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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Garden tool
Fast-action harrow-disc coupling
Methods and compositions for increasing the hatchability of hatchery eggs
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Water dispenser apparatus
Counterflow insect trap
Footwear fastening aid
Seat belt adjuster
Anti-decubitus ulcer mattress overlay system with selective elevation structure
Fitted blanket with opening and closing mechanism
Bathtub back support systems
Vacuum cleaning system and method of use
Vacuum cleaner
Dirt cup with secondary cyclonic cleaning chambers
Rotating catheter probe using a light-drive apparatus
Bioelectricity impedance measuring device, a malnutrition measurement system, a malnutrition measurement method
Minimally invasive surgical stabilization devices and methods
Procedure and machine for electro-inducing/stimulating deep layered muscle contractions using a biphasic faradic pulse sequence
Medical devices incorporating carbon nanotube material and methods of fabricating same
High frequency obesity treatment
Dynamic device therapy control for treating post myocardial infarction patients
Safety apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Plastic fuel tank with increased deformation stability
Cleaner for suction coagulator
Crystallizer for continuous casting
Crystallizer for continuous casting
Mold valve
Apparatus for manufacturing a multichannel electrode array for cranial nerve stimulation
Electric shaver
Punching device
Multi-beam optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Thermal sublimation card printers and associated method for printing image onto card
Image-recording device for generating a number of image spots in projection line
Integrated rockably released leverage snap fastening system
Method and device for optimizing the consumption in a motor vehicle
Method for coating a steering wheel and corresponding steering wheel
Device for fractioning a volume of liquid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass sheet stabilizing system, glass manufacturing system and method for making a glass sheet
Optically compensated bend mode liquid crystal display devices and fabrication methods thereof
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method for loading tufts into a tuft carrier
Embroidery frame transport device and sewing machine
Fixed Constructions
Construction machine
Valve removal tool and method
Template for closet flange
Wallboard corner finishing strip
Facade insulation
Net-zero energy curtain wall
Dry-hang wall panel using a thin stone slab
Ceiling panel system
Gusset block construction
Architectural membrane and method of making same
Building roof system
Fixture for solar modules
Integral solar/wind turbine railroad signal bungalow assembly
Lock-N-leave picnic table cover system
Closing device
Window treatment roll-up device
Systems, methods, and devices for isolating portions of a wellhead from fluid pressure
Submarine device
Producing gaseous hydrocarbons from hydrate capped reservoirs
Method and apparatus for detection of drill bit wear
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of continuously conditioning gas, preferably natural gas
Arrangement for introducing a liquid medium into exhaust gases from a combustion engine
Emission control system for internal combustion engine
Fresh gas supply device for an internal combustion engine
Compressor for a gas turbine
Engine position identification
Method for regulating an air-fuel mixture for an internal-combustion engine
Drive circuit for electromagnetic fuel-injection valve
Method and system for improving engine starting
Fuel injection device
One way clutch with vibration damper for an engine starting system
Advanced high energy wave power module
Coupling for mounting a labeling machine and method of adjusting a labeling machine
Hydraulic system with fluid flow summation control of a variable displacement pump and priority allocation of fluid flow
Return line connector
Cartridge hydraulic coupler and method of use
Piston accumulator
Trap apparatus for condensate water and drain apparatus for condensate water installed on the same
System and method for controlling combustor operating conditions based on flame detection
Refrigeration device with a holder for a section of a refrigerant line
Advanced multi-purpose, multi-stage evaporative cold water/cold air generating and supply system
Scent eliminating locker
Heat transfer between tracer and pipe
Cooling device
Rate control mechanism
Firearm having a handle assembly for charging and forward assist
Projectile launcher structured in shotgun configuration
Archery apparatus, system, and method with automatic device activation
Explosive device disruptor system with self contained launcher cartridges
Bow and arrow long-range sighting device and system
Remote jettison disconnect system for a mine roller
Blast and impact resistant window pane systems
Rock breaking
Test device for testing depth of chamfer
Method and apparatus for optical imaging via spectral encoding
Map display having scaling factors on the display and selecting scaling factors by touch sense
Combination level and protractor
Stable turbidity calibration standards
Detection of biomolecules using porous biosensors and Raman spectroscopy
Optical gas monitor
Device for detection and measurement of a target compound such as a food toxin
Dynamic motion compensation for orientation instrumentation
Current sensor having coil mounted to current carrying bus and related system
Systems and methods for analysis and design of radiating and scattering objects
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for inspecting same
Dynamic bandwidth allocation apparatus and method
Systems, methods and computer program products for controlling high speed network traffic in server blade environments
Method of solving a split-brain condition
Relay apparatus capable of preventing mistaken learning of MAC address learning table
Detection and handling of lost messages during load-balancing routing protocols
Implementing enhanced LBIST testing of paths including arrays
Method for embedded integrated end-to-end testing
Kit, method and apparatus for monitoring operation of a bearing assembly, method for producing said apparatus, and bearing assembly with a condition monitor
Attenuating a surface seismic wave
Monolithic afocal telescope
Sheet for electrophoretic display devices, process for its production, and its applications
Method for controlling image-forming apparatus
Image display method for a stereoscopic image
Microlens, method of manufacturing microlens, and photomask used for manufacturing method
Laser processing apparatus
Optical system for light flux transfer, and retinal scanning display using such an optical system
MEMS-based multi-channel Fabry-Perot interferometer system with increased tuning range and resolution
Optical fiber containing alkali metal oxide
Optical fiber for optical power transmission
Optical waveguide film and optical transmitter and receiver module
Electrical and optical hybrid film, and electronic apparatus receiving the same
Adaptive optical signal processing with multimode waveguides
In-line polarization-state converter
Lens actuator
Components and testing methods for use in the production of electro-optic displays
Mold frame and liquid crystal display having the same
Reflective liquid crystal display assembly
LCD touchscreen panel with scanning backlight
Display panel
Liquid crystal display device, semiconductor device, electronic device, and manufacturing method of the liquid crystal display device
Imaging device, and control method for imaging device
Light attenuating filter for correcting field dependent ellipticity and uniformity
Image capturing apparatus
Background suppression in a multi-function color scanning system
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, photoreceptor supporting device, imaging device and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including belt traveling unit which detects drifiting of belt postion
Image forming apparatus and image forming method performed by the image forming apparatus
Liquid separator, liquid mixture supplying system adopting such liquid separator and image forming apparatus
Multifunctional machine and method of controlling multifunctional machine
High resolution time interpolator
Iterative matrix processor based implementation of real-time model predictive control
Network communication and message protocol for a medical perfusion system
Power management systems, methods, and programs for in-vehicle devices
Method and apparatus for retrofitting HID lamps with system to periodically adjust operating wattage
Configurable input high power DC-DC converter
Power supply with separate line regulation and load regulation
Apparatus and method for improved power flow control in a high voltage network
Safety trigger mechanism and functional frame for motion furniture
Arrangements for integrated circuit power management
Distribution of network communications based on server power consumption
Computer-implemented method, system and program product for approximating resource consumption of computer system
Image forming system and method of controlling image forming system
System and method for tuning power consumption and group delay in wireless RFICs
Broadcast/VOD receiver and viewing management method
System for protecting a portable computing device
Latching mechanism
Plasma display panel thermal dissipation apparatus and method
Opportunistic transmission of computing system state information within a link based computing system
Method for analyzing program errors
Bus module for connection to a bus system and use of such a bus module in an AS-i bus system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and inspection method therefor
Transmission device serially resetting each circuit included therein
Information processing apparatus and audio output method
Method and apparatus for memory access optimization
Game disk layout
Method and a system for data migration
RAID capacity expansion handling method and system with concurrent data access capability
Intelligent cache replacement mechanism with varying and adaptive temporal residency requirements
Storage apparatus having virtual-to-actual device addressing scheme
Storage system with cache threshold control
Identifying unnecessary synchronization objects in software applications
Portable computerized device with network security
Managing configuration request received via network
Method, apparatus and program storage device for enabling multiple asynchronous direct memory access task executions
Techniques to process integrity validation values of received network protocol units
Method for identifying bad lanes and exchanging width capabilities of two CSI agents connected across a link
Separator page processing system
Method and apparatus for maintaining and configuring systems
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing email in a client-server environment
Method of and apparatus for bridging a UPnP network and a rendezvous network
Filtering features for multiple minimized instant message chats
IMS network-based multimedia briefcase
Load balancing method and system
Protocol stack that offloads a TCP connection from a host computer to a network interface device
Intelligent network information server (NIS) server search
Determining address of edge server by using authoritative domain name server and bypassing assigned domain name server
System and method for a shared I/O subsystem
Packet filtering/classification and/or policy control support from both visited and home networks
Detecting and transporting dynamic presence information over a wireless and wireline communications network
Methods and systems involving monitoring website content
Web-based monitoring and control system
Method and apparatus for managing central processing unit resources of a logically partitioned computing environment without shared memory access
Volume allocation method
Computer system and method of communication between modules within computer system
Event notification device and event notification method
Adjusting the volume of an audio element responsive to a user scrolling through a browser window
Method and apparatus for creating, configuring and displaying a widget to display user-generated highlights
Vending machine apparatus to dispense herbal medications and prescription medicines
Method and system for display of business intelligence data
Document editing method, document editing device, and storage medium
Linking information making device, linking information making method, recording medium having recorded a linking information making program, and document processing system therewith
Scalable probabilistic latent semantic analysis
System and method of informing users of changes in geographically bound rules
Real time data replication for query execution in a massively parallel computer
Program analysis method and apparatus
Querying markup language data sources using a relational query processor
System and methods for implementing a non-linear electrical circuit dynamic fuel cell model
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and design method thereof
Optimizing test code generation for verification environment
System, method and program for designing a utility facility and method for manufacturing a product by the utility facility
Mask set for microarray, method of fabricating mask set, and method of fabricating microarray using mask set
Method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit layout capable of reducing the processing time for optical proximity effect correction
Integrated circuit chip having on-chip signal integrity and noise verification using frequency dependent RLC extraction and modeling techniques
Mask pattern correction program and system
Charged particle beam exposure method and charged particle beam exposure device
Wiring design system of semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and wiring design program
Optoelectronic taxi-assistance safety device for aircraft
Method for material handling, materials handling cell and electric motor therefor
System and method of intelligent agent identification for vehicle diagnostics
Method and apparatus to detect kernel mode rootkit events through virtualization traps
Data transmission and processing system with reliable acquisition of critical states
Method and system for providing multiple paths to user data stored on a SCSI disk
Alternate home subscriber server (HSS) node to receive a request if a first HSS node cannot handle said request
Dynamically rendering a button in a hypermedia content browser
Artifact management for an extensible runtime environment
Method and broadcasting receiver for displaying the receiving status of broadcasting program information
Portable information processing apparatus
Electronic pen having an ultrasonic wave controller
Interface apparatus and interface method
Optimal display of multiple windows within a computer display
Information processing apparatus and method, and program
Creating and sharing digital photo albums
Mobile communications device incorporating a printing mechanism
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
Image displaying system, image displaying method, image printing system, and image printing method
Image processing system, method of controlling the image processing system and control program for the image processing system
Digital tracing device for digitizing and displaying a document
Quality management in a data-processing environment
Data warehouse with operational layer
Information delivery system, information delivery method, information delivery server, content delivery server and client terminal
Systems, methods and computer program products for automatic network-based persistent XML storage and management
Attribute combination discovery
System and method for involving users in object management
Method for managing keyboard navigation within a tree control structure user interface component via a linked list
Time-shift image distribution system, time-shift image distribution method, time-shift image requesting apparatus, and image server
Document similarity scoring and ranking method, device and computer program product
Quality of service feedback for technology-neutral data reporting
System and method for storage, management and automatic indexing of structured documents
Internal mode switch bit pattern for clutch-to-clutch transmissions
Apparatus and method for autonomic email access control
Method and apparatus for affinity-guided speculative helper threads in chip multiprocessors
Optical-based, self-authenticating quantum random number generators
Network subscriber experience modeling
Computer system and booting method therefor and server used for streaming on-demand a remaining part of a boot-up main memory image that includes an operating system
Global history branch prediction updating responsive to taken branches
Runtime services for network software platform
Grouping threads in a debugger display
Method and system for planning and managing multiple projects on demand with critical chain and replenishment
Replacing contiguous breakpoints with control words
Program, apparatus and method for verifying program
Optimizing software program execution during class loading phase
System and method for providing a remote user interface for an application executing on a computing device
Automatic connection to an online service provider from a backup system
Method and apparatus to control priority preemption of tasks
Providing user applications for accessing data on multiple platforms from a removable storage medium
Method and apparatus for detecting cross-thread stack access in multithreaded programs
System and method for generating computing system job flowcharts
Node emulator
Method and system to model materials for use in articles, such as tampons
Method and apparatus for integrated modeling, simulation and analysis of chemical and biochemical reactions
Image inspection apparatus, image inspecting method, and program therefor
System and technique for retrieving depth information about a surface by projecting a composite image of modulated light patterns
Method and apparatus for virtual bowel cleaning
Compression and decompression of computed tomography data
Method for performing color analysis operation on image corresponding to monetary banknote
Method and system for determining objects poses from range images
Stereo image matching method and system using image multiple lines
Analog-to-digital conversion apparatus and sensing apparatus having the same
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digitized data
Image processing method and apparatus
Method of estimating a quantization parameter
Logical structure layout identification and classification for offline character recognition
Method and system for filtering, registering, and matching 2.5D normal maps
Chroma temporal rate reduction and high-quality pause system and method
Information processing apparatus and its control method
Multi-feature time filtering for enhancing structures in noisy images
History control apparatus
Information management apparatus, information management method, and computer program product
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Image segmentation system and method with improved thin line detection
Method, system, and program product for automatically populating a field of a record
Method for matching vendors with consumers
Builders on-line assistant
Method and apparatus for trading securities or other instruments
Method and device for generating a single-use financial account number
Method and apparatus for bandwidth corruption recovery
Enhanced trade compliance system: audit processing, payment balancing and amendment processing
Hearing aid
Terminal control apparatus and terminal control method
Method and system for recognizing daily activities using sensors
Paging transceivers and methods for selectively retrieving messages
Filtering of meter reading data
Subchannel control loop
Lane change turn signal appropriate use reminder system
Traffic signal transfer switch with housing constructions
Article having a multidirectional display
Smart mirror apparatus using LCD panel
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Method and device for electrically programmable display
Optical display system and method, active and passive dithering using birefringence, color image superpositioning and display enhancement with phase coordinated polarization switching
Optical display system and method, active and passive dithering using birefringence, color image superpositioning and display enhancement with phase coordinated polarization switching
Optical display system and method, active and passive dithering using birefringence, color image superpositioning and display enhancement with phase coordinated polarization switching
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving same
3D displaying method, device and program
Method and apparatus for designing force sensations in force feedback computer applications
Portable electronic device
Liquid crystal display with feedback circuit part
Control system for a remote vehicle
Matrix display with gamma correction based on gamma characteristics pairs and different input transmittance level
Steel pan tablature system and associated methods
Electronic input device for use with steel pans and associated methods
Information processing apparatus and method
Method and system for aligning natural and synthetic video to speech synthesis
Conceptual analysis driven data-mining and dictation system and method
Speech recognition for detecting setting instructions
Method for analysing signals containing pulses
Optical pick-up and optical recording/reproducing apparatus with a protective cover
Disc player
Contents playback apparatus, control method, and electronic device
Optical disc recording apparatus and method for determining optimum write power thereof
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
Servoing on concentric servo sectors of a first disk surface to write a spiral servo track to a second disk surface
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus capable of coma aberration correction
Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and seek control method thereof
Method and apparatus to increase storage capacity of an optical storage medium
Recording apparatus
Optical information processing method and optical information reproducing method using multiplexing schemes capable of improving a density of recorded optical information
Optical information recording /reproducing device and objective lens for the same
Optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and programming method thereof
Electronic device, method for operating an electronic device, memory circuit and method of operating a memory circuit
System and method for better testability of OTP memory
Semiconductor storage device
Integrated circuit including memory refreshed based on temperature
Circuit and method for controlling sense amplifier of semiconductor memory apparatus
Semiconductor memory device comprising sense amplifier having P-type sense amplifier and N-type sense amplifiers with different threshold voltages
Power line arrangement
Power resistor
Filter and coil connecting frame thereof
Magnetically attachable and detachable panel method
Magnetically attachable and detachable panel system
Coded magnet structures for selective association of articles
Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor element and solid electorlytic capacitor
Bistable magnetic drive for a switch
White light emitting device with particular light emitting structure
Method and apparatus for transmission mode ion/ion dissociation
Fully isolated high-voltage MOS device
Enhanced on-chip decoupling capacitors and method of making same
Flip chip packages with spacers separating heat sinks and substrates
Method and structure of integrated rhodium contacts with copper interconnects
Thermally programmable anti-reverse engineering interconnects wherein interconnects only conduct when heated above room temperature
Wire bond pads
SOI radio frequency switch with reduced signal distortion
Image sensor microlens structures and methods of forming the same
Electronic devices with hybrid high-k dielectric and fabrication methods thereof
Semiconductor device including wiring and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device used in step-up DC-DC converter, and step-up DC-DC converter
Nanotube and metal composite interconnects
Boundaries with elevated deuterium levels
Gate electrode structure, MOS field effect transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having floating gate that includes two layers
Structure and method to form semiconductor-on-pores (SOP) for high device performance and low manufacturing cost
CMOS image sensor
Method, apparatus, material, and system of using a high gain avalanche photodetector transistor
Imaging device by buried photodiode structure
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
Light emitting diode illuminating device
Organic thin film transistor and flat panel display device using the same
Programmable metallization cells and methods of forming the same
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for high power complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) antenna switches using body switching and substrate junction diode controlling in multistacking structure
RF local area network antenna design
Tapered slot antenna EC method
One-piece optical imager housing and method for releasably locking a one-piece housing assembly
Compact multimode laser with rapid wavelength scanning
Speaker system of utilizing pulse width modulation signals for saving idling power consumption
Simplified truss assembly and lighting track interconnection
Finishing tool for cable mold connection
Electronic device and method for removing static electricity
Power-controllable outlet receptacle
Power supply system, power supply plate and electronic equipment
Charging apparatus
Battery backup unit (BBU) assembly
Backup power system equipped with independent protection circuit architecture
Battery charging controller and portable electronic device
Electrical machine
Electrical motor
Motor that reduces magnetic interference
Driving device
Friction drive spindle unit
Dual armature motor/generator with flux linkage between dual armatures and a superconducting field coil
Hollow generator
Synchronous rectifier type series resonant converter for operating in intermittence mode
Control system for controlling an adjusting device operated by electric motor in a motor vehicle
Cooling system and wind turbine incorporating same
Power amplifier with noise shaping function
Differential amplifier with accurate input offset voltage
Low noise amplifier circuit with noise cancellation and increased gain
Amplifier for improving electrostatic discharge characteristic
Method of fabricating a piezoelectric vibrating piece
Lithographically defined multi-standard multi-frequency high-Q tunable micromechanical resonators
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and testing method of the same
Shift register and semiconductor display device
Pulse power generator using semiconductor switch
Semiconductor device
Phase-shifted pulse width modulation signal generation
Frequency synthesizer circuitry employing delay line
Filter circuit
Differential hysteresis comparator circuits and methods
Global instruction broadcasting for pulse-position modulated data transmission
Reference voltage generating circuit and offset-compensated current-voltage converting circuit using the same
Phase lock loop apparatus
Parallel processing error detection and location circuitry for configuration random-access memory
Regenerative relay system and regenerative relay apparatus
DTV transmitter and method of coding main and enhanced data in DTV transmitter
DVD EFM modulation architecture using two passes to reduce circuit size
Passive amplification of signals
Mobile terminal having acoustic transducer and control method thereof
Active filter calibration method and apparatus
Joint space-time optimum filters (JSTOF) with at least one antenna, at least one channel, and joint filter weight and CIR estimation
Method for operating transparent node for WDM shared "virtual ring" networks
Optical communications circuit current management
Light collecting device and single-photon generation device
Local area warning of optical fiber intrusion
Periodically filtered broadband light source
Portable device for fibre channel configuration and analysis
Electronic apparatus and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
Analog echo canceller with filter banks
Wireless repeater using a single RF chain for use in a TDD wireless network
Coalition formation and service provisioning of bandwidth sharing AD HOC networks
System and method for in-band control signaling using bandwidth distributed encoding
Mechanism and method for non-service affecting APS protection for MLPPP bundles on routing systems
Dynamic bandwidth allocation method with punishment mechanism in passive optical network
Optical signal changeover device and optical signal changeover method
Method and apparatus for constituting transport network based on integrated synch and asynch frame
Audio and video synchronization
OFDM signal transmission method, and OFDM signal transmitter/receiver
Hardware filtering of unsolicited grant service extended headers
Multi-carrier radio transmission system, transmission device, and reception device
Communication apparatus and applications thereof
Method and apparatus for communicating authorization data
Encoding and detecting apparatus
Ionizing communication disruptor unit
Communication network route tracing
System and method for broadcasting content to nodes on computer networks
Packet filtering by applying filter rules to a packet bytestream
Packet storage system for traffic handling
Method and apparatus for separation of control and data packets
Network control device and control method
Secure ATM-based distributed virtual tandem switching system and method
Wireless system, wireless communication apparatus and communication method
Egress traffic management system for a data communications system
Node and fair rate calculating method
System and method to provide multiple private networks using MPLS
Audio/video communications system
Ethernet differentiated services architecture
Selective bandwidth connectivity through network line cards
Systems and methods for embedding a first signal in the coding of a second signal
Determining a channel matrix by measuring interference
Method, system and process for data encryption and transmission
Ensuring quality of service in a communications network
Delayed branch decision in quadrature decomposition with M-searching
Method and apparatus for clock skew calibration in a clock and data recovery system using multiphase sampling
Jitter spectrum analysis using random sampling (RS)
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Assembly and a telecommunications module for use therein
Communication terminal, reception notifying method, and computer-readable recording medium
Cable management in an FM transmitter
Method for generating a telephone number
Video mobile terminal
Using a wireless intercom to talk-around a cellular wireless network
Method and system for bridging third parties into calls
Control server employment of offer message from resource server to determine whether to add indication of the resource server to resource server mapping table
Number portability and services utilizing number range owner information
Intelligent switching system for voice and data
Document reading apparatus and an image formation apparatus
Method for forming a color image
Color converter, color converting method, and computer readable medium
Color processing apparatus and method thereof
Temporal and spatial analysis of a video macroblock
Imaging device, GPS control method, and computer program
Image sensing apparatus and image processing method
Array-camera motion picture device, and methods to produce new visual and aural effects
Method and apparatus for receiving a digital signal and apparatus for recording and reproducing the digital signal
Imaging device, method of recording location information, and computer program product
Method of setting recording end reservation time for instant recording in digital video recorder
System of linkable cameras, each receiving, contributing to the encoding of, and transmitting an image
Iterative method of interpolating image information values
Stream recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus, network system, and method of communication
Image sensing apparatus and defect correction method
Image capturing system employing different angle cameras on a common rotation axis and method for same
Image capturing device and brightness correcting method thereof
Modular high-capacity switch
Environmentally sensitive electronic device
IC tag whose function can be changed upon separation
Call transfer for an integrated wireline and wireless service using a temporary directory number
Achieving PPP mobility via the mobile IP infrastructure
Methods, mobile stations, and systems for determining base station identifier codes for handover candidates in a network
Apparatus and method for power allocation in a space division multiple access system
Emergency notification system for a portable device
System for packet data service in the mixed network of asynchronous communication network and synchronous communication network and hand-over method thereof
Method and system for providing data communication with a mobile station
Intelligent queue for information teleservice messages with superseding updates
Automatic spread of applications
Method and system for providing access to a telecommunications network
Method for coordinated control of radio resources in a distributed wireless system
Organic electroluminescent element
System and method for power line carrier communication using high frequency tone bursts
Apparatus for driving lamps and liquid crystal display having the same
Circuit device and method for manufacturing the same
Capacitor-circuit board interface for welding system components
Electronic component and electronic-component production method
Blade server system and method of managing same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Metering recycled-tailings stream in combine harvester
Disinfectant and odorizing system for an evaporation cooler
Antimicrobial adhesive latexes and methods of making thereof
Use of essential oils to repel and treat head lice
Method of preserving foods using noble gases
Tofu products excellent in freeze resistance and process for producing the same
Calcium fortified foodstuff
Method and apparatus for controlling the blending of drinks
Process for producing a bio-organic calcium composition and nutrient agent containing the same
Seaweed supplement diet for enhancing immune response in mammals and poultry
Method of fattening up a ruminant
Method of absorbing grease during cooking
Lactobacilli strains having inhibitory and/or microbicidal activity against pathogenic microorganisms and a method for inducing and keeping said activity in lactobacilli cultures
Fastener loop material, its manufacture, and products incorporating the material
Nickel-free grey gold alloy
Method of carving shapes in a pumpkin shell
Process and device for preparing meals
Vacuum cleaner
Closure device for transcatheter operation and catheter assembly therefor
Self-retaining vaginal retractor
Tendon passing device and method
Surgical drill guide and method for using the same
Remotely aligned surgical drill guide
Retrieval devices for vena cava filter
Surgical tool with integrated channel for irrigation
Positioning and locking device
Bone fixation system
Microprocessor system for the simplified diagnosis of sleep apnea
Electronic pulse rate counter
Device for detecting estrus in dairy cows, including a support for a detector enclosed in a casing and emitting luminous signals
Multicomponent superabsorbent fibers
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use the bundles
Waist belt for absorbent garment
Device having fecal component sensor
Device and method for selectively removing a thrombus filter
Medical treatment of an affection of an anatomical duct
Intravascular stent having curved bridges for connecting adjacent hoops
Pull back sleeve system with compression resistant inner shaft
Valve for medical appliances
Three-dimensional braided stent
Intraocular lens for posterior vaulting
Iris fixated intraocular lens and instrument for attaching same to an iris
Surgical instruments utilized to assemble a stentless autologous tissue heart valve
Stentless bioprosthetic heart valve with patent coronary protuberances and method of surgical use thereof
Cementable shaft prosthesis
Prosthesis and methods for total knee arthroplasty
Prosthetic device for joints
Anterior lumbar interbody fusion implant and method for fusing adjacent vertebrae
Method for the application of a layer remaining permanently adhesive onto the inside of a breast prosthesis
Elastic waistband with transverse stiffeners and tautness adjusting lacings
Swivelling fracture orthosis
Anorectal apparatus
Female urine collection device
Apparatus for cornea reshaping
Adjustable amplitude exerciser with foot cradle
Exercise device
System for collection of blood without damage
Dividable tablet and press-through pack
Differential lubricants
High water content dentifrice composition and method of making the same
Topical pharmaceutical compositions useful for the treatment of cutaneous of circulatory pathologies on inflammatory, immune, proliferative of degenerative basis
Methods for treating non-suturable wounds by use of cyanoacrylate adhesives
Cosmetic products compatible with cutaneous ecology
Method for reducing the viability of detrimental oral microorganisms in an individual, and for prevention and/or treatment of diseases caused by such microorganisms; and whitening and/or cleaning of an individual's teeth
Device and method for concentrating plasma
Anti-proliferative preparations
Pseudomonas treatment composition and method
Pharmaceutical active conjugates
Use of IGF-I or analogues thereof in the prevention of diabetes
Lipid vesicles containing adeno-associated virus rep protein for transgene integration and gene therapy
Therapy of cancer by insect cells containing recombinant baculovirus encoding genes
Materials and methods for prevention or reduction of the severity of heartwater
Multi-component vaccine comprising at least three antigens to protect against disease cased by Haemophilus influenzae
Haemophilus parasuis vaccine and diagnostic
Method for increasing immunogenicity, product obtained and pharmaceutical compositions
Antibody compositions for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Antibody conjugate compositions for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Radiation enhanced gene therapy for tumors expressing a gene for a viral pyrimidine kinase in the presence of a 5'-halogenated pyrimidine
Image forms and method for ameliorating male erectile dysfunction
Therapeutic composition comprising an antigen or an in vivo generator of a compound comprising an amino acid sequence
Medical composition of hydroxy acid-based oligomer
Releasable linkage and compositions containing same
Immunogenic composition for group B Streptococcus
Method for viral vector delivery
Complex compounds for diagnosis of vascular diseases
Flavored tooth conditioning compositions and methods for using the compositions to condition a tooth surface
Ceramic dental restoration
Compositions for dentistry comprising an oil, to repair, restore, adhere to, or protect the surface of a tooth
Antiperspirant actives from a glass form and products made therewith
Oil-in-water emulsion containing C10-C24 fatty acid derivatives for treating skin of mammals
Powder composition, a powder dispersion in oil and a cosmetic composition containing said powder composition and a powder dispersion in oil
Organogel comprising an oxidation-sensitive hydrophilic compound, and uses thereof, in particular cosmetic uses
Make-up composition comprising fibers
Aqueous gels comprising ethoxylated polyhydric alcohols
Solid cosmetic composition and uses
Treatment of anoxic tissue with angiogenesis-inducing implants
Cosmetic compositions containing film forming polymers plasticized with esters and malic acid
Compositions for use in embolizing blood vessels
Compositions for nasal administration
Controlled release liquid active agent formulation dosage forms
Compositions of lipid lowering agents
Pharmaceutical compositions containing irbesartan
Drug delivery devices comprising biodegradable protein for the controlled release of pharmacologically active agents and method of making the drug delivery devices
Aliphatic aromatic copolyesters
High strength fibers of L-lactide copolymers .epsilon.-caprolactone and trimethylene carbonate and absorbable medical constructs thereof
Process and apparatus for dry sterilization of medical devices and materials
Indwelling catheter
Artificial heart capable of being wholly implanted
Ambulatory blood pump
Patient monitor and method of using same
Methods for making a catheter assembly having a composite catheter stabilizing device
Safety syringe
Hearing assistance device sensing otovibratory or otoacoustic emissions evoked by middle ear vibrations
Automatic fire shutter mechanism for rack mounted chassis systems
Apparatus for rendering a detonation front harmless
Water gaiters and sleeves
Accessory for freestanding rotational motion and relative displacement training apparatus
Magnetic counter for exercise equipment
Motorized swim fin
Golf balls having improved adhesion between layers
Golf club for chipping
Device for climbing and/or balance training
Input device for game machine
Personalized wireless video game system
Video game device, play control method for video game, and readable recording medium recording the method
Apparatus and method for a child's suspended merry-go-round
Double wall slide with varying sloped slide bed playground slide
Amusement ride with enhanced ride control
Waterfall diverter
Educational and amusement center
Runners starting block
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for high resolution liquid chromatographic separation of double-stranded DNA
Apparatus to separate gas from a liquid flow
Apparatus and method for sanitizing and cleaning a filter system
Melt-blown tubular core elements and filter cartridges including the same
Filter elements
Distillation device
Method of removing carbon dioxide, sulphur compounds, water and aromatic and higher aliphatic hydrocarbons from industrial gases
Air drier arrangement
NF3 treating process
Method and apparatus for decoupled thermo-photocatalytic pollution control
Combinatorial catalytic reactor
Optical disk-based assay devices and methods
Method of treating a base material for obtaining specific properties
Method for carrying out reactions characterized by an equilibrium
Multi-stage combustion for fuel processing for use with fuel cell
Anchored catalyst system and method of making and using thereof
Pillared clay catalysts for heavy oil catalytic pyrolisis process and the preparation method thereof
Process for preparing a zeolite with structure type EUO
Method for screening chromatographic adsorbents
Method for treating a solid material to make it hydrophobic, material obtained and uses
Process for production of carbonaceous chars having catalytic activity
Diamond sintered compact and a process for the production of the same
Device for cleaning exhaust fumes
Apparatus and method for performing microfluidic manipulations for chemical analysis
Liquid flow management means
System for collecting and locally analyzing a fluid specimen
Method and apparatus for dispensing material onto substrates
Process for coating a substrate with a powder paint composition
Cured multilayer coating and processing for its production
Method of drying resinous composition layer, method of manufacturing color filter substrate using the same drying method, and liquid crystal display device
Multi-layer corrosion resistant coatings
Method and apparatus for atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing ink jet printing head
Method of cleaning objects to be processed
Method for recycling a polishing pad conditioning disk
Redox water treatment system
Low core loss, well-bonded soft magnetic stator, rotor, and armature
Bearing material for porous hydrostatic gas bearing and porous hydrostatic gas bearing using the same
Sanding block attachment for a jig saw
Flux-free brazing paste
Sander having a vibrating mechanism
Structure of a wax-polishing machine
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Method of detecting end point of polishing of wafer and apparatus for detecting end point of polishing
Replica molding
Organic thin film and process for producing the same
Method of forming a foamed thermoplastic polymer and wood fiber profile and member
Methods for molding resin-molded articles
Fabrication method and forming mold for multi-fiber optical-connector ferrules
Multi-segment continuous filtration system
Method and apparatus for forming heat seals with films
Heat splicer and heat-seal splicing method
Manufacturing method of a compound substrate for light-reflective application
Laminating heating module
Embedded cluster metal-polymeric micro interface and process for producing the same
Process for laminating laminated glazing assemblies
Products of and methods for improving adhesion between substrate and polymer layers
Heat-shrinkable multi-layer film
Heat mode sensitive imaging element for making positive working printing plates
Ink set, and recording method and recording instrument using the same
Recording medium, process for production thereof, and ink-jet recording method employing the medium
Colorants and colorant modifiers
Camouflage pattern method and apparatus
Automobile air-conditioning outlet deflection device
Hybrid motive power vehicle
Shock absorbing material
Marine propulsion housing arrangement
Steer-drive for vehicles
Boat steering torque compensator
Boil-in-bag sachet
Filter device for a cheese-producing textile machine
Method for forming micro cavity
Trench isolation for micromechanical devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Safe storage and transportation of sulfur dioxide
Hydrogen storage composition
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode and process for producing same
Method for synthesizing solids such as diamond and products produced thereby
Amorphous silica particles having a double structure, process for producing the same and use
Calcium fluoride crystal, optical article and exposure apparatus for photo-lithography using the same
Bimolecular coated calcium carbonate and process of production thereof
Alumina sol, alumina hydrate powder and processes for their production
Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous media
Radiation source module and cleaning apparatus therefor
Assembly for purifying water
Shipboard biomechanical oil water separator
Apparatus for making fluoridated and drinking water
Phenolic resin for glue sizing composition, preparation method and glue sizing composition containing same
Methods for removing undesired growth from a surface
Method for production of metal oxide thin film
Process of stabilizing a carbonaceous pitch-based foam
Method for manufacturing ceramic-based composite material
Insulation material
Migrating corrosion inhibitors combined with concrete and modifers
Gypsum-containing product having increased resistance to permanent deformation and method and composition for producing it
Composting method for agricultural animal manure
Primary intermediate for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Process for the preparation of L-carnitine
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Polymethine compounds, method of producing same, and use thereof
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and treating chromosome-18p related disorders
Synthesis and use of acyl fluorides of cyanine dyes
Methods and compositions for the purification of proteins or other macromolecules
Recombinant papillomavirus vaccine and method for production and treatment
Herpesvirus particles comprising fusion protein and their preparation and use
Cell lines and viral isolates associated with multiple sclerosis
Equine arteritis virus peptides, antibodies and their use in a diagnostic test
Diagnostic kits comprising genetically engineered human immunodeficiency virus-like particles containing heterologous antigenic markers
Method of detecting shigella and shigella mxiM DNA
Mutacin I biosynthesis genes and proteins
Identification of genes
Human collagenase inhibitor, recombinant vector system for using same and recombinant-DNA method for the manufacture of same
Modified phycobilisomes and uses therefore
Human slit polypeptide and polynucleotides encoding same
Interleukin-1 homologue, IL-1H4
Modified methylotrophic Pichia pastoris yeast which secretes human growth hormone
Dopamine receptors and genes
Death domain containing receptor 4 nucleic acids and methods
Neurturin receptor
Alpha-2-macroglobulin diagnostic test
Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of tumor gene Int6
Method of assaying collagen fragments in body fluids, a test kit and means for carrying out the same
Agonist antibodies
Antibody composition for isolating human cells from human-murine chimeric hematopoietic cell suspensions
Process for preparing recombinant eglin, protease inhibitor
Method for treatment of SLE
WD-40-derived peptides and uses thereof
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Clear powder coating
Biodegradable polymers based on natural and renewable raw materials especially isosorbite
Photosensitive resin composition, patterning method, and electronic components
Composite PTFE article and method of manufacture
Heat-shrinkable polyester films
Method for producing polymer foam using a blowing agent combination
Epoxy-functional polysiloxane modified phenolic resin compositions and composites
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres and dyeing method using said composition
Aggregated dyes for radiation-sensitive elements
Coated titanium dioxide pigments and processes for production and use
Miniemulsion techniques for ink jet inks
Ink-jet recording method and method for improving tone property of image
Release layers and compositions for forming the same
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate with a matched refractive index and controlled tintability
Fugitive rolled substrate material tail tie adhesive and method of use thereof
UV post curable pressure sensitive adhesives for membrane switch applications and their Production
Electro-optical liquid-crystal
Composition and method for reducing noise and/or fouling in a liquid cooling system
Hydrogenation treatment process for crude oil and crude oil reformed thereby
Cloud point depressants for middle distillate fuels
Washing solution for ink jet head, method for producing the same, and method for washing ink jet head using the same
Enzyme stabilization with pre-superpolyamide or pre-fiber-forming polyamide oligomers
Culture medium container, with integrated geometry for air suction and air conduction, for the purpose of air bacteria analysis
Method for isolating DNA
Methods and regents for identifying synthetic genetic elements
Eukaryotic layered vector initiation systems for production of recombinant proteins
Method to map and isolate regions of chromosomes that interact or associate functionally within or between chromosomes in vivo
Detection of molecular interactions by reporter subunit complementation
Germacrene C synthase gene of Lycopersicon esculentum
Production of adenoviral vectors using serum-free suspension cell culture in a hollow fiber system
Human telomerase RNA elements
Isolation and composition of novel glycosidases
Microorganisms producing 5-aminolevulinic acid and processes for producing 5-aminolevulinic acid by using the same
Glycosyltransferases for biosynthesis of oligosaccharides, and genes encoding them
Method for the preparation of chondroitin sulfate compounds
Biogasification of solid waste with an anaerobic-phased solids-digester system
Cholesterol sensor and method of determining cholesterol
Electromagnetic sensor
Method of producing an electrode membrane combination
Two-color differential display as a method for detecting regulated genes
Method for detecting nucleic acids, detector for nucleic acids and method for producing the same
Alterations in the long QT syndrome genes KVLQT1 and SCN5A and methods for detecting same
Method for characterizing nucleic acid duplex
Probe-based analysis of heterozygous mutations using two-color labelling
Furnace for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Method and apparatus for improved EAF steelmaking
Process for increasing recovery of precious metals in an ore processing operation
Method for total precipitation of valuable metals from an acid leaching solution
Direct reduced iron pellets
Lead and lead alloys with enhanced creep and/or intergranular corrosion resistance, especially for lead-acid batteries and electrodes therefor
Corrosion resistant nickel-based alloy
A1-mg based alloy sheets with good press formability
Energy-absorbing member
Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate or extrusion
Magnesium-based casting alloys having improved elevated temperature properties
Coated grooving or parting insert and method of making same
Stainless steel powder
PVD deposition of titanium and titanium nitride layers in the same chamber without use of a collimator or a shutter
Method for producing piezoelectric films with rotating magnetron sputtering system
Method for forming a thermal barrier coating by electron beam physical vapor deposition
Oxide films and process for preparing same
Multiple pocket electron beam source
Method of depositing a multilayer thin film by means of magnetron sputtering which controls the magnetic field
Method of controlling gas density in an ionized physical vapor deposition apparatus
Sputtering system
Apparatus and method for in-situ thickness and stoichiometry measurement of thin films
Sequential chemical vapor deposition
Apparatus and method for increasing the diameter of metal alloy wires within a molten metal pool
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Phosphate coatings for metal surfaces
Method for carboxylating terminal alkynes
Busbar construction for electrolytic cell
Process for manufacturing multi-colored picture frames
Clamp for electroplating articles
Lead-free alloy plating method
Process for producing hard, electrodeposited iron with inherent channel porosity
Tin electroplating bath
Textiles; Paper
Aqueous coagulating agent for liquid-crystal solutions with base of cellulose materials
Method of bleaching pulp with an assistant R2 -O-{(C2H4O)m/(AO)p}--(AO)q --H or (R3)t --X--{(C2H4O)m/(AO)p}--(AO)r --H
Multi-ply web forming method and apparatus and a multi-ply paper or board product formed hereby
Wire section, belt guidance device, and process for forming fibrous material web in wire section
Deacidification of cellulose based materials using hydrofluoroether carriers
Fixed Constructions
Elastic pad, especially under-rail
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process for manufacturing a hydrostatic bearing of porous material
Rolling bearing
Flexible shaft coupling
Flexible shaft coupling with improved elastomeric element
Metal belt
Gear profile for orbital gear transmissions, and orbital gear transmission and winches utilizing orbital gear transmissions
Automatic transmission for vehicles
Continuously variable cone-pulley-belt transmission
Modular pressure relief valve for differential assembly
Differential drive
Gas generating system with multi-rate charging feature
Active noise control for plug fan installations
Ceramic liner for closed bomb applications
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate control
Moisture sensor
Measurement device
Method of using a gas sensor
Sealed exhaust sensor utilizing a mat support system
Hydrocarbon sensor and method of producing the same
Cutting tool for multiple sample retrieval from gelatinous material
Monitoring of dough properties
System level test socket
Method of manufacturing plano lens
Fragmentable electron donor compounds used in conjunction with epitaxially sensitized silver halide emulsions
Photothermographic material
Photothermograhpic image forming element
Silver halide photographic material exhibiting increased covering power and "colder" blue-black image tone
Silver halide light-sensitive material containing a specific dye
Diffusion transfer film units with two receiving layers
Image-forming medium
Photosensitive composition and calcined pattern obtained by use thereof
Chemically amplified resist compositions
Photosensitive compositions and pattern formation method
Liquid photoimagable resist which is resistant to blocking
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, process for fabricating the same, and apparatus for fabricating the same
Pinhole-free dielectric films
Alignment methodology for lithography
Method for protecting stepper alignment marks
Toner for development of electrostatic charge image and method for producing the same
Developing agent having a sepiomelanine pigment
Tool grinding simulation system
Flush poker game
Method and system for learning a language
Method and apparatus for distance learning based on networked cognitive agents
Embossment for plastic panels
High magnetic moment seed layer materials for writer pole tips
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device
Synthetic resin magnet composition and synthetic resin magnet molded-product using the same
High-Q spiral inductor structure and methods of manufacturing the structure
Nickel/vanadium sputtering target with ultra-low alpha emission
Sputter etching chamber with improved uniformity
Methods and apparatus for external accumulation and photodissociation of ions prior to mass spectrometric analysis
Method for making a field emission display
Lift and rotate assembly for use in a workpiece processing station and a method of attaching the same
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and fabrication method thereof
Methods of forming materials comprising tungsten and nitrogen
Method of forming high aspect ratio apertures
Polysilicon thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Flip chip on glass image sensor package fabrication method
Ferroelectric memory cell fabrication method
Method for a consistent shallow trench etch profile
Method for eliminating transfer gate sacrificial oxide
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and system for providing reduced-sized contacts in a semiconductor device
Method for forming MOSFET with an elevated source/drain
Fabrication of a field effect transistor with three sided gate structure on semiconductor on insulator
Damascene NiSi metal gate high-k transistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic component and method for manufacture
MOS-type transistor processing utilizing UV-nitride removable spacer and HF etch
Methods of processing semiconductor wafer, and producing IC card, and carrier
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor memory device
DRAM capacitor and a method of fabricating the same
Hexagonally symmetric integrated circuit cell
Composite member its separation method and preparation method of semiconductor substrate by utilization thereof
Shallow trench isolation formation without planarization mask
Method of fabricating an indium field implant for punchthrough protection in semiconductor devices
Low stress hermetic seal
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for forming group III-arsenide-nitride semiconductor materials
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrochemically stable plasticizer
Geometry change diffusion tube for metal-air batteries
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing negative electrode
Fuel cell generation system
Terminal hardware for flat-type conductor
Structure for connecting battery terminal
Memory card connector
Duplex profile connector assembly
Radio frequency connector to printed circuit board assembly using an insert-molded lead frame assembly
Modularized socket for integrated circuit
Solderless grid array connector
Connector block for injector
Connector unit having front holder
Power cable assembly
Waterproof plug and waterproof connector incorporating the same
Co-molded seal and strain relief for automotive electrical connections
Cable connector assembly
Connector with locking arm having groove facing away from connector housing
Lever-type connector
Connector with a partial connection preventing function
Connector with secondary latching and with a lateral cable outlet
Half-fitting prevention connector for detecting and preventing half-fitted condition
Electric connector with shielding effect
Straddle high density electrical connector
Safety electrical outlet and switch system
Rotary connector
Electrical connector
Press-connecting terminal
Pressure-contact terminal
Connecting terminal assembly
Branching apparatus
Electrical connector connecting system and intermediate board support for the same
Method and device for the attachment of electrical components to a circuit board
Method for monitoring solder paste printing process
Copper foil bonding treatment with improved bond strength and resistance to undercutting
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