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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for maintaining and/or restoring viability of organs
Solid pharmaceutical compositions comprising a SIP receptor agonist and a sugar alcohol
Microbiologically sound and stable solutions of gamma-hydroxybutyrate salt for the treatment of narcolepsy
Compositions and methods for inhibiting an isoform of human manganese superoxide dismutase
Indol carboxylic acid bispyridyl carboxamide derivatives, pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, preparation method and composition containing the same as an active ingredient
Migrastatin analogs and uses thereof
Fatty acid composition for treatment of alzheimer's disease and cognitive dysfunction
Levodopa dimethyl-substituted diester prodrugs, compositions, and methods of use
Catechol protected levodopa diester prodrugs, compositions, and methods of use
Polyquinoline derivatives and the therapeutic use thereof
Substituted furancarboxamides, and use thereof
Histidine derivatives
Pyrazolylaminopyridine derivatives useful as kinase inhibitors
Method for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension
Piperidine derivatives as NK3 receptor antagonists
Piperidine derivatives as NK3 receptor antagonists
Cold menthol receptor antagonists
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Fused thiophene derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Heterocyclic compounds having type I 11.beta. hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitory activity
4-azetidinyl-1-heteroatom linked-cyclohexane antagonists of CCR2
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Universal fieldable assay with unassisted visual detection
Encapsidation of heterologous entities into virus-like particles
Quinoxaline-containing compounds as hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Cell-proliferation inhibiting VPg proteins, fragments or analogs thereof and their applications
Methods of using halogenated peptides as internal standards for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
Interferon gamma receptor beta chain compositions and methods of inhibiting apoptosis
Erythropoietin receptor peptide formulations and uses
Diuretic and natriuretic polypeptides lacking the blood pressure lowering property
HLA-binding peptide, precursor thereof, DNA fragment and recombinant vector encoding the same
Pyrazinooxazepine derivatives
Compositions for treating arthritis comprising HG1023575 polypeptide
Methods for treating reperfusion injuries using flagellin
Composition for the treatment of atherosclerosis
Fluoropolymer compositions and treated substrates
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method for counting and detecting flat products
Method for heating a wafer by means of a light flux
Fine processing method for a material of sintered diamond with a laser beam, a cutter wheel for a substrate made of a brittle material and its producing method thereof
Welded repair of defects lying on the inside of components
Positioning means and method of use thereof
Roof covering having improved tear strength
Bimodal and multimodal dense boride cermets with low melting point binder
Laminates with structured layers
Apparatus for inflating and sealing pillows in packaging cushions
Methods of treating a surface to promote metal plating and devices formed
Device and method for preventing magnetic-resonance imaging induced damage
Turbulence foil
Spherical corundum particles, based on fused aluminum oxide and a method for producing said particles
Injectable hydrogel microspheres from aqueous two-phase system
Photon-alignment optical film
Process for producing alumina coating composed mainly of .alpha.-type crystal structure
Heat resistance improver and reversible thermosensitive recording medium
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass substrate and its production process
Synthesis of an energetic nitrate ester
Preparation method of rivastigmine, its intermediates and preparation method of the intermediates
Process for the preparation of (S)-2-amino-5-cyclopropyl-4,4-difluoropentanoic acid and alkyl esters and acid salts thereof
Hydrogenation process
Pentane catalytic cracking process
Substituted acetophenones useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Method for producing 2,2-difluoroethylamine derivatives by imine hydrogenation
Alkylthio pyrimidines as CRTH2 antagonists
Benzotriazole containing donor-acceptor type polymer as a multi-purpose material
Prodrugs of heteroaryl compounds
Efficient method for preparing 2,5-dimethylfuran
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase inhibitors
Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs
A.sub.2B adenosine receptor antagonists
Preparation of ester of purine derivatives
Highly stereoselective process for preparing gemcitabine and intermediates thereof
Polymer compositions and uses thereof
Dendritic cell vaccine compositions and uses of same
Process for high-throughput DNA methylation analysis
Anti-inflammatory antibodies and uses therefor
Resin for thermal imprint
Preparation of biodegradable polyesters with low-burst properties by supercritical fluid extraction
Method and apparatus for thermally processing polyester pellets
Process for preparing polyether alcohols with DMC catalysts using compounds bearing SiH groups as additives
Polyurethane composition with good initial strength
Extruded polymer foams containing brominated fatty acid-based flame retardant additives
High melt flow block copolymers for non-woven adhesives
Moisture-curable hot melt adhesive
Aqueous fluid and method of making and using the same
Refrigerating machine oil composition for carbon dioxide refrigerant
Mannich post-treatment of PIBSA dispersants for improved dispersion of EGR soot
Low melting point triglycerides for use in fuels
Cleaning agent for electronic materials
Sodium metasilicate based cleaning solutions
Anti-grey detergent comprising a cyclic carbonate or urea
Closed photobioreactor system for continued daily in situ production of ethanol from genetically enhanced photosynthetic organisms with means for separation and removal of ethanol
Process for producing fatty acids
Ammonium transporter promoters for gene expression in oleaginous yeast
Telomere-encoding synthetic DNA nanocircles, and their use for the elongation of telomere repeats
Micro-RNA associated with rheumatoid arthritis
Osteopontin for the prediction and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Substrate for cell culture, producing method thereof and screening method for cell culture conditions utilizing the same
Identification of antigenic peptides from multiple myeloma cells
Methods of identifying small molecules for renewals, survival and migration of cardiac progenitors
Preparation of regulatory T cells using ICAM-1 co-stimulation
Method for stabilizing activity of enzymes or microorganisms producing the enzymes
Expression of granular starch hydrolyzing enzymes in Trichoderma and process for producing glucose from granular starch substrates
Methods for detecting nucleic acid sequence variations
Homeobox gene
G protein coupled receptor agonists and antagonists and methods of activating and inhibiting G protein coupled receptors using the same
Gene from Hancenula polymorpha capable of controlling unfolded protein response and method for increasing effect of secretion using the same
Process for the biological generation of methane
Continuous catalytic generation of polyols from cellulose
Method and apparatus for environmental monitoring and bioprospecting
Process for the production of an abuse-proofed solid dosage form
Hybridization method and apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power system for energy production
Anti-friction lacquer
Quad emissive display
Charged particle beam apparatus
Method and device for determining the mass and/or a mass proportion of a wall section of a plastic bottle
Photoelectrocatalytic fluid analyte sensors and methods of fabricating and using same
Bottle inspection apparatus with image-corrected mirror cabinet
Detector for electron column and method for detecting electrons for electron column
Methods of assessing therapeutic benefits of patients having cancers resistant to epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitors
Kit for measurement of termite insecticide active ingredient by immunoassay method
Method of assessing glycosylation state or functional quality of an IgG containing sample
Methods and compositions for determining the purity of chemically synthesized nucleic acids
Compositions, kits, and methods for identification, assessment, prevention and therapy of breast and ovarian cancer
Analyte detection
Molecular assembly on a substrate
Screening method for anticancer drug
Biomarkers for early detection of ovarian cancer
Device for determining the rotational speed of a transmission shaft
Schmitt trigger circuit operated based on pulse width
Selective core functional and bypass circuitry
Method for detecting stress migration properties
Logic applying serial test bits to scan paths in parallel
Preallocatable transmission data memory element of an MR transmission unit in array applications
Tailored radiofrequency pulses for uniform saturation in magnetic resonance imaging
Phase-shift mask with assist phase regions
Materials for lithographic plates coatings, lithographic plates and coatings containing same, methods of preparation and use
Bilayer systems including a polydimethylglutarimide-based bottom layer and compositions thereof
Antireflective hardmask composition and a method of preparing a patterned material using same
Method of making lithographic printing plates
Inorganic resist sensitizer
Image forming method, image forming device, and light-irradiation-fusible toner set
Modular LED lamp and manufacturing methods
Voltage regulator with coupled inductors having high coefficient of coupling
Adaptive current limit for power factor correction
Integrated multi-inductor magnetic member and multi-loop power factor correction circuit having same
Pen transcription system utilizing a spatial filter for limiting interference
Methods for displaying a bird's tail fan
"Railboard" fingerboard with integrated frets for stringed musical instruments
Capo particularly suited to appalachian or mountain dulcimers
Wind instrument utilizing carbon fiber reinforced composite laminate and associated fabrication method
Volume-adjustment circuit for equilibrating pickup settings
MEMS switch with latch mechanism
High illumination LED bulb with full emission angle
Plasma display device
Ion source and a method of generating an ion beam using an ion source
Ion implantation apparatus
Mass spectrometer
LED lighting system
Method of fabricating light extractor
Magnetic materials having superparamagnetic particles
Techniques for impeding reverse engineering
Semiconductor chip, semiconductor mounting module, mobile communication device, and process for producing semiconductor chip
Implementation of temperature-dependent phase switch layer for improved temperature uniformity during annealing
Process for depositing boron compounds by CVD or PVD
Semiconductor device, electronic device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Tandem solar cell and fabricating method thereof
Precision high-frequency capacitor formed on semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor substrate by laser irradiation
Increasing robustness of a dual stress liner approach in a semiconductor device by applying a wet chemistry
Wet etching agent for II-VI semiconductors and method
Enhancing deposition uniformity of a channel semiconductor alloy by an in situ etch process
Methods for fabricating a photolithographic mask and for fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit using such a mask
Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
Enhancing integrity of a high-k gate stack by confining a metal cap layer after deposition
Manufacturing method of semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Methods of manufacturing NOR-type nonvolatile memory devices including impurity expansion regions
Quantum well transistors with remote counter doping
Field effect transistor (FET) and method of forming the FET without damaging the wafer surface
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices including azeotropic drying processes
Semiconductor dice including at least one blind hole, wafers including such semiconductor dice, and intermediate products made while forming at least one blind hole in a substrate
Surface treatment in semiconductor manufacturing
Semiconductor device
Method of transferring elements, element disposition substrate, device and method of manufacturing the same
Test system and method of reducing damage in seed layers in metallization systems of semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Structure and method to minimize regrowth and work function shift in high-k gate stacks
Reduced silicon thickness of N-channel transistors in SOI CMOS devices
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip assembly with bump/base heat spreader and dual-angle cavity in bump
Layered chip package with wiring on the side surfaces
Semiconductor device
Methods for differential pair conductor routing in a logic circuit
Scintillation pixel design and method of operation
Organic electroluminescence element
Optical functional element, optical functional element array, exposure device, and method of manufacturing optical functional element
Monolithic high-current and low-current transistors sharing high voltage drain
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
MEMS switch
Approach to contacting nanowire arrays using nanoparticles
Optical device for semiconductor based lamp
Semiconductor chip assembly with ceramic/metal substrate
Method of manufacturing color printed circuit board
Ultrasonic motor device
Method for tuning a resonant frequency of a piezoelectric component
Piezoelectric actuators
Emissive aryl-heteroaryl acetylenes
Battery safety interlock for intrinsically safe electronic devices
Solid polymer electrolyte for solar cells and lithium batteries
Fuel cell with anode and cathode plate temperature difference
Fuel cell stack
Fuel cell electrolyte membrane with basic polymer
Membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, preparation method, and fuel cell comprising the same
Direct methanol fuel cell liquid fuel with water and methanol having specific electrical resistance and direct methanol fuel cell cartridge
Isolated dual-mode converter and applications thereof
Power distributing system, power transmitting device, power receiving device, power transmitting method and power receiving method
Distributed charging system and method for electrical vehicle
Charging system, processor and feeder
Method for forming a power tool
Electric motor apparatus
Spindle motor including an electrically conductive adhesive and a non-conductive adhesive arranged between a base and a bearing unit
Semiconductor device and radio communication device
Motor for washer, method for controlling the motor, and method for controlling the washer
Free-piston linear alternator systems and methods
Amplifier circuit, signal processor circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Final stage three-way power combining amplifying circuit applied to power amplifier of mobile communications base station system
Delta-sigma modulator approach to increased amplifier gain resolution
High speed multiple memory interface I/O cell
Output buffer circuit and differential output buffer circuit, and transmission method
Motor driver
Temperature and humidity-controlled composite material article, and methods for using such an article
Vehicles including rear defroster assemblies with protective barriers
Startup control for a high pressure discharge lamp ballast
Electric appliance control
Universal dimming method and system
Electronic ballast with frequency independent filament voltage control
Multi-mode, multi-frequency, two-beam accelerating device and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Multiple frequency grain moisture sensor for combines
GPS weather data recording system for use with the application of chemicals to agricultural fields
Brake light control system for a motorcycle
Personal security alarm system
Enhancing inertial tactile feedback in computer interface devices having increased mass
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wear indicator for refractory linings
Method for marking quartz glass lamps and quartz glass lamps produced using this method
Modular articulated structure
Method and device for operating an adjusting drive in a motor vehicle
Driver's arousal level estimating apparatus for vehicle and method of estimating arousal level
Electric golf car with low-speed regenerative braking
Method of and apparatus for controlling charging and/or discharging of a battery for a hybrid electric vehicle
Device for actuating a vehicle anticrash lights based on a predetermined braking threshold
Access and start/drive authorization system
Raindrop detection apparatus and method
Raindrop detecting method and apparatus having temperature-dependent characteristic compensation
Pulse-controlled electric power-assisted steering system
Rear wheel steering angle control apparatus
High performance MEMS device fabricatable with high yield
Multi-level integrated circuit for wide-gap substrate bonding
Miniature microdevice package and process for making thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Programmable I/O element circuit for high speed logic devices
Tri-color, white light LED lamps
Method and apparatus for detecting negative ion in water
Fixed Constructions
Inductive control valve using solar battery as a supplementary energy source
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bearing structures, spindle motor, and hard disk drive
Motor having single cone fluid dynamic bearing balanced with magnetic attraction
Apparatus and method for electrical testing of electrically heated pipe-in-pipe pipeline
Optical device
Image display device
Time base comprising an integrated micromechanical ring resonator
System of pitch attitude symbols
Altitude tape and integral vertical speed indicator
Method for offset compensation of a magnetoresistive position or angular position measuring system
Apparatus and a method for pulse detection and characterization
Method and apparatus for determining the temperature of an infant
High-temperature detector and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device and a method of producing the same
Probe card for testing optical micro electromechanical system devices at wafer level
Photon-sorting spectroscopic microscope system
Method and apparatus for glow discharges with liquid microelectrodes
Method of using an aerosol to calibrate spectrometers
Method and apparatus for scanning, stitching, and damping measurements of a double-sided metrology inspection tool
Two-dimensional UV compatible programmable spatial filter
Apparatus for measuring the static charge of flowable solids
Method and device for the in situ detection of the degree of conversion of a non-magnetic phase in a ferromagnetic phase of a metallic work piece
Integrated circuit tester with high bandwidth probe assembly
Programmable voltage divider and method for testing the impedance of a programmable element
Snap fit Hall effect circuit mount apparatus and method
Power supply voltage detection circuit
Procedure arrangement and sensor for testing of the H-F tightness of the junction between two adjacent parts
Reverberation chamber tuner and shaft with electromagnetic radiation leakage device
Adapter for use in measuring electrical current drawn across a fuse in a circuit
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrity of wires or electrical cables
Engagement probe and apparatuses configured to engage a conductive pad
Low-cost tester interface module
Vddq integrated circuit testing system and method
Prober and apparatus for semiconductor chip analysis
Photosensors for testing an integrated circuit
Defect detection in semiconductor devices
Methods for wireless testing of integrated circuits
Techniques for testing embedded cores in multi-core integrated circuit designs
Dynamic scan circuitry for B-phase
Method for determining whether a rotor is good in magnetic induction by measuring the EMF of a motor
System and method for non-destructive measurement of dynamic coercivity effects
Device for the transport and exact positioning of a sample tube in a high-resolution NMR spectrometer
Multiple-tuned circuit and probe for NMR spectrometer
Amplitude and/or phase modulated NMR pulse sequences
Method for operating a magnetic resonance device for producing a magnetic resonance spectrum
Watthour meter and optical pickup test device and method
Satellite signal receiver
Method for HPRF-radar measurement
Radar ranging device for performing merging process on a plurality of detected targets
Method and system for determining driving environment
Method and apparatus for prompting a reverse channel response from receiver in a digital broadcast system
Wireless identification and tracking using magnetic fields
Photon primed non-radioactive gas plasma receiver protector
Radar sensor and radar antenna for monitoring the environment of a motor vehicle
System and method for in-place, automated detection of radome condition
Process for calibrating radar signals at subapertures of an antenna of two-channel SAR/MTI radar system
Method for determining decay characteristics of multi-component downhole decay data
Ground mineralization rejecting metal detector (power saving)
Combined characterization and inversion of reservoir parameters from nuclear, NMR and resistivity measurements
Optical system, and stereoscopic image photographing apparatus having the same
UV compatible programmable spatial filter
UV reflectors and UV-based light sources having reduced UV radiation leakage incorporating the same
Anisotropic film containing a copolymer including a monomer containing a dichroic dye and liquid crystal display containing the antisotropic film
Polarization control device
Wiring pattern of liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display, and electronic equipment
In plane switching liquid crystal displaying apparatus for improving luminance
Liquid crystal display device
Reflection type liquid crystal display device with high-brightness bright display and high contrast
Achromatic apparatus for producing a wavelength-independent high contrast light signal
Display panel
Reflection type liquid crystal display
Reflection type liquid crystal display device in which oblique moire fringe is not easily viewed and which is superior in display quality
Liquid crystal on silicon device
Display device having an improved voltage level converter circuit
Method of forming an LCD with predominantly <100> polycrystalline silicon regions
Liquid crystal light valve and projection type display using same
Semiconductor device, display device, and method of manufacturing the same
Scanning exposure method with reduced time between scans
Exposure apparatus
Wafer stage assembly, servo control system, and method for operating the same
Remote control apparatus and electronic appliance controllable by same
Variable power control for process control instruments
Tuned open-loop switched to closed-loop method for rapid point-to-point movement of a periodic motion control system
Air mattress control system and method
Electronic circuit, semiconductor device, electronic equipment, and timepiece
Tracking or independent output voltage adjustment for multiple output supplies
Temperature stable CMOS device
Dropper-type DC stabilized power supply circuit provided with difference amplifiers for supplying a stable output voltage
Power supply circuit compensating power factor
Reference voltage circuit
Dynamic low power reference circuit
Control knob with control modes and force feedback
Microcomputer having built-in phase locked loop circuit synchronized with external clock and detecting an interruption of the external clock by utilizing continuous outputs of the PLL circuit
Deskewing global clock skew using localized DLLs
Keyboard apparatus
Touch panel input coordinate transform device and method of transforming a touch panel input coordinate
Information processing apparatus having portable shape
Wireless mouse capable of generating and accumulating electrical energy
Apparatus and method for controlling a three-state bus
Apparatus and method for reducing reflexions in a memory bus system
Methods and systems for automatically translating geometric data
Method of creating reference data table
Breaking out signals from an integrated circuit footprint
Systems and methods for the automatic registration of devices
Tablet type key input device and information terminal device
Wheel reporting method for a personal computer keyboard interface
Method and apparatus for inputting Chinese characters
Keypad layout for alphabetic character input
Graphical password methodology for a microprocessor device accepting non-alphanumeric user input
Method and apparatus for inputting characters in a mobile terminal
Methods and arrangements for providing a discoverable plural mode system shut down graphical user interface capability
Combination of message board and computer equipment
Lightweight indicator of divergence of views for collaboratively shared user interface elements
Intelligent scrolling
System and method for sharing data across frames using environment variables
Display unit for displaying an image based on a video signal received from a personal computer which is connected to an input device
Digital data coincidence determining circuit
Low-resistance gate transistor and method for fabricating the same
Alternate display content controller
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and IC card
Electronic identification system with forward error correction system
Combined writing instrument and digital documentor apparatus and method of use
Adaptive thresholding using loose gray scale template matching
Method and apparatus for parallel processing of geometric aspects of video graphics data
Systems and methods for rendering visual effects that are a function of depth
Method of creating image frames, storage medium and program executing apparatus
Method and system for editing or modifying 3D animations in a non-linear editing environment
Mine littoral threat zone visualization program
Image processing system and method for converting two-dimensional images into three-dimensional images
Taxi meter having discriminating means for eliminating erroneous inputs
Human interface system using a plurality of sensors
Hanging device for establishing an electrically conductive contact with a hanging article and a monitoring system utilizing same
Method and system for noise notification
Animate entity's line-of-bearing location device and method linking species-specific non-uniform-electric field pattern of heart's ECG to dielectrophoresis
Detachable entrance and exit gate with a combined commodity burglarproof and weapon detecting system
Method and system for displaying textual information
Compound acoustic actuator drive circuit and portable information terminal
Emergency vehicle proximity reporting system
Indicator with daylight visibility using a single light emitting diode
System and method for generating high-luminance windows on a computer display device
Circuit and method for regulating current using autobias
Broadband switching drive compensating circuit for a video display device
Analog conditioning circuitry for imagers for a display
Image display apparatus and method
Plasma display apparatus
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
Driving apparatus and method, plasma display apparatus, and power supply circuit for plasma display panel
Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparatus, and driving methods thereof
Driving method and circuit of organic light emitting diode
Method and apparatus for object kerning
Widget alignment control in graphical user interface systems
Method and apparatus for acquiring a set of consistent image maps to represent the color of the surface of an object
Extended character displaying method and apparatus for refreshing teletext pages
Optimizing the translation of virtual addresses into physical addresses using a pipeline implementation for least recently used pointer
Ultra low jitter clock generation device and method for storage drive and radio frequency systems
Computer program for encoding digital data
Diverse band gap energy level semiconductor device
Negative differential resistance (NDR) device and method of operating same
Dual-bit multi-level ballistic MONOS memory
Low current redundancy anti-fuse method and apparatus
Voltage generator stability indicator circuit
Memory module using DRAM package to match channel impedance
Surface mountable laminated circuit protection device and method of making the same
Toroidal printed coil
Transformer having stabilized power output
Inductive power transmission and distribution apparatus using a coaxial transformer
Chip inductor and manufacturing method therefor
Tactile electromechanical data input mechanism
Relay device
Microelectromechanical (MEMS) switching apparatus
Cathode in cathode ray tube
Field electron emission materials and devices
Magnetron with diamond coated cathode
Temporary attachment process and system for the manufacture of flat panel displays
Color display tube comprising an internal magnetic shield
Cathode ray tube having degaussing coil for minimizing variations in landing of electron beam
Color selection electrode implementing a temperature based tension reduction of a shadow mask
Color cathode ray tube
Color cathode-ray tube apparatus
Bi-potential electrode space-saving cathode ray tube
Display device comprising a deflection unit
Deflection yoke for a CRT
Flat panel display having mesh grid
Method and apparatus for regulating electron emission in field emitter devices
Plasma display panel
Discharge lamp with base
Aperture grill for use in cathode ray tube and method for producing same
Nitride semiconductor and a method thereof, a nitride semiconductor device and a method thereof
Electronic device and method for producing the same
Locking lead tips and die attach pad for a leadless package apparatus and method
Structure and method for mounting a semiconductor element
Semiconductor device
Dynamic random access memory with improved contact arrangements
Varactor having improved Q-factor and method of fabricating the same using SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor
Thin film transistor having a copper alloy wire
SOI MOSFETS exhibiting reduced floating-body effects
Damascene double-gate MOSFET structure and its fabrication method
Multiple operating voltage vertical replacement-gate (VRG) transistor
Semiconductor switching element with integrated Schottky diode and process for producing the switching element and diode
Structure and method of forming bitline contacts for a vertical DRAM array using a line bitline contact mask
Electronic component with stacked semiconductor chips and method of producing the component
Semiconductor chip having both compact memory and high performance logic
Semiconductor device barrier layer
Silicon carbide metal-semiconductor field effect transistors
Multiple conductive plug structure for lateral RF MOS devices
Semiconductor device, memory cell, and processes for forming them
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, including an arrangement to provide a uniform press contact and converter using same
Structure to accommodate increase in volume expansion during solder reflow
Semiconductor device
Non-contact data carrier and IC chip
Multi-layer leadframe structure
Selectable decoupling capacitors for integrated circuit and methods of use
Solder pad structure for low temperature co-fired ceramic package and method for making the same
Substrate with at least two metal structures deposited thereon, and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device provided with fuse and method of disconnecting fuse
Fuse and fuse window structure
Oxide anti-fuse structure utilizing high voltage transistors
Electrically-programmable interconnect architecture for easily-configurable stacked circuit arrangements
Flip-chip type semiconductor device for reducing signal skew
Multi-chip semiconductor package with integral shield and antenna
Interposer for improved handling of semiconductor wafers and method of use of same
Technique to reduce reflections and ringing on CMOS interconnections
Multiple chip stack structure and cooling system
Integrated multi-chip chip scale package
Low profile multi-IC chip package connector
Semiconductor memory having a plurality of memory-cell arrays
Vertical one-transistor floating-body DRAM cell in bulk CMOS process with electrically isolated charge storage region
FRAM and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent device with color filter entirely covering flat organic electroluminescent layer
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Source-down power transistor
Field effect-controllable semiconductor component with two-directional blocking, and a method of producing the semiconductor component
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and a manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for driving the same
Thyristor-based device adapted to inhibit parasitic current
Punch through type power device
Nonvolatile memory and electronic apparatus
Image sensor semiconductor package with castellation
Gunn diode and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting diode
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Package structure of surface mounting led and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device with disjointed electrodes arranged in groups
Vented-type leak resistant motor cycle battery
Battery pack containing a circuit breaker
Coplanar waveguide switch
Voltage tunable varactors and tunable devices including such varactors
Microwave filter
Electronic tunable filters with dielectric varactors
Coplanar stripline with corrugated structure
Filter network combining non-superconducting and superconducting filters
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Dual referenced microstrip
Bi-directional amplifier module for insertion between microwave transmission channels
Miniature directional coupler
Method of balancing the bandwidth of a dual-mode filter
Apparatus and method for transferring DC power and RF energy through a dielectric for antenna reception
Two-piece radar-absorbing end cap assembly
Radio communication card
Dual band antenna
Vehicle antenna
Integrated antenna for laptop applications
Slot-array antennas with shaped radiation patterns and a method for the design thereof
System and method for a center fed reflector feed for a parabolic antenna
Phased array antenna for space based radar
Method and apparatus for antenna orientation and antenna with the same
Farfield calibration method used for phased array antennas containing tunable phase shifters
Microchip dual band antenna
Switchable length whip antenna
Charging circuit for deeply discharged cells
Compact self-biasing reference current generator
Powder coated generator field coils and related method
Gate enhanced tri-channel positive charge pump
DC/DC switching regulator having reduced switching loss
Method for power conversion using combining transformer
Control loop and method for variable speed drive ride-through capability improvement
Motor network control system
Method and system for improved closed loop control of sensorless brushless DC motors
Motor control device
Homodyne I/Q transceiver for a spread spectrum reader
Low noise, electric field sensor
Temperature compensated reference voltage circuit
Power amplifier with distributed capacitor
Burst mode limiter-amplifier
Filter trimming
High voltage tolerant differential input receiver
Power-on reset system
Reducing short circuit power in CMOS inverter circuits
Near-zero propagation-delay active-terminator using transmission gate
GTL+ driver
Driver circuit for differentially outputting data from internal circuitry of an LSI to outside the LSI
Full-range extended voltage amplifier
Tristate circuit for power up conditions
System and method for a high speed, bi-directional, zero turnaround time, pseudo differential bus capable of supporting arbitrary number of drivers and receivers
Frequency divider with selectable division factor
Timing control circuit
Ring VCO based on RC timing
High-speed fully balanced differential flip-flop with reset
Delay circuit of clock synchronization device using delay cells having wide delay range
Voltage mode differential driver and method
Differential charge pump
Display device
Phase detector having improved timing margins
Integrated circuit incorporating circuitry for determining which of at least two possible frequencies is present on an externally provided reference signal and method therefor
Frequency synthesizer using a VCO having a controllable operating point, and calibration and tuning thereof
Hybrid phase-locked loop
Pipelined analog-to-digital converters with gain-matching structures
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for duty cycle conversion
A/D signal conversion based on a comparison of voltage-divided signals
Reconfigurable analog-to-digital converter
High resolution, high speed, low power switched capacitor analog to digital converter
Key input circuit, power supply control apparatus, and power supply control method
Method and apparatus for iterative decoding
Method and apparatus for latching data based on a predetermined number of signal line transitions
Information dependent data transmission for pilot protective relays
Clocking domain conversion system and method
High frequency network multiplexed communications over various lines
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals having a carrier interferometry architecture
Slice circuit capable of accurate conversion of an analog signal to a digital signal
Technique for accomplishing copy and paste and scan to fit using a standard TWAIN data source
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamic rotational alignment of a cathode ray tube raster
Low-angle grip device for an ENG camera
Electronic imaging system
Multi-media editing method and apparatus
Motion adaptive de-interlacing circuit and method
VSB reset to minimize data loss
Method and apparatus for automatically correcting projection display of projector
Device and method for decoding television video signal
Device having three transistors for driving light-emitting element
Circuit to protect a light element
String light assembly with a control panel for illumination of particularly colored bulbs upon a decorative light string
Structure of a string of surface-contacted flasher type lamps
Transformerless xenon power supply
Lamp lighting apparatus and projector using the same
High frequency electronic ballast
Ballast circuit with multiple inverters and dimming controller
Modular emergency stop relay system
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