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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Fetal electrode assembly and fetal electrode
Guidance and implantation of catheters
Sleep state classification
Signal processing apparatus and imaging apparatus
Methods and systems for treating seizures caused by brain stimulation
Electrodes for stimulation leads and methods of manufacture and use
Method and device for cardiac vasoactive therapy
Encoding fine time structure in presence of substantial interaction across an electrode array
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image forming apparatus
Method for calibrating an assembly using at least one omnidirectional camera and an optical display unit
Vehicular vision system
Method for determining the driving limits of a vehicle
Handheld interferometer based wavelength meter
Flight technical control management for an unmanned aerial vehicle
Rangefinder with head covering attachments
Sensing systems for sports, and associated methods
Counting device and counting method
Data integrity verification device
Method for obtaining a structure factor of an amorphous material, in particular amorphous glass
System and method for improved testing of electronic devices
Probe, electronic device test apparatus, and method of producing the same
Testing method and testing device for photoelectric conversion die
System and method for testing electronic device
Gasket for sealing valve or pipe, determination method of deterioration and damages of gasket, and high-pressure gas supplying equipment
Processing of a signal representing radiation
Systems and methods for mobile terminal location verification
Homing system and method for an autonomous underwater vehicle
Method and device for imaging a volume section by way of PET data
Joint structural dip removal
Method of monitoring a hydrocarbon reservoir
Suspended particle device and method for driving same
Display device
Lens module
Optical filter switching apparatus of surveillance device
Process for enhanced 3D integration and structures generated using the same
Optical control device
Optical modulator and optical modulating method
Semiconductor optical modulator, semiconductor optical integrated device, and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus and array substrate thereof
Liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display with connecting assembly
Maskless exposure apparatuses and frame data processing methods thereof
Method and apparatus for performing color plane adjustment
Image forming apparatus
Method of compensating for errors caused by a print head using skew correction
Color image forming apparatus
Developer transport substrate configuration for an image forming apparatus
System and method for controlling operation of a fixing device in an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling fixing device, and device and method for detecting abnormality of the fixing device
Heat conduction unit, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Information processing method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
System and method for producing made-to-order designs on the surface of an extraterrestrial body
System and method for managing cold load pickup using demand response
Scheduling cool air jobs in a data center
System for triggering an emergency system of a wind turbine
Thermal management smart valve with rupture detection and isolation
Self biased low noise high PSRR constant gm for VCO
Electronic apparatus
Mounting apparatus for backplane
Mounting apparatus for PCI card bracket
Heat radiating structure in all-in-one computers
Dynamic provisioning in data processing environment
Control apparatus and universal remote control system using the same
System and method for determining optimal operating parameters for conserving power in a portable device from a hypersurface which represents optimal values of the operating parameters under various synthetic workloads
System and method for managing thermal energy generation in a heterogeneous multi-core processor
Test data management system and method
Method, apparatus and computer program product for rule-based directed problem resolution for servers with scalable proactive monitoring
Volume migration program, method and system
Configurable translation lookaside buffer
Data caching in consolidated network repository
Management of memory refresh power consumption
Memory system
Secure connected digital media platform
Scheduling a meeting in real time
Performance monitor design for instruction profiling using shared counters
Connector assembly
Image forming apparatus
Scalable high-performance interactive real-time media architectures for virtual desktop environments
Sharing form training result utilizing a social network
Method and apparatus for message multicasting
Methods and systems to display a video in an e-mail
Receiving email attachments when a mailbox is full
Sharing email
Method and system for generation, adjustment and utilization of web pages selection rules
Information processing regarding different transfer
System and method for transmission of data
Methods and apparatus related to peer discovery and/or paging in peer to peer wireless communications
Proton beam therapy control system
Using network access port linkages for data structure update decisions
Performing a deterministic reduction operation in a parallel computer
Execution of instruction with element size control bit to interleavingly store half packed data elements of source registers in same size destination register
Methods and apparatus for providing bit-reversal and multicast functions utilizing DMA controller
Remote medication management system
Method and system to manage multiple party rewards using a single account and artificial intelligence
Device and method for creating data records in a data-store based on messages
Signal processing device and method, and signal processing program
Apparatus and method for split-radix-2/8 fast fourier transform
Distributed globally accessible information network implemented with a local information network
Mesh data creation method
Updating elements in a data storage facility using a predefined state machine, with serial activation
Cost evaluation and prediction
Verifying a processor design using a processor simulation model
Device for calculating standard work time, system for managing standard work time, method for calculating standard work time, and program thereof
Methods for non-lot-based manufacturing of articles
Induction backfire compensation for motorcycles
Method for starting an internal combustion engine
Electronic payment systems and methods utilizing digitally originated checks
Maintaining required ordering of transaction requests in interconnects using barriers and hazard checks
Triggering operation mode in virtual environment
Composite functional transmission line
Method and apparatus for measuring internal quantum well efficiency of LED
Verifying a written expression
Information display apparatus, mobile information unit, display control method, and display control program
Electronic device system utilizing a character input method
Input detection circuit, input detection method, input detection apparatus, and computer readable medium
Grounded button for capacitive sensor
Method of image touch panel
Input device having coordinate-inputting unit and switching unit
Touch sense interface circuit
Printing device, printing control method and recording medium
Dynamic stabilization for a stream processing system
Method for monitoring the pressure in a wheel tire and monitoring system
Vehicle light control method and device
Export license compliance system ("ELCS") using controlled communications
Invalidating streams in an operator graph
Diverse route adjustment tool
File identification via universal file code
Method of modeling thermal problems using a non-dimensional finite element method
Method and device for quick start up by selectively starting up data in a NAND memory identified as start up data
Arithmetic processing apparatus, arithmetic processing system, and arithmetic processing method which utilize limitation information to perform enhanced arithmetic processing
Iterative parsing and classification
Analyzing model creating apparatus and method, and computer-readable storage medium
Method of online building-model reconstruction using photogrammetric mapping system
Production optimization for oilfields using a mixed-integer nonlinear programming model
Stimulating task presentation device and stimulating task presentation method for living body optical measurement apparatus
Print-data processing apparatus and print-data processing method
Printer cartridge microchip
Face recognition system and method
Wafer aligning apparatus and related method
Methods and systems for image processing of microfluidic devices
Error detection method and apparatus in DMB receiver
Methods and systems for noise reduction and image enhancement
Circuits and methods representative of spike timing dependent plasticity of neurons
System and method for activating software operating capabilities based on usage patterns and rules
Large inventory-service optimization in configure-to-order systems
Bid-based control of networks
Delivery service
Image-based product marketing systems and methods
Providing notice and purchasing a gift in an online or electronic environment
Method and system for electronic exchange of reward points
Structured analysis and organization of documents online and related methods
System and method for remote postage metering
Website, user interfaces, and applications facilitating improved media search capability
Method and system for labeling and managing the sale of manufactured concrete blocks
Determining financial sentiment based on contests
System and method for payment receipt using 2D code
Automated transaction machine
Automated transaction machine
Automated transaction machine
Automated transaction machine
Three-stage, double blind credit rating of securities
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Carrying device, control device and program
Systematic distillation of status data relating to regimen compliance
Method and apparatus for deactivating an alarming unit
Firefighter location and rescue equipment employing path comparison of mobile tags
Electrical circuit identification means
Communication apparatus, connection control method for communication apparatus and method of determining state of communication plug relative to communication connector in communication apparatus
Switch having a flat display
Methods and systems for split timer L3 P2P communications
Method for wiring devices in a structure using a wireless network
Apparatus and method for controlling traffic light
Organic electroluminescent display and a driver thereof
Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
Electrophoretic display device, driving method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Method for operating electrophoretic display apparatus, electrophoretic display apparatus, and electronic system
Apparatus, method, and system for identifying laser spot
Digital method and arrangement for authenticating a person
Wind noise suppression
Near field light generator, optical recording head and optical recording apparatus
Apparatus for controlling writing data and method for the same
High speed forward sense sampling in optical drives using placed data patterns
Disk drive device in which reduction in unbalanced amount can be adjusted
Viterbi detector and information reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining a location of a feature on a storage medium
Stabilization of components within hard disk drives and related methods
Method and apparatus for determining unbalanced disc and optical information storage medium system using the same
Reproduced signal quality judging method
Objective lens holder, objective lens driving device and optical pickup apparatus
Objective lens driving device and optical pickup apparatus including the same
Reproducing device and reproducing method
Method for storing data on an optical recording medium
Optical disc with improved sensitivity for super-resolution pits and lands
Multi-layer recordable optical disk, recording device, and recording method
Write verify method for resistive random access memory
Memory device in particular extra array configured therein for configuration and redundancy information
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device having a control circuit configured to execute a read operation
Diode and memory device having a diode
Semiconductor integrated circuit deciding a power-supply voltage based on a delay test
Switch pin multiplexing
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for a jet pump inlet mixer integral slip joint clamp
Tiered tie plates and fuel bundles using the same
Electronic component and corresponding production method
Electromagnetic multi-axis actuator
Active electrolyte electrochemical capacitor
Superconductor cable and AC power transmission cable
Mobile terminal device
Wideband antenna
Wireless communication module
Radio transmitter and envelope tracking power supply control method
Antenna, communication device, antenna manufacturing method
Homogenizer including a phase plate
All-optical 2R regeneration
Stackable cube power distribution center
DC and RF pass broadband surge suppressor
Active lightning protection
Switching regulator and operation control method
Buck converter
Multi-resonance power supply with an integral quality factor
CMOS programmable non-linear function synthesizer
Device and method for estimating doppler spread in a mobile communications terminal
Audio signal amplitude adjusting device and method
Delay circuit
Mounting apparatus for PCI cards
Bitwidth reduction in loop filters used for digital PLLS
Digital-to-analog converter to produce paired control signals in a power supply controller
Efficient, programmable and scalable low density parity check decoder
Modified error distance decoding of a plurality of signals
Method and apparatus for software GPS receiver
Radio communication method in radio communication system, terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and radio communication system
Receiver comprising selectable signal processing sub-systems
Sensor network system for acquiring high quality speech signals and communication method therefor
Linearization signal processing with context switching
Method and system for bi-directional communication over a single optical fiber
Method and apparatus for spectral sensing
Pulse transformer driver
Closed form calculation of temporal equalizer weights used in a repeater transmitter leakage cancellation system
Jitter addition apparatus and test apparatus
Method and apparatus for estimating signal to noise ratio in wireless communication system
Method of transmitting control information in multiple antenna system
Method for performing a HARQ operation in a radio communications system, and method and apparatus for allocation of subframes
Transferring an active wireless voice call to a packet network
Remotely weighted SDMA transmission
Scalable architecture for deep-packet processing
Method and system for multi-user detection using two-stage processing
Transit time fixation device
Interference management based on enhanced pilot measurement reports
Selective internet priority service
Network quality of service update control
Mobile apparatus supporting context monitoring, method of monitoring context using the same and context monitoring system having the same
Power based content modification, transmission, and caching
Method for receiving a signal at a user equipment (UE) in a wireless communication system
Communication over selected part of a network
Systems and methods for providing service migration between first and second cellular technologies
Multichannel interfacing device having a switching circuit
Systems, methods, and computer program products for providing a manual ring-down communication line using session initiation protocol
Web-based, hosted, self-service outbound contact center utilizing speaker-independent interactive voice response and including enhanced IP telephony
Communications channel estimation
System and method for controlling gain and timing phase in a presence of a first least mean square filter using a second adaptive filter
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for detecting digital television (DTV) communications signals
Modulation apparatus, phase setting method and test apparatus
Protocol data units and header in multihop relay network
System and method for quantum cryptography
External application gateway
Location privacy through IP address space scrambling
Key generation device, encryption device, reception device, key generation method, key processing method, and program
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing information
Methods for securing transactions by applying crytographic methods to assure mutual identity
Handheld electronic communication device including touch-sensitive display and method
Method and apparatus of cell searching in a wireless communication system
Mobile telephone with camera
Supporting device and telephone device
Methods and systems for providing pre-call-connection messaging services to calling parties
Mass notification system
Remote ring tone control using USSD
Method and system for providing to a second party, computer-network related information about a first party
System and method for merging voice calls based on topics
Contextual phone number validation
System and method for echo cancellation
Image read device and copier
Exposure correction for scanners
Video compression encoding/decompression device, video compression encoding/decompression program and video generation/output device
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
Stereoscopic image system employing an electronic controller which controls the polarization plane rotator in synchronization with an output image of the display device
Digital camera testing for dark signal non-uniformity
Systems, methods, and apparatus for artifact evaluation of digital images
Adaptive content rendering based on additional frames of content
Picture processing apparatus, processing method for use therewith, and program
Electronic apparatus, reproduction method, and program
Moving image decoding apparatus and moving image decoding method
Robust PID filtering for DVB-H
Video information playback method and video information playback apparatus
Electronic device
Telescopic loudspeaker
Electrostatic speaker and manufacturing method thereof and conductive backplate of the speaker
Capacitor microphone
Apparatus and method for transmitting channel state information in a mobile communication system
Wireless network with adaptive autonomous location push
Delivery of network services
Method and apparatus for cell reselection for a wireless communication device
Line routing to wireless access points
Evolved packet system quality of service enforcement deactivation handling to prevent unexpected user equipment detach
Transmission device, reception device and random access control method
Adapting decision parameter for reacting to resource utilization messages
Error propagation protection in non-binary multiple ACK/NACKS
Femto base station and method for allocating radio resource thereof
Method and system for mobile secure socket layer in virtual private networks
Encoded wireless data delivery in a WLAN positioning system
System and method for distributing advertisements to third-party SMS content providers
Apparatus and method for measurement-based medium selection in a network
Communication apparatus, communication system, and method for connecting devices
Method for assigning frequency subbands to a plurality of interfering nodes in a wireless communication network, controller for a wireless communication network and wireless communication network
Method of configuring radio connection in multiple cell system
Radio scheduling apparatus, radio communication system, and radio scheduling method
Mobile communication system and communication controlling method
Proactive probe by eCall-only in-vehicle system
Circuit board assembly structure thereof
Electronic device capable of adjusting orientation of display content in response to rotation of a support
Image display apparatus including connection structure for connection with supporting body
Server architecture
Foldable fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Heat dissipating system
Display unit having anti-EMI capability
Expired Patents Due To Time
Synthetic DNA sequences having enhanced expression in monocotyledonous plants and method for preparation thereof
Bacillus thuringiensis isolates active against weevils
MTS2 gene
Synthesis of branched nucleic acids
Process for the separation of double-stranded/single-stranded nucleic acid structures
Release and isolation of O-glycans
Processes for preparation of 9,11-epoxy steroids and intermediates useful therein
Process for making mometasone furoate monohydrate
Preparation of clavulanate salts
Stabilized carbapenem intermediates and improved process for carbapenem synthesis
Process of transfecting a cell with a polynucleotide mixed with an amphipathic compound and a DNA-binding protein
Process for preparing diltiazem
Heterocycle substituted propenoic acid derivatives as NMDA antagonist
Process for preparing o-(3-amino-2-hydroxy-propyl)-hydroxymic acid halides
Catalyst compositions
Method for obtaining pure enantiomers of a pyridazinone derivative
Methods of preparing acyclovir prodrugs
Synthesis of 8-substituted xanthines
Condensed-ring thiophene derivatives and thienopyrimide derivatives, their production and use
Process for the preparation of a pharmacologically active substance
Process for the preparation of 1,2-dihydroquinolines
Process for making N-alkyl bis(thiazolyl)sulfenimides
Sulfonamide derivatives
Process for the dehalogenation of thiochroman and dihydrobenzothiophene derivatives
Intermediates to pesticidal 1-arylpyrazoles
Sulfalation of tetraol
Fluorine-substituted cyclic carbonate and electrolytic solution and battery containing the same
Method for manufacturing 3-isochromanone
Method for selective protection of baccatin derivatives and its application to taxane synthesis
19-nor-pregnene derivatives and pharmaceuticals containing such derivatives
Reversion of expoxide in the production of Hydrogen peroxide
Photochemical process for the production of previtamin D3
Glyceryl phosphobetaine compounds
Direct synthesis of organorhenium oxides from compounds containing rhenium
Metallocene stabilized alumoxane
Method of preparing silicon and boron oxynitrides
Silyl amines
Reducing low molecular weight cyclic organosiloxanes in a recirculating process stream
Catalyst composition and method for producing diaryl carbonates using amide as promoter
Benzylidenecyanoacetates and a method for making benzylidenecyanoacetates
Nitriles and aldehydes derived from 3-isopropenyl-1,2-dimethyl-1-cyclopentanol and their use in perfumery
Anti-viral compounds
Anti-viral compounds
Process for the distillation of crude ester in the DMT/PTA process
Silver halide photographic material and hydroxamic acid-base compound for use therein
Process for producing butyl acrylate
Process for the production and purification of N-butyl acrylate
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate and/or acetic acid using a fluidized bed
Method of producing aromatic carboxylic acids by oxidizing alkyl aromatic compounds or partially oxidized intermediates thereof with carbon dioxide containing gas
Stereoselective process for alkyl phenylglycolic acids
Manipulating nitrosative stress to kill pathologic microbes, pathologic helminths and pathologically, proliferating cells or to upregulate nitrosative stress defenses
Oxidation of alkanes to unsaturated aldehydes and carboxylic acids using a catalyst containing Mo, V, Te and Nb
Oil and alcohol repellent fluorinated surfactants and intermediates, derivatives and uses thereof
Recovery of acrylic acid from process or waste water streams
Catalysts for producing methylamines and methods for producing methylamines using the same
Methods for producing polyhalogenated monoheteroboranes
Method for preparing a bimetallic ruthenium/tin catalyst and a process for the synthesis of aldehydes
Method of producing .beta.-hydroxyaldehydes
Preparation of peroxyketals
Water soluble tri-substituted 1,2-dioxetane compounds having increased storage stability, synthetic processes and intermediates
Process for the extraction of the salts contained in the neutralized separated product obtained in the preparation of phenol by the oxidation of cumene
Process for the preparation of cyclopropylacetylene derivatives
Preparation of phenol via one-step hydroxylation of benzene catalyzed by copper-containing molecular sieve
Process for the catalytic enantioselective reduction of ketones
Process for preparing alkanediols
Continuous preparation of dimethylvinylcarbinol by isomerizing prenol
Method of producing 1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoroethane a method of producing 2,-2,-diohloro-1,1,1-trifluorethane and a method of purifying 1,1,1,2 pentafluoroethane
Single stage fixed bed oxychlorination of ethylene
Stability fischer-tropsch diesel fuel and a process for its production
Method for producing gas hydrates utilizing a fluidized bed
Composition containing fluorescence-generating substrate
Transforming biomass to hydrocarbon mixtures in near-critical or supercritical water
Process and apparatus using plate arrangement for combustive reactant heating
Disposable absorbent article with selectively expandable or inflatable components
Prosthesis obturating device for the obturation of a hernial canal
Trangenic mice with a disruption in the tiar gene
Maize Ku70 orthologue and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar 947262951112
Soybean cultivar 61630497
Soybean cultivar 61646251
Determinate, delayed-ripening cherry tomato plants
Method of introducing endophytic fungi into a grass
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38N40
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33P66
Inbred corn line LH172BT810
Panel assembly for electronic keyboard musical instrument
Structure of a drum beater
Tone generation device and method, distribution medium, and data recording medium
System and method for editing tone parameter by use of a communication network
Music apparatus integrating tone generators through sampling frequency conversion
Tone generation device and method, and distribution medium
Melody performance training apparatus and recording mediums which contain a melody performance training program
Reverberating/resonating apparatus and method
Thermal sensor array and methods of fabrication and use
Solar cell module, solar cell module string, solar cell system, and method for supervising said solar cell module or solar cell module string
Method and apparatus for self-doping negative and positive electrodes for silicon solar cells and other devices
Photovoltaic device
Transparent solar cell and method of fabrication
Process and apparatus for growing crystalline silicon plates by pulling the plate through a growth member
Current conducting devices employing mesoscopically conductive liquids
High density heatsink attachment and method therefor
Apparatus and method for RF shielding of a printed circuit board
Electrical conductor protected against electromagnetic interference exceeding a threshold
Electrical outlet raceway
Electric box extender and supplemental parts
Electronic control unit with a contact pin, and method of producing the control unit
Chip stack and method of making same
Single and dual cable seal system
Cast in situ retention features for a press fit assembly
Simplified distribution of cables in a computer desk device
Weatherproofing busway systems
Method of assembling wire harness and trim panel
Clip for forming a branch off seal and method of using the clip
Pulsed voltage surge resistant magnet wire
Abrasion resistant high temperature, flexible thermocouple cable
Composite type magnetic head using composite metallic wire
Control of size and heat affected zone for fine pitch wire bonding
Mixing scale
Patient weighing apparatus
Dual mode digitizer tablet system
Control panel having sheet-formed pushbutton unit and method of producing the same
Circuit breaker assembly with inhibitor assembly
Emergency stop switching mechanism for robot and teaching control panel provided with same
Semi-bifurcated electrical contacts
Contact key switch and method for its manufacturing the same
Electrical rotary switch
Fault interrupter and operating mechanism therefor
Tact Switch
Activation keyboard, particularly for motor-vehicle climate controls
Two position pushbutton switch with illuminated button
Electrode design for electrical field flow fractionation
Limiter device for a high voltage circuit breaker having a grounded metal tank
Electric arc discharge device and method
Apparatus and method for sealing fluid filter by infrared heating
Force control techniques on a resistance welding machine
Material and geometry design to enhance the operation of a plasma arc
Fan-out beams for repairing an open defect
Multi-head laser engraving machine
Laser marking of foliage and cigars
Laser machining method and laser machining apparatus
Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium with a laser textured data zone
Laser beam machine with a cantilever arm
Method for making a welded joint
Method for making a welded joint
Electrode and method of making same
Windshield heating device
Furnace for producing dental prosthesis
Spinning tray for oven
Mortar component materials conditioning device
Heating element with regions of high/low density
Heat exchanger apparatus for a semiconductor wafer support and method of fabricating same
Heat insulating moulded body and process for producing the same
Rare earth metal switched magnetic devices
Heating pad apparatus adapted for outdoor use
Heater with enclosing envelope
Heater unit for semiconductor processing
Brazing honeycomb panels with controlled net tooling pressure
Furnace with multiple electric induction heating sections particularly for use in galvanizing line
Cooking apparatus having means for storing and displaying cooking recipes
Dynamic range extension of CCD imagers
Photoreceptor arrangement for receiving light beams having coupling elements
Photoresponsive device for detection of long and short wavelength photons
Optical system with a window having a conicoidal inner surface, and testing of the optical system
Method and apparatus for temperature compensation of measurements from a non-contact sensor
Light-driven molecular rotational motor
Mass spectrometer
Ion detector, detector array and instrument using same
Tomograph acquisition apparatus having a pair of rotatable scintillation detectors which form detection fields at an angle of inclination relative to each other
Large area X-ray imager with vented seam and method of fabrication
Dual spiral photoconductive detector
Radiation camera with high spatial, temporal, and energy resolution
Multi-element deflection aberration correction for electron beam lithography
Image recording system for evaluating analytical test elements
Photostimulable phosphor screen suited for dual energy recording
Micro heating apparatus for synthetic fibers
Process for irradiation producing constant depth/dose profile
Holder assembly system and method in an emitted energy system for photolithography
Cut and blast defect to avoid chrome roll over annealing
Dual-walled exhaust tubing for vacuum pump
Integrating optical collector with reduced re-illumination of phosphor sheet
Thin film transistors with organic-inorganic hybrid materials as semiconducting channels
Thin-film semiconductor device, and display system using the same
Structure for increasing the maximum voltage of silicon carbide power transistors
Static induction semiconductor device, and driving method and drive circuit thereof
Surface light-emitting element and self-scanning type light-emitting device
Light emitting semiconductor device with stacked structure
Chip type semiconductor light emitting device having a solder preventive portion
Light emitting diode
Low leakage wire bond pad structure for integrated circuits
Semiconductor device having a static induction in a recessed portion
Trench gate type semiconductor device with current sensing cell
Bicolor infrared detector with spatial/temporal coherence
Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
CMOS image sensor with equivalent potential diode
Microelectronic devices including ferroelectric capacitors with lower electrodes extending into contact holes
Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Buried, implanted plate for DRAM trench storage capacitors
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor storage device having a capacitor electrode formed of at least a platinum-rhodium oxide
Depletion strap semiconductor memory device
Thin-film capacitors and methods for forming the same
Self-aligned edge implanted cell to reduce leakage current and improve program speed in split-gate flash
Disposable gate/replacement gate MOSFETs for sub-0.1 micron gate length and ultra-shallow junctions
Memory cell arrangement with vertical MOS transistors and the production process thereof
Trench non-volatile memory cell
Termination structure for semiconductor devices and process for manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device and method of making thereof
High-voltage MOS transistor on a silicon on insulator wafer
Integrated circuit impedance device and method of manufacture therefor
SOI device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit transistor with low-resistivity source/drain structures at least partially recessed within a dielectric base layer
Self-aligned silicided MOSFETS with a graded S/D junction and gate-side air-gap structure
Selectively doped electrostatic discharge layer for an integrated circuit sensor
Hyperspectral radiation detector
Semiconductor having low concentration of phosphorous
Fuse configuration for a semiconductor storage device
Ion repulsion structure for fuse window
Array of sidewall-contacted antifuses having diffused bit lines
Integrated passive devices with reduced parasitic substrate capacitance
Semiconductor device comprising a polydiode element
Structure for a multi-layered dielectric layer and manufacturing method thereof
DRAM with built-in noise protection
Lead-free and cyanide-free plating finish for semiconductor lead frames
Lead frame for ball grid array, semiconductor device having it, and process for producing it
Card mounted with circuit chip and circuit chip module
Semiconductor device having a plurality of semiconductor chips
Semiconductor device packaged in plastic package
Digital signal processing assembly and test method
Semiconductor device wiring structure
Thermally conductive mounting arrangement for securing an integrated circuit package to a heat sink
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit power supply
Electronic component with a lead frame and insulating coating
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic instrument
Method of controlling critical dimension of features in integrated circuits (ICS), ICS formed by the method, and systems utilizing same
Copper interconnection structure incorporating a metal seed layer
Method for selective growth of Cu3Ge or Cu5Si for passivation of damascene copper structures and device manufactured thereby
Integrated circuit memory devices having highly integrated SOI memory cells therein
Face-down mounted surface acoustic wave device
Bond-pad with a single anchoring structure
System for marking electrophoretic dies while reducing damage due to electrostatic discharge
Semiconductor device
Generator system with vertically shafted engine
Integrated driving torque control system for automotive vehicles with continuously variable automatic transmission
Device for driving the triggering device of a restraint system
Keyboard in stationary vehicle control units
DRSC car-mounted equipment and DRSC apparatus using the same
Device for locking and unlocking a door lock
Integral interrogator-coil circuit
Vehicle immobilizer system for electronic engine control
DC power distribution
Transfer mechanism for transferring power between a utility source and a stand-by generator
Method of controlling battery back-up for multiple power supplies
Computer power supply system having switched remote voltage sensing and sense voltage averaging for hot pluggable adapter cards
System for driving a reactive load
Releasably connecting power packs to electrical appliances
Printed circuit assembly for a dynamoelectric machine
Radial oscillating motor
Permanent magnet electric motor having reduced cogging torque
Rotational angle detector for brushless motor and brushless motor using the detector
Electric motor centrifugal actuator overspeed guard
Electric motor or generator
Centrifugal capillary seal for use with fluid dynamic bearings
Magnetically journalled rotational arrangement
Inductance rotating electric machine
Alternator for vehicle
Vehicle AC generator stator
Alternator for vehicle
Dynamo-electric machine with commutator assembly
Permanent magnet motor with improved stator core and washing machine provided therewith
Method for selectively coupling layers of a stator in a motor/generator
Multiple cell thermionic converter having apertured tubular intercell connectors
Electrostatic micromotor with large in-plane force and no out-of-plane force
Apparatus and methods for cleaning and/or processing delicate parts
Ultrasonic generating unit having a plurality of ultrasonic transducers
Three-kilowatt xenon arc lamp
Lamp bulb with integral reflector
Multilayer carbon-based field emission electron device for high current density applications
Cold cathode carbon film
Electrode assembly, cathode device and plating apparatus including an insulating member covering an internal circumferential edge of a cathode member
Cathode in electron tube with actinoid metal(s) or compound(s) thereof
Electron source having a plurality of magnetic channels
Field emission display with plural dielectric layers
Image display device
Multiple layered organic electroluminescent device structure with plural transparent electrode, color filters and organic/inorganic transparent coating to enhance light diffusion effects
Election discharge device and election discharge method
High pressure discharge lamp
Metal halide or sodium high pressure lamp with cermet of alumina, molybdenum and tungsten
Frequency modulated ballast with loosely coupled transformer for parallel gas discharge lamp control
Portable lighting product, a portable lighting product circuit and a functioning method for a portable lighting product circuit
Plasma generating apparatus
High frequency discharging method and apparatus, and high frequency processing apparatus
Method for cooling a lamp backlighting module of a liquid crystal display
Display panel apparatus having reduced capacitive coupling
Apparatus and methods for dimming gas discharge lamps using electronic ballast
Piezoelectric illumination control for microscope
Operating circuit for discharge lamps with switchable operating states
Power supply circuit for gas discharge tube
Apparatus and method for operating a high intensity gas discharge lamp ballast
Safe and reliable power supply for xenon arc lamp
Discharge lamp lighting system
High power electronic ballast with an integrated magnetic component
Circuit for actuating at lease one electrode-less discharge lamp
Ignition device for a discharge lamp and method for igniting a discharge lamp
Ballast power control circuit
Ballast circuit with controlled strike/restart
Ballast circuit for high intensity discharge lamps
Electronic ballast with output control feature
Electronic ballast with embedded network micro-controller
Discharge lamp operating device
Cathode ray tube apparatus having a protection circuit for protecting a cathode ray tube driving circuit and a method therefor
Remotely-controlled battery-powered window covering having light and position sensors
Drive control method for linear oscillating motors and a linear oscillating motor
Apparatus and method for control of a multi-pole brushless DC motor in the event of saturation detection
Current control circuit for a reluctance machine
Commutation circuit for a sensorless three-phase brushless direct curent motor
Power operator for motor-vehicle trunk lid
Garage door opener
Robot controlling system
High precision three-dimensional alignment system for lithography, fabrication and inspection
DC motor control circuit
Method and apparatus for correcting DC offset in a frequency to voltage converter and motor drive using the same
Power supply apparatus for charging and discharging battery with high energy efficiency
Intelligent junction box
Battery pack chemistry detection and identification system and method
Advanced intelligent computer power management system
Rechargeable coffee and spice grinder
Self contained transportable power source maintenance and charge
Sequential high-rate charging of battery cells
Li-ion secondary battery pack, recharger, method and system for recharging the same
Overcharge/overdischarge detecting circuit having current detecting means with latch function and chargeable electric power source apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring and maintaining a plurality of batteries
High-yield linear generator set, control method and traction unit therewith
Permanent magnet alternator system for battery charging
Apparatus and method for limiting generator peak voltage
Harmonic resonance control and protection system for switched power factor control capacitor devices
Boost circuit which includes an additional winding for providing an auxiliary output voltage
Device for generating electrical energy for a power supply bus
Power regulator
Power supply circuit of an electronic component in a test machine
Control circuit for controlling a semi-conductor switch for selectively outputting an output voltage at two voltage levels
Circuit compensating for change in internal power supply voltage, and semiconductor integrated circuit device including such a circuit
Current mode dc/dc converter with controlled output impedance
Low supply voltage BICMOS self-biased bandgap reference using a current summing architecture
System and method for starting voltage and current controlled elements
Digital programmable direct current to direct current (DC-DC) voltage-down converter
Eddy current reducing system
Combination apparatus of a distribution transformer and switches
Dual variable color measuring system
Method and circuit for checking the width of the air gap in a speed sensor
Magnetic beam flow sensor
Device for detecting rotation of a vehicle steering column
Magnetic sensor having excitation coil including thin-film linear conductor sections formed on bobbin with detection coil wound thereon
Magnetic resonance force microscopy with oscillator actuation
NMR logging assembly
Magnetic resonance imaging of fluid flows using echo-planar technology
Magnetic resonance imaging of the distribution of a marker compound without obtaining spectral information
MRI system with fractional decimation of acquired data using linear phase shift
Method of manufacturing the human tissue phantoms for evaluation of electromagnetic wave environment
Unified shimming for magnetic resonance superconducting magnets
Directional resistivity measurements for azimuthal proximity detection of bed boundaries
Method and apparatus for testing the insulating ability of an insulation on an electric conductor
Method of estimating the location of a cable break including a means to measure resistive fault levels for cable sections
Failsafe monitoring system for potentiometers and monitor interface
Nonlinear current mirror for loop-gain control
Method for performing a high-temperature burn-in test on integrated circuits
Semiconductor probe card having resistance measuring circuitry and method fabrication
Probe card
Burn-in board
Device evaluation circuit
Automated test head interface board locking and docking mechanism
Grid array package test contactor
Contact probe
Integrated circuit tester with disk-based data streaming
Method and system for testing an integrated circuit input capacitance, particularly for a contactless operating integrated circuit
Method and system for detecting faults in a flip-chip package
Method and apparatus for testing of dielectric defects in a packaged semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for testing dynamic logic using an improved reset pulse
Noise suppression circuits for suppressing noises above and below reference voltages
Resistor mirror
Configuration logic to eliminate signal contention during reconfiguration
Integrated circuit incorporating a programmable cross-bar switch
Programmable logic device with hierarchical interconnection resources
Apparatus and method for verifying macrocell base field programmable logic devices
Programmable logic device with highly routable interconnect
FPGA integrated circuit having embedded SRAM memory blocks and interconnect channel for broadcasting address and control signals
Linear feedback shift register in a programmable gate array
Reduced voltage input/reduced voltage output tri-state buffers
Tristate driver for integrated circuit interconnects
Full duplex CMOS communication
High speed phase detector and a method for detecting phase difference
High-speed rail-to-rail comparator
Driver having substantially constant and linear output resistance, and method therefor
Circuit configuration for pulsed current regulation of inductive loads
High voltage detect circuit with increased long term reliability
Power-on reset circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Clock generator and synchronizing method
Output buffer circuit
Baseline correction circuit for PWM data readback systems
Systems and methods for correcting duty cycle deviations in clock and data signals
Scan flip-flop circuit
Flip-flop circuit
Phase shifter for a quadrature modulator and an image suppression mixer
Circuit and method for a high gain, low input capacitance clock buffer
Steep edge time-delay relay
Variable delay circuit and semiconductor intergrated circuit device
Low mismatch complementary clock generator
Power transistor with over-current protection controller
Circuit for auto-centering control loop bias currents
Apparatus for stabilizing transmission output
Interface circuit switching between a source-input mode and a sink-input mode
Electronic circuit and manufacturing method for electronic circuit
Dual current source circuit with temperature coefficients of equal and opposite magnitude
Constant voltage circuit comprising temperature dependent elements and a differential amplifier
Using thick-oxide CMOS devices to interface high voltage integrated circuits
Calibratable field effect transistors
Impedance transport circuit
Accurate bandgap circuit for a CMOS process without NPN devices
Bandpass filter with transconductors
Amplitude and phase demodulation circuit for signals with very low modulation index
Power IQ modulation systems and methods
Radio frequency power device
Automatic gain control circuit for controlling multiple variable gain amplifier stages while estimating received signal power
Differential amplifier
Non-linear transconductance amplifier
Linear and multi-sinh transconductance circuits
Compact power amplifier for microwave circuits
Low noise RF amplifier with programmable gain
Current amplifier having a low input impedance
Switchable path power amplifier with schotky diode combining network
All-digital frequency following system
Low offset and low glitch energy charge pump for PLL-based timing recovery systems
Automatic tuning of a VCO in a PLL
Phase locked loop for generating two disparate, variable frequency signals
Phase-locked loop having a multi-phase voltage controlled oscillator
Voltage tolerant oscillator input cell
Quartz oscillator circuit having synchronously switched frequency adjusting capacitors
Low phase-noise voltage controlled oscillator
VCXO with reduced PWM effects high slew rate conditions
High-linearity, low-spread variable capacitance array
Printed circuit board and method for fabricating such board
Method for reducing electrical discharge in a microwave circuit, and a microwave circuit treated by the method
Reflective waveguide variable power divider/combiner
Polarizer for two different frequency bands
Dielectric duplexer device
Waveguide filter with a resonator cavity having inner and outer edges of different lengths
Laser tunable thick film microwave resonator for printed circuit boards
Bi-metal trip unit for a molded case circuit breaker
Magnet coil with parallel conductor paths
Superconductive magnet including a cryocooler coldhead
Tool holders with high energy magnetizers/demagnetizers
Voltage coil and method and making same
Diamond-based transformers and power convertors
Coil element
Temperature-dependent switch
Monolithic heat sinking resistor
Rotary apparatus
Sports whistle with audible and visual output signals
Method and apparatus for generating pressure based alerting signals
Panic button alarm actuator
Method and apparatus for timing belt drive
Tire-safety sensing device
Method of allocating transmitters of a tire pressure monitoring system to a particular vehicle
Adjustable rearview mirror vehicle information display
Auxiliary auto signlight system
Construction site portable monitoring system
Magnetomechanical electronic article surveillance marker with bias element having abrupt deactivation/magnetization characteristic
Luggage alarm
Device for surveying electronically protected items in a monitored area
Deactivatable article security label with data carrier function
Coil driving circuit for EAS marker deactivation device
Heat detection system and method
Combination smoke detection device and laser escape indicator
Remote control system and method having a system-specific code
Flexible monitoring of location and motion
Remote keyless entry system having passive transmission mode
Multi-frequency radio frequency transmitter with code learning capability
Remotely operable switch actuator and method for retrofitting a manually operated enclosed electrical disconnect switch
Universal utility usage data gathering system
Receiver capable of parallel demodulation of messages
Vehicle-mounted device with sleep function for use in road-to-vehicle communication system
Automatic weather monitoring and adaptive transmitting system
Airfield hazard automated detection system
Keyboard scan code snooper
Signal processor
Precision bipolar digital-to-analog converter for an instrument probe interface
Non-linear digital-to-analog converter
D/A conversion method and a D/A converter using pulse width modulation
Internally triggered equivalent-time sampling system for signals having a predetermined data rate
Successive approximation A/D converter improving tracking ability of digital signal to analog signal
Method for controlling an analog/digital converter
Reference-based autofocusing method for IFSAR and other applications
Target locating system and approach guidance system
Data communications network
Radar distance sensor
Satellite navigation receiver for precise relative positioning in real time
Positioning by computing pseudo-speeds in a satellite navigation system
Sector shaping transition system and method
Microstrip antenna
Antenna-integral high frequency circuit electromagnetically coupling feeder circuit connected to high frequency circuit to microstrip antenna via slot coupling hole
Patch antenna with an electrically small ground plate using peripheral parasitic stubs
Single substrate wide bandwidth microstrip antenna
Single- and dual-mode patch antennas
Antenna and method of making same
Selectively removable combination battery and antenna assembly for a telecommunication device
Antenna for portable computers
Low-distortion positioning equipment for antenna radiation pattern measurements
Integrated satellite/terrestrial antenna
Reactively coupled elements in circuits on flexible substrates
Polarization compensating device for antenna within a radome
Multibeam antenna reflector
Scanning antenna with ferrite control
Standing wave antenna array of notch dipole shunt elements
Combined UHF and VHF antenna
Reflector based dielectric lens antenna system including bifocal lens
Antenna for electric meter and method of manufacture thereof
Helix antenna with a built-in broadband power supply, and manufacturing methods therefor
Cast core fabrication of helically wound antenna
Top-fed quadrafilar helical antenna
Power and communication system for electronic display tags
Display format conversion circuit with resynchronization of multiple display screens
Combined display panel
Marine navigation binoculars with virtual display superimposing real world image
Flat panel three-dimensional display unit
Convertible right eye/left eye monocular head mounted display system
Method for driving an AC type surface discharge plasma display panel
Method for adjusting the overall luminosity of a bistable matrix screen displaying half-tones
Photo-cathode electron source having an extractor grid
Light-insensitive resistor for current-limiting of field emission displays
Color liquid crystal display device
Driving method of liquid crystal apparatus
Liquid crystal color display apparatus and driving method thereof
Drive circuit for an active matrix liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display controller and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Magnetically operated display
Graphical user interface inline scroll control
Display and method of and drive circuit for driving the display
Apparatus and method for converting the resolution an image to a resolution of a LCD monitor
Method of displaying a scattergram
Method for converting timing diagram into timing graph and vice versa
Combined color cast removal and contrast enhancement for digital color images
Pointing device having selection buttons operable from movement of a palm portion of a person's hands
Multidirectional controller and multidirectional controlling device using the same
Portable weather display device
Computer system with precise control of the mouse pointer
Information display control unit and the method and remote input unit and the method
Computer joystick
Method and system for calibrating touch screen sensitivities according to particular physical characteristics associated with a user
Method and apparatus for tracking a hand-held writing instrument with multiple sensors that are calibrated by placing the writing instrument in predetermined positions with respect to the writing surface
Width adjustment circuit and video image display device employing thereof
Man-machine interface
Method and system for contextual presentation of a temporal based object on a data processing system
Television graphical user interface having channel and program sorting capabilities
Compressed digital-data interactive program system
Card for a set top terminal
Database-independent, scalable, object-oriented architecture and API for managing digital multimedia assets
Display control system causing image on display screen to disappear and reappear in a friendly manner to user
Apparatus and method for managing windows in graphical user interface environment
Method and system for determing a correctly selected button via motion-detecting input devices in DVD content with overlapping buttons
Data processor controlled display system for the control of operations with properties which are constant or variable
Position information setting method for apparatus connected to network
Computer file directory system displaying visual summaries of visual data in desktop computer documents for quickly identifying document content
System and method for permitting three-dimensional navigation through a virtual reality environment using camera-based gesture inputs
Drag-and-release method for configuring user-definable function key of hand-held computing device
Method and apparatus for replacing target zones in a video sequence
Graphics system
Selectable mode smoothing texture filter for computer graphics
Method for selective volume visualization via texture mapping
Data processor controlled display interface with composite graphic objects formed by vector and raster graphics
Apparatus for, and method of, interpolating between graphics and video pixels in an expanded image
Synchronizing the moveable mouths of animated characters with recorded speech
Graphics pipeline selectively providing multiple pixels or multiple textures
On-screen display device using horizontal scan line memories
Image generator using display memory
Graphics processing with transcendental function generator
Pattern image reader device and image stabilizer device incorporated in image forming apparatus
Method and system for the modification of the timing of a plurality of PEL clocks in an electrophotographic device
High resolution printbar pixel geometries
Color thermosensitive printer and optical fixing device therefor
Thermal head
Device for thermal printing of a rolled paper strip, in particular for a plug-in or cordless portable payment terminal
Fault tolerant laser diode array
Light-source device of a multi-beam scanning apparatus
System for filtering content from videos
RF output device for CATV
Video switching system, video communications system and method for establishing video communications with a telephonic switch
Video image viewing device and method
Electronic endoscope
Videoscope for dental or other use
Method and device for adjusting a stamp relative to a matrix with sinter-pressing
Apparatus for inducing attitudinal head movements for passive virtual reality
Method and a device for monitoring the external integrity of cigarettes
Security system with method for locatable portable electronic camera image transmission to a remote receiver
Automatic white balance control device, video camera with an automatic white balance control device and method for producing a video camera with an automatic white balance control device
Image recording apparatus capable of selecting partial image areas for video readout
Method of determining missing color values for pixels in a color filter array
Apparatus for setting imaging functions based on a detected viewpoint
Image reading device
Image sensing device with different image sensing characteristics for documents and scenery
Electronic image pickup apparatus having a light weight and easy to assemble lens barrier supporting mechanism which requires little force to operate
Camera lens within pivoting hinge in portable electronic device
HDTV up converter
Method and apparatus for preserving synchronization of audio and video presentation when splicing transport streams
Image converting apparatus and image converting method
Method for processing transitional regions in a picture signal
Projecting images
Display unit
Projector of a reflection type
TFT LCD device with gate/data lines in interrupting patterns
Display holder with multiple side frames
Color display device with one light source on one side and two light sources on the other side of the light guide plate
Compensation for edge effects and cell gap variation in tiled flat-panel, liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Super bright low reflection liquid crystal display
Circularly polarizing reflective material having super broad-band reflection and transmission characteristics and method of fabricating and using same in diverse applications
Irregularly corrugated reflective plate for a liquid crystal display
Reflection-type liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same
Multiple pixel driven mirror electrodes for improved aperture ratio of reflective displays
Reflective type liquid crystal display having scattering polarizer
Discotic-type twist-film compensated single-domain or two-domain twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display with reduced off state luminance
Liquid crystal display
Electro-optical device
Apparatus and method for mounting a liquid crystal display (LCD) assembly onto a printed circuit board
Large screen display device with a plurality of independently sealed and interconnected substrates
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Electro-optical material having a lamellar liquid crystal structure
Tool and method for increasing liquid crystal fill rates of flat panel in which a sealed edge is compressed
System for backprinting photographic media
Oscillating motor, measurement device for measuring distance, speed or direction using a laser light, and vehicle having the measurement device
Apparatus for inspecting difficult to access objects
Incoherent doppler laser detection and ranging system
Displacing volume in field of view
Infrared spectroscopy for medical imaging
Position sensor for transmission type optical deflector and apparatus for correcting scanning position of scanning optical system
Schlieren method for imaging semiconductor device properties
Photometric readhead with light-shaping plate
Concentric spectrometer
Method and apparatus for applying laser induced incandescence for the determination of particulate measurements
Interferometry system having reduced cyclic errors
Ellipsometer and polarimeter with zero-order plate compensator
Optical surface measurement apparatus and methods
Linear encoder providing engagement by engraving
Three-dimensional measurement apparatus
Method and system for high speed measuring of microscopic targets
Gas concentration monitoring system
Compact optical reflectometer system
Closed loop fiber optic gyro with shupe effect compensation
Interferometer for measurements of optical properties in bulk samples
Optical device for measuring a surface characteristic of an object by multi-color interferometry
System and method for laser ultrasonic bond integrity evaluation
Printing system, printing apparatus and printing control method
Stamp-making method and apparatus
Print control apparatus and method and storage medium storing computer readable programs
Image forming method and apparatus
Print managing system and print managing method
Image processing apparatus capable of producing images without jaggies at edges
Method and apparatus for digital image darkness control using quantized fractional pixels
Apparatus and techniques for computerized printing
Facsimile machine
Scanning system and method for stitching overlapped image data by varying stitch location
Close-contact type image sensor and image reading apparatus using the same
Copying apparatus capable of exposing and scanning both-side original
Image reading apparatus and information storing medium used therefor
Device-independent and medium-independent color matching between an input device and an output device
Holographic shrink wrap element and method for manufacture thereof
Laser scanning unit
Multi-laser scanning unit
Wavelength division multiplexed optical processing device and optical communication transmission path
System and method for free space optical communications
Filter Selector
Optical transmitting and receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for laser performance enhancement
Adaptive threshold controlled decision circuit immune to ringing components of digital signals
Cylindrical lens and optical scanning device using the lens
Method and apparatus for stable control of electrooptic devices
Mechanical grating device with optical coating and method of making mechanical grating device with optical coating
Deformable mirror with removable actuator using shaped-memory alloys
Electromagnetic force controlled micromirror array
Optical system having stable resonator
Second harmonic wave-generation device
Quasi-phase-matched parametric chirped pulse amplification systems
Low noise Raman amplifier employing bidirectional pumping and an optical transmission system incorporating same
Optical fiber gain medium with wavelength selective core filter
Unequal couplers for multimode pumping optical amplifiers
Optical fiber amplifier using synchronized etalon filter
Composite infrared windows fabricated by direct bonding
Optical member for photolithography, method for evaluating optical member, and photolithography apparatus
Optical element having a plurality of decentered reflecting curved surfaces, and optical instrument including the same
Illuminating system for image processing measuring apparatus
Method and system for imaging an object with a plurality of optical beams
Image device for forming an erected image
Scanning confocal microscope with objective lens position tracking
Optical system and image display apparatus
Light collimating and distributing apparatus
Imaging lens
Ellipsoidal solid immersion lens
Performing Operations; Transporting
Meter device for vehicle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device, in particular for an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Compressor control device for refrigerator and method thereof
Combination lens and window retainer and housing assembly for a motion detector system
Analog signal detecting circuit, and AC side current detector of semiconductor power conversion device
Method and circuit arrangement for generating a representation of the supply voltage in a frequency converter
Stabilized MR sensor and flux/heat guide joined by contiguous junction
Magnetoresistance effect head obtained using a pulse magnetic field process
Antiparallel (AP) pinned spin valve sensor with specular reflection of conduction electrons
Simultaneous fixation of the magnetization direction in a dual GMR sensor's pinned layers
Variable ratio anamorphic lens
Optical architecture for infrared viewing system
Photographic lens
Photographic lens
Compact two-group wide-angle zoom lens
Wide-angle lens with long back focus
Microscope objective
High numerical aperture optical focusing device for use in data storage systems
Objective lens for endoscope
Eyepiece lens for a display image observation device
Optically adjusting device
Mounting system for flat panel displays in electronic instruments
Portable computer riser for enhanced cooling
Cooling system for integrated circuit chips in a portable computer
Arrangement and method for transferring heat from a portable personal computer
Apparatus for mounting speakers in a portable computer
Computer assembly
Computer with expansion card guiding and latching device
Shield for electronic device
Thermally-coupled heat dissipation apparatus for electronic devices
Method and apparatus for a RAM circuit having N-Nary output interface
Semiconductor device with internal power supply circuit, together with liquid crystal device and electronic equipment using the same
Tape drive unit where reverse rotation of a motor determines travel direction and speed of a tape
Platform forward latch with locking feature
Optical disk apparatus with swingable disk tray holder
Disk drive
Spindle motor and a hard disk drive apparatus including such a motor
Information recording and reproducing apparatus having an improved high frequency characteristic for a reproduction signal
Data recording apparatus
System and method for providing nonadjacent redundancy synchronization bytes
Self servo rewrite method and apparatus
Recording and reproducing apparatus, information signal recording and reproducing system and method of managing invalid area information
Write fault thresholds adaptive by head and disc location in a disc drive
Tracking control device
Synchronous digital demodulator with integrated read and servo channels
Faster access time in a disk drive by utilizing increased VCM potential voltage
Magnetic disk drive with load/unload structure including a base, a body, ramps, and a H/L ratio of 2 or greater
Method of assembling magnetic head slider and magnetic storage device
Transverse pressurization contour slider
Suspension for disk drive and working method therefore
Lid spring engagement assembly for lid assembly of a tape cassette
Tape cassette
Low sulfur outgassing free machining stainless steel disk drive components
Method and apparatus for testing the digital read channel circuit of a data storage device
Magnetic disk device using a contact start stop system
Heat sink for a voice coil motor
Scaled write head with high recording density and high data rate
Method for measuring track pitches of a hard disk drive
Magnetic recording control circuit with voltage clamps
Recording format for automatic adjustment, recording device therefor and automatic adjustment device
Tunnel junction structure with junction layer embedded in amorphous ferromagnetic layers
Transducer suspension system including a frequency dependent shunt
Read/write head with a gimbal ball assembly
Magnetic disk apparatus with slider and slider supporting mechanism including flexible section integrally formed from same material
Magnetic disc drive system with liquid film lubricating agent
Head carriage assembly for a magnetic disk drive
Suspension with flexible circuit welded thereto via metal pads
Read/write head with a limited range of motion relative to a load beam
Thin film magnetic head slider and electrostatic actuator for driving a head element thereof
Increased and randomized output sampling to reduce positioning noise in a data storage system
Head slider and disk unit having contact detection means
Tri-pad air bearing head slider having leading edge and trailing edge of air bearing side pads tapered to minimize takeoff and landing velocity and time
Quickly written servo-patterns for magnetic media including writing a servo-master pattern
Optical head device, information recording and reproducing apparatus and optical system
Reduced leakage DRAM storage unit
Content addressable memory
High speed CAM cell
EEPROM array using 2-bit non-volatile memory cells with serial read operations
Memory array having a reduced number of metal source lines
Single ended dual port memory cell
High voltage ceramic capacitor
Double layer capacitor
Alkaline electrochemical capacitor and electrode fabrication
Supercapacitor structure
Device for attaching a heat sink
Heat absorber and combination electrical apparatus producing heat and heat absorber
Semiconductor package substrate and semiconductor package
Low cost chip size package and method of fabricating the same
Device and method for electrostatic discharge protection of a circuit device
Method of making a stack-polysilicon capacitor-coupled dual power supply input/output protection circuit
Device and method for mounting electronic components on printed circuit boards
Transistor-PTC circuit protection devices
Method for preventing corona surface damage in end windings of air-cooled motors and generators
Power conversion apparatus and air conditioner using the same
Power supply device and air conditioner using the same
Auxiliary bias circuit for a power supply and a method of operation thereof
DC-DC converter
Synchronous rectifier drive mechanism for resonant reset forward converters
Multiple output power supply circuit for an ion engine with shared upper inverter
Single-supply gridding and biasing circuitry
Power supply apparatus for arc-utilizing apparatuses
Current-to-voltage converter and associate closed-loop control circuit
Power inverter
Constant polarity input device including synchronous bridge rectifier
Digital subscriber line (xDSL) modem having a multi-layer electromagnetic shield and method of manufacture
Half-bridge inverter for coupling an EL lamp to a high voltage DC rail
Method and apparatus for securing an electronic package to a circuit board
Ceramic electronic component
Pin soldering enhancement and method
IC card
Electrical apparatus
Chassis retaining system for an electronics rack
Electrical or electronic device having element for fixing and making electrical contact with a circuit board conductor
Heat sink having standoff buttons and a method of manufacturing therefor
Electrical device module
Electronic component, method of cooling, and damper therefor
Two-part electromagnetic radiation shielding device for mounting on a printed circuit board
Printed-wiring board and electronic device having the same wiring board
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