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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Antibiotic formulations, unit doses, kits and methods
Substituted 6,6-fused nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof
Actinomycete strain composition and its use
Positioning apparatus
Article holding device
Solar apparatus support structures and systems
Positioning device of window covering
Device and method for the positioning of tissue during laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery
Medical instrument and method of use
Systems and methods for treating dysfunctions in the intestines and rectum that adapt to the anatomic form and structure of different individuals
Thermal induced necrosis of lens epithelial cells
Medicament admixing system
Medicament admixing system
System and method for preventing hypoglycaemia in a human type 1 diabetic patient during physical activity
Method of and apparatus for detecting upper respiratory bacterial infection from exhaled mammalian breath and colorimetric sensor array cartridge
System and method for monitoring hemodynamic state
Ultrasound pulse-wave doppler measurement of blood flow velocity and/or turbulence
Brushhead for a power toothbrush with a wedge and spring handle interface
Coreflex abutment system
Tampon including a recessed part and method for manufacturing thereof
Absorbent article and disposable diaper having viewed-through top sheet
Biocompatible surgical scaffold with varying stretch
Knitted scaffold with diagonal yarn
Implantable biologic holder
Nasal cavity dilator device
Methods of producing porous resorbable implants
Spinal surgery apparatus and method
Contour bracing
Height-adjustable pillow for use in surgery
Pneumatic sock exercise device
Mandibular advancement device
Treatment of diverticula
Therapy apparatus to restore range of motion of limbs
Massaging multiple roller-ball applicator for topical oils application
Intravenous medication delivery safety assembly
Indazoles for the treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory syncytial virus infection
Inhibitors of anaphase promoting complex activity
Substituted pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridines as JAK inhibitors
N-methyl-2-[3-((E)-2-pyridin-2-yl-vinyl)-1H-indazol-6-ylsulfanyl]-benzamid- e for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia
Certain protein kinase inhibitors
17-hydroxy-17-pentafluorethyl-estra-4,9(10)-dien-11-aryl derivatives, methods for the production thereof and the use thereof for treating diseases
Inhibitory RNAs to RNA binding proteins hnRNPA1, hnRNPA2 and PTB and uses thereof
Presbyopia treatment by lens alteration
Copper salts of ion exchange materials for use in the treatment and prevention of infections
Biomarker for selecting patients and related methods
Lip and skin care product, dispenser and methods
Bacillus isolates and methods of their use to protect against plant pathogens and virus transmission
Simian subfamily B adenoviruses SAdV-28, -27, -29, -32, -33, and -35 and uses thereof
Bortezomib esters and formulations thereof
Method of lowering mortality
Method for screening an agent being useful for the treatment of dry eye and/or corneal and conjunctival lesion and a pharmaceutical composition obtained by the method
Maturation of gastrointestinal tract
Deletion mutants of flagellin and methods of use
Compositions and methods for vaccinating against HSV-2
DDR1-binding agents and methods of use thereof
(2-heteroarylamino) succinic acid derivatives
Lotion tablet that provides oxygen
Dextrin hydrogel for biomedical applications
Chelation suppository for improved drug delivery
Aqueous pharmaceutical preparation comprising roflumilast
Sustained-release liposomal anesthetic compositions
Opioid agonist/antagonist combinations
Injectable microspheres for dermal augmentation and tissue bulking
Transmucosal delivery system
Apparatus for generating hydroxl radicals
Wearable air purifier assembly
Method of manufacturing for a seroma drainage device including micro-textured scar inducing ePTFE structures
Therapeutic bone growth and regeneration
Self-contained medication injection system and method
Systems and methods for inputting fluid into a lead of an electrical stimulation system
Apparatus for electrostimulation and method for controlling multiple electrodes in an apparatus for electrostimulation
Signal line of an implantable electromedical configuration
Instrument disinfector
Heart tissue surface contour-based radiosurgical treatment planning
Brightener-containing hair relaxer
Flame arrester with flexible porous cover
Training system
Practice ball
Lacrosse stick with teaching aid
Power push up
Snowboard binding and braking system
Method and server for providing item overlap effect
Prize-based digital advertising system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vapor recovery apparatus and method for oil and gas wells
Water purification and enhancement systems
Filter element and housing for a filter element
Method and apparatus for heating during a liquid purification process using an electromagnetic heater
V-panel filters
NO.sub.2 slip catalyst
Sorbent article for CO.sub.2 capture
Process and apparatus for drying and compressing a CO.sub.2-rich stream
Carbonation device and method of using same
Aerator with dual spraying functions
Microfluidic device
Ozone converter for an aircraft
Large pore metal organic frameworks
Steam mill system useful for mercury control
Liquid coating
Preparation methods of filter element for swift and highly efficient adsorption of CS
Modifying polymer properties with penetrants in the fabrication of bioresorbable scaffolds
Method for the controlled growth of a graphene film
Method of working a work piece with a coating of a lignin-derived substance, wooden element with a coating of such lignin-derived substance, and structures, interior or exterior, with such wooden element
Microfluidic device regeneration
Method for manufacturing a powder based article
Production of nanostructures
Weld compensation device
Vacuum device for lens module assembly
Methods of fabricating polycrystalline diamond, and cutting elements and earth-boring tools comprising polycrystalline diamond
One-way drive strap wrench
Retractable bar for hand tool
Moulding chamber arrangement for a mould-string plant
Composite gear blank
Temperature measurement component embedded hot runner nozzle structure
Controlling the melt front of thin film applications
Display device
Process for bonding arrays of ceramic filters
Flexographic printing method and flexographic printing apparatus having control means for driving printing roller
Image forming apparatus having a biasing member having a release state and a locked state in which a detachable attachable unit is secured to an apparatus body
Image forming apparatus and control method
Image forming apparatus including a light scanning device, tranparent window for passing a laser beam and a mechanism for moving a shutter
Inkjet head
Printer for a mobile device
Method for color marking metallic surfaces
Method for forming through-hole in insulating substrate by using laser beam
Wheel cover
Pneumatic tire tread
Pneumatic tire tread
Side window visor
Tractor cab
Electric drive cart
Two-speed power take-off unit
Electric assist cart
Vehicle seat reclining device
Protection devices for shopping carts
Retractable truck step with can bus interface
Hybrid working machine and method of controlling hybrid working machine
System and method for computing slope of a road in an electric vehicle
Expandable table
Stand up sit down (SUSD) vehicle's
Foldable scooter
Fin structure for watercraft
Platform stairs
Securing the platform on a watercraft
Mooring whip vertical mounting swivel support base
Sealed derrick structure for polar vessels
Electromagnetic marine fender
Waterproof rotary contact assembly
Method of dynamic energy-saving superconductive propeller interaction with a fluid medium
Vertically retracting side articulating landing gear for aircraft
Aircraft environmental control system inlet flow control
Manual override cargo unloading system for air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading robot
Apparatus and methods for filling bags
Filling element, method and filling system for filling containers
Liner holder for trash receptacle and trash receptacle
System for segregating and identifying contained material in a cooler and process for using the same
Sack and method and device for producing sacks
Folding box
Device for storing and supplying balancing weights to a balancing system
Container and lid for sawhorse application
Drive roller for baler or other equipment
Apparatus by means of which pharmaceutical products in the form of tablets, hard gelatin capsules or the like are retained and positioned in a packaging installation
Bag dispenser
Elevator drive
Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) chip
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Reactor for dehydrogenation of organic compound, hydrogen production apparatus, and hydrogen production process
Producing liquid fuel from organic material such as biomass and waste residues
Reactor vessels with transmissive surfaces for producing hydrogen-based fuels and structural elements, and associated systems and methods
Method and installation for the combined production of ammonia synthesis gas and carbon dioxide
Process for increasing hydrogen content of synthesis gas
Method and kit for separating metal and semiconductor carbon nanotubes
Method for preparing zeolite SSZ-35
Methods to recover and reclaim hydrocarbons or hydrophobic substances in an aqueous environment
Sludge processing system and storage medium storing a program for controlling operation of a sludge processing system based on correlation between moisture content of concentrated sludge, centrifugal force, and concentrated sludge convey torque
Colored glass plate and method for its production
Colored glass plate and method for its production
Colored glass plate and method for its production
Carboxybetaine-functionalized diols
Method for obtaining sugar alcohols having five to six carbon atoms
Method for producing hydrogenated biphenol
Preparation of an ether compound
Production method of carbonyl compound
Method for producing carboxylic acid and alcohol by hydrolysis of ester
Stabilized (meth)acrylic monomers
Pesticidal arylpyrrolidines
Carbazole derivative and semiconductor nanocrystal
Use of compound binding to mSin3B that specifically binds to neuron restrictive silencer factor (NRSF)
Use of a novel aminopyridine derivative to prevent or treat cancer
Pyrazolyl-based carboxamides I
N-Aryl pyrazole(thio)carboxamides
6-{2 -[1-(6-methyl-3-pyridazinyl)-4-piperidinyl]ethoxy}-3-ethoxy-1,2-benzi- soxazole bis-dihydrogenphosphate salt (1:2)
High shear system and method for the production of acids
Process for the synthesis of 7-chloro-4-(piperazin-1-yl)-quinoline
Inverse agonists and neutral antagonists for the TSH receptor
Substituted indole derivatives
Organic compounds and their uses
Piperazine-piperidine compounds as hepatitis C virus inhibitors
2-alkoxy-substituted dicyanopyridines and their use
2-phenoxy- and 2-phenylsulfonamide derivatives with CCR3 antagonistic activity for the treatment of inflammatory or immunological disorders
Substituted norindenoisoquinolines, syntheses thereof, and methods of use
Imidazopyridazines as Akt kinase inhibitors
Phenicol antibacterial agents
Ionic liquids, electrolyte solutions including the ionic liquids, and energy storage devices including the ionic liquids
Process for preparation of ketolide intermediates
Non-ionic acid-labile surfactants and methods of use
Hybrid compounds containing polysaccharide(s) and at least one polyoxyalkylene, method for preparing same, and applications thereof
Probes comprising fluorescent artificial nucleobases and use thereof for detection of single base alteration
Nucleic acid molecule encoding target antibodies directed to DLL4
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
Process for preparing high purity ursodeoxycholic acid
Immunogenic peptides and methods of use for treating and preventing cancer
Preparation of functional polysulfones
Hydrolysable and polymerizable silanes with adjustable spatial distribution of the functional groups, and use thereof
Acrylic resin film having good transparency and impact resistance and method for manufacturing same
Polypropylene and polylactic acid blends of injection stretch blow molding applications
Thermosensitive and crosslinkable polymer composite for three-dimensional soft tissue scaffold printing
Biodegradable polymer mixture
Method for preparation of polyester/polyolefin hot-melt adhesive for use in a solar cell bus bar
Metal nano particles doped with silicate luminescent materials and preparation methods thereof
Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
Display panel
Methods and apparatus for drilling wells
Quaternary ammonium surfactants
Bearing grease
Process for a sustainable growth of algae in a bioreactor and for the extraction of a biofuel product
Method for treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer
Cancer treatment by combining DNA molecules mimicking double strand breaks with hyperthermia
Salinity tolerance in plants
Plant cell culture for production of natural products with reduced glucosinolate contamination
Heterologous biomass degrading enzyme expression in thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum
Detection and decomposition of bisphenol-A
Compositions and methods for regulating peptidyltransferase activity and uses thereof
Genomic markers for prediction of long-term response to 2 years of growth hormone (GH) therapy
Portable sugar mill
Hydrogen out gas of porous metal scaffold
Anisotropic porous scaffolds
Nickel bis diazabutadiene precursors, their synthesis, and their use for nickel containing films depositions
Laser assisted chemical vapor deposition of silicon
Trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica
Method of and device for optimizing a hydrogen generating system
Method for leaching copper oxide, replacing sulfuric acid with a non-polluting organic leaching agent
Nanomachined structures for porous electrochemical capacitors
Textiles; Paper
Clearer roller holder for a textile machine
Laying device and laying method
Chain, continuous and no-waste method for degumming and fiber-separating the ramie
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable spinner for a particulate material spreader
Heating process and device for thermally regenerating waste asphalt mixture
Height adjustable snow blower shroud
Apparatus for forming a protected region in a body of water and method for assembling an apparatus
Impact tool assembly and method of assembling same
Construction block lock
Siding installation tool
Security device
Safety gate hinge assembly used with a safety gate
Energy absorbing lock systems and methods
Gate securing device fully controllable from each gate side and method therefor
Deadbolt security device
Door closing device
Closing hinge
Method and apparatus to control fluid flow from subsea wells
Pumpable geopolymers comprising a setting accelerator
Navigation system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Outer vane support ring including a strong back plate in a compressor section of a gas turbine engine
Cooled turbine blade with trailing edge flow metering
Mid-section of a can-annular gas turbine engine with a cooling system for the transition
Lash adjuster
Variable valve timing device
SCR system for purifying exhaust gases in NOx
Combustion system and method for cleaning a catalytic converter installed in an exhaust duct of a combustion system
Method for reducing nitrogen oxide levels in diesel engine exhaust gases
Throttleable exhaust venturi
Variable compression ratio systems for opposed-piston and other internal combustion engines, and related methods of manufacture and use
Liquid injection inlet particle separator systems and methods
Vehicle control device
Injection device
Water flow regulating device and ocean power generating device using the same
High-performance turbine with increased specific power
Inkjet apparatus using piezoelectric pump
Variable displacement pump
Pump or turbine for incompressible fluids
Adjustable vane diffuser insert for electrical submersible pump
Energy saving pump with multiple impellers
Subsea motor-compressor cooling system
Flexible positioning post
Dual pitch thread
Clutch engagement mechanism
Sealing element for a bearing, in particular a rolling contact bearing
Rolling bearing comprising a housing having two parts and method of manufacturing such a bearing
Shaft coupling assembly and method
Integrated switchable shaft bearing
Enhanced dual clutch transmission
Isolating decoupler
Apparatus and method for operating a clutch in a transmission
Brake disc and method for checking the wear of a brake disc
Arc coil spring configuration
Drive force distributing apparatus
Metering valve
Grease valve for pressure devices
Pulsation dampening capsule
Quick acting pipe clamp
Light emitting diode (LED) sports lighting luminaire assembly
Illumination assembly for garment
Compact LED device with cooling fan
Asymmetric total internal reflective (TIR) optic light assembly
Light source module
Light guide structures and display devices
Method and apparatus for optimized plant growth
Oxy-fuel burner arrangement
Curved transpired solar air heater and conduit
Bearing for solar panel tracking system
Device for separating lubricant from a lubricant-refrigerating gas mixture discharged from at least one refrigerant compressor
Dehumidifiers with improved fluid management and associated methods of use and manufacture
Contaminant separator for a vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus
Weapon with thermal management components
Firearm suppressor baffle
Removable device for firearm with reciprocating finger hold
Firearm magazine and method of making same
Ammunition loading apparatus and methods thereof
Baton light
Toy firearm for dispensing chartaceous objects
Magazine well grip
Anti-ballistic protective assemblies
Shot shell payloads that include a plurality of large projectiles and shot shells including the same
Scent-emitting arrowhead
Position detecting apparatus and method for controlling the same
Method and arrangement for measuring blowing structures of a prestressed disc
Computing device and method for determining ricochet vectors of a probe of a coordinate measuring machine
Flow meter device and method of operation
Photoelectric conversion device
Stimulated raman scattering measurement apparatus
Thread tensioning member in welded header structure
Burst pressure monitoring device employed in a pressure transmitter
Film adhesion detection device and method thereof
Optical sensor for bromide ion
Surface electromagnetic waves in photonic band gap multilayers
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature of matching material
Low-dose X-ray backscatter system for three dimensional medical imaging using a conventional X-ray tube
Method and apparatus for detecting smoke in an ion chamber
Diagnostic detection devices and methods
Signal processing device and amplifier
Speed detection apparatus and driving mechanism control apparatus
Composite wire probes for testing integrated circuits
Type determination apparatus, type determination method, and computer-readable storage medium
Automatically detecting in-band but out-of-span power in a frequency-domain test and measurement instrument
Method and apparatus for measuring negawatt usage of an appliance
Automatic determination of multi-frequency baselines for battery testing
Passive millimeter-wave detector
Optical seismic sensor systems and methods
Combining geomechanical velocity modeling and tomographic update for velocity model building
Large area ground monitoring
Radar for rejecting and looking past surface reflections
Display device
Cell driven by electric field and operation method thereof
Light scanning apparatus
Light reflective material, and preparation method thereof
Apparatus and method for performing surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy with an infrared (IR) spectrometer
Optical lens and method of making the same
Artificial lighting system
Displacement sensor, in particular for use in a subsea device
System and method for dust contamination prevention and removal in fiber-optic panel-mount assemblies
T-shape polarization beam splitter based on photonic crystal waveguide
Repairable fiber optic cable
Fiber optic rotary joints, methods practiced thereby, and fiber optic devices
Fiber connector
Semiconductor photonic package
Auxiliary mirror device for vehicles
Camera lens
Methods of making lenses with regressive and non-regressive rotationally symmetric optical design elements
Liquid crystal optical device and display apparatus
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display module including the same
Projector with fan and heat sinks
Project type video display having a plurality of light sources and a controller rotating an active group of the plurality of light sources
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method involving a groove to collect liquid
Applications of semiconductor nano-sized particles for photolithography
Radiation source with a debris mitigation system, lithographic apparatus with a debris mitigation system, method for preventing debris from depositing on collector mirror, and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
Image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus, method of setting fixing temperature, and computer program product
Control method, fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Method and apparatus of estimating/calibrating TDC gain
Electronic stabilizer device and method for stabilization of objects
System and method for automating electrical devices at a building structure
Power management device and system
Electronic device, and control device and method for controlling fan employed in the electronic device
Generating monotonically increasing TOD values in a multiprocessor system
Television receiving box docking station rack and system
Electronic device with display
Data processing device with adjustable performance level and method of operating such device
Network interface with low power data transfer and methods for use therewith
Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Device for calculating a time required for system processing after the system resumes from sleep and setting an operation mode accordingly
Magnetic property analyzing method and apparatus
Location-based device docking
System and method for incident detection with spatiotemporal thresholds estimated via nonparametric quantile regression
System and method for incident detection with spatiotemporal thresholds estimated via nonparametric quantile regression
Cartridge for storing biosample plates and use in automated data storage systems
Turnstile access-control device
Metal detector with motion sensing
Electroconductive polyamide resin composition
Polythiophene-containing ink compositions for inkjet printing
Communication and control regarding electricity provider for wireless electric vehicle electrical energy transfer
Asymmetric waveform pulse generator and FAIMS ion detector employing same
Calibration schemes for charge-recycling stacked voltage domains
Sound pressure prediction apparatus, sound pressure prediction method, and information storage medium
Watch having microphone
Dimmer detection
Locking assembly for electronic tablet and other devices
Quick release structures for a memory drive
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Length-adjustable ground-working tool
Soil aeration tine
Bale loading accessory and method to convert a small bale stack wagon to and from a mid-size or big bale stack wagon
Pressure compensated discharge emitter
Electric fence
Anti-reverse large arbor fly reel
Process and devices for the constant emission of volatile liquids
Body-mounted game caller apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for the production of chain-like foodstuffs such as sausages or the like
Frozen beverage machine control system and method
Method and apparatus for collecting and transporting cigarettes and cigarette rejects
Cryogenic mixed gas single phase storage and delivery
Hair Accessory
Ring securing device
Connecting structure for pieces of a strap made of hard materials
Roll carrier
Hair dye dispenser
Liquid applicator
Rotary holder
Golf bag with shoulder strap and integral handle
Pack structure
Academic carrying apparatus
Scouring gloves
Book holding device
Container for the dishes
Container and locking device
Cleaning tool box
Chair adjustment mechanism
Chair, especially office chair
Multipart upholstered furniture
Combined baby walker/rocking chair
Shelf assembly having product holders
Pallet mounted merchandising display
Hinged jewelry case with glueless fabric insert
Picture or plaque hanging aid
Universal cup holder with food tray accessories
Gripping device having gripping and locking mechanisms
Mailbox apparatus
Portable heating/cooling and dispensing devices
Barbecue grill assembly with a casing
Electric blender with safety interlock arrangement
Safety device for a jug blender
Kit to store a plurality of food items at a food preparation station and plastic insulating panel for use therein
Structure wall-mounted articles hanger
Hardened skin care instrument
Repulsive antiseptic surgical shield
Method and apparatus for testing the vision of a video display terminal user
Diet and activity-monitoring device
Full-face mask and mask cushion therefor
X-ray diagnostic device with a positioning plate for an examination subject adjustable at a base
Dental curing apparatus for light-sensitive materials
Sonic dental plaque remover and associated method
Precipitation hardenable stainless steel endodontic instruments and methods for manufacturing and using the instruments
Digitally modeling the deformation of gingival
Proximal placement of snoring treatment implant
Tooling for forming a stent
Braided palatal implant for snoring treatment
Method and device for vas occlusion
Dispensing pump accessories for preventing the ingress of air and for aiding in alignment
Snug fitting floating eyeglasses
Sports training eyeglasses
Ergonomic frames for telescopic loupes
Combination lift mechanism and wheelchair
Apparatus and method for standing crutches
Drug storage and dispensing apparatus
Liquid atomizer device
Dispensing apparatus for a volatile liquid
Inhalation atomizer with a one-piece valve element
Inhaler for production of aroma- and/or active substance-containing vapors of plant materials and/or fluids
Powder feeding device
Bibronchial double lumen tube
Wearable belt incorporating gas storage vessel comprising a polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Bracing device
Wearable storage system for pressurized fluids
Universal valve, hose and nozzle assembly for use with a personal watercraft
Gas generating device
Apparatus for enhancing isometric exercises and methods of using same
Golf ball with non-aqueous liquid center
Multi-piece golf ball
Football apparatus
Apparatus for retrieving and storing tennis balls
Hockey training tool
Tube and golf club with handle made of said tube
Head frame for a golf bag
Carrying apparatus for golf bag
Multi-purpose golf tool
Baseball striking practice device
Batting aid
Scuba diving guidance organization operation system using information system
Method and apparatus for automating motion analysis
Pitching system with video display means
In-line racing skate propulsion device
Ball game
Device for connecting a snow glider to the boot of a person using a snow glider
Picture processing device and game device using the same
Program executing system, relay device, manual controller, recording medium, program, and program executing apparatus
Chess pieces and chess sets
Online game of chance providing a multi-player extension of a single-player virtual scratch ticket game and a method of playing the game
Gaming apparatus and method for playing a game therewith
Cubic puzzle
Mode-conversion method for model railroad decoders
Line system for steering a kite
Toy stuffed animal having convertible configurations
Toy figure with articulating joints
Interactive toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Heat exchanger, in particular for preheating liquid manure
Oil filter used in combination with a heat generating element
Reinforced, three zone microporous membrane
Mass balance proportioner
Apparatus for manufacturing photographic emulsions
Mixed-resistance structured packing
Device for hot isostatic pressing
System and method for using bent pipes in high-purity fluid handling systems
Apparatus and method for mixing a film of fluid
Method and apparatus for producing drops using a drop-on-demand dispenser
Shredding machine
Blade of a paper shredder
Adjustment mechanism utilizing a variable displacement motor for a rock crusher
Showerhead with textured water distribution surface
End cap for dispensing and spraying liquid pharmaceutical products
Spray closure with a push-pull seal
Hand tool for securely supporting article during painting
Two-package-mixing discharging device and two-package-mixing coating device
Powered four sifter assembly
Vibrating screen separator
Screen mounting system
Resin vessel conveying system
Process for the production of metal pipes
Fin collar and method of manufacturing
Header-less vehicle radiator
Method of making a spray formed rapid tool
Mold mother plate forming with desired pattern
Water cooling system for continuous casting equipment
Refractory plates for continuous casting machines of thin flat products
Method and device for continuous casting of metals
Vacuum valve for die casting machine
Valve assembly for venting die casting molds
Apparatus and method of forming battery parts
Apparatus for automatic refilling of a low pressure casting machine
Process and a system for connecting at least two components
Core drill piloting system
Pilot bit guide device
Boring tool comprising a replaceable cutting insert which is secured against detaching
Wire saw for cutting up stone blocks into slabs with tension adjustment of individual saw wires
Saw-cable guide with two swivelling cable guide rolls
Method of making electrically conductive contacts on substrates
Wedge bonding head
Terminal pressure-welding apparatus
Tip heater cartridge and soldering iron for use therewith
Automatic wave soldering apparatus and method
Welded structure and welding method for boss and bracket
Device for quickly elevating and micro-adjusting the workbench of a planing machine
Pneumatic drilling end effector
Hand-held machine tool with dust extraction
Indexing drive slat conveyor system
Stuck tool detector and related method
Semiconductor polishing pad alignment device for a polishing apparatus and method of use
Pallet exchange apparatus
Carrier head for chemical mechanical polishing a substrate
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Pad conditioner coupling and end effector for a chemical mechanical planarization system and method therefor
Conditioner set for chemical-mechanical polishing station
Multi-action chemical mechanical planarization device and method
Polishing chemical delivery for small head chemical mechanical planarization
Apparatus for separating abrasive blasting media from debris
Tool for smoothing optical surfaces, in particular for ophthalmic lenses
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching a polishing pad to a chemical-mechanical planarization machine
Quick change tooling system for a vacuum holding fixture for a thermoformed part
Wafer chuck having a removable insert
Compact driver
Staple remover with magnetic trap
Adjustable spindle lock
Substrate transfer system
Method of manufacturing carved wooden doors
Rotary trowel for use in the molding of ceramics and method for production thereof
Nozzle for cleaving substrates
Semiconductor wafer cleaving method and apparatus
Apparatus and process for pulverization of a polymeric material
Positioning fixture for a rotary mold
Motor drive apparatus for injection molding machine
Die for use in an underwater granulating apparatus
Multi-staged vented extrusion screw with dual channel depth pumping section
Mold for suction/blowing system
Method of applying extruded profile to corners of a window glazing
Transmission support structure for a rotary wing aircraft
Shaft coupling structure, and method for manufacturing divided spline used for shaft coupling structure
Portable apparatus for use with a light-emitting disk
Pusher actuation in a printhead chip for an inkjet printhead
Recording device for cards
Recording apparatus and recording method
Head drive unit and driving method
Increased startup pulse warming temperature to improve pen startup reliability
Micro-electromechanical device, liquid discharge head, and method of manufacture therefor
Method and apparatus for moving ink drops using an electric field and transfuse printing system using the same
Ink jet printing process and printing apparatus
Integrated inkjet print head and manufacturing process thereof
Method and apparatus for determining drop volume from a drop ejection device
Variable dot ink-jet printer
Liquid discharging head, method for manufacturing liquid discharging head, and liquid discharging apparatus
Inkjet printhead for wide area printing
Liquid ejection device and method of producing the same
Heat generating element for printer head and manufacturing method therefor
Heating element of a printhead having conductive layer between resistive layers
Ink jet head and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of fabricating fit firing chambers of different drop weights on a single printhead
Nozzle cross talk reduction in an ink jet printer
Apparatus for restoring ink jet recording head
Ink jet print head with capillary flow cleaning
Method for servicing an inkjet printhead
Detection of non-operating nozzle by light beam passing through aperture
Pressure-compensation device of a cartridge for ink jet printers
Controlling diffused-air bubbles in ink-jet print cartridges
Print liquid tank and printing apparatus having the same
Printer with an ink container and an ink remainder detector
Screen mesh catcher for a continuous ink jet printer and method for making same
Wire dot printer head and wire dot printer using the same
Apparatus and method for ink jet printing on textiles
Multiple resolution fluid applicator and method
Device and method for side wire binding
Photo album with built-in audio recorder
Storage device
Connecting module providing the connection between a printer and an enveloping machine
Tire with inlay ring mounted in sidewall
Pneumatic tire with specified bead toe
Pneumatic tire having multiple modulus body cord to reduce rolling resistance
Integral bracket and end mounting plate for air spring
Air spring system for a two axle motor vehicle
Damping arrangement for suspension system
Hydraulically actuated sway bar latch
Hinged/split reinforced clam shell bushing
Assembly for vehicle suspension system
Sloped profile hingeless ventilator
Lowerable rear window, particularly a solid-glass window, for a folding top in a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle roof with a roof module
Windshield cover
Protective device for an edge of a glass object
Roll-up car cover
Automobile rearview mirror mounted glare shield
Method and apparatus for forming a three piece tailor welded door blank
Locking security apparatus for vehicle with canopy
Vehicle interior door apparatus and interlock system
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Sunroof trough molded bus bar system
Roll assist mechanism for tarp systems
Transmission on all wheel steer power machine
Tandem axle assembly with different hypoid offsets
Actuating device with two parallel mounted actuators
Full-time all-wheel drive power take-off unit for motor vehicle
Shift control system for continuously variable transmission
Vehicle speed control system
Transmission unit for hybrid vehicle
Braking assembly
Method and apparatus for disabling an airbag system in a vehicle
Easy access seat assembly with full memory
Fold-flat reclining mechanism for a vehicle seat
Multiple function boat seat
Vehicular occupant motion analysis system
Automatic calibration method for a suspended seat system
Locking device for folding seat
Child car seat
Power actuator suitable for vehicle occupant restraint systems
Armrest for vehicle seat and method of forming the same
Headrest on a vehicle seat
Water-supply pack assembly
Variable length shaft and method for making the same
Attachment structure of functional member
Breakaway cup holder assembly
Ramp locks for an implement transporter
Transom saver device
Vehicle lamp system
Harness structure of engine relative parts
Cable holder for attaching cables to a vehicle structure
Electrical junction box for a vehicle
Vehicle ceiling-mounting electric equipment assembly
Control system for vehicle occupant protection device in a motor vehicle
Method and system for communicating between sensors and a supplemental restraint system controller
Automotive vehicle air bag system
Inflatable restraint assembly for vehicles
Passenger protection device for motor vehicles
Vehicle hood apparatus
Pedestrian protection leg spoiler
Occupant-restraining system
Webbing take-up device
Pretensioner integrated with a force transferring apparatus of a seat belt retractor
Coinjected polymeric vehicular running board
Storage tray for use with a tonneau cover assembly
Modular truck rack
Securing arrangement for an article to a load carrier
Pickup truck bed extender apparatus
Supplementary cargo carrier for a vehicle
Support foot
Vehicle latch arrangement
Hydraulic brake system
Hydraulic brake for a vehicle
Park brake system for vehicles
Brake system control in which update of wheel speed normalization factors is selectively inhibited
Dual redundant active/active brake-by-wire architecture
Piston pump having a hollow piston
Piston pump
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Conveyor systems, stabilizer assemblies and methods for stabilizing conveyor carriers
Method of manufacture of a structural body
Load restraining device having securement apparatus
Shopping cart having a child supporting apparatus
Steering column with bearings
Hydrogen ventilation duct for fuel-cell-powered vehicle
Modular vehicle roof
T-flange engaging load bearing bed
Truck bed extension
Electrically-driven power steering system
Steering valve device
Control valves of a hydrostatic steering system
Power steering system
Coupling arrangement between a trailer and a pulling vehicle
Motorbike transport case providing controlled movement of a closing mechanism
Wheel suspension type front fork
Shock absorber stopper for a bicycle
Steering ski for snow vehicles
Scooter-type motorcycle
Sports kites
Snorkel system
Triplicate diving gas valve device
Kayak paddle arrangement
Offset crowned roller assembly for variable pitch propellers
Method and apparatus for reducing trailing vortices in the wake of an aircraft
Hovering gyro aircraft
Wind turbine hub
Flap actuator system
Transonic flow shockwave position stabilizer
Installation of single passenger interface unit and method thereof
Blowout latch
Method to install equipment racks in aircraft
Safety markers for driveways, roads and runways
Wing of composite material and method of fabricating the same
Logistics module system and method
Method for forming tubular wrappings on a cigarette packing machine
Method and device for automatically binding bundles of cables
Method and device for feeding elongated articles on a wrapping machine
Closure and discharge device for a winding of an elongated element
Food container with rigid base plate
Bag with extensible handles
Method and apparatus for an invertable container cap funnel
Two-compartment container
Fold and glue stacking container with side access
Packaging box for bottles
Assembly comprising packaging and a container
Packing system for perishable goods
Preservation container for food and the like
Shrink-wrapped package
Blister packs
Product packaging with handle-forming tearable tape system
Bottle for hot filling use, equipped with vacuum absorption panels in the body portion
Protective package
Variable profile corner post
Inflatable insulating liners for shipping containers
Paste dispensing container
Flip top box for cigarettes
Dual use cargo container
Subterranean storage vessel system
Scraper chain for scraper chain conveyors
Reciprocating conveyor with top front drive
High rate induction system
Conveyor system with diverting track network
Anti-contamination device for the transport of recipients and air conveyor equipped with such a device
Lockout cam for a bedroll of a rewinder
Automatic document feeder and image reader
Thread cassette
Yarn winding machine and method
Air differential core winding apparatus
Fish tape with automatic reeling feature
Deep level mine shaft hybrid conveyance system
Simple multiple concrete block lifting device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas-assisted atomizing device and methods of making gas-assisted atomizing devices
Monopropellant smokeless gas generant materials
Ink jet printing method
Light sensitive invisible ink compositions and methods for using the same
Method of removing contaminants from integrated circuit substrates using cleaning solutions
Method and apparatus for short-term relining or construction of blast furnace
Heat exchanger with a reduced tendency to produce deposits and method for producing same
Thermal spray apparatus and method having a wire electrode with core of multiplex composite powder its method of manufacture and use
Textiles; Paper
Process for the operation of a bobbin creel and bobbin creel for a winding system
Yarn processing system and method to operate a yarn processing system
Fixed Constructions
Finisher to lay and compact asphalt layers and method for operating same
Containment/exclusion boom with bird deterrent
Movable water-protection apparatus
Device for sealing manhole covers to chimneys
System and method for raising and supporting a building and connecting elongated piling sections
Touchless fluid supply interface and apparatus
Aerator with variable air input
Backflow preventer valve
Ladder support device for roof
Balcony shielding device
Drywall taping tool
Concrete deck forming apparatus and method
Apparatus for removing a floor covering
Attachment clip for a door latch assembly
Door panel and door assembly
Opening and closing apparatus for an opening and closing member of a vehicle
Support for lift door drive
Light controlling cellular shade and method of making same
Handy paint holder
Releasably secure ladder platform
Metal-face-seal rock bit
Cutting elements with interface having multiple abutting depressions
Method and apparatus for reducing paraffin and asphaltene deposits in pumping oil wells
Method for installing a water well pump
Apparatus for handling pipes in drilling rigs
Drillable floating equipment and method of eliminating bit trips by using drillable materials for the construction of shoe tracks
Apparatus and method for packing or anchoring an inner tubular within a casing
Method for setting a packer in a well bore, and a packer
System for running tubular members
Hydraulic switch device
Port collar assembly for use in a wellbore
Subsurface safety valve
Method for consolidation of sand formations using nanoparticles
Downhole apparatus
Thru-tubing sand control method and apparatus
Non-intrusive pressure measurement device for subsea well casing annuli
Leak detection method
Self-controlled directional drilling systems and methods
Anchor rod with surface areas and friction
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary fluid machinery, vane fluid machinery, and waste heat recovery device of internal combustion engine
Scroll compressor
Turbine rotor, cooling method of turbine blades of the rotor and gas turbine with the rotor
Rotor seal
Carrier for guide vane and heat shield segment
Method and apparatus for cooling a wall within a gas turbine engine
Support devices for the vanes of power units
Turbine engine damper
Method for reducing cooled turbine element stress and element made thereby
Ceramic composite vane with metallic substructure
Rotary valve internal combustion engine
Pick-up tube for hydraulically-actuated valve deactivation
Boosted direct injection stratified charge gasoline engines
Pre-combustion chamber for an internal combustion engine
Piston having combustion chamber defined in the crown
Generator mounting arrangement for vertical engines and outboard marine drives
Assembly to secure engine camshaft
Closed gallery piston having pin bore lubrication
Engine having carburetor with bridge circuit
Air-liquid heat exchanger for a vehicle fluid-flow circuit
Non rectangular shaped flexible panel air filter cartridge
Fuel injection and method of assembling a fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
MEMS-based spinning nozzle
Method and apparatus for defining a spray pattern from a fuel injector
High pressure seal means for a radial piston pump
Laser ignition
Compressor control valve with two independently operated check valves, wherein the crank chamber pressure is the control pressure, and the monitor pressure is the suction pressure
External control variable displacement compressor
Linear resonance pump and methods for compressing fluid
Compressor having an improved valved piston device
Compressor valve arrangement
Inhaling apparatus compressor with improved diaphragm assembly
Scroll type compressor having a pressure chamber opposite a discharge port
Motor-driven pump with a plurality of impellers
Two sided radial fan for motor cooling
Multiple-type pump
Ceiling fan housing assembly
Processing tip treatment bars in a gas turbine engine
Radial flow fan with impeller having blade configuration for noise reduction
Solenoid-operated valve manifold
Brick gripper
Clip having retention members
Removable and reusable fastener
Screw member with elastically deformable features
Apparatus for installing a material which is processed by using chemicals
Adjustable mounting apparatus
Linear guide arrangement
Linear guide bearing
Hydrodynamic type porous oil-impregnated bearing
Hydrodynamic oil-impregnated sintered bearing unit
Rotary pin
Roller bearing
Ball bearing
Caged roller assembly and reduction gear unit using the same
Electrical pittingproof rolling bearing
Retainer for rolling bearing and manufacturing method therefor
Package bearing with lubrication ports
Bearing device for a threaded spindle of a machine tool
Clutch disk having integral fixing members
Clutch construction for automobile transmission
Rotation transmitting device incorporating one-way clutch therein
Double-wound band braking device
Brake cable-connecting apparatus for drum brake
Thermal disconnect
Mechanical double acting shock isolator
Vibration dampening steering ring for camera pedestal
Air damper with graphite coated lip seal
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Rolling element spacers for rolling guide units
Control apparatus of automatic transmission and method of controlling the same
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and five torque-transmitting mechanisms
Toroidal type continuous variable speed transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic control system for transmissions
Shift control system for automatic transmission
Method and apparatus of controlling transmission system
Apparatus and a method for controlling an automatic transmission
Shift control system and method for automatic transmissions
Rope deflection and suitable synthetic fiber rope and their use
Stress induced connecting assembly
Combined lip seal and turbine seal
Sealing ring
Check valve
Safety valve with adjustable maximum flow shut off mechanism
Two-piece cap for a vent hose
Flexible hose passive shut down system
Multi-flex stainless steel roof drain hose
Drill rod coupling
Device for coupling pipelines for running cryogenic liquid
Ergonomic encirclement
Locking cable support
Electrical conduit support
Connection of double-walled pipes
Pipe joint made of resin
Vent valve
Plug structure of a liquid drainage installation
Helically wound lock-seam tube
Device having a radial partition, especially for arresting the propagation of a radial buckle in a double-walled pipe intended for great depths
Variable function devices
Lock for a guitar stand
U-shaped fluorescent lamp
Decorative illuminated pumpkin stems
Signal lamp having LEDs, lens, and reflectors and related method of use
Light modifier
Socket mounting that allows lamp to remain vertical as fixture is tilted
Lamp housing assembly
Lighting or signaling device for a vehicle, with a reinforced casing
Lamp unit
Self-supported lamp structure
Flashlight having a water-resistant switch
Rainbow projection light
Illumination system adapted for surgical lighting
Backlight unit and display device using the same backlight unit
Backlight device with easily replaced lamp
Emitter apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically transmitting temperature information to a thermostat
Structure of oven rack of a gas stove
Demand ventilation module
Modular clean room plenum
Solar cell panel and solar energy collecting device
Method of processing carbon fibers
Heat exchanger and fluid pipe therefor
Flat tube of a heat exchanger in heating installations or of a radiator of a motor vehicle
Plate heat exchanger
Post braze heat exchanger mounting and support brackets
Heat exchanger
Bow pre-loading methods and apparatus
System for manufacturing semiconductor device utilizing photolithography technique
Heatable member and temperature monitor therefor
Optical temperature probe, monitoring system, and related methods
Infrared thermometer
Liquid supply or drain pipe equipped with a leakage detector
Pathology grossing board
Multiple-compartment biological specimen cassette
Testing optical fiber splices
Pressure perturbation calorimetry instruments and methods
Gel slab sealing strip for an electrophoresis tank
Test and burn-in socket clamping mechanism
Field-of-view switching and focusing system of common-optical-path periscope
Micro-mirrors with variable focal length, and optical components comprising micro-mirrors
Illumination system and projector
Apparatus and method for integrating light from multiple light sources
Planar fiber optical housing
Ferrule container for holding a multiple optical fiber disposed in a ferrule, and a connector for connecting multiple optical fibers
Coupling sleeve having a shielding plate
Optical communications device
Electronic device support and method
Double-foldable eyeglasses
Preadjusted eyeglass frames
Contact lens capable of letting eyeball seem larger
Motion picture film projector
Lighting stage
Multi-display device and multi-display system
Lens-less projection optical system of reflection type
Method of processing photographic material
Submerged conveyance structure for photosensitive material
Resist processing method and resist processing apparatus
SMIF container including an electrostatic dissipative reticle support structure
Integrated equipment to drain water-hexane developer for pattern collapse
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for high speed differential signaling, employing split pin connectors and split via technology
Personal electronic storage device, container, and labeling
Card-shaped semiconductor storage device and operation setting method of the same
Mouse house
Integrated cursor control and scanner device
Methods and arrangements for configuring portable security token features and contents
Trade show attendee control, lead collection and event control system
Method for mounting a microcircuit in a cavity of a card forming a support and resulting card
Cartridge and memory medium comprising cartridge and plate memory
Magnetism detecting apparatus and magnetic material identifying apparatus using the same
Automatic apparatus for reading bar codes and an automatic analyzer provided therewith
Character reconstruction and element level processing in bar code scanning system
System and methods for collaborative bar code error detection and correction
Hand-carried counting device
Product shipping system
System and method for performing a three-dimensional examination with collapse correction
Vehicle parking control system
Coin acceptor security apparatus
System for machine reading and processing information from gaming chips
Spring clip retainer for vending machine storage compartments
Product carry-out apparatus for vending machine
Apparatus and method for vending products
Gaming device having value selection bonus
Coin and bill video game terminal system
Optical transaction card system
Mathematics teaching system
Electronic educational device
Methods and apparatus for computer based training relating to devices
Interactive training method for demonstrating and teaching occupational skills
Method and apparatus for improving performance on multiple-choice exams
Tamper indicating seal for shipping containers
Method and apparatus for providing interactive karaoke entertainment
Threading apparatus for magnetic tape
Positive locking element lead retainer/insulator
Rotary electric part
White light source using carbon nanotubes and fabrication method thereof
Coated-wire ion bombarded graphite electron emitters
Plasma display panel having a dielectric layer of a reduced thickness in a sealing portion
Deflection yoke adjustment apparatus for a cathode ray tube
Vehicle-lamp assembly apparatus
Hydraulically actuated wafer clamp
Mechanical gripper for wafer handling robots
LED/phosphor-LED hybrid lighting systems
High altitude platform control system
Apparatus for waterproofing a terminal connecting portion of a sheathed wire
PS/2 connector compatible with S-terminal layout
Terminal connecting device for flexible substrate
Printed circuit board connector
Uniform pressure pad for electrical contacts
Signal connector capable of reducing attenuation
Waterproof connector and waterproofing method
Waterproof structure of a rope light
Electrical connecting structure for a flat cable and a plurality of wires
Electrical connector for flexible printed board
Electrical connector with terminal and connector position assurance devices
Half-fitting prevention connector
Wall mounting power adapter socket
Decorative lighting device
Electrical couplings and components
Semiconductor optical device package
Electromotive adjustment assembly
Colorimetric method of manipulating inking in digital images
Projector and display system
Projection apparatus and observation apparatus
Set of contact blades in a multiple connector strip for cable connectors, and multiple connector strip
Loudspeaker enclosure
Method of producing and making use of ear tips having a filled airtight chamber
Full-range loudspeaker system for cinema screen
Material-handling vehicle
Apparatus and method for aligning parts
Component feeding method and device
Cable interface for electronic equipment enclosure
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