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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Floral arrangement assembly
Wrapping paper inspection apparatus and tobacco wrapping machine
Odor absorbing article of clothing
Wearable protective barrier with detachable hand and instrument covers
Multi-purpose hospital gown
Orthopedic foot appliance
Anti-static sole
Roller brush and method for production thereof
Portable computer desk with power generator
Powered emergency medical transporter
Portable sound recording device
Medicine cart
Angled package and display system
Brewing apparatus and process for making infusions or beverages, particularly espresso
Conformable pod for a manual implement
Power mop with exposable scrub brush
Phototherapy method
Precision illumination methods and systems
Method and apparatus to remove cast from an individual
Crutch and a grip unit thereof
Jet for water containment vessels
Fault diagnosis in CPAP and NIPPV devices
Delivery system and method using pulmonary artery for placement of RV leads
Implantable single-chamber atrial pacing device providing active ventricular far field sensing and rate limit
System and method for dynamic ventricular overdrive pacing
Method to monitor progression of atrial fibrillation and to detect its susceptibility for termination
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method of applying sunscreen or similar liquid
Stent support devices
Device for manufacturing a mould for use in the manufacture of an optical element comprising optical sub-elements mutually arranged in a pattern
Blade structure for torque converter and process for producing the same
Apparatus for automatically detecting the position of the cutting tool in the computerized numerically controlled lathe
Rotary ratchet wrench
Method and device for separating continuously conveyed material webs
Intermittent cutting transferring device
Stand for supporting a hand-held powered operated band saw
Film-removing device
Stamps with micrometer- and nanometer-scale features and methods of fabrication thereof
Method for controlling power flow
Vehicle communication system
Wiper lever comprising a wiper arm and a wiper blade which is connected to the same in an articulated manner
Energy efficient robotic system
Floating drive-on watercraft docking system
Stabilizing openings for corrugated plastic water craft floor
Apparatus for control of pivoting wing-type sail
Beverage supply device
Methods of manufacturing temperature-stabilized storage containers
Hinged lid box for cigarettes
Conveyor belt deck and frame having a substantially vertical maintenance position
Slider bed conveyor
Board lumber positioning fence
Elevator active suspension utilizing respulsive magnetic force
E-Z lid lifter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and device for producing fire-polished gobs
Textiles; Paper
Circular knitted fabric with finished edges and integral elastic band-like selvedge and the method of manufacturing the same
Fixed Constructions
Snow plow having limiting member
Lifting system and apparatus for constructing and enclosing wind turbine towers
Sanitary platform utilizing a web bracket
Vertically attached golf cart canopy
Floating J-hooks between two bushings in housing with a single piston
Door, method of making door, and stack of doors
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a cemented tungsten carbide substrate that is substantially free of tungsten carbide grains exhibiting abnormal grain growth and applications therefor
Composite tubular structure
Multiple activation-device launcher for a cementing head
Vadose zone pore liquid sampling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for autonomous load sharing
Deaerator apparatus in a superatmospheric condenser system
Lubrication apparatus of fuel pump driven by fuel pump drive cam
Integrated inlet and bypass throttle for positive-displacement supercharged engines
Combustion chamber wall
Burner fuel lance configuration and method of use
Method of controlling elements used to execute elementary functions of an internal combustion engine
Jet nozzle mixer
Fuel delivery unit for a motor vehicle
Coupling arrangement and fuel injector
Method and apparatus for start control of a vehicle
Universal end fitting and fastener assembly comprising such an end fitting
Power steering device including a compliant gear
Reinforced grommet for cured in place liner
Method and apparatus for removing liquids from risers
Circulating fluidized bed boiler and method of operation
Installation for cryogenic cooling for superconductor device
Control of a refrigeration circuit with an internal heat exchanger
Air conditioner that corrects refrigerant quantity determination based on refrigerant temperature
System for purifying contaminated soil
Circulating fluidized bed boiler having improved reactant utilization
EGR gas cooling device
Hand-guard / barrel nut clamp assembly for tactical firearm
Gun mount and ejection system
Firearm selector removal and installation tool
Gun sight configured for providing range estimation and/or bullet drop compensation
Active armor systems
Vehicle wheel alignment measuring method and apparatus
Wafer inspection system
Base design for self-centering
Force sensing system for a tensioned flexible member
Method and device for detecting malfunctions of actuators in the air system on internal combustion engines
Sealing structure of plasma processing apparatus, sealing method, and plasma processing apparatus including the sealing structure
Method and apparatus for target transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a CT scanner
Device and method for x-ray scatter correction in computer tomography
Semi-continuous detection of mercury in gases
Modeling and evaluation metabolic reaction pathways and culturing cells
Method for determining a vehicle reference velocity
Computer platform automatic testing method and system
Phase jitter measurement circuit
Integrated memory and method for testing the memory
Domestic appliance, in particular a built-in domestic appliance
Method for texturing surfaces of optical fiber sensors used for blood glucose monitoring
Slide arrangement for cable drawer
Intrinsic Fabry-Perot optical fiber sensors and their multiplexing
Optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation
Optical device including a filter member for dividing a portion of signal light
Optical switch apparatus and control information updating method therein
Information reception device, information transmission system, and information reception method
Image forming device and image forming method
Color image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling angle fluctuation of a transfer belt in an image forming apparatus
Toner supplying system for an image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Controlling power consumption peaks in electronic circuits
Automatic dynamic processor operating voltage control
Method for on-demand generation of individual random numbers of a sequence of random numbers of a 1/f noise
Apparatus and method for generating a delayed clock signal
Interlocked plug and play with power management for operating systems
Periodic checkpointing in a redundantly multi-threaded architecture
Heartbeat apparatus via remote mirroring link on multi-site and method of using same
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enhanced diagnostic test error reporting utilizing fault isolation registers
Analysis of pipelined networks
Real-time fail-over recovery for a media area network
Determining the minimum operation and shutdown time
Memory controller module having independent memory controllers for different memory types
Self-triggering outgoing buffers
Pseudo multiport data memory has stall facility
Data integrity protection for stored data
Memory control method, storage device, control program, and readable record medium
System for portable PLC configurations
Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
Processor-based automatic alignment device and method for data movement
Device and method for writing data in a processor to memory at unaligned location
System for indicating a plug position for a memory module in a memory system
System and method for persistent and robust storage allocation
Method and system for accessing web pages based on playback of recordings
System and method for automating a request for access to a restricted computer accessible resource
Communications bus management circuit
Flow-splitting and buffering PCI express switch to reduce head-of-line blocking
System and method to improve harvesting of zombie processes in an operating system
Method and apparatus to allow dynamic variation of ordering enforcement between transactions in a strongly ordered computer interconnect
Providing scalable, alternative component-level views
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Method and apparatus for processing data traffic across a data communication network
System allowing data input device to request management server to assign a data input job to itself
Method and system for accessing network services
Method and apparatus for automatic configuration of equipment
Apparatus and methods for providing an audibly controlled user interface for audio-based communication devices
System and method for on-line upgrade of call processing software using group services in a telecommunication system
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for filtering harmful HTML in an electronic document
Providing requested file mapping information for a file on a storage device
System and method for managing and authenticating services via service principal names
Method and system for guided cluster based processing on prototypes
Locally adaptable central security management in a heterogeneous network environment
Pattern matching
Techniques for video retrieval based on HMM similarity
Distributed reservoir sampling for web applications
System and method for using a compressed trie to estimate like predicates
System and method for providing user defined types in a database system
Methods and systems for building and distributing audio packages
Methods and systems for user activated automated searching
Method and system for alerting an entity to design changes impacting the manufacture of a semiconductor device in a virtual fab environment
Method and apparatus for performing mapping onto field programmable gate arrays utilizing fracturable logic cells
Method and apparatus for measuring test coverage
Apparatus and method for RTL modeling of a register
Method and apparatus for utilizing long-path and short-path timing constraints in an electronic-design-automation tool for routing
Method and apparatus for analyzing clock-delay, and computer product
Method and an apparatus to improve hierarchical design implementation
LSI physical designing method, program, and apparatus
Capacitance modeling
Crane installation, in particular container crane
Robotic arm for use with pharmaceutical unit of use transport and storage system
Tire rotation assisting apparatus
System and method for identifying an object
Automated scrolling of browser content and automated activation of browser links
Information processing apparatus, menu processing method and recording medium storing a menu processing program
Method and apparatus for avoiding live-lock in a multinode system
FAQ search engine
Method for generating secure elliptic curves using an arithmetic-geometric mean iteration
Method and device for performing operations involving multiplication of selectively partitioned binary inputs using booth encoding
System and method for improved branch performance in pipelined computer architectures
Wizard framework
Process for creating media content based upon submissions received on an electronic multi-media exchange
Control flow based compression of execution traces
Intermediate representation for multiple exception handling models
Data structure used for directory structure navigation in a skeleton code creation tool
Method and computer program product for providing a meta-data programming language level interface
Classifying software and reformulating resources according to classifications
Software input/output using hard real time threads
Saving/restoring task state data from/to device controller host interface upon command from host processor to handle task interruptions
Processes and systems for predicting biological species invasions
Apparatus and method for displaying three-dimensional image
Constructing extended color gamut digital images from limited color gamut digital images
Incremental motion estimation through local bundle adjustment
Building security, occupant safety, and emergency response
Method of determining color composition of an image
Image retrieval apparatus and method, and image display apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for reducing the effects of motion in an image
Characteristic amount calculating device for soldering inspection
Weak edge repositioning in a MRC segmentor
Representation and coding of panoramic and omnidirectional images
Strategies for producing quantized image information
Digital video compression
Image processing apparatus, image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, camera system, computer program, and storage medium
Image processing method, apparatus, and program
Method for inspecting input shaft of power steering system
Apparatus and method to locate an object
System and methods for rogue can detection
Extensible markup language rendering and layout
Electronic commerce system and electronic commerce method
Co-branded internet service provider and retailer internet service site with retailer-offered incentives for member use
Electronic withdrawal authorization store and forward for cash and credit accounts
Computer accessible methods for establishing informed consent
Method of presenting leasing arrangements
Clamping piece structure
Garment cleanliness indicator
Providing services for an information processing system using an audio interface
Error resistant scalable audio coding partitioned for determining errors
Disk apparatus with guide mechanism
Assembly and method for installing a disc clamp
Voltage monitoring test mode and test adapter
Method of recording/reproducing data on storage medium
Stable and passive decay heat removal system for liquid metal reactor
Method for manufacturing a metal-ceramic substrate
Magnetically controlled heat sink
Increased laser output energy and average power at wavelengths below 35 nm
Versatile method and system for single mode VCSELs
Method for providing tooth halves with removable tooth tips for an electrical machine
Efficient signal decoding for low-power applications
Radio transmitter apparatus and modulation scheme selecting method
Clock recovery circuit capable of automatically adjusting frequency range of VCO
Low-latency architectures for high-throughput Viterbi decoders
Parameter estimator configured to distinguish between peaks and sidelobes of correlation function
Receiver system
Baseline wander compensation for perpendicular recording
Receiver for receiving amplitude shift keying signal
Broadcast receiver and channel scanning method
Automatic frequency controlling apparatus and method of mobile communication terminal
Transmitters providing cycle encoded signals
Apparatus and method for generating mosaic images
Optical transmission apparatus
Optical communication system
Method for allocating protection bandwidth in a telecommunications mesh network
Communication control system, communication control method, base station and mobile station
Radio receiving apparatus and method
Device and method to locally fill gaps in spotbeam satellite systems with frequency re-use
Pre-emphasis control method in consideration of nonlinear deterioration
Systems and methods that identify normal traffic during network attacks
Fibre channel frame batching for IP transmission
Packet type arbitrator in WLAN and corresponding arbitrating method
Method and apparatus for transporting encrypted media streams over a wide area network
System and method for shared memory based IPC queue template having event based notification
Extending mobile phone networks
Iterative data-aided carrier frequency offset estimation for code division multiple access systems
Determination of a reference value for automatic gain control of a receiver on a general packet control channel
System and method for Fast Walsh Transform processing in a multi-coded signal environment
IP packet error handling apparatus and method using the same, and computer readable medium having computer program for executing the method recorded thereon
Interlocked synchronous pipeline clock gating
Read channel apparatus and method for an optical storage system
Forward multiple scrambling code generating method and apparatus
Enrolling / sub-enrolling a digital rights management (DRM) server into a DRM architecture
Authenticated code module
Method and apparatus for authorizing execution for applications in a data processing system
Elliptic scalar multiplication system
Method of printing a document
Antenna adaptation in a time division duplexing system
Holder and communication apparatus
Multi-dimensional joint searcher and channel estimators
Methods and systems for telephony call completion
Serializing an asynchronous communication
Connection of one or more toll-free calls with one or more mobile phones associated with one or more toll-free numbers
Emergency notification system and emergency notification device
Mobile communication terminal, information processing apparatus, relay server apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
Conference call facility
Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
AV communication control circuit for realizing copyright protection with respect to radio LAN
Maintaining access to a video stack after an application crash
Web site load management
Network station management system and method
Mobile phone locator
Locating system and method
Unsuitable cell exclusion in wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Private mobile communication system for providing public network busy state information of mobile communication terminal
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibrator, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and radio clock
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Ultrasonic imager
Input device for use in a computer system
Method and apparatus for input of data
Navigation apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrodynamic transducer for underwater acoustics
Illumination device and optical processing apparatus using the same
Magnetic tape cassette with position regulating rib
Lead screw and write engine using same
Image forming apparatus having writing electrodes as a writing device
Calibration station for a printhead adapted to compensate for the wavelength sensitivity of an image recording material
Camera having a printer with a paper feed device using a vibration actuator
Computer-based system for producing multi-color multilayer images on substrates using dry multi-colored cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) pigment materials applied to binder material patterns
Apparatus and method for engraving a gravure printing cylinder
Automobile and electric power system controller thereof
Method and apparatus for supplying contactless power
Cylindrical battery clip for key fobs
Stacker apparatus and printing apparatus
Mechanically resonant nanostructures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Capacitor substrates made of refractory metal nitrides
Borosilicate cladding glasses for germanate core thulium-doped amplifiers
Glass pane with functional film and process producing same
Semiconductor capacitive device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical devices using reflecting polarizing materials
Liquid crystal display
High-resolution imaging and target designation through clouds or smoke
Interferometric system for and method of testing and characterizing micro-optic components
Penta assembly skew compensator
Object-displacement detector and object-displacement controller
Pulse sampled optical fiber hydrophone array (U)
Wavelength monitoring system
Small spot ellipsometer
Circuit arrangement comprising an SMD-component, in particular a temperature sensor, and a method of manufacturing a temperature sensor
Optical device and method for line-narrowed excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Apparatus and process for spatially resolved refractive power determination
Method and apparatus for in-situ spectroscopic analysis
Thin film optical measurement system and method with calibrating ellipsometer
Optical measurement system using polarized light
Method of determining the authenticity and the geographical origin of gemstones such as beryls
Sensitive and selective chemical sensor with nanostructured surfaces
Method and device for measuring a substance concentration in a liquid
Scanner-type fluorescence detection apparatus using small sized excitation light source
Defect classification using scattered light intensities
Optical alignment in capillary detection using capillary wall scatter
Data filtering/suppression of data acquisitions/samples for multi-channel electronic display and analysis
Biasing correction for simple GMR head
Method and system for providing edge-junction TMR utilizing a hard magnet as a pinned layer
Fault detection and exclusion in a positioning system receiver
Method and system for processing positioning signals in a geometric mode
Method and system for position determination using geostationary earth orbit satellite
Method of determining the location of a high frequency emitter
Methods for CMOS-compatible three-dimensional image sensing using quantum efficiency modulation
Autonomous moving apparatus having obstacle avoidance function
Signal processing method
Object location system
Enhanced location methodology for a location system
Rosar method for landing helicopters under adverse weather conditions and for recognizing and detecting concealed targets
Method and apparatus for presenting images from a remote location
Eyepiece attachment structure for observation optical instrument
Zoom lens system
Zoom optical system
Taking lens device
Image stabilizing apparatus
Active reflection and anti-reflection optical switch
Suspended particle displays and materials for making the same
Telecentric F-theta lens for laser microfilm printer
Scanned imaging apparatus with switched feeds
Image display apparatus
Optical arrangement
Lateral color compensation for projection displays
Viewfinder apparatus and optical apparatus having the same
Microlens array
Optical filter having two absorption maximums
Diffusive optical element, illumination optical system, and image-shooting apparatus
Techniques for making an insertion loss correction in an optical fiber amplifier
Polarization mode dispersion compensation
Optical device, terminal unit, and system for wavelength division multiplexing
Mounting module for an optical element
Lens barrel and optical apparatus having lens barrel
Fixed focal length lens system
Light modulation system including a superconductive plate assembly for use in a data transmission scheme and method
Electrochromic layer
Compact optical assembly systems and devices for use in optical communication networks
Liquid crystal display device including a spacer with adhesive between frame and a periphery of a principal surface of a substrate
Liquid crystal display apparatus and manufacturing method for the same
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel including a terminal electrode part thereof
LCD panel with low resistance interconnection
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Static electricity prevention circuit in liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Color LCD device
Reflection-type color liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device with flip-flop tiled panels
Optical switch
Display assembly including two superposed display devices
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Reversible image display medium and image display method
Bandwidth variable wavelength router and method of operation
Refractive index manipulating optical inverter
Fast optical wavelength shifter
Rear projection screen
Photofinishing method and system
Exposure apparatus
Reticle capturing and handling system
Pattern exposure apparatus for transferring circuit pattern on semiconductor wafer and pattern exposure method
High voltage power supply apparatus
Image forming apparatus, system, and method having an anti-counterfeiting function
Electronic watch
Autoconfiguring graphic interface for controllers having dynamic database structures
Mounting mechanism suitable for head mount display device and head mount display device using the same
External keyboard for personal digital assistant
Disk drive assembly with press fit lever
Detachable data storage device for computer
Screw-less fixing structure
Visual heat sink for computers and method of use
Apparatus and method for cooling in a personal computer including a tilt stand
Memory system having flexible bus structure and method
Printer having processor with instruction cache and compressed program store
Semiconductor memory apparatus, semiconductor apparatus, data processing apparatus and computer system
Column switch in memory device and cache memory using the same
Digital-analog converter and method, and data interpolation device and method
Image data management system and method thereof
Token-based document transactions
Method of authenticating user and system for authenticating user
Keyboard control system containing manufacture's identification code and multiple selection matrix
Virtual joystick graphical user interface control with one and two dimensional operation
Viewer interactive three-dimensional workspace with a two-dimensional workplane containing interactive two-dimensional images
System and method for editing a control utilizing a preview window to view changes made to the control
Method and apparatus for dynamically changing hot spots on a draggable windows control
Synchronized spatial-temporal browsing of images for assessment of content
Touch-type pointing device with wireless input capability
Reversible wireless pointing device
Border display device
Control apparatus
Selecting print attribute values in a network printing system
Mixed signal processing unit with improved distortion and noise characteristics
Serial to parallel conversion of data to facilitate sharing a single buffer among multiple channels
Computer system for interface of shell program and interface method of the same
Vignette recognition and compression
Image processing and method, and storage medium
Photographic photosensitive material and photographic printing system
Cartridge for electronic devices
User interface for interacting with online message board
Anti-aliasing buffer
Method for constructing graph abstractions
Operation input device applied to three-dimensional input device
Graphics system and method for minimizing the idle time of a host processor in the graphics system
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for a vertex attribute buffer in a graphics processor
Tactile pointing stick
Apparatus for and of rendering 3d objects with parametric texture maps
Displaying immersive videos using tiled decompression
Processing opaque pieces of illustration artwork
Computer graphics animation method and device
3D shape generation apparatus
Apparatus and method for dynamic triangle stripping
Method and system for creating realistic smooth three-dimensional depth contours from two-dimensional images
Fast single-pass cylindrical to planar projection
Video magnifier for a display of data
Method and apparatus for detecting and smoothing diagonal features video images
Method and apparatus for manipulating digital image data
Method and apparatus for detecting photocopier tracking signatures
Tamper detection
Alphanumeric paging message system operating on the internet
Systems and methods providing an interface for navigating dynamic text
Video display unit with switchable mode power supply responsive to active sync signals
Terminal device, accounting system and data processing method
Cathode ray tube with addressable nanotubes
Image display apparatus and method of driving image display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method therefor
Driving circuit for a liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Driving method for a liquid crystal display device
Matrix display apparatus
Managing prefetching from a data buffer
Image display apparatus suited to viewfinder
Analog interface display apparatus with color display control
Display device, display method, and storage medium containing display control program
Memory element, method for structuring a surface, and storage device
Information storage device having an optical head assembly and a magnetic head assembly both mounted upon a single carriage
Device and method for reproducing magnetic signal
Technique for opening door of a tape cartridge to access the tape leader pin
Recording and/or playback apparatus of a recording medium
Modular data storage system with expandable vertical lift mechanism
Method for controlling servo information detection timing and rotational speed of disk, and disk drive
Servo format for hard disks, preferably hard disks
Precise positioning actuator actuator for precisely positioning thin-film magnetic head element and head gimbal assembly with the actuator
Protective linear sheets for a magnetic recording disc housed in a disc cartridge
Magnetic tape cassette, window opening having a build-up portion construction
Magnetic disk drive
Disk playback device and method of continuously playing back disks without a break in sound reproduction
Medium distinguishing method of a disk used in a disk drive
Floppy disk drive control apparatus capable of ensuring seek operation using a stepping motor having a low torque
Recording medium driving device with condensation sensor
Dual chambered environmentally controlled cartridge and method for protecting data storage media
Magneto-resistive effect type magnetic head and magnetic tape apparatus
Thin film magnetic head having a bottom pole layer, a gap layer, and a top pole layer which are formed by plating
Magnetic head induction coil fabrication method utilizing aspect ratio dependent etching
Thin film magnetic head adaptable to track narrowing of magnetic recording medium and the method of manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistive head and magnetic storage apparatus
Gimbal stiffness control for head suspension assemblies
Ramp motion mechanism
Side-arm microactuator with piezoelectric adjuster
Rotating drum assembly and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus having a tape-contact piece
Adaptive update of seek time prediction data
Sine seek adaptation at voltage and temperature margins
Track follow at quarter track with narrow heads using non-conventional ordering of quadrature fields
Disc head slider having leading and trailing channeled rails for enhanced damping
Optical recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and recording and reproducing apparatus therefor
Disc-shaped information recording medium
Objective optical system for optical pick-up
Optical pickup apparatus and objective lens
Processing method of a master disc for optical discs and processing method of grooves
Ferroelectric drive for data storage
Magnetic random access memory using a non-linear memory element select mechanism
Memory device with short read time
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory
Integrated semiconductor memory having memory cells with a ferroelectric memory property
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Partial refresh feature in pseudo SRAM
Method and apparatus for reducing average power in memory arrays by switching a diode in or out of the ground path
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of low power consumption modes
Balanced sense amplifier control for open digit line architecture memory devices
Dram cell reading method and device
Source pulsed, low voltage CMOS SRAM cell for fast, stable operation
Non-volatile magnetic register
Content addressable memory having reduced current consumption
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory cell with enhanced cell drive current
Complementary non-volatile memory circuit
Method and apparatus for matched-reference sensing architecture for non-volatile memories
Negative pump regulator using MOS capacitor
Method and apparatus for allowing continuous application of high voltage to a flash memory device power pin
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having testing capabilities
Bit-by-bit Vt-correction operation for nonvolatile semiconductor one-transistor cell, nor-type flash EEPROM
Radio frequency powered voltage pump for programming EEPROM
Method and apparatus for boosting bitlines for low VCC read
Method and system for increasing programming bandwidth in a non-volatile memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having reduced erase time and method of erasing data of the same
Flash memory device with a variable erase pulse
Non-volatile memory with background operation function
Low cost three-dimensional memory array
Method and system to reduce signal-dependent charge drawn from reference voltage in switched capacitor circuits
Semiconductor data storing circuit device, method of checking the device and method of relieving the device from defective cell
Semiconductor storage device having redundancy circuit for replacement of defect cells under tests
Memory array organization and related test method particularly well suited for integrated circuits having write-once memory arrays
Memory module
Electronic apparatus having socket incorporating switch operated by insertion of electronic circuit device
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Test circuit for testing semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device
Circuits and methods for outputting multi-level data through a single input/output pin
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including internal potential generating circuit allowing tuning in short period of time and reduction of chip area
Shared sense amplifier driver technique for dynamic random access memories exhibiting improved write recovery time
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Semiconductor memory device having an echo signal generating circuit
Semiconductor memory having a wide bus-bandwidth for input/output data
Random access memory with hidden bits
Circuit structure for providing a hierarchical decoding in semiconductor memory devices
Memory circuit
Tri-stating address input circuit
Semiconductor device and semiconductor storage device testing method
Semiconductor memory device
Electronic part
Multilayer component having inductive impedance
Electronic component having wire
Bobbin for a transformer
Multiple array and method of making a multiple array
Method for preparing nanoporous carbon materials and electric double-layer capacitors using them
Solid electrolytic capacitors and method for manufacturing the same
Solid electrolyte capacitor and its manufacturing method
Thermal protector
Circuit breaker with bypass conductor commutating current out of the bimetal during short circuit interruption and method of commutating current out of bimetal
Fuse with overstoichiometric amount of oxidant
Module combined with an electromagnetic switch appliance
Electron emission device with gap between electron emission electrode and substrate
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Supporting substrate for a semiconductor bare chip
Shift register circuit, driving circuit of display device, and display device using the driving circuit
CPU heat sink fastener
Heat sink assembly for an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for shielding electromagnetic emissions from an integrated circuit
Method of anti-fuse repair
Package integrated faraday cage to reduce electromagnetic emissions from an integrated circuit
Electronic discharge protection system for mixed voltage application specific circuit design
Active array antenna with flexible membrane elements and tensioning arrangement
Antenna for portable wireless communications system and a method for manufacturing the same
Multiple band antenna having isolated feeds
Slot wedge antenna assembly
Planar microstrip patch antenna for enhanced antenna efficiency and gain
Dual polarization patch antenna
Adaptive antenna for use in wireless communication systems
Radio frequency isolation card
Structure for controlling the radiation pattern of a linear antenna
System and method for aligning signals having different phases
Ultra-wideband pulse coincidence beamformer
Dual-band inverted-F antenna
Multiply-fed loop antenna
Switch inlet unit and entertainment system
Plug module with active-passive switching
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Solid state circuit breaker with current overshoot protection
Single-stage power converter and an uninterruptible power supply using same
Soft-start control for DC/DC switching regulators
Clocked power supply
Switched-mode power supply
Switching power supply circuit
Dc-to-dc converter
DC-to-DC converter providing high current and low voltage
Signal distortion compensating apparatus and method in digital TV translator
Power source filter circuit that is capable of eliminating noise component supplied from power source and driving noise component generated from induction load simultaneously
Multistage analog-to-digital converter with amplifier component swapping for improved linearity
High-power selective signal attenuator and method of attenuation
Analog-to-digital conversion for multiple voltage signals in an integrated circuit
Clamp circuit and method for increasing dynamic range of input image signal and minimizing line noise
Delta-sigma modulator
Analog to digital converter
Noise shaper
Sigma delta modulator with buried data
Base station having high speed, high resolution, digital-to-analog converter with off-line sigma delta conversion and storage
Radio receiver
Methods and apparatus for interference cancellation using complex interference orthogonalization techniques
Baseband signal processor capable of dealing with multirate and multiuser communication with a small structure
Decresting peaks in a CDMA signal
De-assigning signals from the fingers of a rake receiver
Hit-less switching pointer aligner apparatus and method
Optical waveform shaper
Saturated amplifier generating burst support signal
Method and system for compensating for chromatic dispersion in an optical network
Fast forward power control during soft handoff
Methods and apparatus for downlink diversity in CDMA using Walsh codes
Packet-switched spread-spectrum system
Method of establishing a soft circuit between a source node and a destination node in a network of nodes to allow data to be transmitted therebetween
Set top terminal for television delivery system
Ring gain control in WDM optical signal transmission system
Demodulation method and apparatus in high-speed time division multiplexed packet data transmission
Combined unicast and multicast scheduling
Virtual local area network membership registration protocol for multiple spanning tree network environments
Per-flow dynamic buffer management
Dequeuing logic architecture and operation in a multiport communication switch
Asymmetric digital subscriber line interfacing system in an ATM exchange system
Collecting per-packet billing data in a packet data service
Method and apparatus for detecting a fault in a multicast routing infrastructure
Method and apparatus for manipulating VLAN tags
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling the admission of calls to a network
Available bit rate flow control for service allocation in a packet network
Dynamic radio link adaptation
Method of communication in a communications network and apparatus therefor
System and method for application object transport
Mobile computer communication scheme supporting moving among networks of different address systems
Method and system for automatic configuration of a gateway translation function
Radio communication system
Device and method for time-division multiple access radio communication
Data/voice/fax compression multiplexer
Systems and methods for reviewing image processing job features
Facsimile apparatus and facsimile system
Printing apparatus and printing method for converting print data to a representation supported by a selected printer
Document image reading device
Image forming apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus
Method enabling a scanning range of a normal scan to map a predetermined range selected under preview in a scanning device
Image reading apparatus having a reference image and measurement means for measuring distortion based on reading the reference image
Digital camera with detachable auxiliary memory
Apparatus and method for sensing and displaying an image
Digital synthesizer, digital copier and magnification control unit
Frequency modulation halfstone screen and method for making the same
Dither mask generation with calibration-independent number of threshold levels
Color-difference signal conversion circuit
Computer apparatus for providing stereoscopic views from monographic images and method
Apparatus for and method of processing three-dimensional images
Image display apparatus capable of suppressing adverse influences caused by repetitive image contents
Solid-state image sensing device including a plurality of photoelectric conversion cells and a charge transfer device including transfer cells greater in number than the photoelectric conversion cells
Focal plane exposure control system for CMOS area image sensors
Active pixel image sensor with a winner-take-all mode of operation
Clock generator, and image displaying apparatus and method
Circuit arrangement for regenerating the black level of video signals
Anti-aliasing video camera processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus which compensates for channel distortion
Electronic camera with an automatic lens cover
Image frame synchronizing apparatus and method thereof
Method and system for code packing in a digital video system
System for correcting an aural carrier signal
Terminal and system for multimedia communications
Modem with IP support
Image recording apparatus
Hue adjustment circuit
Picture signal processing apparatus, color video camera and picture signal processing method
Method and apparatus for switching frame-oriented serial data
Integrated interface for real time web based viewing of telecommunications network call traffic
Method and apparatus to enable background scanning
Convergence of telephone signaling, voice and data over a packet-switched network
Communication system with fast control traffic
Connection protocol for mobile terminals
Power supply apparatus for lamp
Inverter operably controlled to reduce electromagnetic interference
Printed circuit board
Control device and its manufacturing method
Protection shield for an electronic cartridge
Heat sink alignment
Heat-dissipating device for printed circuit board
Thermal distribution system
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