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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Optical spectroscopy pathlength measurement system
Automatic analysis in virtual endoscopy
Exercise load intensity evaluation device and exercise equipment
Portable biological data measuring apparatus
Soft tissue orientation and imaging guide systems and methods
System and method for determining patient posture based on 3-D trajectory using an implantable medical device
Method of using non-simultaneous stimulation to represent the within-channel fine structure
Pacemaker passive measurement testing system and method
Cardiovascular anchoring device and method of deploying same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for engine driven vehicle incorporating generator
Control device for engine driven vehicle incorporating generator
Clothes dryer heater with air flow increasing device adjacent the heating element
Controllable release of a volatile substance
Method for tracking the location of mobile agents using stand-off detection technique
Position detecting method and apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method for determining the position of one vehicle with respect to another vehicle, in particular for motor vehicles
Seal force monitor apparatus, system, and method for in-process determination of integrity of sealed containers
Method of detecting nozzle clogging and analytical instrument
Method and device for non-destructive analysis of perforations in a material
Portable surface plasmon resonance imaging instrument
Container sidewall inspection
Polarizing filter and producing method thereof
Zoom lens assembly
Optical modulator module
Optical scanner with curved mirror and method of manufacturing the same
Optical scanning system and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Underwater surveillance system
Optical fibre sealing assembly
Glass bonded fiber array and method for the fabrication thereof
Electro-optical subassemblies and method for assembly thereof
Active/passive monolithically integrated channel filtering polarization splitter
Device for holding field termination load adapter for optical connectors
Light-enhancing component and fabrication method thereof
Optical system with reduced back reflection
Optical coupling arrangement
Thermally induced pressure operated optical switch and display device using the same
Monolithic waveguide/MEMS switch
Display comprising blended mixture of different uniform domain sizes with the ratio of smallest to largest domain size no more than 1:2
Protective film for polarizing plate
Color transflective LCD device having adjusting windows corresponding to reflective region wherein the adjusting windows having color concentration of more than zero
Optical device
Image pickup apparatus and power supply control method therefor
Camera guard with bezel and ring
Apochromatic unit-magnification projection optical system
Image formation apparatus and method for decreasing density unevenness
Belt apparatus used in image formation, and an image formation apparatus
Image forming device, color calibration method and its program
Xerographic charging device having three pin arrays
Image forming device having an electrifying member in contact with an image carrier
Method and device for estimating toner concentration and image forming apparatus equipped with such device
Systems and methods for electron charging particles
Image forming apparatus with magnetic member in feeding supply tube/screw assembly
Container, toner container, image forming apparatus, and image forming process
Image forming apparatus, and control system, cartridge and memory medium for the same apparatus
Application roller and image forming apparatus
Image forming device
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Obliquity correction scanning using a prism mirror
Method of adjusting a process control device, adjustment tool therefor and process control device thereof
Clock data recovery circuitry and phase locked loop circuitry with dynamically adjustable bandwidths
Microcomputer using a shared counter
Electronic apparatus having keyboard
Communication device
System and method for providing a power control device for a computing unit
Power management for an integrated graphics device
Recording/reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for outage measurement
Peripheral component with high error protection for stored programmable controls
Network data retrieval and filter systems and methods
Information processing method and system with execution thresholds allowable to input data errors
Disk array device capable of backing up and limiting access to a system logical unit
Memory devices with buffered command address bus
Method and apparatus for data migration with the efficient use of old assets
Method and circuit for allocating memory arrangement addresses
Remote copy with WORM guarantee
RAID protected external secondary memory
Systems and methods for negotiating transactions between nodes
Communication system allowing users to know online or network status of sought users
Method and system for automatically updating contact information within a contact database
Memory control apparatus executing prefetch instruction
System for extending length of a connection to a USB device
Integrated information communication system using internet protocol
Printing process, printing processor, and recording medium in which printer driver program is recorded
Wireless device attachment and detachment system, apparatus and method
Dynamically setting burst length of memory device by applying signal to at least one external pin during a read or write transaction
Wireless USB hardware scheduling
Multi-spectral image compression with bounded loss
Position pointing device
System and method for relative positioning of an autonomous vehicle
Gateway unit, control method thereof, and communication system
Technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent network-distributed advertising and for interstitially displaying an advertisement, so distributed, through a web browser in response to a user click-stream
Job scheduling system for print processing
Sensor measurement method and system with universal data concentrators
Replica routing
Method of facilitating access to IP-based emergency services
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including a reconfigurable processing stage and methods relating thereto
Information processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Logical semantic compression
Infiniband TM work queue to TCP/IP translation
Work queue to TCP/IP translation
Method for content distribution in a network supporting a security protocol
Tracing layer-2 route in networks based on broadcast medium
Memory bound functions for spam deterrence and the like
Automatic concealment of expansion cards in computer system
System and method for computer hardware identification
Previewing digital audio clips
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
Method, system and program product for extracting essence from a multimedia file received in a first format, creating a metadata file in a second file format and using a unique identifier assigned to the essence to access the essence and metadata file
System and method for distributing selected objects from a source database to a destination database
Method and system for creating a table version of a document
Word processor for freestyle editing of well-formed XML documents
System and method for providing language-specific extensions to the compare facility in an edit system
Dynamic class inheritance and distributed caching with object relational mapping and cartesian model support in a database manipulation and mapping system
Clustering web queries
Translation of object queries involving inheritence
Maintaining time-sorted aggregation records representing aggregations of values from multiple database records using multiple partitions
Automated load determination for partitioned simulation
Material classification system and methods
Process control system and method
Statistical models for improving the performance of database operations
Virtual calling card system and method
View multiplexer for use with a viewing infrastructure and a method of operation thereof
Third party document storage and reuse
Recursive file backup
Methods for detecting overflow and/or underflow in a fixed length binary field
Processor with instructions that operate on different data types stored in the same single logical register file
Method and apparatus for restructuring a binary decision diagram
Method and apparatus for booting the operating environment of an autonomous subsystem in a computer based system without involvement of the main operating system
Method and apparatus for instruction pointer storage element configuration in a simultaneous multithreaded processor
Memory hub bypass circuit and method
Geometric model comparator and method
Visualization of workpieces during simulation of milling processes
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Anatomical visualization and measurement system
Next process-determining method, inspecting method and inspecting apparatus
Mask defect analysis for both horizontal and vertical processing effects
Scanning and detecting a number of images
Electronic watermark insertion device, detection device, and method
Image processing device, program product and system
Evaluating method, generating method and apparatus for three-dimensional shape model
Method and software-implemented apparatus for detecting objects in multi-dimensional data
Method and system for image scaling
Method for using a JPEG engine to assist in efficiently constructing MPEG I-frames
System and method for synthesis of bidirectional texture functions on arbitrary surfaces
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and computer-readable record medium storing image processing program
Techniques for retrieving multimedia information using a paper-based interface
System and method for determining the probable existence of disease
Method and apparatus for compensating a plurality of franchise participants in a multi-level sales force
Apparatus for issuing commodity codes for commodity model names
Automated targeted and proportional investment management systems and methods
Systems for exchanging an obligation
Method and apparatus for a networked imaging system
Method and apparatus for interactive language instruction
Automated digital voice recorder to personal information manager synchronization
System and method for eliminating synchronization errors in electronic audiovisual transmissions and presentations
Audio signal processing for speech communication
Voice converter with extraction and modification of attribute data
Method and apparatus for speech recognition using semantic inference and word agglomeration
Apparatus and method for optically recording sub data through radial deviation of pits or marks
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disks formed with pits strings and mark strings
Screw attachment from exterior of disk drive enclosure for motors with mount bracket screw bolt pattern diameter larger than the motor hub outside diameter
Optical recording system with a built-in jitter detector
Method and apparatus to control a step motor of an optical disk driving system
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method
Methods for self-servowriting using write-current variation
Disc drive turbulent wind management
Controller for data recorder
Data recorder
Longitudinal media with soft underlayer and perpendicular write head
Method for decoding address in pre-groove data of an optical disc drive
Inductive write head driven only by an ampere wire
Magnetic head with electro-lapping guide
Head supporting device and disk apparatus
Open-channel torsion bend section
Optical apparatus for tracking a magnetic tape
Heating/cooling based system for obtaining a disc drive servo signal
Distinguishing optical disc types
Information recording apparatus, an information recording method, a program, a recording medium, and an information recording system
Apparatus for writing data and method for generating DVD format data
High-density optical disc
Method and format for reading and writing in a multilevel optical data systems
Optical disc having variable spare area rates and method for variably setting the rate of spare areas in the optical disc
Recording medium, recording medium recording method, output control method, reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing control method, recording method, recording/reproducing method, and recording and/or reproducing method
Spin-transfer based MRAM using angular-dependent selectivity
Memory array of a non-volatile RAM
Magnetic tunnel junctions for MRAM devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and programming method for the same
Location-specific NAND (LS NAND) memory technology and cells
Method and apparatus for smoothing current transients in a content addressable memory (CAM) device with dummy searches
Semiconductor memory device and control method for semiconductor memory device
Method of testing the data exchange functionality of a memory
Memory device with column select being variably delayed
Memory device and method having low-power, high write latency mode and high-power, low write latency mode and/or independently selectable write latency
Method for producing and applying an antiscatter grid or collimator to an x-ray or gamma detector
Controlled resistance capacitors
Multilayered chip capacitor array
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture to minimize arcing in electrical connectors
Holding device, in particular for fixing a semiconductor wafer in a plasma etching device, and method for supplying heat to or dissipating heat from a substrate
Optoelectronic semiconductor device
Wavelength monitor, optical module, and optical module packaging method
Power converter with interleaved topology
Method and apparatus for enhancing data resolution
Clock recovery circuit
Apparatus and method for signal processing in digital video system
Common memory device and controlling method thereof
Compensation of filters in radio transmitters
Portable communication device having adjustable amplification and method therefor
Mobile communication terminal device and variable gain circuit
Diversity apparatus and method for a mobile communication terminal
CDMA pilot assisted channel estimation
Radio signal receiving device
Detecting usable frequency channels by exploiting complex polyphase filter operation
Detachable radio module
Method and system for providing power to a communications device
System and method for establishing an xdsl data transfer link
Access control method utilizing a key battery
Method for transmitting signals in a communication device
Video encoding method
Self-seeded Fabry-Perot laser device for wavelength division multiplexing system
Method and apparatus for transmitting high-frequency signals in optical communication system
Monitoring system for an optical transmitter
Through-the-earth radio
Wireless frequency re-use determination systems
Method to increase the bit rate in a communications system
Wireless communication
Round-robin arbiter with low jitter
Portable cellular phone
Transmission rate monitoring apparatus and method
Radio transceiver on a chip
Transport processor for processing multiple transport streams
Random early detection policer using randomization of packet drops
Apparatus and method for rate adaptation control
M-trie based packet processing
Apparatus and methods for increasing bandwidth in an infiniband switch
Method of point-to-point protocol negotiation
Dynamic unknown L2 flooding control with MAC limits
Virtual reassembly system and method of operation thereof
Technique for multicasting receiver membership reports
Method and apparatus for providing caller identification based responses in a computer telephony environment
Communicating data using wideband communications
Multilevel pulse position modulation for efficient fiber optic communication
Input circuit and output circuit
Cryptographically protected paging system
Wireless headset for communications device
Handheld computer with detachable communication device
Mobile communication device having extendable display
Providing multiple perspectives for a venue activity through an electronic hand held device
Wireless headset capable of automatic link connection and method for controlling the same
Locking arrangement for a subscriber terminal device
Dynamic, automated double-ended system and method for testing and qualifying metallic telecommunication loops
Microphone array for preserving soundfield perceptual cues
System for dynamically tracking the location of network devices to enable emergency services
Method and apparatus for reducing inbound traffic congestion in a voice frame network
Alternative means for public telephone information services
System and method for delta-based over-the-air software upgrades for a wireless mobile station
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Wireless information distribution system, wireless information distribution device, and mobile wireless device
Method and system for providing subgroup conversation during a teleconference
System and method for call completion on busy subscribers
Portable call management system
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image scanner
Image capture and processing system health check
Image processing apparatus and method
Signal readout structure for an image sensing apparatus
Capturing a still image and video image during a single exposure period
Vision-based pointer tracking and object classification method and apparatus
Electronic camera system capable of remote data storing
Methods and apparatus for automatic exposure control
Communication system in digital television
Selectively overlaying a user interface atop a video signal
Video-signal recording and playback apparatus, video-signal recording and playback method, and recording medium
Trick modes using non-progressive dummy bidirectional predictive pictures
Solid state image pickup device capable of distinguishing between light sources and image pickup apparatus using such solid state image pickup device
White balance adjustment method, image sensing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Electronic camera which detects flash influence on an image and controls white balance in accordance with the flash influence
System and method for voice processing and transporting in a protocol independent tandem free operation manner
Telephone systems
Mobile communication system including scheduler and mobile communication terminal of the system
Performing terminal authentication and call processing in private wireless high-speed data system
Wireless transceivers, methods, and computer program products for restricting transmission power based on signal-to-interference ratios
Method and system for initiating mobile station re-paging at an interval based on paging slot cycle
Wireless virtual campus escort system
Stacked microelectronic assemblies
Systems to cool multiple electrical components
Electroosmotic pump apparatus that generates low amount of hydrogen gas
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method for automatic trap selection for correcting for separation misregistration in color printing
Multiple description transform coding using optimal transforms of arbitrary dimension
Functional device based on focusing-concave gratings for multi-wavelength channel manipulation
UV oven for curing magnet wire coatings
Method for manipulating cells in a high speed communication system
Chirped pulse inverse free-electron laser vacuum accelerator
Reduction of access time delay in frequency-hopping radio systems using a direct sequence mode
Maximum likelihood servo detector for detecting an error correcting servo code recorded on a disc storage medium
Fuel assembly mechanical flow restriction apparatus for detecting failure in situ of nuclear fuel rods in a fuel assembly during reactor shutdown
Conditional purchase offer management system for telephone calls
Tooth brushing timer
Optical disc apparatus with different frequencies of wobble signal and clock signal for rotation control
Object-lens driving device for optical pickup including a plurality of supporting plate spring members
Device and method for controlling ATM traffic
Reception podium
Topology and control method for power factor correction
Data retention characteristics as a result of high temperature bake
Display device
Objective lens driving apparatus
Mini-cartridge adapter for adapting a mini-cartridge to an industry standard tape cartridge format
Serpentine resistive shunt for MR heads having conductive shields
Electrostatic discharge protecting circuit for semiconductor device
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using same
Image processing apparatus, method and recording system for providing color matching between a light source and a material color
Image processing system for processing achromatic color image data
Method and device for measuring depth of field
Optical fiber amplifier and output power flattening method of optical fiber amplifier
Multimedia information system
Image processing apparatus
Method for transmitting data using an embedded bit stream produced in a hierarchical table-lookup vector quantizer
Optical device for compensating the dispersion of optical signals
Optical attenuation device having different type magneto-optical optical attenuation elements cascaded together
Single wafer annealing oven
Method and apparatus for multiplexing of multiple users on the same virtual circuit
Short cavity tunable laser with mode position compensation
Clock regenerating circuit in direct spread spectrum communication system
Process and device for the increase of subscriber capacity in a cellular mobile radio network
Preventive maintenance method and apparatus of a structural member in a reactor pressure vessel
Interferometric apparatus and methods for measuring surface topography of a test surface
Galvano mirror unit
Double-clad optical fiber with improved inner cladding geometry
Handwritten character recognition apparatus and method using a clustering algorithm
Method and apparatus for absolute track spacing determination for self-servowriting
Apparatus and method for generating a tracking error signal using first through fourth optical detector elements
Semiconductor laser control circuit, semiconductor laser apparatus, information recording/reproduction apparatus and image recording apparatus
RAS monitor circuit and field memory using the same
Compactly stowable thin continuous surface-based antenna having radial and perimeter stiffeners that deploy and maintain antenna surface in prescribed surface geometry
Overshoot/undershoot prevention device and overshoot/undershoot prevention method
Clock signal generation apparatus
Apparatus and method for address assignments for satellite telephone
Shield case including a material giving a large transmission loss to a radio frequency signal
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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