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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Handle structure of walk-behind working machine
Chemical application line
Apparatus and method for stunning poultry
Method for controlling, reducing, and quitting smoking
Artificial smoke cigarette
Systems and methods for providing inflatable apparel
Peace officer's shirt and suspender set for supporting a duty belt
Ice gripping attachments for footwear
Adjustable sized jewelry
Coin holder
Tapering-depth shelving unit for use behind doors
Door operated page turner device, system and method for books
Articulating bed and method of operating the same
Multimedia device bracket
Applied molding for texturizing exterior surfaces of furniture
Open architecture seating system
Electrical docking station
Medical equipment transport system
Beverage container or container lid with drinking straw
Disposable curtains, systems and methods to install a disposable curtain, and methods of manufacturing a disposable curtain
Slow closure mechanism for toilet covers
Device and method for mechanical cleaning of grooves
Oral suction swab
Tooth preparation instrument and system of its use
Orthodontic instrument for use with adjustable orthodontic apparatus
Orthodontic apparatus with self-ligating bracket
Orthodontic apparatus with self-ligating bracket and locking device
Anchoring element for use in bone
Method and arrangement for orienting a bridge in position relative to a dental implant
Intravaginal device with improved rim designs and methods of making same
Volatile liquids having predetermined evaporation profiles
Spray device
Methods for treating headaches
Methods for treating trigeminal neuralgia
Mask and vent assembly therefor
Fire sprinkler with cutoff valve, tamper-resistant features and status indicator
Golf club head
Relative position between center of gravity and hit center in a golf club
Adjustable golf tee
Golf aim assisting assembly
Pick-it poker
Handheld electronic devices
Gaming machine door with adjustable cross member
Game apparatus
Weight-controlled coin-bearing board device for coin-throwing game machine
Application-centric user interface techniques
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pulverizer upper gearbox bearing assembly
Portable tool utilizing compound leveraged actuation to reduce medicine solids
Single motor blower
Cup-shaped member forming apparatus
Method for manufacturing a camshaft
Method and device for dynamically resting roller segments that support and/or guide both sides of a cast bar made of metal, particularly steel
Cutting tool and a tool part with connecting surfaces with grooves and a method for manufacturing of the tool part
MIM braze preforms
Bump printing apparatus
Method for assembling a carrier for integrated circuits
Method for assembling camera module
Sealing element of hand power tool housing
Device for carrying articles
Method of packaging an article with a container
Stapler module and multi-function peripheral having the same
Method of manufacturing multi piece curved moldings from planar material
Directly driven extruder with an adapter
Valve gate assembly
Mold apparatus for forming screw threads
Plastic molding die
Transfer device and printing press
System and method for responding to recording medium change
Apparatus and method for ejecting liquid for recording higher resolution image
Continuous printing using temperature lowering pulses
Actuator device and liquid ejecting head
Liquid droplet ejecting head and image forming device
Inkjet recording head
Inkjet recording apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus and control method for reducing preliminary ejection
Printing apparatus and method for producing nozzle cleaning time to improve throughout
Inkjet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge with a handle for inkjet printers
Liquid-ejecting method and liquid-ejecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming image
Handheld image translation device
Liquid-discharge-failure detecting apparatus and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink jet type recording apparatus, ink type information setting method in the apparatus and ink cartridge used in the apparatus
Vehicle closure assembly with shape memory polymer seal
Damping component
Underride compatibility apparatus for a vehicle
Transparent outer panel for a retractable hardtop
Scooter type vehicle
Level assembly type hood hinge unit
Tiedown system
Apparatus and method for stopping an unauthorized vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine
Method and device for open- and/or closed-loop control of a generator in a vehicle
Steered axle railway truck
System and method for determining whether a locomotive or rail engine is coupled to a rail car or other engine
Overhead traveling vehicle having safety member
System for transporting and manipulating tires and wheels
Vehicle subframe and bush mounting structure
Vehicle closure assembly with sealed split between independently selectable closure panels
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Control system for frame-steering of a vehicle and method for controlling two steering cylinders in a frame-steered vehicle
Dual trailer with lifting wheels for transport when empty
Blinker integrated rear-view mirror of saddle-ride type vehicle
Recumbent trailer cycle
Tracked vehicle, especially a snow scooter
Ventilated aft swept flow interrupter hull
Ventilated flow interrupter stepped hull
Ship and associated methods of formation with vessels having connectable hulls
Remotely operated underwater vehicle
Gas filling apparatus for photomask box
"Y" axis dynamic cone system for use with a flexible silo, bulk bag or flexible container filling or discharge apparatus
Compressor packing member
Container cap
Collapsible container having discontinuous frame members
Integrated and disposable dispenser assembly
Tripper car
Media feeding and width sensing methods and apparatus for printing systems
Reel-up and also a method and measuring unit in such a reel-up
Sheet feeding device
Translating registration nip systems for different width media sheets
Apparatus and method for spatially orienting blanks
Vacuum suction device
Apparatus and method for measuring and controlling pendulum motion
Container and one-way valve assembly for storing and dispensing substances, and related method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of splicing optical fibers with arc imagining and recentering
Wide area radio frequency plasma apparatus for processing multiple substrates
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a combing machine for monitoring the noil percentage
Securing apparatus
Circular knitting machine having integrated multiple yarn changing apparatus
Linen treatment device with imbalance monitoring, level monitoring or load monitoring
Fixed Constructions
Inflatable automative traction recovery device
Enhanced vehicle barrier system
Building element for making walls using filling material, particularly earth or the like
Method for the production of a building construction as well as formwork therefor
Staircase block and staircase construction method using the staircase block
Safety mechanism for materials handling system
Ladder bracket
Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Collision safety system for use with a motor vehicle
Hinge device and opening/closing mechanism using the hinge device
Technique for drilling straight bore holes in the earth
Top drive torque booster
Apparatus for performing earth borehole operations
Work string controller
Launching tool for releasing cement plugs downhole
In situ heat treatment process utilizing a closed loop heating system
Downhole well pump
Low density proppant particles and use thereof
Determining drillstring neutral point based on hydraulic factor
Resin insertion device and methods of inserting resin
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hollow turbine blade
Hydraulic lash adjuster with damping device
Valve actuating mechanism for an internal combustion engine, and engine incorporating same
Intake and exhaust device equipped with first and second valve disks
Exhaust system with plural emission treatment devices
Fluid blocker for an intake manifold
Heat shield for mounting on a heat-radiating object, particularly on a rocket engine
Axial compressor for tip turbine engine
Internal bypass exhaust gas cooler
Multi-pump fuel system and method
Supercharger with outlet bars for rotor tip seal support
Axial piston machine in swashplate construction
Rotary pump
Fan holder for receiving multiple fans
Thrust bearing assembly
Cam bar centering mechanism
Vibration damping device
Bicycle sprocket having a thickened spline
Method for controlling a powertrain
Volumetric-controlled smart valve
Electromagnetic valve for the dosage of fuel in an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for the maintenance of pipelines
Adjusting device for a motor vehicle seat
Flourescent lighting fixture module for indirect lighting of interior spaces, and method
Multilayered integrated backlight illumination assembly
Under the eve hideaway lights
Positional setting tool for use in an oil sump lubrication system
Lighting system with an adjustable illuminated area
Light guide plate and backlight module having the same
Angle sweeping holographic illuminator
Method and device for influencing combustion processes
Control method for waste incineration plants with auxiliary burner operation
Solar-powered system and method for providing utilities
Refrigerator unit for container
Heat pipe with composite wick structure
Attachment mechanisms for coupling firearms to supporting structures
Strobe light for firearm
Gun firing method for the simultaneous dispersion of projectiles in a pattern
Pyrotechnic cup
Header assembly
Explosive material sensitivity control
Method and apparatus for pipe alignment tool
Resonant difference-frequency atomic force ultrasonic microscope
Condensing chamber design
Compact tilt and vibration sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Temperature sensor and extensometer for electrical power cables
Temperature sensor and extensometer for electrical power cables
System, apparatus and method for dispensing chemical vapor
Apparatus and method for determining service life of electrochemical energy sources using combined ultrasonic and electromagnetic testing
Acceleration sensor
Illuminating device
Optical distributor for a laser-based ignition system, and method for the operation thereof
Fiberoptic connector
Optical module
Ferrule assembly and methods thereof
Plug device for glasses
Image photography apparatus
Camera module
Light quantity control device
Temperature-actuated valve assembly
Communication terminal device
Method for correcting a mask design layout
Disk management interface
Game presentation in a retail establishment
Apparatus and method for upgrading program
Universal routine for reviewing and exercising software objects
Techniques for managed code debugging
Unification of a programming language and a definition language
Method and system to allocate resources within an interconnect device according to a resource allocation table
Systems and methods for the repartitioning of data
Security label and method for the production thereof
Set of identification plates
Prism sheet and liquid crystal display device using the same
Prism sheet and liquid crystal display device using the same
Methods for forming armored cable assembly
Detachable magnetic ground strap assembly
Interconnecting board and three-dimensional wiring structure using it
Electrical component interface
Electrical connector for receiving an electrical card assembly
Contact configuration to be used in a connector
Aft-lift electric connector for a flexible circuit board
Socket connector with load plate having locking tabs engaged with stiffener
Device for protecting the engageable elements of a connector
Electrical connector with plug connector and receptacle connector
Electrical connector with improved contacts arrangement
Power-enabled connector assembly and method of manufacturing
Rotatable adapter for electrical plugs
Circuit board built-in connector and catcher
Self-locking coaxial connectors and related methods
Method of making a rotating electric machine stator core
Subscriber characterization system
Method for manufacturing crystal device
Method of manufacturing circuit board embedding thin film capacitor
Method of manufacturing electronic part
Thermal module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Position inputting device and video signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for selecting, modifying and superimposing one image on another
User interface mechanism for manipulating context in computer management applications
Methods of providing lower resolution format data into higher resolution format
Television program recording reservation apparatus
Light guide device enhancing a polarized component and liquid crystal display device
Voltage non-linear resistor unit and arrester unit
Digital electronic locator
Parking conduct device and parking conduct method
Digital to analogue converter
Mobile communication system and inter-bases station synchronzing method
High-isolation, common focus, transmit-receive antenna set
Spectrum analyzer and spectrum measuring method using the same
Standing wave magnetometer
Finger tester probe
Hybrid data and clock recharging techniques in domino logic circuits minimizes charge sharing during evaluation
Switched-opamp technique for low-voltage switched capacitor circuits
Semiconductor device
Electromagnet, specially for actuating valves
Differential current mode output circuit for electro-optical sensor arrays
Superconducting transistor arrangement and a method relating thereto
Wiring board with reduced radiation of undesired electromagnetic waves
SOI-MOS field effect transistor with improved source/drain structure and method of forming the same
Electronic device such as a thermistor and the like with improved corrosion resistance
Using carbon dioxide to indicate oxygen depletion
Parking status control system and method
Thin-film field-effect transistor with organic semiconductor requiring low operating voltages
Solid-state image pickup device and method of manufacturing the same
Power semiconductor device having low on-resistance and high breakdown voltage
Packet-frame generator for creating an encoded packet frame and method thereof
Digital-to-analog converter
Pulse generator for treating exhaust gas
Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display device
Semiconductor chip, semiconductor device package, probe card and package testing method
Bias circuit for a low voltage differential circuit
Bandgap reference circuit with a pre-regulator
Method for driving a plasma display panel having multiple drivers for odd and even numbered electrode lines
Display control circuit suitable for multi-screen display
Light beam scanner unit with passing position and power control and image forming apparatus
Programmable logic device with redundant circuitry
Semiconductor integrated circuit device that can suppress generation of signal skew between data input/output terminals
Digital camera which detects a connection to an external device
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing the same
Printer usable with recording material of plural types
Semiconductor package produced by solder plating without solder residue
Semiconductor device comprising layered positional detection marks and manufacturing method thereof
Image sensor with dummy pixel or dummy pixel array
Liquid crystal display device
Pyrotechnically operated electrical contactor
Vehicle-onboard ETC apparatus and method with visible/audible ETC-relevant information messaging
Flash memory using micro vacuum tube technology
Semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor element mounted on a substrate and covered by a wiring board
Semiconductor device with gold bumps, and method and apparatus of producing the same
Human Necessities
Unattended package delivery cross-docking apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electric energy charging control apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Scintillator for a multi-slice computed tomograph system
Test socket having improved contact terminals, and method of forming contact terminals of the test socket
Method for processing the lapse measurements
Pair of FETs including a shared SOI body contact and the method of forming the FETs
Optical semiconductor device for surface mounting
Integrated power amplifier which allows parallel connections
Reducing jitter in mixed-signal circuitry
Apparatus and method for capturing object in TV program
Method of evaluating image processing performed on a radiographic image
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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