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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for rolling and forming food dough
Applicator with product reserve, in particular for nail varnish
Hanger for suspending at least one object from a support
Gardening tool suspension device
Scissor-action support arrangement
Easy-to-clean cooking surface
Apparatus for picking up optical element
Cutting board excellent in a drainage function
Apparatus and method for detecting the reproductive status, in particular the oestrus cycle, of a mammal
Bone marrow harvesting drill
Quick-release tag applicator
Bone anchor prosthesis and system
Surgical stapling apparatus
Circular stapler for hemorrhoid operations
Surgical instrument with pivotable jaw member
Disposable oral hygiene instrument and methods and packages for same
Skin pricking apparatus
Method and device for treating abnormal curvature of a spine
System for fusing joints
Integrated sensor for analyzing biological samples
Method and system for evaluating valvular function
Method and apparatus for performing transgastric procedures
Holding element for a dental implant
Method and apparatus for indirect bonding of orthodontic appliances to teeth
System and method for positioning teeth
Orthodontic treatment methods, systems and apparatus for use therewith
Transdermal patch containing isosorbide dinitrate and bisoprolol
Percutaneous absorption type patch
Pant-like disposable garment having improved fastener systems
Devices and methods to treat a patient
Thrombosis inhibiting graft
Method for repair and reconstruction of ruptured ligaments or tendons and for treatment of ligament and tendon injuries
Accommodative intra-ocular lens
Method and apparatus for resecting and replacing an aortic valve
Plating system for stabilizing a bony segment
Tool for controlling the mutual angle between the parts of an artificial hip joint
Apparatus and methods for preventing and/or healing pressure ulcers
Weight driven neck traction unit and method
Myopia therapy appliance and a blinder with said appliance
Reishi F3 sub fraction polysaccharides and methods of using same
Non-neurotoxic plasminogen activating factors for treating stroke
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a human GLP-1 mimetibody
VMP-like sequences of pathogenic Borrelia
Compositions and methods of use of ORF-1358 from beta-hemolytic streptococcal strains
Reovirus for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Methods of inhibiting B lymphocytes using antibodies to Neutrokine-alpha
Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of CD44
Encapsulated colorants for natural skin appearance
Dermal penetration enhancers and drug delivery systems involving the same
Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists
Bladder catheter
Safety shield system for prefilled syringe
Controller for ultrafiltration blood circuit which prevent hypotension by monitoring osmotic pressure in blood
Integral insufflation valve
Personal care applications of emulsions containing elastomeric silanes and siloxanes with nitrogen atoms
Golf ball with a translucent layer comprising composite material
Golf ball with non-circular dimples
Golf putter
Golf club set
Exercise machine
System and method for promoting and tracking physical activity among a participating group of individuals
Electronic marker stakes for sports fields
Clean energy powered surfboards
Bowl N Hold-em
Method for playing a game of chance with a wireless electronic gaming unit
Methods and apparatus for providing tickets from gaming devices and/or lottery terminals which are not dependent on a player's success on the underlying game
System and method for controlling a bell in a model vehicle
Doll with photographic image
Baby toy with baby care items
Block for building a toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flash chromatography cartridge
Underdrain for a filter system for filtering water or wastewater and a method of washing the filter system
Methods and apparatuses for reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds from pumps and storage tanks for VOC-containing fluids
Polyamine/alkali salt blends for carbon dioxide removal from gas streams
Pd menbrane having improved H.sub.2-permeance, and method of making
Method for desalinating sea water
Method and apparatus for desalinating sea water
Method and apparatus for generating fresh water
Method and apparatus for application of electrostatic charges to compounds held within containers
Potassium electric generator and chemical synthesizer
Microfluidic device
Centerpipe design for radial flow reactor
Net structure and methods of making the same
Thin walled powder metal component manufacturing
Device for the high-speed drilling of printed circuit boards
Method of attaching a solder ball and method of repairing a memory module
Heat conducting apparatus and solder melting method therefor
Broach tool and a broach insert
Distributed shunt structure for lapping of current perpendicular plane (CPP) heads
Clamping device
Process for producing concrete in hot weather
Solution casting process
Sterile de-molding apparatus and method
Composite component and method of manufacturing the same
Sheet film forming roll, sheet film casting apparatus, fine pattern transferring apparatus and sheet film
Process for improving the emission of electron field emitters
Molded fabric and methods of manufacture
Ink-jet authentication mark for a product or product packaging
Active-energy ray curable ink-jet recording apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Printhead having displacable nozzles
Print element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
Printing head substrate, ink jet printing head and ink jet printing apparatus with substrate temperature detecting element
Micro-fluid ejection heads with multiple glass layers
Heater stack in a micro-fluid ejection device and method for forming floating electrical heater element in the heater stack
Methods and apparatus for improved ejection head planarity and reduced ejection head damage
Ink jet recording cartridge
Liquid ejection head, liquid cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Inkjet printer maintenance system
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
Printing machine and a method of printing
Ultraviolet-curable resin material for pattern transfer and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method using the same
Method for manufacturing patterned magnetic recording medium
Etch method
Protective safety cover for the pin box and the king pin of a fifth wheel type trailer
Leaning vehicle suspension
Adjustable vehicle driveline mount
Car seat with convertible bottom
Operating support for surgeons
Downwards folding seat
Flywheel and clutch lift
Vehicle lamp
Fixture for a headlight unit, method for the production thereof, and front unit
Arranging structure of wire harness for motor vehicle
Energy absorption device
Airbag and airbag apparatus
Truck bed enclosure
Truck bed companion
Hybrid powertrain and dual clutch transmission
Method and system for controlling engine speed, engine torque and output from a torque converter
Hand truck having arrangement for mounting on a carrier of bicycle after handles retracting
Storage latch for foldable stroller
Stroller and shopping cart
Bicycle frame manufacture
Structure for transporting, commissioning and decommissioning the elements of a fixed oil platform and methods for implementing such a structure
Water intake grill for personal watercraft
Engine exhaust bypass system for ocean vessel
Wind turbine blade pitch control system
Centrifugal impeller having forward and reverse flow paths
Noise-suppressing strut support system for an unmanned aerial vehicle
Fuel line air trap for an unmanned aerial vehicle
Inflatable nested toroid structure
Glass packaging cover
Apparatus and method for closing or opening an opening, especially a bottom opening of a material hopper for a blast furnace, and blast furnace having such an apparatus
Carton with handle
Sealing plug with a pressure-compensating chamber
Beverage dispensing assembly
Splicing apparatus and method
Arrangement for gathering or assembling printed sheets for producing bound printed products
Sheet aligning method and sheet post-processing apparatus including aligning device
Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
Liner piercing twist closure
Viscoelastic liquid flow splitter and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High temperature catalytic process to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide
Titanium dioxide having a variable sintering stability
Processes for making stable ferric chloride solutions
Method of purifying wastewater and sewage treatment plant
Micro diffusion of oxygen for treatment and dispersal of wastewater in a drain field
Ink, inkjet ink, inkjet recording method and method for improving weather resistance of color image material
Ink, inkjet ink, inkjet recording ink set, inkjet recording method and method for improving weather resistance of color image material
Inkjet recording yellow ink, inkjet recording ink set and inkjet recording method
Inkjet recording yellow ink, inkjet recording ink set and inkjet recording method
Compounds suitable for use in inks and inks having such compounds
Liquid crystal-containing composition and liquid crystal display device therewith
Refrigerator oil composition
Vegetable lipid-based composition and candle
Multi-purpose renewable fuel for isolating contaminants and storing energy
Microfluidic magnetophoretic device and methods for using the same
Process for liberating metals using direct production of leach grade acid solutions
High strength formed article comprising hyperfine grain structure steel and manufacturing method of the same
Amorphous alloy and manufacturing method thereof
Method for preparing one dimensional spin photonic crystal device and one dimensional spin photonic crystal device prepared by the same
Nanometer-scale sharpening of conductor tips
Reactive sputtering method
Catalyst particles on a tip
Textiles; Paper
Process for the production of piping made of a cementitious material having a circular section
Static dewatering element for a web forming machine and a method for covering a static dewatering element designed for a web forming machine
Device for producing a web of tissue
Anionic functional promoter and charge control agent with improved wet to dry tensile strength ratio
Fixed Constructions
Parking barrier activated by its own electric energy creation
Shoreline stabilization, restoration, and runoff filtration
Interlocking retainer ties
Mounting device for a flat screen display panel
Multi-position tailgate support apparatus and method
Lateral storage spool for overhead cable pathway
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System, method and apparatus for open impeller and diffuser assembly for multi-stage submersible pump
Mechanically affixed turbine shroud plug
Turbine airfoil with near wall cooling
Cooling channel formed in a wall
Turbine airfoil with trailing edge cooling channels
Turbine blade with leading edge cooling
High temperature turbine rotor blade
Rotary reciprocating intensified hydraulic actuator
Pressure control method
Self drilling bolt with anchor
Screw with breakaway and methods of using the same
Motion guide device and method of lubricating the same
Sliding radial bearing
Coupling and shaft assembly
System for connecting a shaft to a joint
Boot for constant-velocity universal joint and cross-grooved constant-velocity universal joint
Gear and clutch arrangement for multi-speed transmission
Dual input planetary final drive
Eccentric bottom bracket assembly
Push fit waterproof interconnect for lighting fixtures
Light-emitting diode cluster lamp
Illumination arrangement, multiple light module, luminaire and use thereof
Three-mode integrated headlamp
Light fixture and light method
Thermal control system for a light-emitting diode fixture
LED light fixture
Window lighting system
Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
Illumination device and liquid crystal display device
Display lamp, in particular easily assembled display lamp with hidden light source
Vehicle lamp
Combustion control system of detection and analysis of gas or fuel oil flames using optical devices
Device and method for evaluating a temperature
Method and device for selectively detecting ferromagnetic or superparamagnetic particles
Test element with nanofibers
Apparatus for analyzing tin compounds in liquid samples and method for analyzing tin levels using the same
Dispensing apparatus
Camera lens unit
Laser illumination device with adjustable light output
Electronic apparatus and illuminating device having a translucent member with incident lines of protrusions
Optical structures including polyurea
Laminate type light-emitting diode device, and reflection type light-emitting diode unit
Method for controlling digital shower system
Cashless slot machine and/or amusement device with special features
System which manages relationships between characters in a video game or other virtual environment
Apparatus and methods facilitating the use of financial transactions in a virtual environment
Player tracking system
Wireless transaction medium having combined magnetic stripe and radio frequency communications
Device and method for the contactless personalization of chips that are integrated into passports
Banking terminal that operates to cause financial transfers responsive to data bearing records
Handheld device for selling transaction instruments via web-based tools
Switching between internal and external antennas
Apparatus and method for obtaining a random code useable in a device for unique identification of a product
Silver paste for forming conductive layers
Nano-carbon hybrid structures
Medium temperature coating material for high speed turbomachinery and method of coating same
Treatment of gas from an in situ conversion process
Electrical connector assembly and back plate arrangement thereof
Electrical connector with arc shield, piston-contact positioner and electric stress graded interface
Electrical connector incorporated with signal controlling circuitry
Electrical connector with improved terminals assembled to insulative housing from top to bottom
Power connector with improved locking member exposed to the exterior
Electric plug device for extending and replacing a malfunctioning female power outlet
Connector for capacitor microphone
Cable assembly with improved wire holding device
Pad and method of assembly the same to connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Termite sensing methods
Book organizing device
Deep well cooker with dual heating elements
System for indicating the expiration of the useful operating life of a pulse oximetry sensor
Communication system for an instrumented orthopedic restraining device and method therefor
Low voltage low current bubble detection circuit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Photo catalyzer and discharge lamp having a photo catalytic layer
Array of ultrasound transducers
Sensorless control induction motor rotor slot shapes and fabrication methods
Electric joining method and apparatus and a joined unit of members
Welding system and method
Method of railroad rail repair
High-speed maskless via generation system
Processing method of discharge nozzle for liquid jet recording head and manufacturing method of liquid jet recording head
Process for laser machining continuous metal stamped strip
Process for laser machining continuous metal strip
Electric arc welder using high frequency pulses
Long reach welding torch and method for selecting torch shape
Cantilever stage
Method and apparatus for in-situ endpoint detection using electrical sensors
Determination of track width of magnetoresistive sensors during magnetic head fabrication using magnetic fields
Cordless power tool system
Glass edge object detection sensor
Circuit for control of power windows, sun roofs, or door locks in motor vehicles
Vicinity display for car
Air conditioner for hybrid vehicle
Departure control system using simulated phase
Motor control apparatus and control method
Headlight anti-glare system
Control circuit for LED and corresponding operating method
Device for supplying current and/or voltage to a vehicle trailer for the supply of brake components
Distinctive hazard flash patterns for motor vehicles and for portable emergency warning devices with pulse generators to produce such patterns
Vehicle signal light assembly
Wireless vehicle reversal monitoring device
Vehicle rearview mirror system
Antitheft device for vehicles
Pyroelectric intrusion detection in motor vehicles
Modular reaction wheel assembly to shield electronics on a satellite
Method and apparatus for testing IC device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of horizontally growing carbon nanotubes and field effect transistor using the carbon nanotubes grown by the method
CVD-SiC self-supporting membrane structure and method for manufacturing the same
Enhanced lift pin
Method for the surface treatment of a tribological coating
Fixed Constructions
Power and signal transmission using insulated conduit for permanent downhole installations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pedal with integrated position sensor
Adaptive wave motion electrical power generator
Motor construction unit for a submersible pump unit
Vacuum bearing structure and a method of supporting a movable member
Controlled magnetic bearing device
Actuators and apparatus
Transmission selector sensor assembly package for integration into transmission assembly
Cooking apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting thickness of thin layer formed on a wafer
Device for precision alignment of shafts, rollers, axles, spindles or machine tools
Apparatus for sensing position of electrostatic XY-stage through time-division multiplexing
Personal communication and positioning system
Linearized magnetic displacement sensor
Conductive fluid-based position sensor and method
Absolute position hall string sensor
Method and apparatus for compensating a radiation sensor for ambient temperature variations
Ionization vacuum gauge
Particle detector system
Method for characterizing samples on the basis of intermediate statistical data
Silicon wafer probe station using back-side imaging
Sectored magnetic lens and method of use
Pattern dimension measuring system and pattern dimension measuring method
Processes and devices for the photothermal inspection of a test body
Structural body having a stochastic surface patterning as well as a capacitive sensor having such a structural body
Streaming current detector with easily removable matched sleeve and piston set
Digital encoder control method
Microstructure testing head
Modular semiconductor tester interface assembly for high performance coaxial connections
Current sensor and electric circuit using the same
Method and system for optically detecting an electric current by means of light signals having different wavelengths
Method and apparatus for measuring harmonic load-pull for frequency multiplication
Air pump operated test fixture and method for testing a circuit board
Apparatus and method for pressing prober
Electrical test instrument having an improved operator interface
Method and structure to determine low threshold voltage and high threshold voltage
Method and apparatus of testing and analyzing CMOS integrated circuit
System for partial scan testing of integrated circuits
Testing apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuits and a method for managing the same
Testing of interconnection circuitry using two modulated charged particle beams
Method and system for determining the capacity of a battery
Method of predicting the state of charge as well as the use time left of a rechargeable battery
Remaining battery capacity corrector and controlling method therefor
Method and apparatus for rapid heating of NMR samples
Switchable longitudinal gradient coil
Magnetic resonance random trajectory collection method and apparatus
Method for the correction of artifacts in magnetic resonance images
Magnetic field inhomogeneity measurement method and apparatus, phase correction method and apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Solid-state radiation detector in which signal charges are reduced below saturation level
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Casing/push bore monitor technique
Scanning probe microscope assembly and method for making confocal, spectrophotometric, near-field, and scanning probe measurements and associated images
Pixel mirror based stage lighting system
Frequency tunable resonant scanner and method of making
Bidirectional optical semiconductor apparatus
Structure and fabrication method of flat panel display comprising address line with mending layer
Method of making a TFT array with photo-imageable insulating layer over address lines
Method and system for providing inorganic vapor surface treatment for photoresist adhesion promotion
High resolution electron projection
Method and apparatus for improving signal to noise ratio of an aerial image monitor
Device for exposure of the peripheral area of a film circuit board
Method for manufacturing electroluminescent lamps and apparatus produced thereby
Position controller
Programmable pulse width modulated waveform generator for a spindle motor controller
Circuit configuration for controlling nonlinear paths
Voltage downconverter circuit capable of reducing current consumption while keeping response rate
Power supply device
Active bias circuit having wilson and widlar configurations
Bias circuit for use with low-voltage power supply
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Dynamically scalable low voltage clock generation system
Fingerprint detector with scratch resistant surface and embedded ESD protection grid
Packaging provided with means to check integrity thereof
Tactile tracking systems and methods
Monitoring and alerting system for luggage
Scattering light smoke alarm
Fire detector with modulation index measurement
Reminder system
Radio paging receiver with message display function
Speed limit display in a vehicle
Method of variable resolution on a flat panel display
Drive circuit of capacitive load and integrated circuit for driving capacitive load
Electromagnetic device equipped with solenoid, automatic player using the same and automatic player keyboard musical instrument
Magnetoelectronics element having a stressed over-layer configured for alteration of the switching energy barrier
Nanotube semiconductor devices and methods for making the same
Control pin for specifying integrated circuit voltage levels
Memory module with parallel stub traces
Multi-layer lead frame for a semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit for low power and high speed operation
Functionality change by bond optioning decoding
Near-field scanning optical microscope with a high Q-factor piezoelectric sensing element
Bending piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Electric circuit interrupter
Full-color plasma display panel using different discharge gases to emit lights
Plasma display panel with barriers and electrodes having different widths depending on the discharge cell
Ion beam processing apparatus and method of operating ion source therefor
Color cathode ray tube having an internal voltage-dividing resistor
Electron gun in color CRT
Color cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube having reduced convergence drift
Gated filament structures for a field emission display
Triode carbon nanotube field emission display using barrier rib structure and manufacturing method thereof
Ion beam apparatus and a method for neutralizing space charge in an ion beam
Bulk gas delivery system for ion implanters
Charged-particle beam exposure apparatus, exposure system, control method therefor, and device manufacturing method
Electron beam drawing apparatus and method of the same
Device and method for alternating operation of multiple ion sources
Method of and apparatus for soft ionization of analyte substances
Method and device for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization of substances
Stochastic cyclotron ion filter (SCIF)
Fluorescent lamp
High pressure sodium discharge lamp
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps
High-pressure discharge lamp
Gas discharge fluorescent device
Infrared filter system for fluorescent lighting
High-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and lamp unit
Low work function emitters and method for production of fed's
Method for fabrication of relaxed SiGe buffer layers on silicon-on-insulators and structures containing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices with reduced control gate dimensions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same including thicker insulating layer on lower part of electrode
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
MOSFET structure for use in ESD protection devices
Semiconductor package and semiconductor package fabrication method
Protective conformal silicon nitride films and spacers
Cu-pad/bonded/Cu-wire with self-passivating Cu-alloys
Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Wafer level semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with copper-filled via includes a copper-zinc/alloy film for reduced electromigration of copper
Integrated circuit with borderless contacts
Integrated passivation process, probe geometry and probing process
Transient voltage suppressor with diode overlaying another diode for conserving space
Sub-cap and method of manufacture therefor in integrated circuit capping layers
Method of forming vias in silicon carbide and resulting devices and circuits
In situ plasma pre-deposition wafer treatment in chemical vapor deposition technology for semiconductor integrated circuit applications
Reduction of metal corrosion in semiconductor devices
Input protection circuit connected to projection circuit power source potential line
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Flash memory device and method of making same
Hybrid circuit and electronic device using same
Thin film transistors having tapered gate electrode and taped insulating film
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device with FET MESA structure and vertical contact electrodes
Metal-to-metal antifuse with non-conductive diffusion barrier
Packaged semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Passivation layer for packaged integrated circuits
Microbar and method of its making
Cavity down ball grid array (CD BGA) package
Grid array package with increased electrical grounding routes and method of fabrication
Micro-BGA beam lead connection with cantilevered beam leads
Capacitor, capacitor mounting structure, method for manufacturing same, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with elastic structure and wiring
Lead frame decoupling capacitor semiconductor device packages including the same and methods
Wiring board and its production method, semiconductor device and its production method, and electronic apparatus
Thin oxide anti-fuse
Contact connection of metal interconnects of an integrated semiconductor chip
Semiconductor device having a ground plane and manufacturing method thereof
Test structure in an integrated semiconductor
High performance system-on-chip using post passivation process
Shielding arrangement to protect a circuit from stray magnetic fields
Semiconductor device and process for the same
Device for defeating reverse engineering of integrated circuits by optical means
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, circuit board have the same mounted thereon, and electronic equipment having the circuit board
Integrally connected image sensor packages having a window support in contact with a window and the active area
CMOS image sensor unit with serial transmitting function
Trench capacitor with expanded area and method of making the same
Ferroelectric memory device having improved ferroelectric characteristics
Programmable logic array with vertical transistors
Insulated-gate field-effect semiconductor device
Photoelectric converter having a light receiving portion with an improved readout gate
LED array chip
Pixel structure an organic light-emitting diode display device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device with rod like crystals and a recessed insulation layer
Removal of heat from SOI device
Partially relaxed channel HEMT device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory utilizing polarization of ferroelectric material
Sidewall charge-coupled device with multiple trenches in multiple wells
Field-effect-controlled transistor and method for fabricating the transistor
Power device having vertical current path with enhanced pinch-off for current limiting
Power devices in wide bandgap semiconductor
Photoelectric conversion element and method for producing the element
Photovoltaic element, process for the production thereof, method for removing a cover portion of a covered wire, and method for joining a covered wire and a conductor
Solar cell having a three-dimensional array of photovoltaic cells enclosed within an enclosure having reflective surfaces
Structure of a complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor
Avalanche photodiode for high-speed applications
High efficiency light emitters with reduced polarization-induced charges
Light emitting diode
Nitride-based VCSEL or light emitting diode with p-n tunnel junction current injection
Mounting structure of piezoelectric transformer and method of mounting piezoelectric transformer
Co-fired piezo driver and method of making for a ring laser gyroscope
Intersystem crossing agents for efficient utilization of excitons in organic light emitting devices
Light-emitting device with organic layer doped with photoluminescent material
Method for packaging organic electroluminescent device
Organic light emitting device and method for mounting
Light-emitting device and electric apparatus
Internal battery holding structure in mobile equipment
Connecting structure and frequency adjusting method therein
In-band-flat-group-delay type dielectric filter and linearized amplifier using the same
Print board and electronic device equipped with the print board
High-frequency circuit device and communication apparatus
Connection structure for overlapping dielectric waveguide lines
Isolating signal divider/combiner and method of combining signals of first and second frequencies
Coupling line with an uncoupled middle portion
Multi-terminal power combining feed-forward amplifier
Moisture collecting grounding electrode
Microwave devices based on chemically induced dynamic electron spin polarization
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with single mode confinement
Gallium nitride based semiconductor light emitting device
Battery with lead/nugget protection insert
Apparatus for starting drive of load by high-voltage battery
Battery charger apparatus
Electric motor
Motor/generator with equalized coolant distribution
Stator flux ring having fastenable pole pieces and method of making same
Electricity generator with counter-rotating collectors in a radial magnetic field
Permanent field small-size motor
Vehicle AC generator
Automotive alternator
Stacked coil assembly for a stator
Electric drive apparatus with a rotor having two magnetizied disks
Electric motor-and-gear assembly for vehicle accessories
Flat coreless vibrator motor
Method and arrangement for adjusting disc brake in squirrel cage motor
Alternator having passage for ventilating slip-ring surface
Passive, phase-change, stator winding end-turn cooled electric machine
Apparatus and method for effecting controlled start up of a plurality of supply voltage signals
Power supply apparatus, method, and electronic apparatus
Charge pump circuit
Discontinuous-mode buck-boost slave converter working off a continuous-mode master buck converter
Pulse oscillator and voltage level converter
Multiphase switching regulator control architecture for low on time systems that enforces current sharing
Method and circuit for optimizing efficiency in a high frequency switching DC-DC converter
Magnetic levitation control apparatus
Method for controlling a current-regulated motor
Fan motor with variable frequency/constant speed control
Delta-sigma based dual-port modulation scheme and calibration techniques for similar modulation schemes
Phase fluctuation generation
Phase comparator
High order multi-path operational amplifier with output saturation recovery
Self-biased cascode RF power amplifier in sub-micron technical field
RF power amplifier transistor quiescent current checking and adjusting
Differential intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier with narrow band noise dithering for driving high speed analog-to-digital conversion and communication applications
Input voltage offset calibration of an analog device using a microcontroller
Multi-level power amplifier
Active inductor
Piezoelectric resonator
Thin-film bulk acoustic resonator with enhanced power handling capacity
Multichip configuration
Method for smoothing dI/dT noise due to clock transitions
Power-up control circuit
Analog switch circuit
Enhanced conductivity body biased PMOS driver
Reducing leakage currents in integrated circuits
CMOS apparatus for driving transmission lines
Method and circuit configuration for controlling a data driver
Capacitively coupled re-referencing circuit with transient correction
Level shift circuit for shifting voltage levels
Circuit for reducing pin count of a semiconductor chip and method for configuring the chip
Circuits and method for implementing autonomous sequential logic
Programmable logic device structures in standard cell devices
Semiconductor device having critical path connected by feedback ring oscillator
Integrated circuit current source with switched capacitor feedback
Discriminator circuit
Programmable oscillator scheme
Flip-flop circuit
Method and apparatus for generating a power-on reset with an adjustable falling edge for power management
Semiconductor buffer circuit with a transition delay circuit
Differential interconnection circuits in programmable logic devices
Multi-input comparator
Bipolar ring oscillator with enhanced startup and shutdown
Differential charge pump with low voltage common mode feedback circuit
Fractional-N-PLL frequency synthesizer and phase error canceling method therefor
Voltage control oscillator with stable free run frequency using current clamping
Temperature compensated oscillator, its manufacturing method, and integrated circuit for temperature compensated oscillator
Charge pump circuit for phase-locked loop circuitry
System and method for compressing and decompressing data in real time
Heterodyne optical spectrum analyzer with provisions for intensity noise subtraction
Method and system for power line impedance detection and automatic impedance matching
Termination circuit with voltage-independent characteristics
System and method for improving signal propagation
Bidirectional data transfer path having increased bandwidth
Charge transfer device
Vertical deflection driving circuit
Method and apparatus for determining the illumination type in a scene
Switching apparatus for routing communication channels through a satellite payload
Channel monitoring by a multichannel selective call receiver
Remote controlled measurement arrangement and process for remote controlled operation of several measuring points
Power supply for hybrid illumination system
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and lighting appliance employing same
Inverter for multi-tube type backlight
Multi-lamp protection circuit for an electronic ballast
Circuit device
Power supply for lamps
Microwave oven in which rush current to high voltage transformer is suppressed
Plasma torch cartridge and plasma torch equipped therewith
Signal buffers for printed circuit boards
Method and apparatus for suppressing electromagnetic emissions from a bus interface with electronic equipment
Printed circuit board arrangement
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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