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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Broadcast spreader mechanism for an all terrain vehicle and the like
Systems with interchangeable horns for producing encased products and related methods, computer program products and horn rotor assemblies
Firearm safety gloves and wristbands
Bathing suit with flotation survival feature
Seal for zippered bag
Automatic sliding hand fans
Table unit
Cabinet runner side wall extension
Refrigerator shelf
Portable nail salon
Drinking container with exterior shell
Height adjustment apparatus for a rotatable component of a vacuum cleaner
Dental vacuum system assembly and process incorporating an amalgam separation chamber
Self-ligating orthodontic passive low-friction bracket and method for mounting an arch wire on said bracket
Carrier and seating instrument for dental devices
Dual function inboard barrier/bridgeplate assembly for wheelchair lifts
Reclining wheelchair
Apparatus for moving objects
Laryngeal mask airway device
Plural component spray gun for fast setting materials
Golf putter
Method and apparatus for measuring the surface of a golf green
Hammer head training target
Binding system
Binding system
Strap for snowboard boots or bindings
Game machine
Octave magic cube
Gaming machine, server, and program with virtual player
Performing Operations; Transporting
Composite porous membrane and method for producing the same
Cutting or crushing implement
Paint roller with shield
Cleaning apparatus with cavitation enhancement unit
Methods for continuous casting of a molten material
Collet and lock nut
Drill with groove width variation along the drill and double margin with a thinning section at the tip
Device for the manufacture of a shaft assembly for a hydrodynamic bearing
System for removing heat transfer fins from, and beveling the ends of, boiler tubes
In-situ chemical-mechanical planarization pad metrology using ultrasonic imaging
Multi-wire saw
Ratchet clamp
Combustion-type power tool having ignition proof arrangement
Connector structure with a detachable mounting tube
Locking mechanism for folding tool
Mold for producing a ceramic heat shield element
Mobile impression half-mould for a corrugator for making pipes with transverse ribs
RF filter housing
Apparatuses, systems, and methods for manufacturing composite parts
Peripheral which can be used to print and cut sheets of paper using a low-power laser source
Substrate for ink jet head, ink jet head using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Printhead assembly with ink distribution assembly
Color ink deposition order determination method, and image forming method and apparatus
Liquid discharge apparatus and method for discharging liquid
Processing apparatus for an inkjet printer
Single-sheet registration form and key packet
Expanded content label and related method of manufacture
Hand tool
Bicycle hub
Hydraulic drive arrangement for the cutter of a pull-type crop harvesting machine
Suspension structure for an electric wheelchair
Structure for mounting vehicle seat
Receiver pin
Power control unit for electric vehicle
Hybrid transmission and mode-shift control for hybrid vehicle
Trolling motor with diagnostic system
Adjuster for a vehicle seat
Stow in floor automotive seat assembly
Adjustor for juvenile vehicle seat
System and apparatus for a dual LED light bar
Aluminum brush guard assembly
Lap fuse belt for a seat belt
Seatbelt apparatus
Article storage structure for scooter-type vehicle
Apparatus and method for pneumatically controlled graduated brake pressure release for freight train brake system
Method and apparatus for the control of characteristic operating values of a power train
Multipurpose work site utility carrier
Cover module
Variable gear ratio hydraulic power steering device
Illuminating angular display system
Pattern former for wrapped bakery products and method for loading and unloading bakery products
Paint container
Closure with vents for venting during molding of a liner, method of forming a liner in a closure, and device for forming a liner in a closure
Seal for a two-component cartridge
One way valve assembly
Self-locking clamp for a hose
Tablet computer protective case with keyboard
Configurations of apertures in a miniature electronic component carrier mask
Sheet material feeder
Flavoring component holding dispenser for use with consumable beverages
Dosing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing quartz glass ingot
Methods for producing substrate blank
Method for fabricating silica glass containing Bi and Ti using a sol-gel process
Ultraviolet reflective silicone compositions, reflectors, and light sources incorporating the same
Method to produce nanoporous polymeric membranes
Method of electroplating and depositing metal
Textiles; Paper
Safety arrester cable
Fixed Constructions
Mode change switch for power tool
Facial washer
Push button actuator
Door-closing assembly
Door-closing assembly of frameless glass door
Portable power tool
Device and a method for well intervention
Method for completing a well using increased fluid temperature
Stimuli-degradable gels
Drilling assembly with a steering device for coiled-tubing operations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine with running gap control
Pitch drive device for a wind power or hydroelectric power station
Apparatus and method for anchoring a rotor blade in a rotor of a turbo machine
Ram air turbine blade rotation over-speed prevention mechanism
Built multiple cam
Engine valve clearance adjusting method
Device for changing the timing of an internal-combustion engine
Stamped target wheel for a camshaft phaser
Hydroformed port liner
Exhaust gas control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Blade-thru-slot combustion engine, compressor, pump and motor
Method and apparatus for mechanical energy harvesting using combined magnetic and microfluidic energy generation
Gas turbine having exhaust recirculation
Work extraction arrangement
Engine turbine temperature control system
Polymeric bodied fuel injector with a seat and elastomeric seal molded to a polymeric support member
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engine
Circuit configuration and method for generating a control signal for an engine control unit designed to control fuel injectors
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Starter with stopper on clutch inner portion of one-way clutch
Dual combustion engine
Plasma-jet spark plug and ignition system
Fan assembly
Hydraulic control valve
Hydraulic unit
Bicycle shift operating device
Magnetorheological fluid device
Vehicle roll-rod
Method and system for adjusting internal pressure of gas lifter using angle sensor
Suspension system for motor vehicles
Differential gearing for vehicle
Tandem axle system
Electronic throttle control (ETC) drag torque request security
Electric bicycle derailleur
Combined oil control ring
Multi-function fluid component
Pocket light
LED-based secondary general illumination lighting color slaved to alternate general illumination lighting
Mounting arrangement for light emitting diodes
Autocontrol burner and a combustion control method
Devices for optimizing individual solar modules/collector modules and composite collector module groups and stabilizing the operation thereof against environmental influences, especially wind and particles and objects carried along by the wind
Sorptive heat exchanger and related cooled sorption process
Bottle cooling and warming device
Heat pipe connection system and method
Cogeneration system
Electricity generating and air conditioning system with dehumidifier
Distillation process using microchannel technology
Pistol with loaded chamber indicator
Anti-riot device
Gear box structure for a toy gun
Graphical clinometer display system and method
Rotation sensor
Oscillating vane actuator apparatus and method for active flow control
Sensor equipment having sensing portion and method for manufacturing the same
Optical interferometric pressure sensor
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Testing system for testing a portable electronic device
Method and system for evaluating lyophobicity of inner wall of fine tube including lyophobic film
Chemical micromachined microsensors
Noise detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for classifying femto node users
Latching mechanism and electronic module having same
Method and apparatus providing an electrical-optical coupler
Eyewear temple assembly
Optical connector
Processing apparatus for lithographic printing plate and process for processing the same
Snap-in baffle insert for fluid devices
Control device, digital control power supply, and control method
Voltage regulating device with feedback for current inversion
Supplementary elements for a handheld device and methods of manufacturing thereof
Efficiently storing data in a dispersed storage network
Information processing apparatus and control method
Method and system for message value calculation in a mobile environment
Method and system for using a cache miss state match indicator to determine user suitability of targeted content messages in a mobile environment
Processing of email based on semantic relationship of sender to recipient
Technique for enabling a plurality of software components to communicate in a software component matrix environment
Data synchronization interface
Time based IP address hopping
Monitoring client information in a shared environment
Device to efficiently allocate resources for cloud computing
Content recording control method for peers, and a device therefor
Parent match
Image reading apparatus and operation device
Electronic device with keys, control method thereof, and storage medium
Method and system for publishing an electronic file attached to an electronic message
Allocating instantiated resources to an it-service
Instantiating resources of an IT-service
Image forming apparatus with density data correction
Clear contactless card
Control system and control method
Card reader
Method and apparatus for optically reading information from object based on control of optical path length
Image sensor assembly for optical reader
Communication terminal comprising a customizable front face
Receiving system and method of processing data
Adaptation of 3D video content
Card activated cash dispensing automated banking machine
Systems and methods for adapting a network search algorithm
Method and apparatus for generating positioning assistance data
Adapting turn signal
Neutron generator
Wireless power transmitting device and wireless power receiving device
Electrical contact between thin varnished wires of the secondary winding of an ignition coil
Electrode module for LED lamp
Light-emitting diode driver circuit and LED light source
LED lighting devices with quantum dot glass containment plates
Methods of forming stressed layers on FinFET semiconductor devices and the resulting devices
Methods for metallizing an aluminum paste
Method for manufacturing solar cell with nano-structural film
Resistance change memory and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing display device
Voltage switchable non-local spin-FET and methods for making same
Integrated circuits with improved gap fill dielectric and methods for fabricating same
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
Structure with self aligned resist layer on an interconnect surface and method of making same
Lead frame apparatus and method for improved wire bonding
Semiconductor integrated circuit capacitance device
Thin-film transistors incorporated into three dimensional MEMS structures
Light sensors with infrared photocurrent suppression
Photodetecting device having semiconductor regions separated by a potential barrier
Integrated circuit having back gating, improved isolation and reduced well resistance and method to fabricate same
Self-aligned bipolar junction transistor having self-planarizing isolation raised base structures
Organic electroluminescent element
Process for production of functional device, process for production of ferroelectric material layer, process for production of field effect transistor, thin film transistor, field effect transistor, and piezoelectric inkjet head
Method to bridge extrinsic and intrinsic base by selective epitaxy in BiCMOS technology
Light emitting diode
Semiconductor device with first and second semiconductor substrates
Methods for forming semiconductor fin support structures
Metal silicide self-aligned SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor and method of forming the same
Self-aligned channel drift device and methods of making such a device
U-shaped semiconductor structure
Niobium thin film stress relieving layer for thin-film solar cells
LED module for modified lamps and modified LED lamp
Electrode for lithium secondary battery, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium secondary battery including the same
Rechargeable metal or metal-ion cell
Catalysts compositions for use in fuel cells
Transition interface having first and second coupling elements comprised of conductive tracks oriented at different angles with respect to each other
Metamaterial structure and manufacturing method of the same
Isolation of antennas mounted on a printed circuit board
Inverse beamformer for inverting the action of existing beamformer in communication system
Coaxial module with surge protector
Connector improved in dust tightness
Slidable button assembly and electronic device using same
Hot plug structure of electronic peripheral device
Multi-position quick release plug cassette assembly
Low profile faceplate having managed connectivity
Telecommunications jack assembly
Chip card retaining mechanism and electronic device therewith
Electrical connector having crosstalk compensation insert
Recessed adjustable low voltage track lighting
Contact device for the electric contact of cable shields
Mounting structure and mounting method
Secure enclosure for preventing access to critical equipment mounted in an open two-post telecom rack
Installation assembly for bridging a cable harness or the like between two aircraft structure elements
Leakage detection protective circuit
Very high efficiency uninterruptible power supply
Snap-fit separable mobile backup power supply
Stator and rotating electrical machine having a resin mold portion with a bridge
Stealth end windings to reduce core-end heating in large electric machines
Stator for rotating machine, holder for use with stator, rotating machine, and automobile
Starter having optical speed sensor on clutch outer periphery
Pulse width modulation power converter and control method employing different sets of PID coefficients
Method for operating an inverter, and control device
Soft-start switching power converting apparatus with pulse-frequency modulation technique
Wind power generator system, and control method for the same
Ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier circuit with low power consumption
Lightweight amplifier
Integrated clock gater (ICG) using clock cascode complimentary switch logic
Phase locked loop circuit
Multiple size and rate FEC code combination with minimum shortening and maximum combined code rate
Error correction by symbol reconstruction in binary and multi-valued cyclic codes
Error correction in multi-valued (p,k) codes
Rate adjustment apparatus and a rate adjustment method
Optimal period rate matching for turbo coding
Systems and methods for using markov distribution codes in data storage systems
Audio system of a vehicle
Reception apparatus, radio communication method, and radio communication system
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Transmitter with class E amplifier
FM receiver noise reduction
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing smart underwater free space optical communications
Method, system, and apparatus for detecting optical power of passive optical network
Methods and apparatus for multiphase sampling of modulated light
Detecting apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, detecting method, and optical receiving method
Interference coordination in wireless network cloud environment
One-bit digital-to-analog converter offset cancellation
Repeater for power line communication and repeating method thereof
RF transmitter for electrically short antenna
Method of designing codebook for 3D antenna configuration
Communication system, communications device, and antenna element arrangement method
Methods and apparatus for conditional offload of one or more log-likelihood ratios (LLRs) or decoded bits
Wireless discovery using a reduced traffic load process
Optical transmission apparatus
Method, device, and nested system for allocating uplink and downlink bandwidth
Methods and apparatus for delayed block acknowledgement in a wireless local area network (WLAN)
Method and apparatus for repeating uplink synchronization in time division synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA) networks
Timing alignment in an LTE system
Method and system for training an ethernet channel based on an active channel to support energy efficient ethernet networks
Method and apparatus for implementing key stream hierarchy
Method and device for indicating pilot state
Apparatus and method using multiple modulation schemes in an OFDM/OFDMA wireless network
Apparatus and method for supporting distributed spatial multiplexing and distributed spatial diversity in multi-hop relay system
System and method for communicating using an in-vehicle system
Server virtualization
Path calculation method
Wireless network connectivity enhancements
Location of equipment by its IP address
Secure metering and accounting for cloud services
Network tracing for data centers
Apparatus and method for detecting time division duplex noise of communication device
Communication devices and methods for performing communication
Network system and frame communication method
Generalized outer loop link adaptation
Control of quality of service in overlapping basic service sets in wireless local area networks
VoIP service system using NAT and method of processing packet therein
Network system, packet processing method and recording medium
Measurement of intermodulation products of digital signals
Receiver and receiving method
IQ mismatch compensation
Receiving device, receiving method, program, and receiving system
Proxy device for a network of devices
Registration and credential roll-out for accessing a subscription-based service
System and method for authenticating a computer session on a mobile device using a two dimensional barcode
User authorization using an automated Turing Test
Relay device, relay system, and relay method
Estimation of channel state information (CSI) feedback using interpolation
Method and apparatus of downlink subchannelization in wireless communication system
Pulse-width modulation data decoder
Asymmetric link for streaming applications
Signal processing method and associated apparatus
User authentication system and method for encryption and decryption
Communication method, node, and network system
Device and method for disabling communication and/or other application functions on a mobile communication device
Powered portable handle remote for smartphone
Methods and systems for creating a dynamic call log and contact records
Methods and systems for dynamic spectrum arbitrage with home eNodeBs
Facilitating scalable mobile multi-service communications including 2-way video and other high-bandwidth services
Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program product
Detector, detection method and video display apparatus
Systems and methods for providing live action rewards
Method and system for providing set-top box remote access functions in a browser extension
Measuring device and method for calculating response time of electronic device
Device and method for capturing images using depth-of-field
Communication device and control method thereof
Image capture apparatus, control method thereof, and recording medium
Solid-state photodiode imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Set back box
Methods and systems for verification of video delivery
Method, server and terminal for audio and video on demand
Method and apparatus for transmitting and using picture descriptive information in a frame rate conversion processor
Modular imaging system with wireless transmission and locking connector
Color imaging apparatus having color imaging element
Low distortion switched-capacitor event-driven analog to digital converter
Device for measuring sound waves emitted by sound-emitting device
Test system for evaluating feedback performance of a listening device
Electroacoustic transducer comprising a membrane with a middle area comprising stiffening grooves
Electronic device and method for reproducing surround audio signal
Deploying wireless docking as a service
Processing crowdsourced data for non-geotagged access points
Wireless communication apparatus
Receiver-only tune-away
Method of transmitting coded messages and providing for calendaring responses
Method of transmission and reception for device to device discovery and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for generating traffic indicator map in wireless communication system
Fountain code-based cooperative multicast method
Systems and methods for establishing a group communication based on motion of a mobile device
Profile based passive network switching
Techniques for selecting an access point for wireless network discovery
Signature-coded wake-up transmission
Relaying apparatus and relaying method
Synchronization methods and apparatus
Subscriber identity switch of a communication terminal
Probability calculation of RAT candidate
Predictive spectral allocation in mobile networks
Method for channel switching in wireless personal area network and apparatus for same
OFDMA with adaptive subcarrier-cluster configuration and selective loading
Dynamic point to point mobile network including intermediate user interface aspects system and method
Method of transmitting and receiving data in talk-around direct communication network
Heating element with temperature sensor
LED decorative light
LED lighting device
Systems and methods for dimming multiple lighting devices by alternating transfer from a magnetic storage element
Implementing feed-through and domain isolation using ferrite and containment barriers
Method for manufacturing packaged light emitting diode
Electrical connection box
Music reproduction apparatus
Systems and methods for cooling data centers and other electronic equipment
Portable electronic device
Movable shielded cable egress
Method for performing chip level electromagnetic interference reduction, and associated apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cereal bar having a cereal piece included thereon
Pair of chaps
Pair of shoes
Portion of a periphery
Portion of shoe bottom
Rational inquiry sash
Slider device for resealable closure
Carry case
Tin container
Decorative bag
Christmas tree carrier bag
Snowboarder keychain ornament
Wooden basket
Hand held glue gun
Truncated deep bandolier
Football goalposts fan
Hockey stick fan
Scrub brush
Long-handled scrub brush
Bristle arrangement for the head of a toothbrush
Children's picnic table
Loveseat book furniture module
Portable folding table
End table
Dining table
Coffee table
Scalloped key tag rack
Display cabinet
Towel bar post
Golf ball display
Disc retaining device
Hanger for wall decorations
Merchandise display
Hanger frame for wall decorations
Disc retaining device and tray
Translucent side panel for furniture
Connector piece
Set of shelf support members
Slip seat of an easy chair
Rack for wind instruments
Latch lever
Lumbar support
Bottle cap table cover
Cleated cooler
Self-contained warming and cooling vessel
Molded tray for beverage containers
Saucer with offset rim
Gravity bin
Fluted container
Fry pan
Pan lid with a see-through central section and with concentric elevational rings that allow for the lid to fit variable pan diameters
Control panel and door vent/handle assembly for a cooking appliance
Griddle station
Muffin pan
Cookie pan
Knife handle
Seafood cracker
Food container
Electric driver drill
Housing portions of a cam lock
Cordless drill
Basting tack cutter
Multi-purpose tool
Air ratchet
Cordless electric rotary hand tool
Impact wrench
Gutter hook
Candy cane shaped eye screw tool
Latch housing with D-ring handle
Towing handle for a piece of baggage
Prop rod
Container without cover
Beverage container
Beverage container
Tank for holding drywall compound
Packing case for lock devices
Transparent display packaging
Bowl for instant noodles
Rectangular stackable container
Paper cup with fold top lid
Flexible pouch
Snack box
Pill box timer
Bicycle seat reflector set
Water meter housing
Thermometer with static cling securing means
Receiver and transmitter for locating objects
ABC foot measurer for kids
Tape measure blade
Surface configuration of a control panel for a vehicle
Digital display tire gauge
Handheld transceiver with LCD display
Tip-up light bar assembly
Light bar
Jewelry piece
Jewelry component
Money clip
Holiday tree
September 11, 2001 commemorative banner
Canopy for a golf cart
Multiple holding device
Single holding device
Double bladed windshield wiper with a central sponge portion
Spreader bottom crown of an outrigger assembly
Baby carriage frame
Tire tread
Drawbar for trailer hitches
Gear shift lever
Surface configuration of a wheel carrier for a vehicle
Seamless fuzzy hanging dice with on/off vehicle plug-in switch
Vehicle floor mat
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Automotive wheel
Stator of vehicle alternator
Rotating laser
Portable power station
Connector for photoelectric conversion
Coaxial connector
Electronic bath control
Ear phone
Component loudspeaker system
Ear mount for a personal audio component
Digital audio disk player
Home audio system with karaoke
Headset signal converter pod
Computer housing bezel
Hand-held housing
Electric connector for memory card
Input device
Handheld computer
Electric connector for memory card
Computer workstation
Pedestal computer docking station
Liquid crystal display
Game controller
Pedestal computer docking station
LCD display
Video game controller
Pedestal computer docking station
Communications module
Computer processor enclosure
Image reader for a computer or the like
Transaction card
Dual frame computer enclosure
Emergency medical video-conferencing unit
Emergency medical video-conferencing unit
Entertainment console with a detachable display screen
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Radio transceiver
Wireless voice/data communicator
Function key arrangement for a handset
Mobile phone
Key button arrangement for a handset
Cover for tape cartridge
Bucket for excavator
Pivot transport planter apparatus
Planter apparatus carrier frame
Large capacity compost spreading and top dressing apparatus
Vacuum cleaner with detachable blower
Scrubbing brush for a floor cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner nozzle assembly
Nozzle assembly of upright vacuum cleaner
Base for an upright extractor
Waxing and polishing device
Waxing and polishing device
Beer keg cooler
Cover for waterjet assembly
Table saw
Fluid actuated cylinder
Combined video camera and digital video recorder
Combined video camera and digital video recorder
Digital camera
Spectacle temple
Lens for video camera
In-line keyboard for musical instrument
Headstock for a guitar
Clip for holding notes, memos and other information
Memo paper dispenser
Spinner book
Desk organizer
Writing implement
Clip with pen holder
Clip for a writing instrument
Pencil sharpener
Artificial hip demonstration aid
Reflective pepper sign
Reflective lighthouse sign
Hand-held electronic game
Design craft kit construction component--complex quad-slotted sphere
Set of chess pieces
Craft kit construction component--side-slotted cube
Hand-knitting toy
Model car
Mobile apparatus
Sit-in toy vehicle
Toy car with variable appearances
Craft kit construction component--sixteen-petal flower form
Stuffed toy with pocket and speaker
Design craft kit construction component - rounded-point cross form
Craft kit construction component--cap with facial features
Craft kit construction component--single-side-decorated, cling applique, window shade form
Golf club head
Iron-type golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club head cover
Pattern for sole plate of club head
Baby float
Baby float
Exercise turntable
Air gun sight
Fishing lure
Reel seat for fishing rod
Burnable insect-repellant coil
Burnable insect-repellant coil
Burnable insect-repellant coil
Faucet set
Garden sprinkler
Water sprinkling device
Single handle
Water pistol
Dry hydrant system
Shower escutucheon with handle
Waste and vent pipe
Sanitary faucet
Liquid stabilizing baffle
Faucet set
Archery bow stabilizer
Inline angle spray nozzle
Drop front aspirator
Suspended fireplace
Volatile actives dispenser
Capsule with expanded membrane
Multi-vial drug reconstitution and injection device
Ear coupler
Human respiratory bladder
Handheld ultrasonic display device with cover
Needle assembly
Hand held surgical instrument
Carrier device
Two-well diagnostic test kit with specimen-handling tool
Portion of a package for medical fluid
Integrated spike and syringe
Orthopaedic bone plate
Orthopaedic bone plate
Multipurpose wrap
Absorbent article
Extrusion or similar article
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Synthetic lumber component
Primary roof vent
Candle holder
Travel light
Radio with light
Spotlight with map light
Multi-purpose flashlight
Lighting unit
Lighting fixture
Light fitment
Novelty lamp
Sound-control lamp
Tail light
Tail light
Compact fluorescent reflector lamp
Tail light
Tail light
Venetian solar light
Desk lamp
Solar light
Solar light
Rectangular decorative vehicle lighting reflector with segmented reflective surface
Boat light
Compact fluorescent lamp
Compact fluorescent lamp
Arm for a light fixture
Circular lighting louver
Flashlight lens
Piezoelectric lighter
Combination cigar lighter and cutter
Disposable lady lighter
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Holder for tubular hairstyling accessories
Holder for rectangular hairstyling accessories
Massage device
Massage implement
Hair roller
Dental floss container
Wrestler headgear
Inhaler for dispensing medication
Pet carrier
Hanging tray bird feeder
Human Necessities
Adjustable mowing and trimming apparatus
High speed sickle cutting system
Load compensation adjustment in lawnmower having independent suspension
Apparatus and method for pivotal adjustment of a frontal attachment in an agricultural machine
Harvesting machine, especially a self-propelled pick-up chopper
Flower pot assembly with universal tray
Hypericum plant named `Kolmsweet`
Argyranthemum plant named `Cobsing`
Penstemon plant named `Sweet Grapes`
Petunia plant named `Condopinkveined`
Petunia plant named `KEIlavbu`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia`
Petunia plant named `Condopink`
Petunia plant named `Conblue`
Petunia plant named `Duesurpivein`
Petunia plant named `Duesurcream`
Petunia plant named `Conlilac`
Petunia plant named `Conglow`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmagif`
Strawberry plant named `PS-2299`
Codiaeum plant named `Croton Zulu`
Petunia plant named `Constraw`
Lysimachia plant named `Walgoldalex`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmbeau`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmgia`
Maurandya plant named `Magic Dragon`
Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions
Variable buoyancy natural bait cast fishing lure
Fishing rod
Animal trapping apparatus and method
Coaster for shielding against crawling arthropods
Deer tail decoy
Wild game head and cape cooler
Single and dual transferable battery-operated ice cream maker
Roller-suit and apparel
Inflatable lining for footwear with protective and comfortable coatings or surrounds
Custom orthotic foot support assembly
Shoe having a shoe lace device that can be tightened to simulate a double-bow knot
Structure for attaching and detaching attachment to/from shoe sole
Clip for attaching pouches and similar devices
Slip proof device for a necktie having a zipper thereon
Zipper slide for invisible zipper
Lockable slide fastener
Meshing slide fastener with an engaging device
Badge and method of making it
Book bag
Vestibule cleaner and plaque remover
Brush having removable bristle pack
Modular support for oversized queen mattress
Bed curtain divider
Playard having corner panels
Double locks for the chassis of game-bed
Display panel and frame combination formed of sheet material
Picture frame
Picture frame assembly with coin holding border
Christmas tree stand construction
Method of covering a potted plant
Covering for a floral grouping or flower pot
Floral packaging material having great masters prints thereon
Air cushion with independently adjustable resilient zones
Toilet seat lifting device
Shower curtain closure
Mesh sponge with loofah
Method and apparatus for determining a contact force of a work tool
Flow cut-off and brushroll shut-off mechanism for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner tool caddy for storing accessory tools
Turbo tool
Cord retainer for vacuum cleaner
Protective torso garment
Stent crimping tool for producing a grooved crimp
Method for manufacturing a flow regulating implant
Crematory egg interment system
Wheel chair and platform device for movement of a disabled person from a wheel chair to a chair seat support in a vehicle and aircraft
Inflatable positioning aids for operating room
Portable and collapsible sauna
Drum of medicine sharing and packing device
Uni-directional fluid valve
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust gas purifier for internal combustion engine and method for purifying exhaust gas
Roller cage assembly
Rolling mill
Invar forming method for making tooling
Hydraulic pressure forming using a self aligning and activating die system
Pressing tool and pressing process for extruding press fittings
Method and system for selective soldering process characterization
Tool and method for the precision boring of holes
Angle gage
Pressing tool for pressing coupling elements
Clamping element
Wallpaper template for closures
Molding holder
Vehicle door module having two sealed panels
Habitable vehicle utility docking apparatus and method
Anti-theft device for steering wheel
Wiper device with pin mounting
Vehicle vacuum cleaning system
Vacuum toilet system for a vehicle
Roof molding for an automobile and method of trimming the same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing tube-shaped packages made of flexible material
Apparatus for producing bundle packages for cigarettes
Packaging apparatus and method for wrapping flat articles, such as books
Unit for sterilizing strip material on a packaging machine for packaging pourable food products, and packaging machine comprising such a unit
Device for feeding tablets to blister packs
Fastening of a cap on a container
Composite container having detachable liner and method for making container
Winding machine stopping method
Ergonomic can opener
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Tubular graphite body capable of storing hydrogen gas and its manufacturing method
Shaping mold optical fiber guide block processes for the production thereof and optical fiber array
Methods for making silica crucibles
Apparatus and method for sintering a sol-gel tube using a furnace having a rotating cap
Multi-tube delivery system
Production of translucent sheet glass by grinding
Pyrimidine derivatives and anti-viral agent containing the same as active ingredient thereof
Cell potential measuring electrode and measuring apparatus using the same
Process and device for surface treatment of strips with liquids
Textiles; Paper
Compound needle
Sliding-tongue compound needle for a knitting machine
Latch needle with a fixed spring
Smart balancing system
Structure of driving unit in drum type washing machine
Dryer group in a dryer section of a paper or board machine and a dryer section of a paper or board machine
Fixed Constructions
Flush valve adapter for converting a single flush valve system to a dual flush valve system
Dispensing device
Sheathing tie down
In-fill arrangement for post and beam furniture systems
Wall member and method of construction thereof
Multi-layered shingle
System for fixing sun protection cloth
Locking system for mechanical joining of floorboards and method for production thereof
Deck board spacing strap
Adjustable template tool for stairways
Damping device
Door closing apparatus provided with passive lever having access from an interior of a vehicle
Strap lock, a strap lock body for a strap lock, a strap for a strap lock and a strap lock assembly
Turning mechanism for providing turning motion, and hinged electronic device
Airplane container door hinge
Door closer
Door closure prevention apparatus and method
Pre-cast security vault
Back-up shear plate and shim for metal frame windows
Device to move blinds or jalousies
Locking mechanism for a window guard system
Directional boring head with blade assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling catalytic converter heat losses during coasting shutoff
Diesel engine with supercharger
Gas turbine engine
Apparatus for power generation with low drag rotor and ramjet assembly
Method for regulating or controlling a supercharged internal combustion engine
Method and device for transmitting mechanical energy between a stirling machine and a generator or an electric motor
Control of supercharger
Engine intake port swirl vanes
Renewable resource hydro/aero-power generation plant and method of generating hydro/aero-power
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Apparatus and method for installing and removing carabiners and for installing rope within the carabiners
Linear guide apparatus
Method and apparatus for arranging balls with uniform interval in ball bearing
Cable drag chain
Intermediate support for elongate safety line or rail
Safety device for a moving system
Expansion valve with vibration-proof member
Electrical expansion valve
Method for controlling corresponding energy supply of a heat source unit of a refrigeration air conditioning system based on required energy value calculated from output power value
Process for NGL recovery from pressurized liquid natural gas
Trigger and firing pin locking system
Trigger lock system
Device for securing a firearm, as well as for securing and/or storing objects
Firearm safety lock
Barrel assembly with axially stacked projectiles
Belt elongation measurement device
Model airplane control surface position measurement system and method
Wheeled mechanical measuring tape aid device
Superconducting cables experiencing reduced strain due to bending
Fiber aligning structure
Bus-to-bus bridge in computer system, with fast burst memory range
Design system for flip chip semiconductor device
Methodology to create integrated circuit designs by replication maintaining isomorphic input output and fault behavior
Variable design rule tool
Topological global routing for automated IC package interconnect
Modular frame system
Panel illustration apparatus
Multiple computer generated multi-web moisture proof identification bracelets on a single form with window
Protective display system
Animal ear tag and method of application
Small dot display element
Error detection convolution code and post processor for correcting dominant error events of a trellis sequence detector in a sampled amplitude read channel for disk storage systems
Method for making formed surface mount resistor
Manufacture of high precision electronic components with ultra-high purity liquids
Multichip module
Method for forming a dielectric laminated device
Cable preparation tool
Cable jacket stripping tool
Rotor production method including assembling a slot insulator and coil trunk into a set prior to insertion into an armature core
Surface acoustic wave device and method of manufacturing the same
Turbo-code decoder
System and method for detecting point-of-deployment (POD) module failure
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