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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Substituted imidazopyrazines
Carrying system comprising a ballistic body armor
Multi-functional car seat gap filling device
Stitching to-combined component of textile and plastic
Development of photostable near-IR cyanine dyes for in vivo imaging
Antiviral drugs for treatment of arenavirus infection
Multiple substituted fluoromethanes as selective and bioactive isosteres
Compounds and methods for treatment of hypertension
Substituted heterocyclic amine compounds as cholestryl ester-transfer protein (CETP) inhibitors
Substituted naphthyridines for the treatment, amelioration or prevention of a viral disease
Pyrido[4,3-B]indoles and methods of use
SSX-2 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Peptide constructs derived from the GP120 C5 domain and GP41 transmembrane domain
Canine coronavirus vaccine
Antibodies to IL-1 R1 and methods of making them
Anti-c-Met antibodies
Performing Operations; Transporting
Condenser and method for heat recovery and cooling
Methods for producing nanoparticles using palladium salt and uses thereof
Gasification reactor having direct or indirect support at coolant inlet lines or mixture outlet lines
Separative bioreactor
Dry granulation of metallurgical slag
Manufacturing process of a structural component for a motor vehicle, plate bar for hot forming and structural component
Power tool
Pb-free solder alloy
MIG- or MAG-welding gun
Method of assemblying a segmented vein air pump in a tire
Method of manufacturing an elongate component
Automatic marking device
Macro-micro actuated distended guide rail precision rotation apparatus
Flexible diaphragm post-type floating and rigid abrading workholder
Brazed diamond tools and methods for making the same
Wrench device
Wall frame marking tool
Razor blade assembly
Cutting data generator, cutting apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing cutting data generating program
Method and apparatus for a rules based utilization of a minimum-slit-head configuration plunge slitter
High-shear melt-kneader and method of high shearing
Method for the manufacturing of a composite
Method for forming a package
Light guide plate having embedded impurities and method for the production thereof
Extrusion blow moulding equipement with reciprocating moulds moving "to and fro" having a small footprint
Stretching apparatus and method of manufacturing polyimide film using the same
Film opening mechanism
Methods, compositions and blends for forming articles having improved environmental stress crack resistance
Method and device for manufacturing a green tire
High strength galvannealed steel sheet with excellent appearance and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-layer additive texture laminates and methods
Patterned fine particle film structures
Tri-angle herringbone tape for composite panels
Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods
Liquid ejection apparatus including a liquid supply tube
Ink ejecting printer, ink ejecting printing system, ink ejecting printer control method, and ink ejecting printer control program
Ink cartridge for ink jet recording apparatus, connection unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Double patterning hard mask for damascene perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) writer
Wheel cover
Device for locking wheel rims for vehicles on repair workshop machines, particularly tire-changing machines or the like
Axle and production method thereof
Vehicle and vehicle driving device
Power transmission apparatus for vehicle
Control device for vehicle drive device
Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission
System and method for monitoring the torque of a motor vehicle engine
Vehicular floor mat
Wide-top decking beam
Vehicle light distribution control device and vehicle light distribution control method
Condiment packet holder for use with an automobile cupholder or air vent
Crash box
Apparatus for protecting automobile bumpers
Center consoles
Vehicle mounted golf bag holding device
Electrohydraulic brake system and method for operating the same
Vehicle collision management responsive to traction conditions in an avoidance path
Foldable cart
Cooler transporting device
Shopping cart storage system
Synchronized mechanical robot
Method for securing the control of the rear wheels of a motor vehicle provided with an electric power steering system
Methods and memorial buoys for providing memorials for loved ones
Marine craft engagement
Combination kayak and paddleboard watercraft apparatus and related methods
Atmospheric working cabin for underwater operation
Electronic flight controls with parallel processed torque and positioning for pilot or astronaut touch feedback
Motorised device and method of moving the device
Aircraft parachute with bowden cables energized by the dynamic shock of the canopy
Attitude control system for small satellites
Sleeving device, method and mandrel for arranging sleeves around products
Self service controlled beverage dispensing system
Carton with handle
Theft resistant product packaging
Portable cooler
Inflatable refuse containers and methods of use
Method and device for the transfer of piece goods to a conveying installation
Apparatus and method of egg transfer within an egg handling machine
Activation of an emergency light unit
Architectural layout for dilution with reduced wastage in digital microfluidic based lab-on-a-chip
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Self-regulated production, under submerged conditions, of a gas generated by chemical reaction between a liquid and solid; associated device
Wastewater processing systems for power plants and other industrial sources
Iron coordination polymers for adsorption of arsenate and phosphate
Ultraviolet water sterilization
Water purification device
Methods and apparatus for guiding flexible glass ribbons
High static fatigue alumina isopipes
Continuous strengthening device and a strengthening method thereof
Process for the production of chlorinated alkanes
Visual detection of fluoride ions
Systems and methods of producing aromatic products
Processes for producing isophthalic acid
Pure carboxylic acid filtration
Pyrrolidine derivatives
Process for preparation of (1S, 3S, 5S)-2-[(2S)-2-amino-2-(3-hydroxy-I-adamantyl) acetyl]-2-azabicyclo [3.1.0] hexane-3-carbonitrile
Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
Pyrazole indanyl carboxamides
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Process for the preparation of (R)-N-benzyl-2-acetamido-3-methoxypropionamide
Amorphous form of cabazitaxel and process for its preparation
2.5-furandicarboxylic acid integrated production process
Heterocyclic compound
Biaryl imidazole derivatives for regulating CYP17
Inhibition of enzymes
Bicyclic heteroaromatic compounds as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Aryl-quinoline derivatives
6-oxopurine phosphoribosyltransferase inhibitors
Imidazo[5,1-f][1,2,4]triazines for the treatment of neurological disorders
Method for producing complex of trisortho-metalated iridium, light-emitting material using said complex, and light-emitting element
Organic/inorganic hybrid solid IHM-2-N.sub.3 provided with an azide function, and method for manufacturing same
Method for producing solids from alkali salts of silanols
Dechlorination of alkyl-functional organosilanes and alkyl-functional organosiloxanes
High activity growth factor mutants
Method for administering homeopathically potentiated antibodies against mediator of inflammation
Oligopeptides and process for preparation thereof
Encapsulated mordant particle dispersion and method of preparing
Macromonomers for preparation of degradable polymers and model networks
Radiation-curing, highly functional polyurethane (meth)acrylate
Coating compositions and methods for using the same as a spot blender
Biodegradable adhesive compositions
Multi-amine functional oligomers and method for producing the same by the reduction of corresponding oximes
Resin composition for foaming containing biodegradable resin, and foam manufactured therefrom
Compositions comprising structural isomers of 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol dibenzoate and polymer compositions containing same
Phthalocyanine/ polymer nanocomposite ink for optoelectonics
Articles comprising a fluorochemical surface layer and related methods
Fluid conveying conduit
Production of liquid fuels (sylvan-liquid-fuels) from 2-methylfuran
Compositions of matter comprising extracted algae oil
Process for oligomerizing olefins
Gas oil composition and method for producing same
Friction modifier and their use in lubricants and fuels
Lubricating compositions and methods of use thereof
Methods for transforming yeast
Selective 3D biopatterning
Clusterin antisense therapy for treatment of cancer
Flagellin fusion proteins
Production of 1,4-butanediol by recombinant microorganisms
Differentiation of adipose stromal cells into osteoblasts and treating bones
Savinase variants having an improved wash performance on egg stains
Synthetic siRNA detection method
Method for screening for S1P lyase inhibitors using cultured cells
Lysis and reverse transcription for MRNA quantification
Device and kit for collecting forensic DNA from surfaces including fingerprints
Primers for detecting plasmodium
Methods and compositions for amplifying a detectable signal
Upregulation of rack-1 in melanoma and its use as a marker
Methods of making nanowires
Method for fabricating a layer with absorbing particles for an energy radiation
Device for high-temperature water electrolysis having improved operation
Textiles; Paper
Spool-less, continuous bobbin assembly and method of use
Automatically generating embroidery designs
Anti-UV fiber and method of manufacturing thereof
Fixed Constructions
Guardrail system with a releasable post
Runway snowblower
Full metal jacket compaction wheel cleat and method of manufacturing thereof
Method and arrangement for supporting structure
Dredging head apparatus
Control system for hybrid construction machine
Fastening systems and methods for fixing flexible material
Firewall system and method
Ventilating spacing strip between rear surface of siding and outer surface of structure allowing horizontal air circulation
Variable fastener for fixing a curtain wall
Prestressed modular foam structures
Controller for skylight energy management system
Modular parking place for bicycles
Wind energy plant tower
Mobile arched telescopic deployable stage system
Modular multipurpose platform and hardware
Mounting system for attaching a box in a compartment of an aircraft galley
Low profile security system for canine entry and exit
Sucker rod guide
Pressure compensating device
Dual wiper plug system
Altering the interface of hydrocarbon-coated surfaces
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems, methods, and apparatus for a turbine interstage rim seal
Variable valve timing device
Vehicle exhaust assembly
Valve configured for regulating the flow of fluid from a transmission to a cooler
Air heat exchanger
Vibration damping control device for vehicle
Full hoop casing for midframe of industrial gas turbine engine
Combined cycle with recirculation plant inlet oxygen concentration system
Fuel injector having press-fitting structures
Torque transmission mechanism
Direct-connected low-speed small mixed flow type water turbine applied in hydrodynamic energy-saving cooling tower
Wind turbine yaw or pitch bearing utilizing a threaded bearing surface
Jacket structure for offshore constructions
Wind turbine for generating electric energy
Solar-nuclear hybrid power plant
Regenerative hydraulic pump
Method and system for cooling a motor-compressor with a closed-loop cooling circuit
Regulation valve for a gas cooking appliance
Sheetrock wall anchor
Composite material roller for high-temperature annealing
Roller-type friction transmission unit
Rack and pinion steering gear unit
Surface positioning for compressible seal arrangement
Opening degree detection device for manual valve
Valve including a device for immobilizing a journal, energy conversion installation/fluid distribution network including such a valve and method of demounting such a valve
Tool for deflecting spray from flange coupling
Lateral pipe-lining method
Holder for semiconductor wafers and flat substrates
Light source module and lighting device having the same
Mixed light source
LED light having edge mounted LED's
Wide-angle LED lamp with obliquely-placed LED boards and manufacturing process thereof
Adjustable solar charged lamp
Magnetic pivot connector structure for lamp
Fuel selection valve assemblies
Air-conditioning controlling device and method
Method and apparatus for solar pool heating
Seasonally adjusting apparatus for collecting solar thermal energy
Ice maker with thermoelectrically cooled mold for producing spherical clear ice
System and method for control of heat system operation by changing a switching set point of operation
Ice maker
Auto cleaner for gun barrel
Dual-barrel air gun and bullet duct switching device
Electric toy gun structure
Apparatus for processing and dispensing incendiary capsules
Cable cutting system for retrieval of exercise mines and other underwater payloads
Method and system for optical coherence tomography
Multi-channel optical coherence tomography
Computer-implemented system and method for social routing
System and methods for handheld device based battery efficient context monitoring, detection of a vehicular motion and identification of a specific vehicle
Digital flowmeter
Swiveling check plug for heavy-duty commercial gear system housings
Method and system for characterizing color variation of a surface
Photonic sensing method and device
Evaluating semiconductor wafers for pitch walking and/or epitaxial merge
Method for improving a chromatographic detection limit for an analyte
Integrated nanopore and paul trap mechanism for DNA capture and motion control
Bioelectronic tongue for food allergy detection
Agglutination assay
Antigenic structure and uses thereof for screening trypanosomiases in humans and animals
Direct enzyme immunoassay for measurement of serum progesterone levels
Speed sensor comprising a Costas loop
Compact shunt for current measurement
Image forming system, power calculation method, and power calculating apparatus
Method for adjusting the radial gaps which exist between blade airfoil tips or rotor blades and a passage wall
Managing redundancy repair using boundary scans
Acoustic proximity sensing
Assisted guidance navigation
Photon detector with a paralyzable photon-sensitive element, in particular SPAD, and distance measuring device comprising said type of photon detector
Compositions and methods for determining directionality of radiation
Methods and devices for transformation of collected data for improved visualization capability
Dual field of view optics with non-mechanical switching
Wide-angle projection lens and projection display device using the same
Optical system and image projecting apparatus using the same
Display apparatus with stiction reduction features
Goggle type display system
Projector encasement
Dispersions of silicon nanoparticles
Optical assembly with diffractive optical element
Lenses, devices, methods and systems for refractive error
Liquid crystal display, panel therefor, and manufacturing method thereof
Display device with thermal link
Camera mounting device
Camera motion damping
Developing solution composition for lithographic printing plate precursor and method for producing lithographic printing plate
Methods and patterning devices for measuring phase aberration
Transverse electric-field type liquid crystal display device, process of manufacturing the same, and scan-exposing device
Image forming apparatus with lubricant supply
Image forming apparatus
Developer container, developing device, processing unit, image forming device, and method of manufacturing developer container
Residual voltage reducing processing cartridge, image forming apparatus with same, and image forming method
Charger, ion generator, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Developing device and image forming apparatus including a toner bearing member having a predetermined relationship with toner
Toner for electrostatic-image development and toner cartridge containing the same therein
Elastic member for image forming apparatus containing a base and an elastic layer, and fixing member, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus executing image adjustment during fixing temperature waiting time
Toner container, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Digital holography device and image generation method using digital holography
Alkali metal cell, atomic oscillator, and alkali metal cell fabricating method
Servo motor drive
Human-tracking method and robot apparatus for performing the same
Actuator for a gas valve
Test head vertical support system
Observing embedded signals of varying clock domains by fowarding signals within a system on a chip concurrently with a logic module clock signal
Debug system, electronic control unit, information processing unit, semiconductor package, and transceiver circuit
Reducing power consumption during graphics rendering
Inter-processor attestation hardware
System and method for transmitting data in storage controllers
Fault handling in a distributed IT environment
Error protection for a data bus
Aiding resolution of a transaction
System and method for correlating empirical data with user experience
Dynamic hierarchical memory cache awareness within a storage system
Dynamic hierarchical memory cache awareness within a storage system
Anticipatorily loading a page of memory
Short circuit of probes in a chain
Efficient allocation and reclamation of thin-provisioned storage
Method, computer program product, and hardware product for eliminating or reducing operand line crossing penalty
Print control system, print control method, and computer program product
System for testing a browser-based application
User interface for variable access control system
Techniques to remotely manage a multimedia conference event
System and method for collaborative communications and information sharing
Techniques for identifying and linking related content
Fast snapshots
Systems and methods for contextual recommendations
Automated tracker and analyzer
Virtual game assistant based on artificial intelligence
Method for in-browser visual HTML editing via bi-directional navigation and virtual properties
Sentiment analysis from social media content
Priority search trees
Managing test data in large scale performance environment
Method, computer readable storage medium and computer system for obtaining snapshots of data
Method for mirroring a log file by threshold driven synchronization
Method for evaluating a production rule for a memory management analysis
Finding multiple field groupings in semi-structured documents
Security facility for maintaining health care data pools
Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from an operating system
Dense tree volume metadata update logging and checkpointing
Methods, apparatus and system for providing and retrieving web contents
System and method of authenticating an immigration visa card holder using an interactive immigration card
System and method of authenticating an immigration visa card holder using an interactive immigration card
Auto update utility for digital address books
Topography simulation apparatus, topography simulation method and recording medium
Gate-length biasing for digital circuit optimization
System, method, and computer program product for ensuring that each simulation in a regression is running a unique configuration
Interpolation techniques used for time alignment of multiple simulation models
Circuit design support method, computer product, and circuit design support apparatus
Method for creating digital circuits of a feedback control system that implements an approximation technique for model predictive control (MPC)
Robot, robot hand, and method for adjusting holding position of robot hand
Computer device, a method for controlling a login status of a computer device and a server
Detecting sensitive data access by reporting presence of benign pseudo virus signatures
Processor instruction based data prefetching
Registering and controlling policies of applications
Logging, editing and production system for activities of local interest and related video
Object tracking in a 3-dimensional environment
Three-dimensional image display device and driving method thereof
Three-dimensional pointing using one camera and three aligned lights
Computer and mouse cursor control method
Display and display control circuit
Portable device and operation method thereof
Charge recycling system and method
Mutual capacitive touch panel and touch control system
Touch location sensing system and method employing sensor data fitting to a predefined curve
Multiple user data entry system and method
Electronic device and method for controlling virtual keyboards
Value specification in a responsive interface control
Value specification in a responsive interface control
Synchronous control system including a master device and a slave device, and synchronous control method for controlling the same
Interface control apparatus, data storage apparatus and interface control method
Computer system, management method of the computer system, and program
Apparatus and method for sharing resources between storage devices
Transmitting data by means of storage area network
Image communication apparatus, method and storage medium with archiving function
Secure approval process
Display apparatus, client, image display system including the same, and image displaying method
Data perturbation and anonymization using one way hash
Extending platform trust during program updates
Notebook computer authorized with touch track
Goal-driven search of a stochastic process using reduced sets of simulation points
Apparatus and method for operating a hybrid drive system during an extended braking condition
Method for secure self-booting of an electronic device
Computing device with asynchronous auxiliary execution unit
Lower power assembler
Binary translator with precise exception synchronization mechanism
Processor implemented systems and methods for reversible debugging using a replicate process system call
Event overflow handling by coalescing and updating previously-queued event notification
Impact analysis of change requests of information technology systems
License management system
Configuration management center
Debugging data format conversion
System and method to reduce memory usage by optimally placing VMS in a virtualized data center
System and method to reduce memory usage by optimally placing VMS in a virtualized data center
Resource aware scheduling in a distributed computing environment
Modular USB flash drives with replaceable housings
Schedule impact map
Device to document processes
Information processing apparatus, printing system, error notification method, and storage medium storing program thereof
System and method for confirming mail delivery using an interactive electronic card
System for RFID communication
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
Visual rules for decision management
Biometric information correction apparatus, biometric information correction method and computer-readable recording medium for biometric information correction
Techniques for medical image retrieval
Duplicate check image resolution
System and method of determining material reaction or sensitivity using high-speed video frames
Pattern inspection apparatus and pattern inspection method
Method of extracting contour of tomogram, and computer-readable storage medium and apparatus therefor
Parallel processing method and apparatus for determining text information from an image
Video processing apparatus, video processing method, and recording medium
Virtual image generation
System for creating a capsule representation of an instructional video
Quotient appearance manifold mapping for image classification
User terminal device, server device, system and method for assessing quality of media data
Method and system for kanban cell neuron network
Transaction model with structural and behavioral description of complex transactions
Method and system for analyzing business architecture
Optimizing the selection, verification, and deployment of expert resources in a time of chaos
Auditing system and method
Early alert system and method for livestock disease detection
Associating financial transaction with advertisement
Light signal device and method for ascertaining the degree of soiling of a shutter disk for a signal generator
Method and system for transmitting video images using video cameras embedded in signal/street lights
Autonomous vehicle and method for coordinating the paths of multiple autonomous vehicles
Persistent instrument
User interface device, image forming apparatus, user interface control method, and computer program product
Touch sensitive crystal ball
Frame trim extrusion
Organic light emitting diode display apparatus and pixel circuit thereof
Systems and methods for monitoring LCD display panel resistance
Image displaying device
Stringed instrument plectrum cover
Dynamic tape storage library for data management
Data storage device
Apparatus and method for adjusting a phase of a data clock signal using a predetermined bit pattern
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection using low viscosity ESD dissipating adhesive substantially free of agglomerates
Dual port SRAM bitcell structures with improved transistor arrangement
Methods and circuits for generating physically unclonable function
Semiconductor storage device
Programming memory cells according to a rank modulation scheme
Multiple level cell memory device with single bit per cell, re-mappable memory block
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device changing the number of selected bits and/or the number of selected bays at data write operation
Methods and apparatus for suppressing tritium permeation during tritium production
Sputtering target, transparent conductive film and transparent electrode
Injection-molded reactor and compound used in same
Intelligent magnetic system
Multilayer ceramic electronic component
Laminate type energy device and method of manufacturing the same
Double-center quaternary ammonium salt ion liquid, preparation method therefor and use thereof
Magnetic contactor
Electrical device with axial control
Electromagnetic relay
Flat filament for an X-ray tube, and an X-ray tube
Methods for forming crystalline IGZO through annealing
Metal laminated structure and method for producing the metal laminated structure
Transistor with improved sigma-shaped embedded stressor and method of formation
Replacement gate electrode with multi-thickness conductive metallic nitride layers
Photoelectric conversion element and dye-sensitized solar cell
Thermoelectric device which provides for varying the effective height of the contacts of a thermocouple, and method for manufacturing the device
Polymer blends and their use in organic light emitting devices
Vehicle-side charging connector with connector main body usable with plural different vehicles
Communication and control regarding electricity provider for wireless electric vehicle electrical energy transfer
Communication and control system and method regarding electric vehicle for wireless electric vehicle electrical energy transfer
Methods and systems for efficient battery charging and usage
Digital-to-analog converter circuit and display driver
Combined soft detection/soft decoding in tape drive storage channels
Timing error detector for adverse channel conditions
Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for automatic control of active noise cancellation
Extensible WSE hub to support a multi-hop tree of USB hubs or peripherals over a wireless link
Method and system for sending, routing, and receiving information using concise messages
Maximum likelihood bit-stream generation and detection using M-algorithm and infinite impulse response filtering
Music integration for use with video editing systems and method for automatically licensing the same
Multi-camera vehicular image recorder
Valve controlled, node-level vapor condensation for two-phase heat sink(s)
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System for spreading particulate materials
Aerial reforestation system
Apparatus for securing an implement to a transporter
Compact butter maker
Method and a device for milking an animal
Cat litter storage and dispensing system
Mouse and cheese cat toy
Pet waste collection and disposal glove
Method for localizing allantoic fluid of avian eggs
Animal feeder device
Method for feeding aquatic animals
Double-bearing type reel
Hunting stand and blind
Extruder die and cutter assembly for extruding filled food pieces
Apparatus for aligning fabricated snack food chips
Continuous system and method for producing frozen food products
Convertible combination batter mixer and applicator machine
Installation for coating products with a pulverulent material
Tobacco recovery system
Thermoelectric air-condition apparatus
Wearable display
Apparatus and method for hair extension
Universal golf umbrella
Rotation locker stand for outdoor umbrellas
Vacuum insulated lunch box
Container for storing and applying a liquid deodorant
Backpack for displaying objects stored within
Toothbrush holder adapter
Easy clean equine body brush
Table construction
Collapsible notebook computer platform
Water dispenser stand with storage
Pull-out device for a tall cupboard drawer
Height adjustable table
Headpiece for patient support
Rocking motion immobilizer
Foldable chair having a reduced storage space in a folded state and adjustable backrest inclination
Chair with synchronized rocking seat and backrest
Lawn furniture attachment
Interchangeable accessory anchoring device for wheelchair or the like
Ventilated seat pad
Reinforcing grommet and supporting brace combination for use with collapsible furniture
Convertible swing/highchair
Shipper and display carton
Display stand
Rack for removably holding rods
Coffee mug removable docking station
Illuminated drinking vessel with releasably attachable light source
Container with illuminated interior visual display
Billed cap storage and shaping device
Plug connection for a coffee making apparatus
Machine to produce espresso coffee
System for electronically monitoring scaling in an apparatus for heating and/or evaporating a liquid
Condiment grinder residue catch
Hand operated centrifugal dryer
Mechanical safety device for food processing appliance
Center-pull sheet material dispenser
Load lifting/lowering mechanism for a washer
Hand-held cleaning device and a cleaning system
Method of treatment of prostatic adenoma
Determination of ocular refraction from wavefront aberration data and design of optimum customized correction
Diagnosing apparatus
Force measuring apparatus
Combined stethoscope and reflex hammer
Device for curing photosensitive dental compositions with off-axis lens and method of curing
Dental adaptor device
Coupling adaptor for use with an air/water syringe tip of a fluid dispensing device
Dental prophylaxis handpiece
Dental instruments and method for increasing patient comfort
Self-limiting occlusion reduction burr and method of use
Tooth preparation instrument and system of its use
Dental articulator
Protective eyewear with adjustable strap
Locking device
Apparatus and method for treatment of amblyopia
Programmable automatic pill dispenser
Sealed back pressure breathing device
Delivery device
Method and arrangement for evaluating effective flow resistance of patient breathing circuit
Drug delivery mask for animals
Disposable active humidifier for the mechanical ventilation of a patient
Device for fixing a lifeline against a wall
Emergency breathing apparatus incorporating gas storage vessel comprising a polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Pre-fabricated fireproof bulkhead with special interlocking joints for a ship
Portable fire protection apparatus and method using water mist
Method of making golf bags and golf bags made by same
Golf bag retaining device
Encapsulated quintuple composite mouthguard
Steering device for a skateboard
Fixing structure for skis
System and method for concurrently playing multiple communal card poker games
Method of playing Super Pan 9
Card game
Casino card game method
Row-forming marble board game
Baseball trivia game
Games and toys
Fish throwing game
Pendulum driven animated figurine
Bobbling head toy figurine with photo receiving chamber
Stuffed toy whose weight can be freely set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Layered-type of heat exchanger and use thereof
Screens for vibratory separators
Filter material having adjustable wettability and method for its manufacture
Multiple radial arm etched disc filter element
Snap-on central support tube for a filter element
Sealed connection device for a ventilation filter
Method and device for producing hot working gases
Compartmented gas flue for NOx control and particulate removal
Cover assembly for a paint can
Porous air diffuser for treatment of liquids
Apparatus for securing water aerating devices to air supply conduits
Heat exchanger and/or fluid mixing means
Packing for heat-exchange and mass-transfer columns
Ordered column packing with a fine structuring
Product dispenser with a flexible pouch
Air gun with integral air powered light
Hand-held water nozzle for gardening or washing
Rotary vibrating applicator for viscous materials
Bowl centrifuge nozzle
Gun for sealing with sealing wax
Fluid pump and cartridge
Apparatus and method for cleaning and drying object
Apparatus and method for preventing bacteria from propagating and removing bacteria in drink conveying pipe
Adapter for drain clearing tool
Fluid conveying tube as well as method and device for manufacturing the same
Member comprising several layers of a flat material and method for making the same
Insert pipe for injection molding, insert pipe processing method, and molded article
Soft touch infeed
Fastener injector system and method
Method for producing casted body having thin portion
Substrate support and method of fabricating the same
Directional solidification method and apparatus
Composite rotary tool and tool fabrication method
Clamping chuck for clamping tools by shrinkage
Wall fishing method and apparatus
Tool for removing broken fittings
Apparatus and method for locating an object behind a panel and cutting an aperture in the panel to reveal the object
Adjustable insert seat
Cable-saw machine
Dust collection system
Solder jet machine and soldering method
Method for forming a flip chip semiconductor package
Friction agitation joining tool and friction agitation joining method using the same
Method and apparatus using laminated foils for placing conductive preforms
Coded and electronically tagged welding wire
Die apparatus for cutting end of bumper bar
Locking device
Wood-turning lathe
Pick-up and back machining system for a multi-spindle machine
Router baseplate assembly precision aligner and guide
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
Polishing end point detecting device for wafer polishing apparatus
Magnetic remote-retrieval device
Structure of a ratchet wheel having a ratchet wheel allowing a smooth teeth returning after application of the ratchet wrench
Hex wrench storage member
Tool device with reversible drill bit/screw bit
Construction of hand tool set
Combination electrical hand-held tool
Protected tool bushing for an impact hammer
Folding multipurpose tool including blade lock release mechanism
Power tools having timer devices
Battery-powered screwdriver with integral bit holder
Robot with a retaining strip which can be placed on a gearbox for fixing control cams
Method and apparatus for cutting elastomeric materials
Device of depth index of a planing machine
Lumber trim end chipper
Reusable in situ concrete test specimen apparatus and method
Method and system to compound silicone compositions
Injection molding method and apparatus with improved clamping unit
Integrally-reinforced braided tubular structure and method of producing the same
Inflating device and method of use
Lens mold carriers
Pneumatic radial tire and method of manufacturing the same
Hydromechanical press drive
Container shaped as an upwardly tapering cone
Encapsulated imbricated armor system
Fuel saving combustion engine insulation method and system
Imaging apparatus and printing plate mounting surface for use in an imaging apparatus having printing plate registration detection
Accessory for a printing unit
Device for drawing a web into a printing press
Web-fed rotary press
Printing machine for printing both sides of flat objects
Device and method for application of coating powder
Ink-jet printer having heating control for print medium
Ink jet printer and cleaning blade and method of cleaning
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
Printer assembly and printer
Printing apparatus
Ink jet printer, an initialization control method therefor, and a data recording medium
Integral actuation linkage for paper diverter for switch to straight-through paper path
Ink jet color printer and relative method of operation
Cassette with consumable tape, in particular for transport ticket processing device
Ballistic aerosol marking apparatus for marking a substrate
Ink jet recording apparatus capable of reading images having an installation unit for installing an image reading head
Ink jet printerhead with a plurality of nozzles and two distinct groups of filters
Electrostatic ink jet head
Ink jet recording apparatus and recording method
Method for adjusting an amount of discharge between a plurality of liquid discharge nozzle units, an ink jet driving method using such method of adjustment, and an ink jet apparatus
Control system for spraying electrically conductive liquid
Printing system
Thermal ink-jet head and recording apparatus
Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
Ink-jet head nozzle plate, its manufacturing method and ink-jet head
Preliminary discharge acceptor mechanism and printing apparatus provided with the preliminary discharge acceptor mechanism
Cleaning ink jet printheads and orifices
Manifold intake for coupling ink supplies with foam/filter fluidic interconnects to tube-based printing systems
Long-life spring-backed fluid interconnect seal
Ink container, holder for ink container, ink jet recording apparatus having holder and mounting method for mounting ink container to holder
Ink container and ink jet cartridge
Ink cartridge
Inks-and-printing-media-integrated pack, ink-jet printing apparatus and method
Complementary recording system using multi-scan
Complementary recording system using multi-scan
Inkjet printer with cleaning means
Holder for self-inking stamps
Stencil printing machine and method for printing in one-sided and two-sided printing modes
Apparatus for transporting and delivering individual sheets
Mass produced business mailer
Upright file storage unit
Indexing system package and display system
Photograph album page and system
Bicycle hub with spoke seal
Double shouldered jam nut for attaching a wheel liner to different wheels and methods of use thereof
Pneumatic vehicle tire including rubber reinforcing plies in side wall regions
Swivel connection for controlling of the air pressure in a tire for a vehicle
Retractable hitch
Versitile trailer hitch mounting system
Device for attaching to a tow hitch attached to a vehicle
Quick release mechanism for detachable hitch
Pneumatic suspension system
Floating rod guide
Vehicle having suspension system with variable camber and vertical suspension in the plane of the wheel
Vehicle suspension apparatus
Composite control arm shaft
Apparatus for dampening vibrations of an automatic guided vehicle
Subframe for a motor vehicle
Elastomeric mounting (c)
Axle suspension of rigid axles
Air cooler for inclined roof-tops
Displacement control apparatus for variable displacement compressor
Bracket for mounting an accessory on vehicle body
Mounting bracket for vehicle visor and method of mounting bracket and visor in a vehicle
Automatic tarp tensioning device
Convertible vehicle
Clip-retainer for heat exchanger
Plastic container
Fuel supplying apparatus and control method thereof
Four-wheel vehicle for traveling on irregular road
Automobile with different diameter differential gear sets having the same gear ratio
Mounting of a gear-shift in a motor vehicle
Antivibration device and mechanical assembly comprising such antivibration device
Apparatus, systems and methods for levitating and moving objects
Seat track protector assembly for vehicle
Folding seat hinge assembly with lift and push handle activation
Tray table for a child's car seat and associated methods
Head restraint for a vehicle seat
Friction damper for vehicle accessories
Automatic fold-up jack for an implement transporter
Bed liner cargo clamp and system
Spring-loaded object clamp
Truck bed cargo holder
Interior-mounted emergency vehicle signal device
Side view mirror with integral lighting
Rear lighting backplate
Safety reflector for vehicles
Interchangeable mirror scalp for trailer towing
Single-motor-and-cam, remotely adjustable, vehicle mirror system
Arrangement for rapid securing of an apparatus in an installation opening in a central console or the like of a motor vehicle
Electrical junction box for a vehicle
Birdcage torsion harness assembly for rotating gimbal
Bumper system for an automotive vehicle
Rollover protection system for motor vehicles
Automotive vehicle air bag system
Head protection system for occupants of motor vehicles
Modular instrument panel system having a flat flexible bus
Gas generator for an air bag and air system
Obstruction inference apparatus for vehicle
Seat belt retractor with shaft supporting mechanism
Folding step for trailer hitch
Coin case for automobile
Locking device for wheels of a golf cart
Parking lock device for a saddle riding type vehicle
Brake wire connecting device for a stunt bike
Pneumatic servobrake
Parking brake switch for an electro-hydraulic brake system
Method and apparatus for calculating actuation control of an FDR/ESP hydro-subassembly for reduction of hydraulic noises
Disk brake mounting bracket and high gain torque sensor
Multi-unit railroad freight car for carrying cargo containers between container well units
Automated railway monitoring system
Switch box for railway, tramway points, or similar, particularly of the so called english type
Fork lift trolley
Stock cart
Ball spline joint and intermediate shaft for use in a steering column assembly
Steering wheel torque and position sensor
Vehicle door hinge attachment system and method
Body structure of vehicle
Expandable utility trailer system
Rear wheel steering apparatus
Speed controller of a bicycle
Jogging kick scooter
Disc brake caliper assembly
Cable guide in a shift lever for bicycle gears
Convertible snow cycle/bicycle apparatus
Long track mountain snowmobile and a track therefor
Steering and lubrication system component arrangement for land vehicles
Automatically tightening pedal strap
Evacuation refuge
Method of removing or positioning a substructure of an offshore platform
Utility pocket for a life-jacket
Multipurpose control mechanism for a marine vessel
Backup governing system for a variable pitch propeller
Method of steering aircraft, and aircraft
Air drop container assembly
Short-haul escape system and method
Packaging method for infrared special material
Method for limiting interference between satellite communications systems
Spacecraft solar panel spherical trickle charger
Thermal control system for controlling temperature in spacecraft
Device for accelerated conveying of a package introduced between two vertical belts
Refuse collecting tool
Bag opener support apparatus
Pallet for shrinkwrapped packaging of block rubber
Handle for carrying plastic bags
Liquid dispensing closure
Canister with paper and plastic layers and a plastic lid for containing a particulate-type product, such as a ready-to-eat cereal
Dual article package
Locking seal with distortable body
Tool free, easy-opening insulation package
Novelty dispenser
Valve for aerosol container
Ergonomic aerosol dispensing system
Pressure relief valve for an inhalator
Carrier for rolls of metal sheet
Center opening treatment tank for use with metal tank flanges
Low profile extended flow track system
Apparatus for storing and transferring planar products, provided with parking station
Parts handling device for press
Device for sealing lateral edge areas of an endless conveyor belt
Modular roller conveyor system
Vacuum assisted walking beam apparatus
Rotary valve to feed artificial snow at constant rate
Device for palletizing parcels
Presentation control for flat article singulation mechanism and sensors suitable for use therewith
Rolled-paper holding mechanism and a printer including same
Method and apparatus for stabilizing the running of a web in a paper machine or a like
Removable bearing
Method for transferring signatures and gripper assembly for a matched velocity transfer device
Device for forming a sheet pile for a sheet fed rotary printing press
Adhesive tape dispenser
Apparatus for making a plurality of blown optical fiber insertions into a duct
Apparatus for controlling the tension of a traveling yarn in an automatic winding device
Spooling device with a support
Device for starting a work station of a cheese-producing textile machine
Flyer determination and elimination for side edge electronic registration
Method and apparatus for multiple document detection using ultrasonic phase shift amplitude
Fiber optic cable spool
Optical fiber management installation appliance
Control method and apparatus for a hydraulic elevator using only load pressure data
Speech-controlled location-familiar elevator
Elevator guide shoe
Self-adjusting connector and related methods of connecting
Drywall panel carrier attachable to lift platform
Resilient air compressible apparatus
Apparatus for opening a bottle sealed with a cork stopper
Liquid depth sensing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Net molded tantalum carbide rocket nozzle throat
Ink jet printing method
Ink jet printing method
Ink set for an ink-jet recording method
Candle with falling sections
Method of operating a rotary hearth furnace
Ti alloy poppet valve and a method of manufacturing the same
Textiles; Paper
Process for the operation of a bobbin creel and bobbin creel for a winding system
Apparatus for the manufacture of leno fabrics
Press fabric with bundled yarn for pulp machine
Carpet backing and methods of making and using the same
Braiding machine and method of operating same
Fixed Constructions
Particle dispenser with fluid assist to control particle velocity for use on a moving vehicle
Method for controlling the amount of ionized gases and/or particles over roads, streets, open spaces or the like
Interlocking mat system for construction of load supporting surfaces
Pavement marker with improved daytime visibility and fluorescent durability
Solidified composition to strengthen weak stratum and constructing method using the same
Method and device for determining the operating time and the operating condition of a hydraulic percussion unit
Plow for installing utility lines
Dual inlet air gap
Ball cock assembly, float assembly for same, and method of controlling liquid level in a tank
Device and method for connecting concrete plies in pre-cast concrete wall and ceiling panels
Temporary post support
Panic handle for doors
Vehicle door latch with double lock
Electrically controlled actuator for a vehicle door latch assembly
Drawer closing and latching system
Marking device in paper money theft proof system
Vertical blinds curtain attachment
Covering for blinds
Header and removable pin, used particularly for fly screens and fly screen assemblies
Unplanar non-axisymmetric inserts
Impregnated bit with PDC cutters in cone area
Rolling cone bit with gage and off-gage cutter elements positioned to separate sidewall and bottom hole cutting duty
Time-delayed connector latch
Pipe connector
Blasthole drill with rotary head carriage resiliently held on a mast
Seal assembly for dual string coil tubing injection and method of use
Abrasive jet drilling assembly
Positioning assembly
Energized sealing cartridge for annulus sealing between tubular well components
Rotational mounts for blowout preventer bonnets
Apparatus and methods for utilizing expandable sand screen in wellbores
Shaped charge for large diameter perforations
Planar-divergent valve insert
Earth boring apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Zero leakage valveless positive fluid displacement device
Scroll vacuum pump with improved performance
Tandem guide vanes
Methods and apparatus for minimizing gas turbine engine thermal stress
Reduced-stress compressor blisk flowpath
Closed loop steam cooled airfoil
Induction system for engine
Mounting device of cam chain guide
Accessory drive for the valves of an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine for motor vehicles and the like
Variable lost motion valve actuator and method
Handheld type four-cycle engine
Method and apparatus for a lubricant conditioning system
Muffler/exhaust extractor
Catalyst exhaust system
Vehicle exhaust system and method of manufacture
Marine engine winterizing system
Adapter for a coolant transfer machine, methods of transferring coolant and kit
Internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio mechanism
Crankshaft for a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Two-cylinder overhead-valve V-engine
Exhaust system for outboard motor
Method of and apparatus for producing power
Intake air flow rate controlling device
Control for spark-ignited direct fuel injection internal combustion engine
Device and method for controlling engines
Characteristics adjusting means of physical quantity sensing device and thermal type air flow measuring instrument
Electronic throttle spring torque adaptation system
Hypocycloid engine
Method of economy of fuel and reduction of toxic material in the exhaust of all the combustion engines
Electrically controlled valve
Controllable air intake system for an internal combustion engine and control process therefor
Electric fuel pump
Fuel injection valve
Valve system for controlling the fuel intake pressure in a high-pressure pump
Fuel injector cover
Modular fuel injector having an integral or interchangeable inlet tube and having a terminal connector interconnecting an electromagnetic actuator with an electrical terminal
Swirl injector for internal combustion engine
Flow meter
EMD-type injector with improved spring seat
Radial plunger machine
Slurry piston pump with cylinder cleaning apparatus
Compressor having check valve and oil separator unit
System and method for recovering from a power failure in a cryopump
Profiled plate valve
Electronic bore pressure optimization mechanism
Plunger pump
Ball screw driven pump
Electric motor pump with axial-flow impellers
Blower assembly with multi segmented support arrangement for split air conditioner
Side exhaust fan structure
Fan blower with durable bearing structure
Impeller for axial flow type blower
Fan in which motor yoke is mounted by caulking or spot welding and the mounting method thereof
Centrifugal blower and portable power working machine
Blowing fan assembly for a window-type air conditioner
Two piece blower housing with vibration absorbing bottom piece and mounting flanges
Method for producing a vacuum by a pumping-ejection system
Oscillatory pump-conveyor for transporting liquid-solid mixture with the employment of rotational and inertial forces
Pneumatic actuator
Clip for holding two or more sheet-like materials together
Method for mounting a housing to an object and devices related thereto
Metal fastening member with separatable flaring cap
One-piece connector for elongated object holder
Beam automatic lock
Force coupling transfer device
Method for adjusting the idle position of a throttle pull
Aluminum thrust washer
Slide apparatus and its stage mechanism for use in vacuum
Bismuth tracer bearings
Calibrated sliding bearing bushing and calibrating tool for producing the sliding bearing bushing
Oil annulus to circumferentially equalize oil feed to inner race of a bearing
Thrust plate assembly
Driving force transmission system
Brake cable mounting structure for a drum brake device
Hydraulically damping rubber bearing with uncoupling element
Engine mount
Active vibration isolation systems with nonlinear compensation to account for actuator saturation
Gas filled cylinder
Controllable magneto-rheological fluid damper
Bicycle cable connector for splicing two cables in series
Mechanical transmission module
Method of operating a torque transfer system
Anti-rollback system for automatic transmission and method thereof
Fiber gasket and method of making same
Elastomer seal between a piston and a cylinder or a shaft on an automatic transmission
Ball check valve
Pressure relief valve
Flow control device
Female coupling member with recessed flow passages
Ball-bearing coupler
Seal mechanism for bayonet-type connector
Tap and saddle for forming a hinged coupon
Connection fitting with clamping collet for elongated bodies
Distribution system for gases
Foldable decorative light
Beacon light
Lighting fixture lens retainer
Luminaire latch
Retainer for a light fixture
Method and apparatus for lighting
Miniature LED flashlight
Light emitting diode 9-volt battery snap flashlight
Lighting fixture
Decorative candle and oil lamp assembly
Operating-room lighting device with a lighting unit comprising a discharge lamp
Light tube
Apparatus for continuously monitoring liquid level conditions in a liquid-vapor separating device
Swirler burner
Blower housing with integral exhaust flange
Thermostat three-way control valve equipped with automatic air vent valve for air conditioning fan-coil unit
Refrigeration system, and method of updating and operating the same
Inlet baffle for water heater
Heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning device including a thermal loop equipped with a heat exchanger
Automatic bolt hold-open assembly
Apparatus and method for scoring dart games
Segmented kinetic energy explosively formed penetrator assembly
Spin-stabilized projectile with a braking device
Immediate battle damage assessment of missile attack effectiveness
Apparatus and method of inspecting gage
Inertial rate sensor and method with improved tuning fork drive
Pointer instrument
Pipe connection system
Gas flow measurement
Coriolis effect transducer
Device and method for measuring vibration
Temperature sensor with optical fibre
Conveyor oven profiler with simplified temperature sensor connection scheme
Manometer having dual pressure sensors
Environmentally sealed instrument loop adapter
Thermal management in a pressure transmitter
Sensor formed on silicon on insulator structure and having reduced power up drift
Method for determining a weak cylinder in an internal combustion engine
Method for determining the balancer condition of a balanced engine
Tire testing machine
Method and apparatus for cycle testing a motor vehicle closure panel
Apparatus for measuring thermomechanical properties of photo-sensitive materials
Device for determining the corrosion of the grinding bodies in a rotary mill
Glass container inspection machine
Method and device for generating a signal according to a liquid film on a surface
Arrangement for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of particles in gases
Gas sensor including inorganic powder filling gap between measuring element and metallic shell
Method of assessing the effects of yarn defects on textile fabrics
Cartridge loader and methods
Automated monitoring of ESD (electro static discharge) of each of a plurality of operators in a production area
Modeling and analysis of an object comprised of more than one component
Reflection type optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Color image display apparatus
Digital image projector with oriented fixed-polarization-axis polarizing beamsplitter
Optical switch system and method for aligning optical axis therein
Fiber optic connection system
Methods and apparatus for controlling access to an optical interface
Optoelectronic assembly and method for fabricating the same
Integrated surface-emitting optoelectronic module and the method for making the same
Optical connector receptacle having switching capability
Spring clip
Eyeglass retainer with fashion accessory having closure means to hold material of the accessory securely against eyeglass temple piece
Eyeglass support temple and procedure for the manufacture thereof
Design of a soft contact lens based upon novel methods of corneal topographic analysis
Multifocal ophthalmic lenses and processes for their production
Method of fabricating a matrix display system
Method and apparatus for compensating a projected image
System and method for facilitating selection of optimized optical proximity correction
Substrate processing apparatus
Control system for adjustable pedal assembly
Price check assistant
Bar code printing method for tire and printing equipment therefor
Card connector
Bar code processing method for a network kiosk
Identification bracelet
Automated edge processing of financial transaction cards
Triggering method for a produce recognition system
System and method for transferring value to a magnetic stripe on a transaction card
Card charging system
System and method of displaying information about an item by an electronic display
In-line verification, reporting and tracking apparatus and method for mail pieces
Automatic teller machines
Coin validators
Transaction record storing device and transaction machine including same
Street lamp to carry a luminous plate and for lighting
Coupon booklet and method
Lighted letter panel
Device for storing recording media
Method and apparatus for testing microactuators on a suspension assembly
Electron beam lithography apparatus and pattern forming method
Electron-emitting device, electron source substrate, electron source, display panel and image-forming apparatus, and production method thereof
Piezoelectric thin film component, inkjet type recording head and inkjet printer using this [piezoelectric thin film component], and method of manufacturing piezoelectric thin film component
Humidifying gas induction or supply system
Interconnect module
Connector having a plurality of right angled contact elements
Solderless flex termination for motor tab
Connection-retaining unit
Captive slidable access cover
Lock arm board-connecting connector
Waterproof connector apparatus
Connector connection structure
Multi-contact, wet-mateable, electrical connector
Device for mounting electric connectors for vehicles
Break-away device
Cable connector retainer for angled cable assembly
Cable connector assembly with push lock
Signal connector with a resistor-fixing device
Modular jack assembly with signal conditioning
Guide rail assembly for receiving optoelectronic modules
Connector system
Modular and flexible service frame enclosure
Receptacle-mounted cover plate to hide electrical socket face
Adaptive Reed-Solomon decoder and methods thereof
Signal transmission method and motherboard structure
Autostereoscopic optical apparatus using a scanned linear image source
Focus and aim device and method for image projection
Facing system for a flat panel radiator
RGB LED based light driver using microprocessor controlled AC distributed power system
Heat removal from high power CT x-ray tubes using heat buffer and refrigeration techniques
Double-deck electrical connector with cross-talk compensation
Terminating floating signals on a BGA module to a ground plane on a ball grid array (BGA) circuit board site
Modularized industrial console
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