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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Targeted and regional cellular ablation in zebrafish
Inhibitors of thromboxane formation and action
Triazolopyridazine protein kinase modulators
Therapeutic agents
MiR-124 regulated genes and pathways as targets for therapeutic intervention
Dimethyl amino ethyl ether psoralens and methods for their production and use
2-pyridinylethylcarboxamide derivatives and their use as fungicides
Mnk1 or Mnk2 inhibitors
Therapeutic agents
Implant improving local bone formation
Water-soluble pharmaceutical compositions of hops resins
Product and composition for alleviating post-menstrual symptoms
Easy open dough distribution manifold
Hair iron
Method and apparatus for preparing a beverage suitable for consumption
Controller for a food holding oven
Method of manufacturing absorbent article, manufacturing apparatus for absorbent body, and absorbent article manufactured thereby
Material for facilitating thermal treatments of biological tissues and method of energy targeting leading to thermal treatment of biological tissues
Methods and compounds for the targeted delivery of agents to bone for interaction therewith
Medium-chain length fatty alcohols as stimulators of hematopoiesis
Derivatives of 4-piperazin-1-yl-4-benzo[B]thiophene suitable for the treatment of CNS disorders
Substituted diketopiperazines and their use as oxytocin antagonists
1,2-disubstituted heterocyclic compounds
Bisphosphonate compounds and methods for bone resorption diseases, cancer, bone pain, immune disorders, and infectious diseases
4'-substituted nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of HCV RNA replication
Compositions and methods for treatment of dermal scarring and wrinkling
Compositions of alpha-fetoprotein and inducers of apoptosis for the treatment of cancer
Method of increasing muscle mass by administering a myostatin binding agent
Methods of treating neurological conditions with hematopoeitic growth factors
Methods for up-regulating antigen expression in tumors
Immunogen platform
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Substituted aniline derivatives
Mineralizing composite materials for restoring teeth
Intrabuccally rapidly disintegrating tablet and a production method of the tablets
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of and equipment for measuring ionic mobility
Thief carbon catalyst for oxidation of mercury in effluent stream
Composite oxide for use as exhaust gas purification catalyst and filter
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Method for discharging droplets and droplet discharge apparatus
Method of making pure white light source
DLI-MOCVD process for making electrodes for electrochemical reactors
Button attachment method for saw torque sensor
Edge with minimal diffraction effects
Engineered wood fiber product substrates and their formation by laser processing
Method and apparatus for machining using a beam and a beam trap
Method for fabricating metallized ceramics substrate, metallized ceramics substrate fabricated by the method, and package
Layered glass tile
Amphoteric fluorochemicals for paper
EVA blend compositions suitable for RF welding applications
Heat-curable epoxy resin composition containing one blocked and one epoxide-terminated polyurethane prepolymer
Assembled honeycomb
Integral skin molded article and method of preparing integral skin molded article and laminate having skin
Recording sheet for ink jet printing
Aqueous dispersions of polyvinylacetate and silica, processes for preparing the same, uses therefor and substrates coated and/or bonded therewith
Rust-resistant tape
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of 1,2-dichloroethane
Methods of using ionic liquids having a fluoride anion as solvents
Direct and selective production of ethanol from acetic acid utilizing a platinum/ tin catalyst
Antagonists of prostaglandin D2 receptors
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate from acetic acid via ethylene
Adsorption process with on-line adsorbent removal
2-Hydroxymethyl-3,4,5-trihydroxy-1-benzilpiperidine derivatives as inhibitors of glucosylceramide
Compounds derived from artesunate, preparation process, pharmaceutical composition and use of the respective medicine
Alkylsulphonamide quinolines
N-heterocyclic carbene catalyzed synthesis of N-phenylisoxazolidin-5-one derivative and synthesis of .beta.-amino acid ester derivative
Process for the manufacture of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and intermediates thereof
Synthetic analogs of bacterial quorum sensors
Process for preparing rabeprazole sodium
Long wavelength thiol-reactive fluorophores
HSP90 inhibitors
Process for the preparation of sildenafil and intermediates thereof
Synthetic molecules that specifically react with target sequences
7-cycloalkylaminoquinolones as GSK-3 inhibitors
Dithiolopyrrolones compounds and their therapeutic applications
Thienopyridines as allosteric potentiators of the M4 muscarinic receptor
Nucleic acid ligand complexes
Determination of hepatitis C virus genotype
Fusion proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosis
Nucleic acid molecules encodng a cathepsin L-like cysteine protease
Human parvovirus: bocavirus
Polysaccharide pseudo-sponge
Antigens and antibodies associated to pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Human monoclonal antibodies that bind human insulin like growth factors and their use
Anti-integrin antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Method for producing conjugated diene polymer, conjugated diene polymer, and polymer composition
Amino acid mimetic copolymers and medical devices coated with the copolymers
Thermoplastic elastomeric resin composition and a process for the preparation therefore
Siloxane polymer containing tethered levofloxacin
Silicone encapsulant composition for molding small shapes
Composite material comprising flourine-containing rubber, fuel-impermeable sealing material comprising same, and process for preparing composite material
Thermoplastic polyphenoxyquinoxaline and method of preparing the same
Nylon extraction from commingled materials
Lens sheet, process for producing the same, and resin composition for transfer material
Thermoplastic polycarbonate/polyester blend compositions with improved mechanical properties
Sealable, peelable film comprising a block copolymer peelable core layer
Polybasic acid esters and their use in fibre optic cables
Liquid detergent composition
Cleaning and corrosion inhibition system and composition for surfaces of aluminum or colored metals and alloys thereof under alkaline conditions
Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
Chip for cell electrophysiological sensor, cell electrophysiological sensor using the same, and manufacturing method of chip for cell electrophysiological sensor
Or gene and its use in manipulating carotenoid content and composition in plants and other organisms
Preparation of soluble N-protein/truncated P-protein complexes of the paramyxoviridae family
Method of constructing novel higher plant and method of promoting the growth of higher plant
Method for increasing stress-resistance to a plant
Constitutive expression cassettes for regulation of plant expression
Methods of tissue engineering
Use of IL-6-type cytokines for maturation of oocytes
Neural progenitor cells derived from whole bone marrow
Stabilized subtilisin composition
Biocatalytic process for the production of ortho-aminophenols from chloramphenicol and analogs
Suppression of amplification using an oligonucleotide and a polymerase significantly lacking 5'-3' nuclease activity
Polypeptides having acetylxylan esterase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Anti-integrin antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Humanised anti-MAG antibody or functional fragment thereof
Methods for rapid identification of pathogens in humans and animals
Nucleic acid interaction analysis
CTIP2 expression in squamous cell carcinoma
Synthesis of hybrid polynucleotide molecules using single-stranded polynucleotide molecules
Methods and reagents for detecting target binding by nucleic acid ligands
Leukemia diagnostic methods
Increased ethanol production from xylose
Methods for detecting a polymorphism in the NFKB1 gene promoter
Drug-phosphorylating enzyme
Deposition of Ta- or Nb-doped high-k films
Fixed Constructions
Methods of fabricating a polycrystalline diamond compact including a pre-sintered polycrystalline diamond table having a thermally-stable region
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process and system for generating consumable energy
Fluid power generator for extracting energy from a fluid flow
Methods, systems, and devices for energy generation
Electrical energy storage and retrieval system
Portable electron microscope using micro-column
Mass spectrometric analysis of proteins using stable isotopes of pyrylium derivates as labels
Portable explosive or drug detection system
Method for controlling hydrogenation
Electrodeposition baths, systems and methods
Method of analyzing nucleic acids using an array of encoded beads
Method and apparatus for detecting and quantifying a chemical substance employing an optical transmission property of metallic islands on a transparent substrate
Methods for diagnosing and treating kidney cancer
EPI substrate with low doped EPI layer and high doped Si substrate layer for media growth on EPI and low contact resistance to back-side substrate
Multiple patterning technique using a single reticle
Pattern formation method using levenson-type mask and method of manufacturing levenson-type mask
Conductive film and method for producing the same
Plane waves to control critical dimension
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Flexible electric line
Switching device with a switching shaft for mounting a rotary contact link and multipole switching device arrangement
Switch device generating analog output with click mechanism
Electronic device with key assembly
Keyboard with lighting system
Key structure
Illumination apparatus
Soft chemical ionization source
Method and apparatus for producing samples for transmission electron microscopy
Semiconductor fabricating apparatus with function of determining etching processing state
Method for fabricating light emitting device
Organic photovoltaic device with improved power conversion efficiency and method of manufacturing same
Thin-film devices formed from solid particles
Semiconductor component with surface mountable devices and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Low capacitance precision resistor
Selective emitter solar cells formed by a hybrid diffusion and ion implantation process
Method and structure for fabricating multiple tiled regions onto a plate using a controlled cleaving process
Manufacturing method of a silicon carbide semiconductor device
Method for forming highly strained source/drain trenches
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with solder balls having high reliability
Method of semiconductor manufacturing for small features
Wafer level package using stud bump coated with solder
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
P-channel MOS transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Isolation structures for integrated circuits and modular methods of forming the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with plastic package molding compound, semiconductor chip and leadframe and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and dummy pattern arrangement method
Bond pad structures and integrated circuit chip having the same
Integrated circuit, circuit system, and method of manufacturing
Integrated circuit including different types of gate stacks, corresponding intermediate integrated circuit structure and corresponding integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having latchup preventing function
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing radial addressing of nanowires
Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
Light emitting device and electronic equipment
Semiconductor device structures and methods of forming semiconductor structures
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and method for manufacturing the same, and power amplifier using the same
Semiconductor device having elongated electrostatic protection element along long side of semiconductor chip
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Flash memory and manufacturing method of the same
Isolation for non-volatile memory cell array
Membrane for a MEMS condenser microphone
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Wavelength-converting casting composition and light-emitting semiconductor component
Flat lighting devices and method of contacting flat lighting devices
Multiple degrees of freedom motion system
Interconnector for high-temperature fuel cells
Integrated current-interrupt device for lithium-ion cells
Negative electrode active material and negative electrode using the same and lithium ion secondary battery
Electrochemical cell using an ionic conductor
Fuel cell system
Hybrid fuel cell system
Fuel cell stack
Method for grounding a high voltage electrode
Power supply apparatus and voltage monitoring method
Electric motor or generator with mechanically tuneable permanent magnetic field
Voice coil motor for driving lens group
Cooling of a magnetic bearing
Thin film semi-conductor-on-glass solar cell devices
Heating cooker
Planar heater
Impingement/convection/microwave oven and method
Flex-rigid wiring board including flexible substrate and non-flexible substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Printed circuit board
Interconnect structure
Semiconductor device having a mount board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Euphorbia interspecific hybrid plant
Gene transfer in poultry by introduction of embryo cells in ovo
Technique for emulsifying highly saturated hydroisomerized fluids
Cyclopentane-1,3-dione derivatives, herbicidal and pesticidal compositions containing them, methods of using them to combat pests and weeds and process for the preparation thereof
Fungicidal mixtures based on amide compounds
2-[1', 2', 4'-triazol-3'-yloxymethlene]anilides, their preparation and their use
Pour-on formulations effective for the control of internal and external parasites of homothermic animals
Pesticidal compositions
Sanitary napkin with improved liquid retention capability
Diaper having centrally-located chromatographic layer with peripherally-located wetness indicator
Use of purinergic receptor modulators and related reagents
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Glucamine compounds for treating hepatitis virus infections
Use of inhaled retinoids in the treatment of lung diseases
Ophthalmic formulation which modulates dilation
Use of ethynyl alanine amino diol compounds to inhibit enzymatic conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin I
Combination of carnitines and resveratrol for prevention or treatment of cerebral and ageing disorders
Methods of providing symptomatic and prophylactic treatment for medical and neurological conditions
Antidiabetic agents based on aryl and heteroarylacetic acids
Synergistic compositions for lycopene and Vitamin E for the prevention of LDL oxidation
Compounds and compositions for treating C1s-mediated diseases and conditions
Treatment for alzheimer's disease
Levobupivacaine and its use
Methods for the inhibition of egg production in trematodes
Substituted benzanilides as CCR5 receptors ligands, antiinflammatory agents and antiviral agents
N-[5-[[[5-alkyl-2-oxazolyl]methyl]thio]-2-thiazolyl]-carboxamide inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases
Pharmaceutical composition
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating neural or cardiovascular tissue damage
Cinnoline derivatives and use as medicine
Synergistic combinations of guanosine analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors and inosine monophosphate dehydrogenese inhibitors and uses therefor
Substituted 1-benzazepines and derivatives thereof
Method of alleviating the violence and stimulating the appetite of stag in the puberty age of the fall and method of promoting the growth of stag's horn
Nucleoside analogs in combination therapy of herpes simplex infections
Methods for managing scalp conditions
IL-8 receptor ligands-drugs for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
Calcium (3S) tetrahydro-3-furanyl(1S,2R)-3-[[(4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl](isobutyl)amino]-1 -benzyl-2-(phosphonooxy)propylcarbamate
Use of bismuth subgallate in inhibition of production of nitric oxide synthase
Multi-faceted method to repress reproduction of latent viruses in humans and animals
Water soluble paclitaxel derivatives
Compositions for the treatment and prevention of neurological and pathopsychological diseases
Use of an agent for treating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Chiral fluoroquinolone arginine salt forms
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Stabilized preparations of .beta.-lactam antibiotic
Soluble, degradable poly (ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules into solution
Cores for technetium radiopharmaceuticals
Imagining agents for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
Bunte salt azo dye compound
Comb-shaped diol, water-soluble polyurethane, and application thereof
Carvedilol methanesulfonate
Stabilized tibolone compositions
Composition and methods of paclitaxel for treating psoriasis
Absorbent article having a hydrophilic lotionized bodyside liner
Frangible compounds for pathogen inactivation
Latex based composition for heavy metal stabilization
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reactions of aromatic compounds
Method for the parallel and combinatory synthesis of compounds bound to a continuous polymeric solid phase supporting material
Determining production parameters of scale flow device
Granular polymer additives and their preparation
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Catalytic processes employing chiral imidazolidinone-based catalyst composition
Chiral diphenyldiphosphines and d-8 metal complexes thereof
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium metal carbene complexes
Hydroformylation process utilizing multidentate phosphite ligands
Process for catalytic selective oxidation of a hydrocarbon substrate
Apparatus for sorting products
Polymers, and novel compositions and films therefrom
Low monomer polyurethane prepolymer and process therefore
Tire having colored tread
Power seat switch apparatus for vehicle
Compact headlamp/foglamp switch
Turn signal switch
Controller for a motor vehicle
Structure of installing wire harness for sliding door
Junction box
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Co-hydroprocessing of Fischer-Tropsch products and crude oil fractions
Decorative synthetic stucco compositions
Method of coating materials and materials formed thereby
Anionic vinyl/dicarboxylic acid polymers and uses thereof
Anionic vinyl/dicarboxylic acid polymers and uses thereof
Anionic vinyl/dicarboxylic acid polymers and uses thereof
Substituted group 4 metal complexes, catalysts and olefin polymerization process
Arylalkane sulfonate compositions produced using isomerization, dehydrogenation, and alkylation
Process for the preparation of terbinafine
Method for the catalytic, symmetric disubstitution of carboxylic acid amides with grignard reagents
Method of preparing retroviral protease inhibitor intermediates
Enediyne compounds and methods related thereto
Arylamine compound and organic electroluminescence device
Process for the removal of nitrobenzenesulfonyl
S,S-ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid iron alkali salt and a process for production thereof
Process for preparing N-phosphonomethyl iminodiacetic acid
Hyperbranched compounds with a tetrafunctional central group and use of same
Process for forming amido esters utilizing a spinning disc reactor
Processes for preparing cilostazol
Cosmetic composition comprising an amide, and novel amides
Phthalamide lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
Mono-and polyamides of perfluoroalkyl-substituted unsaturated acids
Hydrogenated phenanthrenes and their use in liquid-crystal mixture
Process for preparing 2-phenyl-3-naphthylpropionic acid derivatives
Method for the preparation of novel sidechain-bearing taxanes and intermediates thereof
Process for separating an oxidation reaction product and an oxidation catalyst
Transesterification process
Method of producing cyclododecanone and cyclododecanol
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Dehydroamino acids
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Sulphonamide derivatives
Method for producing ortho-alkylated benzoic acid derivatives
Method for producing 3-l-menthoxypropane-1,2-diol
Process for obtaining alpha-campholenic aldehyde
Acetoacetic acid derivatives, process for their preparation and their use
Process for recovering acrolein or propionaldehyde from dilute aqueous streams
Synthesis of vicinal difluoro aromatics and intermediates thereof
Process for production of higher linear internal olefins from butene
Process for the preparation of perfluorocarboxylic acids
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, charge control agent for use in the toner, and process for preparing the charge control agent
Vinyl esters with high cross-linkage density
Process for producing t-butyl esters of bridged-ring polycarboxylic acids
Process for the production of carbonates that melt at a high temperature
Azetidinecarboxamide derivatives for the treatment of CNS disorders
Thrombin receptor antagonists
Process for the preparation of zofenopril calcium salt
Low temperature process for preparing methyl esters
Caspases and apoptosis
Methods of modulating tyrosine protein kinase function with indolinone compounds
Fused pyrrolecarboxamides; a new class of GABA brain receptor ligands
Process for the preparation of indole derivatives or salts thereof
Phenyl-oxo-tetrahydroquinolin-3-yl beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Method for preparing quinoline-5,8-diones
Method for producing N-substituted 2-pyrazoline-5-one
Liquid partially trimerized polyisocyanates based on toluene diisocyanate and diphenylmethane diisocyanate
6-Acylamino-5-substituted-benzoxazol-2-one compounds and method for using them
Thiophene substituted hydroxamic acid derivatives as cyclooxygenase-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
Substituted azole derivatives as inhibitors of corticotropin releasing factor
Process for the preparation of rosiglitazone maleate
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Anti-inflammatory piperazinyl-benzyl-tetrazole derivatives and intermediates thereof
Process for production of an oxetane
Process and catalyst for the production of .gamma.-butyrolactones
3-(1-hydroxy-pentylidene)-5-nitro-3H-benzofuran-2-one a process for the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Cyclic acetal compound, polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Bicyclic aromatic compounds
Compound for preparing medicines for treating pathologies involving extracellular glutamate, and methods for obtaining same
Serotonin 5-HT1A and dopamin D2 receptor ligands
Compounds for the treatment of obesity
Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Process for preparing [S-(R*,S*)]-.beta.-[[[1-[1-oxo-3(4-piperidinyl)propyl]-3-piperidinyl]carbo nyl]amino]-3-pyridinepropanoic acid and derivatives
Pyrido-, pyrimido-, pyridazo- and pyrazo- pyridazines having angiogenesis inhibiting activity
1,3-disubstituted and 1,3,3-trisubstituted pyrrolidines as histamine-3 receptor ligands and their therapeutic applications
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use
Urotensin-II receptor antagonists
Fused cycloheptane and fused azacycloheptane compounds and their methods of use
Methods for the preparation of biphenyl isoxazole sulfonamides
Substituted acetylpridine derivatives and process for the preparation of intermediates for optically active beta-3 agonist by the use of the same
Derivatives of benzofuran or benzodioxole
Pharmaceutical compositions containing certain diarylimidazole derivatives
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Aminoalkoxy carbazoles for the treatment of cns diseases
Heterocyclic derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Aromatic and heteroaromatic substituted 1,2,4-triazolo pyridine derivatives
.beta.-amyloid inhibitors, processes for preparing them, and their use in pharmaceutical compositions
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synthesis
CRF receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Tetracyclic benzimidazole derivatives and combinatorial libraries thereof
Chemical synthesis of spirocyclic piperidines by double ring-closing metathesis
Condensed-ring thiophene derivatives, their production and use
Oligothiophenes and synthesis thereof
Heteropolycyclic inhibitors of protein kinases
Ferrocenyldiphosphine-ruthenium complexes and a hydrogenation process of exocyclic double bond of d-thiophene to d-thiophane
Boronic compounds
Stable 1:1 monoadducts of secondary aminoalkylalkoxy-silanes and diisocyanates and a process for preparing them
Method of preparing form II crystals of clarithromycin
Steroids, their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and uses of the compounds
Use of S-ydcB and B-ydcB, essential bacterial genes
Corn silk gene and regulatory region
Therapeutic peptide-based constructs derived from domain II of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein
DNA fragmentation factor
Human ECT2 polypeptide
Transgenic mouse expressing a polynucleotide encoding a human ataxin-2 polypeptide
Human Wnt7a polypeptides
Neuropilin/growth factor complexes and uses thereof
Monoclonal antibody which inhibits transendothelial migration of human mononuclear leukocytes
Thrombin inhibitors
Enzymatic oxidative deamination process
Thromboresistant materials incorporating pyrazinone protease inhibitors
Hydantoin derivatives as inhibitors of leucocyte adhesion and as VLA-4 antagonists
Water-soluble, sulfoalkyl-containing, hydrophobically modified cellulose ethers, process for preparing them, and their use as protective colloids in polymerizations
Trifunctional olefinic-capped polymers and compositions that include such polymers
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Polyolefin production
Process for preparing polymers
Protective colloids
Oxygen scavenging polymer emulsion suitable as a coating, an adhesive, or a sealant
Polypropylene base resin composition for foam-molding, foamed article using the same composition, production process for the same foamed article and foam-molded product using the foamed-article
Preformed multi-acid adducts useful for grafting polyolefin polymers
Preparation of thermoplastic molding compositions
High energy radiation-curable composition and resin molding
Transparent rubber-modified styrenic resin composition
Electrostrictive graft elastomers
Fluxed composites
Process for producing isobutylene block copolymer
Synthesis of elastomers having low hysteresis
"Living" free radical polymerization process
Resist compositions containing polymers having dialkyl malonate groups for use in chemically amplified resists
Thermoplastic polymer alloy compositions and process for manufacture thereof
Anti-reflective coating-forming composition
Low-temperature, heat-activated adhesives with high heat resistance properties
Blocked polyisocyanates based on HDI
Two-component coating agent
Composition of epoxy resin, curing agent and reactive compound
Composition of epoxy resin and triazine-formaldehyde-phenol resin
Acetal compound, polymer, resist composition and patterning response
Microwave synthesis of polyamides, polyesters, and polyamideesters
Process for preparation of polyethylene terephthalate modified by o-phthalic acid units
Process for the preparation of dicyclopentadiene modified polyester resins
Vibration damping monolithic polymers
High performance fluorinated polymers and methods
Silicone oligomers with higher alkoxy groups
Nitrogen atom-containing polysiloxanes, their preparation, and fiber and fabric finishing agent compositions
Polydimethylsiloxane and fluorosurfactant fusing release agent
Process for recovering fluoropolymers
Method of decomposing a polyurethane
Method of manufacturing powder coating
Packaging films
Method for producing highly viscous polyesters
Shaped article of polyamide resin and production thereof
Molded elastomer
Solid surface sheet materials containing synthetic mica
Films, fibers and articles of chemically modified polyethylene oxide compositions with improved environmental stability and method of making same
Polyester dispersants for high thermal conductivity paste
Rubber composition
Polyamide resin composition
Utilization of devulcanized EPDM membrane in the manufacture of EPDM membrane, flashing and roof accessories
Polyethylene resins and its compounds for container uses and containers
Casting mixtures comprising granular and dispersion fluoropolymers
Biodegradable resin composition and its molded product
Silicone amino-epoxy cross-linking system
Triphendioxazine pigments, intermediates, their method of making and uses thereof
Aqueous self-crosslinking copolymer dispersions, a process for preparing them and their use in binders for coating materials
Benzotriazole UV absorbers having enhanced durability
Removable adhesive of epoxy resin, amine and non-ionic surfactant
Adhesive powder
Methods for optimizing fischer-tropsch synthesis hydrocarbons in the distillate fuel range
Co-hydroprocessing of fischer-tropsch products and natural gas well condensate
Laundry detergents comprising modified alkylbenzene sulfonates
Detergent and cleaner containing soil release polymer and alkanesulfonate and/or .alpha.-olefinsulfonate
O-substituted N,N-diacylhydroxylamine bleach activators and compositions employing the same
Azeotrope-like compositions of pentafluoropropane and water
Membrane filtration
Plastid transformation of Brassica
Polynucleotides encoding monocot 12-oxo-phytodienoate reductases and methods of use
Hereditary postprandial hypertriglyceridemic rabbit model
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes having fructosyl polymerase activity
Lysozyme-analogous polypeptides with an anti-microbial effect, their production and use
Anthranilate synthase gene and method of use thereof for conferring tryptophan overproduction
Multivalent antigen-binding proteins
Genes from chromatium vinosum for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoate
Method for sequencing and characterizing polymeric biomolecules using aptamers and a method for producing aptamers
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 subtypes
Textiles; Paper
Method of manufacturing and collecting cellulosic particles
Fixed Constructions
Photovoltaic module, photovoltaic module array, photovoltaic system, and method of detecting failure of photovoltaic module
Keyboard musical instrument for exactly producing tones and hammer sensor varying output signal exactly representing physical quantity of hammer
Analytical balance for weighing electrostatically charged weighed goods
Trace metal measuring method
Fiber optic cable management enclosure with integral bend radius control
Music performance assistance apparatus for indicating how to perform chord and computer program therefor
Musical score displaying apparatus and method
Motivational apparatus for controlling use of electronic devices and method of use
Tensioning system for a musical drum
Adjustable string tree
Add-on headstock mass device for a stringed musical instrument
Pickup unit incorporated in stringed instrument for converting vibrations of string to electric signal in good fidelity
Recording/reproduction system of music data, and music data storage medium
High voltage bushing and method of assembling same
Electrically insulating material, method for the preparation thereof, and insulated objects comprising said material
Noise absorber and case for noise absorber
Switch device
Closing assistance mechanism for an electrical switchgear apparatus and drive mechanism of an electrical switchgear apparatus equipped with such an assistance mechanism
Gas circuit breaker
Photovoltaic device assembly, solar cell module using the same and manufacture method of solar cell module
Liquid dielectric tuning of an integrated circuit
Gas insulated switchgear
Cascading cable tray system with pre-fabricated support structure
Cellular shield
Printed wiring board and manufacturing method of the printed wiring board
Actuator housing isolator plate
Method of producing flex circuit with selectively plated gold
Through-hole wiring board
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew