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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Selective insect trapping system
Method for preparing a composition containing Bacillus subtilis WG6-14 and related use
Instrument kit and method for performing meniscal repair
Patella resection clamp
Instrumentation for manipulating artificial intervertebral disc trials having a cylindrical engagement surface
Devices and methods for spine repair
System for tissue ablation
Fluid transfer device
Catheter and production method thereof
Implantable biosensor devices for monitoring cardiac marker molecules
Ultrasonic endoscope and ultrasonic endoscopic apparatus
Rotating winged low profile impression transfer cap
Delivery system for endoluminal implant
Tubular stent with oval struts
Variable stiffness medical devices
Implant and delivery tool therefor
Ferroelectric hyperthermia method for cancer treatment
Immunogenic detoxified mutants of cholera toxin
Moraxella catarrhalis BASB115 polypeptides
Yeast-based therapeutic for chronic hepatitis C infection
Controlled release potassium chloride tablets
Synergistic antibacterial formulation and to a method of making the same
Blood vessel anastomosing auxiliary tool
Medical needle assemblies
Cable cross trainer apparatus
Therapeutic stretch table
Surfing Trainer Apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dust collecting apparatus for a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner incorporating the same
Moisture removal apparatus and method
Compensating shaft module
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and production process thereof
Multicomponent nanoparticles formed using a dispersing agent
Hybrid wet electrostatic precipitator
Radiation curable phase change inks containing gellants
Remote identification of explosives and other harmful materials
Method for producing electroconductive pattern, and method for producing electronic device, electron emitting device and image forming apparatus
Circuits including a titanium substrate
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Reaming machine
Surface grinding process using positioning member for securing movable jaw of adjustable wrench during surface grinding process
Apparatus and method for demounting mold block
Method for manufacturing honeycomb structure
Composite stamper for imprint lithography
Porous ceramic, polymer and metal materials with pores created by biological fermentation
Process and apparatus for the production of a detergent bar
Method adjustable hot runner assembly seals and tip height using active material elements
Take out and cooling system and method
Poly(ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) membranes
System and method of sealing electrical components in a frame tray
Porous metal/organic polymeric composites
Reducing abrasive wear in abrasion resistant coatings
Inkjet recording element
Method for forming note pads with shaped edges
Vehicle tire tie-down system and method
Motorcycle trailering stabilizers
Device and method for controlling an automatic transmission
Wheelchair lift and method for operating the same
Fork-lift attachment with multiple forks
Sidewall functionalization of nanotubes with hydroxyl terminated moieties
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing ammonia and sulfuric acid from a stream comprising ammonium sulfate
Hydrogen generating system and hydrodehalogenation method
Process for producing silicon
Apparatus and methods for water treatment
Lightweight concrete compositions containing antimicrobial agents
Process for the preparation of high purity phytosterols
Mutan endonuclease with substrate-specific cleavage activity
Phthalocyanine dyes and their preparation and use
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists
Process for producing coatings on electrically conductive substrates by cathodic electrodeposition coating
Reactive fine particles
Lighter fluid composition
Fet sensor with specially configured gate electrode for the highly sensitive detection of analytes
Molecular detection and assay by electrobiochip micro-array
Systems and methods for screening for modulators of neural differentiation
Method for microbially producing L-valine
Method for producing 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butyric acid
Method and equipment for producing glucose from a starch solution
Method of production of optically active halohydrocarbons and alcohols using hydrolytic dehalogenation catalysed by haloalkane dehalogenases
Coupled cofactor-dependent enzymatic reaction systems in aqueous media
High performance liquid chromatography with an aqueous mobile phase for analysis of drug and its metabolite
Means and methods for detecting endoglycosidase activity
Signal amplification method for detecting mutated gene
Association of TSPYL polymorphisms with SIDDT syndrome
Technique for orienting and binding phage for bacteria detection
Method and system for producing metallic iron nuggets
Method of making IG window unit and forming silicon oxide based hydrophilic coating using chlorosilane vapor deposition
Method of making coating article including carbon coating on glass
Electrically enhancing the confinement of plasma
Textiles; Paper
Array of fullerene nanotubes
Method for nano-pumping using carbon nanotubes
Article formed from at least a fibrous material jet comprising at least a null thickness zone and method for making same
Fixed Constructions
Column form with chamfer forming elements and method of producing a column having chamfered edges
Control system
Detachable anchor bolt mixing head for use in mine roof support systems and method of using same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and methods for detecting undesirable operation of a turbine
External profile for turbine blade airfoil
Control of power, loads and/or stability of a horizontal axis wind turbine by use of variable blade geometry control
Telescoping wind turbine blade
Method for the production of a screw, and screw produced according to said method
Multi-speed transmission
Infinitely variable gear transmission with microprocessor control
Regulating device for the cooling air flows of a bulk material grate cooler
Pyrolysis furnace having gas flowing path controller
Analysis apparatus and condenser
Multi-functional sensor system for molten salt technologies
Test kits and devices
Assay of isomerised and/or optically inverted proteins and protein fragments
Sp1 as a marker in diagnosis and prognosis of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and target in drug screening for NASH
Diagnostics and therapeutic uses of topors
EGF receptor transactivation by G-protein-coupled receptors requires metalloproteinase cleavage of proHB-EGF
Colorant-containing curable composition, color filter using the composition, and method for manufacturing the same
Interference colored filters
Color photographic materials with magenta minimum density dyes
Levenson type phase shift mask and manufacturing method thereof
Dyed photoresists and methods and articles of manufacture comprising same
Silane-phenol compound, overcoat formulation, and electrophotographic imaging member
Polyhydroxyalkanoate-containing structure and manufacturing method thereof
Brachial plexus simulator
Rare earth magnet powder and method of producing the same
Method for preparing reactive layered material in graphite form
Method of producing display panel and display panel
Method for improving vacuum
Nitride semiconductor thin film and method for growing the same
Method of packaging semiconductor devices
Photomask apparatus, photomask manufacturing method, and mask pattern forming method
Method for manufacturing a display device
Method for forming AlGaN crystal layer
Method for forming silicon oxynitride film
Protection in integrated circuits
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing MOS transistor
Organic light-emitting device
Manufacturing method for organic electronic element and manufacturing apparatus therefor
PCB with improved soldering holes and a battery set with the same
Battery box
Fuel cell with polymer-based fuel absorbing member
Enzyme electrode and method of producing the same
Electrolyte having a polymer and battery using it
Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell using the same
IC socket to be mounted on a circuit board
Electrical connecting apparatus for flat conductors
Electric junction box
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly having pick up cap with adjustable sections
Card connector
Receptacle connector
Cable connector assembly with improved termination disposition
Surface mount connector having housing with groove
Connector and connector assembly having terminals with multiple contact areas
Four-way ground lug
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Particulate material blender and polisher
Method for sterilizing soils
Mineral wool plant substrate
Non-hazardous pest control
Silicon elastomers with insecticidal effect
Protective material for preventing microbiologically-influenced corrosion in buried conduits
Compositions and methods of attracting overwintering boll weevils
Small peptides with antipathogenic activity, treated plants and methods for treating same
Teat disinfectant
Use of plant Momordica charactia extracts for treatment of acne acid
Quality improver for use in producing bread
Colored cellulosic casing with clear corridor
Modified atmosphere package
Antimicrobial composition for cleaning and sanitizing meat products
Method for producing reduced water activity legumes
Method for producing shattered preservative-free dried fruit or vegetable pieces
Propionic acid, ammonia, propanediol and water solutions and the use thereof
Continuous on-demand manufacture of process cheese
Continuous manufacture of process cheese
Dairy products and method of preparation
Oil body based personal care products
Monounsaturated fatty acid compositions and method of making
Extrusion process for laminated candy products
Method for processing milk
Process for optimizing milk production
Methods of enhancing reproductive performance of animals
Recombinant bacterial phytases and uses thereof
Phospholipases in animal feed
Method for the steam treatment of beans
Gelled food composition including fruit pieces and its preparation
Pouch meal and method of preparing same
Flaked R-T-E cereal
Baked bean food product and method of making
Method of making citrus fruit peel extracts and flour
Dietary supplement containing herbal extracts which promotes healthy hair growth on the scalp
Method of breading food products
Piercing system
Method for making corners for laminate and veneer countertops
Desk chairmat with handles and hang tabs
Method of forming a trapezoidally shaped sleeve having a printed lower portion
Method for preparing frothed milk or cafe creme
Dust collector with work surface
Prandtl layer turbine
Enhanced performance vacuum cleaner bag and method of operation
Collapsible hemostatic plug
Absorbable sponge with contrasting agent
Intraocular device for stabilizing of a lens capsule
Installation tool for suture anchor
Insertable suture passing grasping probe and methodology for using same
Device and method for minimizing heart displacements during a beating heart surgical procedure
Blood flow blocking method and warming apparatus
Wire frame partial flow obstruction device for aneurysm treatment
Embolic coil deployment system with improved embolic coil
Suture ligating device
Instrumentation for the prevention of embolisms during total joint arthroplasty
Surgical fastener assembly
Attachment tool for drill guide
Medical retrieval basket with legs shaped to enhance capture and reduce trauma
Ablation device for reducing damage to vessels and/or in-vivo stents
Peeling apparatus for removing surface portions of human tissue with purging arrangement
Variable angle connection assembly for a spinal implant system
Plate arrangement for osteosynthesis
Distal femoral osteotomy system and method
Temporary fixation device
Pedicle screw and an assembly aid therefor
Spine distraction implant and method
Method of replacing nucleus pulposus and repairing the intervertebral disk
Package for removable device tips
Electrosurgical systems and methods for the removal of pacemaker leads
Systems and methods for controlling power in an electrosurgical probe
Disposable element for use in a body fluid sampling device
Gas mixtures useful as ultrasound contrast media, contrast agents containing the media and method
Method of making sanitary napkin comprising three dimensionally shaped tube of absorbent material
Multiple path bonding
Microbicide treated polymeric materials
Method of maintaining urinary continence
Delivery system for self-expanding stents and grafts
Appliance to be implanted, method of collapsing the appliance to be implanted and method of using the appliance to be implanted
Endoprosthesis for the treatment of blood-vessel bifurcation stenosis and purpose-built installation device
Method of stent retention to a delivery catheter balloon-braided retainers
Expandable stent and method for delivery of same
Stents for supporting lumens in living tissue
Mesh stent with variable hoop strength
Self positioning breast prosthesis
Intraocular lens packaging system, method of producing, and method of using
Heart valve prosthesis
Bileaflet heart valve having open channel and swivel pivots
Flexible annuloplasty system
Artificial bone implants
Expandable intervertebral fusion implant and applicator
Method for improved bonding of prosthetic devices to bone
Ankle prosthesis
Method and apparatus for the treatment of sleep apnea and related breathing disorders
Head and spine cooling device
Vacuum ring with linear bearings for an automated corneal shaper
Antiperspirant and deodorant compositions containing cyclohexasiloxane
Method of ameliorating alimentary tract damage due to chemotherapy or radiation
Bonding of cartilage pieces using isolated chondrocytes and a biological gel
Methods for prevention and/or treatment of thrombocytopenia
Transcobalamin mediated transport of vitamins B12 in intrinsic factor or receptor deficient patient
Method for fabricating polymer-based controlled-release devices
Applications of lysozyme dimer
Modified factor VII
Inhibition of tumor cell growth by administration of B7-transfected cells
Subunit papilloma virus vaccine and peptides for use therein
Immunogenic peptides from the HPV E7 protein
Oral delayed immediate release formulation and method for preparing the same
Restenosis/atherosclerosis diagnosis, prophylaxis and therapy
Unique associated Kaposi's Sarcoma virus sequences and uses thereof
Immunotherapy of B-cell malignancies using anti-CD22 antibodies
Targeting of sebaceous follicles as a treatment of sebaceous gland disorders
Versatile hydrophilic dyes
Use of long-wavelength electromagnetic radiation and photoprotective tumor localizing agents for diagnosis
Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising a proton pump inhibitor and an antacid agent or alginate
Modified arginine deiminase
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, processes for their production, and pharmaceutical agents containing them
Chelated peptides, complexes thereof, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as radiopharmaceuticals
Somatostatin analogs
Mild, rinse-off antimicrobial cleansing compositions which provide improved immediate germ reduction during washing
Apatite-forming-systems: methods and products
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved immediate germ reduction
Cosmetic composition
Stable vitamin C concentrates
Chemical composition
Skin sanitizing compositions
Method of reducing or preventing malodour
Cosmetic stick
Compositions for regulating skin appearance
Phytochemicals, nutrients & medication absorption &/or treatment
Screening cosmetic composition comprising one nanopigment of metallic oxide and one fat-soluble screening polymer
Inhalation composition containing lactose pellets
Buccal delivery system
Dosage form comprising a capsule
Transdermal compositions containing levosimendan
Implantable medicine releasing corpuscles and method of making, implanting and removing the same
Stabilizing vitamin A derivatives by encapsulation in lipid vesicles formed with alkylammonium fatty acid salts
Doped colorimetric assay liposomes
Method for preparing microcapsules comprising active materials coated with a polymer and novel microcapsules in particular obtained according to the method
Pharmaceutical tablet capable of liberating one or more drugs at different release rates
Stabilized pharmaceutical composition of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent and a prostaglandin
Controlled release tacrine dosage form
Film coatings and film coating compositions based on dextrin
Multiple layer softgel
Carrier patch for the delivery of agents to the skin
Method of cleaning and disinfecting contact lens, and apparatus therefor
1,1-disubstituted ethylene adhesive compositions containing polydimethylsiloxane
Surgical filament construction
Biofouling reduction
Methods and products for sealing a fluid leak in a tissue
Method for treating a vessel with a titanium alloy stent
Blood processing systems and methods which optically monitor plasma opacity
Microcommissurotomy device with levers
Perfusion-isolation catheter apparatus and method
Process and apparatus for the cosmetic treatment of acne vulgaris
Apparatus for preparing a latex balloon neck for sealing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and apparatus for liquid phase separation
Hydrocarbon class separation and quantitation by split column effluent analysis
Self leveling suction skimming device
Method of making paper
Sintered laminated structures, electrochemical cells and process for producing such sintered laminated structures
Arrangement for filtering liquid used in a device having a sump pan
Filter unit suitable for exchangeable insertion in the housing of a filter system
Method and apparatus for producing high efficiency fibrous media incorporating discontinuous sub-micron diameter fibers, and web media formed thereby
High temperature gas filter assembly
Clean room air filter system with self-supporting filter units
Air filter with reinforced pressure tap
Process for separation of oxygen from an oxygen containing gas using oxygen selective sorbents
Filter apparatus for canister
Rotary blowers for pressure swing adsorption process and system
Pressure swing adsorption gas flow control method and system
Baffled horizontal dehydrator
Method and apparatus for purifying hydrogen
Method and apparatus for removing aromatic hydrocarbons from a gas stream prior to an amine-based gas sweetening process
Incineration of waste gases containing contaminant aerosols
Enhanced method of using peroxyacid compounds in odor reduction
Process for purification of organic sulfonates and novel product
Resin trap device for use in ultrapure water systems and method of purifying water using same
Hollow fiber filter module and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for treatment of liquid
Highly asymmetric anionic membranes
Solution treatment agent supply apparatus
Chlorinator for aerobic waste treatment systems
Autoclave having an agitator with an aerating impeller for high oxygen transfer rate to metal-containing slurries and method of use
Devices for controlling the reaction rate of a hydrocarbon to an intermediate oxidation product by pressure drop adjustments
Method of bonding a particle material to near theoretical density
Fuel activation apparatus using magnetic body
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing methanol
Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using an ionically conducting membrane
Thermally enhanced compact reformer
Molecular sieve adsorbent for gas purification and preparation thereof
Kit for purification of plasmin
High surface area alumina solid
Transition metal oxide-containing materials and the synthesis thereof
Plant for the preparation of an ultra pure hydrogen peroxide solution by ionic exchange in beds having defined H/D ratios
Salt platform
Durable and efficient equipment for the production of a combustible and non-pollutant gas from underwater arcs and method therefor
Apparatus and methods for gas extraction
Fluid distributor assembly for a multi-bed, downflow catalytic reactor
Random access slide stainer with independent slide heating regulation
Process for treating a fibrous material suspension using combination of low-intensity and high-intensity flotation
Method of processing a molded plastic glazing panel
Rotatable coating hopper
Coating film forming method and coating apparatus
Surface-treating method of screw parts
Method and apparatus for producing molecular film
Method for manufacture of high frequency ultrasound transducers
Process for sintering powder metal components
Sputter target assembly having a metal-matrix-composite backing plate and methods of making same
Tool for cutting machining
Apparatus and method for removing sludge from filter for use in electric discharge machine
Cutting torch and associated methods
Method of detecting end point of polishing of wafer and apparatus for detecting end point of polishing
Method for treatment of wood
Air bellow suspended pipe lining machine
Multi-stage insert molding method
Method for forming extruded foam with surface coating
Manufacturing method of diaphragm for use in electroacoustic transducers
Production process for injection-molded product of polyglycolic acid
Method for preventing occurrence of impact pressure in injection molding machine
Process for producing multilayer molded article
Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet
Extrusion die for biodegradable material with die orifice modifying device and flow control device
Method and apparatus for transporting plastics in a melted state
Apparatus and method for embossing and printing elongated substrates
Method and apparatus for manufacturing an optical information medium
Method for splicing drip irrigation hoses using two member splicing coupling
Edge protector strip
Balistic-resistant moulded article and a process for the manufacture of the moulded article
Multiple fiber choppers for molding processes
Manufacturing method of reinforced fiber sheet useful for repairing/reinforced concrete structure
Method and apparatus for producing synchronous belts with two or more tracks of helical teeth
Shrinkable bag with a protective patch
Process and apparatus for the production of a padding material and padding material produced with this process and apparatus
Protective covering system
Paste composition, circuit board using the same, ceramic green sheet, ceramic substrate, and method for manufacturing ceramic multilayer substrate
Composite wood flooring
Decorative laminated sheet
Support device for a computer mouse
Method of manufacturing abrasive sheet with thin resin film
Composite material having gas cavities and a mechanically bonded protective layer and method of making same
Stencil for depositing and portioning variously thick spot layers of viscous material and method
Cholesteryl compound and rewritable full-color thermosensitive recording material
Inkjet printing medium comprising multiple coatings
Antistatic tire
Titanium-and copper-containing carbon composite material and process for the production thereof
UV radiation and vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide sterilization of packaging
Lid particularly for foodstuff containers and process used for its manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing nitrogen trifluoride by gas-solid reaction
Production of dicalcium phosphate or monocalcium phosphate from calcium phosphate
Electrode positioning mechanism
Method of making ropes of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Process and apparatus for producing high-purity chemicals for the microelectronics industry
Sodium cyanide paste composition
Low polarizability of Sb5+ for use in fabrication of low dielectric constant materials
Solution method for making molybdate and tungstate negative thermal expansion materials and compounds made by the method
Method of making stabilized electrochemical cell active material of lithium manganese oxide
Process for preparing agglomerate-free nanoscalar iron oxide particles with a hydrolysis resistant coating
Basic cobaltous carbonates, process for preparing the same and their use
Method for removing microorganism contamination from a polishing slurry
Synthetic mineral microparticles and retention aid and water treatment systems and methods using such particles
Biological treatment of wastewater
Method and apparatus for denitrification of water
Method of selenium removal
Method for treating water circulating systems
Sized glass fibers intended for reinforcing polymers
Ferrite oxide magnetic material
Method of manufacturing carbon-carbon composite brake disks
Plating on nonmetallic disks
Restoration of concrete decks
Graffiti removing method
Processing procedure for isocyanate cured propellants containing some bismuth compounds
STN liquid-crystal display
Method of manufacturing an aromatic anti-bacterial agent containing hinokitiol
Polymerizable mesogenic fluorophenylenes
Method and composition for surface treatment of metals
Avipox virus containing DNA sequences encoding herpesvirus glycoproteins
Active proteins from Borrelia burgdorferi
Anticytomegalovirus monoclonal antibodies and processes for the in vitro diagnosis of infections by human cytomegaloviruses and a protein-kinase inducible by cytomegaloviruses and recognizable by aforesaid monoclonal antibodies
Curable resin composition
Method of electrolyte bath stabilization
Digital video disk substrate
Ink compositions containing monoazo dyes
Dye mixtures comprising water-soluble fiber-reactive azo dyes, preparation thereof and use thereof
Ink jet ink set
Coating grade polylactide and coated paper, preparation and uses thereof, and articles prepared therefrom
Deicing and snow-removing composition, method for producing the same, and use thereof
Polyol ester lubricants, especially those compatible with mineral oils, for refrigerating compressors operating at high temperatures
Composition comprising a hydrofluoroalkane or hydrochlorofluoroalkane and a polyether lubricant
FCC apparatus with short primary contacting and controlled secondary contacting
Process and apparatus for upgrading hydrocarbon feeds containing sulfur, metals, and asphaltenes
Process, including PSA and membrane separation, for separating hydrogen from hydrocarbons
Method and device for steam cracking comprising the injection of particles upstream of a secondary quenching exchanger
Fuel additive composition and method for the treatment of fuels
Polymeric fuel additive and method of making the same, and fuel containing the additive
Process for producing petroleum residuum-water slurry
Granular N-alkyl ammonium acetonitrile compositions
Immortalized retinal pigmentary epithelial cell lines and their applications
Recombinant chimeric virus and uses thereof
Method for increasing the capacity of a direct reduced iron plant without increasing its reformer capacity
Plant and process for the production of pig iron and/or sponge iron
Method for removing mercury from lamp parts
Isotropic rare earth material of high intrinsic induction
Hard composite and method of making the same
High-toughness, high-tensile-strength steel and method of manufacturing the same
Method of repairing turbine airfoils
Method of internally coating a metal tube by explosive evaporation of the coating substance
Manufacture method of high coercivity FePt-Si3N4 granular composite thin films
Sputter target/backing plate assembly and method of making same
Sputtering cathode
Method for producing low reflectance diamond and products therefor
Process for ultra smooth diamond coating on metals and uses thereof
Apparatus for depositing thin films on semiconductor wafers
Method and apparatus for supporting a semiconductor wafer during processing
Thermal protection system for a chemical vapor deposition machine
Method of fabricating the coating
Method for preparing dense, epitaxial metal oxide film
Self-regulating, acidic electrolytes for dip-tin-plating aluminum alloys
Coating compositions containing nickel and boron
Environmentally acceptable inhibitor formulations for metal surfaces
Surface treatment process of metallic material and metallic material obtained thereby
Marine galvanic protection monitor
Membrane electrode assemblies
Ductility additives for electrorefining and electrowinning
Process for controlling the A1F3 content in cryolite melts
Anode structure for manufacture of metallic foil
Apparatus for composite plating the inner surface of a cylindrical body
Aqueous solutions for obtaining metals by reductive deposition
Metal alloy sulfonic acid electroplating baths
Method and apparatus for the disposal of processing fluid used to deposit and/or remove material on a substrate
Insulating and warming shield for a seed crystal and seed chuck
Crystal growth method for thin films of BiSrCaCuO oxides
Process and apparatus for preparation of silicon crystals with reduced metal content
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method for producing non-woven webs with high filament velocity
Method of manufacturing evaporative cooler pads
Method of fiber scouring with supercritical carbon dioxide
Process for recovering alkali and black liquor containing silicatae
Method of producing a pulp from cellulosic material using formic acid and hydrogen peroxide
Twin wire former dewatering device for a paper machine
Method of calendering a sheet material web carried by a fabric
Calendering system using hard and soft nips
Process for manufacturing soft-single ply tissue having very low sidedness
Paper size dispersions
Super microfibrillated cellulose, process for producing the same, and coated paper and tinted paper using the same
Fixed Constructions
Method and strip for sealing and formation of a sealable groove in a body of settable material
Soundproof aluminum honeycomb-foam panel
Filter assembly mounted in sink counter top
Folded-sheet honeycomb structure
Coat weight measuring and control apparatus
Method and system for detecting the end-point in etching processes
Leak detection dye delivery system
Particle measuring apparatus
Optically based miniaturized sensor with integrated fluidics
Spectrophotometric apparatus for reducing fluid carryover
Reagentless oxidation reactor and methods for using same
Method for reducing insolubles in a gelatin solution
Optimized low profile swage mount base plate attachment of suspension assembly for hard disk drive
CoCrPtB alloys with increased boron content and method of producing same
Hard disk vapor lube
Method and apparatus for direct write fabrication of nanostructures
Varistor manufacturing method
Permanent magnetic material and permanent magnet
Core material for noise filter
Method for preparing a magnetic thin film
Process for treating impregnated electrolytic capacitor anodes
Rotating sputter magnetron assembly
AC powered system for continuous deposition of a cathode material
Buffer chamber for integrating physical and chemical vapor deposition chambers together in a processing system
UV/halogen metals removal process
Tunable process for selectively etching oxide using fluoropropylene and a hydrofluorocarbon
Method for processing a poly defect
Method of staining a semiconductor wafer with a semiconductor treatment chemical
Apparatus for thermal control of variously sized articles in vacuum
Transport system for wafer processing line
Process for transferring a thin-film structure to a substrate
Method for manufacturing lead-on-chip (LOC) semiconductor packages using liquid adhesive applied under the leads
Method for minimizing warp in the production of electronic assemblies
Surface acoustic wave device, substrate therefor, and method of manufacturing the substrate
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew