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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compositions comprising non-identical recombination sites
Dissimilatory sulfate reduction as a process to promote denitrification in marine recirculating aquaculture systems
Purinone derivatives as HM74a agonists
Process for the preparation of soy based low-fat and high protein snack
Disposable cleaning implement
Light-stabilized(in vivo) stain composition and method of manufacture
Methods for deploying conformed structures in body lumens
Systems and methods for electrosurgical spine surgery
Artificial lumbar interbody spinal implant having an asymmetrical leading end
Essential fatty acids in the prevention of cardiovascular events
Immunosuppressant compounds and compositions
Quinazoline derivatives as Src tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Inhibitors of cysteine proteases, the pharmaceutical compositions thereof and their therapeutic applications
Phosphoramidate compounds and methods of use
Preparation of stable formulations of lipid-nucleic acid complexes for efficient in vivo delivery
Therapy-enhancing glucan
Methods for treating cancer-related fatigue
Peptide-like compounds that inhibit coronaviral 3CL and flaviviridae viral proteases
Peptides for diagnostic and therapeutic methods for celiac sprue
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
Angiogenesis regulation system
Chimeric papillomavirus-like particles
Inverse latices of copolymers of AMPS and of N,N-dimethylacrylamide; cosmetic use
Drug delivery particle
Metallic foam trap for poisons: aircraft ozone
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas separator agitator assembly
Portable tank apparatus and method of use
Methods and systems for detecting filter rupture
Dust collecting unit for vacuum cleaner
Process and device for the extraction of substances from silane-modified fillers
Instrumentation, articles of manufacture, and analysis methods
Combined ambient desorption and ionization source for mass spectrometry
Optical monitoring and control system and method for plasma reactors
Pattern forming system, pattern forming method, and electronic apparatus
Method for coating metals
Light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and thin film forming apparatus
Method and system for cleaning a photomask
Method and apparatus for forming by electrochemical material removal
Method of shaping lithographically-produced probe elements
Laser machining apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing a multilayered printed wiring board
Laser machining apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing a multilayered printed wiring board
Welding shielding gas flow rate-limiting apparatus
Method and device for demolding
Snap closures
Additives for special effect appearances in plastic parts
Process for producing a compound motor vehicle component
Optical sheet manufacturing method and optical sheet
Self-light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Substrate for information recording medium, information recording medium and process for producing the same
Anti-caster surface laminate
Multilayer laminate of fluororesin
Luminescent polymer particles
Coated article with zinc oxide over IR reflecting layer and corresponding method
Selectable preload vehicle security system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Reactor for performing a steam reforming reaction and a process to prepare synthesis gas
Waterways lime spreader
Method for producing by laser gastight and high-temperature resistant connections of shaped parts made of a non-oxidic ceramic
Gluconate broth for cement and concrete admixture
Wellbore servicing compositions
Amino polyols and amino sugars
Amino acid diamides in non .alpha. position which are useful as adjuvants for administration of biological active agents
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycol
Apparatus for preparing a dialkyl carbonate
Dehydrating condensation agent having property of accumulating at interface with water
Process for the industrial synthesis of the methyl diester of 5-amino-3-carboxymethyl-4-cyano-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, and application to the synthesis of bivalent salts of ranelic acid and their hydrates
Process for producing optically active-3-quinuclidinols
Pyrro[1,2-b]pyridazinone compounds
Silicone spider esters in personal care applications
Preparation and use of .alpha.-keto phosphonates
PRO1477 polypeptides
Mouse prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
Human antibodies that have MN binding and cell adhesion-neutralizing activity
On-growth inhibiting compounds
Oxathiazaphospholidine free radical control agent
Radiation-curable desiccant-filled adhesive/sealant
Sulfur containing initiators for anionic polymerization of monomers
Cationic emulsion composition of high polymeric organosiloxane and preparation thereof
Film forming composition, process for producing film forming composition, insulating film forming material, process for forming film, and silica-based film
Aqueous paint composition, particularly a lacquer or a varnish and an aqueous colloidal dispersion of cerium
Corrosion-resistant coating composition
Low VOC-solvent based mold release agent and curable mold release compositions based thereon
U-oxo crosslinked dissimilar metal phthalocyanine compound and process for selectively producing the same
Chiral dopants having a laterally alkylated phenyl structural element
Liquid crystal display device with fine particles in liquid crystal layer
Liquid crystal compounds with branched or cyclic end groups
Enhanced thermal conducting formulations
Treatment fluids comprising starch and ceramic particulate bridging agents and methods of using these fluids to provide fluid loss control
Fuel composition
Conditioning compositions comprising coacervate and gel matrix
Aqueous disinfectants and sterilants comprising a peroxide/peracid/transition metal mixture
Human smooth muscle myosin heavy chain
Nucleic acid encoding KCNB potassium channel
Method for producing modified carbon-based metabolism C.sub.4 plants by overexpression of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase
Amorphous cell delivery vehicle treated with physical/physicochemical stimuli
B1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyl (GALNAC) transferase polypeptides
Protein-deamidating enzyme, microorganism producing the same, gene encoding the same, production process therefor, and use thereof
Method for the detection of antimicrobial residues in food and bodily fluid samples
Common marmoset-derived glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene and use thereof
Devices for generating detectable polymers
Methods for evaluating susceptibility to a bone homeostasis disorder
High strength, high toughness, high carbon steel wire rod and method of production of same
Crystal growth apparatus and method of producing a crystal
Textiles; Paper
Elastic long-fiber non-woven fabric, and fabric product using the same
Method of disposing waste from in-home dry cleaning machine using disposable, containment system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Floating electricity production unit
Magnetic levitation weight reduction structure for a vertical wind turbine generator
Simulator of optical intensity distribution, computer implemented method for simulating the optical intensity distribution, method for collecting mask pattern, and computer program product for the simulator
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic laser testing
Absolute encoder utilizing a code pattern carrier having a varying mixture of phosphors deposited thereon
Device for the spectral selection and detection of the spectral regions of a light beam
Device for the detection of at least one ligand contained in a sample that is to be analyzed
Non-destructive inspection method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for article inspection including speckle reduction
Method for laser desorption mass spectrometry using porous polymeric substrates with particle fillers
Apparatus for detecting concentration of nitrogen oxide
Sensing systems and methods for differentiating between different cellular blood species during extracorporeal blood separation or processing
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and monitoring of prostate cancer progression by detection of serum caveolin
Fusion protein microarrays and methods of use
LAT1 transporters expressed in blood brain barrier cells
Plasmon-enhanced marking of fragile materials and other applications thereof
Adapter for positioning of contact tips
Slant detection device
Transmission parameter control device
Inspection method for semiconductor device
Brushless servo motor tester
Induced magnetic field detecting apparatus and an induced magnetic field detecting method
Underwater detection device
Beam forming system
Device and method for computer tomography
Radiation image pickup apparatus
Method for deriving 3D output volumes using filters derived from flat spot direction vectors
Apparatus and method for carrying out seismic surveys
NMR probe component with a gradient chip with a slot for insertion of a sample chip
HIFU-compatible reception coil for MRI RF signals and signal receiving method
MRI apparatus and RF coil assembly utilized therein
Ground control unit for cable locating
Wide converter lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with the wide converter lens
Image pickup apparatus
Optical apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus
Method of using a preferentially deposited lubricant to prevent anti-stiction in micromechanical systems
Fast full color electrophoretic display with improved driving
Method for recording information into rewritable thermal label of the non-contact type
Color image forming apparatus having scanning lens disposed in reverse orientation
Focus detection apparatus having a luminous flux deformation member
Polarization element unit and polarization light emitting apparatus
Kinematic mounting for an optic on glass substrate for use with an interferometer
Lens driving control apparatus
Lithography projection objective, and a method for correcting image defects of the same
Electro-optic modulator
Optical frequency converter for non-polarized light
Flat panel display device
Liquid crystal module
Light coupling structure on light guide plate in a backlight module
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display panel of line on glass type
Electronic still camera with capability to perform optimal focus detection according to selected mode
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Leuco dye-containing coating compositions
Polyphenyl thioether and thiophosphate containing photoconductors
Electronic device with changeable display configurations
Systems and methods for providing a RF transaction device operable to store multiple distinct calling card accounts
Apparatus and method for generating acceleration profile for controlling object using optimized waveform shaping
Multipoint switch
Regulated current mirror
Power consumption reduction circuit for clock network
Device for generating a periodic clock signal
Ordering of events between different input sources
Print finishing method and apparatus
Print system and printer device facilitating reuse of print data
Color processing device and its method
Providing 3D graphics across partitions of computing device
System for determining the rotational orientation of a sensing device
System and method for constructing optical devices using fold-up portions extended from a substrate
Spooling/despooling subsystem job fingerprinting
Color map selection
Image processing method, image processing device and program
Methods and systems for lithography process control
Texture data compression and rendering in 3D computer graphics
Image processing apparatus and method
RFID tag
Vehicle identification tag and methods of verifying the validity of a vehicle identification tag
Locating a device in a given state
Display device having a sparkling effect and method for driving the same
Driver circuit
Controller circuit of image display device, display device, and program and recording medium thereof
Semiconductor device
Display driver, display device, and drive method
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Light illumination apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Display source divider
Human interface system
Flip cover for a portable electronic device
Physical-virtual interpolation
Input device including a wheel assembly for scrolling an image in multiple directions
Optical mouse and method for removing contaminants in an optical mouse
Hoop body apparatus
Protective headstock cover
Stringed musical instrument tension balancer
Method of synthesizing sound
Deficiency detecting apparatus for optical disk
Control device, storage device, storage medium, servo data demodulation method, repeatable velocity error measuring device, and computer product
Magnetic thin film sensor based on the extraordinary Hall effect
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Optical disk apparatus
High-bandwidth magnetoresistive random access memory devices
Memory device with a plurality of memory cells, in particular PCM memory cells, and method for operating such a memory cell device
Micro-machinery memory device
Semiconductor memory device and electronic apparatus
Word line driving circuit putting word line into one of high level, low level and high impedance
Flash memories with adaptive reference voltages
MIS-transistor-based nonvolatile memory device for authentication
Semiconductor memory device and method of driving a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile memory element
Semiconductor memory device
Device programmable to operate as a multiplexer, demultiplexer, or memory device
Micro computer and method of optimizing microcomputer
Electric double layer capacitor
Rotary type encoder
Microrelays and microrelay fabrication and operating methods
Micro electromechanical switch and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit interrupting device with reverse wiring protection
Dual hinge recess weatherproof electrical box assembly
Apparatus and method for generating ultraviolet radiation
Detector for variable pressure areas and an electron microscope comprising a corresponding detector
Apparatus for measuring a position of an ion beam profiler and a method for its use
Method and apparatus for electrospray-augmented high field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry
Method for increasing ionization efficiency in mass spectroscopy
Growth process of a crystalline gallium nitride based compound and semiconductor device including gallium nitride based compound
Floating gate field effect transistors for chemical and/or biological sensing
Method for manufacturing an electro-optical device
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-optical device and semiconductor circuit
Plasma treatment apparatus and method for plasma treatment
Adhesive system for supporting thin silicon wafer
Method of forming an etch indicator layer for reducing etch non-uniformities
Methods of manufacturing multiple gate CMOS transistors having different gate dielectric materials
Method and structure for improving device performance variation in dual stress liner technology
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, liquid crystal television, and EL television
Contact structure formed using supercritical cleaning fluid and ALCVD
Substrate provided with an alignment mark in a substantially transmissive process layer, mask for exposing said mark, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Pressure sensor having gold-silicon eutectic crystal layer interposed between contact layer and silicon substrate
Methods for making printed fuse devices
Nonvolatile memory device for storing multi-bit data
Ball grid array package enhanced with a thermal and electrical connector
Power grid layout techniques on integrated circuits
Semiconductor memory device having local etch stopper and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having first and second separation trenches
Light emitting diode chip with double close-loop electrode design
Electrical fuse device with dummy cells for ESD protection
Thin film phototransistor, active matrix substrate using the phototransistor, and image scanning device using the substrate
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Quantum well design for a coherent, single-photon detector with spin resonant transistor
Group III nitride compound semiconductor devices and method for fabricating the same
ESD structure for high voltage ESD protection
P-channel trench MOSFET structure
Flash memory process with high voltage LDMOS embedded
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Microelectromechanical component and method for the production thereof
Semiconductor device and method with a light shielded second photodiode connected to a voltage regulator circuit
Light emitting device and electronic device
Avalanche photodiode
Semiconductor connection component
Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting apparatus
Stacked three dimensional photonic crystal, light emitting device, and image display apparatus
Method for depinning the Fermi level of a semiconductor at an electrical junction and devices incorporating such junctions
High temperature pressure transducer having a shaped ceramic face
Solid oxide fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Apparatus and methods relating to electrically conductive path interfaces disposed within capacitor plate openings
Nanometer electromechanical switch and fabrication process
Extendable antenna architecture
Dipole antenna for a watchband
Multi-band antenna
Phased array antenna for indoor application
Antenna, and radio-controlled timepiece, keyless entry system and RFID system
Solid-state laser and multi-pass resonator
Can-type optical transmitting module utilizing a laser diode with impedance matching resistors
Horizontal and vertical mountable weatherproof cover plate
Wire basket pathway system
Electrical barrier
Method and apparatus for sensing brushless DC motor average current from overcurrent protection circuitry
Apparatus for providing high quality power
Electrical power distribution system and method thereof
Battery pack housing and packaging
Superconductivity rotor having torque tube
Method and device for sensorless vector control for AC motor
Motor and drive control device therefor
Self-powered miniature liquid treatment system
Push-push voltage controlled oscillator for obtaining differential signals
Microresonator, band-pass filter, semiconductor device, and communication apparatus
Phase detector with selection of differences between input signals
Phase detector for reducing noise
Driving device
Amplifier with variable impedance transformation and method of amplification using the same
Transition device between a waveguide and two redundant circuits coupled each to a coplanar line
Architecture for feedback loops in decision feedback equalizers
Surface acoustic wave device
Micro-resonator, frequency filter and communication apparatus
Semiconductor device
Data bus charge-sharing technique for integrated circuit devices
Apparatus and method for over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current stress protection for transceiver input and output circuitry
Voltage controlled oscillator with temperature and process compensation
Level-shifting differential amplifier
Dynamic voltage and frequency management in integrated circuits
Signal processing device and method, signal processing program, and recording medium where the program is recorded
Methods and systems for converting a single-ended signal to a differential signal
Transmitter and transmission control method
Protocol for exchanging control data to mitigate interference problems in wireless networking
Tables for determining the signal strength of a received signal in a fibre optics transceiver
Optical fiber amplifier
Link adaptation in wireless networks for throughput maximization under retransmissions
Combined channel coding and space-block coding in a multi-antenna arrangement
Radio relay system, radio relay apparatus, and radio relay method
Scheduling based on channel change indicia
Mitigation of CDMA cross-correlation artifacts and improvement in signal-to-noise ratio in TDMA location networks
Network host isolation tool
Frame synchronization in a universal mobile telephone system receiver
Data transfer device to transfer repeat data from an upper station to a lower station
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating local mobility management in a heterogeneous radio communication network
Method and apparatus for segmentation and reassembly of data packets in a communication switch
Multicarrier transmitter and methods for generating multicarrier communication signals with power amplifier predistortion and linearization
Providing a static internet protocol address pointer to a computer having a dynamic internet protocol address
Apparatus, system and method capable of pre-allocating and communicating IP address information during wireless communication
Frame relay switched data service
Packet communication system with QoS control function
ATM communications system and method
Flexible bandwidth allocation in high-capacity grooming switches
Method and system enabling communications between a switched telephone network and a wireless network
Method and system for fibre channel arbitrated loop acceleration
Method for dynamic multi-level pricing for wireless communications according to quality of service
Monitoring connection state between main equipment and terminal in network telephone system
System and method for one-pass blind transport format detection
Feedback-type channel estimation method and a device based on a PN sequence and a pilot frequency in an OFDM system
Device and method for symbol clock recovery in digital television
Upstream frequency control for docsis based satellite systems
Apparatus and method for dual mode phone
Splitter system with test access
Caller ID messaging device
Audio caller identification
Interference cancellation equipment
Telephone line use enablement of lottery or fund participation
System and method for caller confirmation of call center agent notes
Communication apparatus and facsimile machine
Image forming method, image processing method and ink jet recording apparatus
Digital cameras with luminance correction
Optical low pass filter with vibrating optical plate, and camera
Camera capable of generating a plurality of images while changing image processing
Digital camera producing image embedded with diagnostic characteristic
Information storing apparatus and method thereof
Bidirectionally predicted pictures or video object planes for efficient and flexible video coding
Method for determining motion vector and macroblock type
Signal processing unit for correcting shading of image signal, and electronic camera
Solid-state image pick-up device and image pick-up apparatus capable of distinguishing a photographing light source type
On-line phase noise measurement for layered modulation
Stackable switch port collapse mechanism
Method and apparatus for scheduling multiple users in a mobile communication system using multiple transmit/receive antennas
Integrated communication terminal for next generation mobile telecommunications
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Multicolored LED lighting method and apparatus
Method for acquiring a series of x-ray images
X-ray diagnostic device for digital radiography
System and method for real time dual energy x-ray image acquisition
Module for transferring PCB, apparatus for attaching PCB and liquid crystal display device including PCB
Array capacitors with voids to enable a full-grid socket
Optical module cage mounting structure
Cooling apparatus for flat display device
Transpiration cooling for passive cooled ultra mobile personal computer
Heatsink apparatus
Low-profile board level EMI shielding and thermal management apparatus and spring clips for use therewith
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bun for hotdogs or the like
Confectionery product
Confectionery product
Disposable backless bra
Adhesive bra support
Novelty cap
Head bandana
Footwear outsole
Shoe sole
Chin strap buckle
Portion of a shoe midsole
Rear element of a shoe upper
Retractable lighter holder
Slip on pocket
Wallet for compact discs
Lingerie bag
Ticket/pass and identification holder
Sports article bag
Pill dispenser with mirror
Camera storage bag
Pen pocket
Umbrella handle with a snow globe mounted on its end
Luggage handle
Toothbrush body with a handle having a transparent surface in its lower portion for rendering visible handle-embedded decorations
Body washing brush
Alternating seal pattern for retroreflective trim
Camouflage pattern for sheet material
Swing frame
Frog armchair
Cat armchair
Bear armchair
Cow armchair
Computer work table
Double pedestal dining table
Pill bottle organizer
Display case
Towel bar
T-shaped display device
Wall organizer deep container
Wall cabinet
Compact disc player case
Retail product display
Wall cabinet with shelves
Multi-positional stand
Pill bottle organizer
Product merchandising shelf
Picture frame
Hairstyle protection pillow
Leg rest
Cornice attachment
Napkin: sleeved-black
Spiral-form cup
Race car cooler
Front panel for a cooler
Gum storage case
Utensil bowl
Dual concentric dome mold
Barbecue grill
Combined gas cooktop and griddle
Iron golf club-head bottle opener
Portable electric drill
Plant rotator
Shovel handle
Grip for hand tool
Screwdriver key-tag
Cubical hook
Butterfly finial
Moon face finial
Small engine starter clutch tool
Abrasive stone
Knife blade scraper tool
Stabilizer ring for sea anchor
Pneumatic nailing machine
Cat carabiner
Integral non-metallic electronic key
Elongated extension member for extension poles
Non slip insert for a cot leg or other structure
Beverage bottle with hand grip
Two-toned bottle
Liquid dispenser
Lotion bottle
Waste bin
Waste bin
Sunrise clock
Chronometer watch design
8 Days watch design
Watch case
Portion of a watch
Automatique watch design
Clock having gemstone cabochon hour position marks
End hook of a tape measure
Multipurpose detection device
Metal detector
Tray top scale
Metal detector
Transmitting temperature sensor for bath tub
Handheld navigation device
Water level
Tape measure
Traffic channelizer
4 Way mirror planter
Rolling, strap-held, end rollers for securing a folded canopy therebetween
Link for a conveyor
Lifting sling
Self-operating wheelchair lift
Tonneau cover end rail
Coaching boat
Motorcycle trailer
Bike stand
Foldable stroller
Double-seat stroller
Tire tread
Colored and reflective sidewall for tires
Tire tread
Floor mat
Automotive wheel
Wheel rims
Side intake grille for an over the highway truck
Automotive wheel
Front grille for an over the highway truck
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Automobile pedal cover
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Novelty hanger for automobiles
Automobile pedal cover
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Umbrella storage compartment
Steering wheel cover
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Storage device for an automotive console
Front truck grille
Rearview mirror
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Charger apparatus
GFCI with five receptacles
Hand piece switch adapter
Heat pipe heat sink assembly
Surface mounted electrical cable way
Digital audio player
Audio speaker enclosure
Combined digital audio disc player and radio tuner for a vehicle
Disc recorder
AM/FM radio with siren and light
Digital FM auto scan radio with alarm clock
Digital FM auto scan radio with alarm clock
Audio instrument stand with speakers
Personal computer
Network device
Inkjet printer
Remote controller
Mount for a work station
Receptacle for a trackball mouse
Equipment console
Screen display for motor vehicle
Electronic organizer
Fluidic taper icon for a display screen
Combined digital audio disc player and radio tuner for a vehicle
Remote control
Remote control keypad
Low visual impact monopole tower for wireless communications
LCD television set
Cellular phone
Attaching device of recording medium
Element of a cowling
Air pump
Riding-type mower
Tractor storage case
Hood portion for a floor cleaner
Base for an upright extractor
Steam cleaner
Combination wet and dry vacuum appliance
Stuffing and charm display machine
Tube bending machine
Digital still camera
Digital camera
Digital camera
Television camera
Display panel for an electronic still camera
Camera enclosure wall mount
Eyeglass retainer
Front of a guitar
Point-of-sale-activation device
Type font
File holder for attachment to a wall, such as a cubicle wall
License plate photo album
Desk organizer
Combined pen and holder therefor
Grip for a writing instrument
Coin teaching set
Player tracking and rewards card
Board for displaying cookie cutters
Diagram for a mini-outdoor sign
Photovoltaically illuminated advertising display
Adjustable pool bridge
Game table
Toy figure
Putter head
Scoreline pattern for a golf club head
Skate blade holder
Batting aid
Golf swing plane trainer
Mat for putting with perfect speed
Compressible exercise device
Space center play structure
Sword handle
Scented/insect ornament
Ball valve body
Insulated cover for sprinkler backflow assembly/valves
Hanging rack connector for use in a bathroom
Lavatory unit of aircraft
Towel warming device
Patio heater
Open-center battery-powered ice fishing hole heater
Tapered tower fan
Tower fan
Blade holder for a ceiling fan
Blade holder for a ceiling fan
Plug-in dispenser for automobile lighter socket
Blade holder for ceiling fan
Fan grill
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture unit
Elongated fan
Breast pump adapter
Breast cup
Breast pump adapter
Pouch panty
Hair treatment device
Panty liner for thongs
Transcutaneous electroneurostimulator
Hygienic napkin
Diaper fastener
Diaper fastener
Concrete cap for a wall
Cornice trim
Metal folded sheet
Base support for post or other upright
Ceiling and wall tile
Concrete paving stone and concrete paving stones
Driveway fencing
Portion of an overhead garage door fa{character pullout}ade
Double drive thru espresso unit
Multi-story individual automobile accessible structure
Footing platform assembly for working
Footing platform assembly for working
Rechargeable light
Lighting device
Work light
Tool box lighting kit
Camera light
Night light
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Tail light
LED acrylic conduit
Eyelash curler
Combination razor handle and razor cartridge having a soap bar
Beard trimmer
Skin remover
Skin remover
Vibrating device
Hair dryer
Mask assembly
Forehead pad assembly
Pet jacket
Adjustable height pet feeder
Adjustable height pet feeder
Exclusion cage for use with birdfeeders
Golf course green and bunker-simulating bed for dogs
Dog house dryer
Hummingbird feeder shade
Vegetable spin drier
Coin scoop
Human Necessities
Programmable function control for combine
Seed germination medium
Mower cutting chamber
Baler rotor reverser
Tree pruner provided with means to facilitate a series of continuous scissors actions on the same incision
Flower box
Single fastener plant support ring for use with a T-shaped or U-shaped upright post
Diascia plant named `Hannah Rose`
Calla lily plant named `Pot Black`
Gypsophila plant named `Summer Snow`
Euphorbia amygdaloides plant named `Golden Glory`
Sutera plant named `Gicomwhi-14`
Peach tree named `Sweet Shasta`
Shrub rose plant name `ORApaymel`
Fuchsia plant named `Goetzviol`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Pad`
Petunia plant named `Condowhite`
Diascia plant named `Peach Blossom`
Lavandula plant named `Lavden 123`
Diascia plant named `Icepole`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Nicole`
Gypsophila plant named `Blancanieves`
Verbena plant named `Rap Pink Two`
Weight belt for vertical orientation of fish
Fish net holding device and method therefor
Fisherman's tool
Fishing rod holder
Fish rod holder with automatic trigger
Termite lure; container; and method
Anti-neoplastic, anti-viral or anti-retroviral spermine derivatives
Waistless underwear alternative secret pants shield
Method and apparatus for positioning a garment while breastfeeding
Protective garment
Garment with pouch for medical monitor
Ball glove with a matrix structure
Extendible belt
Method for manufacturing a brim-integrated type cap
Shin-guard, helmet, and articles of protective equipment including light cure material
Helmet liner suspension structure
Impact resistant structure of safety helmet
Head cooling compress with removable, self closing fabric cover
Chameleon footwear
Double tongue soccer boot/training shoe
Vapor-permeable waterproof sole for shoes
Arch support device
Double-bow shoe lace device
Adjustable shoelace
Key ring opener assembly
Fiber surface fastener and method for finishing same
Zipper stringer having coupling elements with variable properties
Airtight waterproof slide fastener
Stringless bead connector
Jewelry pendant
Buckle for a personal adornment band and a personal adornment band
Cleaning device
Toothbrush including retainer and detachable brush
Hairbrush head
Door support bracket provided with adjustment mechanism
Adjustable bedrests positioned under a mattress to raise and lower the mattress at either the head location, a foot location or any other location
Method of making pocketed coil spring unit with combination of scrim sheets and inter-row bonding
Garden bench frame
Apparatus and method of using a picture displaying crib bumper
Display for a casket selection and/or viewing room
Self-clamping christmas tree stand
Crib safety sheet/blanket
Forehead support apparatus
Toilet footrest with bar
Jet flow control for hydrotherapy spa
Apparatus and method for cleaning a surface
Dual sided disposable cleaning cloth
Method and system for mechanizing simultaneous multi-actuator actions applied to dynamic balancing
Apparatus and method for securing an oximeter probe to a patient
Tilt-top mortuary cot
Mattress for surgery stretcher
Surgical table with displacement arrangement
Apparatus for imparting continuous motion to a mattress
Transfer seat apparatus
Therapeutic shower enclosure
Method of sealing a medical container with a plastic closure
Method and system with electronic control devices for blending of Chinese medicine
Space suit backpack using solid adsorbents for cryogenic oxygen storage, freezeout of carbon dioxide and moisture, and ice heat sink
Ball glove apparatus
Method of assembling jointed support system
Decorative elements for pumpkins or other pierceable objects
Model ship tool for reeving and spacing deadeyes and sheaves
Performing Operations; Transporting
PTFE membrane filter for exhaust air of vacuum toilet system
Exhaust purifying method and apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Paint roller frame with shiftable arm
Cleaning tool for optical fiber connectors
Substrate drying method for use with a surface tension effect dryer with porous vessel walls
Process for extruding tube having different sections and die for tube extrusion molding
Process and device for manufacturing holes on the circumference of hollow sections
Method of manufacturing a vehicle body and frame assembly
Axle hub re-packing apparatus
Method for casting a piston for a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Router replacement method
Tooling apparatus
Method and apparatus for installing a circuit device
Measuring apparatus and method for correcting errors in a machine
Paperboard carton cutting tool
Circular saws having bevel angle setting mechanism
Stair block for use in landscaping and method for use thereof
Method of manufacturing a composite overmolded heat pipe
Soft bathroom mat and a method for producing the soft bathroom mat
Apparatus and method for simple replacement of component parts in a web-processing machine
Clamping apparatus with removable attachments
Vehicle air conditioner with adjusting function based on sunlight amount
Environmentally controlled sleeping zone and thermal barrier
Control unit for clutchless, variable displacement compressor
Vapor compression type refrigeration apparatus including leak detection and method for detecting refrigerant leaks
Integrally formed B-pillar and belt-line window molding including snap-on cover member
Twin motor drive for a slide-out room
Vehicle molding and method for attaching the vehicle molding
Structural improvement of a windshield wiper pressurization plate
Windshield wiper
Method for manufacturing a vehicle frame assembly
Mobile home trailer dolly set
Electrically driven aircraft cabin ventilation and environmental control system
Cabin air temperature control with cooling of recirculated air
Apparatus and methods for filling containers with pills
Method of providing a thermally stable finish for a plastic container
Method for handling stand up bags
Tray sealing machine
Flexible plastic tie
Device and method for wireless material handling systems
Refrigeration apparatus for cooling a beverage
Liquid dispenser with self-filling container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cross-linking oligonucleotides
Use of N-(aminoalkyl) pyrrolidines as catalysts for the polyisocyanate polyaddition process
Washing method and clothes detergent composition
Method of estimating the lifetime of thermal barrier coatings
Textiles; Paper
Roller cleaning device having variable suction
Apparatus for regulating fiber tuft quantities supplied to a carding machine
Yarn wetting apparatus particularly suitable for a two-for-one twisting spindle as well as two-for-one twisting spindle having such a yarn wetting apparatus
False twister, especially for producing spiral filaments
Dual-slip compressive shrink-proofing apparatus for fabric and related method
Method for the wet treatment of laundry items
Washing tub for a washing machine
Process for the ironing of fabrics, and refill cartridge for irons
Fixed Constructions
Pre-plating of wooden railroad ties
Adjustable anchor bearing a civil engineering structure
Sweeping unit
Snow plow barrier attachment
Wave power machine
Method and apparatus for installing a bathtub assembly
Water flow control device
Bacteria removing cleaner
Modular bi-fold door
Concrete form panels, concrete wall and method of forming
Method of transporting prefabricated module with roof mounted in a horizontal position and apparatus for mounting the roof during transport
Seismic structural device
Gutter protection system
One-piece flashing
Hatch safety railing system
Device for forming an expansion joint in a floor surface
Building reinforcements
Portable restroom having a removable waste storage container and method therefor
Pyramid mausoleum and columbarium system and method
Method of mounting an auger to a motor vehicle
Process for the implementation of civil engineering works, swimming pools and water tanks in particular, and means for its implementation
Mounting structure and method for viscosity system damping wall
Moveable element key and key handle and lock
Lock with sensor
Tubular doorknob with adjustment devices for firmly mounting the tubular doorknob in a door
Door-locking device
Steel cable lock structure with internal multidirectional locking effect
Apparatus for controlling a door
Method of producing a panel fastener
Storage cabinet with locking system having dual release members
Pulley set for doors and windows
Hinge assembly for a vehicle door
Hinge assembly for a storage enclosure
Handicapped train-station gate
Fireproof door assembly structure
Insulated, weatherproof, and lockable pet door
Security gate
Apparatus for preventing floodwater from entering a building
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and systems for variable geometry turbocharger control
Air turbine starter with fluid flow control
Method of increasing engine temperature limit margins
Lean catalyst and particulate filter control
Fluid system for two hydraulic circuits having a common source of pressurized fluid
Turbocompound internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas oxygen sensor temperature control for a variable displacement engine
Method for controlling air flow to an engine
Method of reducing emissions in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas deNOx apparatus for engine
Nozzle throat area control apparatus and method
Outlet device for a jet engine
Thrust reverser position determination system and method
Convective power generating method and device
Flow restricting structure in displacement controlling mechanism of variable displacement compressor
Digital controlled fluid translating device
Sliding bearing for an internal combustion engine
Hydrostatic transmission with pressure regulation means
Filter assembly for a hydrostatic transaxle
Method of forming brush seals between rotating components
Dryer for a refrigerator and method for mounting the dryer
Apparatus for decreasing combustor emissions
Low cost high efficiency automotive turbines
Combustor liner with ring turbulators and related method
Method and apparatus for relieving stress in a combustion case in a gas turbine engine
Method and apparatus for cooling and cleaning air
Integrated suction line heat exchanger and accumulator
Refrigeration circuit
Ice machine with assisted harvest
Thermal energy storage system
Pre-conditioned solute for use in cryogenic processes
Blast nozzle
Web dryer with fully integrated regenerative heat source and control thereof
Coated substrate drying system with magnetic particle orientation
Anti-friction gun trigger
Gunsight and reticle therefor
Dual use body armor
Bubble level
Method of active fiber alignment with movable V-groove precision control microstructures
Test fixture and method
Testing for shorts between interconnect lines in a partially defective programmable logic device
Method for layout design and timing adjustment of logically designed integrated circuit
System for removing a uniform length of coating from a fiber optic cable
Method and apparatus for hermetically sealing fiber array blocks
Method of and apparatus for processing photographic photosensitive film
Correction of layout pattern data during semiconductor patterning process
System and method for inserting leakage reduction control in logic circuits
Logic optimization for preferential shields
Method and apparatus for performing extraction using a model trained with Bayesian inference using a hybrid monte carlo method
Method and apparatus for hierarchical clock tree analysis
Methods and apparatuses for non-equivalence checking of circuits with subspace
Wiring connection checking apparatus and method for CAD system and recording medium on which program therefor is recorded
Method for determining control line routing for components of an integrated circuit
Method of optimizing high performance CMOS integrated circuit designs for power consumption and speed
Visual display device
Artistic display
Work environment
License plate mounting bracket for a vehicle with a winch
Heatspreader for a flip chip device, and method for connecting the heatspreader
Method for producing a piezoelectric structural unit
Spring clip
Method for manufacturing electronic component
Terminal mounting method and apparatus
Method of forming a stator core assembly
Electric rotating machine and method of connecting feeding lead wires thereto
Manufacturing method of piezoelectric components
Pure red color detection circuit and color compensation circuit using the same
Microdevice feeder to assembly line holding connector system
Device and method for mounting parts
Multi-layer RF printed circuit architecture with low-inductance interconnection and low thermal resistance for wide-lead power devices
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