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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Structure for attaching a tool to a frame tube
Method for producing a mulching sheet for agriculture
Pet grooming device
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Machine for producing ice-cream and the like
Method for positive feeding of preconditioned material into a twin screw extruder
Cigarette rolling and forming devices
Combined head and neck protector
Make-up kit
Pallet glide with staple and screw support regions
Devices, systems and methods relating to seating cushions for alleviation of hemorrhoids and other purposes
Surgical drape and method of use
Computerized method and system for obtaining, storing and accessing medical records
Cardiac diagnostics using wall motion and perfusion cardiac MRI imaging and systems for cardiac diagnostics
Optical measurement apparatus for living body
Adapter system for coupling a protective mask to a helmet
Lead retention means
Intelligent assisted control of living bodies
Fastening device for an epicardial lead
Methods for determining placement of an implantable cardiac stimulus device
Implantable medical device programmer module for use with existing clinical instrumentation
Methods and systems for promoting ventricular pacing
Automatic signal amplitude measurement system in the setting of abnormal rhythms
Method and apparatus for delivering a biphasic defibrillation pulse with variable energy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrostatic coating device
Indirect laser induced residual stress in a fuel system component and fuel system using same
Metal bending apparatus
Bending device
Method for the production of metal closures
Heat exchanger and air conditioner
Continuous casting machine for forming a lead alloy strip of large thickness
Method and apparatus for controlling strip temperature rebound in cast strip
Multi-wrench gear head apparatus for adjusting vehicle tie-rods
Cartridge for an edible film dispenser
Device for applying information onto a surface of an aircraft
Apparatus and process for transporting lithographic plates to a press cylinder
Flat running device for automobile and mounted assembly including same
Tire for heavy vehicles
Inner panel design for automotive door header
Shift lever apparatus
Shifter assemblies for electronically shifted manual transmissions
Process for controlling a start-stop operation of a vehicle having a hybrid drive, and a corresponding vehicle
Low floor vehicle
Steering angle sensor
Textiles; Paper
Laterally-stretchable knit fabric
Fixed Constructions
Support platform and method of construction thereof
Modular landscape border apparatuses and systems
Wall system for a building
Ventilated roofing structure
Trim flap-like closeout edge attachment
Pultruded utility support structures
Multi-cage spacer
Motorized rotating gutter bracket assembly
Articulating downspout assembly
Anchored roof seam and method for anchoring a seam to a roof
Insert panel for concrete fillable formwork wall
Easy to install and remove tile system
Craft dome
Window frame assembly with integral seals
Releasable arm assembly for a swing gate
Thermally efficient window assembly
Method and system for confining and salvaging oil and methane leakage from offshore locations and extraction operations
Method and apparatus for vacuum collecting and gravity depositing drill cuttings
Downhole apparatus and method
Instrumented swellable element
Wellhead tree pressure limiting device
Downhole actuator apparatus having a chemically activated trigger
Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
Surface refillable protector
System and method for controlling one or more fluid properties within a well in a geological volume
Pipes, systems, and methods for transporting fluids
Vertical annular separation and pumping system with outer annulus liquid discharge arrangement
Use of a chopper mechanism to add fibers to a well
Toe-to-heel gravel packing methods
Method of gravel packing a well containing synthetic or oil-based drilling fluids
Surface detection of failed open-hole packers using tubing with external tracer coatings
Dual density mud return system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve timing control apparatus
Hydrogen engine using a recirculating working medium
Multi-piston camwheel engine
Power generation system including afirst turbine stage structurally incorporating a combustor
Concurrent injection of liquid and gaseous fuels in an engine
Method for operating a turbo charger and controller
Nozzle assembly with flow conduits
Control device and hydraulic pilot control
Hydraulic device and work machine
Attachment shackle with lockable rotating ferrule
Gear mechanism apparatus
Transmission with reverse idler gear brake
Hydraulic system with a pressure reducing valve
Valve stem nut wear analysis apparatus and method
Ball seat valve, use of the same, and method for controlling a valve assembly comprising a ball seat valve
Integrity protection for pressurized bi-directional systems
Boiler furnace that avoids thermal NOx
Heating device of drinking fountain in car
Self-erecting gimbal mounted solar radiation collectors
Refrigerating system with parallel staged economizer circuits discharging to interstage pressures of a main compressor
Air conditioning system for communication equipment and controlling method thereof
De-aerating flow straightener for cooling system
Evaporative cooling device for cooling water or other liquids and a cooling garment incorporating the same
Thermally conductive porous element-based recuperators
Controlled plastic venting for low-recoil gun systems
Controlled-unaided surge and purge suppressors for firearm muzzles
Holding device for rail equipped firearms
Systems, devices, and/or methods for launching a projectile
Solid-to-hybrid transitioning armature railgun with non-conforming-to-prejudice bore profile
Rail attachment mechanism
Magazine carrier
Non-metallic armor article and method of manufacture
Combined firework
Method of measuring dents and method of classifying dents
Adaptive thermal-based frequency-bounds control
Method and device for detecting surface state of work piece
Hydrostatic force/displacement measuring device
Balancing machine for balancing vehicle wheels
Unbalance correction device of high speed rotary apparatus
Method for error diagnosis of an ambient-pressure sensor and an intake-manifold pressure sensor
Method for inspecting a turbine installation and corresponding device
Tack adhesion testing device
Microactuator test assembly comprising a spreader pin for engaging a load beam of an actuator arm
Enhanced cavity for a photoacoustic gas sensor
Non-contact high resolution near field acoustic imaging system
Shift register, scanning line driving circuit, matrix type device, electro-optic device, and electronic device
High performance serial bus testing methodology
Splice chip device
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements--claim set IV
High numerical aperture optical fiber
Drop cable with fiber optic connector and methods for fabricating same
Acousto-optic device
Camera flash with improved color balance
Collapsible lens barrel
Camera system
Photosensitive drum
Image forming apparatus having a state in which a conveying roller is pressed toward a recording medium
Intermediate transfer belt and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus, processing cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Particle supply apparatus, imaging apparatus, and monitoring system
Image forming apparatus with superimposed dark and light toner images
Developing device
Device and method for electrophoretic liquid development
Image forming apparatus including static pre-eliminator
Image forming apparatus including a toner waste container near-end condition detection feature and a full condition judgment feature
Driving force distribution and controlling apparatus for vehicle and driving force distribution and controlling method for vehicle
Clock system for controlling autonomous transfer of data
Method and apparatus for adjusting the voltage and frequency to minimize power dissipation in a multiprocessor system in response to compute load
Pre-activation of network devices
Combining power prediction and optimal control approaches for performance optimization in thermally limited designs
Data storage system and managing method thereof
System and method for automated recovery after an error in a batch processing system caused by malformatted or unsupported data
System and method for testing software using data-driven test variations
ACPI name space validation
Method, apparatus and system to detect and signal sequential hot plug failure diagnostics
Circuit arrangement including a self-diagnosis system for triggering and monitoring a load in a bridge circuit and associated operating method
Troubleshooting to diagnose computer problems
External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
Protection against flooding of a server
Application identification and license enforcement
Method and apparatus for arbitrarily initializing a portion of memory
System and method for dynamic sizing of cache sequential list
Memory controlling method
Storage apparatus and method of controllng the same
Method and apparatus for shared resource management in a multiprocessing system
Using directory historical data to facilitate automated file updates
Method and apparatus for supporting opportunistic sharing in coherent multiprocessors
Providing secure input to a system with a high-assurance execution environment
Data migration and copying in a storage system with dynamically expansible volumes
Method for reducing call set up times using automatic connection negotiation
Method and system for performing bulk operations on transactional items
Multicast system and method for deploying multiple images simultaneously
Port type agnostic proxy support for web services intermediates
Device operating according to a communication protocol
Method and apparatus for determining compatibility between devices
Memory adapter and unit including independent radio circuit and removable memory store
Storage system, storage device, and control method thereof
Application server blade for embedded storage appliance
Memory transaction burst operation and memory components supporting temporally multiplexed error correction coding
Cradle device, control method and computer program for controlling the attitude of an imaging device
Method for improving data throughput for a data storage device
Method, system, and program for handling Input/Output commands
Distributed direct memory access for systems on chip
Waveform recorder apparatus and method
Method of validating plurality of data during serial communication using a dual path across a single serial link
Method of identifying and recording inspection information on personal protective equipment
Systems and methods for immersive advertising
Customizable service provider user interface
Server/client system
Mechanism and method for sharing imaging information from an enterprise resource planning computing environment
Integrated messaging domain name setup
Contention-based forwarding with integrated multi-user detection capability
Internet website traffic flow analysis
Shared network-interface controller (NIC) using advanced switching (AS) turn-pool routing field to select from among multiple contexts for multiple processors
Load balancing method for exchanging data between multiple hosts and storage entities, in IP based storage area network
Generating and supplying user context data
Demographic information acquisition system
Prioritization and preemption of data frames over a switching fabric
Managing a cluster of networked resources and resource groups using rule - base constraints in a scalable clustering environment
Secure initialization of intrusion detection system
Information transmission system, information transmission method, electric device communication device, information communication device, communication control program
Smart and integrated FCAPS domain management solution for telecommunications management networks
Effective protection of computer data traffic in constrained resource scenarios
Network single entry point for subscriber management
Method for caching lookups based upon TCP traffic flow characteristics
Integrated service management system for remote customer support
Method of displaying foreground visual data in foreground and executing system booting in background for computer system
Method for providing information apparatus together with setups transfer service
Declarative mechanism for defining a hierarchy of objects
Method and system for associating related messages of different types
Context-free document portions with alternate formats
System and method for validating hierarchically-organized messages
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine
System and method for providing computer support tools
Chinese character-based parser
Visibly distinguishing portions of compound words
Web based dynamic data translation service and method
Methods for routing items for communications based on a measure of criticality
Adaptive data architecture for information management systems
Method of processing customer's orders and a customer's order processing apparatus
Personalization of web page search rankings
Method and computer-readable medium for loading the contents of a data file
Method and system for using query information to enhance catergorization and navigation within the whole knowledge base
Method for designing phase-lock loop circuits
Method of and circuit for verifying a layout of an integrated circuit device
Programmable logic devices with skewed clocking signals
Server recording and client playback of computer network characteristics
Parameter setting method and circuit operation testing method and electronic processing device
Method and apparatus for performing temporal checking
Robot control apparatus
Method and system to self-test single and multi-core CPU systems
Method of grooving and drilling an ophthalmic lens blank, machine programmed therefor, and computer program
Engine power storage device and method
Electronic fingerprints for machine control and production machines
Method and devices for automatically supplying material to a processing machine
Authentication of network users
Dynamic dependency graph in MVC paradigm
Method and interface for linking terms in an electronic message to program information
Multilingual user interface for an operating system
Multimedia communication method using virtual world interface in mobile personal computers
Content update proxy method
Diagnosis method for boiler degradation, diagnosis apparatus for boiler degradation, diagnosis system for boiler degradation and recording medium that records operation program
Strategy to verify asynchronous links across chips
Fuzzy alphanumeric search apparatus and method
Output processing with dynamic registration of external translators
Programmable processor apparatus integrating dedicated search registers and dedicated state machine registers with associated execution hardware to support rapid application of rulesets to data
System and method for forcing a query execution plan
Methods and apparatus for single stage Galois field operations
Method for rapidly searching elements or attributes or for rapidly filtering fragments in binary representations of structured, for example, XML-based documents
Mail handling equipment and methods
Shift point strategy for hybrid electric vehicle transmission
Architecture for efficient pattern match operations
Property management mechanisms for properties in an on-demand property system
Object monitoring and management system
Managing data integrity using a filter condition
Method for adapting lockout of navigation and audio system functions while driving
Queuing methods for mitigation of packet spoofing
Circuitry for carrying out a square root operation
Flexible object representation
Method, system and program product for associating event categorization and routing with security authorization roles
Method of responding to a truncated secure session attack
Programmable processor and system for partitioned floating-point multiply-add operation
Methods and systems of testing software, and methods and systems of modeling user behavior
System and method for using a graphical debugging tool in a modeling and execution environment
System and method for customizing extensible web part menus
Method and system for designing customizable applications and user-interfaces based on user-defined policies and metadata
Logical calculation circuit, logical calculation device, and logical calculation method
Density nodule detection in-3-D digital images
Apparatus, method, and program for assisting in selection of pattern element for pattern matching
Radiometric calibration from a single image
Finger position sensing methods and apparatus
Tooth locating within dental images
Calculation module
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, and image decoding method
Picture editing
Method and system using non-uniform image blocks for rapid interactive viewing of digital image over a network
De-warping of scanned images
Global localization by fast image matching
Method and system for packing and unpacking web pages
Methods, systems, and computer program products for selecting a job post site to which a job opening description may be posted by ranking job post sites based on one or more selection criterion
Medical professional monitoring system and associated methods
Method and system for facilitating consumer purchases
Portfolio accounting and risk management system
Method for managing customer financial accounts
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
In-store marketing sign
Using wildcards in semantic parsing
Stack type disk changer
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Method of manufacturing a disk drive
Optical pickup actuator with a magnetic driver having focus, track and tilt coils
Multiple transposition method for superconducting wire
Method for forming a lead
Method and apparatus for forward error correction coding for an AM in-band on-channel digital audio broadcasting system
Adaptive radio transceiver with offset PLL with subsampling mixers
Complex digital signal channel select filter for analog cable television
Communication semiconductor integrated circuit, communication electronic component and wireless communication system
Modular optical transmitter for WWDM transceivers
Transponder assembly for use with parallel optics modules in fiber optic communications systems
Wireless terminal adapted for detachably connecting with a radio
Thermal drift compensation system and method for optical networks
System and method for purchase benefits at a point of sale
Methods for iteratively deriving security keys for communications sessions
Training filters for detecting spasm based on IP addresses and text-related features
Cheap signatures for synchronous broadcast communication
High speed interface for radio systems
Cellular telephony mast cable reduction
Real-time interconnect billing system and method of use
Telephone with dynamically programmable push buttons for access to advanced applications
Multi-functional integrated circuit apparatus in mobile communication terminal and driving method thereof
Flat panel image to film transfer method and apparatus
Coding system and decoding system using a synchronization code
Recording apparatus
Streaming content receiving apparatus and playback apparatus with stopping of reception of second streaming data during period in which first streaming program is selected
Encoding and decoding methods for secure scalable streaming and related systems
Data process apparatus and method therefor
Method and system for adaptive transmission of smoothed data over wireless channels
Intelligent customer care support using network CAMEL subscription information
RRC connection request method and apparatus for mobile communications
Wireless communications methods and systems using a remote, self-contained communications antenna unit
Communication device
Narrow opening electroacoustical transducing
Systems and methods for reduction of noise during sleep
Diaphragm edge of speaker
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Optical fiber with numerical aperture compression
Markers for CT and MRI imaging
Fabric or garment with integrated flexible information infrastructure for monitoring vital signs of infants
Noninvasion biological optical measuring instrument, measured portion holding device, and method for manufacturing the same
Optical CT apparatus and image reconstructing method
Analysis of a composition
System and method for measuring blood urea nitrogen, blood osmolarity, plasma free hemoglobin and tissue water content
Sensing pad assembly employing variable coupler fiberoptic sensor
Method and system for diagnosing and treating thalamocortical dysrhythmia
Disposable neonatal electrode for use in a high humidity environment
Discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events
Method and system for tracking small coils using magnetic resonance
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Imaging apparatus
Controlling of fitness exercise
Method and apparatus for feature tracking strain estimation for elastography
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and cellulite reduction
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Apparatus for removing an elongated structure implanted in biological tissue
Active fixation electrode lead having an electrical coupling mechanism
Lead conductor lumen with cross-sectional shape to minimize effects of compressive forces
XY selectable lead assembly
Fluorescent-light image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for communicating with an implantable medical device with DTMF tones
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having reduced shelf current consumption and method
Device for sample of substances using alternating polarity
Connection system for an iontophoretic drug delivery device
Trial neuro stimulator with lead diagnostics
Cardiac stimulation system and method for performing automatic capture verification during bipolar stimulation
System and method for determining safety alert conditions for implantable medical devices
Implantable defibrillators with programmable cross-chamber blanking
Method for delivering atrial defibrillation therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Key identification code and manufacturing method
Method of and apparatus for thin plate assembly, and computer product
Power tools
Systems for remote management of a network of waste containers
Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Fault detection and isolation system and method
Method and circuit for transmitting information on rotational speed and additional data
Traction-slip control method with theoretical transversal acceleration and control circuit for carrying out such a traction-slip control method
Adaptive cruise control system for vehicle
Assist control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle controller and vehicle control method
Control device and control method for hybrid vehicle
Method for controlling a drive train of a hybrid vehicle
Combined regenerative and friction braking system for a vehicle
Control of idle speed in a hybrid powertrain configuration
Device for attaching portable phones to vehicle
Arrangement for plausibilizing a rollover decision
Device for classifying various driving manoeuveres
Rotation-angle detecting device capable of precisely detecting absolute angle
Compensation using position for improved feel and stability in a steering system
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering device
Method and system for managing vehicle control modules through telematics
Flexible and fault tolerant networked steering system
Transportation system
System for automatically controlling the spreading of a textile sheet
Configurable multi-station buffer transport for an inserter system
Station independent buffer transport for an inserter system
Sheet transporting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber for preserving plane of polarization
Light-amplifying optical fiber and method of making the same
Double-clad optical fiber for lasers and amplifiers
Decreased H2 sensitivity in optical fiber
Predictive method for polymers
Storage medium storing catalog information and apparatus and method for recording and/or playing back catalog information
Fixed Constructions
Hydrocarbon reservoir testing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Neural control system and method for alternatively fueled engines
Diagnostic method and system for turbine engines
Method of and apparatus for controlling torque-down upon gear changing
Method and system for controlling an engine with enhanced torque control
Method and apparatus for adaptable control of a variable displacement engine
Power train monitoring
System and method for air flow and EGR flow estimation
Method and apparatus for calculating air-mass drawn into cylinders, and method and apparatus for controlling fuel
System for diagnosing an air handling mechanism of an internal combustion engine
Real time bearing load sensing
Dual gain variable control system
Airborne agent concentration analysis
Optical member inspection apparatus, image-processing apparatus, image-processing method, and computer readable medium
Method and an apparatus for the identification of incorrectly oriented parts and/or parts departing from a predetermined master
Motion and trajectory data generator for a multi-gimbaled rotating platform
Information notification system and method, and navigation system and method
Mobile-trailer tracking system and method
Method for coding and decoding objects in a road traffic network
Navigation apparatus, navigation method and information recording medium containing navigation program readable by computer
Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm
Apparatus providing audio manipulation phrase corresponding to input manipulation
Destination specifying method and system
Navigation device, information display device, object creation method, and recording medium
Display method and apparatus of navigation system
Integration of avionics subsystems into cockpit multifunctional displays
Apparatus and method for compensated sensor output
Condition responsive sense system and method
Apparatus for measuring distribution of flow rates of flowable medium
Inspection equipment integrity enhancement system
Electronic cash register system
Message storage device
In-situ sensor system and method for data acquisition in liquids
Supervisory method and system for improved control model updates applied to dynamic balancing
Leak detection apparatus for blister packs
System for microvolume laser scanning cytometry
Augmented classical least squares multivariate spectral analysis
Inspection system, inspection apparatus, inspection program, and production method of semiconductor devices
Optical switch
Quality monitoring and maintenance for products employing end user serviceable components
Enhanced signal analysis in an amplitude versus frequency format
Electric charge storage apparatus and method for an intelligent electronic device
Low leakage technique for determining power spectra of non-coherently sampled data
Laplace transform impedance spectrometer and its measurement method
Apparatus for and method of measuring a jitter
Processing system for a wiring harness, a method for testing an electrical connection of a wiring harness, computer-readable storage medium and a wire connection assisting system
LSI having a built-in self-test circuit
Microcomputer which can execute a monitor program supplied from a debugging tool
Test device and method for electrically testing electronic device
System and method for automated design verification
Integrated circuit internal signal monitoring apparatus
Macro-cell flip-flop with scan-in input
On-chip service processor for test and debug of integrated circuits
Network diagnostic apparatus
Method for operating a magnetic resonance apparatus having an active shim system
Analysis of cardic MR relaxation time images with application to quantifying myocardial perfusion reserve indexes
System and method of user guidance in magnetic resonance imaging including operating curve feedback and multi-dimensional parameter optimization
Method of acquiring images of a plane in a magnetic resonance apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus suitable for carrying out such a method
System for accurately obtaining a contour and/or quantitative information from an echo image with reduced manual operation
Method and system for migration of seismic data
Typing picks to horizons in migration velocity analysis
Method of using cascaded sweeps for source coding and harmonic cancellation
Method and apparatus for absorbing boundary conditions in numerical finite-difference acoustic applications
Optical element having inclined surface
Arrangement for multiple 1xn optical switches
Correction of image misfocus via fractional fourier transform
Large effective area waveguide fiber
Optical fiber grating coder for use in optical code division multiple access, fabricating method and apparatus therefor
Optical fiber having an elevated threshold for stimulated brillouin scattering
Stub-tuned photonic crystal waveguide
Optical waveguide element, a three-dimensional optical waveguide circuit and optical system
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers with servo control and dynamic spectral power management capabilities
Optical fiber transmission line, optical cable, and optical transmission system
WDM optical communication system
Optical frequency-division multiplexer and demultiplexer
Wavelength slicer for optical signal switching
Optical switch with liquid-air-liquid switch assembly
Break-out device
Hybrid data communications cable
Loose tube ribbon optical cable
Optical waveguide device and manufacturing method therefor
Method and system for first-order RF amplitude and bias control of a modulator
Waveguides and devices incorporating optically functional cladding regions
Optic switch
Method of processing a substrate made of a ferroelectric single crystalline material
FPC mounting structure
Camera frame assembly having four-bar linkage shutter actuator
Image shake correcting device
Process monitoring system for lithography lasers
Method of compensating for image quality by controlling toner reproduction curve
Image forming apparatus
Fuser apparatus for adjusting gloss of a fused toner image and method for fusing a toner image to a receiver
Image forming apparatus and color-shift control method
Method and apparatus for a non-contact direct transfer imaging system
Developing apparatus, image formation apparatus, and process cartridge
Apparatus and method of controlling supply of developing agent to developer
Means and method of installing toner seals
Developer replenishing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Developer-carrying member, method for regeneration thereof and developing apparatus
Toner recycle control system of electrophotographing device using viscous liquid developing solution
Variable length transfer assist blade
Paper input guide for a transfer zone in a xerographic printing apparatus
Multi-position fuser nip cam
Image forming apparatus having an end offset avoiding mode based on sheet size
Inductive thermal fixing apparatus having magnetic flux blocking plate with specific thickness
Method and device for controlling optimization of a control subject
Audio-active communication stations, communication method and communication system with audio-active communication stations
Transducers with electronic data sheets that enable transducer access using multiple types of transducer object models
Linear solenoid control apparatus and method having increased responsiveness features
Accessing and updating a configuration database from distributed physical locations within a process control system
Techniques for distributed machinery monitoring
System, method and computer program for a synoptic interlock prompting and input override system with a maintenance log
Systems and methods for distributed algorithm for optimization-based diagnosis
Data sensor validation system and method
Cooperating mobile robots
Inhibiting starvation in a multitasking operating system
Localization support method for software applications with backend database
Prescription verification system
Method and apparatus for determining a progressive discount for a customer based on the frequency of the customer's transactions
Method and apparatus for tax efficient investment management
Random number generator with entropy accumulation
Method for correcting clock duty cycle skew by adjusting a delayed clock signal according to measured differences in time intervals between phases of original clock signal
Production protection system dealing with contents that are digital production
Apparatus and method of connecting and interfacing active device components
Portable terminal for GMPCS
Method and apparatus allowing a battery to regain charge in a handheld device without an applied external charge while still supplying power selected designated components
Method and system for controlling the supply of power to a circuit card in a card shelf through an activation signal
Energy-saving control interface and method for power-on identification
Low-power processor hint, such as from a PAUSE instruction
Method and system for upgrading fault-tolerant systems
System and method for error handling and recovery
Method and apparatus for multiple security service enablement in a data processing system
Techniques for preventing information loss in a business to business message in an enterprise computer system
Method and apparatus for implementing fault-tolerant processing without duplicating working process
Server system with scalable session timeout mechanism
Fault vector pointer table
Data processing system, method and program for generating a job within an automated test environment
Methods and systems of using result buffers in parity operations
Checkpointing for recovery of channels in a data processing system
Ultra reliable disk memory for duplex processor platforms
Adaptive copy pending off mode
Method and apparatus for cascading data through redundant data storage units
Method of visually signaling computer hardware faults on keyboard
Apparatus and method for storing information during a test program
Method of using data and data processor
Method and apparatus for recreating fiber channel traffic
Software-hardware welding system
Processor with trace memory for storing access information on internal bus
File consistency protocols and methods for carrying out the protocols
Configuration of a data storage system
Algorithms to calculate mass storage requirements for NT sizer
Arbitration system and method
Method and implementation for addressing and accessing an expanded read only memory (ROM)
Shared cache for data integrity operations
Expedited memory dumping and reloading of computer processors
Automated free entry management for content-addressable memory using virtual page pre-fetch
Controller for controlling nonvolatile memory unit
Data transfer device and data transfer method
Access apparatus and method for accessing a plurality of storage device having different characteristics
Prefetching mechanism for data caches
Data processing system and method of communication that reduce latency of write transactions subject to retry
Cache which provides partial tags from non-predicted ways to direct search if way prediction misses
Single bank associative cache
Method of hierarchical caching of configuration data having dataflow processors and modules having two-or multidimensional programmable cell structure (FPGAs, DPGAs , etc.)
Method and system for logical-object-to-physical-location translation and physical separation of logical objects
Method and system for optimizing resources for cache management
Method for controlling memory device in data management system
Method and apparatus for storing non-volatile configuration information
Methods for intra-partition parallelism for inserts
Method and apparatus for a fibre channel control unit to execute search commands locally
System, method, and computer program for explicitly tunable I/O device controller
Multi-channel DMA with request scheduling
Object-oriented framework for tracking collection documents
Efficient direct memory access transfer of data and check information to and from a data storage device
Serial peripheral interface with high performance buffering scheme
Dual purpose serial/parallel data transfer device for peripheral storage device
Method and apparatus for transmitting control information across a serialized bus interface
Bridge for coupling digital signal processor to on-chip bus as master
Controller with interface attachment
Expandable slave device system
Multi-link extensions and bundle skew management
Command authorization method
Diagnostic clearing house
Methods and systems for reporting and resolving support incidents
Font retrieval apparatus and method using a font link table
Method and system for reporting XML data from a legacy computer system
Method and system for maintaining freeform ink annotations on changing views
System for generating and maintaining field service publications
Table editing apparatus
Method and system for selectively caching web elements
System and method for determining if one web site has the same information as another web site
Parallel lookups that keep order
Content providing system capable of reducing burden on users
Method and apparatus for providing an expression data mining database
Communications system for supporting inter-dependent data messages
Architecture for distributed relational data mining systems
Apparatus for database record locking and method therefor
Dynamic indexing information retrieval or filtering system
SQL-based analytic algorithms
Information filtering system and information filtering method
Keyword and methods for using a keyword
System and method for data management
Database model system and method
Scientific information viewing system, and a host computer and a viewing computer therefor
System and methods for document retrieval using natural language-based queries
Method and system for reconstructing original distributions from randomized numeric data
System and method for tracking computer data
Namespace management in a distributed file system
Component aliasing operating within a component-based computing system
Intellectual property library management system
Method and system for merging hierarchies
Method and system using a hand-gesture responsive device for collecting data for a geographic database
System and method for personalized search, information filtering, and for generating recommendations utilizing statistical latent class models
Synchronizing/updating local client notes with annotations previously made by other clients in a notes database
Post-harvest non-containerized reporting system
Method and computer system for establishing a relationship between a stress and a strain
Manufacturing design and process analysis system
Apparatus and method for reduced-order modeling of time-varying systems and computer storage medium containing the same
Method for optimizing loop bandwidth in delay locked loops
High-level synthesis method, high-level synthesis apparatus, method for producing logic circuit using the high-level synthesis method for logic circuit design, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for reducing optical proximity correction output file size
Utilizing a technology-independent system description incorporating a metal layer dependent attribute
Consolidated component catalog
Method and apparatus for pre-computing routes for multiple wiring models
Automated medical decision making utilizing bayesian network knowledge domain modeling
Method and apparatus for determining a sampling plan based on defectivity
Integration method of dispatch and schedule tools for 300 mm full automation Fab
Method of machining a female screw and dressing a grinding wheel for female screw machining
Automotive code reader
Data processing system and method for protecting data in a hard drive utilizing a signature device
System for and method of web signature recognition system based on object map
Cryptographic authorization with prioritized and weighted authentication
Method and apparatus which enable a computer user to verify whether they have correctly input their password into a computer
Percentage and average calculator with expanded display
Peripheral device for information processing
File I/O control method
Centralized queue in network printing systems
Arithmetic circuit for finite field GF (2m)
Unique object identification in a network of computing systems
Information processor
Apparatus for multiplication by constant factors for video compression method (MPEG)
Parallel processing of multiple data values within a data word
Method for apparatus for prefetching linked data structures
System for dynamically configuring system logic device coupled to the microprocessor to optimize application performance by reading from selection table located in non-volatile memory
Multiple port input/output job scheduling
Configuration caching
Apparatus and method for generating 64 bit displacement and immediate values
Method and apparatus for staggering execution of a single packed data instruction using the same circuit
Data processor using indirect register addressing
Maintaining processor ordering by checking load addresses of unretired load instructions against snooping store addresses
ATAPI command receiving method
Parallel processing apparatus
Processor architecture and a method of processing
Data processing system and method for implementing zero overhead loops using a first or second prefix instruction for initiating conditional jump operations
Method and apparatus for performing method lookup in the presence of modularity constructs to support transitive method override
Method and apparatus for preforming method lookup in the presence of modularity constructs to support transitive method override
Process control methods and apparatus with distributed object management
Relocation format for linking
Method and system for loading instructions into an executing process
Method and apparatus for updating software in radio terminal device
Method, system, and program for deleting user selected file sets of a program
System, apparatus and method for supporting multiple file systems in boot code
Method and system for automatically configuring a client-server network
Method and apparatus for balancing distributed applications
Method and apparatus for initiating execution of an application processor in a clustered multiprocessor system
System includes a selection manager for remotely managing the selection of an operating system for a target computer
Optimization of n-base typed arithmetic expressions
Computer system to compile non incremental computer source code to execute within incremental type computer system
XML based script automation
Controlling consumption of time-stamped information by a buffered system
Method and apparatus for selecting a locking policy based on a per-object locking history
Timeout object for object-oriented, real-time process control system and method of operation thereof
Data processing system and method for permitting a server computer system to function as a virtual keyboard to a client computer system
System and method for providing a pool of reusable threads for performing queued items of work
Methodology providing high-speed shared memory access between database middle tier and database server
Configurable pattern recognition and filtering tool
Object tracking method and object tracking apparatus
Adjustable, rotatable finger guide in a tenprint scanner with movable prism platen
System and method for improved string matching under noisy channel conditions
Image reading apparatus
Skew detection of text in a noisy digitized image
Hebbian synapse circuit
Architecture for automatic evaluation of team reconnaissance and surveillance plans
Employing a combined function for exception exploration in multidimensional data
System and method for deploying a procurement and accounts payable system
Use's schedule management system
Apparatus and method for a vertically integrated construction business
Method and apparatus for arithmetic operation and recording medium of method of operation
Method and apparatus for arithmetic operation and recording medium of method of operation
System, method and article of manufacture for preventing the proliferation of unwanted electronic messages
Sending a file as a link and/or as an attachment
Communication control method for electronic mail system
Apparatus and accompanying methods for network distribution and interstitial rendering of information objects to client computers
Processing performance data describing a relationship between a provider and a client
Web-based call center system with web document annotation
Budget information, analysis, and projection system and method
Method for steganographic encoding
Digital image coding/decoding apparatus and method for recording and restoring a signature image using watermarking
Automatic image montage system
Efficient methods and apparatus for resampling three dimensional datasets
Velocity-dependent dewarping of images
Discrete image data interpolation using sub-unity shift
Modified kernel for image interpolation
Method and apparatus for quantifying image
System and method for dynamic image recognition
Picture processing apparatus
Method for determining a correlation between images using multi-element image descriptors
Method and apparatus for embedding data in encoded digital bitstreams
System and method for restrictively authorizing reprinting of mail pieces having postage indicia
Data indicator
Evaluation of transmission data
Vessel monitoring system
Method and system for managing transaction card data
Chip card comprising means and method for managing a virtual memory and associated communication method
Method of monitoring the position of a mobile subscriber as well as IN server and web server for carrying out the method
Simple classification scheme for vehicle/pole/pedestrian detection
System and method for providing help/training content for a web-based application
Method of estimating solenoid heat accumulation and compensating for solenoid force loss
Waveform forming device and method
Device for normalizing voice pitch for voice recognition
Speech recognition system
Self-referential method and apparatus for creating stimulus representations that are invariant under systematic transformations of sensor states
Method and apparatus for automatic collection and summarization of meeting information
System and method for coding audio information in images
Audio processing method and apparatus
Method for quantizing speech coder parameters
Voice encoding device, voice decoding device, recording medium for recording program for realizing voice encoding/decoding and mobile communication device
Method for improvement of G.723.1 processing time and speech quality and for reduction of bit rate in CELP vocoder and CELP vococer using the same
Methods and apparatus for blind channel estimation based upon speech correlation structure
Method of reducing voice signal interference
Audio-visual scrubbing system
Outputting apparatus, outputting method, recording apparatus, recording method, reproduction apparatus, reproduction method and recording medium
Method and apparatus for ciphering playback mode information for recording on record medium
Optical disc and method of recording data into same
Disk drive for storing sector-reconstruction sectors and for storing a sector-reconstruction status in sectors distributed around a disk
Digital signal processing apparatus for reproducing optical disc data and optical disc player having the same
Magnetic recording device
Method and apparatus for re-assigning priority in a partitioned content addressable memory device
Method of predicting reliabilty of oxide-nitride-oxide based non-volatile memory
Method for testing a memory array
Apparatus and method for fast memory fault analysis
Memory tester with enhanced post decode
Rambus DRAM with clock control circuitry that reduces power consumption
In-line fluid heater
Off-chip signal routing between multiply-connected on-chip electronic elements via external multiconductor transmission line on a dielectric element
Integrated circuit having a reduced spacing between a bus and adjacent circuitry
Repeater for transmission system for controlling and determining the status of electrical devices from remote locations
System and method for antenna diversity using joint maximal ratio combining
Failure detector with consensus protocol
Recloser and fuse coordination scheme
System and method for surveying utility outages
FM modulator
Low power radio telephone image reject mixer
Direct conversion of low power high linearity receiver
Implementing RF power measurements in a broadband communications device
High-speed/low power finite impulse response filter
Tri-mode adaptive filter and method
Wide frequency range PLL clock generating circuit with delta sigma modulating circuitry for reducing the time changing ratio of the input voltage of a voltage controlled oscillator
Method and apparatus for interleaving for information transmission or storage applications
Transmission apparatus and method for a mobile communication terminal
Fully integrated all-CMOS AM transmitter with automatic antenna tuning
CDMA transmit peak power reduction
Dynamic distortion control
Optical communication with predistortion to compensate for odd order distortion in modulation and travel
Out of band fiber characterization using optical amplifier light sources
Optimization of a communications system based on identification of an optical medium
Method for managing channel state in extended traffic region base station
Testing of CATV systems
Methods and apparatus for power allocation on a reverse link power control channel of a communication system
Backhaul power control system in a wireless repeater
Method and circuit for down-converting a signal using a complementary FET structure for improved dynamic range
System and method of dynamically calibrating based station timing using location information
Communication system and method with optical banding
Active optical lattice filters
Switched-based time synchronization protocol for a NUMA system
Radiotelephone filtering apparatus
Error concealment in digital audio receiver
Method, system, and structure for disabling a communication device during the occurrence of one or more predetermined conditions
Real time estimation of equivalent bandwidth utilization
System and network interoperations using a MIB-based object-oriented signaling protocol
Network traffic visualization
Configuration of a network device via the network
Indoor environment design system, indoor environment evaluation system, indoor environment design method, and indoor environment evaluation method
Packet processor
Multi-point link aggregation spoofing
Method of detecting a device in a network
Maintenance of sliding window aggregated state using combination of soft state and explicit release principles
Fair weighted queuing bandwidth allocation system for network switch port
Method and system for wireless connection to a wide area network
Port aggregation for network connections that are offloaded to network interface devices
Wireless host with improved roustness and boot capabilities
Subscriber terminal, base station, circuit mode switching method, and a wireless system utilizing said method
Time of arrival estimation for edge/GSM
Arrangement for load sharing in computer networks
Methods and apparatus for enabling shared web-based interaction in stateful servers
System and method for delivering a graphical user interface of remote applications over a thin bandwidth connection
Dynamic RTP/RTCP timestamp validation
Control of topology views in network management
System and method for providing a network host decoy using a pseudo network protocol stack implementation
Network operating system adapted for simultaneous use by different operating systems
Method and system for providing three-dimensional graphics over computer networks
Method for evaluating a presentation layer data unit
Adaptive traffic bypassing in an intercepting network driver
Selectively utilizing an automatically generated internet protocol address in a networked environment
System apparatus and method for hosting and assigning domain names on a wide area network
Network management system and method of operation
Method and system for providing translation certificates
Establishing an internet telephone call using e-mail
Hands-free operation of mobile terminal using wireless communication link
Hand-free receiver signal wire for mobile telephone
Memory programming method and system
Data transmission apparatus and method for management of user identification data allocated to image data
Focusing hood for use on a digital camera
EPG with advertising inserts
Wireless video telephone with ambient light sensor
Interactive television
Prevention of broadband cable service theft
Method and apparatus to configure, provision and control a set-top terminal
Data stream generation apparatus and method of same, variable length coded data stream generation apparatus and method of same, and camera system
Digital image reproducing apparatus and method
System for discounting in a bidding process based on quality of service
Communique system with noncontiguous communique coverage areas in cellular communication networks
Client server communications for a mobile computing device
Method and system for supporting differentiated network service for mobile customers and applications
Method and apparatus for releasing location information of a mobile communications device
System and method for providing numeric-only paging service with wireless telephone service
Base station for a radio communications system
Method and system for testing the functioning of data communication in a radio apparatus
System for testing soft handoff functionality of a mobile station used for a code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile communication system
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