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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Solar energy funneling using thermoplastics for agricultural applications
Device for transporting an animal in a vehicle
Composition and method for controlling harmful arthropods
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Antibacterial agent, substrate surface treatment method using the same, antibacterial agent composition, and substrate surface treatment method using the same
N-substituted hetero-bicyclic compounds and derivatives for combating animal pests
Pyrazole tetrahydronaphthyl carboxamides
Unique sausage shapes and devices and methods for processing sausages
Electron flow generation
Electronic cigarette atomization device
Attachable garments
Elastic cord having tapered protruding portions
Combined parasol and storage housing assembly, and method of manufacturing the storage housing
Radiant heater for heating the building material in a laser sintering device
Disposable body lotion applicator
Device for applying to the skin
Work surface with interactive area for controlled laboratory environment
Portable toothbrush holder
Therapeutic mattress assembly
Rocker-equipped hunting blind
Seat assembly for an office chair
Shelving unit lighting system
Document organizer
Modular folding stand
Power shutdown apparatus for preventing overheating of hot beverage machine
Multi-layer brewing cup
Rotary food cutter device
Collapsible box grater
Shower pedestals
Duster with interior sleeve
Collapsible cleaning device
Siphon break apparatus configured to substantially prevent a siphon effect in a fluid conduit of a dishwasher and an associated method
Devices for non-contact thermographic mapping of tissue for viability assessment and methods of their use
Apparatus using temperature data to make predictions about an individual
Radiant energy derived temperature(s)
Heart rate monitor with cross talk reduction
Field generating unit of a combined MR/PET system
Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for dynamic magnetic resonance imaging
Hemoglobin contrast in ultrasound and optical coherence tomography for diagnosing diseased tissue, cancers, and the like
Method and apparatus for treating subcutaneous histological features
Heart treatment device
Treatment of cardiac arrhythmia by modification of neuronal signaling through fat pads of the heart
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electric hand held fruit and vegetable coring device
Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus, and write method
System and method for identifying a spare wheel
Video mirror system for vehicle
System and method for deploying a safety system
Vehicle control system
Pull pumps, refill units and dispensers for pull pumps
Adhesive backed finger holds and purlicue stop for fitment to handheld devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
5-fluoro pyrimidine derivatives
Fixed Constructions
Manual shovel accessory and shovel apparatus with rear end fulcrum and front and rear upright handles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling a compression-ignition internal combustion engine and control device for controlling a compression-ignition internal combustion engine
Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit
Pattern monitor mark and monitoring method suitable for micropattern
Enhanced sensitivity vibrometer
Position correction apparatus
Destination-prediction apparatus, destination-prediction method, and navigation apparatus
Machine and method for measuring a characteristic of an optical signal
Liquid level sensor
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Apparatus for detecting properties of fuel for working machine
System and method for photoemission-based defect detection
Measuring device for measuring optical properties of transparent substrates
Differential interference phase contrast X-ray imaging system
System and method for the fabrication, characterization and use of magnetic corrosion and chemical sensors
Energy flow measurement in gas pipelines
Method for determining the ignitability of fuel with an unknown fuel quality
System for obfuscating identity
System for indentification of pathogens
Semiconductor device
Fuel property sensor and fuel tank assembly
Method for compensating for differences in capacitance between multiple capacitive sensors
Monitoring circuit for determining if an electric element has failed before the electric element is powered
Generic debug external connection (GDXC) for high integration integrated circuits
Protecting data on integrated circuit
Signal analyzing apparatus
Navigation and position determination with a multicarrier modulation signal of opportunity
Method and apparatus for mitigating the effects of cross correlation in a GPS receiver
Adaptive wavefront reconstruction
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with phase-sensitive fluid suppression
Magnetic resonance phantom systems and methods
Whole-body antenna for a magnetic resonance system comprising hollow rods
Signal generator for electromagnetic surveying that produces a signal having an analog continuous waveform
Externally guided and directed field induction resistivity tool
Lens module having intercoupling slits and restricting members
Programmable window: a device for controlling the opacity of small-scale areas within a large-scale transparent membrane
Three-dimensional space scanner
Optical scanning device, retinal scanning display and manufacturing method of optical scanning device
Optical scanning apparatus and its optical element, method and apparatus for positioning and fixing the optical element, and a molding tool for making the optical element
Beam irradiation apparatus
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical device using laterally-shiftable diffraction gratings
Cartesian polarizers utilizing photo-aligned liquid crystals
Computer generated hologram, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Sensing device having a large diameter D-shaped optical waveguide
Material for substrate mounting optical circuit-electrical circuit mixedly and substrate mounting optical circuit-electrical circuit mixedly
Optical apparatus for use in photolithography
Tunable liquid lens with reduced aberration
Display device, display panel unit, and information processing apparatus
Liquid crystal display having separate connection element to couple upper and lower containers together
Display device having a guide frame for guiding a sliding movement of a backlight unit
Twisted nematic xLCD contrast compensation with tilted-plate retarders
Liquid crystal device having a band-shaped retardation film extending outwardly to a parting area outside of a dummy pixel area
Stereoscopic display device
Apparatus and method for attaching substrates
Display device
Lithographic apparatus with temperature sensor and device manufacturing method
Determining scene distance in digital camera images
Image processing apparatus and its method
Color processor, computer readable medium and color processing method
Xerographic station deskew mechanism
Image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Image forming apparatus having a mechanism for detecting a mark on a belt
Development device transferring only a toner layer to a developing roller and image apparatus using the same
Developing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Development device and image forming apparatus
Fuser oil applicator and cleaner in a single web cartridge system in direct contact with fuser roll
System and method for providing power management in a sensor network
Vehicular device control system
Method of configuring a system for driving a screen for closure, sun protection, or projection purposes
Systems program product, and methods for organization realignment
Motion control systems
Controller for electrically adjustable furniture
Dimming interface for power line
Charge pump-type voltage booster circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
AC and DC temperature compensation scheme for DCR current sense
Boost snubber circuit structure
Voltage converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit, memory system, memory controller and memory control method
Power supply controlling system
Mobile device shutter door
Method and system for optimizing the completion of computing operations
Systems and methods for handling path failures to active-passive storage arrays
Method for reactivating at least one media transfer protocol-compatible device when an unrecoverable error occurs, and associated host
Storage controller and storage control method
System and method for responding to failure of a hardware locus at a communication installation
Multi-CPU failure detection/recovery system and method for the same
Error correction apparatus and method for digital device
Cooperating memory controllers that share data bus terminals for accessing wide external devices
Data storage device
Methods for storing data
System and method to derive high level file system information by passively monitoring low level operations on a FAT file system
System and method for content replication detection and elimination in main memory
Controlling download and playback of media content
Copy protection method for digital data stored on a medium
Redundant array of independent disks-related operations
On-disk caching for raid systems
Method and system for copying live entities of source blocks identified by source list for selected destination block to selected destination block of memory heap
Methods and systems for selection of multimedia presentations
System and method for establishing a point-to-point connection
Software install automation
Display system and display apparatus
Analog video signal transmission over twisted-pair wires
Providing extended precision in SIMD vector arithmetic operations
Recording system and controlling method therefor
Inferring demographics for website members
Method and system for providing on-line interactivity over a server-client network
Communication control system
Global hosting system
Business logic device and processing method
Client messaging in multicast networks
Selecting values in a distributed computing system
Message based network configuration of dynamic domain name services
Information processing apparatus and method of operating the same
Method and computer-readable medium for delivering hybrid static and dynamic content
Mobile terminal, method, and computer program for communicating data with servers with data collision control
Proximity guided data discovery
Managing content delivery network service providers
Method and apparatus for determining notable content on web sites
Web services-based communications for use with process control systems
Vertical curve system for surface grading
Method and system for protecting a starting clutch
System and method for mail verification
Processing device and processing method
Method and system for verifying the appropriateness of shared content
Speech translation apparatus, method and computer readable medium for receiving a spoken language and translating to an equivalent target language
System and method for network administration and local administration of privacy protection criteria
Leakage current analyzing apparatus, leakage current analyzing method, and computer product
Method and software tool for designing an integrated circuit
Verification support apparatus, verification support method, and computer product
Apparatus and method for mixed single-rail and dual-rail combinational logic with completion detection
Method for calculating delay time, program for calculating delay time and device for calculating delay time
Apparatus and method for circuit layout using longest path and shortest path search elements
Method and apparatus for testing a full system integrated circuit design by statistical fault injection using hardware-based simulation
System and method for using first-principles simulation to control a semiconductor manufacturing process
Method to extract target signals of a known type from raw data containing an unknown number of target signals, interference, and noise
Method for creation of detailed body measurement parts from extrapolation of standard chart data based on generic body attributes
Automated stringline installation system
Controlled compressional wave components of thickness shear mode multi-measurand sensors
Authentication system
Integrated business systems for web based telecommunications management
Framework and technology to enable the portability of information cards
Memory devices configured to identify an operating mode
User interface for an inkable family calendar
System and method for displaying and manipulating hierarchically linked data in a genealogy database using a graphical interface
Reconfigurable computing device and method for inspecting configuration data
Method for setting an operating parameter a peripheral IC and device for carrying out said method
Input device for portable digital computers and portable digital computer with a multi-functional mouse
Driving device and display apparatus having the same
Gesture recognition
Method for providing human input to a computer
Screen magnifier panning model with dynamically resizable panning regions
Image formation device and its control method
Information processing method and apparatus
Integration of job control and synchronization with printer controller data exchanges
Image processing apparatus, encrypted job execution method thereof, and recording medium
Computer program product for preparation of production data for a print job using a still image proxy of a page description language image file
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Printing apparatus, image data file processing apparatus, method of selecting image data file, method of assisting selection of image data file, and computer program
Communication control device and communication control system
User-level privilege management
Data correction apparatus, data correction method and tangible machine-readable medium thereof
Computer product having distribution map data, distribution map data generating method, distrubution map data generating apparatus and terminal device
Method for controlling an automatic transmission
Data indexing and compression
Methods and apparatuses for video on demand (VOD) metadata organization
Method and system for constructing data tag based on a concept relation network
Renewable and individualizable elements of a protected environment
Access to content addressable data over a network
Memory card, data exchange system, and data exchange method
Binding a device to a provider
Cryptographic system, method and multiplier
Automatic configuration of network tunnels
Altering data storage conventions of a processor when execution flows from first architecture code to second architecture code
Executing micro-code instruction with delay field and address of next instruction which is decoded after indicated delay
Device management apparatus, client apparatus, and device management method
Emulated memory management
Methods and systems for delivering software
Order preservation in data parallel operations
Job allocation method for document production
Lane deviation prevention device
Multiple integrated machine system
Method and system for correcting butting artifacts in X-ray images
Method and device for controlling image data acquisition and image reconstruction
Image-based techniques for shredded document reconstruction
Method and apparatus for detecting malfunctioning print elements in postage meter indicia printer
Image analysis of tube tip positioning
Detection and tracking of moving objects from a moving platform in presence of strong parallax
Tube detection in diagnostic images
Computer aided lesion assessment in dynamic contrast enhanced breast MRI images
Minimal artifact image sequence depth enhancement system and method
Method for detecting bio signal features in the presence of noise
Kits for redundant image acquisition
Methods and products for analyzing gingival tissues
Defect source analysis method, defect source analysis apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Position/orientation measurement method and apparatus
Video entity recognition in compressed digital video streams
System and method for detecting blemishes on image sensor package
Keyword generation process
Center based image resizer
Dynamic image encoding device, dynamic image decoding device, dynamic image encoding method, dynamic image decoding method, dynamic image encoding program, and dynamic image decoding program
Apparatus and methods for image restoration
Noise elimination apparatus and noise elimination method
Scaling filter for video sharpening
Image processing device
Generating a dilation image utilizing parallel pixel processing
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Method and system for web resource location classification and detection
Systems and methods for the prevention of extended utility theft
Multi-color billing process
Multi-function code activated product and service delivery
System and method for automating financial document compliance
Media development network
Biometric financial transaction system and method
Systems and methods for processing transactions using multiple budgets
Method and apparatus for a no pre-set spending limit transaction card
System for detecting, monitoring, and reporting an individual's physiological or contextual status
Workstation for processing and producing a video signal
System and method for measuring a three-dimensional object
Efficient Z testing
System and method for image-based rendering with object proxies
Hard cover product with concealed printed security device
Method and apparatus for universally decoding commands of a remote controller
Tamperproof RFID component integrated into a multilayer printed circuit board
Local emergency isolation valve controller with diagnostic testing and trouble indicator
Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator
Networked applications including haptic feedback
Display device, display control method and electronic equipment
Pivoting, multi-configuration mobile device
Control signal input system and control signal input method
Integrated display system for a computer and a portable device
Method and apparatus for identity verification using visual representation of a spoken word
Audio regeneration method
Optical device, optically heat assisted magnetic recording head and optically heat assisted magnetic recording apparatus, having intensity point deviated from axis of the core
Disk drive device with improved centering holding function
Spindle motor
Adaptive distortion corrector
Data recording/reproduction for write-once discs
Disk drive detecting when head is parked on ramp
Method and apparatus for detecting wobble defects in optical recording system
Recording/reproducing device and method using pulse sequences and information recording medium
Recording/reproducing device and method using pulse sequences, and information recording medium
Method and apparatus of determining a recording condition for optical disc
Optical disk apparatus, control method of optical disk apparatus, and integrated circuit
Optical storage medium comprising inverted super-resolution pits and lands
Integrated circuit with resistive memory cells and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor memory device having DRAM-compatible addressing mode and data processing system including same
Fuse element reading circuit
Logic embedded memory having registers commonly used by macros
Operation guarantee system
Semiconductor memory device that can perform successive accesses
Liquid target having internal support for radioisotope production at cyclotron
Inchworm actuator based on shape memory alloy composite diaphragm
Solid electrolytic capacitor, and method for manufacturing the same
Fluorescent lamp
Holder for integral compact fluorescent lamp with outer bulb
Organic semiconductor element with shield layer
Fused heterocyclic compound and organic light emitting device
Batteries and chargers therefor
Directional coupler
Dual-polarized antenna modules
Integrated multi-band antenna module
Antenna arrangement
Radio wave absorber, electromagnetic field measurement system and radiated immunity system
Multi-modal RF diversity antenna
Semiconductor optical device
Beam stabilized fiber laser
Laser light source
Surface emitting laser
Modular, high energy, widely-tunable ultrafast fiber source
Method and apparatus for controlling carrier envelope phase
Laser pulse generating apparatus and method
810 nm ultra-short pulsed fiber laser
Surface emitting laser, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser, surface emitting laser array, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array
Surface emitting laser and manufacturing method therefor
Recessed electrical device housing assembly and clip
Electrostatic protection circuit
Switching power supply unit
System for charging displays
Battery-charging device for a stand-alone generator system having a MPPT function and method thereof
Hybrid automotive vehicle with closed-circuit, inductance battery charging
System for generating a regulated tension supplying an electric organ
Brushless motor
Controller of field winding type synchronous motor, electric drive system, electric four wheel driving vehicle, and hybrid automobile
Stepping motor driver
Permanent magnet generator control
Oscillation circuit
Digital ring oscillator
Method, system and apparatus for accurate and stable LC-based reference oscillators
Split delay-line oscillator for secure data transmission
Method and system for RC-CR quadrature generation with wideband coverage and process compensation
CMOS RF power amplifier with LDMOS bias circuit for large supply voltages
Power control device for a signal with optimized input dynamics
Method and a system for generating an adaptive slicer threshold
Apparatuses and a method for controlling antenna systems in a telecommunications system
Semiconductor device with transistors having substantial the same characteristic variations
Latch circuit and electronic device
Signal modulation for switched mode power amplifiers
Reception quality calculation method, reception quality calculation apparatus, and communication apparatus
Split channel receiver with very low second order intermodulation
Sampling device, display device using sampling device, and camera
Capacitive sensing user interfaces and implementation thereof
Decoding method and decoding apparatus
Method and system for reducing contexts for context based compression systems
Variable length decoder, encoder, and variable length decoding method
Mixer controller
Reception apparatus using spread spectrum communication scheme
System and method for providing locally applicable internet content with secure action requests and item condition alerts
Radio communication device and power supplying method for radio communication device
System and method for controlling transmitter output levels in a wireless communications device
Method and communication device for interference cancellation in a cellular TDMA communication system
Receiving systems and methods for audio processing
Radio signal receiver device
Method for automatic frequency range and step selection using region signature for a digital AM/FM tuner
Motion vector searching method using plural search areas
Spread spectrum frequency synthesizer
Optical modulation method and system in wavelength locked FP-LD by injecting broadband light source using mutually injected FP-LD
Optical clock recovery apparatus and method and birefringent medium
Method and system for controlling driving current of WDM-PON optical transmitter
Modulation scheme with increased number of states of polarization
Input signal detection device
OSNR measuring apparatus and OSNR measuring method
Methods and systems for least squares block channel estimation
System for reproducing audio information corresponding to a position within a displayed image
Synchronizing satellite positioning system information to features of short-range, ad hoc wireless network protocols
Method and apparatus for controlling a bias current of a VCO in a phase-locked loop
Multiple-input multiple-output system and method
Code division multiplex signal receiving apparatus and code division multiplex transmitting and receiving system
Code channel management in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for configuring signal lines according to idle codes
Staggering forward and reverse wireless channel allocation timing
Method and apparatus for intertechnology IPv6 address configuration
Pseudo base station apparatus
Ring transmission apparatus and signal processing method
Method and apparatus for downlink resource allocation in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
Robust FFT trigger point tracking for echo channels in OFDM based communication systems
Method for managing a transmission of data streams on a transport channel of a tunnel, corresponding tunnel end-point and computer-readable storage medium
Method and system for output flow control in network multiplexers
Method and system for removing and returning nodes in a synchronous network
Gateway entity for distinguishing between different messages without full knowledge of underlying protocol
Communication network apparatus and method
Intelligent interaction between devices in a local network
Virtual volume transfer apparatus, virtual volume transfer method, and computer product
Method for facilitating application server functionality and access node comprising same
High-availability remote-authentication dial-in user service
Systems and methods for congestion control using random early drop at head of buffer
Method and system for buffer-to-buffer credit recovery in fibre channel systems using virtual and/or pseudo virtual lanes
Terminal-to-terminal communication control system for IP full service
Method and related device for reducing data transition in data transmission interface
Angle-modulated signal threshold extension device and method
Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method and program
Browser security notification
Signal processing method and circuit to convert analog signal to digital signal
System and method for generating and utilizing organically grown content in a directory assistance environment
Compressed data scrambled distribution device and playback device thereof
Echo canceller with correlation using pre-whitened data values received by downlink codec
Sliding mechanism for electronic device
Methods for opportunistic multi-user beamforming in collaborative MIMO-SDMA
Mobile phone
Multi-mode programmable antenna with configuration control and methods for use therewith
Radio telephone
Detecting the presence of multiple communication access technologies
Helmet type hands free system with radio communication function
Wireless communication method and apparatus for performing home Node-B identification and access restriction
Slide module and mobile terminal having the same
Portable terminal
Authentication vector generation device, subscriber identity module, wireless communication system, authentication vector generation method, calculation method, and subscriber authentication method
Mobile communication terminal for providing contents and method thereof
Binder identification
Echo canceler and echo canceling program
Image reading and recording apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus executing color correction based on color domain specified by user and determined relative to image source
Biased motion vector interpolation for reduced video artifacts
Structure of three-dimensional image data, method of recording three-dimensional image data, and method of displaying and reproducing three-dimensional image data
Solid state imaging device and camera system
Solid-state image pickup device including lens unit held by holding section included in same lens unit, and electronic apparatus including same solid-state image pickup device
Automatic image capturing system
Camera module with switching lenses
Solid-state imaging device and signal processing circuit
Multi-mega pixel resolution with small sensor
Motion smoothing in video stabilization
Vibration compensation method for image capture device
Solid-state imaging apparatus, imaging system, and drive method of solid-state imaging apparatus
Image sensor, imaging system, and image sensor control method
Solid state image sensing device
Audiovisual reproduction system
System and method for generating electronic program guides
Television and image display device in which color saturation can be adjusted
Moving image reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method for low angle interpolation
Content storage control apparatus and control method therefor
Method of coding a video signal
Image encoding device that encodes an arbitrary number of moving pictures
Broadcast receiving apparatus
High frequency tuner
System and method for providing video content associated with a source image to a television in a communication network
Security system
Image capturing device with two moveable camera modules
Imaging system and method for error reduction processing
Image capturing system, signal processing circuit, and signal processing method
Recursive range controller
Mounting apparatus for speaker
Speaker device
Compact open baffle speaker system
System and method for engaging in conversation while using an earphone
Behind-the-ear type hearing aid
Passive headphone equalizing
Method and apparatus for identifying transmitters in a wireless communication system using power predictions
Reciever, frequency deviation measuring unit and positioning and ranging system
Method and apparatus for handling uplink transmission rate in a handover region
Reduced time packet transmission in a wireless communications system
Wireless node apparatus, and multihop wireless LAN system
Method and node of controlling the allocation of transmission resources to wireless terminals within a radio access network
Wireless communication apparatus and handover method
System and method for providing prepaid billing for instant messaging users
Mobile communication device and method for deleting short message service messages
Automatic gain control in a personal navigation device
Collaborative mobile ad hoc network infrastructure
Assigning radio channels in a wireless network
Mobile communication system, handover control method, base station, and mobile station
Controlling method and data call handover method for dual band/dual mode mobile communication terminal
Management procedure in wireless communication system and station supporting management procedure
Electrodeless discharge lamp device and lighting fixture using the same
Multi-lamp driving circuit
Writing surface with removable portable electronic device
Chassis and manufacturing method thereof
Movable electrical power distribution assembly
Automotive inverter assembly
Electrical cabinet with two cooling channels
Air cooling of medium voltage drive components
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Rotary air screen for a work machine
Coated nucleus for a cultured pearl
Homologous recombination for universal donor cells and chimeric mammalian hosts
Acid-triggered microcapsules
Pesticide delivery system
Method for removing microbes from surfaces
Compositions containing an antifungal and a cationic agent
Composition, method, and apparatus to attract bees
Method for production on the spot of a disinfectant peracetic acid system
Plant growth factor
Herbicidal mixture containing a 3-heterocyclyl-substituted benzoyl derivative and an adjuvant
Substituted oxadiazines useful as pesticides
Use of benzo[C]quinolizine derivatives as plant growth regulators
Weed growth inhibitory compositions
Insecticidal and miticidal compositions
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Antimicrobial composition comprising Leptospermum scoparium and Melaleuca alternifolia oils
Tubing used for encasing food products and a method for manufacturing the tubing
Process for improving the durability of, and/or stabilizing, microbially perishable products
Process and plant for the treatment of an article with ozonized water
Method and composition for washing poultry during processing
Inhibition of phospholipase D
Produce washing system utilizing multiple energy sources
Method for keeping roast coffee bean freshness
Articles of frozen confectionery containing inclusions, and manufacturing process
Feed additive for monogastric animals
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compostions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Phytase varinats
Process for preparing frozen potato or root vegetable strips
Hydratable granular soup or sauce product
Process for the production of a flavor or a fragrance formulation as well as an electronic data processing software program
Color-altering food product
Beverage for increasing the body's capacity to break down alcohol and method thereof
Compositions comprising a mixture of bioflavonols
Assemblage of nutrient beverages and regimen for enhancing convenience, instruction, and compliance with exercise supplementation
Method and system for carrying out the disinfestation of products by means of the use of gas under atmospheric pressure with pretreatment in vacuo
Easily dispersible granules of soybean protein and methods for preparing the same
Seam structure of rubber sheets
Folding and manufacture of pants
Product and process for tokens
Brush making
Shrimp and tray combination and method of making same
Pop-up artificial christmas tree
Diamond-tiled workpiece for durable surfaces
Surface cleaner and retrieval unit
Edge cleaner for vacuum cleaner
Endoscopic tissue collecting instrument
Tool and appliance for collecting slight amount of humor
Endoscopic treating instrument
Device for taking a biological or cytological smear
Treatment tool support device for endoscope
Tissue connector apparatus with cable release
Helical needle and suture combination having a strain relief element
Embolic coil hydraulic deployment system with purge mechanism
Probe and associated system and method for facilitating planar osteotomy during arthoplasty
Apparatus for locating interlocking intramedullary nails
Methods and instruments for laparoscopic spinal surgery
Device for removal of thrombus through physiological adhesion
Methods and apparatus for treating vascular occlusions
Ultrasonic scalpel
Accurate cutting about and into tissue volumes with electrosurgically deployed electrodes
Medical grafting methods and apparatus
Dermabrasion by a flow of reducing substances and having disposable sterilized components
Clamp device for orthopedic external fixator
Spine distraction implant and method
Sublaminar spinal fixation apparatus
Method and apparatus for rotator cuff repair
Safety cryotherapy catheter
Positioning system and method for orienting an ablation element within a pulmonary vein ostium
Apparatus and method for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair and patch for use therewith
Bipolar surgical instruments having focused electrical fields
Transurethral needle ablation device with aligned handle
Suction stabilized epicardial ablation devices
Cooled-wet electrode
Method and apparatus for laser removal of hair
Method and device for the superficial heating of tissue
Dynamic cooling of tissue for radiation treatment
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic treatment of the skin, including hair depilation
Medical instrument holding apparatus
Method for preparation and transplantation of volute grafts and surgical instrument therefor
Intravascular temperature sensor
Hydrogel biosensor
Luminous glucose monitoring device
Method to measure blood flow and recirculation in hemodialysis shunts
Systems and methods for forming large lesions in body tissue using curvilinear electrode elements
System and method for automated biomechanical analysis and the detection and correction of postural deviations
Posture detecting device and breathing function measuring device
Methods for estimating tissue strain
Single use lancet device
Earpiece assembly for a stethoscope
Method of enhancing ultrasonic techniques via measurement of ultraharmonic signals
Systems and methods for evaluating objects within an ultrasound image
Voice-enhanced diagnostic medical ultrasound system and review station
Method and apparatus for the noninvasive determination of arterial blood pressure
Method and apparatus for power doppler ultrasound image analysis
Forward viewing and radial scanning ultrasonic endoscope
Method for ultrasonic coronary thrombolysis
Penetration limiting stop elements for a drill bit used for bone tissue
Systems for delivering a cosmetic and/or therapeutic active to oral surfaces using an integral carrier
Efficiently manufacturable absorbent disposable articles, such as adult briefs and child diapers, and method of manufacturing plural such articles
Disposable diaper
Absorbent article having a refastenable mechanism
Water-flushable and biodegradable film useful as backsheets for disposable absorbent articles
Wicking instrument for LASIK surgery
Lung elastic recoil restoring or tissue compressing device and method
Heart wall tension reduction apparatus and method
Delivery mechanism for implantable stent
Method of folding transplanting instrument and transplanting instrument
Stent having inner flow channels
Delivery catheter
System for delivering bifurcation stents
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Balloon catheter having high flow tip
Device for anchoring an elongated tensile flexible element for reconstruction of a torn ligament
Prosthetic stem with strengthening rib
Diamond articulation surface for use in a prosthetic joint
Modular glenoid assembly having bearing insert
Prosthetic foot
Post surgical appendage protector
Apparatus for effecting body temperature changes
Method of operating microsurgical instruments
Apparatus and method for treating glaucoma using a gonioscopic laser trabecular ablation procedure
Adapter for ophthalmologic equipment
Method and device for improved corneal sections
Patient compliance monitor
Therapeutic composition including plantain and aloe vera for treatment of arthritis and other afflictions
Formulation comprising thymol useful in the treatment of drug resistant bacterial infections
Edelfosin for the treatment of brain tumors
Taste masking of oral quinolone liquid preparations using ion exchange resins
Magnesium citrate solution
Coated starch capsules and a process for producing them
Methods of treating hypertension
Method of preparing a casein hydrolysate enriched in anti-hypertensive peptides
Method and composition for modulating amyloidosis
Method for treatment of immunodeficiency virus infection
Compositions exhibiting ADP-ribosyltransferase activity and methods for the preparation and use thereof
Methods for treatment of HIV and other infections using A T cell or viral activator and anti-retroviral combination therapy
Costimulatory blockade and mixed chimerism in transplantation
Inhibition of LERK-2-mediated cell adhesion
Method of treating psychological and metabolic disorders using IGF or IGF/IGFBP-3
Whitening compositions containing ascomycete derived enzyme
Stabilized antithrombin III preparation
Compositions and methods for intraductal gene therapy
Propagation of bovine cononavirus in chinese hamster ovary cells
Viral nucleotide sequences
Method for enhancing an immune response
Method compositions for treating the inflammatory response
Imidazoline .alpha.-adrenergic receptor antagonist compounds in combination with nitric oxide donors, compositions and methods of use
Formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Stabilized antihistamine syrup
Method and composition for preserving viruses
Bioadhesive hydrogels with functionalized degradable crosslinks
Formulated nucleic acid compositions and methods of administering the same for gene therapy
Hydrolytically degradable carbamate derivatives of poly(ethylene glycol)
Magnetic nanoparticles for selective therapy
Modified/chimeric superantigens and their use
Method for producing contrast agents largely free of side-effects
Method of administering a therapeutically active substance
Sinterable lithium disilicate glass ceramic
Strip for whitening tooth surfaces
Process for producing hydrotalcites and the metal oxides thereof
Sulfur containing dermatological compositions and methods for reducing malodors in dermatological compositions
Viscous, mild, and effective cleansing compositions
Itch reducing device and method
Combinations of sunscreens
Composition for topical application comprising at least one iminophenol compound
External compositions for skin comprising sphingoglycolipid
Cosmetic composition for adding fullness to the lips and surrounding area
Use of polyanionic and polyanionically-derivatised natural polysaccharides for inhibiting alkaline phosphatase
Detergent cosmetic compositions and uses thereof
Discontinuous films from skin care compositions
Foam and gel oat protein complex and method of use
External preparations for skin whitening
Dosage form comprising means for changing drug delivery shape
Soluble form osmotic dose delivery system
Antigen delivery system
Pulmonary delivery in treating disorders of the central nervous system
Methods for forming regional tissue adherent barriers and drug delivery systems
Delivery of nucleotides by electrochemical release
Drug preparations for treating sexual dysfunction
Carrier particles for drug delivery and process for preparation
Device for the sustained release of aggregation-stabilized, biologically active agent
Dispersible antibody compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Polymer constructs
Oxazolidinone tablet formulation
Dosage forms exhibiting multi-phasic release kinetics and methods of manufacture thereof
Orally administerable immediate-release and prolonged-release galenic form comprising an absorption-promoting agent and use of this absorption-promoting agent
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical formulations
Controlled-release dosage forms comprising zolpidem or a salt thereof
Device and method for regeneration and repair of cartilage lesions
Composition and method for inhibiting uptake of biguanide disinfectants by poly(ethylene)
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for skin adhesion and first-aid adhesive plaster using the same
Superabsorbent polymers having delayed water absorption characteristics
Antimicrobial coatings for medical devices
Endoscope capable of undergoing at least one of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization at high temperature
Bioabsorbable, biocompatible polymers for tissue engineering
Intraluminal lining
Artificial dura mater and process for producing dura mater
Corporal tissue penile reconstruction
Biodegradable polymeric film
Polybifunctional reagent having a polymeric backbone and latent reactive moieties and bioactive groups
Microstructured separation device
Vacuum adjustment valve, particularly for thoracic drainage devices
Dialysis pressure monitoring with clot suppression
Method and apparatus for treatment of congestive heart failure by improving perfusion of the kidney
Controllable intralumen medical device
Method for treating a cardiovascular condition
Method and apparatus for forming a catheter balloon
Blood-brain barrier opening
Air shot mechanism for electronic injection devices
Disposable syringe with single variable volume chamber
Safety syringe with a needle sleeve
Ischemic heart disease detection
Fiber optic multitasking probe
Medical appliances for the treatment of blood vessels by means of ionizing radiation
Medical system comprising a miniaturized X-ray tube
Non focussed method of exciting and controlling acoustic fields in animal body parts
Tooth bleaching compositions
Doorframe mountable exercise system
Apparatus and methods for exercising using a skating motion
Rolling ball hand-shaking exerciser
Telecommunication system for exchanging physiological state information between a physical person and an information system
Golf club head
Golf club with curved shaft
Golf club having adjustable weights and readily removable and replaceable shaft
Multiloop golf net assembly
Artificial climbing structure
Adjustable elbow angle golf swing trainer
Apparatus providing double-poling ski-movement and method for making same
Training device for golfers
Platform for training golf
Height adjustable game machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microwave assisted cleaning and reclamation of industrial wastes
Rectifying column for extractive distillation of close-boiling or azeotropic boiling mixtures
Filter device
Magnetic composites exhibiting distinct flux properties due to gradient interfaces
Welded particle control screen assemblies
Anti-microbial fibrous media
System for separating an entrained immiscible liquid component from a wet gas stream
Melt blown composite HEPA vacuum filter
Apparatus and method for collecting flue gas particulate with high permeability filter bags
Modular powder coating booth
Gas purification system and method
Multistage system for separating gas by adsorption
Life support oxygen concentrator
Purification assemblies and purification methods
Catalysts for lean burn engine exhaust abatement
Hollow fiber membrane made of an ethylene-vinyl alcohol polymer
Process for controlling foam in a treatment reactor
Preparation of emulsions
Dynamic blending gas delivery system and method
Odor control apparatus for facultative lagoon
Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Method of on-line coating film on the inner walls of the reaction tubes in a hydrocarbon pyrolysis reactor
Linear microarrays
Replicable probe array
Catalyst testing process with in situ synthesis
Ruggedized methods and systems for processing hazardous waste
Method for making a stacked reactor and catalyst disk for a stacked reactor
Process for absorbing nitrogen oxides from gas mixtures containing said oxides
Removing fluorine from semiconductor processing exhaust gas
Method for purifying hydrogen-based gas mixture
Carbonaceous chars having reduced catalytic activity
Bromine-impregnated activated carbon and process for preparing the same
Process for preparing a catalyst
Process for preparing a catalyst
Method for producing an oxide catalyst for use in producing acrylonitrile or methacrylonitrile from propane or isobutane
Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst and process of using thereof
Process of preparing a fluid rare earth alkoxylation catalyst
Catalyst composition and a process of using thereof
EUO zeolite comprising crystals and aggregates of crystals with specific granulometrys and its use as a catalyst in the isomerisation of C8 aromatic compounds
Process for the synthesis of silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method of producing same
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Catalyst system using flow-through radiation shielding
Method for exchange of catalysts
Polynucleotide chip probe and polynucleotide detection method
Controlled fluid transport in microfabricated polymeric substrates
Micro plate with transparent base
Multiple analyte assay device with sample integrity monitoring system
Well(s) containing filtration devices
System for automatically testing a fluid specimen
Kits for amplifying and detecting nucleic acid sequences
Pipette-tip storage device
PCR sample handling device
Apparatus for receiving an object, arrangement for transporting and for receiving and object and method for their operation
Separating, detecting or quantifying biological materials using magnetic cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol particles
Method and apparatus for magnetic separation of particles
Method and apparatus for magnetic separation of particles
High efficiency active electrostatic air filter and method of manufacture
Method for separating a liquid-solid slurry
Centrifugal separation method for separating fluid components
Linear nozzle with tailored gas plumes
Coating apparatus
Variable volume positive displacement dispensing system and method
Method of forming multilayered topcoat film
Method for reducing crazing in a plastics material
Siloxan polymer film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming same
Cleaning method using an oxidizing agent, chelating agent and fluorine compound
Label removal system and method thereof
Activated feedstock
Activated feedstock
Method of fabricating soldering balls for semiconductor encapsulation
Iron-based sintered powder metal body, manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing method of iron-based sintered component with high strength and high density
Thread rolling tap
Method for producing a fuel cell separator
Cutting metal alloy for shaping by electrical discharge machining methods
Rotating tool pot chain
Machine tool
Wafer polishing slurry and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) method using the same
Process for the double-side polishing of semiconductor wafers and carrier for carrying out the process
In-situ end point detection for semiconductor wafer polishing
Rule to determine CMP polish time
Foam semiconductor polishing belts and pads
Test structure for providing depth of polish feedback
Surface treating articles and method of making same
Methods for producing granular molding materials for abrasive articles
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of thin film laminated article
Dry process for manufacturing hybridized boron fiber/carbon fiber thermoplastic composite materials from a solution coated precursor
Apparatus and method for clamping and releasing contact lens molds
Method of manufacturing a molded plastic article and a glass molding plastics
Method for manufacturing a ball joint
Stamper protecting layer for optical disk molding apparatus, optical disk molding apparatus and optical disk molding method using the stamper protecting layer
Apparatus and method for purging injection molding system
Method and apparatus for adjusting zero point of a pressure sensor of an injection apparatus
Method and apparatus for removing optical fiber
Method for producing plastic containers having high crystallinity bases
Double-mold blow-molding system and method of use
Device for tempering preforms and tempering method
Method and apparatus for applying adhesive film to an article
Mechanically locking Z-pins
Manufacturing apparatus and method for optical recording medium
Ceramic membrane structure and oxygen separation method
Microwave and plasma-assisted modification of composite fiber surface topography
Pulse extraction of ocular medical devices
Radial tire manufacturing method
Vulcanizing method of pneumatic bias tire
Embossed oriented polymer films
Cushioning material for forming press
Method and apparatus for producing tubular hollow items
Au-based clad composite material, producing method thereof and micromotor using the same
Matchable low-E I G units and laminates and methods of making same
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Thin perfluoropolymer component coatings
Sound and thermal insulating non-woven synthetic sheet material
Thermally stable aluminum hydroxide
Dienophile additives to polyvinylidene chloride copolymers
High impact strength film containing single site catalyzed copolymer
Polyolefin films based on blends of polypropylene and olefin heteropolymers
Fluorescent polymeric articles having screening layer formed from U.V. light absorbing polymer
Anisotropic melt-forming polymers having a high degree of stretchability
Nanostructure-based high energy capacity material
Hot lamination process for the manufacture of a combination contact/contactless smart card
Foam core imaging member with glossy surface
Multilayer backing material for 2-D ultrasonic imaging arrays
Hot stamping foil
Positive type image forming material
Dual layer self-contained paper incorporating hollow spherical plastic pigment
Color inkjet receptive films having long term light stability
Ink jet recording sheet and method
Ink jet recording element
Balanced architecture for adhesive image media
Inkjet receptor medium having a multi-staged ink migration inhibitor and method of making and using same
Polyethyleneimine primer for imaging materials
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Wear-resisting, ink-repellent coating process for printing-press components
Set for lamination of a print carrier with a protective element
Patterned coated articles and methods for producing the same
Decorative sheet
Method of developing tread pattern
Migration inhibiting layer for a weatherstrip
Anti-biofouling system
Labeling method employing radiation curable adhesive
Thermal and moisture resistant insulative sheet
High speed fabric folder
Folding jaws cylinder
Method of manufacturing acceleration sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cathode materials for secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries
Li-based hydrogen storage composition
Method and system for humidification of a fuel
Carbide and oxycarbide based compositions, rigid porous structures including the same, methods of making and using the same
Method of purifying lithium hexafluorosphate
Process for the production of sodium carbonate anhydrate
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery including positive and negative electrodes
Water treatment apparatus
Portable water purifier with ultraviolet light source
Method of drinking water disinfection
Method of dewatering slurries using leaf filters (filter presses)
Point-of use water treatment system
Glass-ceramic composition for recording disk substrate
Transparent beads and their production method
Glass fibre coating composition, method using said composition and resulting product
Thick dielectric composition for solid state display
Integrated marking materials
Thermal sensors prepared from nanostructureed powders
Electronically tunable ceramic materials including tunable dielectric and metal silicate phases
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric element
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric element containing the same
Sol-gel process using porous mold
Anisotropically shaped SrTiO3 single crystal particles
Ceramic slip composition and method for making the same
Friction engaging device
Stabilized setting and hardening accelerator of low viscosity
Carbon-carbon fiber composite materials
Sanitary earthen products
Cementitious mixture
Chloro-, hydroxy- and alkoxysilane derivatives of polysaccharides or oligosaccharides, polymerizable and cross-linkable, their synthesis and their use as sources of novel support materials
Nucleic acid detection using degradation of a tagged sequence
Fluorene-containing polymers and compounds useful in the preparation thereof
Primary alkanolamides
Fuel additive and fuel composition
TN and STN liquid crystal displays
Method for producing highly pure monoethylene glycol
Bisphenol-phosphorous compound complex and thermally processed image recording material utilizing the same
Kit for conducting an assay to detect a substance using enzymatically-induced decomposition of dioxetanes
Hydroxydecenoic acid compounds for promoting desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or combating skin aging
Polymerizable mesogenic tolanes
Process for preparing baccatin
Electro-optic chromophore bridge compounds and donor-bridge compounds for polymeric thin film waveguides
Optical molecular sensors for cytochrome P450 activity
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions containing it
Light emitting device material, light emitting device using thereof, and amine compound
Method of detecting surface contamination by an analyte
Azalide antibiotic compositions
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Macrolide antibiotics and treatment and prophylaxis of pasteurellosis using the same
Expression vectors for producing modified proteins
Copolymer 1 related polypeptides for use as molecular weight markers and for therapeutic use
Nodavirus-like DNA expression vector and uses thereof
Immunoreactive antigens of Hepatitis E Virus
Recombinant vaccine against dengue virus
Methods for the preparation of hepatitis C virus multiple copy epitope fusion antigens
DNA sequence encoding enzymes of clavulanic acid biosynthesis
Essential fungal genes and their use
Jointless gene of tomato
Methods for the detection of encysted parasites
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of use thereof
cDNA clone for tumor rejection antigen gp110 and tumor peptide vaccine
STAT function-regulatory protein
Agouti polynucleotide compositions and methods of use
Recombinant interferon-beta muteins
Process for preparation of cytokines using Sendai virus expression system
Atrial natriuretic factor mutants and ischemic stroke
Antiviral methods using human rhinovirus receptor (ICAM-1)
Hedgehog interacting proteins and uses related thereto
Transcriptionally regulated G protein-coupled receptor G2A
Methods and compositions for stimulating T-lymphocytes
Antimicrobial theta defensins and methods of using same
Long lasting synthetic glucagon like peptide {GLP-!}
Secretion of hirudin derivatives
Probe for the early detection of displasias in multilayer tesselated epithelium and for the diagnosis and therapy of carcinomas
Methods of using BCL-2 for the therapeutic treatment and prevention of diseases
Methods of detecting BRCA1 mutations
Methods for detection of prion protein as an indication of transmissible spongiform encephalophathies
Oncoprotein protein kinase
Method of using cyclic peptides to inhibit binding to urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor
Peptides of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2), antibodies against peptides of HIV-2, and methods and kits for detecting HIV-2
Chemical synthesis of water-soluble, chiral conducting-polymer complexes
Silicone containing laminate adhesive
Polyurethane films prepared by electrodeposition from polyurethane dispersions
Process for making an abrasion resistant coating onto an organic glass substrate
Electrolytic membrane, method of manufacturing it and use
Electromagnetic wave absorbing, heat conductive silicone rubber compositions
Coating compositions containing methyl/ethyl esters and methods of using same
Coating compositions containing methyl/ethyl esters and methods of using same
Molecular tags for organic solvent systems
Mono-azo dyes and inks for ink-jet printing
Metal phthalocyanine crystal particles, production method thereof, and electrophotographic photoreceptor as well as electrophotographic process using the same
Preparation and use of high brightness kaolin pigments
Ink composition containing copper complex colorant
Marking ink composition and display medium using the same
Composition for metal surface treatment and surface treated metallic material
Aqueous resin composition and coated metal material having cured coating of the same
Method for planarizing dielectric layer of flash memory
Connecting material
Method for manufacturing conductive adhesive for high frequency flip chip package applications
Use of fluorinated compounds to confer release properties
Tape strip pads and dispenser and method of dispensing individual tape strips
Luminescent fiber, production thereof and use thereof
Liquid-crystalline medium
Process for making sulfonated uintaite and well fluid additives including sulfonated uintaite
Synthetic base fluid for enhancing the results of crude oil characterization analyses
Hydrocracking of vacuum gas and other oils using a cocurrent/countercurrent reaction system and a post-treatment reactive distillation system
Heating furnace tube and method of manufacturing the same
Method for operation of a catalytic reactor
Fuel additive and method therefor
Detergents for use in preventing formation of iron complexes in hydrocarbon fuels
Log system
Hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising fluorosurfactants
Fabric softening compositions
Clear cleansing bar compositions that are efficient and are not irritating to the eyes
Bleach containing compositions for stain removal and methods of heat activation of the bleach
Process for forming an agglomerated particle
Production of anionic surfactant granules by in situ neutralisation
Composition for use in a water reservoir
Wrinkle resistant composition
Liquid composition, method of cleaning ink-jet recording head, ink-jet recording apparatus, cartridge, and method of regenerating ink-jet recording head
Cleaning agent
Gel purge formulations and methods of cleaning extruders by using the same
Treatments for improved beer flavor stability
Air sampler for pathogens and psychrometrics
Strain of streptomyces for the preparation of an alkaline protease inhibitor
Method and apparatus for selectively targeting specific cells within a cell population
Human myoblast cell lines and their uses
Immortalized human keratinocyte cell line
Method for cloning and expression of AsiSI restriction endonuclease and AsiSI methylase in E. coli
KinI-3 motor protein and methods for its use
Tryptase-like polypeptide ztryp1
Polyester synthase and a gene coding for the same
D-aminoacylases, method for producing the same, and method for producing D-amino acids using the same
Esterase gene and its use
Process for the biological production of 1,3-propanediol with high titer
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
Aspergillus fumigatus acetyl coenzyme-A carboxylase genes and polypeptides and uses thereof
Method of measuring substance in sample using a redox reaction
Methods for identifying compounds that alter kinase activity
SCA7 gene and methods of use
Method for analyzing phyletic lineage of scallop
Methods for detection of Crytosporidium species and isolates and for diagnosis of Cryptosporidium infections
Multiplex polynucleotide capture methods and compositions
Method for detecting multiple copies of a repeat sequence in a nucleic acid molecule
Linear amplification mediated PCR (LAM PCR)
DNA methyltransferase genotyping
Method for separating and characterizing functions potentially present in a biological sample containing nucleic acids
Staphylococcus aureus histidine protein kinase essential genes
Precision fluorescently dyed particles and methods of making and using same
Process for detecting the malignant transformation of human cells
High throughput screening by measurement of intracellular calcium levels
Steelmaking slag conditioner and method
Process for injection of a gas with the aid of a nozzle
Heating apparatus of a workpiece of distorted shape, and a quenching apparatus for simultaneous operation of multiple cams and a quenching method for the same
Process for separation and removal of iron ions from basic zinc solution
Extraction of impurities from structures containing mercury, cadmium, zinc, or tellurium, and impurities
Dropping mercury electrode with mercury purification and recycling by means of contact with oxygenated water
Method for manufacturing a tube and a sheet of niobium-containing zirconium alloy for a high burn-up nuclear fuel
Heat resistant steel
Article with hafnium-silicon-modified platinum-aluminum bond or environmental coating
In situ wafer heat for reduced backside contamination
Method of processing a workpiece
Phase shift mask and method of manufacture
Capacitor containing amorphous and polycrystalline ferroelectric films and fabrication method therefor, and method for forming amorphous ferroelectric film
Method of forming a gate electrode in a semiconductor device
Stress control of thin films by mechanical deformation of wafer substrate
Method for reforming base surface, method for manufacturing semiconductor device and equipment for manufacturing the same
Tunable vapor deposited materials as antireflective coatings, hardmasks and as combined antireflective coating/hardmasks and methods of fabrication thereof and applications thereof
Substrate processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for plasma treatment
Method for use in manufacturing a semiconductor device
Thermal control apparatus for inductively coupled RF plasma reactor having an overhead solenoidal antenna
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition apparatus and gap filling method using the same
Surface treatment method for a contact portion of a diaphragm spring
Chemically enhanced focused ion beam micro-machining of copper
Process for removing rust from metal surfaces
Clean process of recovering metals from waste lithium ion batteries
Method for producing a lubricious amorphous carbon film
Electroplating apparatus with conducting nets for distributing evenly anode current
Conducting roller for an electroplating apparatus
Adjustable flange for plating and electropolishing thickness profile control
Laser annealing apparatus
High-quality silicon single crystal and method of producing the same
Method of growing piezoelectric lanthanide gallium crystals
Method of growing large-diameter dislocation-free<110> crystalline ingots
Method and apparatus for producing silicon carbide single crystal
Method for elimination of contaminants prior to epitaxy
Textiles; Paper
Molded bodies made from compositions having low degree of polymerization values
Method for manufacturing improved regenerated cellulose fiber
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Machine sewing thread
Dry cleaning system and process for producing softer fabrics
Fluorinated triazine monomers
Soft absorbent tissue containing derivitized amino-functional polysiloxanes
Fabric coating containing energy absorbing phase change material and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for continuous mechanical thickening of slurry
Treatment of chemical pulp
Procedure for arranging water circulations in integrated paper mill
Press section with alternatives press shoes of different length
Process for producing bulky paper
Papermaking felt
Method for and devices used in covering a roll core with a resin infused fiber reinforced adhesive under layer and a polymeric top layer, the method including the use of an improved mold tape
Method for increasing filler retention of cellulosic fiber sheets
Fixed Constructions
Method for the production of a sandwich panel and core material therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Canister module
Air filtering device with rotatable rings and filtration media
Low vibration shielded bellows shaft coupling
Flexible shaft coupling for vehicles
Method and apparatus for inserting and propelling a coating device into and through live gas pipeline
Dehumidification using desiccants and multiple effect evaporators
Lubricant coat forming apparatus
Time-temperature indicator devices
Dry etching endpoint detection system
Tagging materials for polymers, methods, and articles made thereby
Surface enhanced spectroscopy-active composite nanoparticles
Sensor and method for detecting an air borne or exogenously introduced analyte
Sensor for application in molten metals
Gas sensor
System for improving the maximum operating temperature and lifetime of chromatographic columns
Acid test kit and method of use
Hematology blood control and method for preparation of same
Method for immunobead flow cytometric detection of anti-HLA panel reactive antibody
Semiconductor nanoparticles for analysis of blood cell populations and methods of making same
Detection of the end-position sialic acid groups of the human transferrin molecule
Detection of cancer using antibodies to the alphafeto protein receptor
Modified erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Quality control mechanism and process for a biofluid multi-ejector system
Large area silicon carbide devices and manufacturing methods therefor
Simultaneous fundamental and harmonic ultrasonic imaging
Medical digital ultrasonic imaging apparatus capable of storing and reusing radio-frequency (RF) ultrasound pulse echoes
Method of forming an optical element
Method for designing and manufacturing a micromechanical device
Maintaining the state of a MEMS device in the event of a power failure
Graphic base construction, retroreflective graphic article made therefrom and method of making
Method of manufacturing a diffraction grating
Pigment dispersion composition for color filter, production method thereof, and color filter for display
Solar control film
Ion conductive material
Method of making a color filter
Formation of light-reflecting bar code on end disc of photographic film spool
Speed addendum for photographic emulsions
High bromide tabular grain emulsions precipitated in a novel dispersing medium
Photographic element with improved sensitivity and improved keeping
Photothermographic materials containing solubilized antifoggants
Photothermographic material
Thermally developable infrared sensitive imaging materials containing heat-bleachable antihalation composition
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Imaging materials containing peptoid substituted azole couplers
Method and apparatus for applying a solution to photosensitive material
Method to produce equal sized features in microlithography
Method using sub-micron silicide structures formed by direct-write electron beam lithography for fabricating masks for extreme ultra-violet and deep ultra-violet lithography
Process for forming a colored image having a dominant attribute
Pigment-dispersion photo-sensitive coating solution
Radiation sensitive compositions containing image quality and profile enhancement additives
Photosensitive composition for lithographic printing plate and photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Photosensitive polymer composition, method for forming relief patterns, and electronic parts
Additives for improving post exposure delay stability of photoresist
Bottom resist
Overlay target exposure device utilizing pitch determination to minimize impact of lens aberrations
Photomask, resist pattern formation method, method of determining alignment accuracy and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for forming micropattern of resist
Dry development process for a bi-layer resist system
Electrostatically and/or magnetically attractable toner powder
Organic EL panel and method for forming the same
Two-component developer and image forming method
Processing apparatus and managing method of operational condition parameter thereof
Method and apparatus for processing echocardiogram video images
Duplex CD label laminate
Optical information recording medium
Method of making loadless four-transistor memory cell with different gate insulation thicknesses for N-channel drive transistors and P-channel access transistors
High density and fast persistent spectral holeburning in II-VI compounds for optical data storage
Method for forming single electron resistor memory
Semiconductive jacket for cable and cable jacketed therewith
Stretching of magnetic materials to increase pass-through-flux (PTF)
Metallized film capacitor for use in implantable defibrillator
Quartz glass member for use in dry etching and dry etching system equipped with the same
Method to eliminate coil sputtering in an ICP source
Getter materials capable of being activated at low applied temperatures
Method for production of electron source substrate provided with electron emitting element and method for production of electronic device using the substrate
Simplified etching technique for producing multiple undercut profiles
Method and device for providing a layer of coating material on the inner side of a display window for a color display tube
Film forming unit
Ion processing element with composite media
Solution processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for recovery of semiconductor wafers from a chemical tank
Method for handling a plurality of circuit chips
Apparatus for and method of processing an object to be processed
Dry etching gas
Method of forming smaller contact size using a spacer hard mask
Method for improving uniformity and reducing etch rate variation of etching polysilicon
Underfill applications using film technology
Method for fabricating polysilicon capacitor
Structure and manufacturing method of semiconductor device having uneven surface at memory cell capacitor part
Process for making an amorphous silicon thin film semiconductor device
Method of enhanced oxidation of MOS transistor gate corners
Method and apparatus for dry/catalytic-wet steam oxidation of silicon
Method for manufacturing gate structure for use in semiconductor device
Method and system for reducing thinning of field isolation structures in a flash memory device
Technique for reducing 1/f noise in MOSFETs
Transistor having a high K dielectric and short gate length and method therefor
Method of fabricating a highly reliable gate oxide
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Low resistance gate flash memory
Chemical method for producing smooth surfaces on silicon wafers
Method and apparatus for slurry distribution profile control in chemical-mechanical planarization
Manufacturing a semiconductor wafer according to the process time by process tool
Method for wafer processing
Pre-metal dielectric rapid thermal processing for sub-micron technology
Method of creating narrow trench lines using hard mask
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of using controlled resist footing on silicon nitride substrate for smaller spacing of integrated circuit device features
Interface with dielectric layer and method of making
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Gate etch process with extended CD trim capability
Method for manufacturing thin-film transistor
Method of salicide formation with a double gate silicide
Method of reducing interlayer dielectric thickness variation feeding into a planarization process
Method for measuring effective gate channel length during C-V method
Instrument and method for measuring contamination of wafer surface
Packaged stacked semiconductor die and method of preparing same
Method for mounting a thin semiconductor device
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory without a separate cell plate line and method of manufacturing the same
Method for non mass selected ion implant profile control
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Damascene structure fabricated using a layer of silicon-based photoresist material
Method for fabricating a dual metal gate for a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method to reduce process induced stress and crystalline defects
Method for memory masking for periphery salicidation of active regions
Method of forming shallow trench
Methods of producing strained microelectronic and/or optical integrated and discrete devices
Fabrication method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of inhibiting lateral diffusion between adjacent wells by introducing carbon or fluorine ions into bottom of STI groove
Method of fabricating a self-aligned shallow trench isolation
Trench sidewall profile for device isolation
Hybrid porous low-K dielectrics for integrated circuits
Integration of organic fill for dual damascene process
Semiconductor device manufacturing method having a porous insulating film
Method for forming an interconnection in a semiconductor element
Method for forming multi-layered interconnect structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Sidewall treatment for low dielectric constant (low K) materials by ion implantation
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a multilayered interconnection structure
Method of creating a smaller contact using hard mask
Method for manufacturing contacts for a Chalcogenide memory device
Buried channel PMOS transistor in dual gate CMOS with reduced masking steps
Method of producing semiconductor integrated circuit device having a plug
Method for fabricating semiconductor device applied system on chip
Method of manufacturing high voltage transistor with modified field implant mask
ESD implantation method in deep-submicron CMOS technology for high-voltage-tolerant applications with light-doping concentrations
Interconnect line formed by dual damascene using dielectric layers having dissimilar etching characteristics
Semiconductor device and a manufacturing process therefor
High capacity stacked DRAM device and process for making a smaller geometry
Nitride read only memory cell
Method of providing a frontside contact to a substrate of SOI device
Semiconductor device with a pair of transistors having dual work function gate electrodes
Method for substrate noise distribution
Micro heating of selective regions
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a low leakage current
Component and method for manufacture
Stackable flex circuit IC package and method of making same
Stereolithographic methods for fabricating hermetic semiconductor device packages and semiconductor devices including stereolithographically fabricated hermetic packages
Redistributed bond pads in stacked integrated circuit die package
Thermal management device and method of making such a device
Method for making a semiconductor device
Mechanically-stabilized area-array device package
Aggregate dielectric layer to reduce nitride consumption
Built-in inspection template for a printed circuit
Method of fabrication of multilayer semiconductor wiring structure with reduced alignment mark area
Method for determining a layout for a flip-chip transition interface structure
Opto-electric mounting apparatus
CMOS image sensor n-type pin-diode structure
Method of making a III-nitride light-emitting device with increased light generating capability
SOI field effect transistors with body contacts formed by selective etch and fill
Thin-film transistor and fabrication method thereof
Method of manufacturing thin-film transistor
Method of fabricating abrupt source/drain junctions
Method for fabricating thermoelectric coolers and semiconductor devices formed therefrom
Synthesis of superconducting magnesium diboride objects
Method of fabrication of step edge
Gunn diode, NRD guide Gunn oscillator, fabricating method of Gunn diode and structure for assembly of the same
Method of making energy storage device having electrodes coated with insulating microprotrusions
Battery separator containing efficiency improving additives
Negative plate element for a lead acid battery containing efficiency improving additives
Alkaline cell with cathode surface protector
Procedure for shutting down a fuel cell system having an anode exhaust recycle loop
Ultra-smooth dielectric members for liquid electrolyte fuel cells
Laser-induced bandgap shifting for photonic device integration
Smart modular receptacle and system
Manufacturing method of wiring board, and conductive paste used therein
Solder ball contact and method
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