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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety XB29R09
Seed-preferred promoters
Motor unit number estimation (MUNE) for the assessment of neuromuscular function
Device for detecting electrical potentials of the forehead region of a patent
Absorbent articles comprising fluid acquisition zones with superabsorbent polymers
Apparatus and method for electrode insertion in heart tissue
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mass spectroscopy system and method including an excitation gate
Coasting deceleration control for a vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device and method for recovering fractional hydrocarbons from recycled plastic fractions and/or oily residues
Process for making higher olefins
Process for making styrene using mircochannel process technology
Antimicrobial compositions
Process of producing monohydric alcohols from monocarboxylic acids or derivatives thereof
Process for preparing tertiary phosphines
Plants having improved growth characteristics and methods for making the same
Plant artificial chromosome (PLAC) compositions and methods
Method for identification of biologically active agents
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine automatic stop-start controller
Tidal flow power generator
Reduced friction wind turbine apparatus and method
Wind power generation
Method and device for determining the ground position of a mobile object, in particular an aircraft on an airport
System and method for determining a vehicle traffic route
Solar energy collector with calculation of the trajectory of the sun according to the motion of a shadow of a projecting pointer
High-sensitivity method for detecting differences between the physically measurable properties of a sample and a reference
Secure enclosure
Optical measurment systems and methods
Predicting changes in hydrofrac orientation in depleting oil and gas reservoirs
Defect inspection method and defect inspection apparatus
Verification apparatus and methods for optical inspection machine
Model for neurodegenerative disorders
Sense amplifier and electronic apparatus using the same
Method for measuring inverse scattering wave, and apparatus for identifying inferior RFID transponder and reader using the same
Probe device and method of regulating contact pressure between object to be inspected and probe
Packet communication network and packet communication method
Comparator with latching function
Systems and methods to evaluate permanent magnet motors
Precision flexible current sensor
System and method for A-GPS positioning of a mobile device
Direction-of-arrival estimating device and program
Radar video data player
Radar video data player
Image sensor, image-sensing apparatus using the image sensor, and image-sensing system
Nuclear threat detection
Radiation imaging apparatus
Method and system for detecting an explosive
Making directional measurements using a rotating and non-rotating drilling apparatus
System and method for measuring formation temperature and/or pressure using nuclear quadrupole resonance
Method and magnetic resonance system to excite nuclear spins in a subject
MRI apparatus with high-resistance magnet
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
Retractable zoom lens
Variable focal length lens system
High-NA projection objective
System and method for a MEMS device
Electrophoretic displays with controlled amounts of pigment
Semi-transparent/transflective lighted interferometric devices
Electrophoretic medium and process for the production thereof
Lens array, an exposure head and an image forming apparatus
Cylindrically shaped optical beamsplitter
Hologram and method of manufacturing an optical element using a hologram
Detachable fiber holder platform and assembly
Waveguide structure and arrayed waveguide grating structure
Optical switching based on dipole induced transparency
Flat spring plate and lens actuator with same
External lens device and method for mounting same
Interferometric modulator display devices
Liquid crystal display and test method thereof
Electronic apparatus
Mechanical structure including a layer of polymerised liquid crystal and method of manufacturing such
Display device and method of fabricating the same
Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
Panel for display device with light blocking on blue color filter and liquid crystal display
Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same, and method thereof
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Optical film and manufacturing method thereof and substrate structure and display panel using the optical film
Liquid crystal display device
Parabolic lenticular collimating films and methods thereof
Auto-focus system and auto-focus method thereof
Camera system, camera control apparatus, panorama image making method and computer program product
Digital camera with left- or right-handed operation
Illumination optical system, exposure method and designing method
Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
Method for conversion of a colour space using separate chromatic and luminance look-up tables
Image output color management system and method
Fusers, printing apparatuses and methods of fusing toner on media
Transfer unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
Method of rotating revolver unit using a plurality of motors
Image forming device and deviation correcting method
Belt drive controlling device, belt device using the belt drive controlling device, and image forming apparatus using the belt device
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Toner supply device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with multiple image forming portions and image transfers
Fusers including heater for pre-heating fuser belt, printing apparatuses and methods of fusing toner on media with pre-heating of fuser belt
Endless belt type fusing device and image forming apparatus employing the same
Image forming apparatus and toner collection method
Image forming device, processing unit, and image forming method
Toner brush with superimposed brushes for an electro-photographic printer and printer with the toner brush
Image forming apparatus capable of preventing scattering of toner
Holographic storage medium
Heat dissipation system
Method for operating a system of modular structure, in particular a process automation system
Alignment apparatus
Flexible fixing system for product testing
Machine tool controller
System and method for supporting purchase or production of products by potential demand prediction
Electric circuit device
Internal power supply circuit
Voltage regulator
Reference current circuit
Method of emulating human cognition in a brain model containing a plurality of electronically represented neurons
Reconfigurable mounting bracket
Dual-screen mobile display device
Avoiding use of an inter-unit network in a storage system having multiple storage control units
Method and system for creating and maintaining version-specific properties in a file
Storage apparatus and data verification method for the same
Method for dynamic load balancing on partitioned systems
Filesystem building method
Disk controller response handler for write commands
Dynamic memory management in an RDMA context
Linear combiner weight memory
Storage controller and control method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor device with the same
Hardware assisted endpoint idleness detection for USB host controllers
Interrupt controller for accelerated interrupt handling in a data processing system and method thereof
Memory compression method and apparatus for heterogeneous processor architectures in an information handling system
Converting black to composite black in digital printing
Method and system for controlling the exchange of vehicle related messages
Method and apparatus for distributing binary presentations within digital media content files
System and method for preventing throughput depression in power saving NAS system
System and method for chunked file proxy transfers
Dynamic service-on-demand delivery messaging hub
Host identity protocol method and apparatus
Interactive contribution widget
Instantaneous symbol lookup
Dynamically providing communication accounts using a communication account system
Adaptive search in mobile peer-to-peer databases
Method and apparatus for monitoring remote devices by creating device objects for the monitored devices
Grid computing implementation
End-to-end tracking of asynchronous long-running business process execution language processes
Internet protocol based service architecture
Configuring a device in a network via steps
Dynamic distributed adjustment of maximum use of a shared storage resource
Network switching apparatus, server system and server migration method for server system
Optical neural network
Optimizing traffic predictions and enhancing notifications
Alternately selecting memory units to store and retrieve configuration information in respective areas for a plurality of processing elements to perform pipelined processes
Search result optimization method and device that adjusts reliability values of documents and orders retrieved documents
Method for using the fundamental homotopy group in assessing the similarity of sets of data
Method for using the second homotopy group in assessing the similarity of sets of data
Identifying and using critical fields in quality management
Method for using one-dimensional dynamics in assessing the similarity of sets of data using kinetic energy
Method for using isometries on the space of signatures to find similar sets of data
Intent prediction and response employing sensing, networking, and communication among distributed devices
Method and apparatus for organizing information in a computer system
Multi-term frequency analysis
Method for using two-dimensional dynamics in assessing the similarity of sets of data
Availability data service
Method and system for managing real property transactions having internet access and control
Use of server processing of temporary results for stateless paging over arbitrary user queries
Desktop, stream-based, information management system
Document management method and apparatus thereof
Method for optimizing acoustic comfort in a mobile vehicle passenger compartment
Prime mover output control system
Remotely programmable food product holding system
Method and apparatus for monitoring the quality of a machining operation
Scheduling system and work order scheduling protocol for such a system
Enabling flexibility of packet length in a communication protocol
PCI express-compatible controller and interface that provides PCI express functionality and flash memory operations to host device
Mechanisms for creation/deletion of linear block address table entries for direct I/O
Overtake request control apparatus and overtake request control method
Interactive touchpad
Storage system and power consumption reduction method, and information processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Point of sale printers providing secure network tunneling
Managing reading conditions in an image reading apparatus
E-mail printing device and e-mail printing system and confirmation notifying method and storage medium storing confirmation notifying program
Data transformation method and data transformation circuit capable of saving numeral operations
Searching heterogeneous interrelated entities
Automatic creation of output file from images in database
System and method for managing databases associated with respective personal information manager service accounts
Incremental training for probabilistic categorizer
Document processor and computer readable medium
Coordination and tracking of workflows
Method and system for adapting search results to personal information needs
Apparatus and method for determining adequacy of information retrieving process
Microprocessor system for simultaneously accessing multiple branch history table entries using a single port
Efficient computation of the modulo operation based on divisor (2.sup.n-1)
Contention detection
Tuning a schedule of transportation resources using mathematical programming
Emulator-enabled network connectivity to a device
Method of producing and displaying an aerial photograph data set
Digital image processing using face detection information
Method and apparatus for calculating a virtual image plane for magnetic resonance imaging
Medicine bag and color reproduction system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
Processing data pixels in a holographic data storage system
Image encoding method, image decoding method, moving-image compression method, moving-image expansion method, image encoding program, image decoding device, image encoding device, image encoding/decoding system, and extended image compression/expansion system
System, medium, and method encoding and/or decoding image data
Image-processing system and image-processing program
Measurement method, transfer characteristic measurement method, adjustment method of exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for applying edge enhancement based on image characteristics
Method for providing updated protocols in a medical radiology information system
Method and apparatus for collaborative filtering of card member transactions
Creative media marketplace system and method
Method for conducting an on-line bidding session with bid pooling
Automatic auction method and system on server-client system
Private entity profile network
Lead generation building, optimization, management, and tracking tool
Enhanced transaction resolution techniques
Method and system of aggregating consideration associated with a request
Method, software program, and system for structuring risk in a financial transaction
System and method for facilitating a financial transaction with a dynamically generated identifier
Electronic funds transfer method
System and method for real time account and account number generation using origination APIS
Method, system, and program product for demographic reporting of billable project activity
Emergency machine off feature with safety control interface
Intruder alarm device
Detecting a blocker RFID tag
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag including a three-dimensional loop antenna
Cover incorporating a radio frequency identification device
Method and system for sensing abnormal signs in daily activities
Method and system for providing auditory feedback for the visually impaired when defining visual models
Collision determining apparatus for a vehicle
Accessory device, electronic musical instrument and teaching apparatus
Method for driving passive matrix OLED
Pixel circuit, organic light emitting display using the pixel circuit and driving method for the display
Pixel circuit
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Controller circuitry for light emitting diodes
Providing a user input interface prior to initiation of an operating system
Monitor apparatus for a vehicle
Drive circuit and drive device for liquid crystal display
Method and system for directing a control action
Geometry creation tool
Compact device for adjusting piano key touch weight
Anchor for musical instrument strings
Digital complex tone generator and corresponding methods
Low-frequency-band component and high-frequency-band audio encoding/decoding apparatus, and communication apparatus thereof
Error monitoring of a Dolby Digital AC-3 bit stream
Method and apparatus for a thin audio codec
Method for reducing decoder complexity in waveform interpolation speech decoding by converting dimension of vector
Magnetic disk apparatus
VCM PWM control architecture for power saving in hard disk drives
Magnetic disk apparatus and magnetic disk access control method
Disc device
Boosted write driver for transmission line with reduction in parasitic effect of protection devices
Current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with back flux guide
Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the head
Enhanced anti-parallel-pinned sensor using thin ruthenium spacer and high magnetic field annealing
Magnetoresistive sensor having an anisotropic hard bias with high coercivity
Integrated servo and read EMR sensor
Optical disc apparatus switching focus point between layers
Method for transmitting a write strategy to a laser driver
Holographic storage and regeneration system having servo mechanism
Optical pickup
Optical disk apparatus controlling focus and tracking drive in gap and recorded area when adjusting write power
Diffractive optical element and optical head
Optical head and optical disk apparatus
Optical pickup and optical information processing apparatus with light sources of three different wavelengths
Memory device structures including phase-change storage cells
FB DRAM memory with state memory
Non-volatile memory system including spare array and method of erasing a block in the same
Dynamically partitioned CAM array
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and writing method of the same
High speed memory architecture
Semiconductor device
Address decoder
Semiconductor memory device
Channel seating tool for nuclear fuel assembly and method for seating channel on the assembly
Cable assembly
Electrical component, manufacturing system and method
Electrical conductor
Two terminal variable resistor
Duplex-attachment of ceramic disk PTC to substrates
Subsea data and power transmission inductive coupler and subsea cone penetrating tool
Yoke-integrated bonded magnet and magnet rotator for motor using the same
Multi-capacitor assembly
Electrolytic capacitor
System and method for indicating a position of an electrical distribution device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Light emitting diode unit and method for manufacturing light emitting diode unit
Carbon nanotube electron gun
Method and system for observing a subject at a first location based upon quantum properties measured at a second location
Power supply regulation using a feedback circuit comprising an AC and DC component
Method of manufacturing display unit and display unit
LED lamp
Capacitor electrode, method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Packaging of integrated circuits with carbon nanotube arrays to enhance heat dissipation through a thermal interface
Semiconductor chip stack-type package and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing a multichip module assembly
Metal gate high-K devices having a layer comprised of amorphous silicon
High performance CMOS devices comprising gapped dual stressors with dielectric gap fillers, and methods of fabricating the same
Vertical tunneling transistor
Semiconductor device with strain in channel region and its manufacture method
Organic light emitting display (OLED) with conductive spacer and its method of manufacture
Non-volatile memory cell array and logic
Low-capacitance electrostatic discharge protection diodes
Methods for fabricating a semiconductor structure using a mandrel and semiconductor structures formed thereby
Nonvolatile memory devices with oblique charge storage regions and methods of forming the same
Dense chevron non-planar field effect transistors and method
Single-cycle FFT butterfly calculator
Migration enhanced epitaxy fabrication of active regions having quantum wells
Method and apparatus for determining changes in physical information incident on a detecting device
Photovoltaic cell comprising a photovoltaically active semiconductor material comprising a particular portion of tellurium ions replaced with halogen and nitrogen ions
Nanostructure and photovoltaic cell implementing same
Photo detector, image sensor, photo-detection method, and imaging method
Thermoelectric compositions and process
Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic apparatus having the same
Planar programmable metallization memory cells
Organic semiconductor material, organic semiconductor structure, and organic semiconductor device
Switching circuit
Compact orthomode transducer with improved cross-polarization isolation
Broadband antenna
Switching schemes for multiple antennas
Method for the operation of an antenna group having a plurality of transmitters and a plurality of receivers and associated apparatus
Multiple-wavelength tunable laser
Battery device
Armature of rotary electric machine and method for producing same
Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
Magnet component for attachment to a shaft
Multi-layer magnet arrangement in a permanent magnet machine for a motorized vehicle
Bearingless step motor
Spindle motor
Vehicular alternating current generator
Control arrangement for a resonant mode power converter
Dynamic tape drive calibration
Brushless motor driving device, brushless motor starting method, and method of detecting rotor stop position of brushless motor
Carrier generator with LC network
Digitally controlled frequency generator
Signal processing system in wireless mobile communication system
Cascoded circuit
Short-circuit detecting circuit
Enhanced reconditioning equalizer filter chain for multi-carrier signals
Communication system
Phase-adjusted pre-emphasis and equalization for data communication
Switch noise reduction device and method using counter
Logic circuit including a plurality of master-slave flip-flop circuits
Input circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit comprising the input circuit
Integrate circuit chip with magnetic devices
Configuration data feeding device
Driving circuit for power semiconductor element including controlling circuit that provides control when detected voltage reaches predetermined voltage
Inverter circuit and balanced input inverter circuit
Quantum bit variable coupling method, quantum computing circuit using the method, and variable coupler
Voltage detection circuit in an integrated circuit and method of generating a trigger flag signal
Signal processors, signal processing methods, and digital filter configuration methods
Digital-to-analog converter, data driver and display device using same
Wireless data communication method via ultra-wide band encoded data signals, and receiver device for implementing the same
Receiver parametric covariance estimation for transmit diversity
Minimizing estimation time for rake fingers with help of a speed sensor
Interference cancellation in a spread spectrum receiver
Multi-mode crystal oscillator
Antenna damping circuit and high frequency receiver employing same
Mobile communication device and screen switching method for mobile communication device
Methods, algorithms, software, circuits, receivers, and systems for increasing bandwidth and/or recording density in data communication and data storage systems
Electronic device and its control method
Systems and methods for suppressing radio interference from a noise source via active filtering
Information processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium
System and methods for providing updated mobile station location estimates to emergency services providers
Signal processing apparatus and method in multi-input/multi-output communications systems
Mobile terminal, wireless communications system and mobile terminal control method
Mobile communication system with moving base station
Method of generating PLCM for broadcast/multicast service and apparatus thereof
Octave pulse data method and apparatus
Optical network equipment and optical network
Wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network system and method of generating optical source
Method and system to frame and format optical control and data bursts in WDM-based photonic burst switched networks
Communication recovering system for wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network
Coexistence of access provider and in-home networks
Exploitation of null packets in packetized digital television systems
Apparatus for receiving cable TV broadcasting program, and multiplexer and de-multiplexer thereof
Communication relay device, communication relay method and computer program product for communication relay
Resource allocation in peer-to-peer streaming
Pulsed wave interconnect
Method for detecting OFDM timing in OFDM system
SONET network outage impact measurement
System and method for virtual channel selection in IP telephony systems
Differentiation of quality classes to different PDUs with support for multiple terminals
System and method of unstructured analysis through the application of multiple structure maps
Method and apparatus for rapidly reconfiguring computer networks
Data communication apparatus, method for its network configuration, and computer readable recording medium storing its program
Methods and apparatus for testing adaptive timing characteristics of packet-based timing protocol
Synchronizing reservation status between an access terminal and an access node
Method and system of storage area network switch addressing
Decoupled header and packet processing in IPSEC
Pattern-based polling of mobile stations for channel quality information
Programmably sliceable switch-fabric unit and methods of use
System and method for transmission of data in packet ring network system
Adaptive rate control
Communication apparatus
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Offset compensation device
Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
Viterbi slicer for turbo codes
Joint decoding of ISI (inter-symbol interference) channel and modulation codes
Independent LO IQ tuning for improved image rejection
Peer-to-peer network information storage
Method and apparatus for sharing data between a server and a plurality of clients
Data generating device and control method thereof, data analyzing device and control method thereof, data processing system, program and machine-readable storage medium
Phase interpolator having a phase jump
Method of receiving session key in home network and method of reproducing content using the same
Method and system for secure authentication in a wireless network
Method and system for secure external TPM password generation and use
Wireless terminals
Keypad assembly for a mobile terminal
Portable electronic device
Dual mode communication system, dual mode communication method and dual mode communication user equipment
Method and apparatus for adjusting reference oscillator frequency in a mobile wireless device
System and method for capture and storage of forward and reverse link audio
Method for tracking effectiveness of telephone response advertising
Method for implementing services on a network element based on multiple IDs
Selective call waiting service
Method and apparatus to validate a subscriber line
Method and apparatus for compositional control of end-to-end media in IP networks
Image-reading apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Printer having differential filtering smear correction
Image reading apparatus
Multiband color management
On chip test mode implementation
Sequential regression for calibration from residues
Detecting red eye filter and apparatus using meta-data
Detecting red eye filter and apparatus using meta-data
Image pickup system for reducing noise attributable to an image pickup device
System and method for controlling photoflash
Image taking apparatus and lens apparatus
Camera assembly for a mobile communication device
System and method for camera metering based on flesh tone detection
Image processing apparatus restoring color image signals
Imaging apparatus with AF optical zoom
Digital camera
Imaging device and exposure control method for imaging device
Pausing media playback at appropriate intervals
Data processing system, reproduction apparatus, computer, reproduction method, program, and storage medium
Viewing program control method and video recording apparatus
Hierarchical coding and decoding method
Video signal encoding apparatus and video data encoding method
Motion vector estimation method and encoding mode determining method
Systems and methods for enhancing teleconference collaboration
Video information recording apparatus and method, video information reproducing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Measurement system for evaluating moving image quality of displays
Image sensing apparatus and its control method, control program, and storage medium for correcting position deviation of images
Television with disc loader, disc presence display device
Serializer circuitry for high-speed serial data transmitters on programmable logic device integrated circuits
Condenser microphone
Radio access point testing method and testing apparatus
System and method for presence alarming
System and method for global positioning system (GPS) based presence
Method for recovering ARQ data in wireless portable internet system
Dual band/dual mode mobile communication terminal and control method thereof
Wireless metropolitan area network architecture for managing network resources and mobility
Method for characterising emitters by the association of parameters related to the same radio emitter
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Method and apparatus for estimating channelization codes in a wireless transmit/receive unit
Method and apparatus for activating a dormant mobile unit in a distributed network
Apparatus and method for extending mobility in a mobile ad hoc network
Heater and memory cell, memory device and recording head including the heater
Sequential burst mode activation circuit
Mounting apparatus for power supply
Electronic device
Storage case and method of assembling the same
Slide rail structure
Ballast housing with an integral circuit board grounding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method for operating a fischer-tropsch process using a high pressure autothermal reactor as the pressure source for the process
Puncture sealing agent
Method for forming a semiconductor device
Method of depositing a BSG layer
Multifilament strand with Ag cladding and a coating of oxygen-permeable ceramic
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating the eyes or eyelids
Cationic lipid:DNA complexes for gene targeting
Nonsteroidal gestagens
Etching methods
Semiconductor device with reliable connection between projective electrode and conductive wire of the substrate
Manufacturing of gate electrodes having silicon of different grain sizes and different surface roughness
Human Necessities
Chemical attractants for moths
Insect control method with genetically engineered biopesticides
Compositions and method for reducing gastro-intestinal distress due to alpha-d-galactoside-linked/containing sugars
Method for the production of pressure precooked and dehulled corn flour for tortilla
Surgical anti-friction device
Material layer and method for manufacturing said layer
Vascular grafts for bridging a vessel side branch
Method and compositions for treatment of fungal nail disease
Use of protease inhibitors for treating skin wounds
Fluoralkenyl nortropanes
Cosmetic composition in the form of a soft paste and process for preparation of same
Oil-in-water emulsions containing a 1,3,5-triazine derivative and a copolyol silicone and cosmetic applications
Self-tanning composition
Bioactive agent release coating
Process and system for electrical extraction of intracellular matter from biological matter
Sealing rubber closure for syringe/container
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device to improve detection in electro-chromatography
High-capacity bio-block aeration system for stimulating enhanced bio-activity in aerobic wastewater treatment processes
Electrodeionization apparatus
Method and apparatus for polishing workpiece
Method of manufacturing solder bumps and solder joints using formic acid
Manufacture of reconstituted wood products
Method for molding composite structural plastic and objects molded thereby
Container having a reduced amount of acetaldehyde released therefrom and method of molding the same
Cylinder device for processing continuous material strips
Method for producing boards of wood-based materials with structured and smooth surfaces using a continuously operating embossing press
Multilayered polyolefin high shrinkage, low shrink force shrink film
Image forming material and preparation method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low melting point glass, insulating package, and sealing member
Concrete composition
Method for extruding pitch based foam
Zona pellucida proteins for contraception
Flame retardant combinations for thermoplastic polymers II
Aqueous primer coating composition and article coated therewith
Human prostatic specific reductase
Methods for the rapid detection of actively respiring microorganisms
High tensile strength steel product for high heat input welding, having excellent toughness in heat-affected zone
Prediction of diabetes impaired wound healing by urinary nitrate assay
Heat developable photosensitive material
Treatment solution for forming insulating layers on magnetic particles process for forming the insulating layers, and electric device with a soft magnetic powder composite core
Method of dicing workpiece
Epitaxial semiconductor substrate, manufacturing method thereof, manufacturing method of semiconductor device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
Dummy patterns for aluminum chemical polishing (CMP)
Memory device and method for manufacture
Method of manufacturing capacitor
Transistors having optimized source-drain structures and methods for making the same
Method for improving non-uniformity of chemical mechanical polishing by over coating
Method of protecting a bond pad structure, of a color image sensor cell, during a color filter fabrication process
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a conductor pattern side face provided with a separate conductive sidewall
Method of forming a stacked-die integrated circuit chip package on a water level
Method of separation films from bulk substrates by plasma immersion ion implantation
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Lithium secondary battery
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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