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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Environmentally compatible processes compositions and materials treated thereby
Composition and method for the repair and regeneration of cartilage and other tissues
Recombinant poliovirus for the treatment of cancer
Method for producing a composite dough-based product
Use of native gellan gum
Production method for processed soybean food products and apparatus for thermal deaeration of soybean slurry
Compositions containing at least one polyol and inulin characterized by reduced tendencies of the at least one polyol to induce acute diarrhea
Highly absorbable taste and odor free organic nutritional supplement made from food by products and mixable with solids and liquids, and method of making such
Container illuminated by handle/strap
Method of dispensing blended food products
Sintered titanium tube for the management of spinal cord injury
Appliance for the epilation of the human skin
Method and apparatus for treatment of atrial fibrillation
Blood collecting needle
Signal averaging using gating signal obtained from autocorrelation of input signals
Apparatus for measurement of living body
Laser guides for X-ray device
Tooth mobility measuring apparatus
Disposable diaper
Pull-on disposable wearing article
Hook for attaching to a corporeal lumen and method of manufacturing
UVA (> 360-400) and UVB (300-325) specific sunscreens
Dimer poly-quaternary ester compounds
Method of enhancing cellular production of molecular chaperon, hydroxylamine derivatives useful for enhancing the chaperon production and the preparation thereof
Use of human plasma hyaluronidase in cancer treatment
Nucleic acid transfer vector for the introduction of nucleic acid into the DNA of a cell
Intravascular delivery of non-viral nucleic acid
System for stabilizing lacrimal fluid layer
Pharmaceutical composition for prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation and/or hypersensitivity of sexual stimulation
Method for treating lesions caused by estrogen deficiency with extract of cucumber
Use of bacteria endowed with arginine deiminase to induce apoptosis and/or reduce an inflammatory reaction and pharmaceutical or dietetic compositions containing such bacteria
Stable radioiodine conjugates and methods of their synthesis
Methods to improve immunogenicity of antigens and specificity of antibodies
Human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein O as a new drug target and subunit vaccine candidate
Methods for evaluating tissue morphogenesis and activity
Antacid and laxative tablets
Rapidly disintegrating tablet comprising an acid-labile active ingredient
Leg bag accessory
Bowel management system
Adapter for a PEG probe
Intravascular device push wire delivery system
Combined device comprising a venous blood reservoir and a cordiotomy reservoir in an extracorporeal circuit
Method for drying and using swarf in golf balls
Method for fitting golf clubs
Warm-up bat
Golf training kit for playing on a small course
Optical remote controller pointing the place to reach
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for metal removal by ion exchange
Method for reducing hydrogen sulfide emissions from wastewater
Method for separating an azepine derivative out of a mixture containing an amine an azepine derivative
Filter cover assembly for an air conditioning unit
Device for filtering particles out of a coolant flow in a turbo machine
Fibrous media utilizing temperature gradient and methods of use thereof
Apparatus and method for removing volatile organics from vented gases
Methods for injecting dry bulk amendments for water and soil treatment
Method for surface treatment of polymeric substrates
Applying filler extruding container
Method for assembling nano objects
Process of masking cooling holes of a gas turbine component
Method and apparatus for laser marking by ablation
Method and apparatus for laser cutting sheet metal parts
Colloidal silica binder system
Method and device for grinding a rotationally symmetric machine part
Head performance based nano-machining process control for stripe forming of advanced sliders
Low-mass roller or pulley
Method and system for fabricating structural building blocks
Device for shaping plastic objects under inert atmosphere
Injection apparatus
Injection device used for blow molding hollow plastic bodies, comprising extrusion mandrels that can be tempered and are inserted into extrusion mandrel fastener
Water-borne resin treatment for fibrous materials, process of treating, and product produced thereby having improved strength under both ambient and wet/humid conditions
Device for the production of an extruded profile
Optical lens molding apparatus and precision molding apparatus
Display strip
Vinylidene fluoride copolymer resin film
Protective covering for landscape ties and timbers and other building materials
Method of making a laminated structural member
Component with an inner fabric and process for producing same
Method for accelerating the curing of adhesives
Process for production of multi-layer electrode or electrode assembly and gaseous diffusion electrode
Waterproof/breathable technical apparel
Water vapor breathable, liquid water resistant material
High efficiency optical devices
Expansion graphite sheet of high thermal resistance, and exhaust gasket of high thermal resistance
Multilayered color compositions and associated methods
Multi-layer laser thermal image receptor sheet with internal tie layer
Thermosensitive recording medium
Method and device for making the covers of a book or equivalent
Lock control apparatus for use in vehicle
Interior illumination lamp
Upshift control method of an automatic transmission
Pivoting arrangement for controlling outboard drive of propulsion unit
Cereal package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Oxide powder for dielectrics, method of manufacturing oxide powder for dielectrics, and multi-layer ceramic capacitor using the same
Iron oxide particles and method for production thereof
Passive treatment of wastewater and contaminated groundwater
Method for treating an effluent in three biological steps
Composite for building material, and method of manufacturing building material using the same
Alumina/zirconia ceramics and method of producing the same
Elimination-free powder coating crosslinking agents
Selective sorbents for purification of hydrocartons
Branched primary alcohol compositions and derivatives thereof
Separation of 1-butene from C.sub.4 feed streams
Nitrogen-containing heteroaryl compounds having HIV integrase inhibitory activity
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Iminobenzoxazines, iminobenzthiazines and iminoquinazolines for controlling invertebrate pests
Compounds in the form of homodimeric or heterodimeric pro-drugs; process for obtaining these pro-drugs and their acceptable pharmaceutical salts and use of compounds in the treatment of phosphodiesterases-mediated diseases or dysfunction
Nucleic acids encoding dipeptidyl peptidases
Compositions and methods for enhancement of major histocompatibility complex class I restricted antigen presentation
Composition and method for modulating dendritic cell-t cell interaction
Catalytic polymerization process
Functional polymer
Multiple component coating composition utilizing dilution stable polyisocyanates
Epoxy resin composition, process for producing fiber-reinforced composite materials and fiber-reinforced composite materials
Liquid crystal polymers
Aqueous compositions based on polychloroprene
Thermoplastic elastomer thin-walled film, method for preparing same and uses thereof
Granular flame-retardant composition
Composite of high melting polymer and nanoclay with enhanced properties
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and molded member made of the same
Polymer microspheres containing latent colorants and method of preparation
Rubber composition for golf ball
Bituminous composition with reduced gelation tendency
Phthalocyanine compounds used in inks
Polishing composition
Process for the preparation of pink light-emitting diode with high brightness
Methods of using an oxygen scavenger
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids stable at high brine concentration and methods of using same
Lubricant oil composition for diesel engines (LAW964)
Evolution of whole cells and organisms by recursive sequence recombination
Coffee mannanase
Promotion of somatic embryogenesis in plants by PGA37 gene expression
Brachytic2 (BR2) promoter from maize and methods of use
Process for purification of recombinant porphobilinogen deaminase
Major neutralization site of hepatitis E virus and use of this neutralization site in methods of vaccination and in methods of screening for neutralizing antibodies to hepatitis E virus
NIMA interacting proteins
Method for detection for total coliforms and E. coli
Sequestering of glycoprotein molecules and oligosaccharide moieties in lipo-glycoprotein membranes and micelles
Method for detecting polynucleotide sequences
High carbon steel and production method thereof
Magnesium alloy producing negative potential
High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering
Mechanical method for generating nanostructures and mechanical device for generating nanostructures
Apparatus and method for deposition of an electrophoretic emulsion
Manufacturing method of silicon carbide single crystals
Textiles; Paper
Hair bleach
System for keeping calender rolls of a paper machine clean
Starch composition and the use thereof in wet-end of paper preparation
Wiping products having a low coefficient of friction in the wet state and process for producing same
Fixed Constructions
Element for forming ground covering, restraining and reinforcing structures
Elongate element tensioning member
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooled turbine assembly
Electrical power generators
Assembling mechanism of discharge pipe for hermetic compressor and method thereof
Apparatus for securely yet removably installing an ornament onto a substantively planar surface
Low friction, abrasion-resistant bearing materials
Crush ring to seal the counter plate on hydrodynamic bearing
Wheel support bearing assembly
Wheel support bearing assembly
Support structure in crank mechanism and component constituting crank mechanism
Pressure screw assembly primarily used with an axially guided locking ring to permit controlled axial clearance movement of the chock bearing
Illumination system for illuminating an electronic device with multicolored light
EL lighted garment with reduced glow up
Light source and projector
Circuit on a curved, or otherwise irregularly shaped, surface, such as on a helmet to be worn on the head, including a fiber optic conductive path
Method of fabricating inkjet nozzle chambers
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine and mammography
Iron core winding, method of winding an iron core, and variable reluctance angle detector
Polycrystalline optical window materials from nanoceramics
Measuring device for heat pipe
Apparatus for measuring radiation and method of use
Diagnostic detection method
Triple polypeptide complexes
Busulfan immunoassay
Recombinant polypeptides having Ph1 p I epitope antigenicity and methods of diagnosing allergy in vitro
Thromboplastin reagents
Dye solutions for use in methods to detect the prior evaporation of anhydrous ammonia and the production of illict drugs
Probe assembly for minimizing excitation pick-up voltages
Probe tile for probing semiconductor wafer
Membrane probing system
Ancillary equipment for testing semiconductor integrated circuit
Normalizing circuit with reduced error voltage
Radar apparatus, radar apparatus controlling method
Image detector for x-ray devices with rear-contact organic image sensors
Mirror angle measurement and servo control apparatus for holographic digital data storage system
Light guide plate with metal dots and method for fabricating the same
Positive-working chemical-amplification photoresist composition
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and method for fabricating semiconductor substrate used in the semiconductor device
Resist compounds including acid labile groups attached to polymeric chains at anhydride linkages
Dyed photoresists and methods and articles of manufacture comprising same
Electrophotographic photoreceptors with novel overcoats
Method for transmitting high-frequency signals to low-frequency networks and corresponding system
Network communication and message protocol for a medical perfusion system
Method and apparatus for maintaining an approximate constant current output characteristic in a switched mode power supply
Power supplying methods and apparatus that provide stable output voltage
Multi-spin slot game with win multiplier
Automatic optimization of the position of stems of text characters
Time-series data processing device and method
Image display device and method for displaying an image on the basis of a plurality of image signals
System and apparatus for customizing a computer animation wireframe
Method for representing image-based rendering information in 3D scene
Apparatus for separating coins
System and method for detecting EAS/RFID tags using step listen
Environmental monitoring device
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Display apparatus for sequential pixel sampling including attenuated capacitive coupling between signal lines
Liquid crystal display apparatus and a method of controlling the same
Driving circuit of a liquid crystal display and relating driving method
Liquid crystal display device, liquid crystal display device driving method, and liquid crystal projector apparatus
System and method of driving electro-optical device
Head mounted display device
Texture mapping 3D objects
Liquid crystal display with optical disk drive control functions
Image display system capable of displaying and scaling images on plurality of image sources and display control method therefor
Mixed but indistinguishable raster and vector image data types
Adjustable tuning tube for a clarinet
Perpendicular magnetic recording media, magnetic recording apparatus
Substrate for magnetic recording media using dried thermoplastic norbornene resin and magnetic recording media using substrate
Ceramic for packaging of radioactive cesium
Magnetic core for stationary electromagnetic devices
High durability touch panel
Microelectromechanical acceleration-sensing apparatus
Safety switch device
Control unit with thermal protection and an electrical heating device comprising the control unit
Electronic device containing a carbon nanotube
Defect inspection apparatus, program, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Electrical measurements in samples
Object detecting apparatus having case breakage detecting function
Aerosol mass spectrometer for operation in a high-duty mode and method of mass-spectrometry
Method and apparatus for oxidizing conductive redeposition in TMR sensors
Diamond like carbon silicon on insulator substrates and methods of fabrication thereof
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Plasma processing method
Semiconductor device, electro-optic device, integrated circuit, and electronic apparatus
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Synthesis of layers, coatings or films using collection layer
Mask forming and removing method, and semiconductor device, an electric circuit, a display module, a color filter and an emissive device manufactured by the same method
Methods and systems for preparing a copper containing substrate for analysis
Method of fabricating an integral capacitor and gate transistor having nitride and oxide polish stop layers using chemical mechanical polishing elimination
Method for fabricating nitride-based compound semiconductor element
Removable amorphous carbon CMP stop
Non-contact etch annealing of strained layers
Process for patterning high-k dielectric material
Method of manufacturing a trench transistor having a heavy body region
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having step gate
Electronically addressable microencapsulated ink and display thereof
Method for implanting ions in a semiconductor
Illumination system, particularly for EUV lithography
Method of designing low-power semiconductor integrated circuit
Electronic package having a folded flexible substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Transfer mold semiconductor packaging processes
Method of forming improved rounded corners in STI features
Method for forming copper fuse links
Reducing the dielectric constant of a portion of a gate dielectric
System and method of forming a split-gate flash memory structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for production of semiconductor substrate
Pad surface finish for high routing density substrate of BGA packages
Multilayer wiring structure of semiconductor device, method of producing said multilayer wiring structure and semiconductor device to be used for reliability evaluation
Materials for electronic devices
Ball grid array substrate strip with warpage-preventive linkage structure
Molecular rectifier device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, function setting method thereof, and evaluation method thereof
High performance diode-implanted voltage-controlled poly resistors for mixed-signal and RF applications
Semiconductor-on-insulator constructions
High voltage transistor having side-wall width different from side-wall width of a low voltage transistor
Active matrix display and electrooptical device
Electronic apparatus having a protective circuit
Active matrix substrate, electro-optical device, electronic device, and method for manufacturing an active matrix substrate
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Substrate engineering for optimum CMOS device performance
Memory circuitry and method of forming memory circuitry
Semiconductor photodetector with internal reflector
Thermal interface with silver-filled carbon nanotubes
Structure of GaN light-emitting diode
Light emitting device, electronic equipment and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with inductive component and method of making
Structures for supporting vibrators
Pressure-balanced battery for downhole tools
Battery pack with thermal distribution configuration
Lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Coated carbon nanotube array electrodes
Membrane electrode assembly for a fuel cell
Electrode for fuel cell and manufacturing method therefor
Method and device for filling volatile liquids into the housing of electric components and for sealing the housing
Fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for enhancing catalytic activity
Space-filling miniature antennas
Dual band, bent monopole antenna
Concave tapered slot antenna
Antenna array including virtual antenna elements
Two-point contact type socket
Resilient plug
Lever-fitting type connector
Cable connector assembly with latching mechanism
Connector assembly
Audio jack connector
Electrical connection device
Electronic equipment, display control method, recording medium and program
Power grid backfeed protection apparatus
Built-up stator assembly
Oscillating device
Actuator, light quantity adjusting apparatus, and stepping motor
Polyphase sawyer motor forcer
Axial gap electrical machine
Programmable AC/DC power supply
Mechanically latchable tiltable platform for forming micromirrors and micromirror arrays
Biaxial piezoelectric motor
Motor drive control apparatus
Method of and system for starting engine-driven power equipment
Communication semiconductor integrated circuit device and a wireless communication system
Method for adjusting a resonator in an oscillator
GPS receiver devices and compensation methods therefor
Calibration technique for variable-gain amplifiers
Handset radiofrequency front end module in fine pitch quad flat no lead (FQFP-N) package
Impedance matching circuit and method
Power switch
Systems, devices, and methods for providing control signals
Method and apparatus for controlling internal heat generating circuit
PCI-compatible programmable logic devices
Duty cycle correction
Level shifter having automatic delay adjusting function
Z-state circuit for phase-locked loops
Variable quantization ADC for image sensors
Device for positional and/or length determination
Analog/digital converter and method for operating an analog/digital converter
Delta-sigma modulation circuit with gain control function
Automatic detection of character encoding format using statistical analysis of the text strings
System and method for partition and pattern-match decoding of variable length codes
Emergency underwater notification device
Heat sink for printed circuit board components
Flexible cable for high-speed interconnect
Expired Patents Due To Time
Locking device for a multimedia containment system
Hat with rigid ornament with embossed logo
Fault-tolerant access to storage arrays using active and quiescent storage controllers
Method and means for computationally efficient on-the-fly error correction in linear cyclic codes using ultra-fast error location
Optimized program code generator, a method for compiling a source text and a computer-readable medium for a processor capable of operating with a plurality of instruction sets
System for maintaining a user-modifiable confirmation message configuration record that specifying with respect to a plurality of operations whether to communicate a confirmation message
Computer program device and product for timely processing of data using a queued direct input-output device
High speed semiconductor memory device capable of changing data sequence for burst transmission
Cache coherency protocol employing a read operation including a programmable flag to indicate deallocation of an intervened cache line
Information processing apparatus printer, method of controlling information processing apparatus and record medium
System for maintaining visible presentation of status indication by undocking it when it is moving out of visible presentation space and redocking thereto
Network match maker
Operating system having external media layer, workflow layer, internal media layer, and knowledge base for routing media events between transactions
Recovery of synchronization constructs
Automatic analysis of a speech dictated document
Computer based interactive defect reporting system for the paperless reporting of problems in a vehicle forming part of a fleet
Automatic variable linkage mechanism for integrating third party software components
Passenger protecting device for vehicle
Road vehicle sensing apparatus and signal processing apparatus therefor
Age-based heart rate target zone method and apparatus
Support system for laser beam machine, and laser beam machine including the same
Pouring pot
Dual cap vacuum bottle with stylized base
Fruit peeling device
Thermal container
Stem for an article of stemware
Electric grinder
Shears for cutting plastic tubes
Screwdriver bit head
Spacing tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for configuring a fuzzy automatic-control device which is used for comparing a measurement signal with a pattern signal
Speed ratio control device for vehicle
Full-color toner cartridge, method for supplying toner from cartridge and method for filling toner cartridge with toner
Directional set operations for permission based security in a computer system
Coherent object system architecture
Method and system for look ahead query evaluation planning based on interesting partition properties
Intermediate system transmitting relevant selections based on permutation function applied consumer/information signature vectors for privacy
Excitation vector generator, speech coder and speech decoder
Code error correcting apparatus
Method and apparatus for reverse rewriting
System and method for copy protecting computer graphics
Communication-terminal management system with storage-processing-system network and real-time-processing-system network and a communication terminal for these networks
Method for transmitting a PSMM in a communication system
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