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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Watering fountain
Restraint device
Dog carrier
Broadcast dispenser for animal feedstuffs
Tobacco chamber tool
Device for the protection of collars on garments during washing or cleaning
Pair of golf shoes
Clamp braces and methods for manufacturing, selling, and using the same
Expandable drawer
Integrated garage workstation
Refrigerator rail system for removably supported side-sliding shelves
Carbon fiber-reinforced intelligent wheeled backpack and human transportation seat with adjustable foot rest
Bed frame attachable transfer bar
Structure for suspended bedding
Knockdown furniture for infant
Server cabinet and server cabinet assembly
Apparatus and method for handling products on shelves
Folding shelf
Structure for assembling and disassembling partition members
Device and method for the preparation of a frothy liquid for human consumption
Condiment grinder
Clot capture coil
Varicose vein dissector and removal apparatus
Apparatus and method for hair removal
Trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Dynamic surgical implant
RF ablation probe array advancing device
Cryoablation catheter handle
Sleep evaluation device
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
Delivery system for bifurcation stents
Apparatus and methods for delivering prostheses to luminal bifurcations
Bur guide attachment and method of use
Device for carrying the load of injured soft tissue
Airflow restriction system
Rapid fluid cooling devices and methods for cooling fluids
Bathtub for beauty and health care and a physic solution
Mobility assistance device
Drug ejecting apparatus and control method thereof
Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-PEEP detection during volume ventilation of triggering patient exhibiting obstructive component
Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-PEEP detection during pressure ventilation of patient exhibiting obstructive component
Delivery system and method
Delivery system and method
Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same
Angioplasty method and means for performing angioplasty
Multi-lumen endoscopic accessory and system
Dialysis apparatus
Self-locking self-destroying safety syringe
Safety needle assembly
Insertion indicator for needle
Impulse chamber for jet delivery device
Apparatus for delivering multiple forms of electromagnetic radiation and method for its use
Hand-held exercise weight
Vibrational ergometer
Racket with a movable throat
Engineered residual stress in golf clubs
Putter head
Electronic clipboard module with remote unit
Image-capturing apparatus for putting practice and training putter having image-capturing apparatus
Operating device for game machine
Coordinating three dimensional wagering game content presentations
Gaming apparatus and systems
System and method for securing electronic games
Bankruptcy in a virtual environment
Game machine
Adjustable stair and furniture slide
Chain and method of assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Materials and processes for reducing combustion by-products in a lubrication system for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine
Absorbent material for low-molecular-weight organic gas and fuel vapor treatment apparatus using same
Hammer mill, rotor of a hammer mill, hammer pins, catch device and fixing device
Method of modeling fly ash collection efficiency in wire-duct electrostatic precipitators
Assembly for applying a fluid behaviour substance, in particular for envelopes of letters provided with a closure strip
Substrate cleaning apparatus and method for determining timing of replacement of cleaning member
Bending apparatus and bending method
Integrated method for producing carbonyl iron powder and hydrocarbons
Feed mechanism for a boring bar
Positioning device of position sensor
Rotating apparatus capable of improving the shock resistance
Flange clamp
Rotary striking tool
Electrical power tool
Method for lubed tape burnish for producing thin lube media
Seized fastener removal tool and set
Wrench with trigger
Torque wrench
Combined dual bevel miter and radial arm saw device
Temperature-controlled stretching rod
Blue-light cured adhesives for joining fabric
Printing apparatus and printing method
Intake system of combustion air of a vehicle
Underbody terrain lighting for off-road vehicles
Illuminating device
Bumper mounted plate for auxiliary lights
Gas generating system
Adjustable accessory for attachment to a mobile device that enhances mobility of an individual and method of assembling same
Motor system for triggering brake and steering control during engine failure
Most innovative mode of transportation, called a train ferry on a four track rail system
Device for pivoting one or more nose flaps of a track-guided vehicle
Fold-away wheelbarrow systems
Floor jack
Lawnmower drive system
Suspension device having active watt linkage
Motorized three-wheeled vehicle rear steering mechanism
Lightweight personal hydroplane watercraft
Compressible accommodation ladder and related methods
Platform and launch initiation system for secondary spacecraft for launch vehicle
Case for a device
Detachable foldable handle for drinking vessels
Microwavable bag with valve and method for the fabrication thereof
Air discharge valve for a vacuum-sealed clothes bag
Tube tool device
Folding box for cigarettes
Re-usable, knock-down box apparatus and method
Wraparound packaging sleeve with stand-up feature
Tennis bag
Slip-on corner protectors for picture frames and machine and method of making same
Hospital isolation gown dispenser
Paint brush protector and maintenance device
Storing mechanism for electronic device
Intermodal transport platform
Sheet tray and image forming apparatus including same
Gripper for opening lumen and vial closures
Methods of preparing nanoprobes and endoscope-like devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the production of fertilizer and CO2
Cutback asphalt compositions and products comprising an extender derived from tall oil, and methods for making and using same
Heat-curing epoxy resin composition comprising an accelerator having heteroatoms
Sponge-iron alloying
Individualized jewelery alloys and method for their production
CVD device
Atomic layer deposition apparatus and atomic layer deposition method
Electrolytic cell and method of use thereof
Low-energy, hydrogen-free method of diamond synthesis
Textiles; Paper
Seamless knit belt
Method for producing fiber product
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable guard rail system for railroad turnouts
Apparatus and a method for constructing an underground curved multisectional wall and stratum
Foot free concrete foundation method and device
Building methods
Mini-truss thin-sheet panel assembly
Wedge-shaped acoustic diffuser and method of installation
Method and system for mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Collapsible shelter for automobile
Pool fluid control system
Window trim system
Roller shutter having a smooth outer surface
Composite web, disposable diaper and process for manufacturing thereof
Ladder stabilizing attachments
Extendable ladder for boat trailer or other trailer to access an elevated surface
Swellable packer having thermal compensation
Controlling flow between a wellbore and an earth formation
Load balancing spherical diameter single seat ball system
Center discharge gas turbodrill
Composite micro-coil for downhole chemical delivery
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation
System and method for downhole communication
Method for controlling longwall operations using boundary layer recognition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Actuating apparatus
Arrangement for optimising the running clearance for turbomachines
Turbo engine
Roller tappet
Exhaust apparatus of internal combustion engine
Exhaust system implementing selective catalyst flow control
Air-fuel ratio control device
Method and system for internal combustion engine
Valveless pulse combustor
Cylinder head rocker arm stand repair and process
Cylinder head gasket
Pitch driving unit for wind-turbine rotor blade and wind power generator equipped with the same
System for controlling operation of a crop protection wind machine array
Fluid pump
Pump assembly
Variable coolant pump
High pressure pump
Mounting device for fan and fan module with the same
Device for continuously mixing fed-out natural gas with oxygen to produce a burnable gas for heating the pressurized natural gas before or after the relaxation thereof
Spherical joint with internal brake
Rotating device
Drum brake
Device for absorbing kinetic energy of a moving body
Shock-absorbing structure
Infinitely variable gear transmission with automatic gear coupling
Rotary table device which can be tuned flexibly to operate individually
Drive device for a tilt element of a motor vehicle
Sealing arrangement
Non-return valve
High temperature butterfly valves
Coupling device for tubular members
Downhole safety joint
Pipe coupling assembly
Clamp fitting for a hose end
Active pipe cutoff valve installation assembly
Cylindrical pressure vessel having a defined leakage path
Multifunction electricity generating assembly using solar power
Light-emitting module and lighting apparatus with the same
Wire-piercing light-emitting diode light strings
Lighting systems and methods for installing same
Screw-shaped LED
Lighting appliance
LED lighting structure
Lighting device
Backlight fixing device with adjustable test angle
Light source unit
Millimetre-scale engine
Dispensing gun assembly for mixing and dispensing plural component foam
Stretched membrane solar collector with bearing edge
Hand dryer
Frame scratch prevention tool
Automatically-repeating, rapid-firing rubber band gun with an ammunition-powered operating system
Quick release hand guard assembly for a rifle
Portable target apparatus
Method for electrical flashover ignition and combustion of propellent charge, as well as propellent charge and ammunition shot in accordance therewith
Torque sensor
Torque sensor arrangement with rotational angle index detection
Rotation angle detection device and torque detection device
Die-cast article quality judging method, die-casting machine selecting method, and die-casting condition determining method
Payout-glide-flakeoff apparatus for characterizing deodorant and antiperspirant sticks
Impedimetric sensor and applications thereof
Microfabricated thermal modulator for comprehensive 2D gas chromatography
Micromechanical sensor
Focusing mount
Portable anti-condensation mirror
Barrier layer and a method of manufacturing the barrier layer
Eyeglass system
Systems and methods for projecting in response to conformation
Cooling and air flow exhaust for image projection apparatus
Security scanning system and method
System and method for use case-based thermal analysis of heuristically determined component combinations and layouts in a portable computing device
Securely using service providers in elastic computing systems and environments
Methods of and apparatus for electrochemically fabricating structures via interlaced layers or via selective etching and filling of voids
Planning for hardware-accelerated functional verification
Instruction-by-instruction checking on acceleration platforms
Method and system for schematic-visualization driven topologically-equivalent layout design in RFSiP
Evaluation systems and methods for coordinating software agents
Network node, information processing system, and method
DVD-entertainment interactive internet shopping system--DEIISS
File execution method and system for a portable device
Efficiently adjusting a timeline in a time window
Graphical user interface user customization
Multi-user computer system and remote control method thereof
Accelerator system for use with secure data storage
Profile-driven data stream processing
Resuming execution of an execution plan in a virtual machine
Application task request and fulfillment processing
Reducing instability within a heterogeneous stream processing application
Support of non-trivial scheduling policies along with topological properties
Deterministic parallelization through atomic task computation
Controlling the task switch timing of a multitask system
System and method for managing resources and markers of a portable computing device
Workflow validation and execution
Data carrier device
Banking transaction machine that operates responsive to data bearing records
Life support algorithm display system
Method for fabricating a read sensor for a read transducer
Error checking addressable blocks in storage
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board having micro strip line
Attachment mechanism for electronic component
Lamp and assembly structure thereof
Cable connector
Power supply apparatus
Method of generating electrical current with free moving inner magnetic core
Encoding and decoding method, and encoding and decoding devices with a two-stage error protection process
Flash memory device and storage control method
Apparatus and method for transmitting data using repeat accumulate coding scheme in communication system
Secure operating system/web server systems and methods
System and method of providing domain management for content protection and security
Wireless tag, reader/writer, encoding system, and encoding method
User interface for interactive digital television
Video transmission systems
Wireless communication device, information processing device, wireless communication method, and information processing system
Digital residential entertainment system
Input and output switching device and input and output switching method
Hearing protection process and device
Housing of electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Race car cookie
Thermal underwear
Head covering
Boot for roller skating
Arch portion of a golf shoe outsole
Casual footwear
Bi directional graduation hosiery blank
Backpack golf caddy
Compact disc player harness
Combined wallet and money clip
Tackle box
Earring keeper
Pet toy box
Human Necessities
Microwave devices for medical hyperthermia, thermotherapy and diagnosis
Biopsy marker device
Non-invasive glucose monitor
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood constituent monitoring
Detection of parasitic signals during pulsoxymetric measurement
Method and apparatus for an automatic setup of a multi-channel nerve integrity monitoring system
Methods and related apparatus for fingerprint indexing and searching
Digital encoding of RF computerized tomography data
Image reconstruction for wide depth of field images
Integrated, self-aligning X-ray detector
Radiological image acquisition and manipulation system for multiple view stereoscopic imaging
X-ray tube assembly
Medication processing system
Facial contact electrode
Joining conductor cables and electrodes on a multi-lumen lead body
High impedance lead for implantable medical devices
Anchoring structure for implantable electrodes
Minimally invasive apparatus and method to electroporate drugs and genes into tissue
Implantable microstimulator system for prevention of disorders
Transdermal electrotransport delivery device including a cathodic reservoir containing a compatible antimicrobial agent
Electrically activated substance and method for making the same
Active implantable medical device of the multisite type
Programmable current output stimulus stage for implantable device
Atrial defibrillator apparatus and method of use
Heart therapy apparatus with therapy correction means
Vertical jump measuring device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Controlling laser polarization
Method of command control for a robot manipulator
X-ray examination apparatus including an X-ray filter
Greetings or the like card
Tire air pressure warning device
Vehicle suspension control with compensation for yaw correcting active brake control
Process and device for setting a driving torque
Vehicle acceleration based traction control
Control system for transmissions
Start controlling method for a passenger protection system, start controlling system for a passenger protection system, and recording medium for recording a start controlling program for a passenger protection system
Automotive diagnostic service tool with hand held tool and master controller
Braking estimation device, anti-lock brake controller, and braking pressure controller
Method and system for controlling conveyance and processing of piece goods
Aircraft flight data acquisition and transmission system
Aircraft attitude sensor and feedback control system
Airport guidance and safety system incorporating navigation and control using GNSS compatible methods
Apparatus for corrugating materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Coated optical fiber and method of making the same
Coating for reducing operating temperatures of chamber components of a coating apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Dozing device for bulldozer
Apparatus and method for borehole seismic exploration
Methods and apparatus for dynamically estimating the location of an oil-water interface in a petroleum reservoir
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vibration reducing plastic gear
Superheated vapor generator and method of fabrication thereof
Heating element
Guidance system having a body fixed seeker with an adjustable look angle
Structural monitoring sensor system
Incorporating aspect angle into route planners
Method for determining route data
Method and apparatus for displaying real-time visual information on an automobile pervasive computing client
Navigation system remote control unit with data caddy functionality
System for controlling vehicle information user interfaces
Method of assistance in the piloting of an aerodyne
Rangefinder apparatus
Transmitter for providing a signal indicative of flow through a differential producer using a simplified process
Four sensor system for wheel alignment
Method and apparatus for identifying sound in a composite sound signal
Electrochemical corrosion potential sensor with increased lifetime
Method and apparatus for differentiating contributions of harmonic pollution sources
Process for monitoring the quantization quality in digital radio or television transmission systems
Electromagnetic field intensity computing device
Method and apparatus for test generation during circuit design
Circuitry, apparatus and method for embedding quantifiable test results within a circuit being tested
Scan flip-flop that simultaneously holds logic values from a serial load and a subsequent parallel load
Circuits and systems for realigning data output by semiconductor testers to packet-based devices under test
System and method for detecting phase errors in asics with multiple clock frequencies
Embedded logic analyzer for a programmable logic device
IC tester
Method and apparatus for determining position using global positioning satellites
Simplified receiver with rotator for performing position location
Interferometer with a single projector array and a single receiver array
Ultrasound sensor for distance measurement
Image capturing apparatus capable of receiving identification from base stations
Mobile station position estimation scheme for cellular mobile communication system
Method and system for improving process shadow time within a pulsed signal processing system
Method and apparatus for spatial and temporal filtering of intravascular ultrasonic image data
X-ray detector with anatomically adapted recess
Methods and systems for removing artifacts introduced by image registration
Geophysical exploration system using seismic vibrator source which provides a composite sweep
Method and system for optimizing logistical operations in land seismic surveys
Method and device intended for permanent monitoring of an underground formation
High fidelity rotation method and system
High performance telescopic etalon filters
Slider design
Optical pickup device and wavelength selective diffraction grating
Temperature-compensated optical fiber package
Dispersion-shifted fiber
Position digitizer waveguide array with integrated collimating optics
Optical semiconductor component with a deep ridged waveguide
Optical waveguide designed to facilitate connections with optical componentry and fibers
Method and apparatus for aligning optical waveguide arrays
Interleaved wavelengths multi/demultiplexer with multiple-input-ports and multiple-output-ports for wavelength add/drop WDM systems
Wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing device using dual polymer lenses
Temperature-independent optical multiplexer and/or demultiplexer
Optical device
Dynamic fiber optic switch
Optical switch
Optical fiber array module using soldering and fabrication method thereof
Self aligning optical fiber terminator
Optical and/or electro-optical connection having electromagnetic radiation-produced welds
Optical module packaged with molded resin
Interbay fiber optic storage unit
Method for accessing optical fibers contained in a sheath
Lamination of optical fiber flexfoils
Arrangement for branching a telecommunications cable containing several stranded elements with optical fibers
Zoom lens
Optical grating device with variable coating
Reflectivity-tunable fiber optic reflector
Fiberoptic liquid crystal on-off switch and variable attenuator
Optical switch matrix
Field-of-view frame switching device
Magnetic recording and regenerating unit for photographic film and camera
Dual purpose camera for VSC with conventional film and digital image capture modules
Camera capable of correcting camera-shake
Image data recording method and frame image regenerating method
Printing or copying appliance with exchangeable part units which have an identification device, method for operating an appliance of this type and toner containers for use in the same
Paper supply control apparatus in printer and paper supplying method
Photoreceptor belt control apparatus for printer
Image forming apparatus having original conveying apparatus
Apparatus and method for scheduling toner patch creation for implementing diagnostics for a color image processor's systems parameters and system fault conditions in a manner that minimizes the waste of toner materials without compromising image quality
Multicolor image-on-image forming machine using reverse charge printing (RCP) process
Image forming apparatus with reduced latent image vibration caused by photosensitive belt joint
Image forming devices, image forming methods, and methods of supplying power to an image forming device
Image forming apparatus and method for developing toner patches
Method for operating an electrographic printer or copier for printing different colors with at least two developing units
Control system utilizing virtual belt holes
Development housing having improved toner emission control
Developing apparatus
Developing apparatus
Toner cartridge with pre-doctoring comminuator
Developing roller cleaning apparatus of liquid printer
Image forming apparatus having a cleaning operation for a fixing device
Toner image fixing apparatus capable of keeping constant fixing roller temperature
Image heating apparatus
Toner replenishment and collection apparatus and method
Electronic watch equipped with solar cell
Time interval analyzer having current boost
Control method for distributed type remote I/O control system performing automatic reset of output at start if no detected transmissions in specific period
Method and apparatus for controlling product routing in a manufacturing line
Industrial process surveillance system
Password helper using a client-side master password which automatically presents the appropriate server-side password in a particular remote server
Secure data storage system and method
Microcontroller with a user configurable pulse width modulator
Retiming method and means
Circuit and method employing feedback for driving a clocking signal to compensate for load-induced skew
Tether fastened to personal digital assistant by latch having spring biased manual toggle
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized access to computer-stored information
Clock control circuit
Active accelerated discharge of a capacitive system
Dynamic program suspension
Power and thermal management based on a power supply output
Personal digital assistance device
Fault tolerant task dispatching
Generic device driver simulator and method
Apparatus for interfacing buses
Self-auditing protection method for sorted arrays
Ensuring accurate data checksum
Client-server computer system with application recovery of server applications and client applications
Method and apparatus for improved transaction recovery
Method and apparatus for providing a disc drive snapshot backup while allowing normal drive read, write, and buffering operations
Fault-tolerant codes for multi-level memories
Protocol acknowledgment between homogeneous system
Method and tool for computer bus fault isolation and recovery design verification
Automated adaptive baselining and thresholding method and system
Selective data capture for software exception conditions
Remote alert monitoring and trend analysis
Software test case client/server system and method
System for debugging (N) break points by dividing a computer program to (n+1) regions each contains no break point and using two registers to define the start and end addresses of each region
System and method for automatically initiating a tracing facility and dynamically changing the levels of tracing currently active
Method and system for managing object-oriented database
Management of reference object lifetimes in object oriented programs
Method of performing reliable updates in a symmetrically blocked nonvolatile memory having a bifurcated storage architecture
System for detachably connecting memory cards which provide memory specified by predetermined range of addresses registered in list and updating list independent of the I/O operation
System that is able to read and write using a transmission medium and is able to read stored information via a model information structure using a different transmission medium
Demand-based issuance of cache operations to a system bus
Method of and apparatus for bandwidth control of transfers via a bi-directional interface
Minimizing cache overhead by storing data for communications between a peripheral device and a host system into separate locations in memory
Method, system and computer program product for dynamically allocating large memory pages of different sizes
System and method for maintaining coherency of virtual-to-physical memory translations in a multiprocessor computer
Cache memory system having at least one user area and one system area wherein the user area(s) and the system area(s) are operated in two different replacement procedures
System and method for granting permission to modify a memory area
Memory card interface method using multiplexed storage protect key to indicate command acceptance
Electronic data-processing device and system
Method for enhancing the performance of a network
Method for characterizing and visualizing patterns of usage of a web site by network users
Remote terminal emulator
Memory interface device and method for accessing memories
Method and apparatus for arbitrating access requests to a memory
Computer system with interface and method
Method and apparatus for maintaining one or more queues of elements such as commands using one or more token queues
Programmable sideband port for generating sideband signal
Staggered polling of buffer descriptors in a buffer descriptor ring direct memory access system
Queue-based predictive flow control mechanism
Intelligent input/output target device communication and exception handling
PC card capable of providing multiple and/or different card information structures to a personal computer
Method and apparatus for parallel port interconnection
Communications system and method with multilevel connection identification
Reintialization circuit for a data communications interface
Externally coupled compact flash memory card that configures itself one of a plurality of appropriate operating protocol modes of a host computer
Method and system for supporting peripheral component interconnect (PCI) peer-to-peer access across a PCI host bridge supporting multiple PCI buses
Hot plug adapters using optical switches
Automatic sharing of SCSI multiport device with standard command protocol in conjunction with offline signaling
Method for attachment of a bios device into a computer system using the system memory data bus
Method for receiving data from a synchronous random access memory
Method and apparatus for placing a memory in a read-while-write mode
Port switches
Serial data transfer process, and synchronous serial bus interface implementing such process
Dynamically reconfigurable computing using a processing unit having changeable internal hardware organization
Data line disturbance free memory block divided flash memory and microcomputer having flash memory
Adept data processor implementing function similation with inverse deviation variation weighting
Low-displacement rank preconditioners for simplified non-linear analysis of circuits and other devices
System and method for implementation of inverse wavelet transforms
Spatial frequency-domain video signal processing
Method and apparatus of data comparison for statistical information content creation
Next/current/last ticker graphical presentation method
Method and apparatus of creating highly portable output files by combining pages from multiple input files
Document generator
Multiple language computer-interface input system
System and method for language extraction and encoding utilizing the parsing of text data in accordance with domain parameters
Method and device for translating a source text into a target using modeling and dynamic programming
Translation method and system
Method and apparatus for generating a default list
Dynamic multiplexing of hyperlinks and bookmarks
Apparatus and method for realtime visualization using user-defined dynamic, multi-foveated images
Method and system for managing distributed data
Methods for determining sendable information content based on a determined network latency
Network image view server using efficent client-server tilting and caching architecture
Publish and subscribe data processing apparatus, method and computer program product with use of a stream to distribute local information between neighbors in a broker structure
Method and apparatus for display of information prefetching and cache status having variable visual indication based on a period of time since prefetching
Method and apparatus for a physical storage architecture having an improved information storage and retrieval system for a shared file environment
Method and apparatus for finding related documents in a collection of linked documents using a bibliographic coupling link analysis
Collaborative team crawling:Large scale information gathering over the internet
Specifying indexes by evaluating costs savings for improving operation in relational databases
System, method and computer program product for storage of a plurality of documents within a single file
Method for performing in interactive review of data contents of a computer
Method and system for weighting the search results of a database search engine
Category processing of query topics and electronic document content topics
Methods and systems for knowledge management
Personalized search methods
Video query system and method
System and method for discovering predictive association rules
Method and apparatus for cascaded indexing and retrieval
Method and apparatus for storing, retrieving, and processing multi-dimensional customer-oriented data sets
Method for executing aggregate queries, and computer system
Method and system for converting between structured language elements and objects embeddable in a document
Knowledge based information retrieval system
File system and file management method
Interactive computer network and method of operation
Image retrieval method and apparatus
Mechanism for the capture of graphical representations
Electronic check image storage and retrieval system
Method and system for comparing data objects using joint histograms
Bi-directional information exchange mechanism for collaborative network navigation among a group of user terminals
Method and system for identifying an object located among a number of multiple interconnected computing systems
Integrated information browsing and multiple-participant application with a persistency control configured to monitor and to prevent attempts to replace data within the information browser
Precaching data at an intermediate server based on historical data requests by users of the intermediate server
Hot objects with multiple links in web browsers
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for managing sessions with host-based application using session vectors
Method and apparatus for generating a tour of world wide web sites
Virtual WWW server for enabling a single display screen of a browser to be utilized to concurrently display data of a plurality of files which are obtained from respective servers and to send commands to these servers
Video storage and retrieval system
Design verification method for programmable logic design
Method and apparatus for confirming matching of data in a distributed processing system
Cell placement method and apparatus for integrated circuit and storage medium having cell placement program for integrated circuit stored thereon
Metal layer assignment
Method and device for fast and accurate parasitic extraction
Methods and apparatuses for automatic extraction of finite state machines
Molecular classification for property prediction
Control for technique of attaching a stiffener to a flexible substrate
Network data base control device and method thereof
Lightweight authentication system and method for validating a server access request
Apparatus and method for securely processing biometric information to control access to a node
Web-based, biometric authetication system and method
Microcomputer PC-cards
System and method for building and exchanging encrypted passwords between a client and server
Distributed access management of information resources
Method and apparatus for building software nets using an array structure
Sorting and summing record data including generated sum record with sort level key
Binary-tree data element sorting device and ATM spacer comprising such a device
Method and system for performing a logarithmic estimation within a data processing system
Multiple-operand addition with intermediate saturation
Circuit and method of modulo multiplication
Data processing device with relative jump instruction
Conditional branch control method
Generating computer instructions having operand offset length fields for defining the length of variable length operand offsets
Microcontroller with register system for the indirect accessing of internal memory via auxiliary register
Interlocked pipelined CMOS
Processor having multiple program counters and trace buffers outside an execution pipeline
Object-oriented data processing system allowing dynamic change of one or more ancestors and/or descendents of one or more classes of objects
Linker optimization for compiled object oriented programs
Method and system for constructing hybrid virtual function tables
Method and system for using editor objects to connect components
Method and system for providing a common hardware system console interface in data processing systems
Reusing code in object-oriented program development
Dynamic versioning system for multiple users of multi-module software systems
Host application presentation space recognition producing asynchronous events
Methods and apparatus for declarative programming techniques in an object oriented environment
Inverse assembler with reduced signal requirements with a user supplied memory map
Modeling behaviors of objects associated with finite state machines and expressing a sequence without introducing an intermediate state with the arc language
Method of modeling complex navigational logic in a client/server environment
Method and system for automated migration of user settings to a replacement computer system
Generation of a compatible order for a computer system
System ROM including a flash EPROM and a ROM for storing primary boot code replacing a block flash EPROM
Automobile controller
Method for replacing program in portable information terminal using utility program and new program received via communication unit and determining utility program appropriateness for replacement
Method and system for multi-entry and multi-template matching in a database
Method and apparatus for storing templates in a component system
Incremental compilation of C++ programs
Method and system for eliminating phi instruction resource interferences and redundant copy instructions from static-single-assignment-form computer code
Management of multimedia information across a plurality of HTML containers
Program development support system and support method and storage medium for storing program components which are used for program development support
Method and system for providing interoperability among processes written to execute on different operating systems
Uniform access to and interchange between objects employing a plurality of access methods
Method and system for synchronizing concurrent sequential processes using intraprocess update operations and inter-process adapt operations
Universal object request broker encapsulater
Object-oriented programming interface for developing and running network management applications on a network communication infrastructure
Method and apparatus that utilizes lock states to lock resources
Method and system for multi-threaded processing
Real-time shared disk system for computer clusters
Method and system for scheduling queued messages based on queue delay and queue priority
Data distribution system that performs load balancing by directly transmitting data between distribution servers
Dynamic execution unit management for high performance user level network server system
Network tasks scheduling
Two-dimensional code reader
Imprint identification system
Object image detecting method and system
Apparatus for identifying a person using facial features
Method and apparatus for optimizing biological and cytological specimen screening and diagnosis
Living body discriminating apparatus
Image extraction method and apparatus and image recognition method and apparatus for extracting/recognizing specific images from input image signals
Method for counterfeit currency detection using orthogonal line comparison
Bayes rule based and decision tree hybrid classifier
Device, method, and program storage medium for executing genetic algorithm
Cooperative inferring apparatus for causing a plurality of inferring units that infer a problem to negotiate with each other corresponding to negotiation strategies that can be autonomously changed corresponding to such as a negotiation history
Automatic electronic message interpretation and routing system
Groupware development assisting system
Method and apparatus for workgroup information replication
System for delivering professional services over the internet
Method and apparatus for managing inventory
Medical information log system
Ordering destinations along a route using a shortest line approximation
Method and system for interactive sharing of text in a networked environment
Drug dispenser and quantity input device
Apparatus and method for improved vending machine inventory maintenance
Communications network interface for user friendly interactive access to online services
Digital content management system using electronic watermark
Check fraud detection techniques using encrypted payee information
Advertisements distributed on-line using target criteria screening with method for maintaining end user privacy
Dynamically configurable and extensible rating engine
System and method for automated risk-based pricing of a vehicle warranty insurance policy
Processing of pixel-based images for use in patterned substrates
Method and apparatus for pointing to documents electronically using features extracted from a scanned icon representing a destination
System and method for generating a smooth blending fillet surface
Method and system for non-destructive image editing
Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement using an anamorphically scaled intermediate bitmap
Hybrid image reduction method and apparatus with moire suppression
Method and system for classifying and processing of pixels of image data
Image processing apparatus wherein the image data is reduced before the image data is stored in a memory or a buffer
Image signal correction device
Subject image extraction device
Methods and systems for high compression rate encoding and decoding of quasi-stable objects in video and film
Method and apparatus for coding information by inserting codes in strongly featured image regions
Image data decoding method and apparatus using memory for storing decoded data
Data compression apparatus and method
Method and device for modifying data in an encoded data stream
Vehicle state mileage determination system
Method and system for vehicle initiated delivery of advanced diagnostics based on the determined need by vehicle
Remote identity verification technique using a personal identification device
Method and apparatus for the enlargement of the range of the transmission channel between functional groups of the ISDN-user interface with a minimized bandwidth
Two-pass document image processing method and system
Electric vehicle sharing system
Portable one-way radio pager including an electronic directory
Remote control receiver
Chronological telephone system
Portable automated test scoring system and method
System and method for computer-based automatic essay scoring
Home digital audiovisual information recording and playback system
Sound modification employing spectral warping techniques
System and methods for analyzing and critiquing a vocal performance
Method and apparatus for detecting voice activity
Voice-synthesizer responsive to panel display message
Text-to-speech based reminder system
Method of extracting features in a voice recognition system
Method, device and system for part-of-speech disambiguation
Method and apparatus using probabilistic language model based on confusable sets for speech recognition
Context dependent phoneme networks for encoding speech information
Managing voice commands in speech applications
Speaker recognition over large population with fast and detailed matches
Dictation system which compresses a speech signal using a user-selectable compression rate
Scalable audio coding system
System and method for producing a fixed effort quantization step size with a binary search
Enhanced coding to improve coded communication signals
Modular approach to speech enhancement with an application to speech coding
Latent irradiance discrimination method and marker system for cartridgeless data storage disks
Apparatus and method for searching photo information in digital cassette recorder (DVCR)
Disk apparatus with sliding tray and lock arm for preventing sliding tray movement
Receiving apparatus including a display for displaying the amount of unrecorded memory
Spindle motor and its manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for reading CD-ROMs or the like at matching speeds determined by disk eccentricities
Implementation of variable bit density recording in storage disc drives
Optical record carrier and apparatus for scanning such a record carrier
Reproduction system, reproduction apparatus and reproduction method for defect management
Optical disc drive, timing signal generator, and information recording and reproduction method
Program for error correcting process included in error correcting device, method, and medium
Apparatus for generating, recording and transmitting an error product code block having an improved check code arrangement
Apparatus for adjusting a tilt of a disc loaded on a turn table
Disk cartridge and disk device using the same
Method and apparatus for interleaving bitstream to record thereof on a recording medium, and reproducing the interleaved bitstream therefrom
Dense edit re-recording to reduce file fragmentation
Information storage medium, recording method used therefor and reproducing apparatus
Optical disc having an area storing original and user chain information specifying at least part of a video object stored on the disc, and a computer program and recording apparatus for recording and editing the chain information
Code string editing apparatus, picture coded signal decoding apparatus and moving picture coded signal decoding apparatus
Recording and reproducing system
Digital signal processor circuit for reproduction of digital data
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus displaying identification information
Machine-readable data medium having interactive reproduction procedures with prohibition information, a reproduction apparatus and method of interacting
Disc reproducing and recording apparatus with display of the amount of data in a buffer memory
Optical information recording method for optical information recording apparatus
Data recording medium and data recording/reproducing apparatus for providing optimum position of mark start and end parts
Information recording method and apparatus
Optical disc, and reading system and manufacturing method of the disc
Recording medium and a recording system for the recording medium
Optical disk drive and super-resolution reproduction method for optical disk
Volume holographic data storage system
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Objective lens mounting apparatus and objective lens driving apparatus
Optical pickup
Optical pickup apparatus capable of suppressing offset of a tracking error signal
Antifuse detection circuit
Power-on-reset circuit with analog delay and high noise immunity
Method of operating a memory device having a variable data input length
Semiconductor device
Selective automatic precharge of dynamic random access memory banks
Dynamic type RAM
Integrated circuit memory having a sense amplifier activated based on word line potentials
Semiconductor storage device
Dual Vt SRAM cell with bitline leakage control
Control circuit for semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having plural memory cells which store multi-value information
Network routing table using content addressable memory
Reversed split-gate cell array
Global erase/program verification apparatus and method
Method for fast programming of EPROMS and multi-level flash EPROMS
Flash memory cell using p+/N-well diode with double poly floating gate
Nonvolatile integrated circuit memory devices having improved word line driving capability and methods of operating same
Method for applying variable row BIAS to reduce program disturb in a flash memory storage array
Apparatus and method for controlling electric power supply in nonvolatile memory rewriting operation
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for testing a semiconductor device
Multi bank test mode for memory devices
BIST memory test system
Rambus ASIC having high speed testing function and testing method thereof
Method and system for automatic synchronous memory identification
Semiconductor memory device with a reduce access time by devising a layout of a circuit without elaborate modification
Method and apparatus for a flexible controller for a DRAM generator system
Semiconductor memory device incorporating potential generation circuit with rapid rise of output potential
Method of stabilizing data stored in volatile memory
Dynamic repair of redundant memory array
Threshold voltage mismatch compensated sense amplifier for SRAM memory arrays
Device and method for reading nonvolatile memory cells
Semiconductor MOS/BIPOLAR composite transistor and semiconductor memory device using the same
Semiconductor memory capable of burst operation
Semiconductor memory device operable in burst mode and normal mode through improved switching operations
Semiconductor device having current auxiliary circuit for output circuit
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device having circuit for controlling data-output timing
Self-timing circuit for semiconductor memory devices
Semiconductor storage memory having a reference voltage generation circuit generating the word line voltage
Techniques of isolating and enabling higher speed access of memory cells
Memory device
Reduced delay address decoders and decoding methods for integrated circuit memory devices
Output line arrangement structure of row decoding array
Multiple-port semiconductor memory device
Memory device having reduced power requirements and associated methods
Method and apparatus for determining nearness to criticality of a nuclear fueled electric power generating unit
Apparatus and method of monitoring reactor power of reactor at the time of startup thereof
Siphon water rods
Nuclear fuel bundle having different peak power limits
Open cornered grid structure and method of making
Single-stroke radiation anti-scatter device for x-ray exposure window
Electromagnetic relay used in a telephone exchange or the like and contact spring assembly for the electromagnetic relay
X-ray source with selectable focal spot size
Diversity reception apparatus
Method and system for rejecting interfering signals
Method of transmitting a control signal by a base station of a digital cellular mobile radio system and a corresponding base station
Active repeater for a transmission system
Radiotelephones with coplanar antenna connectors and related assembly methods
Gas laser having a beam path folded in several planes
Narrow-band oscillation excimer laser and optics thereof
Gas laser RF power source apparatus and method
Electronically cooled semiconductor laser module with modified ground line inductance
Semiconductor laser device and method for manufacturing same
Tunable semiconductor laser system
Visible wavelength, semiconductor optoelectronic device with a high power broad, significantly laterally uniform, diffraction limited output beam
Semiconductor light emitting device with both carbon and group II element atoms as p-type dopants and method for producing the same
Optical switch of surface transmission type by one-dimensional array method
Creation method and apparatus of network configuration for power system
Rate-based load shed module
Sampling system
Apparatus for estimating the frequency difference existing between the carrier frequency of a digital signal and the frequency of a receiver local oscillator
Method and system which drives left, right, and subwoofer transducers with multichannel amplifier having reduced power supply requirements
Attenuator unit, step attenuator, and electronic apparatus
Digital matched filter
Method for sampling frequency conversion employing weighted averages
Finite impluse response bandpass filter
Broadcasting station data detector and broadcast receiver for moving body that search a channel map based on location
Automatic frequency control circuit and method of automatic frequency control
Phase-locked loop with small phase error
Phase locked loop based on a charge pump
Channel encoding apparatus using single concatenated encoder
Efficient iterative decoding
Method for encoding a channel using a parallel convolutional encoder
Smart dynamic selection of error correction methods for DECT based data services
System and method for modeling mixed signal RF circuits in a digital signal environment
Communication device with selective message transfer to earpiece
Multiple waveform software radio
Spread spectrum communication device
Method of controlling initial power ramp-up in CDMA systems by using short codes
Receiving apparatus for spectrum spreading and receiving method
Method for switching cell site controllers
Diver mask underwater imaging system
Device and method for detecting PCM upstream digital impairments in a communication network
Distinguishing received A-law and .mu.-law signals in a PCM modem
Method and system for designing a cellular communication system
Signal-to-noise ratio determination using digital signal processing
Apparatus and method for reducing local interference in subscriber loop communication system
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved coefficient transfer
Echo canceler and method thereof
Global channel power control to minimize spillover in a wireless communication environment
Reverse link power control using a frame quality metric
Radio base station receiving data transmission system for uplink site diversity of mobile communication system
Transmitter that selectively polarizes a radio wave
Method for establishing a connection in a satellite system and satellite system suitable for practicing such method
Methods and systems for reducing location update procedures in satellite communications systems
Method and apparatus for dynamic address allocation in a wireless communication system
Unit and system for mobile communications
System and method for user terminal clock error measurement and correction
Air interface statistical multiplexing in communication systems
System for the wireless transmission of a frame-synchronized signal between a radio base station and at least one mobile terminal
Universal access to audio maintenance for IVR systems using internet technology
Real-time music distribution systems
Audio signal fader control system and method therefor
System protection switching
Spread spectrum communication
Synchronization of voice packet generation to unsolicited grants in a DOCSIS cable modem voice over packet telephone
Method and apparatus for detection and protection against data loss in a fractional T1/E1 communications environment
Automatic data transfer mode control
Method and apparatus for input/output link retry, failure and recovery in a computer network
Pull-in circuit for pseudo-random pattern
Multicast group routing using unidirectional links
Flexible SNMP trap mechanism
Automated generation of control interface to controlled element of telecommunications network
Configurable system for remotely managing computers
Management of packet transmission networks
Method and system for efficient packet data transport
Dynamically configurable filtered dispatch notification system
Automated service elements discovery using core service specific discovery templates
Packet data transmission in code-division multiple access communication systems
Means and method for switching between a narrow band communication and a wide band communication to establish a continuous connection with mobile computers
Information communication system and method applicable to in-vehicle networking architecture
Process for determining in service status
System and a method for continuously adjustable, splitting group, multi-contention resolution in multi-access computer communication systems
Lossless arbitration scheme and network architecture for collision based network protocols
Method and apparatus for capturing source and destination traffic
Local area network media access controller layer bridge
System and method for management a communications buffer
Method for determining whether two pieces of network equipment are directly connected
System and method for very fast IP packet filtering
System and method for distributing electronic messages in accordance with rules
Method and apparatus for event notification for wireless devices
Method and system for providing emulated telephony over DSL
Method and apparatus for data routing, delivery, and authentication in a packet data network
Telecommunications network
Channel estimation in a fading channel
Pulse shaper apparatus and method for ISDN U-interface
Method and apparatus for sharing transmit shaping filters among phase shifted signals
Multi-stage detection system in digital demodulator
Multi-carrier transmission systems
Method and apparatus for batch storage of objects in a client-server storage management system
System and method for controlling interactions between networks
Handling of telecommunications signals passed between elements of a telecommunications network
Method for a unicast endpoint client to access a multicast internet protocol (IP) session and to serve as a redistributor of such session
System for managing dynamic processing resources in a network
Common buffer for multiple streams and control registers in an MPEG-2 compliant transport register
Data processing system, method, and program product for automating account creation in a network
Transparent proxy server
Token-based deadline enforcement system for electronic document submission
Method/apparatus for interfacing two remotely disposed devices coupled via transmission medium with first and second commands transmitted without first checking receiving device for readiness
Method and system for internationalizing domain names
Apparatus and method of assigning VLAN tags
Enhanced network services using a subnetwork of communicating processors
Automatic identification of application protocols through dynamic mapping of application-port associations
Method and apparatus for discovery of databases in a client server network
Client-side resource-based load-balancing with delayed-resource-binding using TCP state migration to WWW server farm
Programming tool for home networks with an HTML page for a plurality of home devices
Network communication system
Receiver synchronisation in idle mode
Block cipher method
Exchanging a secret over an unreliable network
Portable cryptographic key
Apparatus and method for authenticating the dispatch and contents of documents
Information devices which select and use one out of plurality of encryption utilization protocols for protecting copyrights of digital productions
Impedance blocking filter circuit
Dual test mode network interface unit for remote testing of transmission line and customer equipment
Rationalized automated answering machine
Communication system and mode-changing method for same
Communication interface having synthesized matching impedances for different frequency bands and a design method therefor
Modem equipped with a smartcard reader
System and method for transporting a compressed video and data bit stream over a communication channel
Method and apparatus in a communications system for providing automated post call charges
Network management of automatic call distributor resources
Telephonic voice message store and forward method having network address and voice authentication
Voice mail system that downloads an applet for managing voice mail messages
Integrated voice mail system for CDMA network
Method and apparatus for on-demand teleconferencing
Intercom system having unified control and audio data transport
Echo/noise canceler with delay compensation
Copying apparatus capable of changing original feed order
Image producing apparatus having an image reading unit
Apparatus for processing and digitizing photographic film in one pass
Digital copying apparatus with a personal data storage system
Image processing method and apparatus
Methods for performing 2-dimensional maximum differences coding and decoding during real-time facsimile image compression and apparatus therefor
Image processing apparatus including means for judging a chromatic portion of an image
Preferred service management system for a multimedia video decoder
Data and telephone wiring terminal
Computer controlled video multiplexer for video conferencing and message systems
Computer conferencing system with a transmission signal synchronization scheme
High speed video transmission over telephone lines
Selectable depacketizer architecture
Apparatus and method for reducing compressibility of unauthorized copies of color images and video sequences
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and network system
Multiple memory bank device and method for image processing
Single pass target allocation for video encoding
Method and associated apparatus for achieving additional signal level resolution from a quantized digital representation of an image
Predictive source encoding and multiplexing
Method and device for transmitting data packets
Caching system using cache indexes for call group data of call requests in ATM network devices
Communication monitoring in ATM switch
Method and apparatus for controlling network switches
Data transfer device having retransmission control function
Method for optimizing the transmission of ATM cells via connection sections
System, device, and method for consolidating frame information into a minimum number of output links
Uninterrupted switching between active and backup systems in ATM communication apparatus
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communciations using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses
Toll-free internet service
System and method for automated provision and customer selection of temporary advanced intelligent network services
Control of a telephone switching system over a digital information network
System for managing telecommunications
Telecommunication system and processor means, and method
Uniform control of mixed platforms in telephony
Sponsored call and cell service
Mobility extended telephone application programming interface and method of use
System and method for accessing mobile networks
Method and apparatus for image capture, compression and transmission of a visual image over telephonic or radio transmission system
Radio access system for a telematique service
Mobile telephony standards converter
Method of modifying the home location register (HLR) system database for digital wireless communication whenever the database contents of main memory are altered
Network discovery method and apparatus for cellular mobile radio networks
System and method for management of neighbor-channel interference with cellular reuse partitioning
Method of integrating handoff queuing with adaptive handoff reserve channels
Method and apparatus for fraud control in a cellular telephone switch
Method of processing mobile station data
Methods and apparatus for location area scheme negotiation in communications systems
Method and apparatus for providing an alert with information signal between a mobile switching center and a base station
System and method for providing efficient signaling for a positioning request and an indication of when a mobile station becomes available for location services
Method for avoiding unnecessary signalling in a cellular communications system
Mobile communication system and controlling method thereof for paging and establishing dynamically paging area
Optimization of paging cost in mobile switching system using a genetic optimization method
Method and apparatus for inter-frequency hand-off in wireless communication systems
Intelligent call routing in telecommunication network with dual mode terminals
Method for subscriber based management of neighbor list information during a communication session
Method and apparatus for group calls in a wireless CDMA communication system
Terminal switching to a lower speech codec rate when in a non-acoustically coupled speech path communication mode
Method for automatic setting of area code in code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile telephone system
Wired open ear canal earpiece
Piezo speaker for improved passenger cabin audio systems
System and method for interactive approximation of a head transfer function
X-ray source interlock apparatus
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