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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Chopper arrangement for a forage harvester
Live capture automated milking apparatus and method
Pet waterer
Magnetic work apparel
Mixed cut gemstone
Portable drying assembly
Multipositional accessory shelf for a computer mouse or other accessory items
Modular workbench system
Student desk chair with rockers rails
Chair with backrest depth adjustment mechanism
Temperature-regulated storage and/or display module
Cup assembly
Top load coffee maker with front access water reservoir
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic airflow
Method and apparatus for modifying the exit orifice of a satiation pouch
Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
Multi-function optical probe system for medical and veterinary applications
High density atrial fibrillation cycle length (AFCL) detection and mapping system
Checking and measuring system for human body
Radiographic system and radiographic image generating method
Analysis of gases
Multi-function optical probe system for medical and veterinary applications
Dental floss holder
Modular antitachyarrhythmia therapy system
Methods and systems for recognizing arrhythmias using neural stimulation
External systems for detecting implantable neurostimulation leads and devices, and methods of using same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rotary probe for cleaning an internal cavity
Press tool
Multisheet sandwich panel using superplastic forming and adhesive bonding
Cooling tower method and apparatus
Rolling elements for rolling bearing, method of producing the same, and rolling bearing
Reclamation treatment of bonded particulates
Strip casting apparatus
Low temperature sputter target/backing plate method and assembly
External tube extraction device with a cylindrical collapsing wedge
Repair of combustion turbine components
Screw alignment tool
Torque wrench system
Ratchet wrench
Adjustable pliers
Double-ram striker assembly
Sectionless length adjustment mechanism for tool shank
Folding knife with cantilevered spring
Sliding blade microtome
Method for fabricating pattern, apparatus for fabricating pattern, conductive film wiring, method for fabricating device, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic apparatus
Printhead IC with actuator movement parallel to ink inlet flow
Single piece filtration for an ink jet print head
Liquid accommodation container
Control unit and method for controlling motor for use in printer, and storage medium storing control program
Real time detection of ink stick jams in phasing printing systems
Paper binding system of image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Stapling device
Wheel cover for automotive vehicles
Golf cart screen
Device for pivoting a vehicle door or a vehicle lid
Thermal management systems and methods
Wheel creep control of hydraulic hybrid vehicle using regenerative braking
Electric vehicle power regulating control method with manual-assist hybrid modes
Holding receptacle for vehicles
Recreational vehicle
Bumper with nesting energy-absorbing end piece
Counter weight
Passenger air bag system for vehicles
Locking leveling support legs for wheelbarrow
Binding for keeping a boot attached to a snowboard
Automatic rear airfoil for vehicle
Motorized semi-trailer
Motorcycle seat structure
Support for fixing auxiliary electronic appliances on two-wheelers
Bicycle part with a partitioned chamber
Lift system for an aerial crane and propulsion system for a vehicle
Vehicle power generation system and method thereof
Interoperable aerial refueling apparatus and methods
Balloon inflation device
System for transfer of a fluid product, particularly liquefied natural gas, between a transport vehicle, such as a ship, and an installation for receiving or supplying this product
Packaging machine for cigarettes
Waste disposal devices
Extendible accordion-like file
Expandable container with pull cord
Plastic closure, closure and container package, and method of manufacture
Mattress and bedding package with full perimeter protection and handling piece
Hand held remote cover
Packaging platform having an adjustable thickness
Dispensing box for paper towels
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Banknote moving apparatus
Rotational cable shortening device
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus including the sheet conveying device
Hydraulic jack stand
Method and system for dispensing hot and cold beverages from liquid concentrates
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass molding die
Textiles; Paper
String bead loom
Tip shearing pattern in carpet
Method of operating a laundry appliance drain pump
Method of controlling washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Skylight tube with reflective film and surface irregularities
Clip for adjustably mounting a fence rail to a fence post
Closing cylinder
Hyraulically releasable inflation tool for permanent bridge plug
Gravel packing a well
Method, system and apparatus for orienting casing and liners
Use of downhole high pressure gas in a gas-lift well and associated methods
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of oil and gas wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generation with a centrifugal compressor
Valve tappet system, especially anti-rotation bucket tappet having curved cam follower surface
Hydraulic tappet clearance compensation device
Apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Suction muffler for a reciprocating hermetic compressor
Exhaust gas purification system
Method for control of a diagnosis of a catalyst in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for monitoring the operability of a secondary air system
Exhaust manifold heat shield
Gas turbine installation
Combustion engine
Method and system for engine control
Motor vehicle comprising an activated carbon filter and method for regenerating an activated carbon filter
Battery voltage threshold adjustment for automatic start and stop system
Dual capacity compressor
Locking device for cable assembly
Apparatus and method for engaging cables
Shaft seal assembly with retaining ring and washer
Fluid control
Tank vent valve
Wireless remote controlled water shut-off and leak testing system
Coupling apparatus
Beverage cooling apparatus
Combustion chamber design with water injection for direct-fired steam generator and for being cooled by the water
Horizontal and vertical direct exchange heating/cooling system sub-surface tubing installation means
Fabric article treating apparatus with safety device and controller
Method and apparatus for surface treatment
Timber drying kiln
Toroidal low-profile extrusion cooling system and method thereof
Lightweight heat sink
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Gun barrel safety lock with hand ratcheting wrench
Leak detector for mixed heat exchangers
Method for simulation of the life of a vehicle
Driving diagnosis apparatus and program for same
Leakage drain
Vibration sensing device
Machine and process for carrying out quick tests on textile materials for accessing color fastness and/or ability to be dyed thereof
Selective configuration of a node of an electronic circuit component
Noise rejection for built-in self-test with loopback
Semiconductor device and test system for testing the same
Integrated circuit having clock gating circuitry responsive to scan shift control signal
Method and apparatus for testing I/O boundary scan chain for SoC's having I/O's powered off by default
Vertical bend waveguide coupler for photonics applications
Waveguide with reduced phase error and photonics device including the same
Speaker mounts for eyeglass with MP3 player
Tilt-correction unit
Universal underwater enclosure for cameras and camcorders
Optical attachment for reducing the focal length of an objective lens
Image forming apparatus and image forming method used in the apparatus
Image forming apparatus responsive to image forming conditions
Switching power supply device using switching regulator
Image forming apparatus capable of counting consumable consumption amount, and control method and control program therefor
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Energy grid device commissioning
Method for thermal energy dispatch
Arbitration circuitry for asynchronous memory accesses
Run-time task-level dynamic energy management
Saving power by managing the state of inactive computing devices according to specific constraints
Electrical device recharging kiosk assembly
Managing computing resources through aggregated core management
Monitoring and resolving deadlocks, contention, runaway CPU and other virtual machine production issues
Determination of items to examine for monitoring
Online debug system and online debug method for information processing device
Framework for testing and evaluating mobile communication devices
Determining heavy distinct hitters in a data stream
Providing replication and fail-over as a network service in data centers
Transferring learning metadata between storage servers having clusters via copy services operations on a shared virtual logical unit that stores the learning metadata
Performing a data write on a storage device
Performing a data write on a storage device
Parallel block allocation for declustered logical disks
Migrating virtual machines across sites
Cache memory with CAM and SRAM sub-tags and generation control
Method and apparatus for saving power by efficiently disabling ways for a set-associative cache
Tape backup method
Self-adjusting SCSI storage port queue
Obtaining additional data storage from another data storage system
Data processing apparatus and method for recording data
Process identifier-based cache data transfer
Process identifier-based cache information transfer
Mechanisms for efficient intra-die/intra-chip collective messaging
Tunneling platform management messages through inter-processor interconnects
Selecting direct memory access engines in an adaptor input/output (I/O) requests received at the adaptor
Method, system and article for mobile metadata software agent in a data-centric computing environment
Diagnostic heartbeating in a distributed data processing environment
Event media file discovery
Content delivery mechanisms for multicast communication
Dynamic integration of application input and output in an instant messaging/chat session
Method and system for communication sessions
Method and apparatus for selecting network services
Methods and apparatus for system monitoring
Streaming method and system for fibre channel network devices
Aggregating data in electronic communications
Network device
Online social network handle type ahead enhancement
Adapting compression techniques over data based on context
Remote direct memory access over datagrams
Operating cloud computing services and cloud computing information system
Storage network data distribution
Distributed computing environment
Electronic device and operating method of the same
Computer system, management server and configuration information acquisition method
In-flight block map for a clustered redirect-on-write filesystem
Method and apparatus for loading a landing page
Methods and systems for enabling control to a hypervisor in a cloud computing environment
Systems and methods for large-scale randomized optimization for problems with decomposable loss functions
Processor architecture with switch matrices for transferring data along buses
Keyword extraction apparatus and program
Charging a fluid accumulator while operating a hybrid vehicle powertrain including an engine and a pump/motor
Characterizing laminate shape
Derived presence-aware service from associated entities
Processing Kalman filter
Extendable meta-data support in final form presentation datastream print enterprises
Predicting pronouns of dropped pronoun style languages for natural language translation
High bandwidth parsing of data encoding languages
Baselines over indexed, versioned data
Modeling data exchange in a data flow of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) process
Context-based electronic document search using a synthetic event
Technique for identifying key for associating messages
Method, system, and program product for transferring document attributes
Handling out-of-sequence data in a streaming environment
Sharing virtual space in a virtual universe
Machine change history tracking process for ERP applications
Enterprise architecture system and method
Method and system for synchronization and management of system activities with locally installed applications
Social authentication of users
Worldwide web registration information processing system
Statistical information generation system and statistical information generation method
Vertex-proximity query processing
Method and system for autonomic security configuration
Rejecting rows when scanning a collision chain
Providing effective interactive query suggestions without query logs
Object linkage system, object linkage method and recording medium
Coverage-based bug clustering
Assisting in logic circuit design to place cells on an IC substrate and optimize wiring
Support apparatus and design support method
System and method for controlling granularity of transaction recording in discrete event simulation
Evaluation of pin geometry accessibility in a layer of circuit
Solutions for modeling spatially correlated variations in an integrated circuit
Parameter setting circuit and method for integrated circuits
Structure for stacked CMOS circuits
Determination method and apparatus for the number of multi-feed elements in multi-beam antenna
Boundary handling for particle-based simulation
Accident detection system and method for accident detection
Simulation method, simulation apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
Retrospective policy safety net
Secure biometric verification of identity
Control of access to files
System and method for controlling devices at a location
Method and apparatus for mode switching of interface ports
Method for controlling a data transfer on a serial transmission data transfer bus
Method and arrangement for providing a primary actions menu on a wireless handheld communication device
Buffer management device, buffer management method, and storage device
Input/output port rotation in a storage area network device
Creating accessible, translatable multimedia presentations
Framework for system communication for handling data
Similar content search device and computer-readable storage medium
Storage device to extend functions dynamically and operating method thereof
Managing an out-of-order asynchronous heterogeneous remote direct memory access (RDMA) message queue
Method and device for touchless signing and recognition
Gestural control for quantitative inputs
Terminal and method for using the internet
Techniques for ranking search results
Synchronizing distributed work through document logs
Efficient movement of storage media in a storage media library
Efficient distribution and selection of storage media in a storage medium library
Adaptive edge processing of application data
Sheet handling apparatus and sheet handling method
Intelligent resolution of codes in a classification system
Intelligent resoluton of codes in a classification system
Caching socket connections while ensuring that there are file descriptors available for the applications
Information processing program, information processing device and information processing method
Indexing timestamp with time zone value
Using a heartbeat signal to maintain data consistency for writes to source storage copied to target storage
System for automating the creation of an episode of an interactive show
Contextual search history in collaborative archives
Digital media voice tags in social networks
Method, system, and device for verifying authorized issuance of a rights expression
Method and system for automated emergency access to medical records
Method and data processing unit for calculating at least one multiply-sum of two carry-less multiplications of two input operands, data processing program and computer program product
Arithmetic circuit, arithmetic processing apparatus and method of controlling arithmetic circuit
Storage system with boot appliance for improving reliability/availability/serviceability in high density server environments
Efficient complex multiplication and fast fourier transform (FFT) implementation on the ManArray architecture
Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with multi-member variable expansion
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for synchronizing software verification flows
On-demand monitoring of memory usage
Method and system for modeling runtime behavior
Use of temporary optimized settings to reduce cycle time of automatically created spreadsheets
Method for structuring hardware information by using an MOF-based HCML
Firmware update data generating apparatus and information device
Dynamic performance data collection in large computer servers
Concretization of abstracted traces
Selectively applying changes to a version of a component
Reconfiguration of computer system to allow application installation
Centrally controlled proximity based software installation
Method and system for automated load testing of web applications
Automated identification of redundant method calls
Instantiating a composite application for different target platforms
Method and system for automated process distribution
Optimization of meta-template instantiations
Generating specifications for expression language expressions and tag libraries
Systems and methods for single cell product path delay analysis
Storage manager for virtual machines with virtual storage
Estimating migration costs for migrating logical partitions within a virtualized computing environment based on a migration cost history
Staggering execution of scheduled tasks based on behavioral information
Shared performance monitor in a multiprocessor system
Transaction aggregation to increase transaction processing throughput
Scheduling events in a virtualized computing environment based on a cost of updating scheduling times or mapping resources to the event
System and method for controlling heat dissipation through service level agreement analysis by modifying scheduled processing jobs
Pre-fetching data and overlapping data transfers in a HWA-DWA system
Update management for encoded data in memory
Foldable transaction card systems
Remote personalization and issuance of identity documents
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Object learning method, object tracking method using the same, and object learning and tracking system
Method and device for identifying objects and for tracking objects in a production process
Method for evaluating at least one image data record
Systems and methods using observed emotional data
Adjusting application properties
Adjusting application properties
Image ranking based on attribute correlation
Security screening image analysis simplification through object pattern identification
Method of identifying a protocol giving rise to a data flow
Programmatically identifying branding within assets
Policy-based access control approach to staff activities of a business process
System architecture and methods for composing and directing participant experiences
Dynamic credit score alteration
Global origin and departure information system
Method and determining system for automatically determining emission locations, and method and traffic control system based thereon for immission-dependent traffic control
Voice entry of sensitive information
Data management in solid state storage devices
Parity on data link switches
Compact external cavity tunable laser apparatus
Method of making an electric motor
Equalization effort-balancing of transmit finite impulse response and receive linear equalizer or receive decision feedback equalizer structures in high-speed serial interconnects
Methods and apparatus for determining threshold of one or more DFE transition latches based on incoming data eye
Optimal period rate matching for turbo coding
Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
Device, program product and computer implemented method for touchless metrology using an inertial navigation system and laser
Methods, apparatuses, system, and related computer program product for reference signaling
Receiving device, transmitting device, receiving method, transmitting method, and communication system
Modified connection establishment for reducing power consumption in near field communication systems
Subcarrier allocation in OFDMA with imperfect channel state information at the transmitter
Efficient signaling for closed-loop transmit diversity
System and method for contexually interpreting image sequences
Ultra dense WDM with agile and flexible DSP add-drop
Approximate enumerative coding method and apparatus
Synchronization acquisition method and apparatus in multi-carrier system
Packet switching without look-up table for ethernet switches
Systems and methods of specifying service level criteria
Relay with efficient service change handling
Rate controlled opitcal burst switching
Collective network routing
Input buffered switching device including bypass logic
Generating a comfort indicator at an originating terminal
System and method for real time secure image based key generation using partial polygons assembled into a master composite image
Method and apparatus for securing wireless relay nodes
Discovery of application vulnerabilities involving multiple execution flows
Method of controlling information processing system, computer-readable recording medium storing program for controlling apparatus
Secure search and retrieval
Fast evaluation of many polynomials with small coefficients on the same point
Authentication for a multi-tier wireless home mesh network
Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks
Location estimation using a probability density function
Cellular telephone system and method
Methods and apparatus for interference management
Determining an availability status of a contact being called
Multi-function device architecture
Zero-out of high frequency coefficients and entropy coding retained coefficients using a joint context model
Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, information processing method, and program
Common purchase plan based advertisement
Signal transmission apparatus and signal transmission method
Method and system for providing wireless LAN service using rental digital television
Multi-mode handheld wireless device to provide data utilizing combined context awareness and situational awareness
Device and method to restrict operations from a television receiver or external terminal
Method and arrangement for storing and playing back TV programmes
Remote control unit for activating and deactivating means for payment and for displaying payment status
Decoder system for decoding multi-standard encoded video
In-ear device with selectable frequency response
End of branch module system
Wideband noise reduction system and a method thereof
Neighbor cell list automatic configuration apparatus and method for self-organizing network and mobile telecommunication system for the same
Systems and methods for providing a content proxy in a wireless network
Performing neighbor cell activities in a multi-stack device
Compact base station device and signaling method
System and method for limiting a wireless communication device to a specified geographic zone
Paging method and apparatus considering carrier aggregation environment in mobile communication system
Fabricating a carrier substrate by using a solder resist opening as a combination pin one indicator and fiducial
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pouch for medical inhaler
End wrap dispenser
Quick release for use by divers
Child-protecting vest to be used in the vehicle
Condiment holder for umbrella pole
Handle for saw
Knife sharpening tool
Handle grip
Golf towel clip
Pouch for holding liquids
Wrist watch case
Watch casing
Measuring tape
End hook of measuring tape
Electronic navigation instrument
Laser range finder
Smoke alarm
Bell of musical instrument
Flat tray with lip for table top container for plants, flowers, food and other articles
Seedling pot carrier tray
Set of serving trays
Wiper blade for vehicle
Quad tiltrotor
Tire tread
Tire tread
Automobile console
Surface configuration of a front bumper for a vehicle
Identification applique
Vehicle body
Surface configuration of a front fender for a vehicle
Electrical connector
Connector shell
Enclosure for an electrical adapter
Infrared ray emitter
Electric connector for a flat cable
Cable connector plug
Digital audio mixer
Data card
Data card
Data card
Hand-held device for optional attachment to a personal digital assistant
Mouse pad
Keyboard wrist support
Computer mouse cover
Data card
Antenna for position detection
Telecommunications module
Automotive monitor combined with digital video disc player
Cellular telephone cassette recorder
Satellite dish cover
Portable air pump
Piston for a refrigerant compressor
Riding concrete finishing trowel
Upper handle for a vacuum cleaner
Vacuum processing equipment configuration
Dirt cup lid for a vacuum cleaner
Table saw
Scroll saw
Switching assembly for fluid pressure apparatus
Video camera with video tape recorder
Video camera with video tape recorder
Enclosure for a video sensor
Combination sticker and tape dispenser
Religious calendar
Input pen with ball-point pen
Interactive video advertising display
Concealed fake security tag on a bottle
Display frame
Toy robot
Penguin pilot stuffed toy
Cue control practice ball
Game wheel
Dart board
Exercise handcart
Golf club head
Strap for holding a pair of skis together
Fishing knot tightener
Euro large handheld shower head
Spray gun
Portable stove for use with a container containing fuel
Disinfectant cartridge
Decorative air freshener
Ventilator face panel
Hybricycler oven
Body cavity irrigation syringe
Dental pick
Window frame extrusion
Encaustic metal tile
Patio torch
Arm for lighting fixture
Dog leash and light combination
Light fixture
Dandelion lamp
Floor lamp
Table lamp
String lamp
Accordion style landscape light
Dual light sensors fixture
Illuminated message display unit for vehicles
Arm for lighting fixture
Combined razor and holder therefor
Combined nail file and polisher
Hair dryer
Protective helmet
Pet toy
Pet toy
Coin separator
Human Necessities
Steerable cutting unit with steerable and level lift grass catcher
Cutting unit for a riding mower
Hydrostatic drive walk-behind lawn mower
Header for harvesting machine
Wrapping machine
Landscape barrier device with watering system
Cutting blade for reaper
Floral grouping wrapper having a detachable portion
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Antique Pink`
Impatiens plant named `TiCher`
Prune tree named `Sutter`
Buddleja plant named `Santana`
Peach tree named `Sierra Rich`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Grand Dad`
Nectarine tree named: `Autumn Blaze`
Geranium plant named `Fischerry`
Nectarine tree named `Honey Haven`
Geranium plant named `Fisblizrose`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Red`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisnova`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Frosty Red`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Pink Starlet`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Spalifa`
Tiarella plant named `Iron Butterfly`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Salmon Pink`
Geranium plant named `Fisrowi`
Tiarella plant named `Spring Symphony`
Method of banding the mane of a horse and apparatus therefor
Fishing stand with an alarm
Insect guard system
Moisture management sock
Continuously knit tubular hosiery garment blank and pantyhose garment formed therefrom
Baby wrapping blanket
Hand and wrist protector
Combination tent-rain cape
Perspiration shield employing gel material
Thermally protective liner
Protective rain hat
One-piece adjustable headgear support
Inner sole of a shoe containing weights
Spiked shoes
Sofa bed
Ventilating bed cushion
Sway device for a cradle
Disposable rain hood
Variable coverage bed covering
Toaster having transparent heating walls
Protective device for power supply of frying pan
Health improvement device for modifying a daily behavior by reminding a person to take medication
Portable potty apparatus
Bathtub splash guard assembly
Sponge mop assembly
Device for a vacuum cleaner
Two-way guard for vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic airflow pathway
Composite elastic and wire fabric for physiological monitoring apparel
Self-examination grid
Split energy level radiation detection
Trauma stretcher
Gurney handle
Patient transfer and repositioning system
Adjustable back strap for diving and swimming equipment
Pool cue multi-function tip tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Heat transfer apparatus for sample containing well plates
Method of manufacturing a multiple-element acoustic probe comprising a common ground electrode
Plate reduction press apparatus and methods
High-pressure deformation of two plates into hollow workpiece
Hole punch for high-pressure shaping tool
Wire bending apparatus
Production method of porous static-pressure air bearing
Lathe and method for turning a work piece on a lathe
Clip disk assembly for carrying candle wick eyelets
Chuck actuator with pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic testing of the surface of columnar structures, and method for grinding rolls by use of them
Adjustable head wrench
Push bar-typed ratchet wrench with high torque strength
Screw, driver bit and header punch for manufacture of screw
Automatic screwing device
Method for determining the installed torque in a screw joint at impulse tightening and a torque impulse tool for tightening a screw joint to a predetermined torque level
Gunnel-rail insert installation tool
Jaw assembly for pivotal handle tool with opposing jaw elements
Multiple purpose automobile tool
Training scissors
Cordless electric fillet knife
Trimming apparatus having punches with air flow routes for removal of gate scraps
Window casing installation tool
Trim panel having integral door cover
Internal reinforcement for hollow structural elements
Method and apparatus for altering material
Flat sleeve convertible to a decorative container
Cushioning product and machine and method for producing same
Device for the selective cleaning of several cylinders
Wiping device of intaglio printing press
Device for adjusting distance of cutting blade from workpiece sheet
Non-ferrous/ferromatic laminated graphic arts impression dies and method of producing same
Architectural waveforms and a morphological technique for enabling their fabrication
Wheel lifting rod assembly
Method for automatically controlling the temperature of the interior of motor vehicles
Air conditioning system for vehicles
Electrically driven compression-type refrigeration system with supercritical process
Mechanism of returning to neutral for axle driving apparatus
Power transmission system of an automobile
Actuating mechanism for motor vehicles
Rain sensor mount for use in a vehicle
Parking brake system
Method of manufacturing a railroad car apparatus
Clipless pedal
Cable connecting apparatus for a bicycle component
Composite water-tight door panel installation
Cigarette pack and process and apparatus for producing the same
Apparatus for bundling layered material
Inflatable shipping device
Advertising display device
Installation for packaging a products in containers closed with a cork and device for dynamic storage of corks used therein
Method and facility for sealing bottles with sterile sealing caps
Beverage cooling system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and machine for the manufacturing of syringes
Method and apparatus for making fiber optic couplers
DNA sequence useful for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates
Textiles; Paper
Drafting frame for a spinning machine
Multi-component yarn and making the same
Laundry treating equipment with a driving motor mounted on the drum shaft
Manually operated device for washing clothes and the like
Dryer-ironer with heated ironing cylinder and heat carrying fluid
Roofing material
Water weight sensor array imbedded in a sheetmaking machine roll
Fixed Constructions
Ditch digging and cleaning system having dual dispersing members
Single-lever faucet with manual or automatic flow control
Plumbing trap system
Hidden drain outlet structure for sink
Toilet bowl fluid dispensing system
Method for propping a structure with vertical walls by means of reinforcement pillars, and pillar for this purpose
Method and apparatus for expedited construction of a building
Light seal assembly for a wall panel system
Clip for securing an elongate member to a T-bar of a ceiling grid
Long-span in-situ concrete structures and method for constructing the same
Siding panel with interlock
Siding panel
Modular wall panel system
Extruded composite corners for building construction
Transport anchor for embedding in prefabricated reinforced concrete parts
Memorial stand
Safety device and method for swimming pool drain protection
Portable garage apparatus
Horizontally operated closing device
Two-in-one combination safe lock
Workstation lock system
Locking device for computer
Tie lock assemblage with replaceable lock mechanism
Frictional hinge device and a portable business device having the hinge device incorporated thereinto
Cinching latch
Half circle window shutter/blind
Snap-fit custom weatherstripping and parting stop
Protective cover assembly
Corner reinforcement for frame channel
Ram type blowout preventer
Downhole sorption cooling of electronics in wireline logging and monitoring while drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Loop stacked rotor assembly
Gas and steam turbine plant
Catalyst temperature control device and method of internal combustion engine
Locomotive transient smoke control strategy using load application delay and fuel injection timing advance
Methods of forming a sheath and plastic ring on a electromagnetically operated valve
Fuel injection system for high vapor pressure liquid fuel
Motor reversal switching system
Self-calibrating system and method for controlling a hydraulically operated device
Axle driving apparatus
Control device for a gear change of a vehicle
Multi-function signboard
Gas turbine combustion chamber with impact cooling
Building with attic module
Evaporative air-cooling system
Combination solar collection and roofing system with spacer fastener
Oil return from chiller evaporator
Heat transfer device
Container centrifugal drying device
Double action pistol
Land mine hunter killer technique
Tilt detecting device
Rotation angle sensor and torque sensor
Fuel gauge unit for a fuel tank
Integrated two-channel torque sensor
Torque detection assembly
Strain sensing structure with improved reliability
Micromachined diffractive pressure sensor system
Capacitive pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring substrate surface cleanliness
Process and device for measuring the amount of impurities in a gas sample to be analyzed
Gas-sensing probe for use in a combustor
Ultrasonic standard
Apparatus and method for shear testing bonds of electrical connections
Method and apparatus for analyzing breath sample
Shear force microsensor
Method of making electronic equipment
Toner cartridge for a developing device included in an image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing a developer roller
Automated guidance vehicle guide path code templates and methods for use
Method for improving the archiving of dynamic parameters
HVAC control and method for interpreting broad range of input voltages
Illuminated address sign
Information surface
Method for assembling a magnetic head assembly and magnetic disk drive using bonding balls connecting magnetic head terminals to wiring terminals
Method for mass producing partial width linear tape recording head
Electrobraid fence
Method for preparing an inductance element
Method for direct chip attach by solder bumps and an underfill layer
Electrostatic chuck with reference electrode
Sealed stacked arrangement of semiconductor devices
Pre-patterned substrate layers for being personalized as needed
Method of producing a spark plug
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only