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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of sunflower regeneration and transformation using radicle free embryonic axis
Malononitrile compounds
Functionalized polysaccharides for active agent delivery
Alkoxylated glycerol acetals and their derivatives
Cosmetic applicator
Guard assembly and method
Combination stadium seat cushion and adaptable banner
Heat ventilating chair
Convertible swing seat
Mug and ambidextrous lid assembly
Otoscanner with pressure sensor for compliance measurement
Otoscanner with camera for video and scanning
Video otoscanner with line-of-sight probe and screen
Otoscanner with safety warning system
Otoscanning with 3D modeling
Optical scanning device
Anastomotic tissue connection device
Automated detection of eye nystagmus
Probe and device for detecting abnormality of intervertebral disc
Absorbent core comprising multiple sublayers
Medical devices for the release of therapeutic agents
Dome and screw valves for remotely adjustable gastric banding systems
Coating for medical device having increased surface area
Covering electrolytic restraint implant delivery systems
Implantable hallux joint assembly with spherical inter-support
Stimulation device
Correction apparatus for male penis
Adjustable splinting device
Passive swing assist leg exoskeleton
Body surface compression with pneumatic shortening element
Quercetin-containing compositions
Method of treating hyperesthesia, paresthesia, dolor, and pruritus caused by insect stings or noxious weeds or plants using avermectin compound
Inhibitors of diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase type 1 enzyme
Tricyclic compounds having corticotropin-releasing factor antagonistic activity and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Small molecule inhibitors of MDM2 and the uses thereof
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Method of treating otitis externa using macrocyclic lactone compound
Method of treating herpes virus infection using macrocyclic lactone compound
Myogenic differentiation of stem cells and uses thereof
Equol-containing extract, method for production thereof, method for extraction of equol, and equol-containing food
Composition and method for minimizing bulling behavior of cattle
Glucagon/GLP-1 receptor co-agonists
Humanized antibodies with anti-tumor activity
Anti-hemagglutinin antibody compositions and methods of use thereof
Conjugates of Plasmodium falciparum surface proteins as malaria vaccines
Oral recombinant Helicobacter pylori vaccine and preparing method thereof
Treatment of cone cell degeneration with transfected lineage negative hematopoietic stem cells
Compositions for the in vivo delivery of RNAi agents
Hard capsule and method for producing same
Medical instrument and metal product
Breast pump and method of use
Medical device and guide device therefor
Gas mist pressure bath system
Hair treatment agents containing 4-morpholino-methyl-substituted silicone(s) and conditioning agent(s)
Electronic firing of caseless propellant for a ballistic impeller golf club
Quarterback training apparatus
Exercise mechanism
System and method for promoting and tracking physical activity among a participating group of individuals
Sports article with a guide element for footwear
Dice-based gaming system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sorbent substrates for CO.sub.2 capture and methods for forming the same
Hydrogen transport membranes for dehydrogenation reactions
Selective hydrocarbon oxidation using heterogenous catalysts
Methods, systems, and devices for enrichment of plastic materials derived from electronics shredder residue
Anti-corrosive hybrid sol-gel film on metallic substrates and method of producing the same
Deposition method and method for manufacturing deposition substrate
Transferring medium manufacturing method and transferring medium
Yttrium and titanium high-K dielectric film
Metal nanowires, nanomesh, and a method of fabrication
Method for substrate cleaning including movement of substrate below substrate cleaning module
Drilling apparatus with a decoupled force frame and metrology frame for enhanced positioning
Table unit for machine tool
Method for bonding refractory ceramic and metal
Method and device for grinding a continuous casting product
Miter coupling and method
Breaking apparatus and breaking method for substrate made of brittle material
Sintered magnet producing apparatus
Safety and clamping device for an apparatus for fabricating parts
Method for manufacturing a mandrel
Interrupted ring gate molding apparatus
Mold stack for a preform
Plastic bag, a novel intermediate product, methods for making the bag and intermediate product, and improved pouch machine
Coated article with low-E coating including zinc oxide inclusive layer(s) with additional metal(s)
Antimicrobially modified, coated, biaxially oriented polyester film
Inkjet print head having two actuator membranes
Waste liquid container and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Ring binder mechanism having unitary structure
Ring binder mechanism having retaining system on ring members
Methods for reducing surface roughness of magnetic media for storage drives
Implement mounting device
Motor vehicle having anti-rollover device
Control device of vehicle drive device
Vehicle seat headrest assembly having vertical and longitudinal adjustment
Multiple fuel tank system
Cargo restraint device for pick up truck
Stroller safety light assembly
Clamping mechanism for a two wheel panel dolly
Steering system
Power steering system, in particular for a motor vehicle
Device for controlling the angle of tilt of a frame mounted on a tiltable wheel set
Pedal-driven roller board
Apparatus for use with and/or as part of a floatable item
Fire protection space for aircraft passengers provided with the aid of fuselage skin of fibre-metal laminates
Active maple seed flyer
Counter rotating facegear gearbox
Packaging material comprising magnetisable portions
Lens push-out device and method
Holder for a beverage container
Food packaging with a lid and closure system for packaging
Combined gift product and chocolate bar greeting card
Cup sleeve
Electronic device case having variable angle stand
Temperature actuated tensioning mechanism
Assembly work conveyor device
System, mechanism, and method for physically manipulating media
Metering system, dense phase conveying system and method for supplying bulk material in powder form
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus
Dispenser for a roll of absorbent paper tissue or nonwoven material
Dispenser for roll of absorbent paper tissue or nonwoven material
Sheet procecessing apparatus
Universal flange lifter device
Systems and methods of installing skid plates to vehicles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for treating ship ballast water using electron beams
Device and method for removing solids and liquids from a pot
Solar control glazing
Thermoinsulative and thermoconductive concretes based on an aluminophosphate binder (variants)
Powder for dry refractory material
Compositions for high power piezoelectric ceramics
Antimicrobial compounds and methods of use
Process for preparing aminoadamantyl carbamate derivatives
Esterification of vapor crude product in the production of alcohols
Phosphonium salts and methods of their preparation
Method for producing carboxylic acid esters
Production of carboxylic acid esters by stripping with alcohol vapor
Method for producing acyloxy benzoic acids
Useful combinations of monobactam antibiotics with beta-lactamase inhibitors
Fused triazoles for the treatment or prophylaxis of mild cognitive impairment
6,5-heterocyclic propargylic alcohol compounds and uses therefor
Chemical compounds 251
Tetraazapyrene compounds and their use as N-type semiconductors
Catalysts, methods of making catalysts, and methods of use
Transition metal-phosphoranimide catalysts
Metal complexes having dual histone deacetylase inhibitory and DNA-binding activity
Compounds containing perfluoroalkyl-cyano-alkoxy-borate anions or perfluoroalkyl-cyano-alkoxy-fluoro-borate anions
Phosphonium salts and methods of their preparation
Method for crystallization of fucose
DOT1 histone methyltransferases as a target for identifying therapeutic agents for leukemia
Methods of treating autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) and neurodegenerative diseases
Fine-particle, cationic, aqueous polymer dispersions, method for the production thereof, and use thereof
Process for preparing polycarbonate diol diacrylate and high-purity polycarbonate diol diacrylate
Method for functionalising a thermoset, crosslinked isocyanate-based polymeric solid material
Nop foam
Process for making polyethylene terephthalate
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof
Aqueous coating compositions including phenylphenol ethoxylate surfactants
Carbon fiber composite material, method of producing the same, insulating article, electronic part, and logging tool
Polylactic acid resin sheet and molded article
Wood-plastic composite with improved thermal and weathering resistance and method of making the same
Recycled polymer and bitumen composite asphalt additive
Polymers for surgeons gloves
Asphalt compositions with resinous addition derived from animal waste
Ink composition for water-based ballpoint pen
Colloidal dispersion of aluminum oxide
Method for supplying an entrained-flow gasification reactor with fuel from a storage container
Transmission oil composition for automobile
Fragrance composition
Method for production of biofuel
Branched polyesters with sulfonate groups
Method for identifying compounds for cancer therapy
Methods and compositions for the improvement of plant tolerance to environmental stresses
Blood brain barrier device
Stabilized leukocytes and their use
Methods and uses of KSR kinase, and mutations thereof
Stabilization of alpha-amylases towards calcium depletion and acidic PH
Process for producing optically active succinimide derivatives
Method for the cultivation of microorganisms of the genus thraustochytriales by using an optimized low salt medium
CIP2A as a biomarker in detection of cervical cancer
Method and system for producing an aluminum--silicon alloy
Method of coating a substrate
Low refractive index material by sputtering deposition method
Yttrium and titanium high-k dielectric films
Apparatus for depositing material on elongate substrate
Method of fabricating high efficiency CIGS solar cells
Method of forming hardmask layer with alternating nanolayers
Use of thioglycol ethoxylate as a corrosion inhibitor
Integrated method and system for manufacturing monolithic panels of crystalline solar cells
Electrolytic cell and electrochemical process using an electrode
Manufacturing method of gallium oxide single crystal
Systems for and methods of hybrid pyrosequencing
Method to prepare magnetic beads conjugated with small compounds
Textiles; Paper
Manufacturing method for nonwoven fabric
Fixed Constructions
Surface preparation system
Apparatus, system, and method for diverting water away from a building foundation
Mason's adjustable chimney-platform arrangement
Door clamp
Material guide assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for checking the bearing alignment in a gas turbine
Impeller, compressor, and method for producing impeller
Rotor blade mounting
Gravity powered electricity generator
Double-headed piston type swash plate compressor
Suction stabilizer for pump assembly
Nut lock
Tapered roller bearing
Clutch control system of clutch apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Pneumatically actuable disc brake
Planetary gear reduction mechanism
Carrier assembly for supporting pinion gears
Band clip
Clamping device for electrical cables
Joint and foldable structures employing the same
Electronic device and linkage mechanism thereof
Methods and devices that employ thermal control of current to electrical components
Optical cavity structure of LED lighting apparatus
Light source fixing device, light source assembly and assembling method thereof
Lamp device and lighting fixture including LED as light source and metallic cover
High NA optical system and device
Method for burner and burner device
Wax melting system
Position measuring device and method for determining an absolute position
Position detection apparatus and image display apparatus
Temperature-stable incoherent light source
Focusing detector of an interferometry system
Optical ranging device and electronic equipment installed with the same
Luminous intensity test device
Optical fiber assembly capable of detecting light intensity
Particle detector
Bulk material sampling and laser targeting system
Detection apparatus
Abnormality-identifying method and analyzer
Method of determining the concentration of an element in a solid using relative abundances of isotopes from the solid and a reference solid
Method of altering the sensitivity and/or selectivity of a chemiresistor sensor
Nanochannel process and structure for bio-detection
Platelet-derived microparticles as a novel diagnosis maker for a cardiovascular disease
Optical sensor
Viral citrullinated peptides and uses thereof
High density test structure array to support addressable high accuracy 4-terminal measurements
Probe out-of-position sensing for automated test equipment
Device for determining a parameter of a medium
Regularisation of irregularly sampled seismic data
Supplementation of acquired, undersampled MR data
Device for fluidic display and corresponding method
Device for concentrating solar radiation with longitudinal mirrors and a longitudinal receiver
Opto-mechanical joint assemblies
Systems and methods for utilizing imperfectly manufactured image intensifier tubes in night vision systems
Optical fiber coupler
Optical device
Optical connector having high coupling precision
Electroactive optical device
Lens module
System architecture for an optical switch using wavelength, fiber and polarizaton addressing
Optical film laminate, method for producing the same, and liquid crystal display panel using the same
LCD device and fixing structure thereof
Organic electroluminescent device, lighting apparatus, and method for manufacturing the organic electroluminescent device
Overhead Projector with retractable screen
Stage apparatus, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Charge control agent and toner using the same
Toner, developer, toner container, image forming apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge
Hologram recording material and hologram recording medium
Robust controller for electro-mechanical actuators employing sliding and second control modes
Control circuit and electronic apparatus using the same
Operating a DC-DC converter
Support apparatus and electronic device employing the support apparatus
Heat dissipation device with fastener
Video-processing chip, audio-video system and related method capable of saving power
Reducing distortion in an image source comprising a parallax barrier
Device and method for detecting finger position
Information processing apparatus and cellular phone terminal
Image display apparatus
Display surface and control device combined therewith for a data processing system
Multiple pass pipe/filter date stream processing mechanism
Communication control apparatus and communication control system for transmitting a scanned image via a NGN
System and control method
Digital combined apparatus, control method therefor, and digital combined apparatus system
Image forming apparatus which calculates and corrects skew error
Systems and methods for remaking ballots
Smart card
Biometric identity verification system and method
Magnetic POS engagement system for mobile devices
Method for using drive-by image data to generate a valuation report of a selected real estate property
Apparatus and method for producing a thumbnail image including a magnified characteristic region and another deformed region and non-transitory computer-readable medium thereof
Automated document cashing system
Device for scanning the division mark of a mechanical roller-type counter, for any type of counter
Tracking apparatus for baggage
Footwear with embedded tracking device and method of manufacture
Smartcard protection device
Method and device for presenting information by an autostereoscopic 3D display in a passenger cabin of an aircraft or spacecraft
Scooter/wheelchair lift platform with back-up sensor and quick disconnect
Snooze alert
Power reduction with multiple receive paths
Liquid crystal display device with brightness adjustment
LED display device with automatic brightness adjustment
Light-emitting device with first and second gate signal lines and electronic equipment using the same
Lighting system and calibration method therefor
Color correcting apparatus and method for color match between stereoscopic display devices
Boosting circuit providing a plurality of voltages for latch-up free boosting and associated methods thereof
Reproducing apparatus with a function for enlarging image data
Method for controlling display with alternating color pixels
Method and apparatus for brightness-controlling image conversion
Stringed musical instrument with string activated light emitting members
Music section detecting apparatus and method, program, recording medium, and music signal detecting apparatus
Disk drive device having a projecting portion and a mounted laminated core
Head rotator assembly for tape drive
Method and device for detecting a data pattern in data bits
Recording medium
Disk drive adapting feed-forward compensation using iterative learning control over segments of seek length
Quasi-statically tilted head having dilated transducer pitch
High density timing based servo format
Disk storage apparatus and method for servo controlling
Method of fabricating graded media
Memory array with on and off-state wordline voltages having different temperature coefficients
Setting a reference voltage in a memory controller trained to a memory device
Decoding scheme for bipolar-based diode three-dimensional memory requiring unipolar programming
Memory access alignment in a double data rate (`DDR`) system
Particle beam device having a detector arrangement
Titanic acid compound, process for producing the titanic acid compound, electrode active material containing the titanic acid compound, and storage device using the electrode active material
Flame retardant, flame-retardant resin composition, and insulated wire
Prevention of the propagation of power supply noise from one output circuit to another in a semiconductor device
Electromagnetic relay
Ultraviolet light-emitting material and ultraviolet light source
Planar plasma lamp and method of manufacture
Chip package method
Semiconductor module, molding apparatus, and molding method
Method for manufacturing LED package
Process for producing surface-emitting laser and process for producing surface-emitting laser array
Method for local high-doping and contacting of a semiconductor structure which comprises a solar cell or a precursor of a solar cell
Material with tunable index of refraction
Wafer bonding misalignment reduction
Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
Yttrium and titanium high-k dielectric films
Horizontal metal-insulator-metal capacitor
Scaling of metal gate with aluminum containing metal layer for threshold voltage shift
Method for doping a semiconductor material
Nanopore sensor device
Inductors and wiring structures fabricated with limited wiring material
Texturing and cleaning agent for the surface treatment of wafers and use thereof
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Method for simultaneously forming features of different depths in a semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Transistor having all-around source/drain metal contact channel stressor and method to fabricate same
Crystal manufacturing apparatus, semiconductor device manufactured using the same, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Nucleation interface for high-k layer on germanium
Gate stack including a high-k gate dielectric that is optimized for low voltage applications
Process for electroless deposition of gold and gold alloys on silicon
Robust ink formulations for durable markings on microelectronic packages and its extendibility as a barrier material for thermal and sealant materials
Proximity head having a fluid resistor
Board conveying hand and board conveying device provided with the same
CMOS structures and methods for improving yield
Transition from a chip to a waveguide port
Hybrid wiring board with built-in stopper, interposer and build-up circuitry
Hybrid copper interconnect structure and method of fabricating same
Dielectric film with low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) using liquid crystalline resin
Semiconductor wafer, field-effect transistor, method of producing semiconductor wafer, and method of producing field-effect transistor
Magnetic memory device with varying direction of magnetization and method of manufacturing the same
Graphene pressure sensors
Surge protection circuit for power MOSFETs used as active bypass diodes in photovoltaic solar power systems
Blanket short channel roll-up implant with non-angled long channel compensating implant through patterned opening
MOS device with low on-resistance
Semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Lateral extended drain metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (LEDMOSFET) having a high drain-to-body breakdown voltage (Vb), a method of forming an LEDMOSFET, and a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) incorporating a complementary pair of LEDMOSFETs
Field effect transistor with a vertical channel and fabrication method thereof
Magnetic materials having superparamagnetic particles
Micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) microphone and fabrication method thereof
High efficiency solar cells fabricated by inexpensive PECVD
Photovoltaic device including flexible substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Optical input/output device and method of fabricating the same
Photovoltaic apparatus, maximum power point tracking control method and computer program in the same, and moving body including the same
Aqueous acidic solution and etching solution and method for texturizing the surface of single crystal and polycrystal silicon substrates
Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
Method for manufacturing display device
Organic semiconductor device and its production method, and compound
Generating power from heat produced by an electronic system
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Transparent OLED device with high intensity
Carbazole derivative, and light emitting element and light emitting device using the carbazole derivative
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature of battery
Charger for electric vehicle
Protective circuit board and battery pack using the same
Negative active material and lithium battery including the negative active material
Fuel cell with recovering unit and method for driving the same
Solid oxide fuel cell device
Dual polarized UHF antenna
Electronic equipment cabinet structure
Slim line mechanism
USB connector having an inner circuit board for connecting cables and contacts
Plug, jack, and connector
USB connector structure
USB connector assembly
Adapter for plated through hole mounting of surface mount component
Highly rare-earth-doped optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers
Mobile electronic device storage and charging system
Brushless motor system for a vehicle fuel pump
Magnet carrier for a pole housing
Synchronous machine
Voice coil motor with spacer
Electric machine module
Control circuit for switching voltage regulator
Power supply apparatus
Tuning circuit for inductor capacitor (LC) tank digitally controlled oscillator
Audio-output amplifier circuit for audio device, audio device, electronic device including audio device, and output control method for audio device
Hybrid IO cell for wirebond and C4 applications
Resistor capacitor (RC) oscillator
Systems and methods for performing digital modulation
Power-efficient multi-mode transceiver synthesizer configurations
Method and apparatus for cross-talk cancellation
Frame synchronization techniques
Communication network management system, method and program, and management computer
Method and apparatus to improve LDP convergence using hierarchical label stacking
Discovering network topology from routing information
Cooperative network with adaptive forwarding request policy
Mesh network operations
Method and apparatus for operating a network mapping tool to perform host discovery
Configuration control of inter-cell signaling based on power state
Method and apparatus for document digitization
Image forming apparatus, image processing method, and image processing system
Image forming apparatus, reading apparatus and reading method
Image processing apparatus and image processing system
Method and apparatus for converting a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional stereoscopic image
Image capturing device and image capturing method
Method of displaying an image in three dimensions and panel thus produced
Quad-core image processor
Solid-state image sensing device and electronic apparatus
Auto-focus method
Quad-core image processor for device with image display
Solid-state image sensor with feedback circuits
Rapid television channel scan using frequency plans to identify channels
Method and system for television alignment
Apparatus and method for generating an overview image of a plurality of images using a reference plane
Display apparatus having video call function, method thereof, and video call system
System and method for image stabilization in videoconferencing
Computing device, storage medium, and method for controlling manipulation of the computing device
User equipment and method for reducing delay in a radio access network
Method and device to improve channel coexistence using non-contiguous channels of a wireless network
System, method, and computer program for distributing telecommunications resources
System and method for performing a radio link control (RLC) reset in a downlink multipoint system
System and method for passive optical network backhaul
Base station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Stilbene derivatives, light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Detection circuit, power circuit, and luminaire
Wireless supplyable lighting module
User interface and a method of implementing a user interface of a configurable light timer
Lighting apparatus
Light emitting diode driver
LED light illuminating control system and method
Three-level LED bulb microprocessor-based driver
Apparatus for driving fluorescent lamp
Method and apparatus for fabricating high purity silicon compacts using silicon powders, and binder-free silicon compact fabricated by the same
Microwave integrated soxhlet
Air ion measuring apparatus
Board unit and method of fabricating the same
Individually addressable band electrode arrays and methods to prepare the same
Electrochemical capacitor
Communication device and ejection mechanism
Power conversion apparatus
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Expandable stinger planter
Method for timber harvesting and system for forestry
Device for gripping an animal related means
Livestock sorting system
Device for training pet animals and for allowing them to use a conventional toilet bowl
Litter box filter system
Multispecies rodent cage
Apparatus and method for feeding frogs cultivated in captivity
Pet locker
Squirrel repellent bird feeder
Equipment for moving cages used for holding and transporting chickens, hens and similar
Nucleus and method for producing half or mabe pearls
Fishing pole holder
Shield for use with an oven for redirecting a thermal exhaust flow
Ice cream mixing apparatus with a washing function having an auger with a vane wheel
Cigarette holder
Multi-blade cigar cutting device
Folding device for umbrella
Umbrella with an illumination device
Collapsible cane
Storage case
Applicator for applying a liquid product and make-up assembly provided with such an applicator
Retractable-tether lotion application cap
Apparatus and method for denture cleaning and storage
Mascara brush and storage container therefor
Method and device for forming fiber packs for manufacturing brushes from a fiber strand
Movable type frame assembly
Device for connecting at least one lath element, and relative build-up structure
Small appliance modular hanger system
Filing rack
Shelf top adapter
Chair construction and method of making same
Conventional cooler with reclinable seat back and seat
Child's car seat insert
Collapsible rocking chair
Adjustable holder for watches and jewelry
Package for flameless heating and heater for the package
Separable coupling between a handle and pots and pans
Adjustable rack for laundry tub or the like
Cutting board combination
Packaging and component delivery system for use in sterile medical or dental procedures
Computer system for performing eye depth perception tests
Laser scanning ophthalmoscope
Method of transillumination imaging of teeth
Dental distractor
Female condom
Suspension for central drive vehicle
Wheelchair and bicycle combination assembly
Motor-driven stair climbing device
Fabrication of tissue products with additives by casting or molding using a mold formed by solid free-form methods
Method for resection of tumors
Inhalation apparatus
Inhalant medicator
Disposable respiratory mask with adhesive skin interface
Fluid delivery systems and methods and assemblies for making connections
Flow regulator
Balanced breathing loop compensation resistive alarm system and lung-indexed biased gas addition for any semi-closed circuit breathing apparatus and components and accessories therefor
Emergency shutdown system
Pressure relief valve and arrangement for fire suppression water sprinkler system
Explosion prevention system for internal turret mooring system
Diving mask
Method of producing golf club heads
Golf club bag and club apparatus
Golf tee support
Disc tossing game
Modular vehicle system having variable configurations and its associated method of assembly
Reinforced frame for a roller skate
Front wheel assembly for a skate vehicle
Ski board apparatus
Method for playing pointspread blackjack
Mathematical card and dice game
Amusement ride with track
Light emitting circuit assembly for toy
Image forming apparatus and method for live performances
Performing Operations; Transporting
Self-cleaning vacuum purge system
Volatile materials treatment system
Method for the infeed of a fluid into an apparatus
Ceramic porous membrane including ceramic of ceramic and ceramic sol particles, ceramic porous body including the membrane, and method of manufacturing the membrane
Apparatus for introduction of a first fluid into a second fluid
Method for distributing liquid by controlling rotation speed of a shaft as a function of the liquid depth in a tank
Method and apparatus for sorting carpet or similar types of material
Selective flotation of phosphate minerals with hydroxamate collectors
Pistol nozzle
Receptacle fitted with a dispenser head
Metering pump dispenser with at least two metering pumps
Squeeze bottle for dispensing a liquid in a metered and substantially germ-free manner
Metering devices
Method and apparatus for maintaining control of liquid flow in a vibratory atomizing device
Rotary atomizer and bell cup and methods thereof
Nutating sprinkler
Air brush type sprayer
Dispensing/metering device for two-component or one-component adhesive
Device for sorting documents
Power washer wand
Roll support frame without housing
Heat exchanger having heat-exchanging core portion divided into plural core portions
Valve structure for a fluid operated device
Method and arrangement for casting metal objects in casting cavities adapted to be filled upwardly
Feeder of molten metal for moulds of continuous casting machines
Controllable variable magnetic field apparatus for flow control of molten steel in a casting mold
Mold with additional thermo chamber for homogeneous temperature distribution
Insert for the cutting of grooves
Method and cutting insert for threading
Drill chuck
Plug ejecting hole saw with twist-locking interchangeable saw cups
Detachable joint
Mechanism for adjusting rotational balance of cutting machine
Cutting tool
Heat sink and method of fabricating same
Pallet changer apparatus
Cover apparatus of machine tool
Integrated circuit (IC) plating deposition system and method
Glass substrate chamfering method and apparatus
Non-contact pick-up device
Flexible sheet handling apparatus
Hand truck
Cassette containing magnetically affixable printing tape and tape printer which use the cassette
Cutting-and-transferring system and pellet transferring apparatus
Tube connecting apparatus
Molding system using film heaters and/or sensors
Hydraulic drive system of an injection molding machine
Blown plastic containers and method of handling same
Covering arrangement such as a soft top for a motor vehicle
Imaging and printing methods using clay-containing fluid receiving element
Illustration of a printing form for wet offset printing
Recording apparatus
Recording apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus and image forming process
Format flexible and durable ink jet printing
Recording device including buffer mechanism for transporting recording medium in forward and reverse directions
Recording apparatus and recording-medium supply apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus using overlaid flexible cable for electrically connecting relatively moveable parts
Method of printing a substrate and a printing system containing a printing device suitable for use of the method
Large format ink-jet color printer
Method and apparatus for forming image with feedback control of recording liquid
Ink jet recording apparatus having flow resistance elements and driving method therefor
Ink jet recording apparatus including a pressure chamber and pressure applying means
Surface modified nozzle plate
Electrostatic inkjet head having an accurate gap between an electrode and a diaphragm and manufacturing method thereof
Ink jet recording head
Fluid-jet printer having printhead with integrated heat-sink
Electrical connection for wide-array inkjet printhead assembly with hybrid carrier for printhead dies
Water-repellent coating and method for forming same on the surface of liquid jet
Ink jet printer having an ink cleaning mechanism
Continuous refill of spring bag reservoir in an ink-jet swath printer/plotter
Ink-jet printer having a waste ink collecting box
Printing system, method of recording images, and ink cartridge attachable to printing system
Image formation apparatus
Ink-jet recording method and apparatus thereof
Printer apparatus, printer system, and driving method of printer apparatus
Recording apparatus
Skin decoration apparatus and method
Duplex document printer mechanism
Stamp unit and method of manufacturing the stamp unit
Ink jet printing process using reactive inks
Printing device and photographic paper
In line rotatable stapling device
Generating text in which the word sequence is reversed in alternating lines of text
Ballpoint pen tip and ballpoint pen using the same
Writing instrument with adjustable shaft
String line roller
Wheel cap
Tire tread including sipe having legs defining V-shape
Pneumatic tire with side portions having specified inner and outer layer tan .delta.
Traction device for a wheeled vehicle
Anti-skid chain
Trailer hitch coupling device
Trailer hitch alignment apparatus
Vehicle rotary suspension damper of composite construction
Heating system for an open motor vehicle
Motor vehicle window weather shield
Inside ceiling for a vehicle lamella roof system
Wind deflecting device for vehicles
Variable orifice, pressure compensated automated fuel jet pump
Method for setting a specifiable target speed in a vehicle
Valve timing control device and method for vehicle engine
Seat back lock device for vehicles
Seat slide device for a vehicle
Ergonomic armrest and joystick assembly
Vehicle headlight, capable of emitting different types of beams
Energy-absorbing members in a vehicle
Gas bag folding system, gas bag folding process and device
Air bag cover with a non-exposed tear seam
Air bag device for side collision of automobile
Airbag inflator with external filter
Initiator assembly with activation circuitry
Wheelchair parking brake
Tube-pressed brake
Brake wear managing system
Antiskid brake control system for automotive vehicles
Brake system with a rear axle anti-locking arrangement
Piston pump
Brake control system and method
Pump device wherein detection of failure of one of pumps causes a change in the manner of control of the pump or pumps to compensate for the failure
Door opening control apparatus
Two-wheeled hand cart for transporting scuba gear
Rough terrain carrier
Braking device for a stroller
Crane vehicle
Tank cover attachment structure for motorcycle
Structure of torsion shock absorber
Hydraulic brake hose assembly for bicycles
Actuator for a hydraulic brake system of bicycles
Continuously adjustable telescopic pedal crank length
Swinging arm motor unit for single-track or multiple-track electric motor driven vehicles
Ship to platform transformer
Self-adjusting lumbar support for buoyancy compensator vest
Self-propelled boat launch vehicle
Wind-powered air/water interface craft having various wing angles and configurations
Nanocomposite layered airfoil
Device for attaching an aircraft engine
Method of simultaneously reducing inclination and eccentricity for geostationary orbit transfer
Emergency exit system
Service valve and use of same in reaction control system
Spacecraft motion estimation using a gimballed momentum wheel
Battery filling system
Can with easy open end
Collapsible container with corrugated edge structure
Accessory carrying case
Push-on tamper resistant closure
Snap-on plastic neck for glass containers
Container closure
Carton carrier
Basket carrier with partition panels attached to end flaps
Dual-outlet dispensing closure
Multi-layer container
Sheathed receptacle with locking means
Tri-closure dispensing top
Valve mounting assembly for aerosol container and method
Molded fiber and plastic tubes
Package for a strip-shaped or band-shaped product
Blast resistant and blast directing assemblies
Valve for the flow control of a fluid comprising solid particles
Waste container enclosure
Barrel handling apparatus
Filling and handling bottles
Conveying device with a transfer conveyor for transferring conveyed item carriers from a suspended conveyor
Divergent inlet for bulk material feeder and method of retrofiting feeder with same
Ordering device for arranging products received in a loose state in an orderly succession
Plate feeding apparatus and method
Multiple-position idler roller
Printing press signature stacker
Sheet stacking device
Product delivery apparatus having a product transport receiving area
Sheet feeding device having gap regulating member to avoid double feeding of sheets and image forming apparatus using feeding device
Collating apparatus
Method of stacking strips of flexible material
Dynamic sequencer for sheets of printed paper
Method and apparatus for controlling print media shape during media transport
Coil winding apparatus and winding method
Packaging spool and process for producing same
Moving walk
Interactive elevator communication system
Pivoting termination for elevator rope
Retractable counterweight for straight-boom aerial work platform
Lever-action vehicle lift
Funnel with on/off valve
Testing device and method of use
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processing of ceramic materials
Ink jet recording method using two liquids and ink jet recording apparatus with the method
Ink set for a multi-color, high speed continuous ink jet printer
Sealing apparatus in continuous heat-treatment furnace and sealing method
Two compartment container for neutralizing used cleaning solutions
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for sewing the toe of a sock
Sewing machine having means for estimating mass of sewing material
Fixed Constructions
Threaded side bar inserter
Bollard light
System for collecting oil on water
Cellular construction, in particular supporting or sound insulating construction capable of being greened, and process for producing the same
Hinged scoop end-effector
Device for subsequently installing a fluid meter in a pipeline
Plumbing stop valve and method of use
Automatic deploying retractable awning
Fence system
Vehicle door locking system with separate power operated inner door and outer door locking mechanisms
Ornament cap for casings
Liftgate counterbalance system
Apparatus and method for windlocking a building opening
Stepladder accessory tray
Pipe racking system track cover
Core barrel
Inflatable packer setting tool assembly
Junk basket and method of use
Backflow prevention device
Rotatable cutting tool with notched radial fins
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary engine
Combination double screw rotor assembly
Steam turbine
Steam turbine with an improved cooling system for the casing
Tandem cooling turbine blade
Methods and apparatus for minimizing thermal gradients within turbine shrouds
FOD inspection of laser shock peened gas turbine engine airfoils
Rotator member and method
Spring for valve control in engines
Lever-type cam follower for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Variable inlet valve damper for an internal combustion engine
Valve spring retainer and a valve operating mechanism
Silencer with a shunt resonator
Muffler with catalytic converter
Exhaust muffler with stamp formed internal assembly
Vehicle exhaust system with improved pipe end configurations
Crossflow fan
Direct fuel injection-type spark ignition internal combustion engine
Switching unit
Torque increasing opposite direction engine
Power unit for a two-wheeled vehicle
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Power supply control system for heater used in gas concentration sensor
Throttle apparatus for an engine
Device for regulating the temperature of the intake air of mixed compression internal combustion engines with a pressure box
Laser welded fuel rail and process of making same
Electromagnetic actuating valve and method for producing a magnetic casing for a valve
Fuel injector and internal combustion engine having the same
Scroll compressor with reduced capacity at high operating temperatures
Motor start and float switch assembly
Inducer fan motor assembly
Internal oil filter element for refrigeration compressor
Axial fan, particularly for cooling a heat-exchanger in a motor-vehicle
Seated valve
Tamper reistant fastener
Double ended stud fastening system
Rubber-cushioned ball joint with a bearing geometry which is optimized with regard to tension
Hydrodynamic bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Hydraulic power transmission joint
Electromagnetic brake
Two-chamber engine mount
Line tightener
Control unit for a torque converter with a lockup mechanism
Electric-power-assist transmission and its control method
Display device for an automatic motor vehicle transmission and method of using same
Lubricated seals having micropores
Sealing element for a face seal assembly
Valve for cryogenic fluid
Fire protection fluid relief valve
Gas control module switch mechanism
Slip-out preventive unit of supply exhaust pipe
Coupling device
Flexible protective sleeve
Glass lined containers
Fastening mechanism for speaker
Arrangement in a circulation lubrication system
Pressure limiting valve
Decorative lighting assembly
Shade on a lamp
Motor vehicle headlight having means for selectively emitting a beam for driving on the left or on the right
Combination safety strobe device
Single-conductor positioning device on a bulb holder
High output flat-panel display back light module
Vehicle lamp
Electronic provided with non-light emitting display device, light guide plate and lighting device used for same
Illumination system
Cooling device boiling and condensing refrigerant
Separator-integrated condenser for vehicle air conditioner
Bottom structure for refrigerators
Cooling device boiling and condensing refrigerant
Heat exchanger
Aluminum plate oil cooler
Pulsed laser thermometer
Method and apparatus for displaying operational information of a control system by a starfield display
Sensor for measuring temperature and/or concentration
Resistance thermometer probe
Method and apparatus for providing uniform diffuse illumination to a surface
Apparatus for inspecting elements on transport device
Bow dome sonar
Device for changing the length of the running path of an electromagnetic wave
Method and device for providing information
Polarized light illumination device and projector
Hybrid connector
Receptacle, process for producing the same and optical connector containing the same
Clip-on auxiliary lenses utilizing an elastic jaw in the shape of half arch
Color filter, method of producing the same and liquid crystal display device
Photographing lens of a camera having a mask for blocking off noise light which generates in relation to a non-circular lens
Photographic lens recognition system for a camera body
Photographing stand with a radiation image receiving portion
Substrate processing apparatus
Thermostatic mixing valve with sequential manual control
Printing device and host device
Arrangement for immobilizing a data medium in a data interchange device
Method of encoding embedded data blocks containing occlusions
Memory card
Memory card, and receptacle for same
Cardless payment system
Method and system for acquiring a foreign language
Plasma processing systems
Containment device for retaining semiconductor wafers
Wafer boat having improved wafer holding capability
Wafer cassette having dividers of different length or color
Heat sink assembly
Light mechanism for a cell phone
Print control apparatus, printing apparatus, print control method, printing method, recording medium, and method for setting up color conversion table
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