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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Triticale cultivar 97TV38011
3-biphenyl-substituted-3-substituted-4-ketolactam and ketolactone and their utilization as pesticide
Microbicidal compositions
Herbal composition for treating CD33+ acute and chronic myeloid leukemia and a method thereof
Dynamic radiant food preparation methods and systems
Process for producing a high solubility, low viscosity, isoflavone-enriched soy protein isolate and the products thereof
Illuminated surgical retractor
System and method for regulating an amount of thermal energy generated by an electrosurgical tool
Apparatus and methods for treating female urinary incontinence
Apparatus and methods for mapping and ablation in electrophysiology procedures
Devices and methods for directed, interstitial ablation of tissue
Bag system for collecting and sampling a biological fluid
Dissolvable backing layer for use with a transmucosal delivery device
Method and device for forming a hardened cement in a bone cavity
Method of loading tendons into the knee
Neck brace
Thiazolidinone amides, thiazolidine carboxylic acid amides, methods of making, and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for reducing viral genome amounts in a target cell
Ophthalmic compositions containing a synergistic combination of three polymers
Methods for modulating angiogenesis
Recombinant P. falciparum merozoite protein-142 vaccine
Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae virulence factors
Treatment of autoimmune disorders with antibodies to costimulating polypeptide of T cells
Hepatitis C virus codon optimized non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Methods and compositions for the treatment of defects in lipoprotein metabolism
Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
Pre-treatment composition for oxidative coloring keratin fibres and process therefore
Engineered particles and methods of use
Method of growing crystals
Loading mechanism for infusion pump
Low-noise vacuum release suction device and controllable aspirator using same
Continuous drainage adaptor
Aortic occluder with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Needleless port
Tetrahydroquinoline analogues as muscarinic agonists
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fat collection and preparation system and method
Apparatus to increase lateral oxygen transfer in waste water
Method for dehydrating composition comprising lithium bis(pentafluoroethanesulfonyl)imide
Service recording device for a filter of an extraction hood
Condensing deaerating vent line for steam generating systems
Adsorbent breather filter
Method and apparatus for recovering water from atmospheric air
Mixed matrix membrane with mesoporous particles and methods for making and using the same
Valve mechanism for infusion fluid systems
NO.sub.x reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Exhaust gas purification catalyst and oxygen storage component for the same
Coated nanoparticles and quantum dots for solution-based fabrication of photovoltaic cells
Products comprising nano-precision engineered electronic components
Methods and apparatus for replicating original objects
Membrane and the use thereof
Methods for making encapsulated stent-grafts
Method of producing ceramic foams
Production forming, bonding, joining and repair systems for composite and metal components
Method for repairing steel-reinforced concrete structure
Method of forming a stack of interfolded sheets of web
Amorphous marble flooring through two embo system and process of making the same
Labels and labeling process
Heat spreader for display device
Method and device to clean probes
Gas barrier film
Optical disc non-cartesian coordinate system
Planographic printing plate precursor, substrate for the same and surface hydrophilic material
Critical dimension control in a semiconductor fabrication process
Patterning method, patterning apparatus, patterning template, and method for manufacturing the patterning template
Methods for machining ceramics
Recording medium, method of manufacturing recording medium and recording apparatus
Molded weather strip
Systems and methods for direct current system digital carried message conveyance
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Antimicrobial composition
Hydrogen generator
Diamond films and methods of making diamond films
Water treatment system
Treatment of water
Process for converting primary amidoalcohols to amidocarboxylic acids in high yield
Microencapsulated metal catalyst
Process of converting ethylbenzene to styrene using a graphite nanocatalysts
Purification of carboxylic acids by complexation with selective solvents
Materials and methods for inhibiting fouling of surfaces exposed to aquatic environments
Process for the preparation of 3-{2-'4- (6-fluoro-1,2-benzisoxazol-3-yl)-1-piperidinyllethyl}-6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-- 2-methyl-4h-pyrido'1,2-methyl-4h-pyrido',2-a!pyrimidin-4-one
Process for the preparation of 7-substituted 3-alkyl-3H-isobenzofuran-1-one derivatives
Heterocyclic compound and antitumor agent containing the same as effective ingredient
Oxpurine nucleosides and their congeners, and acyl, derivatives thereof, for improvement of hematopoiesis
.beta.-amino heterocyclic dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabetes
Metallocene complexes, their synthesis and use in catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Human Gil-19/AE289 polynucleotides
Sodium-independent transporter transporting small-sized neutral amino acid, gene thereof and method of analyzing transporter function by constructing fused proteins enabling the specification of the function
Melanocortin metallopeptides for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Fluorinated allyl ether polymer
Method for producing low-odor hydrogel-forming polymers
Polyurethane elastomers
Photocurable Michael addition polymers
Low dielectric constant materials and methods of preparation thereof
Diamine compound having dendron side chain and liquid crystal alignment material produced using the same
Thermoplastic foams made with methyl formate-based blowing agents
High strength reactive materials and methods of making
Rubber composition for breaker and pneumatic tire using the same
Cationic direct dyes
Silicon-titanium mixed oxide powder
Ink-jet recording ink, ink-jet recording method, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording ink, ink-jet recording ink set, recording method, print, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Water-based pigment ink composition
Deicing solution
Transmission oil composition for automobile
Cleaning implements
Biochemical measuring chip and measuring apparatus
Endospore detector
Ungulates produced by nuclear transfer of G1 cells
Antifungal polypeptides
Polypeptides having alpha-amylase activity and polypeptides encoding same
Alpha-amylase variants
Method for two-dimensional conformation-dependent separation of non-circular nucleic acids
Phage antibodies to radiation-inducible neoantigens
Methods for assessing risk for cardiac dysrythmia in a human subject
Engineered templates and their use in single primer amplification
Protein fragment complementation assays in whole animals applications to drug efficacy, ADME, cancer biology, immunology, infectious disease and gene therapy
Cleavage of nucleic acids
Method of identifying substances useful for promoting resistance to cell stress
Breast cancer prognostics
Composition and sugar refining process
Fabrication of reinforced composite material comprising carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and vapor-grown carbon fibers for thermal barrier materials, structural ceramics, and multifunctional nanocomposite ceramics
Method and apparatus for stripping electrodeposited metal sheets from permanent cathodes
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing pulp
Tissue product containing a topical composition in the form of discrete droplets
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Supporting structures for water current (including tidal stream) turbines
Method for determining the depth of a buried structure
Method for measurement of three-dimensional objects by single-view backlit shadowgraphy
Color switchable stress-fracture sensor for damage control
System and method for detecting dropping amount of liquid crystal
Method and apparatus for determining diffusible hydrogen concentrations
Supporting frame for a monitoring scale
Method for the formation of a structure size measured value
Method for corrected spectrophotometer output for measurements on multiple substrates
Device for ellipsometric two-dimensional display of a sample, display method and ellipsometric measurement method with spatial resolution
Terahertz system for detecting the burn degree of skin
Apparatus and method for inspection of a wafer
Molecular fingerprinting of triglycerides in biological samples by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry
Limiting current type oxygen sensor
Apparatus and method for chemical analysis
Combination of CRP and D-dimer for in vitro diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
Antigen-antibody cancer recognition system
High throughput screening methods for lubricating oil compositions
Diagnostic and monitoring methods for cancer
Arrangement with conductive pad embedment
Integrated circuit test array including test module
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Test socket for an integrated circuit
Electron beam generating apparatus and optical sampling apparatus using the same
Through-the-wall frequency stepped imaging system utilizing near field multiple antenna positions, clutter rejection and corrections for frequency dependent wall effects
Measurement and signature intelligence analysis and reduction technique
Zoom lens system, lens barrel, imaging device and camera
Catadioptric imaging system employing immersion liquid for use in broad band microscopy
High-stability optical microscope
Compositions and processes for format-flexible, roll-to-roll manufacturing of electrophoretic displays
Transmissive E-paper display
Micro-optoelectromechanical system packages for a light modulator and methods of making the same
Optical interference display panel
Ultrathin lens arrays for viewing interlaced images
Dual field of view lens system
Back light unit for liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the unit
Display panel with backlighting structure and selectively transmissive window therethrough
Liquid-crystal display and polarizing plate
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Display element and display device
Method of manufacturing a panel for a liquid crystal display
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus, radiation beam inspection device, method of inspecting a beam of radiation and device manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing photoresist having nanoparticles
Method and system of lithography using masks having gray-tone features
Phase shift mask including a substrate with recess
Planographic printing method and planographic printing plate precursor used therein
Methods for calculating multilayer holograms, method for producing multilayer holograms and storage medium comprising a multilayer hologram
World timepiece
Image processing device and method for controlling a motor system
Step-down voltage output circuit
Structure and method for implementing oxide leakage based voltage divider network for integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor device with leakage current compensating circuit
Switching power supply device and a semiconductor integrated circuit
Portable information processing apparatus
Systems and methods for efficiently displaying graphics on a display device regardless of physical orientation
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program readable by computer
Image forming apparatus, memory control apparatus and memory control method
On-line calibration system for a dynamically varying color marking device
Automatically preparing an image for download
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Touch sensor with linearized response
Web-based print server and client
Method for controlling air purifier by using biorhythm
Surgical implement detector utilizing a radio-frequency identification marker
Coupler board for wireless communication with multiple memory devices
Information reading apparatus, information reading system, and RFID tag
Geographical information supply system and method using RFID, and traffic information supply system using RFID
Semiconductor device, light-emitting display device and driving method thereof
Plasma display addressing
Passive matrix light emitting device
Unipolar drive chip for cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display device having drive circuit
Method and apparatus for identifying pixel position and geometry in 3D systems
Graphics compression
Image display control unit, image display control method, image displaying apparatus, and image display control program recorded computer-readable recording medium
System and process for selecting objects in a ubiquitous computing environment
Method and apparatus for transforming display data using multiple frame buffers in a display device
Haptic interface for palpation simulation
Systems and methods for cartridge identification
Filtering apparatus for disk drive
Magnetoresistive element magnetic head, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic memory
Optical disk apparatus and method for recording and reproducing an optical disk
Method and apparatus for controlling write power in an optical drive
Optical pick-up device
Method and apparatus for tilt correction and optical disk recorder/player using tilt correction technique
Integrated circuit including memory cell for storing an information item and method
SRAM cell design with high resistor CMOS gate structure for soft error rate improvement
Ferroelectric memory and method for reading data from the ferroelectric memory
Method and circuit for reading a dynamic memory circuit
One time programming memory cell using MOS device
Self-refresh timer circuit and method of adjusting self-refresh timer period
Semiconductor memory
Multi-value nonvolatile semiconductor memory device equipped with reference cell and load balancing circuit
Integrated read-only memory, method for operating said read-only memory and corresponding production method
Method and apparatus for implementing walkout of device junctions
Self test for the phase angle of the data read clock signal DQS
Low leakage asymmetric SRAM cell devices
Reducing power consumption in integrated circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Three section pig for radio-pharmaceuticals
Served braid leakage current detecting cable
Signal switching device
Method and apparatus for detecting free fall
Safety switches
Light-receiving element and manufacturing method of the same, optical module and optical transmitting device
Electron beam lens for micro-column electron beam apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Cathode structure for inverted organic light emitting devices
Method with mechanically strained silicon for enhancing speed of integrated circuits or devices
Methods of fabricating integrated optoelectronic devices
Phosphoric acid free process for polysilicon gate definition
High radiance LED chip and a method for producing same
Method for producing a semiconductor component and a semiconductor component, especially a membrane sensor
Method of forming high temperature thermistors
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing thereof
Method of fabricating thin film transistor substrate for display device
Method for fabricating thin film transistor
Semiconductor device
Plasma treatment apparatus and method for plasma treatment
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming a multi-layer semiconductor structure incorporating a processing handle member
Polishing method of Cu film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Void free interlayer dielectric
Method for processing a thin semiconductor substrate
Method of forming a via contact structure using a dual damascene process
Variable temperature and dose atomic layer deposition
Wafer repair method using direct-writing
Method of manufacture of a semiconductor integrated circuit device including a plurality of columnar laminates having different spacing in different directions
Method of making a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device made thereby
Semiconductor manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Three dimensional polymer memory cell systems
Semiconductor device, CPU, image processing circuit and electronic device, and driving method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Flash memory and fabrication method thereof
BiCMOS structure, method for producing the same and bipolar transistor for a BiCMOS structure
Optical semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Thin film transistors and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Memory devices with active and passive doped sol-gel layers
Electronic device with guard ring
Magneto-resistive effect element and magnetic memory
Memory device with improved data retention
Structure to use an etch resistant liner on transistor gate structure to achieve high device performance
MOSFET device
High temperature interconnects for high temperature transducers
Photovoltaic array
Solid-state image pick-up device and imaging system using the same
Integrated circuit having features to limit substrate current
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating optical semiconductor element and optical semiconductor device using the same
Light emitting device
Organic electronic devices having two dimensional series interconnections
Fuel cell
Electrode arrangement for a fuel cell having sectored headplates
Electrolyte for a lithium ion battery and a lithium ion battery comprising the same
One-shot fabrication of membrane-based electrochemical cell stacks
Method and apparatus for changing the direction of fluid flow in fuel cell flow fields
Method for producing a coplanar waveguide system on a substrate, and a component for the transmission of electromagnetic waves fabricated in accordance with such a method
Mobile communication terminal having electrostatic discharge protection function
Multi-band antenna
Antenna device
Wideband traveling wave microstrip antenna
Circuit-breaking device
Closure housing for sealing
Uninterruptible power supplies
Motor and recording medium drive device
Power supply apparatus
Control and motor arrangement for use in model train
Electronic oscillators having a plurality of phased outputs and such oscillators with phase-setting and phase-reversal capability
Distortion compensating and power amplifying apparatus
Method and apparatus for frequency tuning of a micro-mechanical resonator
Electrical filter assembly having IDC connection
Apparatus and methods for multi-gate silicon-on-insulator transistors
Integrated circuit output driver circuitry with programmable preemphasis
Buffer and organic light emitting display and a data driving circuit using the buffer
Automatic status assignment logic circuit apparatus for bay devices
Sub-cycle configurable hybrid logic/interconnect circuit
Capacitance sensor using relaxation oscillators
Method of estimating an intersection between at least two continuous signal representations
Programmable phase-locked loop circuitry for programmable logic device
Method and device for functionally testing an analog to-digital converter and a corresponding analog-to-digital converter
Digital-analog converter and digital-analog conversion method
Parallel data transmission method and parallel data transmission system
Delimiter lookup using processor permutation instruction
Method and apparatus for efficient hardware based deflate
Method and system for making handoff between CDMA mobile communication system
Differentiated service network and method of operating a differentiated service network
Traffic modeling for packet data communications system dimensioning
Timeout determination method and apparatus
Tunnelling wireless voice with software-defined vocoders
Method in a communication system
Protection system, virtual concatenation processing block, node and ring network
Multi-protocol telecommunications routing optimization
Shared communications network employing virtual-private-network identifiers
Method and system for automatically routing a dial plan through a communications network
System and method for ranging for a fast handover in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for converting LSP parameter for voice packet conversion
Processing destructive breaks in modem over packet networks
Apparatus and method for controlled movement of pixel imaging device
Image recording device, system, and method
Raster image path architecture
Black and white image detection
Method and equipment for automatically performing color/monochrome judging of an original
Color processing method, color processing device, storage medium, color processing program, and image forming apparatus
Method for correcting unadjusted printing data on the basis of colormetrically measured reference sheet
Controller for auto-focus in a photographing apparatus
Method for driving solid-state image pickup apparatus, solid-state image pickup device and camera
Method and system for generating reference signals with improved correlation characteristics for accurate time of arrival or position determination
Bad editing detection device
Heating device of a glove
RF plasma reactor having a distribution chamber with at least one grid
Circuit board for cable termination
Fabrication method and structure of PCB assembly, and tool for assembly thereof
Modified IMA cabinet architecture
Semiconductor device having a mount board
Enclosure for printed wiring board assemblies
Sliding cover for slot of electronic device
Electronic apparatus with a storage device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for ultra precise GPS-based mapping of seeds or vegetation during planting
Apparatus and method for delivering feed rations along a feedbunk using a global positioning system
Apparatus and method for the remote production of customized clothing
Method for providing personalized cosmetics
Circumferential transillumination of anatomic junctions using light energy
Fluorescence diagnosis system
Detection of stroke events using diffuse optical tomography
Self-calibrating optical imaging system
Physiological measuring system comprising a garment and sensing apparatus incorporated in the garment
Method for detecting leads off in multi-electrode medical diagnostic system
Pictorial-display electrocardiographic interpretation system and method
System and method for distinguishing electrical events originating in the atria from far-field electrical events originating in the ventricles as detected by an implantable medical device
Bio-characteristic value measuring device with graphical display
Apparatus for determining degree of fatigue of human body
MRI-guided therapeutic unit and methods
Method and apparatus to estimate location and orientation of objects during magnetic resonance imaging
Three dimensional mapping
Scintillation apparatus and method of light collection for use with a radiation emitting medical imaging scanner
Exact patient positioning by compairing reconstructed x-ray images and linac x-ray images
Diagnostic ultrasound imaging system having display configured to optimally display ultrasound images
Method and system for determining native neurological dominant hemisphere
Personal therapeutic device using far infrared radiation
Method for treating cardiac arrest
Spa audio system operable with a remote control
Medical electrical lead with fiber core
Ring electrode with porous member
Apparatus for electroporation mediated delivery for drugs and genes
Percutaneous electrical therapy system for minimizing electrode insertion discomfort
Rechargeable spinal cord stimulator system
Arrhythmia forecasting based on morphology changes in intracardiac electrograms
Endocardial electrode lead with multiple branches
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oxidation prevention method of metal in a melting vessel and apparatus
Robot calibration system and method of determining a position of a robot relative to an electrically-charged calibration object
Method for gauging a mold cavity for injection molding
Element with extruded sheathing
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Method and system for independent axle control of a variable force damper system
Running control device for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for determination and warning of potential violation of intersection traffic control devices
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Engine ready detection using crankshaft speed feedback
Safing method for a vehicle occupant protection safety system
Method for determining control data for deploying restraint elements in a vehicle prior to a collision
Vehicle hood operating system
Device and method for stabilizing a combination of a tractor vehicle and at least one semitrailer or trailer
Transportation method for a semiconductor device and transportation route selection method for a semiconductor device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nuclear receptor for 1.alpha.,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 useful for selection of vitamin D3 ligands and a method therefor
Pulse plating rectifiers and methods, systems and computer program products for controlling pulse plating rectifiers in master/slave mode
Fixed Constructions
Method for simulating drilling of roller cone bits and its application to roller cone bit design and performance
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Adaptive flame-out prevention
Method and device for controlling processes in conjunction with an internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for drive system
Actuator using shape memory alloy and method for controlling the same
Fluid control system with autonomously controlled pump
Method of operating a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle equipped to perform the method
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Internal heating element for pipes and tubes
Apparatus and method for protecting a heating tank assembly of a hot water dispenser
Furnace with integral grille
Positioning and data integrating method and system thereof
Core inertial measurement unit
System and method for updating, enhancing or refining a geographic database using feedback
Navigation apparatus for and navigation method of associating traveling of movable body
Method and device for simulating the mass of motor vehicles placed on stationary test stands
Laser pulse slicer and dual wavelength converter for chemical sensing
Electro-optical unit for scanning the entire lateral surface of articles substantially cylindrical in shape
Device and method for determining proportions of body materials
X-ray diffraction apparatus and method
Temporal noise reduction, compression and analysis of thermographic image data sequences
Speedometer for a moving sportsman
Scanning single electron transistor microscope for imaging ambient temperature objects
RMS-to-DC converter with fault detection and recovery
Method and apparatus for distinguishing regions where a material is present on a surface
AC scan diagnostic method
Semiconductor device
Predictive thermal control used with a vacuum enclosed coil assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging device
Signal analysis for navigated magnetic resonance imaging
Global positioning systems and inertial measuring unit ultratight coupling method
Method for measuring the distance to at least one target
System for location reporting
Position detecting apparatus with DSRC feature and its control method
Method for imaging discontinuities in seismic data using dip-steering
Method for spectral balancing of near- and far-offset seismic data
High speed optical receiver
Low insertion loss non-blocking optical switch
Focusing multiple laser beams
Optical fiber suitable for producing doped-fiber amplifier gain equalizing filters
Dispersion shifted optical fiber having triple clad
Optical fiber with large effective core area and high chromatic dispersion
Fiber for enhanced energy absorption
Rib waveguide device with mode filter
Grating and method and apparatus for forming same
Microstrip line
Integration of fibers on substrates fabricated with grooves
Cascaded integrated fiber array optical switch and method of operation
Device and system for wavelength monitoring
Optical wavelength filter and demultiplexer
Optically controlled exchange switches within an optical signal network
Optical cross-connector
Structures and methods for aligning fibers
2.times.2 integrated fiber array optical switch and method of operation
Clip that aligns a fiber optic cable with a laser diode within a fiber optic module
Optical wiring device
Two-way optical communication device and two-way optical communication apparatus
Processing protective plug insert for optical modules
Configuring optical fibers in a multi-chip module
Optical backplane assembly and method of making same
Optical fiber distribution panel assembly
Barrel assembly of zoom camera
Distance measuring equipment and camera
Subtracting analog noise from an optical communication channel using stable, non-absorbing optical hard limiters
Optical interconnect capable of performing addition/subtraction
Camera projected viewfinder
Camera having liquid crystal display
Focusing screen for use in camera
Automatic focusing camera
Lens-fitted photo film unit and flash device
Waterproof type lens-equipped film unit and method of assembling the same
Camera capable of controlling a change of setting of data peculiar to a film to be imprinted on the film
Scene recognition method and system using brightness and ranging mapping
Integrated circuit design correction using fragment correspondence
Color image forming apparatus and developing method for color image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with surface potential detector
Image forming apparatus with automatic density compensation
Image forming apparatus having the capability to adjust for non-standard size input document and recording medium
Image forming apparatus and control device and method therefor
Option apparatuses adapted to be connected to remote apparatus and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image transferring device and recording medium conveying method
Color electrographic apparatus with developing device having separated toner supply and recovery chambers
Developer amount indicating method and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Ion implantation to tune tribo-charging properties of materials or hybrid scavengless development wires
Developing apparatus having developer regulating blade
Estimation of toner usage based on pulse width count and pulse edge count
Image forming apparatus having control for forming density and graduation patches
Transferring body apparatus with elastic member covering surface of base of the transferring body apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the fixing apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the fixing apparatus
Image fixing apparatus
Excessive temperature rising prevention device, heating apparatus and fixing apparatus
Image forming apparatus which enables easy to observe printing in a manner adaptable to a user's request
Printing system that calculates printing cost using data input via a remote data input terminal and returns calculated printing cost to the remote data input terminal
Method and apparatus for collecting discharged toner from a discharged toner box with a discharged toner nozzle and a connecting portion
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge comprising a charging member for charging an image bearing member through contact with the image bearing member
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a gap between photoreceptor and charger, and process cartridge therefor
Stocker apparatus affording manual access
Control apparatus and method of control system having sliding resistance
Method for dynamic constraint handling in vertex based optimization of a continuous complex system
System for and method of preparing manufacturing process specifications and production control system
Apparatus for consolidating manufacturing of computing devices
Motion control systems
Information transmitting system for use in factory
Semiconductor factory automation system and method for transporting semiconductor wafers
Assembly line control system
Method and apparatus for calculating RMS value
Model checking of message flow diagrams
Method for controlling access to information
Subscription access system for use with an untrusted network
Self-adjusting clock phase controlled architecture
Automated vehicle shutdown sequence
Method for docking/undocking a portable computer to/from an expansion unit
Portable computer having universal serial bus ports controlled power supply and a method of the same
Method and means for adjusting the timing of user-activity-dependent changes of operational state of an apparatus
Self-powered medical device
Method and apparatus for run-time deconfiguration of a processor in a symmetrical multi-processing system
Raid rebuild using most vulnerable data redundancy scheme first
System and method for providing multiple queue redundancy in a distributed computing system
Apparatus for storing data in a motor vehicle
Computer system including multiple clock sources and failover switching
System and method for management of storage devices using labels
Network-based remote diagnostic facility
On-chip debug system
Debugging multiple related processes simultaneously
Means to extend tTR range of RDRAMS via the RDRAM memory controller
Optimization of change log handling
Data storage, data processing system and method
Dynamically configurable page table
Self-configuring modular electronic system
Data processing system having hashed architected processor facilities
Program-downloadable data processing system and method for accessing memory by using a unified memory space therein
Disc storage system having non-volatile write cache
Multiprocessor system and methods for transmitting memory access transactions for the same
Set-associative cache having a configurable split and unified mode
System and method for a log-based non-volatile write cache in a storage controller
Disk control device
Virtual memory system utilizing data compression implemented through a device
Methods and apparatus for accessing data within a data storage system
Partitioning a distributed shared memory multiprocessor computer to facilitate selective hardware maintenance
Method and apparatus for transaction pacing to reduce destructive interference between successive transactions in a distributed symmetric multiprocessor system
Method and apparatus for indexing a cache
Method and apparatus for reducing cache pollution
Method and apparatus to perform a round robin and locking cache replacement scheme
System and method for controlling access to a privilege-partitioned address space with a fixed set of attributes
Computer system and method for enhancing memory-to-memory copy transactions by utilizing multiple system control units
High performance client/server editor
Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) configuration emulation for hub interface
Application interface to a media server and a method of implementing the same
Bus master and bus snooper for execution of global operations utilizing a single token for multiple operations with explicit release
Dynamic serialization of memory access in a multi-processor system
Synchronizing data between differing clock domains
Fair and high speed arbitration system based on rotative and weighted priority monitoring
Serial bus for connecting two integrated circuits with storage for input/output signals
Method and apparatus for buffering data transmission between producer and consumer
Network interface device for accessing data stored in buffer memory locations defined by programmable read pointer information
Data storage system
Network synchronization method and non-break clock switching method in extended bus connection system
Method and system for detecting bus device configuration changes
Common motherboard interface for processor modules of multiple architectures
Supplying voltage to a memory module
Microprocessor for controlling busses
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Portable terminal with bus manager switching function
Method and system for using a two-tiered cache
Method and system for numerical simulation of fluid flow
Method for database address specification
Translating apparatus, dictionary search apparatus, and translating method
Sending to a central indexing site meta data or signatures from objects on a computer network
Method of maintaining search results pages
System for updating a set of instantiated content providers based on changes in content provider directory without interruption of a network information services
Method and apparatus for extracting data from data sources on a network
Virtual partition vector for a computer directory system
System and method for integrating electrical power grid and related data from various proprietary raw data formats into a single maintainable electrically connected database
Enforcing uniform file-locking for diverse file-locking protocols
Parallelized processing device for processing search keys based upon tree structure
System and method for synchronizing data in multiple databases
Reducing network traffic for remote file system accesses by keeping track of unallocated regions in files
System and method for dynamically associating keywords with domain-specific search engine queries
Tiered hashing for data access
XML-based representation of mobile process calculi
System and methodology for join enumeration in a memory-constrained environment
Method for linking on the internet with an advertising feature
Method and apparatus for verifying design data
Method and apparatus for selectively viewing nets within a database editor tool
Standards-integrated design software
Method of estimating time delay
Partitioning placement method using diagonal cutlines
Next alternative generating apparatus using simulated annealing and method thereof
Layout structure for integrated circuit, method and system for generating layout for CMOS circuit
Method and system of data processing for designing a semiconductor device
Method for timing analysis during automatic scheduling of operations in the high-level synthesis of digital systems
Method and apparatus for analysis of data from biomolecular arrays
Method for determining multi-dimensional topology
Web-based report functionality and layout for diagnostic imaging decision support
Method and apparatus for facilitating compartmentalized database user management
Secure communication over a link
System with enhanced display of digital video
Data reading method and data reading apparatus
Data sharing method and system between information processing systems with variable length block format to fixed length block format conversion
Medium controller with medium-identifying information memory
Information processing method and apparatus, automotive information system and method of controlling the same, and storage medium on which an information processing program is stored
Management system and terminal apparatus to manage and control distribution and use of software and the like
Floating point number data processing means
Incrementer/decrementer having a reduced fanout architecture
Sticky bit value predicting circuit
Microprocessor and a digital signal processor including adder and multiplier circuits employing logic gates having discrete and weighted inputs
Counting set bits in data words
Microcode upgrade in data processing system
System for synchronizing use of critical sections by multiple processors using the corresponding flag bits in the communication registers and access control register
Information processing apparatus with parallel accumulation capability
Processor executing unpack instruction to interleave data elements from two packed data
Information processor
Processor provided with a data value prediction circuit and a branch prediction circuit
Method and system for safe data dependency collapsing based on control-flow speculation
Various length software breakpoint in a delay slot
Circuit arrangement with combinatorial blocks arranged between registers
Source code translating method, recording medium containing source code translator program, and source code translator device
Method and apparatus for manipulation of MMX registers for use during computer boot-up procedures
Method for removing dependent store-load pair from critical path
Automatic inference of models for statistical code compression
Cache miss saving for speculation load operation
Method and apparatus for emulating self-modifying code
Method and apparatus for efficient representation of variable length identifiers in a distributed object system
System and method for interactive EDI transactions
Methods and apparatus for controlling digital communications switching equipment
Device and method of maintaining a secret code within an integrated circuit package
Printer and a control method for saving data from volatile to nonvolatile memory in the printer
Robot, identifying environment determining method, and program thereof
Multi-level detection and deterrence of counterfeiting of documents with reduced false detection
Automated video interpretation system
Method and apparatus for evolving a neural network
Method and system for electronic recycle inventory tracking
System for providing reliable and effective disaster relief
Order-based material management system
Apparatus and accompanying methods for implementing network servers for use in providing interstitial web advertisements to a client computer
Method and system for accumulating marginal discounts and applying an associated incentive upon achieving one of a plurality of thresholds
Electronic mail system with advertising
System component charging and accounting system
Method, system, and apparatus for managing taxable events within a portfolio
Fraud prevention system and method
Digitized document circulating system with circulation history
Digital watermark screening and detecting strategies
Radiation image processing method and apparatus
Image segmentation system
Block level analysis of segmentation tags
Method of and system for processing radiation image, utilizing prospective irradiation field information
Apparatus and methods for collecting global data during a reticle inspection
Method and system to construct action coordination profiles
Numerical method of estimating physical properties of three-dimensional porous media
Robust sub-model shape-finder
Method for real time correlation of stereo images
Image processing apparatus
Motion vector detecting device
Method for image characterization using color and texture statistics with embedded spatial information
Digital image coding method and digital image decoding method
Segmented video coding and decoding method and system
Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a portion of an image and outputting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
Decoding apparatus for shape signal
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
First-order difference compression for interleaved image data in a high-speed image compositor
Cash transaction having antitheft mechanism
System for accessing virtual smart cards for smart card application and data carrier
Telecom karaoke system
Bundled map guide
Interactive picture book with voice recording features and method of use
Method and apparatus for creating and executing internet based lectures using public domain web page
Computer accessible methods for establishing certifiable informed consent for a procedure
Modular horn loudspeaker
Method and apparatus for performing text to speech synthesis
System and method for synthesizing multiplexed speech and text at a receiving terminal
Multiple description lattice vector quantization
Method, system and product for modifying the dynamic range of encoded audio signals
Storage apparatus
Disk ejecting method
Recording media library apparatus with a function to detect a position of a recording medium transferred in the library
Iterative decoding of concatenated codes for recording systems
Method for backward reproduction in a time-lapse video recorder
Data recording/reproducing method and apparatus
Signal recording apparatus, signal record medium and signal reproducing apparatus
Information recording medium, and method and system for reading and writing information thereon
Optical disc drive
Data recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical recording method
Techniques for efficient location of free entries for TCAM inserts
Test circuit for semiconductor device with multiple memory circuits
Output data path having selectable data rates
Memory device balanced switching circuit and method of controlling an array of transfer gates for fast switching times
Address and data transfer circuit
Nuclear fuel assembly
Fuel assembly and reactor core and fuel spacer and channel box
Method and apparatus to eliminate confirmation switches and channel demultiplexer from soft control man-machine interface (MMI)
X-ray generator
Method for finding the root cause of the failure of a faulty chip
Wafer alignment system and method
Apparatus and method of obtaining a radiation image of an object
High temperature superconductor tunable filter
Method for acquiring satellite
Laser irradiating device and laser irradiating method
Narrow band excimer or molecular fluorine laser having an output coupling interferometer
Corrosive resistant plated electrode for a RLG
Laser beam monitoring apparatus and method
Laser driver and optical transceiver
High-power semiconductor laser device having current confinement structure and index-guided structure, and oscillating in transverse mode
Multiwavelength semiconductor laser device with single modulator and drive method therefor
Programmable frequency reference for laser frequency stabilization, and arbitrary optical clock generator, using persistent spectral hole burning
Method and apparatus for active numeric temperature compensation of an etalon in a wavelength stabilized laser
Receiving circuit
Image-rejection receiver
DC offset correction for direct conversion tuner IC
Method and apparatus for disturbance compensation of a direct conversion receiver in a full duplex transceiver
High gain input stage for a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder and method therefor
Transceiver operation in radio system
Automatic gain control and offset correction
Anti pop for power off
Microphone expander
Method for measuring the nonlinearity of an analog front end system
Channel interface and protocols for cache coherency in a scalable symmetric multiprocessor system
Code transmission scheme for communication system using error correcting codes
Concatenated coding system for satellite communications
Turbo decoder control for use with a programmable interleaver, variable block length, and multiple code rates
Multilevel coding with time diversity
Error control apparatus and method using cyclic code
Intelligent encoding method for wireless data communication and control
Multi-band transceiver having multi-slot capability
System and method of downconversion where the received signal is downconverted
Correlator and despreading code switching method
Processing for improved performance and reduced pilot
Data transmission equipment
Method for reducing stimulated brillouin backscatter
Double-talk detecting apparatus, echo canceller using the double-talk detecting apparatus and echo suppressor using the double-talk detecting apparatus
Echo canceling method and apparatus in a communication device
Echo canceller having improved non-linear processor
Device and method for transmitting subframe in mobile communication system
Method for synchronizing reverse link and transmission method using synchronous reverse link
Digital audio broadcast receiver acquiring frame synchronization quickly in the presence of noise
Method and system for detecting audience response audio visual stimuli
Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for use in communication facilities of a digital network
Reducing interference in telecommunications systems
Data communication apparatus
Device for converting sonet data input into DS-N data output
Error control coding for transmission equipment protection
Approaches for determining actual physical topology of network based on gathered configuration information representing true neighboring devices
Collecting and predicting capacity information for composite network resource formed by combining ports of an access server and/or links of wide arear network
Appliance communications manager
Network interface system and method for dynamically switching between different physical layer devices
Method for time coordination of the transmission of data on a bus
Communications system for transmission of datagram packets over connection-oriented networks
Router apparatus and method of using a virtual connection to transfer a packet
Table data retrieving apparatus retrieving table in which reference data is stored by using retrieval key
Automatic delay equalizer and automatic delay equalization method as well as automatic delay and amplitude equalizer and automatic delay and amplitude equalization method
High-speed upstream modem communication
Method and apparatus for decimating an oversampled signal
Centralized certificate management system for two-way interactive communication devices in data networks
Method and apparatus for effecting secure document format conversion
Virtual private networks
Method and apparatus for extending memory using a memory server
Self-regulated resource management of distributed computer resources
HDLC digital data transmission protocol controller
Authorization of services in a conditional access system
Network device setting management system, network device setting management method, and recording medium recording thereon network device setting management program
Hypermedia links that address traffic channels in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for discrete multitone communication bit allocation
Interconnection process and interface using parallelized high-speed serial links
Data synchronizer using a parallel handshaking pipeline wherein validity indicators generate and send acknowledgement signals to a different clock domain
Method for implementing ciphered communication for single-hop terminal-to-terminal calls in a mobile satellite system
Apparatus and method for user authentication
Method and apparatus for insertion loss estimation in wireline communications
Testing voice message applications
Method and system for providing additional information to a subscriber based on a universal resource locator
Mobile computer system designed for wireless communication expansion
Combination internal modem and PC card radio operable in multiple modes
Digital access arrangement circuitry and method for connecting to phone lines having a DC holding circuit with low distortion and current limiting
Method, system, and database for providing a telecommunication service
Method and apparatus for calculating call charge rates in a mobile telecommunication system
System for controlling and monitoring a wireless roaming call
Method for adjusting current levels, which have been falsified by offset-current levels, in a subscriber line circuit
Interface for trouble report input system and trouble report resolution system
Method of scheduling connections
System and method for testing telecommunication service installations
System for and method of extending a PBX phone port to a remote phone device
Voice network access system
Advanced call sequencing service
Controlling communications terminal response to group call page based on group call characteristics
Method and system for adaptively allocating call-related tasks
Image scanning device having image data correction function
In-gamut image reproduction using spatial comparisons
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly therebetween
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly therebetween
Digital video receiver, a conditional access module and a method of transmitting data therebetween
Image revising camera and method
Method and apparatus for portable digital entertainment system
Method of and apparatus for capturing and processing continuous media-based data streams transmitted over an IEEE 1394 serial bus
Apparatus for using a receiver model to multiplex variable-rate bit streams having timing constraints
Method and apparatus for adaptive video encoding
Compressed video data processing with conversion of image compression format
Compression of combined black/white and color video signal
Stream processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for data decoding
Command and control architecture for a video decoder and a host
Method and apparatus for improving the effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Image information converting apparatus
Recording arrangement for digitally recording a received analog video signal in data packets of an MPEG transport stream
System and method for reporting the number and/or duration of positioning requests for terminal-based location calculation
Mobile radio communication apparatus having a plurality of MINs
Method and apparatus for acquiring emergency service in a mobile radio communication system
System and method for gathering data from wireless communications networks
Method and system for optimizing a telecommunications utilizing positioning information in network recording programs
Intelligent burst control functions for wireless communications systems
Communications channel selection
Localized special services in a mobile communications system
Implantable microphone for use with a hearing aid or cochlear prosthesis
Hearing enhancement system
Hearing device with integrated battery compartment and switch
Apparatus for detecting direction of sound source and turning microphone toward sound source
Microphone filter and microphone unit
Electroacoustic transducer
Structure of a picture-frame type loudspeaker
Fluid heating apparatus
Capacitor charging apparatus and electronic flash and apparatus containing same
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