as lime or concrete prior to disposal
Process and apparatus for performing forced immersion oscillatory cleaning
Method for assembling a roller bearing
Air extraction manufacturing method
Pouring nozzle and assembly of such a pouring nozzle with an inner nozzle
Vehicle seat frame and method
Apparatus for mounting workpieces to be measured
Cutting device for cutting lenses
Method for operating a power tool having a clutch device
Methods and apparatuses for anvil reconditioning
Scraper and sandblaster assembly and methods of use
Clamping assembly for a waterjet
Ratcheting open end wrench
Hand-held implement for scraping and hammering
Mobile production system for cement panel
Optical coupling lens mold core
Extrusion blow molded PET container and method of making
Stimuli-responsive surfaces and related methods of fabrication and use
Decorative stainless steel rolled sheet with embossed patterns and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device
Sandwich of impact resistant material
Method of toughening thermoplastic polyurethane and articles comprising toughened thermoplastic polyurethane
Flat textile article with magnet in edge
Sliding member and image-fixing device
Tool for fastening an attachment element to a surface
Fine particles of crystalline polyol, and method of preparing same
Image forming apparatus
Ink-jet head and method of manufacturing ink-jet head
Nozzle surface cleaning apparatus and image recording apparatus
Ink tank with a compliant wick
Ink tank and printer therewith
System for adjusting the base of the print head of a plotter
Straightedge guide
Transparent measuring device with enhanced viewing windows
Agricultural tire tread
Hitch apparatus for vehicles
Attachment device for attaching a glass pane of a vehicle to a carrier of a window regulator of a vehicle, glass pane assembly, window regulator assembly, and process of assembling and disassembling
Hybrid drive system
Lift gate assembly with pedal opener
Hidden rear seat head restraints for improved visibility
Protective cushion
Mounting and storage system affixed to the floor of a vehicle trunk and method for mounting a device thereon
Cable transport carrier facility as well as a system with a medical imaging facility and a cable transport carrier facility
Load carrier
Control system for downhill skis
Train signaling system and method for detecting distance-to-go of a train
Convertible single and multi-seat stroller
Remote-controlled electric golf bag cart
Cross member
Mounting assembly for vehicle mud flaps
Reusable shopping bag and cart system for improved register checkout
Traction robot
Structural element of an aircraft fuselage
Device for dispensing a liquid cosmetic product
Gas pump key
System, method and capsule for preparing a beverage
Temperature control transport system
Reagent kit with in-transit securing means
Cover for portable electronic device
Scavenging oxygen
Flexible container handling system
Airway pressure device storage system
Aerosol valve
Ultrathin wafer transport systems
Method for transporting minerals and fossil fuels from underwater sources
Roll unwinding device for a web printing press
Sheet post-processing apparatus with an alignment-side determination feature
Sheet feeding device and image processing apparatus
Wax dispenser for dental technology and wax dispenser system using the same
Device for dispensing pourable materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of hydrogen and carbon monoxide containing gas
Coal processing operation comprising a dense media separation stage to separate a coal feedstock into lower and higher ash coal streams
High efficiency reactor and process
Thickness control of substrates
High energy density ionic dielectric materials and devices
Process for producing SiC fiber-bonded ceramics
Beta-hydroxyalkylamides, method for their production and use thereof
Process for preparing (R)-2-acetamido-N-benzyl-3-methoxy-propionamide
Process for producing hydrocarbon oil and system for producing hydrocarbon oil
Process to recover alcohol with secondary reactors for esterification of acid
Process for promoting catalyst activity for ethyl acetate conversion
Process for acetal removal in the purification of a crude ethanol product
Process for preparing mercaptoalkyl carboxylates
Compounds for treating proliferative disorders
Low-calcemic 16,23-diene 25-oxime analogs of 1.alpha.,25-dihydroxy vitamin D.sub.3
Epoxy resin production
Catalysts and methods for alcohol dehydration
Multihydric compound dehydration systems, catalyst compositions, and methods
Process for preparing decanecarboxylic acids
Method for producing acyloxy benzoic acids
Viral replication inhibitors
Inhibitors of IAP
Xanthenedione derivatives for the treatment of pigmentation and skin ageing disorders
Benzodioxepin-3-one compounds as dyes or as fluorescent emitters
Pyrido[4,3-b]indoles containing rigid moieties
3-cyano-4-(4-tetrahydropyran-phenyl)-pyridin-2-one derivatives
Diamide inhibitors of cytochrome P450
2,2'-furoin derivatives and use thereof to light skin
Inhibitors of sphingosine kinase
Processes for preparing different forms of (S)-(+)-Clopidogrel bisulfate
Inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus replication
Electrolyte compositions and electrochemical double layer capacitors formed there from
Glycolipids of branched chain alkyl oligosaccharides for liquid crystal and related applications
siRNA targeting TIE-2
Mutant interleukin-2 (IL-2) polypeptides
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences relating to respiratory diseases and obesity
Crosslinking reagents, macromolecules, therapeutic conjugates, and synthetic methods thereof
Imino carbene compounds and derivatives, and catalyst compositions made therefrom
Method for preparing (hydroxymethyl)polysiloxanes
Crosslinkable saccharide-siloxane compositions, and networks, coatings and articles formed therefrom
Manufacturing methods for the production of carbon materials
Phase change inks containing crystalline trans-cinnamic diesters and polyterpene resins
Use of a pretreated precipitated silica as a reinforcing filler for silicon elastomer and the curable silicone elastomer compositions thus obtained by cold mixing
Powerfeed polymers having improved block resistance performance
Process for painting substrates
Adhesive agent composition and laminated body
Penta-substituted tetrahydropyrimidines with aggregation-induced emission characteristics and preparation method and use thereof
Process, method, and system for removing heavy metals from fluids
Fuel enrichment process
Lubricating oil composition
Spray-dried detergent powder
Alkaline detergent containing mixing organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil removal
Method for the antimicrobial finishing of textiles and fibers
Low VOC composition to remove graffiti
Yarrowia esterase/lipase promoter regions for gene expression in yeast
Methods and compositions for the recombinant biosynthesis of fatty acids and esters
Blood brain barrier device
Reliable stabilization of N-linked polypeptide native states with enhanced aromatic sequons located in polypeptide tight turns
Antibody fusion proteins with a modified FcRn binding site
Methods and compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of haemorrhagic conversion
Methods for detecting targets
Method and kit for performing profiling of endarterectomy patients
Method of predicting and reducing risk of metastasis of breast cancer to lung
Magnesium alloy
Vertical-offset coater and methods of use
Vapor based processing system with purge mode
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition equipment
Textiles; Paper
Godet unit
Use of acidic water in the manufacture of paper
Fixed Constructions
High speed raceway barrier
Manhole cover
Locking pin assembly
Water saving valve
Production method for particle board and fiber board
Construction system for structures
Electronic lock with LED indicators
Locking arrangements
Fastening device for glass panes
Cordless shade system with magnetic retraction elements
Blind cord winder integrating with stopping control
High efficiency hydraulic drill bit
Drill pipe protector assembly
Mine equipment recovery system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for storing energy and generating power heat in a subsea environment
Rankine cycle integrated with organic rankine cycle and absorption chiller cycle
Valve drive for internal combustion engines for actuating gas exchange valves
Sleeve valve assembly
Engine exhaust gas heat exchanger and energy supplying device using the same
Methods and systems for adaptively cooling combustion chambers in engines
Flashback resistant tubes for late lean injector and method for forming the tubes
Gas turbine inlet heating system
Throttle body assembly
Cylinder head of internal combustion engine
Arrangement for injecting a reductant into an exhaust line of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injector with fuel pressure sensor and electrical interconnection method of the same
Fuel-pumping system, method for operating a fuel-pumping system and fuel-injection system comprising a fuel-pumping system
Lubrication structure for hybrid type vehicle power unit
Wind sail turbine
Rotodynamic pump with electro-magnet coupling inside the impeller
Extensile fluidic muscle actuator
Pressure medium container for a hydraulic motor vehicle brake system and method for filling
Self-locking screw
Quick change friction linings for constricting clutch brake element
Electric hub unit
Pressure mounting slip coupling
Vehicle drive device
Automatic geared variator for changing gear ratio without disengaging gears and without control devices or therewith
Gear device
Tensioning device with a cylindrical latching system
Full flow pressure relief valve
Gas biased pressure regulator
Tunable check valve
Drinking simulator
Cable routing clip
Test support apparatus
Coupling and method for use with a lamp fitting
Device for mounting LED lamp tube
Lamp housing with clamping lens
Display device for lighting objects
Optical lens and lighting device having same
Firing product feed device for furnaces with capacities less than 1 kW
Ventilating system and ventilating system control method
Heliostat for collecting sunlight and method of controlling the same
Process and apparatus to increase the temperature gradient in a thermal generator using magneto-calorific material
Dryer having hygienic panels
Applying heating liquid to remove moistening liquid
Drying device containing a titanium aluminum phosphate
Device for restricting hot, dust-laden gas flows
Modular power supply for use in a weapon mountable designator/illuminator unit
Fine adjustment mechanism for archery bow sight pins
Devices and methods for shielding a gun-mounted scope to prevent bumping and misalignment of the scope
Holder that converges jets created by a plurality of shape charges
Methods and systems for detecting a gun and/or bullet within one's vicinity via an electronic device
Broadhead arrowhead with two-stage expansion
Signal generator for electromagnetic measurement and electromagnetic measuring system using same
Test device for coaxial accuracy
Portable wheel alignment device and system
Means to track the cumulative compressions imparted to a shoe
Floor plan projection apparatus
Grid for indicating location of evidence
Retractable environment detector
Oxidation resistant nickel alloy
Flexible piezocapacitive and piezoresistive force and pressure sensors
Devices for obtaining cylinder samples of natural gas or process gas and methods therefore
Method for culture of hepatocytes
Temperature dependent photoacoustic imaging
Flux limiting membrane for intravenous amperometric biosensor
Probe for scanning over a substrate and a data storage device
Adapter transmitting with electrical and optical signals
Circuit board assembly having optical connectors for signal transmission
Optical fiber terminal fixing member, optical connector, and optical fiber cable with connector
Network camera
Dust-proof structure of projector
Image projection apparatus provided with no relay lens
Method of marking a metal component surface with modifying sequences in which the segments of the markings are formed
Pattern forming method, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and material for forming coating layer of resist pattern
Layered radiation-sensitive materials with varying sensitivity
Automatic releasing fuel pump trigger holder
System and method for updating a time-related state of a migrating logical partition
Reduced-delay clocked logic
Transitioning a computing platform to a low power system state
Distributed object sharing system and method thereof
Parity data management system apparatus and method
Method and system of coherent design verification of inter-cluster interactions
Technique to virtualize processor input/output resources
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
Systems and methods for electronic discovery
Method and apparatus for adding value to a stored value account
Filter and sort by color
Providing enterprise management of amorphous communities
Method and system for displaying prioritization of metric values
Method and system for tracking authorship of content in data
Interface and method for exploring a collection of data
Decision criteria for automated form population
Method and system to create secure virtual project room
Formally deriving a minimal clock-gating scheme
Shallow trench isolation dummy pattern and layout method using the same
Method and apparatus for identifying connections between configurable nodes in a configurable integrated circuit
Mechanism for detection and compensation of NBTI induced threshold degradation
Method of verifying photomask data based on models of etch and lithography processes
Guide system and method of operation
Virtual mouse driving apparatus and method using two-handed gestures
Interactive content representations enabling content sharing
Information processing apparatus and user interface control method
Devices, methods and computer program products for reverse execution of a simulation
Application requirement design support system and method therefor
Method and apparatus for managing selective and subtractive merges in a software configuration
Application testing and evaluation
Real-time code preview for a model based development process
Method, system and computer program product for synchronizing source code repositories
Shopping apparatus and methods
Electronic component and printed circuit board with RFID tag
Automated banking machine that operates responsive to data bearing records
Method for adaptive wireless payment
System and method for processing certified or registered mail
Populating calendar event information fields of an electronic calendar from a scan of a bar code
Roller sign thimble
Compact merchandise display system
Method of manufacturing noise removing filter
Write-once recording medium and defective area management method and apparatus for write-once recording medium
Paste and solar cell using the same
Water-soluble polymer and water-soluble nanoparticle composite
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Method for producing semiconductor device
Method for preparing titania pastes for use in dye-sensitized solar cells
Wet etch and clean chemistries for MoO.sub.x
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for transferring a thin layer of monocrystalline silicon
Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
Borderless contact for an aluminum-containing gate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for packaging a semiconductor structure
Combinatorially variable etching of stacks including two dissimilar materials for etch pit density inspection
Silicon nitride gate encapsulation by implantation
Method for producing compound semiconductor epitaxial substrate having PN junction
Methods for forming nanostructures and photovoltaic cells implementing same
Triazole derivative, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device
Organic electroluminescence device
Secondary battery having a modular frame to support a protection circuit module
High voltage cathode material for Li-ion batteries
Redox flow battery system for distributed energy storage
Method for load following operation of fuel cell system
Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing method for solid electrolyte membrane
Contacting assembly for conductors present on flat structures, in particular glass panels
Apparatuses and methods relating to extension cord with integrated cord management
SISO decoder with sub-block processing and sub-block based stopping criterion
Method and apparatus for communicating authorization data
Method for mail address block image information encoding, protection and recovery in postal payment applications
Broadcasting service system using mobile communication terminal
System and method for selective recording of information
Receiving accumulating apparatus, sending apparatus, broadcasting system, receive accumulating method, sending method, broadcasting method, program and medium
Intraluminal prostheses having polymeric material with selectively modified crystallinity and methods of making same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method of tracking and using player error during the play of a casino game
Golf club handle apparatus and a double-handled golf club with forearm support
Hoop for basketball
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission and method for manufacturing trunnion for use in same transmission
Grounding mechanism used in terminal connector structures
Modular jumper cable
Electrical adapter
Pneumatically actuated marine engine water drain system
Carrier head with a substrate detection mechanism for a chemical mechanical polishing system
Drilling tower
Pump body and method for making same
Arrangement with conveyor belts for the manufacture of molded articles
Delivery system for whitening teeth
Ferroelectric element process for producing the same and ink jet head
Aircraft display mounting system
Body height adjustable electric bulb for illuminated signs
Pivoting shovel handle
Human Necessities
Tree harvester
Combined sleeping bag, character display item, and backpack
Childs stadium safety seat
Passenger entrance ramp for mass transit vehicle
Set of golf club shafts
Golf club shaft protector
Figure-like toy projectile and launching platform assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Shell liner assembly and pocket insert for ore grinding mills
Machine tool
Chuck with automatically adjusted jaws and compensation of centrifugal force
Two-speed pneumatic machine tool
Sheet decoration injection molding machine utilizing a flat or non-contact type hot plate
Manifold system having flow control using pressure transducers
Temperature control apparatus for injection molding machine
Modular plastics extrusion die
Flexible barrier member useful in aerosol dispensers
Ink circulation in ink-jet pens
Method and apparatus for transferring heat from a thermal inkjet printhead substrate using a heat sink
Canister module
Electric connection method and structure between seat and body
Bicycle saddle having an improved shock absorber
Multi-travel suspension fork for cycles
Gift wrap and method of wrapping
Hinge-lid pack for cigarettes
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle door latch device with double action mechanism
Door guard
Apparatus and method for controlling fluid flow with sand control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blowdown and venting jet noise suppressor
Split-socket ball joint
Backlash-free gear
Transmission with planetary gear mechanism and method for assembling the same
High pressure filling nozzle
Mechanical splice for crimping optical fibre
Sign hanging device
Method of making gas discharge display panel and gas discharge display device
Connector assembly
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew