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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods for reducing levels of pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory stimulators or mediators in the blood
Fungicidal use
Herbicidal mixtures containing picolinafen
Method to use a synergistic composition
Compositions and methods for elimination of unwanted cells
Bendable portion control mechanism of an endoscope
Autofluorescence imaging system for endoscopy
Biopsy device with sliding cutter cover
Medical cutting and/or holding instrument
Device, system and method for interstitial transvascular intervention
Closure plug for open headed medical implant
Orthopaedic bone plate
Bi-directional fixating transvertebral body screws, zero-profile horizontal intervertebral miniplates, total intervertebral body fusion devices, and posterior motion-calibrating interarticulating joint stapling device for spinal fusion
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Method and apparatus for control of ablation energy and electrogram acquisition through multiple common electrodes in an electrophysiology catheter
Atraumatic sensor lead assemblies
High resolution intravascular ultrasound transducer assembly having a flexible substrate
Magnetically-driven biodegradable gene delivery nanoparticles formulated with surface-attached polycationic complex
Bioabsorbable polymeric medical device
Vascular prosthesis and methods of use
Implanting a stent valve prosthesis at the native aortic valve
Aortic valve prosthesis having natural tissue and an internal cover
Method and apparatus for arthroscopic bone preparation
Orthotic device having coupling segments
Inhibition of platelet activation, aggregation and/or adhesion by hypothermia
Therapy patch
Method of lowering blood glucose and method of treating diabetes and obesity
3-3-di-substituted-oxindoles as inhibitors of translation initiation
Epothilones C, D, E, and F, preparation and compositions
Substituted pyrazolopyridines and salts thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, methods of preparing same and uses of same
Compounds and compositions as LXR modulators
Tartrate salts of quinazoline based EGFR inhibitors containing a zinc binding moiety
Method of relieving symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Chelated 8-hydroxyquinoline and use thereof in a method of treating epithelial lesions
18-Methyl-19-norandrost-4-ene 17, 17-spiro ether (18-methyl-19-nor-20-spirox-4-en-3-one), and pharmaceutical products comprising the same
Use of bisphosphonates for the treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta
Methods and compositions for the reduction of neutrophil influx and for the treatment of bronchpulmonary dysplasia, respiratory distress syndrome, chronic lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Dipeptide-comprising composition for oral administration
Melanoma associated peptide analogues and vaccines against melanoma
Immunotherapy of epithelial tumors using intralesional injection of antigens that induce a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction
Methods of stimulating ErbB4 receptor phosphorylation
Humanized antibodies that recognize Verotoxin II and cell line producing same
Modified mite allergen and pharmaceutical uses thereof
Methods of treating rheumatoid arthritis with an anti-TNF-alpha antibodies and methotrexate
Calcium peroxyphosphates and use thereof in dental compositions
Styling wax composition
Microparticle compositions and methods for the manufacture thereof
Manufacture of strong, lightweight carrier granules
Apparatus, system, and method for creating an individually balanceable environment of sound and light
Mini eye drop tip
Punctal anchor for lacrimal stent, introducer tool and method
Multi-size convertible catheter
Gripping edge for a syringe with improved protection against bursting
Method for prevention or treatment of periodontal diseases and composition for an oral cavity
Perfuming ingredients capable of imparting woody odors
Cosmetic composition comprising a block copolymer
Machine and method for head, neck and, shoulder stretching
Recumbent exerciser
Exercise system with graphical feedback and method of gauging fitness progress
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-structure internal heat exchange type distillation tower
Method of manufacturing porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, filter medium, and filter unit
Substrates for nitric oxide releasing devices
Porous titanium dioxide coatings and methods of forming porous titanium dioxide coatings having improved photocatalytic activity
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
Ion exchange process
Metal coatings for reduced friction in composites
Method for treating wood surfaces
Preservative compositions for materials and method of preserving same
Feeding straw holders for dishwasher
Cleaning sheet and method of cleaning substrate processing equipment
Methods of using halogen-containing organic compounds to remove deposits from internal surfaces of turbine engine components
Connection structure with a workpiece and an object
Modulated composite surfaces
Method of manufacture of a nut and tail assembly
System and method for treatment of wooden materials
Threaded core, injection molded apparatus method for making lens barrel
Apparatus and method for molding polymer parts by displacement injection molding
Preforming thermoplastic ducts
Paper laminates manufactured using foamed adhesive systems
Method for producing surface convexes and concaves
Method for bifolding an article and article made thereby
Ballistic safety device
(Dope-dyed) polyester core-sheath monofilament having specific core/sheath intrinsic viscosity
Ultrasonic welding member for smoothing flexible belt seams and method for using
Electrically conducting-inorganic substance-containing silicon carbide-based fine particles, electromagnetic wave absorbing material and electromagnetic wave absorber
Optical element having optical adhesive layer and polarizer
Heat-sensitive recording body
Method and device for modulating light
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Bioconjugated nanostructures, methods of fabrication thereof, and methods of use thereof
Method for producing carbon nanotubes using a DC non-transferred thermal plasma torch
Systems and processes for producing hydrogen and carbon dioxide
Process for the removal of COS and H.sub.2S from a synthesis gas stream comprising H.sub.2S and COS
Method for removing boron
Sealant epoxy-resin molding material, and electronic component device
Optical glass
Geopolymer composition and application for carbon dioxide storage
Processes using a supported catalyst
Compositions of allosteric hemoglobin modifiers and methods of making the same
Ultraviolet light absorbing ketones of 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl) benzotriazole
Gas generant compositions
Malononitrile compound as pesticides
Oxathiin carboxamides
Cyclopropanecarboxylate esters of acyclovir
Pyrazolo-pyridinone compounds and methods of use thereof
Process for preparing alkyl(methoxymethyl)trimethylsilanylmethylamines
RNA interference induction element and use thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment of prostate and other cancers
Classification and diagnosis of the molecular basis of cholestasis
Methods and compositions for regulating gene expression in plant cells
Rapid isolation of osteoinductive protein mixtures from mammalian bone tissue
Process for removing ruthenium-containing catalyst residues from optionally hydrogenated nitrile rubber
Continuous process for the preparation of a reactive polymer
Method for producing fluorine-containing (meth)acrylate polymer and polymer produced by such method
Aliphatic polyester resin composition containing copolymer
Polymer electrolyte with aromatic sulfone crosslinking
Polymer concentrates with improved processability
Polymer electrolytic membrane, and fuel cell employing the same
Stabilized halogen-containing resin composition
Modified polymer with partitioning agent
Ink-jet inks for neutral gray and black printing
Ink set for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Pigment aqueous-medium dispersion and coating material
Highly saturated red-emitting Mn(IV) activated phosphors and method of fabricating the same
Fuel additive
Cell-cultivation microchamber
Microchip and analysis method using the same
Method for increasing the survival of bacterial strains of the Rhizobium genus
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Recombinant expression cassettes with a fungal 3' termination sequence that function in plants
Tissue engineering in vivo with vascularized scaffolds
Human fetal bladder-derived epithelial cells
Polynucleotide encoding an anti-FGF19 antibody
Nucleic acid molecules encoding alanine 2,3-aminomutases
Microginin producing proteins and nucleic acids encoding a microginin gene cluster as well as methods for creating novel microginins
Method of producing L-lysine
Cell comprising an intein for the production of a cyclic peptide
Neutralizing human anti-IGFR antibody
Method for preparing transformants expressing benzaldehyde dehydrogenase and preparation of 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid using the transformants
Hepatitis B viral variants with reduced susceptibility to nucleoside analogs and uses thereof
Method for identifying agents which modulate cell growth or survival
Composition for polymerizing immobilization of biological molecules and method for producing said composition
Nucleic acid marker ladder for estimating mass
Microarrays having multiple oligonucleotides in single array features
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
Inhibition of HIV-1 virion production by a transdominant mutant of integrase interactor 1 (INI1)/hSNF5
Method and apparatus for increasing uniformity in ion mill process
Processing apparatus with a chamber having therein a high-corrosion-resistant sprayed film
Organic compound hydrogenation apparatus and method for hydrogenating organic compound
Non-carbon anodes
Processing a printed wiring board by single bath electrodeposition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power train of automatic transmission
Hybrid powertrain with an engine input clutch and method of control
Hydraulic control system of eight-speed automatic transmission for a vehicle
Multi-speed split dual clutch transmission
Drive assembly with intermediate shaft and coupling unit
Apparatus and method for measuring concentrations of fuel mixtures using depth-resolved laser-induced fluorescence
Method of manufacturing an analytical sample and method of analyzing an analytical sample
Methods for detecting the presence of mutant mammalian presenilin protein
Enhancing endotoxin detection
Methods of analysis and labeling of protein-protein interactions
Transparent film and method for manufacturing the same, polarized plate and image display device
Photosensitive resin composition for optical waveguide formation, optical waveguide and method for producing optical waveguide
Method and system for providing a structure in a microelectronic device using a chromeless alternating phase shift mask
Pattern forming method and phase shift mask manufacturing method
Imaging element having a photoluminescent tag and process of using the imaging element to form a recording element
Glass substrate having circuit pattern and process for producing the same
Resist pattern forming method, thin-film pattern forming method, and microdevice manufacturing method
Method of producing pattern-formed structure and photomask used in the same
Substrate developing method, substrate processing method and developing solution supply nozzle
Systems and methods for determination of focus and telecentricity, amelioration of metrology induced effects and application to determination of precision bossung curves
Hole blocking layer containing photoconductors
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and process cartridge
Developing agent
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for producing the same, developer for developing electrostatic image, and image forming method
Hologram recording material, hologram recording medium and hologram recording method
Magnetic disk for hard disk drives
Method for a partially etched capacitor layer including a connection member
Method and apparatus for a two-step resist soft bake to prevent ILD outgassing during semiconductor processing
Doped plug for CCD gaps
Integrated emitter formation and passivation
Textured rear electrode structure for use in photovoltaic device such as CIGS/CIS solar cell
Method of manufacturing transistor and method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display using the same
Controlled process and resulting device
Semiconductor layer structure and method of making the same
Multiple millisecond anneals for semiconductor device fabrication
Plasma surface treatment for SI and metal nanocrystal nucleation
Method of synthesizing nanoscale filamentary structures, and electronic components comprising such structures
Film forming method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, semiconductor device, program and recording medium
Interconnect structure and method for Cu/ultra low k integration
Method for coating two elements hybridized by means of a soldering material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Structure for a trench capacitor
Eutectic flow containment in a semiconductor fabrication process
Light-emitting diode of polymer nanocomposite with quantum dots
Power supply and control method therefor
Rechargeable battery
Onium salt, electrolyte for non-aqueous cell containing the novel onium salt for nonaqueous cell, and method for optimizing negative electrode using elecrolyte containing onium salt
Positive electrode plate for alkaline storage battery and method for producing the same
Crosslinkable composition for a battery electrolyte
Battery pack
Ion conductor
Heat and water management device and method in fuel cells
Module-type fuel cell system
Fuel cell system, fuel cell power generation apparatus and method therefor
Fuel cell system and method of stopping operation of the fuel cell system
Membrane electrode assembly with controlled water management/ion flow
Pump having noise-proof and vibration-proof structure and fuel cell system using the same
Reformer and fuel cell system having the same
System and method to operate a fuel cell in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine
Electrolyte membrane, production method thereof, and fuel cell
Expired Patents Due To Time
Organic electroluminescent display device capable of preventing color mixing
Current mode PWM technique for a brushless motor
Battery power source supply with coolant flow
Plants with modified stamen cells
Tone generation device and tone generation method, and distribution medium therefor
Limiting electrical degradation of all-dielectric self supporting cables
Switch device
Thermoelectric heated food service cart
Method for the disinfection of medical waste in a continuous manner
Human MutT2
Polymerisable monomers and polymers
Fungicidal 2-imidazolin-5-ones and 2-imidazoline-5-thiones
Processes for the preparation of threo-1,2-epoxy-3-amino-4-phenylbutane derivatives
Process for the preparation of 2,2-dimethyl-5-(4-chlorobenzyl) cyclopentanone and an intermediate useful therefore
Process for the preparation of urea
Latex elastomer based oil seals and process thereof
Catalyst for olefin (CO) polymerization and process for the production of olefin (CO) polymers
Vulcanizing agent for rubber and rubber composition containing the same
Method for preventing HIV-1 infection of CD4+ cells
Substituted isoindolones and their use as cyclic GMP modulators in medicaments
Inhibition of p38 kinase activity by aryl ureas
Tyrosine alkoxyguanidines as integrin inhibitors
Plasma display panel with dielectric layer suppressing reduced electrode conductivity
Human Necessities
Method of preventing retinopathy of prematurity in a neonate
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for assembling vehicle body
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing triazolinthion derivatives
Thiazole derivatives
Disubstituted acetylenes bearing heterobicyclic groups and heteroaromatic or phenyl groups having retinoid like activity
Process for producing ascorbic acid-2-phosphoric ester salts
DKR polypeptides
Addition-crosslinkable epoxy-functional organopolysiloxane polymer and coating compositions
Automatic compilation of songs
Electron-emitting device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew